New York Time, Part Two


Ciao! You all are smarties. The mode of transportation in question turned out to be:

Pedi-cab! Or rickshaw, whichever you prefer.

Pedi-cab! Or rickshaw, whichever you prefer.

This was one of the most terrifying trips I’ve ever had. I don’t plan on ever getting on a motorcycle, and I don’t know why I thought this would be any different. I felt as though I needed a helmet and knee pads. Instead, I got comfortable and hung out of the buggy to capture the city:

My photography skills amaze me sometimes. I'm not sure what happened here.

My photography skills amaze me sometimes. I'm not sure what happened here.

I was most excited to pass this:

New York Times! So close to greatness, yet so far!

New York Times! So close to greatness, yet so far!

Our “cabby” was adorable:

Didn't want to die while he turned around so I could take a picture. Thus, a back shot.

Didn't want to die while he turned around so I could take a picture. Thus, a back shot.

My giant purple suitcase, Muffin and I headed to a killer hotel for a night of dining and dancing. The lighting was atrocious, which means there is no picture of the chopped salad I had for dinner, nor is there a picture of the delicious wine that accompanied it. We hit up a dance party/club within a separate part of the hotel, got down and dirty and asked people to take our picture:

Wait a tick.

Wait a tick.

This lighting wouldn’t do either. I tried to teach the photographer how to snap one correctly:

Being bossy. Not in the Kelis kind of way, but in a bratty 12-year-old kind of way.

Being bossy. Not in the Kelis kind of way, but in a bratty 12-year-old kind of way.

We eventually got it right:



I danced with a Brit who didn’t understand my affection for Lil’ Wayne and told me: “you’re not black.” Homie, back off. Then Muffin refused a man who wanted to dance with her by telling him she was married. He said: “I believe you, I believe you.” Muff and I called it a night shortly after that.

The next morning we were both ravenous! By the time we made it to Home for brunch, we wanted to dominate the menu. So we did. First up, I enjoyed some luscious breads:

Coffee, mini muffin and a biscuit. Let's not talk about how un-vegan that was. Hunger won here.

Coffee, mini muffin and a biscuit. Let's not talk about how un-vegan that was. Hunger won here.

For my main meal, I ordered an assembly of sides and loved every one of them:

Salad, fruit salad, amazing garam masala-spiced homefries and someone else's pancakes!

Salad, fruit salad, amazing garam masala-spiced homefries and someone else's pancakes!

The salad consisted of greens, shaved fennel and toasted sunflower seeds, the fruit salad was complete with plum, banana, watermelon and strawberry slices and the home fry pile was insane thanks to garam masala and about 12 potatoes. I ate it all. I also had to try a bite of my friend’s cornmeal pancakes with orange marmalade syrup:

Supah sweet and yummy.

Supah sweet and yummy.

Immediately after brunch, we walked around the village and saw something we had to do: see the psychic. Muffin and I both had our palms read! What I learned:
-I will get married at age 28.
-I will have three children. She saw only two pregnancies, though, which means I’m having twins.
-I will have two men in my life romantically in December. One will be from my past and one will be in my present. I need to let go of the past one. (This will be a feat because there is, like, no communication with my past boyfriends and as far as the present, there isn’t much there either.)
-I have a happy and healing aura. (She said this after she asked me: “What is your one wish in life?” I said: “I just want to be happy.” Hmmm.)
-I need to stop stressing about my future because it’s all going to work out and I will be successful. (Awesome.)

Palm readings and Tarot cards fascinate me, although I don’t take them seriously. Sometimes I’d like to, though. We followed our palm readings with hours and hours of walking around SoHo:

I'm so in love.

I'm so in love.

And Little Italy:

Parliamo Italiano! Mi amore.

Parliamo Italiano! Mi amore.

Throw some shopping, happy hour and a taxi ride in there and you have the whole afternoon. One of the most common views from the weekend:

Traffic from a taxi's view.

Traffic from a taxi's view.

Eventually, it was time for dinner! We headed back to Little Italy to indulge in classic and delicious dishes. And perhaps to indulge my intense desire to be Italian, and thus be closest to anything resembling or related to my favorite country. At Cafe Napoli, I kicked off dinner with insalata mista:

Always trying to get my greens.

Always trying to get my greens.

For an entree, I had spaghetti puttanesca. A sauce full of capers, olives and tomatoes made my SnackFace smile:

I ate a bit more than half of this. I may have eaten four pieces of bread while waiting:)

I ate a bit more than half of this. I may have eaten four pieces of bread while waiting:)

Dinner was lovely and afterward, we headed back to Hoboken for a disco nap. Unfortunately, my too-busy head didn’t allow me to fall asleep, but it did allow me to catch up on reality television. I couldn’t help but think about catching our 6am flight on time. I also couldn’t help but think about a certain reunion and meeting:



Can you believe this? I couldn’t! Brooke, Lauryn, Muffin and I all met up at a fine establishment at the respectable hour of 3am. It was out-of-this world to see Brooke-baby again, and it felt completely natural to meet Lauryn, as if we have been friends for years. We only got to spend a short hour together before Muffin and I had to head to the airport.

The trip home to Athens went seamlessly, and I arrived home at 12:30 having been up for 26+ hours. I crashed from 1pm to 4:30pm and tried to do my homework. Focusing on school work is more than difficult to do when all you can think about is life in the city:

I miss you.

I miss you.

As far as the “appointments” go, I can’t reveal that yet mainly because some things need to be finalized. I am thankful for the amazing weekend I got to spend with Muffin in the most fabulous city in the US, the people who helped make the trip possible and everyone who helped us along the way!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some eats and deets on real life!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Have you ever had your palm read or had your future told by any means? If so, how was it?! If not, what do you think of having your future told?


47 Responses to “New York Time, Part Two”

  1. 1 homegirlcaneat

    Too much to recap and obsess about in this post. So all I am gonna say is that HUGGING YOU FOR LITERALLY 5 MINUTES STRAIGHT WAS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIIIFEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE AND MISS YOU AND CAN’T WAIT TO GET CRAZY AGAIN!

  2. I’ve never had the chance but, I think it would be fun to have my future told!

  3. Glad you got to meet with homegirl! What a great reunion, and you always have such great fun! I want that pancakes and home-fries. wow!

  4. Wow…what an amazing trip!

    (I don’t dare to get my future told, too scared…I’m just going to live it and see what happens;) )

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  5. I would love to see a psychic. I looked up one that is really well respected on the island. I’m not sure if I believe it 100%, but a psychic is one of those memorable experiences that I think is worth the money once. I think it would be especially useful as I am really in a period of transition and my life could go in so many directions. It would help to have some clarity!

    Can’t wait to hear what those appointments were about!

  6. 6 Sina

    I’m so jealous of your super-awesome trip to New York! You seem to have had such a lot of fun (and fabulous food)!

    As for having my future told: Didn’t have this done so far but I think it would be fun (I don’t believe in stuff like that, either).

  7. I’ve always wanted to get my palm read or get tarot cards done. I’m not sure if I take it seriously either but its always fun to hear. I am so going to NYC next summer. i am so in love with that city even though I have never been there haha.

  8. 8 Aunty Snooze

    Okay !
    How did you like the tv’s in the back of the cabs? Did you go up to Central Park? Did you go into Toy’s R Us in Times Saquare and ride the ferris wheel? I bought a spider for the cats from Toy’s R Us there in March. Did you go into Whole Foods? Dean and Deluca? Bloomingdales? Saks Fifth Ave ? Bergdorf”s? What was your favourite store?
    I am so glad you made it to New York City it is my favorite , You and Muffin should go back at Thanksgiving to see the Parade
    Aunty Sue

    • 9 snackface

      Aunty Snooze – The TV’s were crazy! I ended up getting annoyed and turning them off! Haha. To answer your series of questions: no Central Park, no Toys R’ Us, no Whole Foods, no Dean and Deluca, no Bloomies, no Saks, no Bergdorf’s. Obviously, I was a failure at hitting all the amazing shopping spots! I will be changing this very soon. And I really hope to go back to the city soon! I’ll let you know the details soon! XOXOXOXO

  9. Never had my palm read..but your new york city weekend sounds amazing…I’m glad you got to go there and experience it and catch up with friends :):) Hope the reality of getting back to school wasn’t too harsh :S

  10. I’d be afraid to have my future revealed – I’ll just let it be a surprise, haha πŸ˜‰

  11. I totally laughed out loud at “Homie, back off.” I love me some lil wayne too, my friends all say I’m a black girl trapped in a white girl’s body haha.

    My friend got her palm read and one of things has come true so far. We’re still waiting on the other thing to happen. I think I would pass on it. While it would be cool to learn what the future holds, I’d rather have it be a surprise!

  12. New York looks so fun! Looks like you girlies had a blast!

    Those pancakes look delici-ous!

  13. I want both of your breakfasts right now!

    I’ve never done the psychic thing and I have no desire. Even though I don’t believe I’d be freaked out about being told something bad.

  14. What an amazing time in the city! I love the ricochet ride πŸ˜€ I’m so happy you both had a bestfriendfunfilled weekend!

  15. My ex had his palm read once. She told him that we were going to get married within two years. Clearly, that did not happen. :p

    ❀ ❀

    • 17 snackface

      blueyedheart – Ok, I’m sorry that I’m laughing right now. Fortunes can be so ridiculous! Thanks for sharing, though!

  16. Looks FANTASTIC! Love that you and Brookie had a reunion and seriously you and Muffin are the cutest BFFs ever. πŸ˜€

  17. Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I can’t wait for the day I go to NY. The restaurants you went to looked DIVINE and I may have to try them out for myself. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time, and am verrry curious to hear what those appointments were about πŸ™‚

    And thank you SO much for that sweet comment you left me! Made my day πŸ˜€

  18. hey kailey!
    i loved the energy of this post. i have been a silent reader of your blog but after this post i just had to comment.
    may i just say that you are one of the most gorgeous people i have ever seen! wow! sorry if that sounds silly but i really mean it!
    so glad to hear you had a wonderful time in NY and got to meet all these lovely bloggers including Brooke.
    have a wonderful start to the week
    loads of love

    • 21 snackface

      Neela – First off, thank you so much for commenting! I know that can be odd at first! And secondly, thank you for the supah sweet comment! You crazy, but I’ll take the compliment. Made my day πŸ™‚

  19. that reunion was amazeee.

    hurray for dancing with girl frens in pretty cities!!
    oh and for rickshaws. somehow in my head, I always thought it was -RICK-Y-SHAW or rick-A-shaw. ya know- like a dance move……..

    • 23 snackface

      glidingcalm- You should capitalize on this. Start writing the lyrics now, create choreography and we’ll create a viral YouTube video.

  20. 24 julie

    Awww NY! You had such a great time πŸ™‚ Haha I had my palm read once in the city and the psychic told me that I couldn’t get a new boyfriend until I moved on from my old one. Uhh thanks biotch. She also told my friend that she had psychic powers. I wish I could have believed her but I can’t haha

    • 25 snackface

      julie – I hope you don’t think I’m a beezy for thinking that fortune is hilarious! Last year Muff and I had our palms read and the psychic told M that her current boyfriend was her soul mate. He ended up cheating on her. Wrong-o!

  21. ahhhh i love tarot readings/astrology stuff too, although i can never take them quite too seriously either. however, it is fun to think that maybe, *just maybe* things like that will come true. although if i heard i was having twins, i would cry. carrying 1 baby is far enough, for reals.

    yay for meeting up with brooke, enjoying some fab meals and managing to ride a rickshaw not in india, but in NYC. just goes to show, NYC is the city where dreams are made. love you girl!

  22. what an amazing trip! i’m already begging the hub to take me back. i think i was destined to live there but this whole military thing keeps getting in the way!
    so glad you had a wonderful time ❀

  23. i’ve never had my future told/palms read, but have always wondered πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear about the appointments – glad you both had a great trip!

  24. looks like you are having a blast!
    i am scared of the city a bit haha, but i would love to go sometime! looks amazing!

  25. Oh my word – you had a JAM PACKED weekend! I love it!! What a great little bloggie meet up. Twins!? That would be exciting. I’ve never had my palm read but it sounds kind of fun – obviously you have to take it with a grain of salt but still!

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for good news, mamacita!! LOVES YOU πŸ™‚

  26. oh my gawddddddddd, Kaylay– we’re getting married when you’re 28 and having twinsies?! can’t wizzait ;)!

    the brit sounds totes lame — any dude that can’t understand your love for lil wayne just isn’t getting any – end of story.

    BAH all my favorite bloggies (and muffins) in one place? I’m crying.

    mi amo bonita chica!

  27. Looks like SO MUCH FUN!

    I went to a psychic once and b!tch was totally a fraud. Not one thing she said happened. I hope all of your predictions come true though, they sound fabby!

  28. aww i’m so glad you had fun! I’ve been to the city every Spring Break for the last couple of years (for a journalism conf) and I never ever everrrr want to leave. It’s literally the most amazing place to be.

    Oh, and no psychic readings for me. I prefer to live in the moment thankyouvermuch πŸ™‚

  29. 34 Lauren

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and thought I’d finally comment! I’m so jealous you went to NY, I want to go so bad and it looks like you guys had a blast. Love, love, love your blog and definitely think you need to try out for Victoria’s Secret Search b/c you are gorgeous girl!

    • 35 snackface

      Lauren – Thank you so much for commenting and reading SnackFace! And another huge thanks for the Victoria’s Secret support–you are a doll!

  30. Check your kharless email account! πŸ˜€

  31. 37 Jennifer

    thanks for showing how wonderful my city is to play, learn and YES, live… I miss it dearly while in exile here in DC

  32. ah i am loving part deux recap! although i couldnt really make out any of that brunch cusiine it all sounded epic especially the masala spiced potatoes. yum. hooray for meeting up with fellow loves and reuniting with homegirl! CONGRATS ON THE TWINS!!!!!!

  33. omFg twin!! i went to cafe napoli in july with my fam and i got puttenesca tooo!!!! omg we are the same. expect a huge (twss) post tonight about my carazay weekend πŸ™‚


  34. looks like you had a fun time with brooke! soo lucky πŸ™‚

  35. just watched this week’s newest gossip girl. you look EXACTLY like miss serena (blake lively), the show’s main blonde girl. absolute STUNNA with your adorable middle part/blonde locks/glowing skin!!

    so happy that you had such a fab time!! you are SUCH a city girl now! haha!
    love youu!!! off to drink something pumpkin-y πŸ˜‰

  36. Kailey….I dont know why I havent found your blog either!!! Thanks for finding mine! And for your sweet comment on my food and my positive energy…aww girl, thanks!

    I am popping u in my googlereader AND I just started following u on Twitter. I just signed up for twitter this weekend, can u believe it LOL

    But your food looks great…but most of all, you’re a blonde hottie and look like a girl after my own heart!!!! muah!
    xoxox to new friends and new blog finds!

  37. hay girl hay!

    i’m surprised no one has commented on the pancakes yet. “friend’s pancakes” – hmmmmmmmmm? πŸ˜‰ bahahaha, anyways. i hear that thanksgiving plans might be in the works and, if so, i cannot WAIT to get our freak on together… FINALLY!!!

  38. okay “getting out freak on” sounded wayyyyyy sexual. yaaa know what i meant!

  39. okay “getting our freak on” sounded wayyyyyy sexual. yaaa know what i meant!

  40. 46 Lizzy

    Ah yay for you and brookie to reunite! i love reunions! πŸ™‚ Your trip to the big City looks amaze girl and i hope to get there one day too! πŸ™‚ i can’t wait to hear the news on the appointments! Keepin my fingers crossed for you!

  41. You look like a natural New-Yorker! I have never been there yet–but hopefully soon! Looks like an amazing trip πŸ™‚

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