How to Have a Girly Weekend


Buongiorno lovepies! Oh. My. Goodness. I am shocked, amazed and in love with the incredible responses left on my last post. I had no idea an outfit could garner such commentary. How fantastic!

Muffin and I have spent the last two days attached at the hip, fully enjoying everything it means to be a girl. Here’s a tutorial on how to have a girly weekend:

1. Go out Friday night with your girls. Don your favorite pair of shoes to feel extra bossy:

Major heels I purchased on clearance for $30, marked down from $100.

Major heels I purchased on clearance for $30, marked down from $100.

Muffin, my roomie Morgan and I all went to our favorite spots uptown Friday. We had an absolute blast dancing and meeting up with old friends. However, an old friend of mine surprised me while we were chatting by planting a kiss on my lips. What?! It was out of nowhere! I was telling him about my summer and next thing I know, he attacks my face. I fled the scene shortly after.

2. Wake up next to your best friend. Laugh at your forgetting to wash your face before going to bed and head into the living room to find remnants of Friday night’s SnackFace session:

Signs of a very good night.

Signs of a very good night.

Muffin and I dominated a bag of Multigrain Tostitos with salsa, and she munched on a few Salsa Combos (not vegan). Alright, I may have had a Combo or three. Oops.

3. Spend the morning hours watching Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian Take Miami and make matching bowls of cereal for you and your Muffin:

Blueberries were hidden below Flax Plus Flakes, chia seeds, almond milk and peanut butter drizzle.

Blueberries were hidden below Flax Plus Flakes, chia seeds, almond milk and peanut butter drizzle.

While we were crunching through our bowls and watching mindless television, a kind Jehova’s Witness stopped by my front door. Not wanting to be rude, Muffin entertained him with questions of women’s roles in the church. He handed us some literature and was on his merry way.

4. After you’ve finally showered and dressed, make your way to the next most hopping town for serious shopping. While traveling, stop to get fast food only if your hands begin to shake and you have no other option:

Wendy's Mandarin Chicken Salad, sans chicken.

Wendy's Mandarin Chicken Salad, sans chicken.

This was a disaster. Not only did we receive ice-less Diet Cokes, but we also weren’t given any utensils! We stopped in the nearby KFC and told them they forgot to give us forks and knives. The poor man working apologized profusely and asked whether we wanted a fork or a spork. As tempted as I was by the spork option, I went for a fork. When I finally dressed my salad and had my fork in hand, I noticed a non-vegan ingredient on the dressing packet: honey. At this point, I was beyond caring and ate the lackluster salad of lettuce, mandarin oranges, almond slivers and honey-fied dressing. It was anything but filling.

5. When you finally arrive at Polaris in Columbus (or wherever your nearest mall is), speed walk to Forever 21. You are guaranteed to find trendy pieces for decent prices. Take photos of yourself when you try on something ridiculous:

Posing. I watched The Hills and The City one too many times and rocked a center part.

Posing. I watched The Hills and The City one too many times and rocked a center part.

The dress doesn’t look that bad at this angle, but Muffin said she wouldn’t go out with me if I wore this. The collar was fabulously insane, and if I wore it I have a feeling I’d unintentionally whack people with the flounce all night. Forever 21, you may not sell many of these:

Crazy collar. Loved the pink ribbon belt, though.

Crazy collar. Loved the pink ribbon belt, though.

6. Run into the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Model Search sign and freak out. Fantasize about it for the next hour or so.

7. Treat yourself to a delicious dinner. Carbo load for no other reason than life-long happiness. In fact, eliminate that term from your vocabulary. It’s called eating. You may start your dinner with a salad if you’d like:

Dimly lit restaurants make for dark photos. I'm sorry!

Dimly lit restaurants make for dark photos. I'm sorry!

Muffin and I wanted amazing food for dinner, so we chose Marcella’s Ristorante. In-between devouring two bread baskets of fresh focaccia, I had the Apple Salad. Made of greens, red grapes, Granny Smith slices and walnuts, this salad was slightly over-dressed with vinaigrette. I managed to clean my plate in approximately three minutes despite this.

For an entree, I ordered Penne alla Arrabiata. This is a safe option for vegans, as it’s a cream-free spicy red sauce:

Super spicy sauce flecked with fragrant basil combined with al dente penne made me wildly happy.

Super spicy sauce flecked with fragrant basil combined with al dente penne made me wildly happy.

8. After you’ve filled your tum with a warm dinner, head over to the Target you spied earlier. When you’ve collected the items you “need,” take a picture to note how hilariously girly they are:

I'm laughing to myself right now.

I'm laughing to myself right now.

Does it get much girlier than P.S. I Love You, panties, Essie nail polish, tampons and kid energy bars? No.

9. Laugh to the point of tears when your best friend tries on the ugliest dress you’ve seen all day. Document it:

I mean, really? This looks like a Christmas nightgown, not a dress made for donning in public!

I mean, really? This looks like a Christmas nightgown, not a dress made for donning in public!

10. Drive to your humble abode and change into your comfiest sweats. Curl up with your friend and bawl as you watch P.S. I Love You. Talk about your fears relating to love when the movie is finished and your eyes are swollen from crying. Change the pace of the night by following the sobfest with Sex and the City: The Movie. When you’ve stopped thinking about finding and losing love, bundle up in bed and fall into a deep slumber.

I hope you’ve all had wonderful weekends! Love you all like crazy!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Do you consider yourself to be a girly girl? Why or why not?

I used to think I wasn’t a girly girl. I’ve never been one for hanging out with huge groups of girls or having countless female friends. And then I thought about the blogging community. We’re predominantly female and I consider you all to be friends (this includes readers who don’t blog, of course!). On top of that, I think we can all recognize my affinity for characteristically girly things (fashion, musicals, SatC, sappy movies, pink, girl talk, etc.). I’m making myself nauseated with that list. Oh well– it’s how I do!


42 Responses to “How to Have a Girly Weekend”

  1. I have been looking for those exact heels everywhere! Gush! I hate those damn salad dressings. So much that I have been carrying around a mini olive oil and balsamic bottle in my purse to go with a baby hot sauce bottle. Food nerd, but a girl’s gotta live, right?

  2. hahaah those dresses are pretty heinous. yikes.

    love the muffin/girl time though! so crucial!!

    hot panties! 😉

    happy Sunday gurrrrrrrrrrrrrl! loves you

  3. 3 HannahBanana

    love you!!!!!
    you know i worked at marcellas for like a year right????

  4. awesome shoes!!! dresses not so much 🙂

    ehh i definitely love girly things but it is wonderful to be around guys, ha okay yes i am a girly girl, i spent last night watching how to lose a guy in 10 days && sweet home alabama

  5. Chic girls!! Love the outfits, once again.

    I’m not a MAJOR girly-girl, but I love glitz and glam 😀

  6. 6 Yasmin

    I’ve been looking for shoes like that! You definitly got a steal there 🙂 I am most definitely a girlie-girl b/c I love messing around with clothes, jewelry, and make-up but I would NOT classify myself as high maintenance.

  7. I would never identify as a girly girl, but I LOVE shoes, dresses, and mascara. I feel the need to balance these things out with a little edge though – girly dress + tough leather jacket and/or boots means I haven’t crossed the line into too girly. 😉

  8. Those are some HOTT heels!!!
    Loved your outfit especially muffins haha

    I am girly-girl to the max one day and the next i can be the grungiest person ever..truly depends on my mood and time

  9. Hahahah COMBOS! It’s been too long. You know what also should make a comeback? BUGLES. I don’t know why I associate those two items, but I def drunched on them both way too much in high school.

    Your weekend looks perf.
    I’m with muffin on the f21 dress. It looks like something Gaga or That’s So Raven would rock.
    DO the VS casting call!!!!!!!
    P.S. I Love You makes me baaaawwwll.
    I, too, have never considered myself a girly-girl, but all signs (Broadway obsession, frequent nail polish changes, the ability to get lost in sephora and the fact that I find eating froyo in Bloomingdales therapeutic) point to SI!

    Have a lovely Sunday mi amor

  10. Those dresses are seriously terrible!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I think I would call myself girly girl. I like spending time with my friends and doing girly things.

  11. the shoes are hawt!! and i am oddly drawn to the dress muffin tried on…haha but i have been known to rock christmas sweaters from the old lady section…so my taste may be questionable. 🙂

  12. loved every second of this. call me crazy, but it made me smile 🙂

    so glad you had a waaahhhndaful weekend, foxy lady!


    I bought that same pair of undies at Target the other day! My roomie is from France and she was questioning America’s fashion sense with those plaid numbers, too…

  14. PENNE ARIABATA! Fave pasta dish, ever. My 3 brothers, dad and I loooove this one italian place, and ever since I was a lil’ young thang I’ve always gotten one of their delish salads and the SPICY pasta for my entree!! My fave. Love that you’re eating to eat, not carbo-loadin or some SH!T. Just kidding, love you too….my carbo-loadin’ racing girls! 😉

    I hope you tried out for the VS fashion show….wearing that fierce forev 21 outfit! ha, PYSCHE! Is that how you spell it? The belt may be the dress’ only glamour DO. Hmm, and muffin’s dress is definitely questionable. She rocks it though!

    Glad you had such a great weekend!! Just admit it, you are the EPITOME of a girly girl!! HAHA!! Just kidding?! love you!

  15. ps-girly girl: yes & no. I too, love SATC, nail polish, fashion, movie nights in, dancing, etc…..but i’d also like to think that i’m not TOO girly!!! Who knows!

  16. 16 Lizzy

    i love being a girly girl! its so much fun!

    You and muffin are the cutest things since sliced bread! Can i come and hang out with the two of you! 🙂 love u girls! An i totes need to borrow those divalicious shoes that you wore friday night! I have a similar pair and everytime i wear them i feel soo fierce! 🙂

    I love it when Forever 21 has some off the wall things, cause it makes trying things on that much more fun! hehe.

    talk to u later girl! 🙂

  17. My Target trips look like that too. I go in for some paper towels or something and come out with a book and a new wardrobe.

  18. I LOVED this!! And my roommate spent the day watching K&K take Miami as well. Oh those “night after” mornings 🙂

  19. I love this post, that was an amazing weekend! I’m glad you had so much fun:)
    And penne all’ arrabiate: always a good choice!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  20. you rock that outfit gurl!! haha you so look like you could fit in on the hills 🙂 I bet you’d be a lot more interesting too.
    oh goodness P.S I love you always makes me cry buckets.

  21. i don’t consider myself girly. however, i would love to have a girls night!!! i don’t have any girl friends though. step one for me. get some new friends!!

  22. 22 angieinatlanta

    What a cute post! It made me miss my girls!

    I’m not really a girly girl but I’m not anti other girls either. I think that for me, it’s more about finding the right kind of girl for me to hang out with.

  23. For one why fantasize about the VS model search, do it stunnaa! You got the legs! Think of all the free stuff you would get =) hahaha i love that christmas night gown…sadly i’m pretty sure I had a plaid get up like that for christmas when i was younger and i loved it (shame).

  24. Loved this post! When you mentioned the combos and their non vegan-ness I thought wow, probably that late at night I wouldn’t care if they were vegan or not and just attack them. And then you admitted you did too! Willpower is hard late at night!

  25. Ahh I’m so jealous you live close enough to go to Polaris. I grew up in Columbus but we moved right before that amazing mall opened. It’s been 8 years and I’m still mad about that!

    Also, those shoes really are amazing. Have you ever checked out They have the fiercest stuff for super cheap!

  26. 26 Muffin

    Best weekend EVER since two weekends ago and until next weekend! I love love love our lives. NYC/Chicago here we come!!! I will be your publicist when you’re famous. We can be like Smith and Samantha.

    I love being girly girls and snacking and analyzing! Ahh. I wish that could be every day 🙂 Thanks for being my shopping/eating/broney’s/elliptical partner in crime!Can’t wait to buy produce for the NY diet lata.

    P.S. I love you ❤

  27. 27 Kate

    This was amazing…loved reading through your “how to”! I think this was the perfect hangover cure for me since I partied it up with a lot of Luna Bianca wine at the wedding I went to last night. I hang with almost all guys and live with three gay men so I think I am pretty girly by comparison to the guys, not the gays (who make me girlier)…I heart fashion, musicals like Rent, Across the Universe, Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, painting my nails, ridic heels, SATC and GA, movies that make me cry, Twilight books cuz I am a die hard romantic, etc.

  28. I hope you told that guy off! He must have some serious confidence.

    I’m not really sure if I’m a girly girl or not. I looove fashion and looking nice, but I can totally go out with messy hair and no makeup and be fine too. I probably have the same amount of guy and girl friends. But I am a sucker for those romantic movies 😀

  29. i love how she said she wouldn’t go out with you if you wore that dress from forever! haha.
    great funny post 🙂

  30. ah, I need to have a girly weekend! I don’t think I’ve had one since I’ve been a married girl 😦

    I have definite girly girl traits as well as tomboy traits. I love fashion, painted toenails, things lacy and pink, but I have to say I’m extremely sports literate (I even love some ultimate fighting).

    wow, that plaid dress. f’reals?

  31. can you please just be my life guru?? seriously — you are too effin FAB!

    you were totes channeling Whitney with that middle part – I love!

    I have a feeling muffie secretly digs the plaid dress.. and by dress, I mean curtain with sleeves.

    p.s. can you stop leaving such sweet comments on my blog? you’re making me blush. No, I’m kidding — please don’t stop 🙂


  32. Whew! Thank goodness she didn’t get that plaid dress…ugh! I’d definitely consider myself a girlie girl…I love all the trademark girlie things 🙂

  33. haha I HAD THAT NIGHTGOWN from age 7 to probably, 11….that cannot seriously be a dress!?? Seriously sounds like the BEST weekend- i love going out to eat, tan and shop with my roomie, oh and watch GG of course!- i missed her this weekend 😦 It’s so amazing that you have muffin to share all of that with, girlfriends are SOO crucial in life and it looks like u two are a perfect match 😀 Love it!

  34. Bahaha I want to have a girlie weekend snackface style! You girls sure know how to shop, future careers as stylists? I forsee it. Muffin’s dress… HOT.

    I’m definitely not the tightest notch on the girlie belt (and certainly not feeling so right now with grease face, matted hair pony and sweats) but I have my guiltless girlie pleasures! Makeup, shopping, dancing and girlie tv shows, yes please!

  35. I wake up next to my best friend and laugh about not having washed my face the night before EVERY MORNING.

    Just had to throw that out there. Too bad Chris doesn’t read your comments section 😉

    Muffin is HOT. I’m buying that dress to wear to the law office Christmas party.

  36. My list to compliment your list number by number. Ready? Okay:

    1. That is a SERIOUS steal on those hot ass shoes. The bargain hunter in me DIED!
    2. That whole paragraph epitomizes a good night out!
    3. I love the her’s & her’s breakfast bowls. You two are nicer to the door-to-door peeps than I am. Either I let my dogs out so they won’t come in our yard (our house is gated) or I just ignore the knocks.
    4. Yet another prime example of the Midwest SUCKING when it comes to good eats – where’s the tofu?! 😉
    5. That collar looks like it would poke someone’s eyeball out. I do love the Myspace-esque photo shoot.
    6. This one made me think about how every time I see a Long John Silver’s commercial I wish you would have landed the spot in it! They don’t know what they’re missin’!!
    7. Fresh bread and spicy sauce?! Fantastic dinner.
    8. That is ‘girl’s night in’ in a shopping cart – ferreal!
    9. Best thing I’ve seen all day – from the pose to that dress, I laughed out loud!
    10. Oh gosh, don’t get me started on crying about love. I saw a commercial for Jim and Pam’s wedding on The Office and started crying. What the hell?!?!?!

    To conclude this obnoxiously long comment I will say I think I’m about 50% girly-girl. I love the color pink, shopping, chivalry (come on, a guy who treats me like the inner princess I am will get like 100 extra points), baking, being domestic. However, I can take care of myself and hold my own if I need to get my hands dirty!

  37. I’m such a girly girl, it’s not even funny!

    Um did you sign up for the VS model contest?! You would totally win girl!

  38. 38 lowandbhold

    Oooh sorry about the rando kiss on the lips. Guys are clueless, yes? Sounds like a fab weekend. You could almost get away with that cray cray collar…. almost 😉

    I’d say I’m pretty girly, though like you I never had a big group of girl friends. Blogging is the ultimate girls only party!

  39. omg at least u didnt wake up on ur couch at 2 pm, late for work by 4 hours, and managed to bring an ex flame home who slept on the floor bc my one to many carbombs might have killed me 😉

    this weekend was not so good twin, with boys, ya hear? i mean who comes in for the kill, mid sentence about ur summa? rude.


  40. I wouldn’t say I’m a girly-girl, but I’m girly enough. I usually choose comfort over fashion but I still like to look nice and NEVER leave the house without makeup. I like romantic comedies, baking cookies and dancing my heart out, but I also like drinking beer… so yeah, overall I’d say I’m moderately girly :-).

  41. LOVED THIS POST!!!! and love girls nights! and that dress muffin is wearing! and penne arriabiata! and essie nail polish! and YOU!

  42. 42 fruitsveggieslife

    I love girls’ nights – so much fun! I haven’t had a REAL girls’ night in For. Ev. Ah. This post is fanfreakingtastic.

    On the issue of girly girlness – I’m practically a split personality when it comes to that. Half of me is hard-core scientist/outdoorsy chick, while the other loves sappy romance movies, skirts, and girls’ nights. In the area of fashion, the outdoorsy one wins most of the time, though.

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