Do or Don’t?


Buongiorno bellas! This week has flown by! I’m happy to be comfortably blogging on my couch with the Real Housewives of Atlanta glowing in the background, resting my body for what’s sure to be another fabulous weekend.

But before I get hopped up on hopes of a fun Friday and Saturday, let’s delve into what was the most beautiful October 1 in recent memory.

Muffin and I had a Glee-full, Real Chance at Lovely television date night Wednesday, which then led to my not going to bed until 2am. The absolute last thing I wanted to do when my alarm blared at 7am was unravel myself from cozy sheets. I pulled myself together and stumbled out of bed for face-washing and breakfast-making.

On a morning you’d rather be asleep, what better way is there to treat yourself than with a scrumptious bowl of sweet potato casserole oats? I’m not sure there is a better way:

Peanut butter drizzle acting as marshmallow fluff.

Peanut butter drizzle acting as marshmallow fluff.

Perhaps I’ve never actually had sweet potato casserole, but I couldn’t resist that name! In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/2 sliced banana nuked in the microwave for 25 seconds, cinnamon, chia seeds, ground flax (couldn’t between chia and flax, so I went for both), squirt of agave, a few scoops of sweet potato puree and a drizzle of peanut butter. Combined with coffee and Christmas music, this breakfast put me in a joyous mood:



Even though I was running behind schedule, I managed to throw together an outfit that I loved. I walked to class fully confident, feeling stylish and more awake. Business Magazine class was interesting. And by interesting I mean painful, only because we were talking about money, and money makes me feel funny. I don’t like it. I did like, however, the grade I received on my industry trend report I wrote a couple weeks ago!

During my walk home, I felt eyes on me. Judging by the looks of both amusement and disdain I received, I’m going to go ahead and say that the Midwest is not ready for leggings as pants. The bottom layer:

Oversized button-down, braided belt, brown leggings that I layered over black tights, just in case they were more see-through than I thought, and boots.

Oversized button-down, braided belt, brown leggings that I layered over black tights, just in case they were more see-through than I thought, and boots.

I made sure the leggings weren’t see-through, as mentioned in the picture’s caption. Then to add warmth and more coverage, I layered a gray sweater on top:

A little dark--oops!

A little dark--oops!

I made sure my badunk and Pikachu were covered, which left me spectacularly puzzled as to why some people seemed so shocked by this outfit. Dear readers, I pose this question: Is the above outfit a Glamour Do or Don’t?

Despite my knowledge that people weren’t taking to this outfit, I still rocked it for the rest of the day. Whether I wear it again is in your hands.

English class was English class, and I rushed out when it finished at 2pm because I was starving! The oats held me over from 8am to 1:30pm, and this made for an uncomfortable last 30 minutes in class. Still, that was a lasting breakfast!

I found a warm spot in the sun and dug into this:

Picture taken before I left for my afternoon classes, clearly.

Picture taken before I left for my afternoon classes, clearly.

What you see here: a spinach and hummus wrap disguised in aluminum foil and a Honeycrisp sitting atop the mustard for carrot-dipping. All elements were simple, crunchy and refreshing.

I checked my emails at the library, and then headed to Film. The heavens above were working in my favor, as we watched Singin’ in the Rain! My inner musical theater nerd almost peed her leggings she was so excited!

I left class wishing life were a musical; wishing that I could sing and dance whenever the mood strikes. And then I realized I do that anyway.

I lounged on the couch for a while before I assembled a repeat (but amazing) dinner:

Triple-H bowl!

Triple-H bowl!

In the bowl: ear of raw corn, chickpeas, balls, Sabra, TJ’s Chile sauce, TJ’s Mango Ginger Chutney and Parma! Messy and delicious. You cannot go wrong with this mixture.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay in my house for very long. I had discussion for Film from 7pm to 8, which might be the worst time to have class. To keep things positive, I tell myself it’s only one little hour. Ain’t no thang!

Afterward, I visited Muffin at work, and we watched The Hills, some music videos and ogled dresses we want. I started to get hungry again at 9-something and Muffin and I parted ways.

When I made it home I changed into comfy-cozies, ate many mugs of Flax Plus Flakes with almond milk and settled into writing this little post.

Tomorrow will consist of a workout, choir, shower, filming Snacktime (!) and hitting the town! Cannot wait! I wish everyone glorious weekends! Love you all!!!

Ciao for now,

QUESTIONS: Break it to me: Is the outfit a Do or Don’t? AND…To what are you looking forward this weekend? (Or, in grammatically incorrect but more common terms: What are you looking forward to this weekend?)


86 Responses to “Do or Don’t?”

  1. i wear leggings. FLAUNT DA BOOTY. i try to get baggy shirts. plus im always coming outta pilates like that, so i feel pretty natural doing it!!

    real housewvies!! nene: “That is some tacky sh** ”
    the city?! not very good yet! but i have hope

    mad love mama
    sp oats wat wat!

  2. That is most definitely a do. You look supahfly – eff the midwesterners who can’t handle your fabulousness!

    And HA to the urban dictionary pikachu linkage!

  3. A) I wear a variation of that outfit almost daily in the winter and B) you have killer legs! So, to summarize, total yay on the outfit front!

  4. 6 Allison R.

    Super cute! I go to UW-Wisconsin, and girls wear that all the time. Def a thumbs up 🙂

  5. 1. leggings ARE pants.
    2. come to NYC–we accept legging pants and exposed pikachus (not sure thats something to brag about)
    3. next reason why leggings are great pants: had you actually peed yourself of musical excitement, they are great urine concealers. not that i’ve done that…
    4. OMFG sweet potato casserole. i HAVE had it, and your oats sound legit. one thanksgiving, my aunt let my then 10-year-old, marshmallow-obsessed cousin add the marshies to the top and the casserole was actually half SP & half marsh. overkill? si. delicioso? again, si.
    5. i love that you are such a grammarian! respect.

    ALSO–i sometimes think life is a musical. your gleefullness regarding wanting to sing through life reminded me of this HSM SNL parody:

    have you seen it? no. watch!


    • 8 snackface

      The Foodie Diaries – Sarah love! I had never seen that vid, and it kept me amused last night! Ummm, and I’m suspecting definite experience with peeing in leggings going on here…no worries, though. I still love ya!

  6. 9 Kate

    Definitely a DO! I do the leggings too, and I live in MN and people here give me the dirtttttiest looks when I do leggings, long shirt or sweater and boots…must be the Midwest conservatism or somethin’ 🙂 You look gorgey, rock it again!

    And keep posting pics of the outfits cuz I love them!!! I have been recycling older clothes from 2006-now this year and I love that I am not the only one to do this. You look beautiful!

    • 10 snackface

      Kate – Awwww you are so supah sweet! Thank you enormously for the compliments and the support!

  7. i love that outfit.
    its what I rock daily!

    your oats look tres fabulous.

  8. The outfit is fly. You look fabulous. But, Ohio is not ready for that. I wore leggings as pants with and oversized dress shirt to word at NY Jeans over at Deerfield Towne Center 3 years ago. My boss looked at me like I had on lingerie. The clothes were purchased at the store too!

    • 13 snackface

      J @ Whole Body Love – Hahaha Ohio is definitely not ready! Oh, I think I have the same outfit you’re talking about from NY + Co.! Did you buy it when the Grey’s Anatomy actors were modeling for the ad campaign? Because I did and it was a long, white button-down! The way you told that story had me crackin’ up!

  9. 14 Sara

    WHAT did people say or do?! Just dirty looks? they jeals. you have long gorgeous legs and if you had buttoned up the sweater, the outfit would have been the same as the day before’s! and that one looked even bettah because of that luscious sweater! so, my point: wear what you want, you look fantastic, and your boots cover up most of your legs anyways!

  10. 17 Muffin

    You are too cute! Love the crazy faces in the pics.

    To answer your question…

    C ollege dance night
    R ocking out to Weezy
    U and me 2gether
    N YC movie marathon!
    K iller outfits ❤

    The list goes on, the acronym does not!

    xoxoxoxoxo love youuu!!!

  11. I think your outfit is def. a do! And ditto to everyone else above re: you def. having the legs to pull that outfit off. People giving you weird looks were def. jealous! It was gorg.!! 🙂

  12. Glamour DO! I’m absolutely obsessed with that outfit, and the braid addition is adorable! I’m a major fan of boots and belts, so this may be why i’m so obsessed 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fab sat night my love! I should be in bed by now.
    ps-those oats sounds incred, and your foil-wrapped wraps always make me hungry! Now i’m craving a fresh, hummus & veggie filled wrap with a crunchy apple on the side!!

    CAN’T wait to re-create that dinner ova thanksgiving break. You MUST remind me!! Love you!

  13. 20 fruitsveggieslife

    The leggings as pants issue: I think it depends on the person. They have to wear it confidently, and you totally pulled it off. I hate it most of the time, but you look stunning!

    The sweet potato creation looks amazzzzzzing. So jealous. In Ireland, sweet potatoes/yams are 2 euro each! Ouch.

  14. 21 littlemissminny

    If I had the body like yours, I would wear it 🙂 Go for it girl 🙂

  15. I LOVE that outfit, so it’s a do for me…

    Your eats are again so good. Well, I don’t know exactly (because I didn’t eat them), but they must be!;)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

    • 23 snackface

      julia – I think it’s safe to pretend as though you got to taste the food! I often feel that way when I read other people’s eats, as though I’m enjoying it too. But I say go ahead and make it all! YUM!

  16. 24 Jess

    I always say wear whatever the hell you want. Honestly, it matters less than zero what I, or anyone else, thinks.

    But, for what it’s worth, you look splendiferous.

    • 25 snackface

      Jess – I love your mindset! And also, is it OK if I steal “splendiferous”? Fab word!

  17. While I despise people who wear leggings as pants (at least the girls at my school…with white leggings YIKES!), you pull it off quite nicely! Work those gams girl! 😉

    That sweet potato casserole in a bowl looks delish! I just had Cherry Pecan Coconut Oats. I’m so glad oats are making a comeback!

  18. HI BB!!, Soooo, I giggled so when I saw this post and its pictorial bc my post today is going to discuss leggings!! Yay! Loveeee youuu (doy.).

  19. How do you make your oats so fluffy and sexy looking haha? Sweet potato is a great idea! Love the PB drizzle!
    You know what? The outfit is a DO! I like it I think it looks great, especially with a shirt like that all sinched with a belt. Good job girl!

  20. I wear leggings, so I say a “do.”

  21. hey i live in the midwest and i wear leggings allll the time! i live on a huuuge college campus and there’s tons of girls everywhere in leggings (usually with pikachus fully exposed…i might add), so i have never gotten a stare or disdainful look 🙂 i loved your outfit btw! if you like the way you look, than nobody else’s opinion really matters anyway right? fo sho!

  22. 31 Little Bookworm


    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I just thought I would comment and say how much I enjoy reading it. 🙂

    • 32 snackface

      Little Bookworm – Awww thank you so much for coming out of your commenting closet! I am so, so happy that you find SnackFace enjoyable! Thanks for reading!

  23. I wore a v. similar outfit yesterday, so I’m gonna go ahead and label that a DO…:D I was just telling my roommate that I”ll be SO sad when leggings go out of style, but will wear them anyway so isss all good!!
    Have a great weekend loviepie!

  24. Oh, I think you look adorable! Trust me, all those people giving you the googly eye were just thinking, “Dang! Why can’t I wear something like that!” Fer reallll.

  25. people are rude, but maybe they weren’t laughing at you? if so, it was straight jealousy 🙂 i wear similar outfits all the time and don’t look half as good as you do, so i say rock on!

  26. 36 Yasmin

    Do, Do, Do!! You have the style and class to pull it off. Others…not so much!

  27. 37 Tina

    The outfit is a definite DO!! If people can’t accept it, they obviously don’t know what’s going on in the fashion world right now. You can definitely pull it off!

    And those oats….oh my.

  28. 38 Kelsey

    love atl housewives! such a guilty pleasure show….
    cute outfit, and congrats on your awesome grade!

  29. 39 Anna

    It’s a DO DO DO! Personally, I think leggings are like the way hotter older sister of sweatpants. They’re super comfy, black, and are the perfect partners for a hot pair of boots. I rock this all the time, and I see it all over campus, and I think that it Pittsburgh can accept this, so can Athens. And you’ve got the legs to wear them, so just forget all those haters and rock the stretchy pants!

    • 40 snackface

      Anna – “I think leggings are like the way hotter older sister of sweatpants.” YOU ARE BRILLIANT! Hahaha I love this description! Thanks for the confidence boost! Looks like I’ll be wearing this ‘fit again!

  30. Um leggings are pants, and you look absolutely fabulous in that outfit, so keep rocking it!

  31. leggings are most definitely a DO!! silly midwest, they just don’t know what’s up 🙂

    this weekend is yet another study weekend…hmm but maybe i’ll make it to the IU vs. OSU game….since it’s going to be redic

  32. I grew up in ky, and I was always being sent home or defending my apperance, I wore leggings and whatever the style was in vogue in 2000, people just don’t like change. I live in the natti and can say that still people don’t get it, unless youe outfit is monogrammed in coach or fake louie, then your either stared at and ridiculed or you get creepers. Flaunt it, you are beautiful all the way through, wear it proud and don’t cave in and you should check out, Summer S. works or owns the store, and the place is amazing for the latest head turning fashion. It’s pricey but well worth it, keep rockin the style and blog. xoxo b

    • 44 snackface

      earthybrit – Thank you so much for being so darn sweet! I love the confidence you have to wear whatever, whenever, no matter what’s en vogue. There’s a Vogue article you may enjoy, by the way, from the June or July issue (with Sienna Miller on the cover), where this woman writes about how her wearing leggings was her form of freedom and staying true to herself. Jadore. So I went to and it was some website for tools! Hahaha, but then I Googled the store and discovered the fab brands Suki offers. Thanks for the tip!

  33. I love the outfit! I don’t see many people here wearing leggings like that, but it’s super cute.

    I’m looking forward to getting a new PR (hopefully!) tomorrow in our 5K race, watching lots of football and enjoying some good fall weather.

    • 46 snackface

      brandi – Thanks for the kind words! More importantly though, GOOD LUCK with achieving a new PR!!!!! You are going to DOMINATE!!!!

  34. girl is that even a question! that outfit is such a GLAMOUR DO 🙂

  35. 48 maren

    love your blog… and i always wear leggings as pants, so definitely a DO! love your style and outfit 🙂

  36. A DO! I have almost the exact same shirt and I wear it just like you do- belted with leggings. Cute + comfy- love it!


  37. I’ve never had sweet potato casserole either. The marshmallow topping just doesn’t jive with me – sounds weird! Also, talking about money makes me anxious and I hate it as well.

    Personally I LOVE the outfit! Very cute! ‘Pikachu’ haha, best term ever! My weekend is not looking to be that great – work, studying, rain, blah. Next weekend?! Oh Lordy, excitement!! K-bay-bay will be taking off to a mystery city 🙂


  38. TOTAL DO!

    you cannot listen to midwesterners on fashion. as a fellow midwesterner, i advise that you look absolutely adorable and i am diggin the braid in yo hair. ummmm how have we not had lengthy discussions about musicals before? because i love glee and singin in the rain IS my favorite movie ever.

    love you! have a beautiful day!

  39. 52 mycupofteas

    Glamour DO! leggings are almost ALWAYS the perfectly cute and comfy part of any outfit 🙂

  40. I think the outfit looked great on you! I say wear it again. I lived in the Midwest for a year and sometimes they are a little behind when it comes to fashion (not that I myself am really into it anyway).

  41. It’s a straight up DO. I mean, why wear pants when you can walk around leggings?

  42. i would wear leggings every single day if i could! ehhh and sometimes i totally do! i feel weird if i’m NOT wearing yoga pants or leggings LOL. definitely DO although there are some areas where they are WAY more common, that’s for sure.

  43. Wear it! They were probably all staring because you looked so pulled together! Just wait; everyone will start wearing your look next week! You’ll start a trend! And who cares what anyone thinks? Seriously?! You like how you looked and felt in it, that’s all that matters! Have a fantastic weekend!

  44. Adorable!!! I love your style:) Keep on Rocking it!
    I am eating Sabra hummus for the first time after seeing it on almost every foodie blog And it is Delish.. Your bowl of goodies looks delightful! mmm mango chutney What is Parma?

  45. I have no idea why people would be hatin’ on your outfit!! It’s adorable, and like you said, you have the important parts covered!! 🙂 Rock it girl!

  46. 59 fembotsfactory

    Leggings aren’t my thang, but maybe that’s because out in Cali people wear them to WORK in an OFFICE and I don’t need to see all of that!

    That said if you wear it and own it, I must respect it! Do whatcha gotta do!

    P.S. Your hair is very pretty! Have you ever cut it short/thought about cutting it? I don’t have the discipline to grow mine out past shoulder length…I always wanna CHOP CHOP CHOP!

  47. 60 lowandbhold

    I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fat of leggings as pants but I wouldn’t really say that’s exactly what you’re doing here. Like you said the badunk and pikachu are covered, so you’re good. It’s when ladies (who usually aren’t as hot as you) where leggings with surrrious undy-lines and a belly shirt that I take offense. You look hot!

  48. 61 lowandbhold

    where = wear (It’s Friday, lo siento)

  49. I am notorious for rocking spandex’s with oversized shirts — so obv I say it’s a maj DO! then again — maybe we’re both just hootchie mamas?! as long as your not exposing the vajeeeen then it’s a-okay in my book. I’m sure peeps were just starin’ ’cause you look so hawt… work it, Kaylaaaaaay!

    mad mad love to you schnookums! ❤

  50. 63 Amanda

    My thought is that leggings are totally hot as long as your butt is covered. They should not just be treated like jeans, but more like tights. You look good 🙂

  51. 64 lo

    Twinsie, the midwest is so ready fr leggings as pants, or at least just chicago? I wear them everyday and will continue doing so when Its negative 3 outside 🙂 keep rockin that look!


    ps I’m so at work right now being sneaky with this comment. I might also be a tad hungover lol

  52. 65 elise

    ayayay. does that answer your Q? (its a Yeah)

    holler for the HHH comida. way to rock it girl.

    xmas music? already? hmmm…maybe in a week or so. aw hell, why not!

  53. 66 Katie

    The outfit’s a “do” fo sho! I went to OU and, as much as I loved it, let’s face it, it’s just not a fashion forward place. I mean, people practically wear pajamas to class and the most popular accessory is an OHIO baseball cap! Love ur boots btw!

  54. 67 risrocksout

    love the triple H bowl, i think it’s one of those combos that is just total paradoxical fantabulousness!!!
    … and the outfit is a total ‘do’ – thick leggings as pants are all over the place on my campus, and are so cute as long as the shirt is long enough – i rocked them with a belted oversize flannel manshirt last night and people loved (though it can be a don’t p i’ve seen the horror that is someone wearing a waytooshort top w. leggings that is total whatwereyouthinking is this aerobics class? w/ strip of exposed belly!)
    i lovelovelove – awesome for layering!

  55. It’s a do! Except I did it a couple months back and got equally strange stares….I also live in the Midwest. You know what? I don’t think they’re ready for this jelly aka our badonkadonks. So there.
    Your outfit is SASSY and I love it! xxx

  56. I like the outfit. I know what you mean though; I always feel semi-naked in leggings.

  57. Um excuse me please – sweet potato casserole oats?!?! What??? As soon as I find sweet potato puree I’m trying that. And darlin – I LOVE that outfit. You look hot/cute/adorable all in one. Screw what the midwest thinks! Leggings sure work!

  58. 71 Polly

    I think the top needs to be a little longer. You are clearly gorgeous and have a killer body but I am just not a fan of leggings without a decent oversized top.

    • 72 snackface

      Polly – Thanks for the honest feedback AND for the super sweet compliments!

  59. 73 Lizzy

    Its a total Do Do Do! I’ve actually had this same outfit as a vision, i just bought the cutest “boyfriend” button down that i plan on wearing with black leggings! Girl you got made style and i LOVE It! 🙂 anyone else give you looks, just let me know! we’ll tell them whats up! 🙂

    ur so adore girl! lovvee it, hope your weekend is FAB!

  60. 74 Amanda

    Of course that’s a Do! Can’t see why people are so shocked. Actually, here in Sweden, about everyone wears leggins like you do (:

  61. 75 randomlymikey

    okay this is going to sound really weird…but…. the other day i was watching the sandlot with my son. ever seen it? well the lifeguard chick totally reminded me of you. anywwaaayyyssss…i say if you have the bod for leggings, rock em!

  62. 76 MamaJ

    All those leggings need are a smart little pair of black booties. It will turn those 34 inch leggs that your standing on look more like 60. After all I am your personal stylist. Look out Racheal Zoe, Mama J is building her own project.

  63. just found your blog- love love love it! the outfit is a total do and obviously the ohioans have no style whatsoever! leggings = love! can’t wait to read more 🙂

    • 78 snackface

      whitney – Ahh! Welcome to SnackFace! I so happy you’re enjoying it and liking the outfit! Woopwoop!

  64. I LOVE IT! This style is super popular in Asia. I tried wearing it here also and people did give a weird look. But anyone with style would like it!
    so definitely its a do!

  65. kailey I just love your fashion style!! totally adorable and looks so comfy 🙂
    sweet potato oatmeal!!?? totally bookmarked this post for the recipe!!

  66. So I stumbled upon your blog a days ago, and holllaaa INSPIRATION.
    Okay, love that you post your outfits- wish I would have thought of that like 3 years ago, I could have had a go to glossary for all my fave ensembles.

    Never fear about those leggings. COMPLETELY in agreement that they are pants. IF you can wear them to yoga- you can wear them on the streets.

    Sweet potato oats= delish. And, whenever I have oats they usually keep my well nourished for a good 5 hours as well, so yeah, they’re my go to breakfast as of late. 🙂

  67. I don’t get it. What is wrong with that outfit? I LOVe it. Do we all have to dress the same? I say if you look fabulous, just wear it with pride! I’ll bet ppl are staring at you because you look WAY too gorgeous.

    What PB do you use? how is it that drizzly? Mine comes out in clumps, lol…

    • 84 snackface

      burpexcuseme – Hey sweetpea! First up, thanks so much for the amazingly kind words! Secondly, the peanut butter is Trader Joe’s Organic Unsalted Chunky peanut butter. The trick to keeping it drizzly is not refrigerating it. I know that’s bad, but I don’t want it to harden!

  68. I really like your outfit! Practically everyone in NYC wears leggings during the winter, commonly paired with uggs or some other boots.

  69. 86 Katharina

    I’m with Sophia – there’s nothing wrong with that outfit! The first thing I thought was.. OH MY GOSH I LOVE HER OUTFIT! I sometimes find that things that I wear gets stares, but I know that my outfit is awesome. It just depends what people are use to seeing – you’ve just got a lot of fabulosity, and that may be hard for the Midwest to comprehend lol.


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