The Big Chill


Buongiorno! Tuesday has been an incredible and wacky day!

It all started when I went to bed at 3am. Perhaps I should have expected I would sleep through my 6:50am and 7 alarms. Somehow, something from within shot me out of bed at 7:20. Twenty minutes off schedule isn’t terrible, but it was not what I had in mind.

I immediately put coffee in the maker, washed my face, put dishes away and made a fast and delicious breakfast:

A delightful (albeit hidden) cereal mess with black Koffee.

A delightful (albeit hidden) cereal mess with black Koffee.

In the bowl: Nature’s Path Multibran Flakes, red puffed wheat, banana, almond milk warmed with chia seeds, cinnamon and TJ’s Organic Unsalted Peanut Butter drizzle. This was such a scrumptious breakfast that I went a little crazy with taking photos. Medium shot:

Now you can start to see globs of chia gel. Tastes like nothing but adds fat and fiber!

Now you can start to see globs of chia gel. Tastes like nothing but adds fat and fiber!

And for the extreme close-up:

Divinity! Banana peanut butter perfection.

Divinity! Banana peanut butter perfection.

This was a powerhouse breakfast! It kept me happily full during my 9am to 11 class, where I turned in a paper and we talked about how to find the proper sources when writing for a business-to-business publication.

When I returned home at 11, I wasn’t hungry, just cold, so I fixed some Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea and caught up on emails. Gracious commenter Sara noted she’d like to see these outfits I sometimes describe, and suggested I take pics and share. This seems like a good idea, but I’m afraid it’s going to make me look very Summer’s Eve-y, if you know what I’m saying. However, I will share what I wore to celebrate The [First] Big Chill of the season:

Let's ignore my face in this one. Street look.

Let's ignore my face in this one. Street look.

The look:
-Pleather bomber jacket: Target, circa 2006
-Ralph Lauren cropped sweater: Outlet in Florida, circa 2006
-Gap pastel pink tee: Gap, circa 2005
-American Eagle reversible belt (I know): AE, circa 2003
-RU Blue skinny jeans: Express, circa 2006
-Dr. Scholl’s green suede flat boots (so not vegan, I’m sorry!): Zappos, circa February 2008
**What I’m noticing: I need to update my wardrobe! Oh my gosh, it’s almost 2010 and I’m still wearing my high school clothes!

Sans jacket for the classroom look. I wear this sweater when I can stand to be half cold.

Sans jacket for the classroom look. I wear this sweater when I can stand to be half cold. And shout-out to the mole on my stomach.

I’m not a very exciting dresser, so I apologize if that was painful.

Anyway, I packed a little lunch for after my English exam:

Honeycrisp, spinach and hummus wrap, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea that I never used and green beans with a pickle.

Honeycrisp, spinach and hummus wrap, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea that I never used and green beans with a pickle.

The English exam went really well! I had so much to say and not enough time! My mind was so busy I didn’t notice I was starving until I left the classroom promptly at 2pm, sore and throbbing hand in-tact. I skipped over to Baker Center’s cafe, the Front Room, to eat my lunch and read for class. This was a chilly lunch on a chilly day, but it was yummy. It took a good 25 minutes to eat, and then I went across the street to the library to play on the Internet. Addiction.

Film class was painfully slow today. I’m sorry if any of you are into German Expressionism, circa 1919, but it was torture. The movie we watched made no sense and could have ended 20 minutes earlier than it did. I’m no critic, though.

On my walk home I chatted with MamaJ. Apparently, the ice machine in our fridge flooded the kitchen and the basement! Everything is sorted out now, thank goodness. MamaJ also had an odd karma day, which she discovered when dressing her hot dog at Target. The mustard pump exploded on her, thus causing her dog’s condiments to spray onto her person. I felt awful (but was laughing hysterically) when she said: “I have mustard all over me and smell like a pickle!” MamaJ, I love you. You crack me up!

I got right to work when I came home. Kittens, it’s here! I’ve written my first blog post for the blog I must maintain for Online Journalism! Please head over to College Green Tooth to check out what the additional blog will cover! I’m hoping to get great discussions rolling on that one!

After I wrote that I was starving. I had been envisioning an H-Cubed-style dinner. This scrumptious bowl warmed my big chill:

Don't let its vommy appearance throw you. This was fabulous!

Don't let its vommy appearance throw you. This was fabulous!

You will be seeing this again very, very soon! First, I heated up five balls in the micro. Afterward, I chopped them up, added one raw ear of corn, halved cherry toms, chickpeas, a large glob of Sabra, TJ’s Chile sauce and TJ’s Mango Ginger Chutney. I threw it back into the micro for 20 seconds, then took it out and stirred. Topped with Parma, this was a scrumptious, perfectly balanced bowl (in terms of flavor–you’d have to ask the expert on nutritionals). It had the sweet crunch of corn, savory chew of balls, soft pop of chickpeas, creamy consistency of hummus, surprising sweetness of chutney and a subtle heat from the Chile sauce and chipotle Parma! I supplemented this bowl with countless TJ’s Multi-grain crackers straight from the box. Sometimes a green salad just won’t do.

Now I’m going to relax a bit before heading to choir sectionals from 8:30pm to 9:30 and then socializing with Muffin! Despite chilly weather and four hours of sleep, this day has been wonderful! It’s all in the ‘tude. (And maybe writing out those goals on my last post!) I hope everyone’s warming up to fall and having a glorious week thus far!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How do you feel about the pictures of outfits? Obnoxious? Do I look like a tool? Should I continue this on fashionable days? It’s all up to you!!! ALSO, how old are the clothes you constantly wear?

I mean, 2003, 2005, 2006? Really? Snackie needs some funding for a new wardrobe! I make it work, though (I think).


56 Responses to “The Big Chill”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfits photos!! Keep ’em coming, girl!!

    The clothes I constantly wear are about 1 year old.

  2. I love the outfit photos! Especially that jacket and those boots – gorgeous!

    Most of my clothes are old old old. But like Aaliyah says, age ain’t nothing but a number.

  3. 3 Yasmin

    Are you kidding me?! I love, love, love the outfit! I wish I was as stylish as you and could pull that look off. Definitely keep up with the outfit posts. I really like clothes and tips/ideas. I don’t want to know how far back my clothes go back…sometimes the style comes back ya know?

  4. love the outfit photo πŸ™‚ I definitely have that belt somewhere in my closet at home

  5. JAJA not summer-evesy. Me gusta–keep em coming. Your dinner looks messy and delicious and perfecto… And I love your vegan blog! Can’t wait to read more!


  6. The outfits are ADORABLE! Cute boots! Keep them coming!

  7. your so silly! i think you look HOT in your photos!! my clothes are tres old too. I mean, I do have some NICE key staples in my closet.. and am always wanting more (of course, what girl doesnt). but i have sweaters and shoes circa 2005. hah.

    your food looks pretty danng tastay too!

  8. Hey there! I wanted to write to let you know that I made your sweet potato chips tonight for dinner and they were a huge hit. Check out tomorrow morning for a full recap! I’m gonna hyperlink your site so other readers can check you out! Thanks for the recipe!

  9. 9 HannahBanana

    All looks good K!! Come over sometime and write an article about what a organic obsessed foodie can do in her 11 by 11 room with only a micro wave and a toasted oven!!! Id really love some options besides hot orange blossom tea and nuking last nights generals tso’s tofu.


    • 10 snackface

      HannaBanana – AHHH!!!! I am freaking out right now because I am SO EXCITED you commented!!! I miss you like craycray! Even though we just talked, like, yesterday. Anyway, I will come over and see what we can do about your food and room sitch, fa sho. Love you!

  10. HAHAHA i think the marker of true blue fashion is when you can have lots of clothes from maybe 10 years ago and still look fabulous in them, no? you may call yourself a tool, i call you classic!

    LOVING that dinner combo and this whole post – your posts make me smile, which i obv j’adore. okay, heading off to go read yo otha blog.

    have a fabulous night love!

  11. Love the little motorcycle jacket! Adore it. Great buy–regardless of when you got it. I like….HAVE TO…buy new clothes every season. Not a lot, but new basics to keep thangs freyysh. Yay.

    “Savory chew of balls”….*giggle*…Sorry, I’m 10 years old.

  12. love the outfit photos!

    and lets put it this way…i still have sports bras and running shorts i wear from my sophomore year…OF HIGH SCHOOL. I never buy new clothes; LOL.

  13. I love the outfit pictures- PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE keep doing this!! You inspire me to get of UGGS and into cuter pleather heeled boots!! And i am dying for a leather (or pleather cuz we know my wallet is crying1) jacket! loves it!! and white sweaters are my most fav. thing EVER. seriously.

    love that breaky bowl and that you can put steamed green beans into a baggy and just go! I gotta try that!!

    sorry mama j got mustard on herself!!

    hurray for a happy dayyyyyyyyy!

    mad love gurl,

    • 15 snackface

      glidingcalm – Honeybun! This comment totally made my day. You’re so enthusiastic you have me smiling like crazy. The green beans are actually just raw (delicious this way- I highly recommend it!) and MamaJ seems to be unable to remove mustard from her clothing. At least she’s in high spirits. Love you!!

  14. 16 Kelsey

    LOVE YOUR OUTIFT!!! that is something i would wear, especially the boots. i think you should keep posting outfit pics!

  15. 17 Allison

    I hope you don’t mind I made some cheetahs last night and blogged about them this morning. I included a reference to your blog to show where I got the idea. I am a little new to blogging and I wasn’t sure if it was proper to let you know.


  16. 18 Lizzy

    keep these outfit pics comin girl! i always forget to do my own ( yours look supes better)

    Dinner tonight looks amazing girl, i hope it fueled you through choir tonight, which by the way, you should totes post another song! πŸ™‚

  17. 19 britt likes beer

    so i was feeling really nostalgic tonight and i was thinking about the celery smell your san fran apartment had 😦

    so as long as the clothes pics are accompanied by one of my fav kailey hilar faces they arent douchey. all your eats look amaze. i was eating tj’s today too! ahh how i miss you.

    btw have you figured out what the surprise is yet?!?!

  18. I just read your other blog! Why ya gotta be so damn talented?! I’ll give some credit to mamaj! It was fun, witty and well-written! I loooved it. And, I loved this blog post. As per usual!

    I’m kinda drooling over that breakfast AND dinner (and lunch…). I cannot wait to re-create that poopy-looking mess, hahahah. And chia gel! I have yet to try it!

    Looove your fashion shots. Totally reminds me of high school, when my friends and I would take pos-y pictures in front of the bathroom mirror before dances! Haha! The jacket is fierce, and I need those boots.

    xoooo! -jess

  19. 21 Sara

    Yay you shouted out to me! I LOVED this post and your 2 big tings – clothes pictures AND your new blog! Clever name for it, btw! It brings to mind a piece of spinach stuck on your teeth hahaha, as if you thoroughly enjoyed your meal!

    Thanks so very mucho for posting your clothing… it’s not summer’s eve-y at all! Hey your blog is all about what interests YOU and clothing may be it! You are creative and look great…I still wear my old clothes! No shame! I hope this will be a regular feature. You don’t even need to post the details of each clothing article unless you think people are going to ask about it/you draw attention to it, obv. It’s such a great parallel to food… I get SOOO many ideas (like your bowl today… holy yum!!) on different foods from blogs that I’d love to also get clothing ideas from this blog – I’m sure we’ll all think of new ways to wear clothes we already have!

  20. honey pie! i have 3 posts of yours in my reader! i feel so lost without you. i am in love with your chilled out fashion picks, you are super stylish my dear! green beans with a pickle.. another reason i adore you. haha.. glad i can be the nutritionally balanced expert! but s”weet crunch of corn, savory chew of balls, soft pop of chickpeas, creamy consistency of hummus, surprising sweetness of chutney and a subtle heat from the Chile sauce and chipotle Parma” sounds god damn perfect to me. oh, and i cant throw away clothes to save my life. but i never wear them. i jave shit from jr high i think. not cool. ok ok off to read two more. LOVE YOU!

  21. Awww you cutie!!! I love to see your fashion – right on!

  22. You are a adorable and anyone that tells you different is lying.

    Thankfully I have nothing still from high school, but I have lots of stuff from college and law school. I’m just glad it still fits, I guess? And my girls are DECKED OUT. I say, if you are cute, you can rock any look, no matter how old!

    Your meals are making me hungry…

  23. You look great! I love that jacket!
    And great that your exam went well, that’s always a good feeling, isn’t it?

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  24. I think you’re working your old wardrobe pretty well! Love the bomber jacket with sweater underneath and your sexy simple style.

    I made a big veggie salad last night with baba ganoush and chickpeas that I thought would be Snack Face approved!

    I miss packing lunches for school, I found a great bento box and it was a pleasure throwing different things into every compartment in the morning!

    • 27 snackface

      Gillian – Oooh “sexy simple style” sounds amazing. Thanks for that! And by the sounds of that salad, it was probably incredibly SnackFace-y! Also, I just spent a good 20 minutes enchanted with your latest blog posts. You are gorgeous and lovely!

  25. Show me the clothes girl! I love to see what other people are wearing because it gives me inspiration!

  26. 29 SΓΌnne

    I think you should keep the outfit pics. And don’t feel bad for wearing “older” clothes as long as you feel well in them. I mix it up, too (= old fashion combined with new ones) and even grab some of my mum’s jackets/shirts (she’s quite fashionable so no strange stuff, haha) every now and then.

  27. i love the outfit pics too! keep em’ comin’, especially on extra fashionable days πŸ™‚ i love your simple style and i love classic and feminine clothes. my wardrobe currently consists of yoga pants and as many layered shirts as i can find since it’s sooooo cold! i really want to get some more cute sweaters but i always have trouble finding inexpensive vegan sweaters for some reason. the kind i want are always long, pocketed, and super cute, but the majority that fit those standards are made with wool, cashmere, and/or angora 😦 ahh, well, I’ll just have to keep searching and in the mean time, stick it out in my fleece and polyester puffer jacket!

    • 31 snackface

      Cassie – First off, thank you for being so darn sweet! Secondly, you have me really thinking about the vegan sweater thing and how many of my sweaters aren’t vegan! I’ve had them for years, so I’ll most likely continue to wear them, but you bring up an excellent point. All the cute vegan clothing is super expensive! This is going to change in time– it must!

  28. Damn alarm clocks!! Mine didn’t go off this morning so I was running around like a crazy lady.

    LOVE the boots! I have a pair similar to those except their slouchy. Favorite pair of shoes I own πŸ™‚

    Ahhh don’t you hate it when you get an arm work out from writing so much on an exam? For one of my history classes we had 10 short answers and then a long ass essay question (~3-4 pages) for each exam. Oh my sweet Jesus – my right arm looked like Jay Robb while my left like Kate Moss.

    Since I buy so many basics, some of my clothes are ANCIENT but whatevs. Basics don’t go out of style πŸ™‚

    • 33 snackface

      ksgoodeats – Sistah, you are on-point with the basics! You can’t mess up a wardrobe with timeless tees, jeans and knit sweaters. I also feel as though we both don’t really do prints, which also helps. And the arm comment cracked me up!

  29. i love the outfit, and the boots especially.

    I still have stuff that old, too. No worries πŸ™‚

  30. 35 Kate

    Love the outfit pics! You are so adorable!

    • 36 snackface

      Kate – Thanks for the encouragement! And for calling me adorable πŸ™‚

  31. 37 lowandbhold

    I love wearing older clothes in an updated way. Your new boots really give the look a 2009 vibe. You look hot. Keep it comin. I’m headed over to the new blog immediately!

  32. 38 Lindsey

    I see why you’d be uncomfortable with posing for your clothes pics but you look cute and so are your clothes so no worries!

    I too am a mayja fan of chia seeds!! I put them in my protein drinks for an excuse to eat my plumpy seeds afterwards.

  33. Love the outfits, I especially love your boots!

  34. hiiiiii stop being so gorg. and making the rest of us look bad. k thanks.

    love you like nobody’s bizznass.


    • 41 snackface

      Jenny – You’re ridiculous and I love you. Thanks for being you.

  35. I LOVE your jacket…and boots…love it all actually!!

  36. 43 littlemissminny

    I love this photos! You are beautiful and have a great style!
    I wear my highschool clothes all the time πŸ˜€

    • 44 snackface

      littlemissminny – Awww thank you!!! I may be rockin’ high school clothes for many, many years to come. Oh well!

  37. 45 MamaJ

    Needless to say Tide -to -go does not work on mustard stains. Does anything work on mustard? I forgot to mention that my feet still hurt from shopping in my fabulous boots.

  38. oh girl, you betttta work! love the model shots, you be ballin’.
    don’t worry, most clothes i rock come from mama coops closet circa 70’s. haha shoo, i just say there vintage.
    and what the hell happened to the weather? i realized we live in complete different areas of the country but seriously, over the weekend it suddenly shifted to fall. i’m having mixed feelings about the situtation. the plus is i adore all things pumpkin, the downfall is the weather fo sheeze.
    enjoy your hump day chica!

    oh p.s. i’m going to your old stomping grounds, san fran, this weekend! i’m supa excited πŸ™‚ and i’ll tell the city you say vassup.

    • 47 snackface

      tessa – Shut. It. I am beyond jealous that you’re going to SF this weekend! I miss it every single day! Please report back with deets. I need to know how the city is doing!

  39. Hiiii Kailey. SO, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I just wanted to let you know how much I love it. I’m in college too so I totally understand the crazy schedule and lack of sleep. It’s ridic and, frankly, graduation can’t come soon enough. I just started my own blog (yay!) and decided I should stop being a creeper and show my face (err page?)

    Hope you’re having a great day πŸ™‚

    • 49 snackface

      mansee87- Hey sweet thang! Thank you SO MUCH for reading and the enjoying the blog! Isn’t a night of no sleep just the norm now? It’s crazy! Anyway, I’ll be heading over to your blog soon! Thanks again for commenting and being so supah sweet!

  40. Glad you had such a great day! Your breakfast looks yum.

  41. that breakfast of yours looks absolutely amazing πŸ™‚

  42. 52 elise

    homie i luff the outfit photos…if i wore something other than scrubs, id be copying your snazzayyy ensembles stat. and fyi, half of my clothes are literally from the 90s and the rest are hand-me-ups from my baby sisters (yes, im the oldest, but i am the smallest), so im pretty sure im in NO place to judge on your threads.

    i need a bomber jacket like its my job

    loving the h-cubed meal btw…what a bomba$$ bowl of yummies πŸ™‚

  43. Kailey I love the outfit pics. One totes cannot tell that your wardrobe is circa 2006 (as you say), so roll with it. I love when people post pics of their outfits. I always get ideas. And oh yeah, LOVE the bomber jacket.

  44. Kailey I love the outfit pics. One totes cannot tell that your wardrobe is circa 2006 (as you say), so roll with it. I love when people post pics of their outfits. I always get ideas. And oh yeah, LOVE the bomber jacket.

  45. Why did that double post? Oh well, here’s another! Making your comments add up like it’s my JOB!

    I feel like I LIKE ‘EM!

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