Mrs. Officer


What up, boos! I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastically fall Tuesday! My day’s been so crazy that I’m ready for bed right now. And it’s only 8pm.

Thanks to extreme excitement about this weekend’s trip to my dream city, NYC, I wasn’t tired until 1am Monday night/ Tuesday morning and then awoke at 5:30 am and couldn’t fall back asleep. I read a page or two of a short story and then squeezed in 40 more minutes of sleep. The next 48 hours are going to be the longest of my life.

When I was finally up and moving, I washed my face and then got to work on breakfast. I craved oats again:

Oats in the dawn lighting.

Oats in the dawn lighting.

These were yummy, but for some reason I wasn’t loving them. Naturally, I it all anyway. In the bowl: 1/3 oats, 1 C water, sprinkles of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, mix of chia seeds and ground flax, 1/2 a tiny banana, 2 scoops of sweet potato puree, a squirt of agave and a peanut butter swirl. Loving the dark-morning lighting:



I sprinted across campus to print off a paper before class. Making it to class on time, I sipped on coffee I brought with me as we Skyped with a former Scripps student. The rest of the class period was spent pretending we were publishers and editors deciding ethics of advertisement agreements. I’ll pretend to be an editor any day!

Muffin and I texted each other as I walked home to prepare lunch for the second half of the day. We expressed our current distaste for classes, as NYC is on the top of the priority list at the moment. We aren’t horrible people for this, are we?

I packed the usual suspects for lunch:

Carrots, apple (Jonagold) and a wrap.

Carrots, apple (Jonagold) and a wrap.

Before my lunch hour (2pm to 3), however, I attended Fiction. My oats wore off at exactly 1:15pm, when my stomach started to make horrific churning, gargling sounds. They were audible to others, too. Does anyone else find this to be embarrassing?

When I stepped out of class, I ran to the john and then discovered some crazy, crazy news that I cannot share yet. I’m sorry! It was so exciting that I could barely taste this:

Kale explosion.

Kale explosion.

In the wrap: Sabra, TJ‘s Chile sauce, TJ‘s Mango Ginger Chutney, banana peppers and kale. The kale may have been bad. It had an essence of broccoli, which was unlike any kale I’d ever eaten.

Next up, I headed to Film, where we watched bits of The Jazz Singer and Lights of New York, which I obviously took as a sign that I need to be in NYC. Right now.

I visited Muffin after class and we gushed about the numerous amazing things about the upcoming weekend. I’m becoming obnoxious–I’m sorry! I’m too excited!

After running some errands (hay CVS!), I came home and had a photo shoot. Today’s look was super casual with a pop of color:

Your average girl next door.

Your average girl next door.

With the addition of a bomber jacket and stunna shades, I turned into Mrs. Officer:

"And when we got done I said, 'Lady, what's your number?' She said, '911.'"

"And when we got done I said, 'Lady, what's your number?' She said, '911.'"

Mrs. Officer, I know you wish your name was Mrs. Carter, huh.” Weezy, you know me so well it scares me. (Please note that I’m listening to Tha Carter III as I write this. Inspiration right there!)

This model needed to be fed after the shoot. In true SnackFace fashion, I had an assortment of courses. Course one:

Huge, Colorful Jass.

Huge, Colorful Jass.

In the vibrant mix: baby lettuce, cucumber, red bell pepper, carrots, banana peppers, chickpeas, salsa and balsamic vinaigrette. For a second course, I tried to eat some Amy’s Light in Sodium Minestrone (to which I added spices and hot sauce):



I only had a few bites of this, though, because I was more interested in the third course:

Crackers and hummus! And a plate and knife if I wanted to use them.

Crackers and hummus! And a plate and knife if I wanted to use them.

This is widely known a huge “diet no-no,” but I like to sit down with packages of foods that I love because I never know how many crackers with hummus or bowls of cereal I’m going to want. Alright, and maybe throw in a dash of laziness behind the reasoning, too. I think I had about five or six Wasa‘s dipped into Sabra love. Happy SnackFace 🙂

Tuesday will finish with some television-watching, snacking and–I hope– sleep. Wednesday is going to be merrily busy:
-Gym session
-Women’s Chorale
-Home to shower and eat
-Online Journalism
-Go home, arrange New York Wardrobe, pack, eat
-Tape a video audition and attend a meeting for Tempo Tantrums, my favorite a capella group
-More packing and prepping for Thursday’s flight!

I’ll be back Wednesday night to let you know how the above list goes. GAHH!!!!!! Hope everyone has a happy humpday!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s your favorite Lil’ Wayne song? If you don’t enjoy the musical stylings of my true love, what rapper is your favorite? Or is rap not your thang?

I freak out every time I hear that smoky, sexy voice of Weezy’s. These songs NEVER get old for me (ALL DIRTY, be warned):
Mrs. Officer
Talkin’ About It (amaze- and a huge confidence booster!)

***Edited to add: Please check out my latest post on College Green Tooth! Thanks, loves!


58 Responses to “Mrs. Officer”

  1. 1 Allison

    I LOVE LIL WAYNE!!!!!! Seriously. I want to have his babies. First Weezy mommy of the new year right hurr!

    • 2 snackface

      Allison – You crazy and I like it! Muffin and I went to the Lil’ Wayne + T-Pain concert in Cinci in February, and we said similar things. We also tried to follow T-Pain’s tour bus, but lost him!

  2. I love your snowman mug! I have the same one 🙂

  3. Weeezy F, mi amor!! Love the mrs. 5-0, obv, and TALKIN ABOUT IT is MY FAVORITE!!!! I love you for loving it!

  4. 5 Bec

    Love Lil Wayne and those baller shades!

  5. I’m loving the outfit pictures! they are giving me some good ideas!

  6. you totally reminded me to break out the snowman mug.. i have the same one 😀
    so jealous you’re going to nyc this weekend! PLEASE please please have some ice cream at pure food and wine for me???
    have a great night ❤

  7. are you aware?

    • 9 snackface

      uhoh – Uh oh! Aware of what! I know that the pics are up on the site!

  8. This will prove that I am old, but Andre 3000 all the way. And also Drake.

    Love the transformation from sweet to sass. And can’t wait to hear the news!

  9. True Story: My husband knows lil Wayne’s barber in South Florida. Apparently he is just as baller as lil Wayne! He is an investor in the Hedge Fund he used to work for down there. Interesting…

    Love the bomber jacket. It makes any old outfit look chic!

  10. Have so much fun in the city this weekend! It’s really a great place, especially this time of year, or in the Spring. It’s too hot and muggy in the summer and too cold in the winter! Also, best of luck with VS in Chi-town! I’ve always aspired to VS modeling, but once I got my period and halted growth at 5’3 I knew my dreams were deflated. That and the fact that I have thighs that scream ‘speedo and spandex’, not ‘hot sexy VS bathing suit’.

  11. looove lil wayne! my fav songs are a mille (it was my ringtone for-ev-VER because it sounds like “emily emily…”) and cryin’ out for you (it’s a remix that is feat. lil wayne)
    and, love the yellow gap shirt… i def have that too!

    • 14 snackface

      Emily – Hahahaha this comment made my night! And I’m stoked we have matching shirts!

  12. why must you hold news from us? the agony. hahah.. love the bomber jacket photo. hardmothafuckincore kailey. and for some reason i always thought that green plate was bigger? maybe it just looked big in other photos.. (TWSS) pack me n your suitcase to NYC! i am little!

  13. 16 Lizzy

    Girl i have the entire Lil Wayne Carter III in my cd player in my car! were like lovers! 🙂 o an i’m so jeals that your going to NYC. i dream of going there one day!

  14. hahhaa…you are too funny! love the wardrobe pics!

  15. 18 Liz

    I never really liked Weezy until last year. My [white as they come] boyfriend at the time knew all the words to “A Milli” and would rap them for me whenever we were driving somewhere. Eventually, he got me hooked on other songs (“Got Money” is my roommate’s and my theme song). I have to say my favorite, however, is “This Is The Carter”. It’s constantly stuck in my head!

  16. 19 ClubVeg

    weeooo weeoo wee weeoo weeoo

    I saw his VH1 special hahaha. Seriously, best rapper alive.

  17. Mr. Carter
    Talk About It
    Got Money- I really wanted to hate this when it came out. But, it’s so darn addicting.

  18. 21 randomlymikey

    my DH is actually a hip hop artist. so i have to say he’s my fav, lol. but as far as more mainstream i like rakim, bone thugs, kid cudi, weezy is good. and so are others. i just love music. most any 🙂 that lil snowman cup is uber cute.

  19. Have SO much fun this weekend!!!! Love your outfit!

  20. 23 hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    i love all music honestly! it all has its place in the world 🙂
    favorite lil wayne song-something you forgot.
    LOVE IT!

    have a wonderful night

  21. 24 *Andrea*

    mr. carter!!! great song 🙂 i loveeeeeeeeee rap haha. just bought jay-z’s new cd and love it

  22. Mr. Snowman…. so close to X-mas already. I tend to get carried away when I sit down with a whole package of food too, especially with crackers and hummus.

  23. Package of crackers & a container of hummus ooh dangerous and I totally agree a diet no no but hey its nutritious & delicious =)

  24. Love your outfit! I wouldn’t be able to pull off the jacket and the shades, though, so no Ms. Officer for me! 😉
    And in my opinion, counting takes the fun off snacking! 😉

  25. your mug is so cute!

  26. Loveee Lil Wayne’s bit on Down. I need to listen to more of his stuff!

  27. I really don’t have favorite songs, I just love anything I can get lowww to! 🙂

    Cute top! The yellow looks great on you!

    Mmm and I have to start making wraps for lunch. What type of wraps do you use?!

  28. Lil’ Wayne = I like the song “Lollipop” for some reason, haha 😀

  29. GO DJ is foorrr sure my fave 🙂 AH so exciting about NY, i need to hop over there soon! GG has got me craving it!

  30. I just saw your ad…HOT GIRLY!!!!

    Now I need to spend a couple of days and read your blog 😀

  31. 34 Ellen (Peace in Motion)

    lil wayne might be my guilty pleasure.

    I hate when my bowl of oats is just not satisfying. so upsetting 😦

    I too am a fan of sitting down with my goods. Yeah yeah the diet gods are shaking their fingers at me BOO HOO.

  32. aww whats your news you can’t share with us?
    and my fav lil wayne song would have to be lollipop remix babay 🙂

  33. you are killing me with all the fab news – what a fab week for both of us! i have been meaning to write you back, but i am also a firm believer that good things happen to people who do good, put out good and promote good. which is obv you and me, mrs. officer.

    love your snackface ways – happy wednesday lover!

  34. i love that shirt!

    I hate when my stomach growls so loudly that other people can hear it! So crazy. My tummy was making strange noises last night on the couch, and I had to turn up the tv! Ridiculous.

  35. I have to say I’m not a big lil wayne fan!

    But I love the outfit as usual! I have yet to try kale but it looks like I’ll be needing to try that soon.

  36. I see a little heart in that PB swirl – loves. I hate stomach noise!! They’re so embarrassing!

    Mmmmminestrone is right! I love Amy but homegirl needs to spice it up! I always, always, always have to add pepper and hot sauce to any of her soups!

    My fav. rap-ish songs right now are Replay – Iyaz, Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z, and Down – Jay Sean f/ yo’ boy 😉

  37. 40 lowandbhold

    Love Li’l Wayne! Espesh love how he pops up in a slew of random rapz so that I can hear his wit and ballin’ skills all the time! A milli is a classic, gets me goin when I’m running.

    Another great outfit! Love how versatile your style is.

    I’d be as excited if I were going to the NYC… Have I mentioned how jealous I am?

  38. oh honey I lurveeee me some Weezy f baby! I don’t know I surriously don’t know if I can pic a fav.. fireman (a classic) prom queen (so dope, you gotta check it out) a milli, lollipop, obvs.. I could go on for days! I actually just found this collab with Weezy and Jason Mraz – it’s sick nasty….

    obvs I am ecstatic that I have finally found a chick who shares my love for rap music.. reason #2382980 why I want to marry you.


  39. I really like T.I for some reason. Other than that, I’m not really a rap fan. Maybe because he’s from the ATL and so am I? And, I used to go this bar that was across the street from where he got arrested. That must give me street cred, right?

    Or not, and i’ll just stick with my hippie music.

  40. haha! This post gave me a laugh…which is waning because I’m about to heaed to my 3 hour chem lab…. :/

    Loving the colorful salad!

  41. ahh more excitement i can’t wait until you can share the latest news!

    and i repeat, please come make me a salad! so much fresh veggie loving that i can hardly stand it!

  42. 45 julie

    ahhh have SO much fun in NY 🙂 BEST citay in the world!

  43. LOVE Weezy! Cant choose just one. Not possible.

    Have fun in the big apple!


  44. Yo Face… where the balls at?

  45. those oats look soooo yummy! and i am LOVING that snow man mug, bustin it out early i see. GOOD STUFF!

  46. i want your life.

    and that shirt. :]

  47. I’m so jealous of the classes you get to take. I desperatly wanted to be a journalism major but my school doesn’t have one and I never transferred. I’m the editor-in-chief of our student newspaper so I’m getting the experience and stuff, which is good. But I would kill to be able to go to class and pretend to be a magazine editor (it makes me excited just thinking about it!)

    Oh, and Weezy is life.

  48. Okay shall we talk about how I completely missed the whole Ice Queen thing?!? oh em gee lady! You are one hotty. I say, follow your dreams and go for it in Chi town. You are gorgeous and if anyone should be a v-s model, it’s you. Can you get me some free knickers? K thanks.
    Alright. Today! That salad is calling my name! And I am all about settling down with the whole box of crackers/pack of hummus. Dangerous? Yes. Good? AMAZING.

  49. 52 homegirlcaneat



  50. EY baby. I also find it insanely embarrassing when my stomach growls in class. But then I’m like, hey, i’m human. At least I didn’t fart, right? Right.

    HAVE SO MUCH FUN in new york, dear! I am quite jealous but excited for the recap. Enjoy the city life! Eat lots of vegan specialties. Yum 😀

    Love the outfit + gangsta gear, so fresh.

  51. LIL WAAAAAAAAYNE! Love him. Is that not werrrrd?

    I love you SO much more tho pookie! like cracka plz. you ma idol. psshhhh

    -ps- carrots + wrap + apple [A.K.A. your lunchy] = Crapple! 😀 I’m so smurt.

  52. HEY AMEZ!!!

    oh. and stomach growling in front of ppl = most embarrassing thing ever, my gawd.

  53. 56 Sara

    I LOVE how you dressed up that plain-plaid-to-me shirt, totally changing its look right around! You pull off those stunna shades so well…. this is my favourite look so far, cuz it’s so different and you pull it off WELL!!!!

  54. 57 dorothy

    girlll i LOVE THAT OUTFIT!

    im not sure if this is the right place to ask questions for snacktime.. but wahteva!

    were you (and muffin) A lot differenti n high school compared to how you are now? do you have any especially horrible/awesome memories? did you hate it? love it?

    i’m so happy you’re coming to nyc! (i live here) i think you’ll looove it can’t wait for the recap!! 🙂

    btw you mustmustMUST go to vegan restaurants! angelica’s, quantum leap, candle, and sooo many more 😉

  55. Love that little snowman cup & your outfits are always stunning as usual! 🙂

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