Scared Lunchless


Buongiorno! I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!! I feel approximately 102 pounds lighter now that I’ve taken my Film 201 mid-term. The last 24 hours have been a doozie!

I studied from 11pm Wednesday until 4am Thursday, took a nap from 4 to 7:45, then studied from 7:45 until 11am. Sleep jumps out the window when I have an exam. In the grand scheme of my life, this exam will probably be a little squeaky fart, but I can’t stand to see my GPA change at all. I’ve let go of a lot of my OCD tendencies, but I can’t let go of the grades. I haven’t worked hard for the past three years to let it go now.

While I studied Thursday morn, I sipped three cups of coffee and enjoyed peanut butter banana oats:

In the rainy, dim hours of the morning.

In the rainy, dim hours of the morning.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1 supah ripe banana, scoop of ground flax, cinnamon and peanut butter drizzle. I took two sinus pills with this and didn’t go to my 9am to 11 class because I had a sinus headache that was almost crippling. And I needed to study. I was a wreck. Let’s not even talk about the zit on my forehead.

After the caffeine and the pseudoephedrine, I was flying high! I was also freaking myself out because I thought none of the material was sinking in.

Because of the panic, I was scared lunchless and brought only this for the 2pm to 3 hour:

Z-Bar and grapes. Definitely not a lunch!

Z-Bar and grapes. Definitely not a lunch!

Go ahead and give me hell. I know that’s not a meal. My mind was not functioning and my stomach was in knots. For once, food was not my first thought 🙂

I sat in English class with my eyes wide open, staring at nothing, annoyed with the silky-haired girl’s noisy ice cup, trying to go over my Film notes in my head. I then was ticked at myself for not remembering the order in which Edison invented (really, Dickson and Armat invented them) the phonograph, kinetoscope, Vitascope and kinetophone.

At 2pm I rushed to the library to study more:

I write and re-write my notes. Cover up each half to memorize backward and forward. Freak.Ee.

I write and re-write my notes. Cover up each half to memorize backward and forward. Freak.Ee.

By 3:05, I was sitting in the auditorium and chatting with the man next to me. He said he barely studied and wasn’t concerned. What concerned me was how often he looked at his iPhone during the exam. This is beyond frustrating to me! Cheating is NOT OK!!! But maybe he wasn’t cheating. Perhaps he was simply looking to see what time it was…twenty times within 90 minutes.

All that matters is that I finished feeling confident! I guessed on maybe five fill-in-the blank and matching questions, but I dominated the essay questions. Well, I hope I dominated them.

In my post-exam euphoria I headed to Muffin’s office for a little visit. She has to crank out two papers for Friday because there is a special Homecoming edition. Have I mentioned it’s Homecoming week and weekend!? I practically forgot!

On my way home I noticed I was starving. There was one thing I’ve been craving for days, so I stopped at Donkey Coffee to amend the situation. I ate half this locally made giant vegan chocolate cherry chip cookie while walking home, and half after dinner:

The half that survived for picture-taking purposes.

The half that survived for picture-taking purposes.

It tasted like a chewy brownie, specked with plump dried cherries. Divine:



Before I demolished the pictured half of the cookie, I had a warm, filling dinner:

Leftover Two Bean Zupa and Popper Pita. I'ma capitalize that and copyright that shiiii.

Leftover Two Bean Zupa and Popper Pita. I'ma capitalize that and copyright that shiiii.

I also had some tortilla chip crumbs with this, merely for balance. Because I’m obviously concerned about that. Not.

I caught up with a doll-face while writing a new College Green Tooth post about one of my favorite things: brew! Brooke, I borrowed from you and the Irish men for the title. Grazie!

The ‘fit today was very college casual:

...with a touch of chic. OK, not really. Glasses completed the look.

...with a touch of chic. OK, not really. Glasses completed the look.

You may notice that I wear that pair of jeans a lot. They are my favorite and I can’t help it. They are the trying-to-be-edgy-sounding R U Blue that I got from Express four years ago. The orange button-down is from Hollister (the only other thing I own from there is a ridic short denim skirt) circa 2005, the sweater is J.Crew clearance circa 2006 and the kicks are Tiger. Rawr.

At 8:30pm I trotted to Tempo Tantrums practica and sang with the new chicas. I am loving the new additions! Our blend is already fab–it’s going to be a good year! Acafellas ain’t got nothin’ on us.

This weekend is going to be insanity! My bestie from home, A.Lip, is going to arrive Friday afternoon and stay until Saturday afternoon. She traveled the world from January 2o09 to June 2009, just after I left for San Fran. I didn’t get to see her until September!

Anyway, the tradition for Homecoming here is that on Saturday, bars open at 6am! Hahaha. I have never participated in this, but it is my senior year and I’m contemplating this. Should I go? I think I kind of have to.

I’m going to spend the rest of the night resting for the weekend and catching up on Glee! Have a FABULOUS Friday and weekend!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: How spastic is this post? You don’t have to answer that. What I really want to know is your craziest college story. If you aren’t in college or haven’t attended, it’s cool. Share your craziest weekend/party story!
You can read all about mine right hurr: View from the Top. I miss SF!


49 Responses to “Scared Lunchless”

  1. 1 Sara

    Congrats on your midterm and I like how you layered that shirt under your sweatshirt (thas what it looks like)! Have a well deserved excellent weekend! I’m sure it’ll be crazy!

  2. I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to find you! You are hilarious, girl! I love your energy, your humor and your eats. You are too much! I’m glad that your doozie of a midterm is over. Now you can sleep and eat properly, right? BTW, I loved your post about your pedicab/rickshaw ride – I had a similar experience and wrote about it as well. Too funny! Anyway, just wanted to give you a hollah at and tell you that you are beyond funny! Have a great weekend!

    • 3 snackface

      Nicole – Welcome to SnackFace! I’m so happy you’ve found me! Thanks for liking what you’ve seen so far!

  3. Congrats!!!!!

  4. 5 cat

    okay delurking to ask this seriously– is your button-down orange or yellow? cause i see yellow. and i ask bc i just did a lab where we had to say what color the flame turned, and i said orange but apparently it was yellow! am i color blind?

    • 6 snackface

      cat – Haha, first, thank you for de-lurking! The shirt is a pale orange! I bet that flame was orange and someone else is color blind. Is your prof a male? Because I’ve heard they are more likely to be color blind. Just sayin… 😉

  5. Aw Kailes, thanks for the sweet shout out love! Pshh, you always know how to put a smile on my face….and make me drool! I just WANT that banana-y bowl of goodness, asap. And the popper pita (???!), yes…the popper pita 🙂

    I’m so happy that you’ve got that dang test over and done with. Shame on you for the zbar lunch y grapes lunch, but helllll yes for getting that vegan cookie! Oh my gah, looks divine. all is forgiven! just send me some from that bakery, mmm k? 😉

    And damn that cheatin’ man! I HATE when people get away with shit like that. I never try to, but it makes me mad when they slide by while i’m bustin’ my taill!!! Ya dig? Oh well, they can’t cheat their way through life, right?! Haha…harsh.

    Okay love, send me that recipe you were thinking of if you ever find it!! I’d love to try it this weekend!! xoxo


    Craziest night at college: That frat’s annual FOAM party I went to last year. The party was madness, the NIGHT was madness!

  6. Oh those crazy study days. I’m so glad your test went well for you hon. Rock on!! 😀

  7. 9 Allison R.

    Ah I’m totally with you on the craziness! I have done that twice in the past two weeks- stayed up until the wee hours, take a nap somewhere around 5 am, wake up and study more! Ah! Someday these crazy days will be over and we will wish we could do it again lol 🙂

  8. 10 fruitsveggieslife

    I definitely watched about 5 episodes of Glee last night – love it! But not as much as you, of course. 🙂

    Also – I HATE cheaters! They just frustrate me so much. In high school I was the unlucky one whose test was the one off which people were cheating. People getting credit for the hard work I’ve done – not fair at all. I’m sorry you had to see/deal with it. ugh.

    I’m glad you had some good eats afterward though – the cookie looks absolutely amazing!

  9. Please share your study habits with me I need to make my GPA way better when I go back to school in jan. How better to ask than the lovely smarty pants snackface! I enjoyed the little study tid bits you put in here but share more! Loves the vegan cookie =) I hate cheaters and people that brag about not studying when you totally know that they did study! Go to homecoming its your last chance!

    • 12 snackface

      brianna – If you’d really like more study tips, I’d be more than happy to help! Considering this is my fourth year, I have the study game down! At least, it’s worked many, many times!

  10. 13 Sarah

    Hi Kailey,

    I’f been reading your blog for quite a while now and I just wanted to say how I love it.
    I’m from Germany and every morning I wake up, first thing I do is read your blog.

    Just wanted to say: Keep on going like that! You’re doing a great job on this!

    But there is one little thing I really need to know: How do you make those wonderful peanut butter swirls on your oats /cereal?
    I’ve tried, but it never works out- my peanut butter isn’t soft enough.

    Ok, enough for now,

    greetings from Germany,

    • 14 snackface

      Sarah – Oh my goodness, thank you so much for reading! When I read your comment I literally said aloud: “she is the best!” The trick to the peanut butter is that the only ingredient it peanuts and I don’t put it in the fridge. It’s Trader Joe’s Organic unsalted crunchy, and that may just be a runnier brand of PB, too. I recommend, though, if yours is solid to pop it in the micro for a bit. This should loosen it up!

  11. You should use for studying!! It helps SOO much and you don’t have to write 🙂

  12. 16 elleneatsbeats

    It always feel AMAZING when midterms are finally over.

    The zbar and grapes look bossssssy, but that would only hold me for a snack!

    • 17 snackface

      elleneatsbeats – Yea, I was starving after my exam. Z-Bar+grapes are only snack-worthy!

  13. Hang in there, my dear!! You’ll get through all the work and exams, so sweat. **hugs**

  14. You HAAAVE to go to HC, it’s sooo fun! I’m so happy u satisfied your cookie craving- best thing eva…I mean if ur gonna eat a cookie u best do it right! I love your pic of the SATC girls like they’re just your usual bff pic chillin on the dresser 😀 Have a great weekend K monay!

  15. Ahhh college memories! Favorite? Too hard…bar hopping, foam parties, washing off in our school’s famous fountain, initiation night secrets…oh memories!

  16. Lovely fluffy looking PB banana oats! That cookie looks ridiculously good as well. I have that little sweater/sweatshirt your wearing!! I love it it’s so cozy and I love the 3/4 sleeves!

  17. 22 Brooke

    The beerleaders! Seriously, we were captains…and kind of the whole squad, that didn’t matter! All it meant was more attention on our swag 😉

    I HATE CHEATERS TOO! I had a French test 2 days ago and this girl I talk to next to me casually goes, “I’m just gonna look off of you the whole time haha” and I SHOOT her WTF eyes. And when I got the paper, I 180-ed my body away from her. BIATCH!

    Bars at 6am? Why does this sound so familiar? Just give the excuse dere’s a hurlin’ game on, lads!

    xoxoxoxoxo love!

  18. Boo to sinus headaches but your drugs remind me of Glee! I’m sure you showed that midterm who’s boss!!

    I won’t give you hell for that lunch because mine was just as pitiful yesterday. At least you have a fruit in there?!

    In regards to this weekend?! Do I even have to say it?! GO BIG OR GO HOME!!! 😉

    One time I went to a party and this kid had a LEGIT machete underneath his bed. Um…..sir? What the hail?!

    • 24 snackface

      ksgoodeats – Hahahah twinnie, I am DYING at the “what the hail?!” And, I think you’re right. I have to go big.

  19. 25 Lizzy

    Girl i know you rocked that exam! you are a study goddess, and i love your note taking skills! i should try that!

    I say GO GO GO to the bar event! like you said its senior year! live it up girl! 🙂

    Hope you have a fab time with ur friend from home and a GREAT HOMECOMING!

    love ya girlie! 🙂

  20. yay for watching glee last night – hilarious, no? love the college chic, rando posts (i feel like mine are that everyday) and YES, you must hit up the bars at 6am! NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!

    have a wondrous weekend dear kailey!!!!!

  21. Hi Kailey!
    I’m not sure that I have posted yet (eekkkk delurker!!) but I read allll the time – love your bloggie 🙂 I study the EXACT same way that you do – is it just me or when you get to an exam do you have so much information in your head you feel like it’s going to explode??? LOL
    Congrats on the exam! I’m sure you did WONDERFUL 🙂

    • 28 snackface

      Kristin – Thanks for de-lurking! My head was so full of info that last night, post-exam, I couldn’t fall asleep until 3am! Craze! Thanks for the congrats, too!

  22. hahah craziest college story is NFFP (not fit for print)! rando posts are welcomed and encouraged bc sometimes life–and consequently eatinn–is sort of random! my eats yesterday were pretty all over the place, too.

    and hahahaha i always have a 2005 hollister denim skirt. i think i trimmed extra off of mine!!! WHAT!?

    ok have a lovely weekend, mi amor

  23. Your blog is so cute! I have been reading it for a while and I noticed that you go to OU?? One of my best friends goes there 🙂 I am a fellow Ohio’an as well! haha oh you’ve got to love the midwest! Check out my blog if you get a chance! It is still new but I hope to improve as the time goes on haha!

    By the way, I still wear a pair of abercrombie jeans from the 8th grade…is that an issue?? haha!

    • 31 snackface

      cdbuckeye – Haha I say if you can still wear your 8th grade jeans, rock em! I just checked out your blog–I think you’ve got a great start! Since your BF goes to OU, does that mean you’ll be here for Homecoming!?

  24. I’m not going to give you a hard time about the lackluster lunch, Face; but we need to face the sad realization that your days seem to be coming more and more snackorexic, (new word i just created so Webster ain’t going to provide the definition). I feel we must remedy this with more substantial snackage. For such an active gal, the food’s gotta provide (i know you know this, cus you’re the queen of health/happiness) but a friend’s gotta watch out for her fellow foodies, right on?
    Challenge: do some damage in the snackage dept. with something to truly live up to the SnackFace name and all it implies. You deserve some diving snackage darlin.

  25. haha, I love the randomness of your posts! It’s exactly the way I think too.

    Love the outfit as usual. It looks so studious-chic-preppy. Cute!!

    When I’m nervous for a test or something, I totally lose my appetite too. Just gotta make up for it later in the day 🙂

  26. Craziest college story (that’s SFW): after getting a late night snack at a diner, we piled in the car to head home and sleep, but on a whim took a wrong turn and drove all night, stopping at as many diners as possible. Ate an egg at each one. I’ve never felt sicker, but it was awesome.

  27. Great that the midterms are over for you!
    And that cookie looks so good, I expect you saved a bite for me off course?;)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  28. 36 Anna

    Wow, girl, you really know how to study! I just transfered from engineering to a humanities major, and I am kind of clueless about what I need to do to keep information in my head. It would be awesome if you could share your magic.

    Craziest college story? That’s a tough one, but only because I realized that I am legit crazy and just do the most ridiculous things. Was it last weekend when I went to a non-costume party in a costume and then climbed a 4 story fire escape to get a better look at the crazy light show that I could see from the street? A time last year when I kind of snuck into some campus buildings and watched the stars from the roof? When I broke into a pool and went swimming at 3:30 am? Or my not so good ER visit as a Spice Girl? Not too many that I could tell my mom about, but I just have way too much fun.

  29. congrats on ROCKING that midterm, pooks! sweet sweet relief. I vote you treat yourself with an episode of snacktime.. and by treat yourself, I mean treat me 🙂

    ughhh, cheaters.. hate ’em! what shocks me is how obliv some of the profs are. Seriously? so it’s okay if the dude next to me whips out his cellie during the test? or “goes to the bathroom” with his notebook in his hand? get real, profs!

    mmm craziest college story — I’d def. have to say last semester when I went to a frat party and some biddie got straight up nakey and started dancing to “love in this club” by usher. Needless to say every dude up in the joing had a woody. Was that totes innapprop?

    mad love and kisses to you ess-face! ❤

  30. 38 savoringsarah

    I DEF have that same JCrew sweater. Its one of my favs!

  31. yummy cookie! cute school girl outfit!

  32. 40 lowandbhold

    Ummm, EFF yeah you need to hit up those bars at 6 a.m. Those are the memories you’ll cherish! Actually there will probably be no memories if you start drankin that early but you know.

    I used to be the same way with the studying. Gotta do what you gotta do.

  33. WOOHOO giant sigh of relief to completing a midterm! Best high ever. You’re a crazy studier! I thought I overstudied sometimes… I’ve got nothing on you! Much better to be overprepared than underprepared though. Mr Iphone’s got nothing on you. I’m kind of shocked they ALLOWED people to have phones during a midterm though. That’s a HUGE no no for us.

    Bars open at 6am? MADNESS. You MUST go. Do it. That’s incredible. That’s what makes school memorable, the crazy events like that! Which is why I need many more of them in my life. SO do it. You won’t regret it 😉

    By the way, you are a super fashionista. You rock every.single.outfit. you wear. Incred!
    Have a superbly awesome weekend Missy!

  34. 42 Carmen

    I made your Pita Popper sandwich today. It was AMAZING! I savored every single bite. And its so easy to make in the dorms too! Wonderful idea, I’ll for sure be making this at least once a week. You rock girl.

    And congrats on finishing your midterm. It sounds like you did really well. Go celebrate, you deserve it!

    • 43 snackface

      Carmen – YAYYY!!! I am so glad you tried it and enjoyed it! It’s also great to hear that it works well in a dorm environment–goodness knows how challenging that can be. Thanks for letting me know!

  35. food envy! All that looks so good!

  36. Dear Kailey!
    you really do study TOO much! lol! I’ll bet you’ll score an A **!!
    I actually have a 7 pm rule. After 7pm, I dont ever study or do my homework. Which is why you’ll see me blogging when I apparently have a mid-term the next day ;-p

    Oh, craziest college story? Hm. I haven’t been here long, and I don’t drink or party, so can’t say I have any! Sorry, I’m bo-ring! >.<

  37. ha! i totes remember that post with you and brookie! soo fun.

    can’t wait to hear about your Saturday, beautiful!

  38. hello my dear. i just opened a blank notepad and am now going to write you a live comment while i read five, yes FIVE new posts of yours. here we go! i lose strength in my arms so fast too. i haven’t worked them out since last thursday and when i was moving boxes from my casa to the truck i could feel the weakened effects already! i don’t know why W are not added onto words more often.. like wrepeat. ah, love. and LOVE the purple sweater dresssss. purple is my fave color. too bad we don’t live closer cause i would steal your clothes! OH. MY. GOD. hahahahahahahahahaha your costume from last year is EPIC! AHAHAHA! wow. thank you. next post please.

    hummus > happiness actually. not even equal to! greater than all the way. and i totally believe in positive thinking. the phrase “you are what you eat” just popped into my head but that definitely doesn’t go here. more like “you are what you think”.. although if YOU are what YoU eat you would be one huge ass salad, no dark jeans needed.

    next post! i love terms of endearment also. muffin and pudding pop are two of my fave and you use them on the regular, another reason you make me happy. wow you can really handle a lot at once. that whole banana and PB jar in the palm of one hand? you are going to make some lucky man happy one day. too far? 😉 I LOVE WAFFLE SHIRTS! and waffles! oh dang you better let me see that video! and awe you get to see the pupperoonis. lovely.

    nexxxxt pooost! two more to go, is this fun or is this fun? fun. that is correct. mmm. wheat beer. and beer goblets the size of my head. fabulous. these photos def remind me of your time in san fran with the HG! hmmmm.. smart dogs are weird. but i hate hot dogs and i can tolerate smart dogs so i guess they are just ok. not horrible. most delish thing i ate over the weekend was my mom’s scones! for sure, shit i want some more now.

    last post! did you think the day would ever come? i know, this is a novel. hooray! you took your test! thank god you are not 102 pounds lighter literally or you would be practically nothing. donkey coffee? love the name. tiger kicks are the best! they have so many cute steezy styles. hahaha.. acafellas might have one thing on you: an incredibly awesome name. that post wasn’t nearly as spastic as this novel comment. sorry, i win for spaz. love you!

  39. love your blog and eats! can’t wait to keep reading 🙂

    • 49 snackface

      Lexi – Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you continue to enjoy a lil’ SnackFace!

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