New York Time, Part One


BUONGIORNO, puddings! Though I have just had the whirlwind trip of a lifetime, I have missed everyone! I feel out of the loop and need to catch up with everyone! To start this process, I’ll do my best to share what I’ve been up to the past few days in New York City, my home!

Thursday presented a doozie of a first half of the day. I couldn’t focus in class and was frazzled trying to get everything together on time. Skipping a class to pack proved to be beneficial to our getting to the airport on time.

By 7:45pm, Muffin and I were comfortably settled into the plane to NYC. Muff was in the row in front of me, but I was happy she could kiss me through the crack:

One of my fave pictures of all time.

One of my fave pictures of all time.

It turned out that a seat next to my lady was open, so we eradicated this situation. We gazed in awe at the billions of lights as we flew over the city and giggled with excitement.

We arrived at the airport and taxied to Hoboken, where we stayed with a friend I’ll dub Coo for privacy reasons. Coo lives in Hoboken, New Jersey, which is actually a very quaint, comfortable college-esque town. Muffin and I didn’t care much for that upon arrival, as we were eager to get to the city:

Yes, I repeated that "Do or Don't?" outfit!

Yes, I repeated that "Do or Don't?" outfit!

We went to a bar in an area I don’t remember to see our friend’s band play. They were ridiculously talented and hilarious! Here they were mocking a woman in the audience with whom they tried to talk. They nitpicked at how she wasn’t into the music and was too into eating her chicken wings. “Really? Really?!” she said. Using her response for inspiration, the band sang to her:

"Really, really, really, really...f-ing really..."

"Really, really, really, really...f-ing really..."

In addition to hip-hop covers, the band performed a killer rendition of Purple Rain, which I’d never heard before (awful, I know). The lead guitarist was unbelievable:

I wish you could have heard this!

I wish you could have heard this!

The high energy of the bar, as well as the fact that bars are open until 4am in NYC, made me immensely happy. Unfortunately, we had to leave so I could rest up for Friday.

Despite going to bed at 4am, I still woke up at 7am to get ready for an appointment. I needed ample time to shower, primp, iron, read and travel. Muffin is an amazing best friend and joined me to venture into the city where my appointment was. We arrived an hour ahead of time and filled a majority of the hour caffeinating in Starbucks. I’d been dying to try something pumpkin-spiced and ordered a small coffee with one pump of pumpkin spice and an inch of steamed soymilk. Hello, delicious:

Excited for the appointment and thrilled to be in NYC with Muffin, coffee in hand.

Excited for the appointment and thrilled to be in NYC with Muffin, coffee in hand.

The appointment (don’t you love that I’m being so vague/obnoxious with this?) went swimmingly, and I was on a high for the rest of the afternoon. That high combined with an “I love this city” high is a lethal combo. Having only had apples and coffee for breakfast, Muffin and I searched hungrily for a lunch spot. The amazing reader and woman Megan S. (yes, you darling!) helped us via text to find the adorable lunch spot, Josie’s.

I knew this was the perfect place for me when this was placed on our table:

Foccacia and sweet potato dip!

Foccacia and sweet potato dip!

Perfectly SnackFacey, right? I was ravenous and wildly happy to eat! For a first course, I ordered the dairy-free butternut squash soup:

Divine. I wish I could replicate this!

Divine. I wish I could replicate this!

Josie’s menu was extraordinarily fabulous because it marked what’s vegetarian and dairy-free. The dairy and meat used were free-range and focused on pure ingredients. Megan, you are brilliant! For the entree, Muffin and I both ordered the seared, sliced Asian tofu with “un-fried” rice sans egg. I almost ordered a salad and then I thought, “hell naw–you always eat salads.” I was so glad I went for something I don’t make for myself:

Topped with pickled ginger, a fave!

Topped with pickled ginger, a fave!

That was a whole block of tofu and approximately three cups of rice mixed with peas and other veggies. It was a perfect blend of rice with chew, peas with pop and ‘fu with flavor. I ate half the tofu and about a third of the rice. Muffin and I were both stuffed after this, but we needed something else. That something else looked like this:

Gorgeous vegan apple pie with soy ice cream!

Gorgeous vegan apple pie with soy ice cream!

It took me two seconds to spot this on the dessert menu and go for it:

See that smiley face? That indicates that it's dairy-free.

See that smiley face? That indicates that it's dairy-free.

Warm apple pie with macadamia oat crumb topping… How could I resist? Muffin and I split it, but I feel as though I dominated it. Not unusual of me and desserts. Please take another look at this insanity:

Another one of my favorite pictures ever.

Another one of my favorite pictures ever.

After dining, I had another appointment via phone call. I huddled in the bathroom to conduct phone biznass. It went very, very well. Talk about a high.

Muffin and I walked blocks and blocks and blocks after lunch. We really had no idea where to go, and with the incredible, packed city, you don’t need to have a destination to be entertained and happy. I glean such enjoyment from city streets that it makes me completely content and at peace to simply walk:

I liked the pretty round ball-ish things. Articulate.

I liked the pretty round ball-ish things. Articulate.

During the afternoon, I texted Homie to see where Muffin and I should go to shop. SoHo it was! We hopped into a cab, spent too much money and hit the streets:

A lot going on in this photo. Note the awesome couple in the lower left corner and Muffin to the right.

A lot going on in this photo. Note the awesome couple in the lower left corner and Muffin to the right.

SoHo shopping didn’t last long, as both Muffin and I were exhausted. A little lesson I’d like to share: When you’re walking NYC for the first time, do not wear 4-inch heels from 9am to 6pm. Just don’t. I was crippled.

We went back to Hoboken to relax and gather our things for a nighttime adventure. Back in the city, we tried to hail a cab. I managed to snap a few pictures of the city en route to our next destination. Flashing lights:

View from...not a cab.

View from...not a cab.

Muffin and I couldn’t grab a cab. We took another mode of transportation that left us with this mixed look of terror and delight:

Slightly terrified, but mostly happy.

Slightly terrified, but mostly happy.

You’ll have to stay tuned for part two to discover what we were riding (bahaha), what we did Friday night and what we ate Saturday (A. Mazing.)…and maybe, just maybe, what all these appointments were about.

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: How was your weekend! What have I missed? What do you think Muffin and I were riding (I can’t get over that phrase)? What was the foodie highlight of your weekend?

I want that apple pie all day, erryday.

*** Edited to add: Please check out the latest College Green Tooth post: Pantry Raid!


48 Responses to “New York Time, Part One”

  1. 1 Lindsey

    yes yes! thanks for posting, I was semi-dying of excitement to see what was going on! I bet you were riding the thingy where a guy on a bike pulls you– yes?? I did once and it was kinda crazy but SO fun!

  2. 2 Ellen @ peaceinmotion

    I LOVE restaurants like that. That meal looks absolutely wonderful and I’m glad you made room for that killer vegan apple pie!!

    I’m betting you hopped a bike cab thing… They seems to be all the rage in cities these days.

    Food highlight: seeing literally the biggest soft pretzel I’ve ever seen at Oktoberfest. I swear to you, it was at LEAST twice the size of my head!

  3. So fun!!!!

  4. 4 Megan

    Ahh please tell me you were riding one of those bike things where the guy pedals you around!! Those are awesome!

  5. my guess is a pedicab! can’t wait to read more!!!

  6. new york seams so fun! i hope to go soon one day! and focaccia and sweet potato dip looks sooooo good!

  7. OMG I want to go to NY sooooo badly!!! Looks amazing šŸ™‚ And that apple pie! I love the layers of apples. Crazy good.

  8. girl, i woke up at 3 pm…got to work at 5, then ate dinner at 5, ate dinner #2 at 8 and finished m night with pita and hummus….then got ur comment via email notification and JUMPED up n down bc u will be here soon!!! my day was so snackfacey…i lurved it.

    ps u totz have a place to crash if need be.

    ur windy city twinsie

  9. 9 Allison

    pedicab, perhaps? could only be beat by an equestrian-themed ride from a cop šŸ™‚

  10. You and muff were totally riding a double-deckered tour bus or something, right?? šŸ™‚

    Ahhhhhhhh, I love NY so so much. Only been once (spring of my sophomore year, in HS), but I loved it and got to tour the city with my older bro, who lived there at the time. Isn’t the food and scenery just a whole ‘notha level?! I love it.

    And what are all these INTERVIEWS you talk about? Probably snagging another fab internship/job for next summer. Wouldn’t doubt it!

    Let’s just talk about how adorable you are with your pumpkin-spiced coffee and of how delicious that apple pie looks. I would have DEFINITELY gone for the apple selection as well! LOVE YOU BOO! Let’s talk soon!!

  11. 11 littlemissminny

    I always am amazed at how beautiful you are šŸ™‚ And that restaurant, I would love to go there!
    My foodie highlight was tons of sweet potatoes, and a baked pumpkin with cinnamon. Loving my orange foods šŸ™‚

  12. 4 inch heels oh snap your feet must have been screaming for mercy! I love the green squiggle in the soup and that pie looks mighty fine to!

  13. looks like you girls had a great time, i love Josie’s in NY, i used to live right down the block from there when i was younger…love your options, everything looks so delicious.


  14. That looks so great! I love NYC, wow…what a nice weekend! Can’t wait to read the rest and to hear about your secret meeting;)

    And that apple pie, mmmmm!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  15. I’m glad you had a fun time in NYC! I was born and live in NYC but I’ve never been to Hoboken haha. Maybe I should visit it one day!

  16. LOVE IT!!!! You’re in my faaavorite city šŸ™‚

  17. I hope you were in either a rickshaw or a horse drawn carriage šŸ˜€
    Sounds like the most fabulous trip i am soo jealous!!!! Glad all of your vague meetings are going so well šŸ™‚

  18. 18 Yasmin

    I need to book a trip to NYC ASAP! Can’t wait for the rest of the recaps. I have a feeling you’re going to appear in the next Glamour magazine as a DO with one of your outfits.

  19. 19 muffin

    I like Hoboken! But it’s coo

  20. 20 Jaci

    Ah I’m so bummed I didn’t get to meet up with you ladies, but my plans got massively changed and I had to rush back to Jersey. Glad you had fun! By the way, I work at Starbucks, and the pumpkin spice syrup isn’t vegan! šŸ˜¦ It has sweeten condensed milk in it! Booo I know! You’re totally riding in a rickshaw/pedi cab!

    • 21 snackface

      Jaci – That is such a bummer about the syrup! The hell!?!?! That would be excellent without condensed milk and some other substitute. Anyway, it’s also a bummer we didn’t get to meet up! But I have a strong feeling we’ll be able to arrange something soon!

  21. 22 abby

    modeling agency! (?)

  22. Fabulous recap thus far! Can’t wait to read more. And I think I know what the appointments are about. But I don’t think I know what (er, who?) you were riding. Baha šŸ˜‰

  23. That picture of Muffin is so cute! And so is the one of you holding the pumpkin spiced deliciousness. I must try that ASAP!

    The food looks insane! That apple pie?! *swoon*

    Can’t wait to see more!

  24. ahhhhh the suspense! i cannot handle it!

    ummm okay, that is my fave pic of muffin ever. when that popped up, i literally laughed out loud. twas’ glorious. ummm that apple pie looks so freaking amazing! i cannot wait for the rest of the recaps. love youuuuuu!

  25. so glad to find your food blog! and i’m all about NY too, i’m going next week for work and i plan to stuff my face the whole time i’m there. if you’re ever around the garment district, stumptown coffee at the ace hotel makes the best espresso ever. keep on food bloggin’!

    -allison (the one from caribou coffee)

    • 27 snackface

      allison – Ahhh!!! I’m in the library freaking out! I am so happy to see that you commented! I hope everything is well and I cannot wait to catch up on your blog!

  26. 28 Megan

    Thanks for the shout out!! So happy you enjoyed Josie’s and your entire trip!!!
    Can’t wait to hear what happens with your “appointments”!

  27. I think you’re in a pedicab. Fun! You’re missing out on the subway though. I love the NY subway.

    Can’t wait to hear what all of these secret appointments are for!

  28. oh you tease — now I am CRAVING part two.. espeshhh since I caught a sneak peek on fbook ’cause I stalk you like its my job!

    you and muffie in the city = epic… similar to that coffee, and apple pie, and pic of muffie, and outfit of yours (that is totes a DO bee tee dubs!)

    Love you cupcake!
    p.s. thhank you for your comment on my blog pudding — I can always count on you to boost my ego šŸ˜‰ love you for that!

  29. Love your hair parted in the middle! You’ve inspired me to try that myself šŸ˜€

    And that sweet potato dip must be the coolest thing ever! I’m hoping to go to NYC soon to visit my brother, so maybe I’ll take him to that restaurant.
    Can’t wait to see part two!

    • 32 snackface

      Tina – Thanks for digging the middle part! I used to feel like a Hansen brother with one, but now it feels more fashion-forward. It has its days, still! I say go for it!

  30. I secretly love Hoboken. Don’t judge.

    Glad you had such a great time, I can’t wait to see more!

    I want to hear more about these appointments of yours! Oh, the suspense!

    • 34 snackface

      Nellie – I actually really adored Hoboken- I’m not hating or judging! It’s so comfy and quaint! It also has killer natural foods stores šŸ™‚

  31. 35 Brandi

    bike cab or horse and buggy? šŸ™‚ I’ve never been to NYC so I don’t know what other options there are!

    can’t wait to hear more about the trip!

  32. so glad you’re back!! has anyone ever told muffin that she looks like sara bareilles? cuz she totally does…except for the blonde-ness. have a great day! šŸ™‚

    • 37 snackface

      Cassie – Haha no one has ever told Muffin that! She normally gets Nicole Richie. I’ll tell her you said that, though!

  33. hey gorgeous, ahh looks like you had a FABULOUS time!
    can’t wait to hear whatchya being so stealthy about… your such a tease šŸ™‚

    annnnd holy shit, that apple pie is screaming at me through the screen to eat it right now. i had some delicious pumpkin pie this weekend, but seriously that is on a whole other level!

  34. that band sounds rad. hilarious taunting that lady with the really reallys! and you look incredibly refreshed for only 3 hrs of sleep, i am impressed. then again when are you not stunning?! sweet potato dip! apple pie! heaven on a plate! damn i wish i was in the citay with you guys, i have never been, it looks so exciting. you obviously were riding a zebra. my weekend was jam packed with house warming parties, bridal showers and sex toy parties. it is funny when a lady hands you a cotton swab with 2 mystery gels on either end and says “up goes inside, down goes outside”. LOVE YOU!

  35. 40 Alina

    hiiiiiiiiii girl! glad that you had great time in NY! can’t wait for the part 2 already. that apple pie is just…. stunning! i stared at the screen for like 3 minutes, i’m seriously! but i want to know: did you met Brooke????!!!!! she won’t reveal it either… yet!

  36. 41 Lizzy

    Ah Girl, you are such a city queen! i can’t live in this suspense, i need to know whats next!!!! That restaurant looks amazing, i love that it shows you exactly what is vegan and what’s not. I’m going to need a piece of that apple pie STAT! AMAZE!

    In the picture of you from the morning pre-first appointment, what shirt are you wearing!? The black one? it looks soooooooooo adorable! šŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to read the rest girlie! YAY šŸ™‚

  37. 42 Katie

    Hi Kailey! I was just wondering – what kind of make-up do you use? Your skin always looks phenomenal! šŸ™‚ Glad you had fun in New York!

    • 43 snackface

      Katie – Aww, thanks for the sweet comment and question! I don’t really wear a ton of makeup on the face, but here are the deets: MAC ancient full coverage foundation from my mom (under the eyes, on blemishes and around the nose only!), L’Oreal Bare Naturale powder in Soft Ivory on my forehead and nose, L’Oreal Wear Infinite eyeshadow quad in Earthscape and a black palette occasionally (I use the lightest shade in both palettes for the inner corners of my eyes, and the darkest shade with an angle brush as liner on the outer corners and rims, above and below), Maybelline Define-a-Lash mascara in Brownish Black (I swear by this–my lashes have never looked longer or more voluptuous) and Covergirl Tanfastic Bronzer in Solstice (on the cheeks, upper sides of forehead, bridge of nose and bottom of chin). That’s all listed in the order in which I apply it, too! I finish the look with a swipe of lib balm (currently using Crazy Rumors Fresh Squeezed Limeade- yum). I hope this helps!

  38. Lovin’ Part 1, can’t wait to read more!!

  39. YUM look fantastic I love pickled ginger on everything!!

    oh and the apple pie looks phenom! whats with the crazy layers in there!!

    cant wait to see whats in store for part šŸ™‚

  40. AHH I LOVE IT! you look so gorgeous! and muffin is the coolest friend ever!

  41. glad you had a fab time in the city girlfriend! all your eats look great!

  42. So much deliciousness I can’t EVEN take it!! Looks like Part One was a huge success – I’m convinced I need to get my booty to NYC now. I’ve never been!!

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