What the Fall?!


Happy fall, kidlets! I swore, it went from summer to fall overnight. Isn’t that insane? Not only has the weather turned crisp and startling, but outside itself sounds different. Whenever the wind blows there’s no longer that gentle rustle of lime leaves blowing in the wind. Instead, there’s a bristly rush of crispy leaves crashing into one another. Slowly but surely, I am starting to embrace this.

I wanted nothing more than to stay in my toasty bed all morning. Alas, I pulled myself from under the duvet and dressed for the gym. For some natural fuel, I had a banana with almond butter. My technique for banana and nut butter-eating is not photogenic:

9:2-something felt so early today!

9:2-something felt so early today!

The method: add a drop of almond butter to each new bite of banana. This way, each bite is guaranteed to have the luscious almond buttery flavor I desire. And if it’s too much, I don’t have almond butter on the next bite. Why I’m sharing this, I’m not sure. I’ve done the banana “sandwiches” before, with almond butter in the middle of a sliced naner, but the flavor isn’t up to par.

By 9:35am I was out the door and on my way to the gym. That’s when the fall air struck me. It feels like a completely new chapter in my life (deep, I know). As much as I love hot summer, I’m trying my best to leave it in the past and enjoy every moment now, no matter the cold climate.

Thirty minutes into my 50-minute elliptical session, I was sweating like a mad woman and the new weather was no longer a thought. I hopped off the elliptical and did a ton of arm workouts today: shoulder press, chest press, incline press, fly, rowing and dip things. So maybe this isn’t “a ton” to some, but two to three sets of 10 on each machine is strenuous to me.

Women’s Chorale combined with workout endorphins brought out a previously dormant sassy mood in me. Imagine dancing, snapping, facials…that’s your special girl!

I pranced home, showered, dressed in a long-sleeved waffled off-white shirt and jeans (accessorized with camel sandals, camel braided belt, faux-gold watch and a coral scarf) and assembled the best sandwich I’ve ever made for myself. The camera’s battery was dying when I snapped this, therefore the picture is blurry:

Coconut curry tempeh sandwich with mango ginger chutney. Gah!

Coconut curry tempeh sandwich with mango ginger chutney. Gah!

I toasted an Arnold’s sandwich thin, then layered TJ’s Mango Ginger chutney on both halves. I added some TJ’s Chile sauce to one half, spinach on both halves and coconut curry tempeh in-between. Oh my goodness, this was amazing! The chutney had my favorite flavors: mango and ginger. Combined. With plump golden raisins. Paired with the best tempeh in the world and a little spinach for crunch, I was deliriously happy. To accompany this delicacy, I had carrots with banging TJ’s salsa:

Gorgeous. Sitting atop the microwave.

Gorgeous. Sitting atop the microwave.

Because everyone should run out and buy these, here are the stars of the lunchtime show:

Lead roles.

Lead roles.

Once properly makeup-ed and straightened, I fought the fierce wind on my way to Online Journalism. My partner and I presented our tips for blogging. I felt like an ass for referring to my own blog, but teaching through example was the best method to show the difference between Blogger and WordPress. I also may have talked too much. Blogging is obviously something about which I’m passionate, so I apologize to those in my class and my partner, who all had to suffer through my babbling. And I apologize for making them look at food blogs πŸ˜‰

With a presentation buzz, I visited Muffin at work. I didn’t stay for long because the thought of all the work I needed to finish made me anxious. I also wanted caffeine.

In an effort to get into the fall spirit (like this beauty), I went to the student center’s coffee shop to see whether they had pumpkin pie-spiced anything. They didn’t but the gentleman at the cashier worked with me. He threw together a small coffee with some steamed soy and a dash of pumpkin pie spice (not the syrup, the dry spice blend). Miraculously, this helped me slip into a happy fall mood.

I went across the street to the library to read a few issues of Nation’s Restaurant News for a Specialized Business Magazine project. With a stack of mags, I tucked myself into a window-side desk and read while snacking on a Z-Bar and sipping on my almost pumpkin-pie coffee:

Photo via my cheapie cell phone.

Photo via my cheapie cell phone.

I was rather engrossed in reading for more than an hour. Because I worked at Olive Garden for a year, I feel a special connection to restaurant news. Except, NRN is made for execs, and I was definitely at the bottom of the restaurant food chain.

When I eventually returned home, I had a few TJ’s multi-grain crackers with Sabra and then decided to go ahead and make dinner. I wanted a large bowl of salad:

Mixing bowls come in handy for times like these.

Mixing bowls come in handy for times like these.

I never measure veggies, so I don’t know whether four cups of salad is a lot or a little for me. But four cups was what this bowl was telling me! In the mix: spinach, broccoli slaw, cherry toms, one ear of raw corn, chickpeas, balsamic, TJ’s salsa and Parma! It was divine:

Oh hay blurriness! Just one of those days.

Oh hay blurriness! Just one of those days.

This wasn’t nearly enough for dinner, so I diced up a perfectly ripe mango for a fruit kick:

Mmmango. Accompanied by: Google Reader (1000+).

Mmmango. Accompanied by: Google Reader (1000+).

That’s right, my turtle doves. Google Reader is sitting at a hefty 1000+. I find this not to be stressful, as I know most posts are from Jezebel. Once the Reader is above a thousand, the number doesn’t even register in my mind.

That mango also wasn’t enough, so I crunched my way through a ton of peanut butter-filled pretzels. This time I really do mean a ton.

I wrote a fun little audience analysis for a couple hours, then read and then gave myself a fall-ish mani-pedi. Goodbye, Barbie pink, and hello, deep purple (see tweet in top right corner for specific color details).

As I finish writing this, the clock nears 1:30 am. I still have to study for an English exam. Thank goodness I had coffee at 5 pm. (Note: I am not an example of healthy living during the school year. Sleep totally goes out the window.)

Tuesday’s going to be a doozie:
7am-9: wake up, get ready, dress fall-y, eat, leave early to print off paper
9-11: turn in audience analysis and enjoy Specialized Business Mags
11-12: rush home, pack lunch, check emails
12-2: take a Fiction exam
2-3: eat lunch, check emails in library
3-5: sit in Film, try to pay attention
5-8:30: run home, make dinner, write two blog posts, run to music building
8:30-9:30: attend sectionals for Women’s Chorale
9:30-?: meet up with Muffin and relax!

Goals: stay hydrated, stay satiated, dominate Fiction exam, stay alert, be happy, write fabulous blog posts, sing well and have a bossy time with my girl. On that note, SnackFace is outie (Clueless, 1995).

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Which cold-weather fashion trend are you dreading? Which one will you be loving?

Not to be a beezy, but I cannot tolerate Uggs. In no form are they attractive. They make what would be lovely legs appear stumpy. Also, men stop shaving entirely and only wear sweats. Though both stubble and sweats are occasionally cute, these looks are often accompanied by the parfum du hair oil and musk.

As far as loving, I adore layers, belts around the waist, thick leggings peeking out of long, rich sweaters and tall boots, scarves…ahhhh.


41 Responses to “What the Fall?!”

  1. 1 homegirlcaneat

    WACKA$$! A list is needed..

    1) You NEEEED sunflower seed butter. Life changing.

    2) OMG that salad/sandy sounds divine!!!! I desperately want to try parma and NEED more salsa in my life. Pineapple one from TJs, preferably.

    3) I just remembered we are gonna be millionaires from our company, Mrs. Officer Publications.

    4) I LOOOOVE ZBARS!!! Zbar + latte drink= best fall snack

    5) I was such a snackface tonite. PB puffins, pretzels, cookies, dark chocolate. Lil of each to make me happy πŸ˜€


  2. 2 Sara

    your outfits always sound so lovely! i would have LOVED to see a pic of your wonderful cream-camel-coral outfit today. what a colour combination! although maybe its better in my head than in real life but could these types of pics from now on be part of your blog?

    yay pumpkin! its 230 am and i have spice cookies baking riiiiight now!

    • 3 snackface

      Sara – Oooh this outfit picture is a fun idea! Is anyone else interested in this? Or will I seem like a tool for posting outfit pics? Lemme know!

      Also, Sara, I love that you were baking at 2:30 am. You my girl!

      • 4 Sara

        it would be such a fun idea and so your thang! Try it today cuz i’m sure you’re wearing something lovely, or don yesterday’s pop-of-coral outfit and post a pic. Then re-post your question “Oooh this outfit picture is a fun idea! Is anyone else interested in this? Or will I seem like a tool for posting outfit pics? Lemme know!” as an official Q at the end of today’s post et voila, I’m sure you’ll have an official tally of answers! yahoooo

      • 5 Kate

        please post outfit pics–it could be nothing but bossy.

  3. 6 Cecilia

    LOVE leggings + loose top, killer ankle boots look. Of course, adding a chunk of accessories on ya arms can do no wrong!!

  4. I just LOVE your eats. I know I say it everytime, but it’s true. It’s morning for me but I want a bite of eveything in this post!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  5. I love scarves for fall. Well, I love them all year round but for fall they are always appropriate and stylish! Mmm i’m craving some pumpkin spice anything now! I need to scour the cupboards here for some autumness!

  6. I’m totally with you on the Uggs. They’re shapeless and plain and I have no idea why they’re considered so fashionable. As for a trend I actually like, I gotta say tall boots with heels. My short self has been wearing flats all summer, so I’m looking forward to having a little height again :-).

    (This may be my first time commenting… I can’t really remember! At any rate–hi!)

    • 10 snackface

      Marika – Hey sweet thang! This is your first time commenting, and I absolutely love it! Big holla to the heels! Though I’m 5’10”, I completely agree with the readiness for more height (as opposed to flat sandals, fa sho!)!

  7. 11 Ellen (Peace in Motion)

    I have and most likely will never own uggs. As a winter boot they are utterly useless. I prefer my ugly LL bean boots to stomp around in the Boston winter thank-you-very-much. Scarves on the other hand, are my jump off.

    That mango looks so so yum. I’ve been all about the kiwis here, in the spirit that I’m just a few hundred miles from New Zealand πŸ˜‰

    I eat my bananas&ab the same way, down to the too much per bite thing. It’s the best way to maximize flavor.

  8. Yes, I REFUSE to buy uggs as well. They are henious. I like my tall, sleek riding boots instead. Or my slouchy black suede books. Adorable! I need to go shopping for sweaters and scarves though. Ugh I just can’t believe fall is here already! It feels too soon. Then I start thinking about the winter and how LONG and horrrible it will be. Bleh!

  9. UGH google reader is death 😦 Are u allowed to bring drinks in the libs?? Ha i would precariously lower mine into my huge bag and keep it on the other side of me as i walked verrryyy slowly past the disinterested student “guard”…shneakyy :D!!

  10. Definitely autumn here in Ohio now – brr!!

    THANK YOU, AMEN!! I hate Uggs!! Uggs = uuuuugly!!! πŸ˜‰

    Fall trend I embrace = knee-high boots.

  11. 15 fruitsveggieslife

    Its defs fall-ish here in the Emerald Isle. Then again, its like that for most of the year. πŸ™‚

    I’m so jealous of all your US snacks – TJ’s things, ZBars, Pumpkin Pie spice/flavored anything. Sigh.

    Re: Goal: write amazing blog posts. You do that anyway. No worries there.

  12. 16 ohsnapitsMegan

    I don’t believe that there is any better season than fall. So I’ll be rockin my favorite cute sweaters this week. I live in Indiana so we got the same sudden chill! Love it!

  13. 17 Jessica

    That sandwich looks AMAZING!

    Fall is my absolute favorite season & I am so happy it’s here! Now I just need to enjoy it before Winter comes… Eek!

  14. 1000+?!? insane. Love the Clueless reference πŸ™‚

    ah, thank you! I hate uggs, too. Never owned them, never will. The trend here (uh…for the past like 4 years) has been for the girls in town to wear their ugg boots with the shortest denim skirts known to man. Doesn’t make sense.

    dark jeans
    scarves!!! obsessed a bit
    chunky sweaters
    rich colors

  15. Lady!! I missed you!! You are going to dominate that test, I know it. Love you autumnal attitude. Also – that mango ginger chutney from TJs is awesome is it not?! I like it in sandwiches with chunky cheddar cheese and some herby salad. Feckin brilliant.
    I am WITH you on the uggs. I try to like them because they look WARM and it gets to be -10 degrees here! But I just find them generic and teenage. I also dread hats because they make my head ITCH.
    I like: brown leather boots, dark denim, thick scarves, pea coats. Autumn has good fashion sense. Winter…not so much.
    Hearts to you! x

    • 20 snackface

      Angharad – Love pants!!! Where have you been?! I miss you! Oh that’s right, I just read your posts. You’re livin’ ya life (aay aay aay) and I love it! Hearts you too, love!

  16. 21 angieinatlanta

    I love love LOVE fall! I’m so happy it’s here!

    Your sandwich sounds fantastic; TJ’s is the best!

  17. LOVE YOU and your delish pumpkin spice coffee…that’s my girl getting into the spirit! i wore boots + tights to work yesterday, along with boots + skinny black pants to work today and totally thought of you. also, i have the exact same AB+banana strategy. i knew we were soul sistas.

    i will admit, i do love my uggs. although horrible unattractive, they are the warmest thangs eva. i wear them for practicality, not for looks i swear.

    love you my dear! good luck with your busy day!

  18. 23 lavΓ©gΓ©talienne

    OH, I love mangoes so much! Seriously, that picture is killing me!

  19. 24 Brittany

    THAT SANDY LOOKS TDF (have you ever noticed how tdf is really similar to dtf?! just sayin…)
    i have a very big surprise for you tonight πŸ™‚

  20. Things I love: the fact that you slept in, that out of this world sando, your faux-pumpkin spice coffee drink, you pimping out SnackFace in your class presentation, that dinner, TJs multigrain crackalacks, Clueless reference (Rollin’ with the homies), and your gorgy face πŸ˜€

    You may knock the uggs but I still wear them – you know where I work which is why I still wear them!! However I’m loving skinnies, boots, and scarves πŸ™‚

  21. 26 lowandbhold

    Not gonna lie, Uggs were tres chic my soph year of college so I have a pair. They have transitioned from something I am proud to wear to something I wear with my sweats to say, walk to the mailbox. They have become more or less glorified house should. They are dayum warm though. I’m looking forward to wearing my (non-ugg) boots tho once the weather turns. I love a tall brown boot with skinny jeans or leggings and cozy sweater and a scarf. Sigh.

    Good luck with all that shit you gotta do today!

  22. 27 eatolive

    while i understand the comfort of UGGS, I am also not a huge fan. They are in no way, shape or form attractive footwear. However, I do understand the comfort, warmth and how convenient they are πŸ™‚

  23. hahaha that is always how i eat my nut butter with bananas! and i love that the next bite can be plain if ya get too much!!!

    so cute of the barista to give u sum pumpkin spice!!! maybe i should try that at home?

    fall is not my fav. month. i am cold cold cold! but big sweats and cute pea coats and lots of scarves and leather bootz are all +s. dang, just remembered i need to get a new coat. dyingggggg for a leather coat in particular. oy , where’s the $$?!

    wishing you luck with yo busy day!!

  24. i loveeee scarfs and jeans with uggs in the fall πŸ™‚

  25. DESPISE UGGS. Not to be a diva, but I find myself judging people who wear them? Is that bad? I will throw them on for the occasional snowball fight or sledding (haha this is VERY infrequent in NYC), but that’s it. I can;t think of anything else that triggers such fashion angst in me. I adore adore adoreeee fall boots, coats and living in a north face fleece!

  26. I totally agree–the weather changed overnight here, too! But I absolutely agree with the Anti Ugg movement..there are so many better ways to keep your feet warm and comfy. Love the TJ chutney…I’ve gotta try that. Good luck getting through your Tuesday!!

  27. 32 Kate

    I bought the Tjs garlic and chipotle salsa per your recommendation and you are absolutely correct–it is quite remarkable (and the picture of the jar was quite helpful in making said purchase). You should do PR for them–I find myself drooling over your food and then rushing out to buy the TJ ingredients so I can be my own snackface…

    • 33 snackface

      Kate – Oooh I’d love to be TJ’s spokeswoman! Haha! Something tells me they don’t have an opening for that. But PR is definitely a fab idea. And you SO made me smile when you said: “…so I can be my own snackface.” Hell yeeeee, girl! You’re too fab!

  28. I am trying to embrace the fall as much as possible.. lovin’ the apples, the pumpkin, the leaves, that fashion.. but the cray cray hair that i’ve been rockin’ cause of the fall winds — not so much.

    noooo you di-n’t rag on my presh uggs.. you hurt me to my core, snackie. Jaykay, I love you anywayz… but you’re just gonna have to put up my with huge obnoxious sheepskin boots when we get married, kapeesh?

    • 35 snackface

      Jenny – Oh my sweet little honeybun, I just explained this to GC as well. I excuse my loved ones when they were said puffy footwear. You can do no wrong in my eyes. We shall have a blessed and calm union.

  29. your salad looks sooo devine !
    and your chutney sandwich!!?? BRILLANT! i wish i had a TJ’s here. my foodie life would be so much more enjoyable… le sigh.
    i love fall fashion! i just hate the fact that it eats up my wallet. I go mall carazzy!
    boots=love (UGGS, not so much. so against them)
    sweaters=loooove (as well as blazers, cardigans, jackets..)
    bomber jackets=bomb
    scarfes and HATS!!!!! oh i love wearing hats πŸ™‚
    and mittens !

    and pumpkin and apples πŸ˜‰

  30. 37 Lizzy

    hey girl hey!!!!

    Its safe to say that 4 cups of salad is NOT alot! trust me i probs eat way more then that! lovin that you put it in a huge azz mixing bowl. totally perfect!

    So excited about your question! For the fall i’m so excited to wear new boots, sweater dresses, scarves, and my new obsession shoe booties with tights! basically anything! I have to agree with you on the whole UGG situation, i hate them! πŸ™‚ glad we agree!

    Stay warm girl!


  31. I adore uggs!! haha I truly use to hate them though and thought they were ugly, until i put them on, and i think i forced myself to think of them as “cute”!!

    Although they certainly are not my favorite part of the season!!
    Layers, leggings, boots, scarves, layers, hats, gloves, did i say layers?!

    All of you eats look sooo yummy!! What type of tempeh do you buy?

    My real fav part of the season though is the FOOD!!

    pumpkin, squash, soup, apples, piessss!!!


  32. hahaha i feel your same thoughts on uggs. $200 for WHAT?! slippers? no thank you.

    4 cups of salad is a good amount. i like the measuring bowl steeze. i love that chutney from TJs and i appreciate the banana eating how to. love you long time.

  33. 40 elise

    ok, im totes trusting you on your bold tempeh claims. ive seen that brand around for a while, and always wondered…is that your fave flavor??

    me and TJ’s need to date, today.

  1. 1 Bringing Out the Fleece Pants « Gliding Calm

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