Fall into the Gap


Ahoy! Allow me to first address how AMAZING the blog community is. You are all the sweetest things on the planet. Your comments on the outfit pictures and yesterday’s post in general had me floating all day!

I wasn’t floating, however, at 9am, when my alarm went off. Muffin and I went out for a bit last night, and I didn’t get to bed until 3am. Whoops! Needless to say, I was anchored to my bed when the alarm sang its sweet song. Mother Nature loves to step in when I want to stay in bed, though. Any thoughts of sleeping in were shot.

Because I was prepping for a workout, I had half this bar prior to a fab gym session, and the other half post-workout:

Cookies n' Cream Clif Builder

Cookies n' Cream Clif Builder

I was laying on my bed while eating this, trying to figure out the layers. The top layer reminds me of Pure Protein bars, and the bottom crunchy layer is very Luna-riffic. This was a treat:

Complete with teef marks.

Complete with teef marks.

I walked in the extreme fall weather wearing just a sweatshirt, a tee and shorts. The misty rain, breeze and chilly temperature reminded me of Outer Sunset (where I lived over the summer) weather! The good ol’ days…

Workouts are even more magnificent in colder weather because I know it’s the one time in my day I’ll be hot and sweaty. These are positives to me. Fifty minutes of elliptical (where I managed to read chapter six of my Online Journalism text and a bit of an old Vogue!) was followed by the usual ab work. My bod was craving stretching, so I did intervals of stretches in-between sets. I ran into Muffin on my way out of the gym! What a joyous reunion to start the day.

Before I left the gym, though, I went to the restroom to test out a new-to-me product:

You know I only picked these up because SJP is the model. I kid. They were the cheapest and sounded the most natural!

You know I only picked these up because SJP is the model. I kid. They were the cheapest and sounded the most natural!

These Garnier Nutritioniste detoxifying towelettes were a breath of fresh air to my sweaty face (and back and chest–cannot have bacne…or chacne, for that matter). I have sensitive skin, but my face loved these and didn’t turn red or experience any kind of rash. It’s a new fave, fa sho.

Choir was the usual. We’re learning all our music now, which can be tedious, but it’s always worth the work. I galloped home afterward, showered quickly and dressed in toasty layers:

Where are the layers!

Where are the layers!

The somewhat pregnant-woman look of leggings and a long, loose tee would not suffice, so I had to fall into the Gap:

My favorite thick, creme-colored Gap sweater that Santa gave me for Christmas two years ago.

My favorite thick, creme-colored Gap sweater that Santa gave me for Christmas two years ago.

This robe-like sweater is warmer than some of the coats and jackets I own. I’d wear it more often if I wasn’t terrified to spill coffee and accidentally draw pen on it.

Creative juices were flowing after dressing for the day, which was evident in what has to be one of my favorite lunches since VegNews:

Gorgeousness explosion.

Gorgeousness explosion.

I’ll start with the veggies. I wanted a bell pepper with salsa, but dreaded the thought of taking a picture with that heinous tupperware cup again. Next thing I knew, I was filling half a pepper with salsa and arranging this on the plate:

When the dippable pieces were gone, I merely picked up the second half and devoured it.

When the dippable pieces were gone, I merely picked up the second half and devoured it.

When I wasn’t crunching, I was moaning over this:

Where do I begin?

Where do I begin?

On one half of a toasted Arnold’s thin, I spread a spoonful of TJ’s canned sweet potato puree. Then, I dusted on cinnamon, layered half a banana on top of that, sprinkled more cinnamon and topped it with a drizzle of TJ’s peanut butter. The other half was dressed with a spoon of sweet potato puree, cinnamon and TJ’s Mango Ginger Chutney. Though both halves were delicious (and when occasionally combined, tasted fan-freaking-tastic), this half was my favorite:

It doesn't get better than sweet potato, banana, cinnamon and peanut butter. It just doesn't.

It doesn't get better than sweet potato, banana, cinnamon and peanut butter. It just doesn't.

Lunch made me so happy that the only music to suit my mood was that of the Christmas variety. I realize this makes me somewhat of a freak. I’ve accepted it. I own it.

I headed off to class, where I learned about things I should be doing with my blog(s). Homegirl has homework in this department.

From 4:35pm to about 4:50 I visited Muffin at work. We discussed the details about some major upcoming plans, and then I made my way uptown.

Do you see the leggings in the outfit pics? Well, the elastic waist was completely shot. This left me with the waist clinging onto my hiney crack with every step I took. I got so annoyed that I stopped into a store uptown, bought the last pair of black leggings they had and changed in the dressing room. Much better.

I went to The Farmacy for a few items (kale, carrots, hummus, mustard, grapes, etc.) and was famished when I returned to my humble abode. A few mushrooms with hummus gave me enough power to assemble a lovely salad:

Mushroom and kale salad in orange lighting.

Mushroom and kale salad in orange lighting.

In the mix: kale, mushrooms, carrot ribbons, balls, vegan Monterey Jack cheese, balsamic, TJ’s salsa and Parma! It was a lovely salad with an even lovelier accompaniment:

Blurry butternut squash fries with ketchup. Oh wow.

Blurry butternut squash fries with ketchup. Oh wow.

You all know I love me some cheetahs, but butternut squash fries give them a serious run for their spots. With a ton of butternut left, I’m more than happy to cheat on my cheetahs.

As I typed this puppy, I finished a box of TJ’s Multi-Grain crackers and a Diet Hansen’s Black Cherry Soda. Naughty, right?

Muffin will be making her way over soon, and we are going to watch Glee and some trashy reality television. I’m pumped!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Which orange-hued food is your favorite?

This is an impossible question! I love sweet taters, pumpkin (even though I can’t find ANY canned pumpkin here), butternut squash, kabocha, acorn… I can’t choose! I’m going to cop out and say Diet Sunkist. (That’s nowhere near being a food–I’m aware.)


57 Responses to “Fall into the Gap”

  1. 1 homegirlcaneat

    HI LOVEBUG! I really loved this post today. I don’t even know why. I think it’s because your lunch and your face in the mirror picture. It reminds me of those days when we would dance on the bench at Kells or at the STAGE at Fiddlers and know that we were on top of the world. On the subject of being on top of world, I wonder what GG is up to…. probably buying everyone drinks in his limo he takes to get pizza.

    Fav orange thangs = that one layer in the triple layer hummus. And any squash. And raw carrots. And orange juice to store my vodka in.


  2. 2 HannahBanana

    amazing again Kailey!!!! Im always so inspired by this blog.

  3. LOVE the outfits again!!

    **Favorite orange-hued food = SWEET POTATOES!!!!! I eat them daily. No joke.

  4. heyy girlie!
    i adore your black outfit with the leggings and scarf! it is super cute!!

  5. AHAHAhaha Christen Chenowith is a crazy i freakin love her!!!! (Dare I say she reminds me of another fave singin’ zany blonde I know? :D) LOVE U!
    I love that u conquered the leggin’s situation- I have at least 7 pairs of black ones, my fave are H&M ones that go to my ankles (which us giraffes know is a difficult feat!) I’m sooo with u on the gorgeous white comfy sweater..i have one that I’m obsessed with but never wear for fear of tainting it. Ho Hum I’ll just stick with this mangy ol college sweatshirt 🙂

    • 6 snackface

      carolinebee – Muffin and I watched Glee and were amazed. Kristin Chenowith is wildly talented! And thank you for the H+M leggings tip! If only I would have known when I was in SF, I would have stocked up! Shoooo.

  6. 7 Tra

    mmm clif builder bars. i like the chocolate one. i love kabocha, and butternut squash. oranges rock to.

  7. 8 angieinatlanta

    I love big, comfy sweaters like that! It’s like cuddling with yourself, but in a non-dirty way!

  8. Impossible question! Any and all squashes steal my heart. I don’t really crave them anymore, but Doritos used to be my favorite favorite favorite drunchie food. Artificial-tastic!

    • 10 snackface

      Daria – HOLLAAAA to the Doritos! There was one night last year when Muffin and I split an entire huge bag of Doritos. They are so nasty and amazing. I’m thankful that being vegan means I can avoid them now. Oh who am I kidding? I miss em!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE those garnier towelettes, i use them every day post-workout and pre-bed. i have super sensitive skin too and i’ve never had any weird reaction/breakout from them. loves it.

    i also love your mirror pics. i used to post my outfit every day on my bloggie and it’s super awk. i used to put on the self-timer, put the camera on my dresser and run to somewhere in my bedroom that i thought was in line with the camera. most of the time i was wrong. epic fail.

    i can’t discriminate against any orangey hued food, but if i absolutely had to pick, i’d go with sweet taters. you can do anything with them! (twss)

  10. You look so cozy!

    And sweet potatoes, fo sho.


  11. I love your little bell pepper cup!

    I love all things orange too…sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, and butternut squash are the best! I just made butternut squash fries for dinner too 🙂

  12. pumpkin all the way! canned pumpkin, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin cereal, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pie icecream

  13. Omg CANNOT pick on the orange front. Bnut, SP and pumpkin, ooooh my. I love all ma babies haha. I always eat my bell peppers like that (my grandma taught me haha), but I haven’t in a while.. Need to change that!


  14. I absolutely love that sweater! Face orange food would have to be anything pumpkin!


  15. 17 Lizzy

    RAW CARROTS! i seriously could eat pounds a day! <—– thats not even a lie!

    your title of your post made me smile, I work at the gap! 🙂 get it girl, that sweater looks AMAZING on you 🙂


    • 18 snackface

      Lizzy – So happy to hear the title made you smile! I am such a Gap girl– I give you props for working there! I don’t think I could fold all day.

  16. I love your “surprised” look in the mirror! LOL you’re funny 😉 Um pretty sure I am completely obsessed with pumpkin. Hello!? The best thing ever!!

  17. i SO needed your help today at the mall. i still bought some stuff (of course, haha) but fall is totally not my season of choice. i’m more of a summer girl and am totally clueless on fall cuteness. you, on the other hand, are ROCKING IT 😀

    • 21 snackface

      gina (fitnessista) – Awww thanks for the sweet compliment! I would have LOVED to help you with your shopping trip (or really, just to get to meet you, ya know!), but I’m sure you did a bossy job!

  18. ah. 😦 i always where leggings and tops..

    my fav. orange food is pumpkin.

    • 23 snackface

      Devan G Newman – Oh my goodness, I hope it didn’t sound as though I was hatin’ on the leggings+top combo! You’ll see in my next outfit that I am kinda addicted now! I still feel semi-naked wearing leggings as pants, though! Oh well!

  19. Kailey I absolutely adore your chic black sweater and leggings look! You look stunning and so so skinny in it!!!! I love the scarf too! You look absolutely wonderful!

  20. Totally impossible question! I love pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe the most though:)

  21. I love pumpkin. I make my own puree after Halloween and freeze it to use all year. You would be surprised at the obnoxious amount of flesh in a couple medium pumpkins!

    • 27 snackface

      J @ Whole Body Love – Of course I’m too lazy to think of taking flesh from an actual pumpkin and doing the dirty work myself! Haha, I love this simple, wonderful idea!

  22. Gap sweaters, bns fries and a cool double wrapped scarf..my idea of a perfect day! I love Orange Crush and Carrot sticks:)

  23. ok those face wipes totally make me miss the amazing NATURAL ones you had this summer to try out for vegnews. ugh they just felt so good and not sticky! im very happy you continued with the crazy kailey mirror faces 🙂 all your food looks amazing as usual.

    oh and to brooke… i like to think that im special. don’t kill it for me. that was the best pizza ive ever not eaten

  24. SWEET POTATOES. Cannot be said enough.

    I loved the black outfit with the blue scarf! Cute!

  25. Hi girl!
    I love love love that weater…Looks great!
    And those eats, make me drooling. In the morning I’m drooling by pictures from your lunch and dinner, that’s right. It looks that good!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  26. Hands down, kabocha. I’m a Kabocha-freak.
    And girl, you can wear a raggedy sack and still look gorgeous! But I like the first outfit a bit more! >.<

    • 33 snackface

      sophia – Haha I KNEW kabocha would be your fave- you are the queen of it 🙂 And thanks for thinking I’d look OK in a sack. The all-black look was supah comfy, but too cold to wear roaming about campus. Today’s outfit is…interesting. I’ll be interested in your input!

  27. I wish I had that big comfy sweater right now. Although I don’t think I could wear it in public because I’m so short it would look like a moo-moo on me 😉

    I want that sweet p, PB, banana concoction! It sounds like perfection!

    Kailey! How on earth do you expect me to choose a favorite orange food?!?! It’s all good to me, I could never choose between them!

  28. 35 Yasmin

    Definitely pulled the outfit together. I could never choose between pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

  29. 36 Brandi

    tie between sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

    this makes me want leggings! I just never know what to wear them with.

    • 37 snackface

      Brandi – I totally understand the legging dilemma! I’ve had them for years but rarely have used them…until now. We’ll figure them out!

  30. I have to say though I effin’ HATE the chilly weather with a burning passion — I do like that it motivates me to work out. this chick will do whatever she has to to warm up her bod, if it takes a hot and sweaty yoga class… so be it.

    I love the way you tie your scarf snackie — I just wrap it around my neck a few times like a lazaaay beotch.

    happy thursday snackfizzle ❤

  31. Your lunch looks amazing, I was drooling, you owe me a new keyboard lol.
    I feel the same way about working out when it’s cold, I look forward to being warm/hot for the duration of the workout, makes it that much easier!

  32. 40 Nadia

    Where is the scarf from? It’s so pretty! Enjoy your blog a lot! And you just inspired me to make some butternut squash fries tonight.

    • 41 snackface

      Nadia – I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed the magic of b-nut squash fries! The scarf was a gift from MamaJ (I have one in pink, too), and she bought it in a casino shop! Hahaha! Thanks so much for enjoying SnackFace!

  33. 42 lowandbhold

    I love the outfil again! You look so put together! I have a serious problem with leggings because I carry any and all weight in my tum, so it feels like I have an unsighly bulge. Although I’m probably imagining it. I’m going to try again this season though!

    That lunch was truly inspiring. Love it.

    Fave orange foods – sweet potato, bnut squash and raw carrots. Are mangos orange?

    • 43 snackface

      lowandbehold – Sugarplum! I am sure this “bulge” is all in your head! I’m in full support of your giving leggings another go this year! Try some loose, longer tops over leggings, but belted high at the waist. That could work! And how could I forget MANGOES!!! They are definitely a shade of orange!

  34. YOU ARE KILLING ME TODAY! with boths eats and clothes. first thangs first, LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit today. tights and boots are a gal’s best friend during these fall times. also, your comment on my bloggy made my day (in addition to a homemade card from homegirl). i am so happy i could get you into the fall mood and j’adore this fabulous season! lurve you lots!

    p.s. that sweet potato mixture looks out of this world – i WILL be trying that!

    fave orange food: sweet potaterssssss!

  35. I have to say pumpkins!!

    I love the garnier towelettes, I use them everyday before my workouts!

    Love your outfit! Super cute scarf.

  36. girlfriend, love the fit.
    sweet tater puree, naner, plus pb? lush.
    i’ve had squash fries the last two nights, they be bomb nasty. favorite orange huged food? since i don’t think candy corn will count i’m going with sweet taters… or pumpkin. ha! shit this is hard.
    have a balla thursday woman!

  37. 47 karmalily

    I love the salsa-filled pepper! That’s such a cute idea!

  38. Is it just me or have you not been superrrr creative with your mid-day lunches lately?!

    That sandwich sounds absolutely divine, and I would have never thought to combine all those flavas together! First thing i’m doing once home for thanksgiving-buying tj’s mango ginger chutney and making one of yo’ meannnn concoctions with it!

    And I love that long sweater. I need one of those by November, it’s gonna get cold here eventually!

    Fave orange foods? Carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin….love, love, love!

  39. 49 mycupofteas

    I have the very same carpet as the one in your room! 🙂

  40. you are one georg girl!

    and so is that sammie you got there! wow I almost took a bite from my computer!!

    TJs mango chutney is SOOO good!

    have you seen the new apple ginger chutney?? it comes in the same jar and its sooo good! nice change from the mango chutney once in a while!

    fav orange food??
    pumpkin, sweet potato!!

  41. 51 Muffin

    My favorite orange food is ARBY’S CURLY FRIES! I can’t believe I was the first person to say this

  42. 52 Tina

    I loooved your outfit! That scarf is so cute.

    And I’m def jealous of the butternut fries. I miss having an oven and TIME to make them!


  43. Isn’t salsa and bell peppers one of the best edible spoons (well besides shroomies and hummus of course)!?

    Dear twin – not only are we blonde bombshells with gray, flat boots BUT we both listen to Christmas music ridiculously early (Santa Baby was blaring out of my iPod today) and have a very similar baby blue scarf. Loves you!!

    Orange foods: I don’t have just ONE favorite! Come on, that has to be a trick question 😉

  44. Kailey! i love snackface!! i’m from cincinnati tooo & my cousin goes to OU…ha small-ish world. i’d love for you to check out my new blog if you ever you have a chance

    i am torn between carrots & sweet potatoes…too hard to choose 🙂

    soo glad to see that someone else loves GLEE! it makes my thursday mornings (ha i have a meeting every wednesday at 9 ugh)

  45. YOUR LUNCH. oH my god. Sounds great!

    Orange foods? Probably peaches or pumpkin butter. Or any kind of squash/sweet potato. Everything! Love the looks of your outfit today…or yesterday, was it? So simple yet sassY!


  46. Oh and I work/worked at the GAP so I have to support your sweater!

  47. I’ve been loving your addition of outfits to your daily blog! (and yes, I’m muy behind on commenting)…and yes, I thought your leggings/collared shirt/sweater with boots was a do! (I’m multitasking my comments).

    Also, I love that you say Teef! My pals and I do too…and here I thought we were the only weridos!

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