The Whole Fam Damily


Hello beauties!!! It’s amazing how two days without blogging feels like an eternity. I’ve missed you!

This weekend has been absolute perfection. I got to spend time with MamaJ, Matty Rich, Popsicle (AKA birthday boy!) and the fur babies. It’s been one of those weekends that I’ll always remember. Grab a snack and settle in for an epic recap!

Saturday kicked off with an unpictured bowl of peanut butter Puffins with Living Harvest hemp milk and raspberries. Puffins, naturally, put me in the perfect mood to voyage to Costco with MamaJ and Matty Rich. I found everything in the store to be a delight:

"American chocolate cake." No idea what made it "American," but I wanted it.

"American chocolate cake." No idea what made it "American," but I wanted it.

Does everyone get high off this store? I obviously did. MamaJ seemed to be buzzing, too:

Pumpkin pie to complement her complection.

Pumpkin pie to complement her complexion.

I gasped when I saw the giant Sabra‘s:

Matty Rich may have a future as a hand model.

Matty Rich may have a future as a hand model.

We then stumbled upon one of my favorites that I rarely share with you lovely readers: Vitaminwater 10. I buy this all the time, and when I asked MamaJ whether I could get it, she said no. Damn you, high-priced Truvia water! I was bummed:

I may not eat meat, but I am a ham.

I may not eat meat, but I am a ham.

Eventually, we rounded up all our “needs” and stood in line to check out. Much to my surprise, MamaJ found a coupon for the Vitaminwater and told me I could get it. Matty Rich and I ran back to the store and I had a joyous reunion:

Happiest overgrown child you've ever seen.

Happiest overgrown child you've ever seen.

Broskie also snapped this picture of me, which reminded me I haven’t had a haircut, not even a trim, since November 2007:

Time to get ma hurr cut! STRINGY MESS.

Time to get ma hurr cut! STRINGY MESS.

The next stop on our list was Ikea to pick up a little something for Popsicle’s birthday. His present belongs to this family of children’s hats:

Norse and a fruit basket. Perfect summary of bro-bee and me.

Norse and a fruit basket. Perfect summary of bro-bee and me.

I snapped this beauty when MamaJ assisted Matty Rich in rocking the beard alone:

Doesn't MamaJ look bossy in that trucker hat? As for the bearded man...

Doesn't MamaJ look bossy in that trucker hat? As for the bearded man...

Ikea successes allowed us to move on with our day and head to Kenwood Towne Center, where I found a $300 Ralph Lauren men’s coat that I really want:

Special. It'd keep me so warm, though!

Special. It'd keep me so warm, though!

We did a lot more running around Cincinnati during the rest of the afternoon. This included the quick trip to Target that unveiled our Christmas pajamas:

Sock monkey feet and Santa feet. I WANT!

Sock monkey feet and Santa feet. I WANT!

By 7pm, we stumbled into the house with mostly food purchases for moi because I’m spoiled broke and love food. From Costco:

Yes, mass quantities were needed.

Yes, mass quantities were needed.

Clif bars
Vitaminwater 10
Arnold’s Sandwich Thins
Pretzel Crisps
-Black pepper (one of these things is not like the other…)

And the fantastic Trader Joe’s goodies:

All amazing.

All amazing.

-Peanut butter-filled pretzels
-Butternut squash soup
-Black bean soup
-Cranberry apple butter
-Pumpkin butter (NOT vegan due to honey, but I couldn’t pass up this once-a-year treat)
-Fire-roasted tomato salsa
-Sunflower seed butter

The H-Unit had a Halloween party to attend, so we all changed into costume. We even tortured poor little Peanut:

She was so pissed I had to hold her in place for a pic.

She was so pissed I had to hold her in place for a pic.

The humans, however, were pleased to get into the ‘Ween spirit. Popsicle’s birthday was Saturday, so he went to the party as the birthday boy:

That's a cake hat from Ikea for the 54-year-old stud.

That's a cake hat from Ikea for the 54-year-old stud.

MattyRich wanted to be a hillbilly, but he ended up looking like Garth:



MamaJ was Elphaba:

Used eyeshadow all over her face. Dedication.

Used eyeshadow all over her face. Dedication.

The party was phenomenal! It was a bonfire-ing, grilling, karaoke-ing fest that I loved! You can bet I was shoved on stage and belted “Single Ladies” (AKA a dream of mine)…in my cowgirl getup:

Embarassingly into it.

Embarassingly into it.

I do not mess around when I karaoke. It can be seen here and here:

Doing the dance.

Doing the dance.

I rode out my adrenaline rush fireside with Garth:

Cannot get over his hair!

Cannot get over his hair!

At one point, the fire got as crazy as my dance moves:

Huge and scary.

Huge and scary.

Elphaba was responsible:

Stare hard and you'll find her wicked face.

Stare hard and you'll find her wicked face.

Amidst laughter and chatting, I returned to the stage with Matty Rich, and we sang a little something for Popsicle. Holly, you would have been proud. We rocked Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”Glee-style:

Gettin' it.

Gettin' it.

The party of Popsicle’s co-workers loved it. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Either way, this was one of the best nights ever. Love my family!

The H-Unit made it home by 1:15am, said goodnight to one another and passed out with the kind of exhaustion only hours of laughing and being outdoors can.

Sunday morning came too soon, but a bowl of banana-topped Puffins can never come soon enough:



Unfortunately, I did not get to finish this bowl. Peanut sought revenge for her bat costume and snagged the last of the bowl. Beezy. MamaJ and I lounged on the couches for a couple hours, just watching the tube and falling in and out of sleep.

By 2pm, however, we were showered and ready to go. I snacked before we hit the road:

Fuji and a Morningstar Vegan Griller topped with Sabra and mustard.

Fuji and a Morningstar Farms Vegan Griller topped with Sabra and mustard.

MamaJ got a burger of a different kind for lunch:

Happy Meal from McD's!

Happy Meal from McD's!

She wanted it just for the toy, though:

Rainbow Dash on the dashboard.

Rainbow Dash on the dashboard.

A long three hours later, MamaJ and I unpacked the car. She drove off with my cell phone, and after a mini panic attack, I had my roomie call her and had my flip phone back in my possession. Only then could I snack:

Carrots, hummus, sunflower seed butter (holy f what have I been missing!) and bad lighting.

Carrots, hummus, sunflower seed butter (holy f what have I been missing!) and bad lighting.

While unpacking I realized I was super hungry. I snacked on a weenie and waited for my cheetahs:

Teeny weeny.

Teeny weenie minie moe.

I actually snacked on Puffins after the rubbery “meat” and before the delicious “fries”:

Comfort food, fa sho.

Comfort food, fa sho.

I spent some time reading blogs and then writing a post of my own about my favorite cookbook. I profess my love in “Veganom-I-Can.” A bit after writing that, I got hungry again and had a luscious snack:

Honeycrisp with pumpkin and sunflower seed butters. Scrumpsh.

Honeycrisp with pumpkin and sunflower seed butters. Scrumpsh.

Then add some more Puffins. Cannot help it.

What a recap! You are probably a bit sick of me by this point, so allow me to wish you all beautiful starts to the week!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How often do you get your hair did? Trimmed? Colored? Made over?

I’ve never colored my hair, I don’t do regular trims and I haven’t had my hair cut since November 2007. Awful, I know!


62 Responses to “The Whole Fam Damily”

  1. Holy crap, November 2007?!?! Amazing. I like my hair short, which means cuts every 2 months. 3 max.

    Your family looks like so much fun I can’t stand it. πŸ™‚

  2. First comment?! yayy

    Okay, well first of all I must say….YESSSSS!!!! You have finally been introduced to the glor-i-oussss SUNFLOWER SEED BUTTER! And pretzel crisps! I just found the “everything” flavored ones a week ago and have fallen in looooove! They remind me of bagels! You will also love ’em. And please, please, pleasee throw that sunflower seed butta over a (vegan) yogurt mess! You will not regret it! πŸ™‚ Please.

    I adore your family. I adore this weekend! So glad that you got some grocery/rando shopping and karaoke in!! Happy bday to your dad!!

    And those footie pajamas?? I DIE!!

    love youuu!!!! have a great week πŸ™‚

  3. DANGG, I got beat to the punch!

    Oh, and I actually just got my hair trimmed yesterday! I never prioritize it, but I really should….it had been months!

  4. 4 Lizzy

    Let me begin to tell you how much in love i am with that chocolate cake from costco. its basically every chocolate lovers dream in one cake. thats all i gotta say!

    I hope you got the pj’s from target, and if not, i say we get them! i loved wearing footed pajamas as a kid and have always wanted to get an adult pair.! hehe i know funny!

    Glad you had such an amazing weekend with the unit! love weekends like that!
    love u girl

    • 5 snackface

      Lizzy – I seriously wanted that cake. Too bad it was far from vegan…I can already tell the holidays should be interesting. And we did not buy the pj’s! But we totes should get them!

  5. ohhh that chocolate cake from costco is the death of me. i can usually only handle 2 bites because it is so rich! haha.. i love the price is right modelesque photo of matty rich displaying the sabra. i LOVE COSTCO! hoorah for bulk honeycrisps and christmas PJs. your shopping trip was a success. the birthday party shenanigans looked awesome too! lovely recap my dear. and i get my hair did every 10 weeks. pricey. you are lucky to have such natural beauty and no need for hair cuts or colors! XO LOVE YOU!

  6. Looks like such a fun weekend! πŸ™‚ (I have to confess… I hate Costco. It is too big and crowded for me.)

    I am a bad bad girl… I only get my hair cut / highlights touched up about twice a year. Hey, it’s expensive!! :/

    ❀ ❀

  7. thank you for letting me vicariously live through your family as i am far, far away from my own! seriously though, this is just a PERFECT fall day with the fam, and i’m so glad you were able to enjoy it. sometimes, it’s all we need, no? πŸ™‚

    i need more videos of you karaoke-ing, asap. so fierce, so diva-licious. i die.

    i know i tell you this all the time (and if i don’t, it’s for fear of sounding repetitive) but DAMN GIRL, you are beauuuuuuuuutiful πŸ™‚

    • 9 snackface

      Lyss – STOP BEING SO DAMN SWEET!!! Hahaha ok, no. Don’t stop. Thank you so much, though. You crazy. Love you.

  8. Sabra = worth it to buy membership!

  9. 11 Kelsey

    the only reason i would ever go to costco with my membership bearing parents was to get sabras, fujis, flatouts, monster bag of carrots and snap peas, cases of perrier and sometimes a 4lb box of jelly bellies hopped into the cart. costco is amazing!!!
    love the pic of you and your bro. he did look like garth, it kindof scared me. :]
    and the hair: i have never colored my hair either. i love my color and would never change that. i’m a lot like you in that i never get my hair cut until split ends reak havoc. thats bad, but whatever?
    ps, i want to be in your family. you guys have so much fun!

  10. This is the best freakin’ post you have ever had, and it’s not just because I see your beautiful face all over it.

    Why I love it:

    Xmas pjs
    Vitamin water advertisement (seriously, they are stupid if they don’t hire you right now)
    Giant Sabra excitement
    Picturing Mama J trying to get that eyeshadow off of her face at night
    Me thinking that in the picture of Matty Rich by the fire, his Garth wig had ingnited
    Rainbow Dash (I am so impressed that you know her glorious name…and I’m not the only one)

    I’m obsessed with hair (obvi) and get new hair more than I get new bras. It’s ridiculous. I’m getting mine cut Tuesday, btw. πŸ™‚

    • 13 snackface

      Mama Pea – Hahaha thank you for this amazing comment. It made me contact the Vit.water peeps this morning. A note about MamaJ’s makeup: the next day we were standing in the bathroom, putting our faces on for the day. I looked closely at her and noticed something was off. She still had eyeshadow in the crevices of her ears. I grabbed a q-tip and de-greened her.

  11. your trips home are JUST like mine. i def stocked up on hellsa goodies from the tarj, TJs, costca, etc.

    but HOLY EFF, our costco did NOT have that sabra!?! poor form concord costco, poor form. i guess its for the best, as i cant travel with liquids on the plane, and since id never leave a DROP of hummus behind, i would have pounded every last bite (err, ton) before returning to the nycizzle.

    you and your bro = hilar

  12. 15 shell625

    this post was so cute!! love the onsie pajamas πŸ™‚


  13. awe what a fab time with the fam! i am like a crazy woman in costco..actually my mom and grandma are too…they go on fridays just for the samples. LOL.


  14. haha! love this whole post- but my fave is the pic of you getting your vitamin water!

  15. I love Costco, Sabra, goat cheese, apples, romaine lettuce, peppers, flatout, sandwich thins, and sala are some of the few things that always goes inside my cart. Yum.

  16. I went back to my natural color a year ago…now I just get a trim every 8 or 10 weeks. Costco has Sabra?! I am so mad at Sam’s right now!

  17. Looks like a fun weekend with your fam!

    I get my hair highlighted about once every 6-8 weeks, and get it cut at the same time. It’s one of my few beauty indulgences and I absolutely love my time at the salon!

  18. I havent had my hair cut in nearly that long. I just did a post where I showed my highlights. Moved to Phoenix 8 weeks ago from San Diego and 2 weeks ago got hair done by loser girl. Blech. Got it recolored this past week and am sooo much happier. You dont need to do a damn thing to your hair, it’s gorg!

    Costco…I dont go in there b/c it’s just too temptin to buy everything we are a fam of 2 adults and 1 toddler. We don’t need a 5 gallon vat of nut butter or anything πŸ™‚

    And I love Sunflower seed buttah and pumpkin buttah. Yum, both are in my fridge right now.

    Your cheetahs are PERfect. Puuuurfect. Nice job!

    But most of all…I love the relationship you have w/ your family. I hope my daughter feels like that about me in 15 yrs or so and that we all get along and love each other and have fun together like you guys do πŸ™‚


    • 22 snackface

      Averie – Awww you and your daughter WILL have an amazing relationship, I can already tell. What a sweet comment! Oh, and I think everybody needs a 5 gallon vat of nut butter. πŸ˜‰

  19. Looks like a great time and so much fun!
    And those giant sabra’s: heaven!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  20. i’m loving the giant items from costco!

  21. great buys at costco I have to say that pumpkin pie looked great!!

    those pretzel crisps are soo good!! great find πŸ™‚

    I try to get my hair cut every 4 months or so. I wish It would look better if I were to grow it long, it is just so thin that when it gets too long, it looks stringy and not so hot

    pumpkin butter and cranberry butter from TJs=amazing!!

  22. 26 Colleen

    2007?!?! Does your hair grow really, really slow? If I had waited 2 years to get my hair trimmed it would be down to my knees! LOL I donated 10 inches of my hair to locks of love last November and it’s already almost your length again (I had it cut to my jaw bone). You’re lucky, your hair looks great…I would have some serious fly-aways on my hands.

    Have a great day!

    • 27 snackface

      Colleen – Shooo, girl. Now you have me thinking my hair is in the slow lane. It must be. I cannot believe you cut 10 inches off last November and it’s already super long! That’s lovely that you donated it, too!

  23. You are too freaking cute, haha πŸ˜€ And I used to LOVE My Little Pony when I was little!

    I don’t “do” my hair – I’m saving its strength for when I go gray and NEED to color it.

  24. i just got my hair cut on saturday…first time since probably…April maybe? i had super split ends. eek! i got it styled pretty cute though and it’s pretty different from how i had it before. it’s always nice to have that change every now and then πŸ™‚

  25. 30 Katharina

    uhh yeah girl Sunflower seed butter is AMAZING!!!!! I seriously love this recap and I want to go to Costco so bad. Anybody want to take me??? I should get my hair trimmed more often lol.

  26. Don’t feel bad about the hair! I have definitely gone FOUR YEARS without a visit to the salon…that was after a scarringly bad short haircut circa 2002. (My school pics were so bad that year my mom didn’t even give any out to family HA!) Now I go once or twice a year…if you want to have long hair anyways I figure it’s a waste of $$$ to pay for a 1/2 inch trim every other month!!!

    • 32 snackface

      Anna – Woah, I cannot imagine this scarring hair cut. Did you cry? The last time I got my hair cut it was just above my shoulders and I almost lost it. Guess short is a no-go. Now I just hope no one looks closely at my ends. It seems to be working.

  27. I love this post so much. Your facial expressions are just adorable and the costumes are so hilarious!

    Love the feetie pjs!

    Don’t Stop Believin = Best kareoke song ever!

    I am so pleased to hear that you don’t get your hair cut often!!! I do trims, but always wait for months and months. Yes, my hair looks pretty ratty by then but wutevz! Plus, I’m trying to grow the dam thang out!

    The fam time is amazing. Love you in that Costco VitaWater pic.

    take care Snacky Face!

  29. 35 Jennifer

    Hilarious recap!! Your family sounds so fun. Your enjoyment and enthusiasm of the karoake cracks me up.

    I can’t believe your hair isn’t even longer given 2 years of not trimming. My hair grows so fast, there is no way I could get away with that an not have hair down to my butt!

    You’re too cute. If I laugh out loud during a blog reading, you know it’s good stuff!!

    • 36 snackface

      Jennifer – I think my hair got tired after one year of not being cut and the growth slowed. And thanks for finding enjoyment in le SnackFace! Laughter is always good πŸ™‚

  30. Love your fam. LOVE. It makes me so happy and warm at heart to see that other families have such love for acting a fool in front of a camera. And love Costco and all the deliciousness that it entails. Plus I adore your Ikea hats.

    And I get my hurr cut every 6 weeks, but it’s been more like 10-12 lately cause my funds have been tight. The hurr is looking trashtastic. Perhaps I should just grow it long and then I can go 2 years with nary a trim like my favorite snackface.

  31. I just thought I’d say that I enjoy reading your blog thoroughly every day. Your pictures are fantastic and everything you whip up looks absolutely delicious!! πŸ™‚

    • 39 snackface

      Aimee – Ahhh!! Thank you so much for reading! I personally think you are the cutest thing ever. Just saying. And I want your wardrobe.

  32. Super post.. IM LOVING the excitement over the vitamin so great! ANd must hit up Target asap for some onesie action. lol

    I get my hair colored like once every 4 months.. trying to grow it though so just get it trimmed slightly twice a yr. Its a huge waste of money and Id be totally rich right now if I would cut back! Oh well.. going to the salon is like the best thing ever.. kinda worth it! πŸ™‚

  33. Love that you sang that song! I want to see a video of it. 😦

    I’ve never been to Costco but we do have a Sam’s membership. I was there yesterday and my husband was chasing me back down the aisle as I kept getting side-tracked by foodie goodies…

    Puffins are addictive and I don’t allow them in my house anymore. Sad but true.

    I’ve colored my hair consistently since I was 10. My normal color is a mousy light brown and I prefer to be a dark brunette. I get it trimmed about every 3 months or so but never seem to change my style. One too many bad haircuts will do that to a girl!

  34. OMG – your Costco pictures had me laughing! Ahhh, IKEA! I love that Scandinavian Super Store! Makes me feel like I’m in the mother land πŸ˜‰

    I love dressing up the puppers but they hate every minute of it! Why are they so damn cute when they give you the stink eye?!

    I read every single letter of this recap and loved every minute of it! Three notes about your song selections: 1. My 20 month old cousin (technically my cousin’s daughter) dances and does the ‘oh oh oh’ of Single Ladies, 2. I’ve met Journey – I have connections wink-wink, and 3. Don’t Stop Believin’ is basically D-towns anthem.

    I get my hair done (highlighted and trimmed/cut) twice a year because I can’t sit in the chair for 2 hours more that those two trips! TOO LONG!

  35. this post made me smile for so many reasons. i love h-unit, your tarjay shenanigans, your costco shenans, the party – EVERYTHING! i love how fun, happy and together your family is. it is seriously adorable!

    ummm i love you even MORE for the glee rendition of don’t stop believin. that made my day. you just cannot go wrong on all fronts.

    thank you for brightening my morning..especially after getting my eyes dialated and wearing grandpa sunglasses for 3 hours. LOVE YOU

    p.s. how did the VS angel audition tape go? heard anything back?

    • 44 snackface

      Holly – SO happy I could perk you up after a dialated morning. That sound gross. Anyway, the VS thing turned out to be a bust. Did more reading and discovered you have to be available from Oct. 31 through Dec. 3. Uh, this full-time student definitely can’t swing that!

  36. great eats from costco and TJ’s!! and i reallllly wanna make those sweet potato fries asap πŸ™‚
    how to you cut your apple into som any perfect slices girlie?!

    • 46 snackface

      Jenna – I slice the apples on a diagonal, if that means anything? I also credit seven years of apple addiction to my slicing abilities. I could try to take pics if that helps?

  37. Going to Costco is like Christmas for me and my roomies. We go a little ridiculous in that place, but I blame our antics on the too cheap refillable sodas that we get as soon as we walk through the door. We actually bought that enormous chocolate cake for our friend’s 21st. It took less than 24 hours for a few boys on the swim team to completely demolish it.

    Being a short haired girl, I can’t go more than 3 months without looking like a deranged animal. You’re the ultimate in low maintenance though. Think of all the money that you’ve saved so that you can buy lots of Vitamin Water 10!

    • 48 snackface

      Anna – This is the third time I’ve read your comment and I still crack up at “I can’t go more than 3 months without looking like a deranged animal.” PERFECT word choices with deranged animal.

  38. Costco is the best!! When I found the TUBS of Sabra there, I was sooo freakin excited. I love going there and seeing all the junk food that I begged my mom for when I was little. Oh, how times have changed! And sunflower seed butter…so good and I think under appreciated.

    As for the hair…I get mine cut about once a year. I wait until it’s just too long to handle and the ends are dead, and I get trims. I should probably do it more, but it’s expensive yo!

  39. 50 lowandbhold

    Awww love this recap! So glad you were able to get the Vitamin water. You looked so sad without it, haha. The partay looks like a blast. I bet you’d give B a run for her money πŸ˜‰

    I have never colored my hair either. I get it trimmed every 8 weeks though. I just really like the scalp scrub down during the shampoo!

  40. I love your happy face when you got to buy the Vitamin waters πŸ™‚ Super cuteness!

    I usually cut my hair once or twice a year…I used to cut it more but I am too busy to ever get in there and have it done! In addition, many of my stylists disappear and I hate having to break in new ones since I never know if I will like the finished product! Apparently, stylists in the Midwest have issues cutting a side bang??? I haven’t cut my hair since August ’08 and it is finally getting really bad…split ends and no shape! I cut my own bangs back in but I need to get my layers cut in!!!

  41. I am just in awe of this post.. a list is more than necessary.
    1. costco makes me feel all giddy on zee inside – I espec love playing with the cash the cash registers in the electronics section. Yeah, i’m 2 years old.
    2. I just knew mamabear couldn’t say no to that preshie face of yours — woo for enough vitamin water to ask you a lifetime.. or at least until the end of the week.
    3. Don’t tell Matt but I kind of have a hugh jass crush on him..any dude willing to wear a onesie is a fellah after my own heart.
    4. mama looks WICKED in that costume.. oh, awful pun.
    5. I get my hurr did about twice a year..
    6. thank you for making monday a little more bearable.. you rock my world pudding cup!

    love you to the moon and back like 10 times.
    hugs and smooches! xo

    • 53 snackface

      Jenny – I am telling Matt you have a crush on him. Don’t worry, I’ll tell him you’re very much taken…not by Ginge but by me. XOXOX

  42. 54 Lindsey

    There were several times I cracked up at your pics! Love them πŸ™‚ Your family is SO supercute- it’s refreshing to see! Also– I could NOT stop laughing at Garth-hillbilly getup. it’s TOO dead on.

    I am pissed there are no Costco’s in Houston! WTF we’re a major city! Sams club won’t cut it.

    alright, enjoy the festivities back at school!

    • 55 snackface

      Lindsey – Aww thanks for the sweet comment about mi familia! We have a good time and are a bunch of goons. That’s really all πŸ˜‰

  43. OMG best weeeeekend I love!!! You and your bro are hilar- I love that he fully tried on and modeled footsie PJ’s with you, and I hope u both bought them. I love Costco trips with momz- I def do NOT ask and pile stuff in the cart at strategic intervals….then, we get to the front and everything sort of stacks up in this overwhelming pile and we just want to get the hell out of there and I end up with my desired goodies πŸ˜€ Hope u have a good halloween week lovie pie!

  44. What a fun trip to Costco LOL! Gotta love fun family outings πŸ™‚ You sing it girl!! Single ladies all the way…great song!

    I usually get my hair full on cut once every couple months, and never trim it lol. I usually color my hair once every few months too. I color it darker, but I let my natural color grown completely out before I’ll color it again πŸ™‚

  45. There is just way too much I want/NEED to comment on in this post.
    -I want to cuddle with your whole family–in the least creepy way possible.
    -I want to swim in a sea of giant Sabra tubs.
    -I want to blow up that picture of you pouting with the vitamin waters, again in the least creepy way possible.
    -I would LOVE footage of your and broski’s Glee duet!
    -I may make an impromptu trip to Targ just to try on that onesie.

    Glad you had such great familia time!! XOXOX

  46. your weekend looks FAB! im jeal of all of the yummie goodies you picked up πŸ™‚ i wish we had a tj’s in florida!

    i should def get my hair trimmed more often i think that last time i did was like 18 months ago haha oops

  47. Looks like you got some SERIOUS grub!

  48. 61 eatolive

    haha love it
    and in the picture where you’re sad because mamaJ said you couldnt have the Vitamin Water, you look a LOT like Stephanie Tanner. Jus’ sayiiiin πŸ™‚

    your hair is gorgey!

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