Go Big or Go Homecoming


Buongiorno! This has been a completely insane, fantastic and exhausting weekend. Get ready for Homecoming 2009.

Friday started off with a pure luxury: breakfast in bed. I awoke at 10am, put on some coffee, made breakfast and hopped right back into bed with this gem:

Peanut butter banana pumpkin mess with a sprinkle of granola. YUM.

Peanut butter banana pumpkin mess with a sprinkle of granola. YUM.

I then skipped to choir, where I had an audition for a solo. I may not get it, but I’ve made a little promise to myself to try out for solos. I normally wuss out, but no more!

After that I went to the gym and ellipticalled for 50 minutes. I ran home immediately after because my dear friend A.Lip was nearing mi casa!

I showered and put on my face, and then we walked to Casa Nueva for a brew and dinner (or lunch?). I ordered a local wheat beer, chips with salsa and guacamole and a salad of mixed greens, roasted apples, leeks and walnuts, topped with a pawpaw maple dressing:

Very dim, but delicious.

Very dim, but delicious.

I hadn’t spent quality time with my high school best friend for far too long. We stayed at Casa for hours, even ordering another round of chips…among rounds of other things, and loving our time together:

I missed her so much!

I missed her so much!

We eventually decided to change locations and found a new home at The Pub. While I ordered a normal-sized Oktoberfest, A.Lip upped the game and went for an “Aquarium” of it:

She knows how to do it right.

She knows how to do it right.

Dancing, laughing and meeting cute men happened somewhere in-between that photo and going home to rest up.

Because on Saturday, at 8am, the games started all over again:

Please note the empty containers that once held eggs. People had been there since 6am.

Please note the empty containers that once held eggs. People had been there since 6am.

Broney’s was bumping! I was shocked that students voluntarily get out of bed earlier than they ever would for a class to go to bars. Wait, nevermind. I’m not that shocked.

We stayed there for only a few minutes, though, because we realized we’d rather eat. To Court Street Diner we went! I ordered coffee, water and veggie hash browns, sans cheese:

My love for potatoes will be seen elsewhere in the day.

My love for potatoes will be seen elsewhere in the day.

Soon after breakfast, A.Lip had to head back to Cinci. The party in Athens, however, only grew:

Parade time! Muffin walked in this :)

Parade time! Muffin walked in this πŸ™‚

The streets were packed with students, alumni and, well, people who had been partying since Friday night and never stopped. But back to the parade:

Loving the spirit on a Saturday morning.

Loving the spirit on a Saturday morning.

When the parade died down, we headed into the dungeonous bars:

Chillin' at 10:30am.

Chillin' at 10:30am.

I called MamaJ at this point to share the insanity and hilarity of the situation. I’m not sure I ever need to go to a bar that early again, but I am glad I experienced it this year. Muffin was unimpressed:

Drinking hot chocolate among those drinking White Russians. Love her.

Drinking hot chocolate among those drinking White Russians. Love her.

It was fabulously entertaining to hop from bar to bar to check the scenes. Naturally, they were all very similar: crowded, beer-coated, loud. This made for fantastic dance floors and rapping (on my part). Such scenery reminded me of the summer, so I had to call my shawtie and express how much I missed her.

At one point, I took my stunna shades out of my purse and LOST them. I’m distraught over this still. I’m sad that I’ve lost a pair of shades that have been through a killa summer, and I’m sad that I have to squint in the sun.

This didn’t stop the fun Saturday, but Muffin and I needed a break at 2pm. I was starving again, so we headed to O’Betty’s for a tofu dog loaded with pickled peppers and served with a side of fresh, hot fries:



The fries were so good that I ordered another round for us. I couldn’t help it!

With full tummies, Muffin and I headed back to her place for a nap. I was out like a light for a couple hours. My bod needed it as much as it needed the fries, I swear. For dinner later, I had two pieces of bread with hummus and chips with salsa. It wasn’t the most balanced day of eats, but I loved everything I ate.

Eventually, we mustered up the energy to go out again. This was extremely short-lived. I tried my best to stay out and dance, downing cups and cups of water to make me feel better, but at one point I gave up. My poor freakum’ dress barely got to play. I went home at midnight and fell right asleep. I’m not as young and resilient as I thought!

Sunday started in a more traditional, civilized manner:

Pumpkin protein oats with a side of coffee and Bravo!

Pumpkin protein oats with a side of coffee and Bravo!

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1/3 C pumpkin, 1 C water, cinnamon, scoop vegetable protein powder and peanut butter drizzle. It felt amazing to eat normally again.

I showered and cleaned for a while after breakfast. Then I did something new to me: hung out with an ex-boyfriend. For those of you who’ve been reading for a while, you may remember MisterMan. We were together for the last half of my Junior year, and then parted ways when I went to San Fran for the summer. It was a natural split, and we are nothing but friendly to each other now.

Anyway, he was in town for Homecoming, and we decided to see each other this fine Sunday. Like old times, he accompanied me on my Walmart grocery run, and then we had lunch at Casa. I started with a delicious garlic-tomato-peanut butter soup that my camera ate. For a second course, I enjoyed the Autumn Rice Salad:

Rice and salad somehow work together.

Rice and salad somehow work together.

This also had roasted apples, leeks, walnuts and pawpaw maple dressing. Lovely, but not the most filling.

MisterMan then dropped me off at Muffin’s office, where I filmed and then wrote a blog post for College Green Tooth. Muffin is amazing for helping me!

We hung out in the office for a couple hours, and then walked to her house to reflect upon the weekend’s festivities and happenings that I wish I could share with everyone. Privacy’s a beezy sometimes.

Anyway, she drove me home around 7-ish and I immediately made dinner:

Bit of a boring salad.

Bit of a boring salad.

In the mix: spinach, baby spinach, broccoli slaw, cherry toms, shrooms and balsamic vinaigrette. The other half of dinner, which I’m somewhat embarrassed to show you, looked a lil’ something like this:

Smart Dog with ketchup and mustard. Tortilla with Sabra.

Smart Dog with ketchup and mustard. Tortilla with Sabra.

Smart Dogs are a little…odd. They are rubbery and anything but “real,” but I also think I may kinda like them. I’ve been a bottemless pit today, so I’m eating cereal mixed with pumpkin, almond milk and carob chips in hopes of feeling full soon.

The week ahead is going to be a doozie! I have major assignments due Tuesday and Thursday, but I’ll make it through! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend–I’m off to read about them now!

Ciao for now,


Question: What was the most delicious thing you ate this weekend?

I’m all about those fries. Seriously, they were the best.


39 Responses to “Go Big or Go Homecoming”

  1. sushi roll with brown rice, cucumber and avocado from whole foods. i also had a grape synergy from whole foods and it was odd.

    i also found pumpkin spice loliipops from see’s candies and i can’t wait to try them.

    who was your homecoming game against? is all i saw was greeen!!

    • 2 snackface

      vanessa – Perhaps this makes me a horrible student, but I really don’t care much for football and have no idea who we played. Hahaha, that’s so bad! Oooh I love your eats and finds this weekend! I haven’t had the grape synergy, but I do love the other flavors (Trilogy!!).

  2. Don’t even get me started on this weekend’s eats. Let’s just say that Friday night’s dinner was 4 beers and 3 jello shots, and Saturday night’s dinner was a bag of pretzels and a Red Bull out of a hospital vending machine. Needless to say, tonight I had three servings of pasta…. Mmmm, that had to be the best thing I ate!


  3. 4 Anna

    Partying all day is probably the most exhausting activity there is. It takes serious energy to dance for hours and outdrink large boys. You did an incredible job, and you totally earned a good night’s sleep after all that.

    I’m secretly in love with smart dogs. Toasted up on my George Foreman and dipped in mustard and ketchup, those links are just as good as their mystery meat counterparts.

  4. first of all — the sheer brilliance and wit of this post’s title is AMAZE enough for me!

    second. you never cease to make me proud with your debauchery and good eats along the way. i can tell through the picture alone that those fries were worth it and then some! oh and i totally love weird veggie dogs too, i was all about some smartlife dogs (the BIG ones, i dont like those little weiners. yeah, went there) this summer!

    LOVE YOU and g-chat you soon, AKA tomorrow when i’m living the dream of a working girl. ha!

  5. Oh man do I know all about the all day partying from the college days. Oktoberfest was huge in my college town, and parties started by 10 am lasting through the night.

    The best thing I had this weekend: I made some of HEAB’s kabocha squash butter….ridic good.

  6. great yog mess!

    • 8 snackface

      Jenna – Thanks! I want to clarify that the mess is actually yogurt-less! I used all pumpkin puree, which is delicious and a perfect yogurt alternative in my book πŸ™‚

  7. Oh man I ate good things this weekend! St. Joseph’s zucchini: fried stacks of zucchini, ham, and manchengo cheese. Provencale scallops. Duck a l’orange crepes. The best chicken kiev I’ve ever tasted. Plus a basil cocktail that I never wanted to stop drinking.

    Why all the deliciousness? Anniversary dinner at a small plate-style restaurant. Pure love all around. πŸ™‚

  8. Ha! That’s hilarious that everyone was waking up at 6AM to go to the bars. True champs right there!!!
    Breakfast in bed is the ultimate best thing ever! Since I don’t have class till later on some days I am soooo doing that. I forgot how luxurious and fabulous it is!
    The best thing I ate this weekend would have to be the apple crisp I made. Unbelievable!

  9. The BEST thing I ate today was sushi from a new sushi place near my house.
    Brown rice, inari, BEETS, avocado, lettuce, carrots.. it was amazing!!

    love all yo partay pictchas! sorry about your stunnah shades going M.I.A
    😦 HATE it when that happens

  10. This: Peanut butter banana pumpkin mess with a sprinkle of granola. YUM.
    Looks awsome.

    Only topped possibly by your next oat creation, but I think they’re a toss up.

    If you like bananas and PB, I just posted a vegan PB Banana Bread that’s borderline “a mess” b/c it’s so moist it’s off the hook if I do say so myself πŸ™‚

    your weekend looks awesomely fun w/ your friend!

    • 13 snackface

      Averie – I am running over to your blog now to check that recipe! I’m going to have to consider making it this weekend! Mmmm!

  11. Wowsa. I’m not sure how I feel about that Mister Man sitch. You and I may need to have a chat πŸ™‚

    Best thing I ate all weekend: WF salad bar!!!!

    Glad you had such a fun weekend with your girlies!

  12. 15 Sara

    Mrs Officer! Shooo can’t believe you lost yo’ stunna shades!! You rocked them on their last blog appearance. I have a verrrrry similar pair that I don’t wear… if you want pics and possibly want them as a special replacement, let me know cuz I sure don’t wear ’em! Where’d you get yours from? Have a great week!

  13. 16 Little Bookworm

    Love all the food in this post.

    I tried your cheetahs recipe this weekend and they were fantastic! Thanks for posting the recipe. πŸ™‚

  14. Looks like a great time!
    And I love having breakfast in bed too, it’s so long ago I did that: maybe this weekend!?

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  15. Most delicious thing I ate…. that’s a tough one! But it would probably have to be steamed broccoli & kale topped with chunky eggplant marinara sauce and dipped in raw almond butter πŸ™‚

  16. Party time in Ohio! I love how muffin was sipping away at her hot cocoa while everyone else was enjoying their brewskies! She’s such a stud. Good luck with all the school work this week! I had the most amazing pizza in Verona this weekend it was sooo good!

  17. 20 elleneatsbeats

    Most delicious thing I ate was def carrot cake. Such a splurge for the middle of the week but sooooo worth it πŸ™‚ All those fries look fantabulous though!

    I’m pretty jealy of both those breakfast bowls. I need some pumpkin in my life!!

  18. looks like you had a FAB time!!! those pumpkin protein oats look fantastic with that drizzle on top! get me some of those nowww thank you!:)

    most delish thing I ate was probably my tortilla pizza I made last night for dinner! It was great!


    my oats sunday morning, I sliced up apples and bananas andbalueberries and it was so tasty!!

    happy monday! πŸ™‚

  19. Fabulous re-cap! I love homecoming, it’s such a fun time πŸ™‚

    Best thing I ate…Roasted Asparagus in Coconuil Oil, Salt, and Freshly cracked black pepper. Mmm, my new obsession!

  20. Seriously fun weekend! My favorite new food is coconut milk that I discovered this weekend. Delicious and creamy. Random question: What’s your skincare/make-up routine? I It always looks so fabulous!

  21. FAB WEEKEND! Makes me nostalgic though, so I’m a bit jeal right now πŸ˜‰ Our homecoming game is this weekend and I’m not going…but I’ll live vicariously through you and the fun you had! Great to see an old friend, too!

    Have a fab week to follow your fab weekend!

  22. 25 Brandi

    hmmm..best food this weekend? probably either my black bean soup or mushroom/black olive pizza. Yum.

  23. ahhh seeing all your homecoming pics makes me long for the glory days of years past πŸ™‚ ahhh, to get up and drink at 8am. just can’t do that anymore!

    yay for fun weekends, and i think the pictures of muffin get better and better – first the airplane seat, and now the one of her with hot chocolate surrounded by peeps drinking alcohol. classic.

    best thing i ate this weekend…probably the vegan chili i made with saltines. so. dayum. good. love you girl – good luck with all your studying and tests!

  24. I’m so glad you had a wonderful and delicious Homecoming! I’m envious that you are able to blog so frequently! My favorite thing I ate this weekend? Hands down: O’Betty’s hotdawwwgs. πŸ™‚

    See you in class!

  25. Looks like a fun weekend!! I think the peanut butter chocolate pie I shared with a friend Saturday night was the best =)


  26. Kailey! I just got your sweet comment, thank you my loooove! This post was pretty adorable too.

    Although I just ate breakfast….you have got me CRAVIN’ some pumpkin-y oats! So sorry that i never got myself some canned pumpkin this weekend, but over thanksgiving…you KNOW it’s on!

    And i actually kinda looove that last dinner. Sometimes the random combinations taste the best! And sometimes, random fake meat cravings hit hard, am I right??

    I’d totally pull a muffin and drink hot cocoa in a sea of drunken students! But drinks over chips and salsa sounds so fun!! Aww, i’m so happy you were able to reunite with an old friend, those are always the best.

    ps-ahh a hangout with THE misterman!? i’m sure you had him missin’ chuuuuu.

    Alright, i should get ready for class now! i love you!!!!!!! hope you finally got some food in yo belly!
    Oh, and most delicious thing I ate this weekend: DEFINITELY, definitely my cookie-dough tastin’ over night oats or that baked apple quesadilla dessert. MMMMM

  27. **i mean baked PEAR !! πŸ™‚

  28. 31 lowandbhold

    Haha, I totally feel ya on the early bedtimes. I miss the days where I could go out several nights in a row and never feel a thang, but sadly those days are in the past!

    Yay for getting to see MisterMan again. I wish I had an amicable ex relationship in my life. That would be quite enjoyable I think!

    The fries/chips/hashbrowns are right up my alley! I love me some carbs πŸ™‚

    Most delicious thing I ate this weekend was corn chowdah!

  29. 32 Stephanie

    Hey Snackface,

    I just wanted to let you know that I started reading your blog yesterday and I made cheetahs today. My oh my I think I’m in love. I dipped some in ketchup and some in “chipotle ketchup” which is a combo of ketchup and chipotle tabasco sauce, you should try it. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that your blog is a serious inspiration to this wannabe-vegan!


    • 33 snackface

      Stephanie – Ahhh!! Thanks bunches for trying the cheetahs and letting me know how you liked them! The ketchup idea is BRILLIANT! I’m going to have to remember that! And you are too sweet for finding inspiration in this lil’ blog! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  30. 34 Lizzy

    so glad that homecoming weekend was a blast! those frieds look simply amazing! I’ve had alot of good eats this weekend, i wish i could relive it! Sunday afternoon i ate the most amazing salad ever known to man. it had tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, lettuce, pita chips and the most amazing lemon garlic and olive oil dressing!


  31. that pumpkin mess breakie is a dream and a half! throw you in there and you’ve got a bowl fulla my favie things πŸ™‚

    girlz you BEST try out for the solo — you gots the voice of an angel! you can serenade my anytime πŸ™‚

    your HS friend is adorz! you only roll with the cutest. What do I gotta do to be part of your possy???

    unfortunately the best thing I ate today was vanilla oikos – yeah, it’s been a slow day.

    loves you x’s 12! xo

  32. 36 Aunty Snooze

    The best thing I ate this weekend was a portabella mushroom with cheese and and a three bean hummmas and a carrot cake at the Rectory Cafe on Toronto Island for Richard’s godfather Uncle Ken’s 50 th birthday look at the pics on facebook . He had the biggest carrot cake with cream cheese icing i have ever seen How it go baked in the middle was a miracle. but the hummas was to die for Richard asked for the recipe

  33. Dunkin Donuts. Twice. Delish sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches on an english muffin with accompanying coffee drink.

  34. Bfast in bed sounds heavenly–I haven’t done that in FOREVER!!

    Lol those smart dogs are rubbery now that you mention it,
    but better than crazy real hot dogs–eek!

  35. 39 elise

    this recap was fantastico. forreals, i think you rocked it out like only a senior in college could. naturally, you and your gorgy friends probably stopped the homies dead in their tracks all weekend long.

    i had WAYYYYY too many yummies this weekend. sorry if i made you miss your summer stomping grounds. maybe we should both up and move back to the bay and tell veg news to hire us to sample food and blog about it. you game?

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