Best I Ever Had


Hi pooks! Today has been such a bizarre day, but not in a terrible manner. Plans be all up in the air for the near future and it’s a little stressful.

Nevertheless, it’s a good day. MamaJ and Popsicle are heading home after a little vacay to Boca Grande in Florida. Muffin has been offered a bossy internship for winter break. Roomie is still on a high after being offered the job she desperately wanted. And I’m getting closer to being prepared for Thursday’s midterm all the while eating some of the best food I’ve ever had. Rather, the best food I’ve prepared for myself. Get ready.

I studied from 9:30pm to 2am Tuesday and awoke in morning at 8, wondering why I don’t sleep much. Full of energy, I skipped into the kitchen and made a yogurt mess, sans yogurt:

Pumpkin Chia Pudding with banana and peanut butter topping.

Pumpkin Chia Pudding with banana and peanut butter topping.

This breakfast was luscious and supremely filling. For the pumpkin chia pudding, I mixed together 1/2 C pumpkin, 1 T chia seeds, cinnamon, agave and a few splashes of So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer (creamer isn’t on the site yet). Layered on top was a banana, a drizzle of TJ‘s Organic unsalted crunchy peanut butter, agave and more cinnamon. Aside from pumpkin oats and pie, this may have been the best pumpkin concoction I’ve ever had. I actually drank too much coffee with this and was so full I thought I was going to hurl.

By 9:40am, I was out the door and on my way to the gym. The elliptical and I had a fabulous session and were joined by my Film notes. Good lord, it’s really scary when you start to personify gym equipment and notes. Abs followed and then I hit up the library for a bit.

At the library I saw some adorable girls that are in my Online Journalism class. I realized that they never see me in my hot mess, post-gym look and only see me polished by the end of the day. This is why I feel it’s necessary to share what I really look like before 2pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

After choir, I came home and snapped a picture of me in sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on:

Sex kitten.

Sex kitten.

To add the the ever-so-gorgeous look of sweat pants and fleece, I think I’m slightly cross-eyed in that picture. Feel free to look at that again.

However, a mere hour later I look something like this:

Emo eskimo.

Emo eskimo.

MamaJ makes fun of that hood and says it’s made of the same fur they use for teddy bears. She could be right. And I didn’t wear the hood up.

Once dressed, I assembled a killer lunch:

Carrots, apple and burnt pita alongside the star: Popper Pita sandwich.

Carrots, apple and burnt pita alongside the star: Popper Pita sandwich.

This has to be the best sandwich I’ve ever made for myself. While I was eating it I was thinking, “what does this taste like?” It hit me: jalapeno poppers. In my lifetime, I’ve had maybe one jalapeno popper, but the heat of this sandwich combined with the Tofutti Herbs and Chives better than cream cheese was magical. (*Sorry for no tilde on the n–don’t know how to do that!)

In the Popper Pita:
-half large pita
Tofutti Herbs and Chives better than cream cheese
TJ‘s Chile sauce
TJ‘s balls

Folded in half and heated on a pan sprayed with non-stick, then flipped, this came out beautifully. I was going to try not to be bossy about this, but you should make this. Do it:

You can't see the cream cheese, but it made the sandwich.

You can't see the cream cheese, but it made the sandwich.

I left for class after digesting and thought it was raining. Nope. It was hailing on me. If you follow me on Twitter, you were fortunate enough to read my pun: “What the hail?!” I don’t know when I turned into a middle-aged dad who makes corny puns. I’m sorry, kids.

In Online Journalism class I learned that I am making an epic mistake with my blogging. I don’t tag my posts at all, and I’m now understanding its importance. Whoops! This is going to be a hard habit to start, but I’ma try.

I visited Muffin after class and chilled for a while. We talked about upcoming plans and such, and eventually I dallied home.

En route, I stopped by CVS and spent 15 minutes trying to decide which shampoo and conditioner to try this time. I always switch up the shampoo brand once I’ve run out. I returned to an old favorite, Dove Volume Therapy, because Snackie looks for volume in all things: my hurr, my eats, my booty. Working on the last one.

My metabolism was going nutty today, so I started to make dinner as soon as I got home. Thanks to the ever-amazing, whipping-back-into-skinny-jeans-shape Janetha, I looked to my pantry for guidance. I ended up throwing together a two bean soup:

Two Bean Soup and salad. And a hot pink ear plug. Bahaha.

Two Bean Soup and salad. And a hot pink ear plug. Bahaha.

The salad was there solely for getting my greens. The soup was sinus-clearing spicy and scrumptious!

Two Bean Soup:
-1 zucchini, stir-fried first
-1 can crushed tomatoes
-pour of Prego Vegetable spaghetti sauce (or sauce of choice)
-1 can navy beans
-1/2 C edamame (complete guess on the measurement–I added it until I liked the color balance)
-1 scoop vegetable protein powder (not essential, but I thought a protein boost wouldn’t hurt)
-TJ’s Chile sauce
-spices to taste: chili powder, red pepper flakes, pepper

With half an Arnold’s Thin smeared with Smart Balance Light, this soup was extremely satisfying:

Nice balance of textures, too.

Nice balance of textures, too.

Because a day of best eats must end with something sweet, I utilized the other half of the Arnold’s Thin:



On the sweet half: TJ’s reduced sugar strawberry preserves, vegan carob chips and a baby dollop of White Chocolate Wonderful. Jenny, can this count as a dessert? Pleeease? It’s good, I promise.

More fabulous eating is sure to continue tonight as I memorize 60 years’ worth of film history. For now, I must run off to a choir sectional rehearsal! Woopwoop!

Also, because I can never say it enough, thank you for reading. I love you all!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: Do you switch up which shampoo and conditioner you use regularly? What are you using now?
ALSO…I’m looking for a new scent. I strongly tie memories to scents, and I can’t stand any of my old fall scents at the moment. I want new memories! Do you have any suggestions, please?


70 Responses to “Best I Ever Had”

  1. wow! that wrap looks killer and i totally think that dessert counts as a dessert!! looks heavenly!

  2. I love reading your blog! You always crack me up with the comments you post about your pictures. I use biolage ultra hydrating shampoo and pureology conditioner. Not a fan of the price tag but you don’t need much so it’s easy to stretch it out. My favorite scent for fall/winter is VS heavenly.

  3. I use the same brand as VG! It smells delish and really gives hair volume.

    I love VS Vanilla Lace spray. Oh and I also love love love Dior Cherie.

    Did you get my e-mail chica?! Just wondering b/c my e-mail is funky sometimes.

  4. I also always mix up the brand of shampoo/cond I buy. Right now I’m using Garnier Fructis – I love how my hair smells when it’s drying!

    Love the pita, Tofutti is frickin amazing btw. I never thought I’d like a cream cheese made from tofu but yum!

  5. meowwwwww — look atchu hot stuff! though I kind of despise you for looking so sexaaaaay in sweatpants and sans makeup — no fair!

    I just got your comment on my bloggie — don’t know whats going on but hope everything is okay! always here if you need a thing honeypie!

    mi amo chica ❤

  6. Obviously great minds think alike because awhile ago I did a Drake-style tribute to squash (

    Right now I’m using herbal essences volumizing shampoo and hydrating conditioner and loving it. Organix vanilla silk shampoo kills 2 birds with 1 stone as it is the best smelling shampoo I’ve ever used. The first time I used it I went to the gym and kept smelling sugar cookies. I couldn’t figure out who smelled so good until finally I realized that it was me! That never happens at the gym for this sweaty betty.

    • 8 snackface

      Daria – OK, I may have just commented on your blog, but I’m still responding to this because I love the shampoo story. That is hilarious! Hahaha I want sugar cookie hair, too!

  7. there is NO difference in picture 1 vs. picture 2 – YOU ARE A DIVA NO MATTA WATCHU WEARIN’ GIRL! i’d leave a longer comment, but GLEE just started – i know you’re watching. love you girl!

    ps. it’s gotta be sick – you’ve got KILLER legs!

    • 10 snackface

      Lyss – Oh how I love you! And I had to miss Glee tonight because I had–get this–choir sectional practice. Hahaha just livin’ the Glee dream.

      • hahahahaha okkay, valid excuse. and ps. i totally meant “gotta be said” not “gotta be sick”… i’m sure you figured that out, but my OCD wouldn’t let it go unnoticed!

  8. Love da Drake love. I’m always sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup–don’t know if that’s when I’m the prettiest? D was prob referring to hardtails & a cute ponytail. not my boys sleepaway camp sweats and flyaway-frenzied pocahontas braid. oh well.

    cream cheese–real or faux–makes life better. i love you more for acknowledging this.

    and, i always switch up los hair products. i’ve always read that your hair sort of immunizes to your shampoo/conditioner after a few months–so it’s bueno to keep things fresh. i really like john freida’s Root Awakening–bc I, too, am a corny dad, all too susceptible to bad puns.

  9. OMG I just made oats with so delicious coconut milk vanilla flavored creamer and it’s heaven, isn’t it!!!! great minds think alike 🙂

    • 14 snackface

      Averie – My store didn’t have the vanilla flavor! Darn! But when I worked at VegNews Magazine over the summer we got to test them out and vanilla is definitely the best! It tastes like ice cream!

  10. 15 dorothy

    your trip to nyc looked fab! i have to check out josies.. that apple pie? wowza

    per your recommendation, i just snacked on wasas with pine nut sabra, yumm. AND naturally more which i just bought this weekend!!!

    i used to use dove volume too but now ive been using organix for a while
    the scents are heavennnly and i really think it strengthens my hair!
    i’m in LOVEEE with the vanilla scent. it smells super strong and sweet when you’re putting it on but it mellows out alot after your hair dries.
    you musttt smell it though! even if its just walking into cvs and taking a whiff but not buying it, its worth the trip hahah

  11. 16 savoringsarah

    Yuuuummmy to that pita sandwich ! Sounds fab! I lurrve the fur trimmed hoodie, so cute. AHhh do I miss wearing sweats half the day. Cherish it while you can fo sho.

    I change my brand shampoo/cond every time I buy as well. Currently testing out the new John Frieda sheer blonde tone enhancing (bogo at walgreens!).

    Top 3 perfumes:
    Prada Tendre
    Moschino I Love Love
    Hanae Mori Butterfly

    • 17 snackface

      savoringsarah – OK, I ALMOST bought that John Frieda shampoo!!! And then I thought, “nah, I’ll wait till later in the winter when my hair is darker.” Dumb. Thank you for the perfume recs! I’m going to write them down and check em out! I’ll get lost in Sephora for hours just whiffing away.

      • 18 savoringsarah

        Results are in, John Frieda tone enhancing ROCKS!!!!! You must try! And I could get lost in Sephora for hours on end even when I’m not looking for anything in particular. That place is like the candyland of cosmetics!

  12. i like the pink ear plug. i thought about getting some when i was in OK, but am secretly afraid of getting them stuck in my ears
    any cute boots to recommend for fall? i need some new sexay boots 😀
    have a great night!

    • 20 snackface

      gina – Haha sometimes I shove the earplugs in too far and have an earache for a whole morning. No bueno. And I’m determined to find some boots for you. Allow me some time and I’ll report back with links.

  13. I always switch up my shampoo + conditioner! right now I’ve got some funky (in a good way!) natural, organic stuff. I could get up and check exactly what it is, but it’s my lazy window of the day. I looove Keys. amazing company + products.

    I love Narciso Rodriguez for her. I recently got a sample of Burberry The Beat, which is kind of nice. occasionally I like to wear a man scent; Kenzo Power is a fave.

    that soup looks so good right now!

  14. oooooooooo popper pita looks yummy mama!!!

    your arnolds thin is amazing! i need to get me more of those!!

    love you K!

  15. 23 Caitlin

    A) Girl, I LOVE this blog. I read it all the time, but this is my first comment 😉
    2) Please cook for me sometime. Please. I’m awful at it. I’m going to be a horrible wife some day.
    3) Right now I’m using Redkin Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s a bit pricey, but it makes your hair feel FANTASTIC.
    D) My fav perfume scents: Burberry Britt, Ed Hardy for Women (it’s AMAZING), Cartier Delis (for fancier, dressier occasions)

    Can’t wait to party with you in A-town this weekend! :-*

    • 24 snackface

      Caitlin – AHHH!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading, honeybun!!! I cannot wait for this weekend! It’s going to be insane!! And thanks for the perfume recommendations!

  16. 25 Kelsey

    i adore your outfit!!! the coat w/ furred hood is amaze and it makes me miss my own similar coat.
    i am really loyal to Aveda rosemary mint champoo/conditioner, but right now im using burts bees moisture s/c. im not a fan of the bb!!
    as for scents, im in love with armani code. its my favorite!

  17. LOL I love your hail pun! What the hail, girl?!

    No scent suggstions for ya girl, I”m always looking for a good one myself!

  18. Yo baby! I think you look PROPERLY FOOINE in those sweats. Rock it no matter what the bitties say.

    Hair wise, I use Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Shamp/Conditioner. I really like it, so I’ve been sticking with it. If only for the scent. It doesnt do much, sexy-wise.


  19. Agh jalapeno poppers are my favorite horrible-for-you-food. So stoked to have a healthy recipe that approximates them!

  20. 29 Kate

    Your dessert looks phenomenal! I am using Organix coconut milk shampoo and conditioner and I can’t express how amazing it is. It smells awesome (when people hug me they tell me they want to eat my hair), ingredients are natural, and it makes my hair look and feel better than any other shampoo or conditioner…

  21. kailey,

    scent of choice- la viva juciy. and the new new one by burberry. both are awesome!!

    • 31 snackface

      vanessa – Oh honey, you know me! I just ran out of Viva La Juicy! It is my favorite scent! It’s going on the birthday and Christmas lists for sure!

      • K, i received LVJ for christmas and i used it everyday when i went to class. i have a little left but i have to save every last drop because i have to wait until christmas or my b-day in january to get MORE!!

        doesn’t it smell heavenly?

        on the burberry scent, it’s called the BEAT!! it smells so so good and i can’t even tell you how bad i have wanted this.

  22. i just got a big ol bottle of dove from costco, so that’s what i’ll be using for a while. but not volumizing because my hair doesn’t need to be any bigger!

  23. 34 Amanda

    Loving the pita recipe!

    Fav shampoo/conditioner is Pantene and I always use it!!

    My scents are:

    Marc Jacobs Daisy
    Bvlgari Amytheste
    Burberry (don’t know if it’s even called anything – just in a plain, glass, oval bottle)

  24. I’ve been using Sheer Blonde shampoo and Herbal Essences conditioner for years. hey, it works! adorable outfits, both pre- and post- primping, and awesome looking eats 🙂

  25. I’m making your sandwich…you’ll see.

    I’m using Pacifica perfumes. I LOVE the gardenia, but they all are delicious! I’m almost out.

  26. I go back and forth between Burt’s Bees and Pantene. I want to switch to the earth friendly Burt’s Bees so badly but it just doesn’t rinse well. So, I use Pantene for my second shampoo of the shower. craziness…I’m a wanna be posh hippie.

  27. That pita looks really good, I like it best when it’s a little burnt;)

    For my hear I use John Frieda most of the times…

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  28. 39 ajoyinclass

    I swear to jeebus we are the same person.

    How can a white girl from the ‘burbs love hiphop so much? I dunno. I just roll like that.

    “…dat’s when yer the prettiest; i hope that you don’t take it wrong…”

    or, from me to you:

    “…yer blog is the fav’ritest; eventhoughi haven’t followed long…”

    (it works :-))

    I am a hair-volume freak. I have found that Sunsilk’d Daring Volume collection ( makes my hair look the best…plus I use a crapload of BigSexyHair products while styling.

    The VS model thing will be such a good experience at the very least. I went to the ANTM shortie call and got to semifinals….but I wasn’t insane enough. I gained so much confidence from that experience, though, and it finally made me feel ok admitting that I WANTED to pursue print work as well as acting. Two months later, I got signed 🙂 I have high hopes for you, GORGEOUS girl!!!


    • 40 ajoyinclass

      *sunsilk’s …not sunsilk’d. oops.

    • 41 snackface

      ajoyinclass – KATIE!!! You made my whole DAY! This comment is amazing. Surriously. Thanks so much for the encouragement and amusement. Also, I auditioned for ANTM too! As you said, it was an awesome experience! Ooooh who are you signed with!

  29. I switch between burberry britt & betsey johnson perfume. depends on the mood! i do need a new scent though, too.

    i think everything in this post looks absolutely heavenly, and I CANNOT wait to create everything pictured (ON THE DAILYYY) once i’m back to living with my own fridge and freeza!! miss those balls!! i can never get over how delicious those pitas/salads/sandwich thin combos look with the tj’s sauces included!

    also love the semi-emo outfit. the pink scarf adds an adorable pop!! LOVE YOU! let’s gchat/text sooooooon! miss you!

  30. I’m all over Kerasaste shampoos and hair masks. They cost a fortune at home but are much more affordable in France and make my hair feel like silk!

    I am orange with envy (ha) over that morning pumpkin creation. The only tinned pumpkin I’ve found in Paris is over 5 euros. Gah. When I get a proper kitchen I’m making my own!

  31. Haha, my dear, even in that “sweaty” outfit you still look GLAM! you just can’t turn that off in ya! 😉
    Hm. For shampoo, I use Puritan’s Pride. Been using them for 2 years now…it was a gift by someone when my hair was falling out by bunches. She sent me a whole box, so I am still slowly using them up. Of course, my hair was falling out not because of crappy shampoo but lack of nutrition, and now I don’t need it, but I still hate to waste the money that the generous lady spent on me!

    Oh, and new scent: i LOVE Elizabeth Arden’s Green tea.

  32. Ohh what glorious, glorious food I see! The soup looks so tasty! Don’t you find it hard to use the elliptical and read notes? I’m going to try that next semester so we’ll see if thats a fail or success! I usually mix up my shampoos but a few months ago my hair started being a b!tch so I have to you clarifying shampoo (any brand) so my hair gets cleaned properly.

    • 46 snackface

      brianna – Studying on the elliptical has taken a couple years to get down! It’s no longer difficult, but I definitely need my glasses afterward because I’ve been trying to hard to read small font. Maybe that’s not good…

  33. 47 Brandi

    Is it bad that I don’t even know what shampoo I have in the shower right now? Oh well. I do switch mine up a lot, depending on what scents I find and what season it is.

    What top are you wearing with the outfit today? I love the “morning look” with the glasses and sweats 🙂

    • 48 snackface

      Brandi – The black hooded thing is actually a sweater! Under it, I layered a long black tee that almost covers my bum.

  34. 49 randomlymikey

    you are beautiful no matter what. in fact you rock the sweatpants look 🙂 the pumpkin concoction sounds awesome and that last pic…ummm..omg. i switch up my shampoo on the regular. my two fav scents are FENDI and CURVE

  35. ohhh i don’t know if i asked you this already, but i love your boots. where did you get them?!?! love your soup concoction and the idea of using pumpkin as ‘yogurt’. i also j’adore your posts as always – they just bring a smile to my face.

    i wear burberry london. my best friend said she always feels like humping me when i put it on. that’s how gosh darn wondrous i smell 🙂

    • 52 snackface

      Holly – Thanks for the diggin the boots! They are Dr. Scholls and I got them on Zappos a couple years ago! I just checked the site in case they still had them, but I couldn’t find ’em. Mmm I think I need Burberry London now. I’ll report back with male and female responses.

  36. All your food looks sooo good!! Especially the pumpkin breakfast and that sandwich. I don’t know how you can do the elliptical and read notes girl! I need something absolutely captivating to read while exercising or I won’t read it at all. I usually do mix up my hair stuff but I bought BIG bottle of Garnier and now I have to use it all alone. At least at home with 2 sisters who had all had freakishly long hair, the shamp&condish got used quickly.

    Oh, and I’m loving the emo eskimo look! 😀

  37. 54 lowandbhold

    “That’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong” Sorry, had to. 😉 You look great in the sweats lady. But I love the second outfit too.

    Sorry about the hail!

    I just learned about tagging too, it’s taking me awhile to get the hang of it.

    I so associate scents with different time periods! I wore an oldie this morning (Vera Wang Princess) and it reminds me of an ex. Gag. My new fave is Philosophy Amazing Grace. Love it.

    I switch up shampoos too, right now I’m loving the Pantene cuz I can’t afford nuthin’ fancier.

    • 55 snackface

      lowandbehold – Hahaha, yes, when I said I tie scents to memory, what I really meant was: “This reminds me of that ex from a couple years ago and I really don’t want to be nauseated.” Glad we’re on the same page.

  38. 56 Amy

    I just started using Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner and I’m in love. It’s vegan, smells grand and makes my hair super shiny. The shampoo smells like lavender and the conditioner is minty and makes your scalp tingle! But I also shell out silly amts of money for Kerastase. It really does work. Ooh! And Bumble & Bumble Thickening S & C makes my hair light as air. Wow, turns out I’m a product junkie.

    As for scents, I like:

    Prada Milano
    Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb
    Dolce & Gabana Light Blue

    Those are all pretty light and maybe too summery for a “fall” scent, but I love them. I’ve worn Prada for the past year and never gotten sick of it.

    If you want to go heavier or muskier, I like Michael by Michael Kors.

    Love your blog 🙂

    • 57 snackface

      Amy – WOW! Thanks for all the amazing recommendations! I will have to remember that vegan shampoo! I also don’t really mind when scents don’t match the season–then it’s a nice escape. MamaJ used to wear Light Blue all the time! Love it! And I’m thinking I need to sniff out Prada Milano and Michael (Flowerbomb gives me a headache, haha). Thanks so much!

  39. woman, you are such a dime! sans make-up or with, bets believe you work it 🙂

    it’s a dessert, but shoot homie you know i’d count that as a meal!
    by the way i am in love with your bfast idea. i’m sensing i’ll be needing to get a can of pumpkin asap!

    i use nature’s therapy by loreal… my hair is uber thick and dry so it does the trick. scent? i hardly ever where perfume… not exactly my area of expertise. however, when i do dab it on i use clinque happy.

    welp boo enjoy your thursday! p.s. did you ever say what you were in nyc for? if not i’m excited to find out 🙂

    • 59 snackface

      tessa – First off, thank you for being as sweet as your taste for food. It’s just a good thing that pic isn’t a close-up. I haven’t revealed the NYC stuff yet because it’s not 100 percent figured out yet! Haha I got too excited in saying anything!

  40. Um, that pita looks like something I might have to re create, if only cause you’re so BOSSY about it. 😉

    PS: Love the emo eskimo outfit. ♥

  41. This isn’t related to this post, but thought I’d share anyway…down on Michigan Avenue they have cases full of VS wings and other costumes advertising the model search…it made me think of you! Good luck when you come here!

    • 62 snackface

      Stephanie – Awww I am so flattered and touched that you thought of me when you saw those wings! Haha that’s awesome! Thanks so much!

  42. wow it sounds like you and all your crew have good things happening! yeeee! haha.. yog mess sans yogurt. and i had a beer for lunch. sans beer. loving the eskimo look. you should gind a stud and give him eskimo kisses 😉 hooray for cleanin’ out the cabinets! holller. um, i love shortening orgasm to gasm. stealing it. i havent switched hair stuff in awhile. i use loreal something or other in a purple bottle, smells like mint, oh and it boasts on the front that it is 100% vegan. every time i am lathering my hair up with it i wonder.. who the shit makes shampoo that ISN’T vegan? that kind of scares me. animals should not be used in shampoo&conditioner. and then i got to thinking maybe they mean vegan as in.. no animal testing? i really don’t know. but what i do know is i would never want to use a non-vegan hair product. the end. LOVE YOU!

    • 64 snackface

      janetha – Please use gasm! I love it! And I’ve been using the same shampoo! I contacted L’Oreal over the summer, and that product is both free of animal products and animal testing. They stopped testing on animals in the 1989 or early ’90s. I can’t remember exactly. But it is freaky what can be in out beauty products! Love you!!

  43. Too much coffee in the belly is a price us fiends have to pay. Especially now that it’s cold, I guzzle WAY too much of that stuff down!!

    Oh sweet baby Jesus, that lunch sounds phenomenally delicious! I’ve never had a jalapeno popper (and probably never will) but anything that is spicy, creamy, and warm just HAS to be good, right!?

    “I added it until I liked the color balance” looks do matter, I don’t care what anyone says. That dinner and dessert? Fantastic. I can’t answer your Q’s because I was going to ask them myself so off to read comments 😉

    Hope you’re having a lovely day, my twinsie!!

  44. OH man that sounds AMAZING! I need to make that ASAP!

  45. I love the boots in the second pic!! Where didja get em’? As for scents, my long standing fall fragrance is Sensual Amber perfume from Bath& Body! It’s divine!!

    • 68 snackface

      CaSaundra – Glad you like the boots! They are Dr.Scholl’s and I got them on Zappos a couple years ago. I checked yesterday to see whether they are still on there, but I couldn’t find them!

  46. 69 Lizzy

    You look so cute in both outfits! i adore that fur hoodie! 🙂

    I’m in love with juicy couture perfume. I’ve never bought it myself, but its amazing!

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