Love at First Bite…Times Three


What up party people! That’s my nod to the fact I’m ready for the weekend! Although I’ll be home in Cinci, any time spent with my fabulous family is certainly a party.

Wednesday was one of those days where I loved every single thing I ate. Seriously, everything was delicious.

My first case of “love at first bite” occurred at 9:15 am. As I was dressing for the gym I tried half of this:

Clif Buidler's bar in chocolate mint.

Clif Buidler's bar in chocolate mint.

With 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of sugar, this was basically a protein candy bar…and I LOVED it! The Clif people have their stuff together! There was a layer of Thin Mint-esque cookie topped with a fudgy chocolate layer, all coated in chocolate:

I can see my teef marks.

I can see my teef marks.

Bars get a bad rap for being processed, but this worked perfectly for me. Beyond being delicious, eating half before my workout gave me incredible energy without a rumbly tummy and without my burping it up the whole time. Enjoying the second half post-workout helped me make it through choir and home just before my stomach started to growl.

As mentioned above, my workout today was killer. Fifty minutes on the elliptical was used for intervals and assigned reading. Holla to multitasking! After that, I did a ton of ab work, including the always painful planks.

Once sufficiently coated in sweat, I chilled in the library for a while and then headed to choir. We worked on “Ave Maria,” “A Short Alelujah” and “Invocation.” My voice is finally back! It was missing last week, which is beyond frustrating when you’re trying to sing.

By 1:40pm I was showered, dressed in my favorite Herbivore tee and hungry. I’d been toying with a sandwich idea throughout the morning, so I did tha damn thang:

Sandwich, green beans, pickle and Honeycrisp. Oh my.

Sandwich, green beans, pickle and Honeycrisp. Oh my.

The Honeycrisp was juicy and sweet, the green beans were snappy and the pickle was obviously delicious (pickles can’t help it; it’s a guarantee they’ll be good everytime). The sandwich, though, was bossy. Layered in-between a toasted Arnold thin:
-avocado mashed with pepper and TJ’s Chile sauce
-three TJ’s balls
-mustard (on bottom thin, avo was on top thin)

I’m not normally a sandwich person, but I will be repeating this:

Lifespan: 2 minutes.

Lifespan: 2 minutes.

I got dolled up after eating and went to Online Journalism. We discussed the article I mentioned yesterday and then we got to work on our blogs. My second blog will be more focused and probably not as personal, but I think it’s going to be great! I’ll announce its debut when it’s ready!

After class I visited Muffin, and then I went to the cutest little health food shop in Athens, The Farmacy. I gasped when I spied one of these new findings:

Follow Your Heart vegan Monterey Jack Cheese, Coconut Curry Tempeh and WHAT!?!?

Follow Your Heart vegan Monterey Jack Cheese, Turtle Island Coconut Curry Tempeh and WHAT!?!?

New holiday CLIF!!! Clif, Co., how did I not know about this flavor? Cranberry Orange Nut Bread sounds divine! I cannot wait to savor this baby! I’m hoping it’s going to be moan-worthy. (I was also so excited I had to text K and my homegirl to share the joy!)

Instead of digging into another Clif product, I whipped together dinner:

Coconut Curry Tempeh salad!

Coconut Curry Tempeh salad!

Surprise, surprise. I had yet another “love at first bite” meal. I’ve been wanting to try this flavor of tempeh for a while now, and I am smugly pleased with the flavor. The curry reminded me of the numerous curry lunches I had over the summer. The rest of the mix: romaine, spinach, 1/2 orange pepper, cherry toms, broccoli slaw, balsamic and Parma!

It was a delightful dinner, emphasis on the light. This led me to eat multiples of what you see here:

Wasa crackers with jelly and a piece of vegan Monterey Jack.

Wasa crackers with jelly and a piece of vegan Monterey Jack.

Now that it’s two hours after I’ve eaten everything you’ve seen, I’m now eating granola and puffed wheat. I’m feeling a tad bottomless today! (Edited to add: I’m now eating mushrooms with Sabra! LOVE.)

I’m off to finish homework and read short stories, but I hope everyone had a delicious hump day and is daydreaming about the weekend already!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What do you think of bars? No, not the kind where men try to win you over by buying you drinks. I mean Clif’s, Luna’s, Pure’s, Lara’s, whatevah! If you love them, what’s your favorite? If you don’t like them, why not?

I love bars and I think they work particularly well for college students who are constantly on-the-go. My favorite bars depend on my mood! If I want something small, then a Z-Bar is perfect. If I want something dessert-y, then a Lemon Luna works wonders. For something a bit more substantial, I’m all about the Clif’s and now the Builder’s. Shooo, if Clif needs a model or spokesperson, I’m their woman!


42 Responses to “Love at First Bite…Times Three”

  1. 1 Ellen (Peace in Motion)

    love that vegan mozzarella. It melts like a gem as well, which is awesome when I’m craving some not-so-heathy but oh-so-tasty nachosssssss. You now have me on the lookout for new clif flavors. I was always partial to the carrot cake… love that frosting goodness! I swear to got its cake in bar form aka DELICIOUS!

  2. that sandwich looks good! i didn’t know you weren’t a sandwich kind of girl, i have one nearly everyday for lunch whether it be a sandwich or a wrap!
    and OMG i love how clif bar have seasonal flavors, it is such a great idea 🙂 and that cranberry orange nut bread bar looks divine! can’t wait to hear about it!!

    • 3 snackface

      Jenna- I don’t know what it is, but I don’t normally go for sandwiches! I don’t count wraps as sandwiches, for some odd reason, and I typically like wraps more because I can taste the innards much better than I can in a sandwich. I’m sure you were dying to know that 😉

  3. I heart bars (both types!). I prefer to eat real foods whenever possible, but sometimes bars are the only portable choice. And now that I’ve discovered zbars I’m eating way too many of them.

  4. I love bars! They are great for when I’m running aound or don’t have a lot of time to eat. My favorites are Clif crunchy peanut butter, Lara peanut butter and jelly and Mojo bars.

  5. I definitely agree with the bars and college students. I’m in my second year and bars are just so easy to carry around in your purse/bag.

    I tend to get hangry fast so it’s kinda necessary. I love z-bars and lara’s if i need a bit more fuel.

    • 7 snackface

      Emily – They are just so convenient and more filling than a piece of fruit in a pinch! I dread sitting in class and having my tum rumble, so I’m with you on having a bar handy!

  6. OMGGG! a new flavahhhhhhhhhh of Clif! i wana try!!!

  7. That sandwich is LEGIT. Me gusta. I;m actually not a huge bar person. I have a monster stash because I really love how they taste, and I have an incurable need to try all the new flavas. But I don’t really eat them on the reg… I think have SO much foodie foresight that even on my busiest days I plan out ways to fit in all my meals haha I DO LOVE clif mojo bars in any of those flavs that have pretzels

  8. 10 Lizzy

    o snap girl that sammie is lookin dynamite!

    I agree with the whole bar situation. so fast and easy, and so portable. dont get me wrong i LOVE fruit, but having it sit all day just doesnt make it taste as good!

  9. not going to lie, i think the chocolate mint flava is hard to pull off, but if it gets the snackface stamp of approval then i better try it. LOVE mushies with sabra, i think it may be my fave vehicle for hummus. the fungus. yes. true. not the poisonous variety though, that would gimme flashbacks. no. ookkkk yum to the clif bar flavor! i dont eat clif bars so every flavor would be new to me. i do like bars.. both the alcoholic establishments and the eating type. lunas have a special spot in my heart! love you lady!

  10. 12 Amanda

    I really am starting to like/appreciate bars. As a working girl, they work really well as a mid-morning or afternoon snack!! I really like all of the Clif variations – Z-bar, Luna, etc … and of course, Larabars. However, when I have the time, I feel like a 200 calorie prepared snack (like greek yogurt and fruit) is more satisfying and takes longer to eat than a bar!

  11. 13 Miss McKenzie

    Cliff’s White Chocolate Macadamia Nut is a literal party in my cheeks…oh and Apricot is something wicked in my mouth too. I’m a fan of bars and I love to throw them in my oatmeal, yogurt or just eat them straight up. Cliff bars really work for me because they keep me so full for so long.
    Luna..meh I rather the heft of Cliff Bars but I do enjoy the Chai and Smore flavas of Luna…Larabars..too something for me..not sure but its something lol

  12. mushrooms and sabra are LOVE!

    OHMYGOSH coconut tempeh!?? I NEED to get this! Gah ❤

    I like bars.. I REALLY like Clif Z bars, but they dont have them in Canada, nor the holiday ones:(
    But I do feel more comfortable eating snack plates, such as crackers, hummus, veggies, nuts.. whatevs

  13. 15 WholeBodyLove

    I like the “idea” of minimally (sp?) processed bars. But, even when I have one with me, I tend to make every effort to eat something “real” instead. There’ isn’t anything wrong with them. I just like more surface area in my eats.

  14. So much in common again, my love.

    I have been adding in bars (a 1/2 here or there) as my little treats now and then: a Z bar with a cup of tea, a 1/2 a cookie dough Balance bar (not vegan…shh….) with my coffee in the morning) and I’m not dead yet. It is what it is. I wouldn’t ever really replace a meal with a bar, but as a treat, I think its better than a lot of stuff out there.

    I tried that vegan cheese, but in cheddar, and wasn’t a fan. It just has a weird aftertaste. But I tried that tempeh at VegFest and LOOOOOVED it!!!

    AND when I was planning my eats for tomorrow tonight, I had already planned a similar sandwich and Honeycrisp for lunch. Not only are you beautiful, you are BRILLIANT!!!!

  15. New Clif Flavor?! How exciting!!! The bars are a bit too sweet for my tastes but I might just have to try a bite. My favorite bars are the Raw Crunch bars I reviewed on my blog a while ago. So tasty!

    I need to start buying bread again, tha sandwich looks delicious! I can’t even remember the last time I had a good, hearty sandwich. Yum.

  16. I don’t like a lot of bars, usually they are too sweet for my taste. But I totally LOVE the larabars (as you probably noticed on my blog). I have to order them online to ship them to Europe and that’s expensive but these bars are worth it! Oh, and I like the Pure Bars too, they are a bit similar.

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  17. I looooove Pure bars, Larabars, and the bars from One Lucky Duck 🙂

  18. My obsession now are the raw revolution bars. but only the raspberry chocolate one because the other ones are kind of ikcy? weird, I know.

    NEW CLIFF SEASON BARS!? Thanks for getting the world out Kailey!! your a gem for it 🙂

  19. I love that you listen to your body and don’t always let your braqin talk you out of eating something becaus eit may be a little processed. I’m trying to get more comfortable with eating processed foods. actually cliff bars is something is particular that i’m working on, because they have so much sugar. Thank you. you are an inspiration to me!

    • 22 snackface

      Kasondra – Aww, thank you for the sweet comment! To be honest, I used to have a sugar phobia too! I truly thought that if I ate processed bars with more than 10 grams of sugar that I’d explode or something. Then, the more I ate them the more I realized I’m fine! They are delicious, fast ways to get some quick nutrients. Focusing on the bar as nutrients and energy rather than sugar helped me get over the sugar thing. I hope this helps!

  20. 23 Tina

    I’ve been craving tempeh for so long! Whole Foods trip is necessary this weekend.
    Avacado is sandwiches is the BEST

  21. 24 lavégétalienne

    The sandwich looks so good!
    Haven’t really tried any bars, they’ll usually full of sugar, and too sweet for me. I wish I can find one without any sugar. Huum.. I’ll think about it, perhaps I can think up some kind of recipe..

  22. 25 lowandbhold

    I love bars. Try not to eat them every day, but I never sweat it when I do. And there are so many to choose from. I love me some variety.

    That sandwich is a mouthful and I love it!

  23. ahhhhhh coconut curry tempeh? I NEED, I NEED! and that clif, and the avocado, and the everything. totally a fabby day of eats!

    have a good thursday love – almost the freakin weekend!

  24. 27 eatolive

    LOVE bars.
    I hadn’t had a lara until this year and I’m legit in love. They keep me full & only have a few ingredients (all things I can pronounce!)
    luna’s are fab as well! buuut I think my first love has become lara.

  25. 28 elise

    i love me some clif!!!! so many options, so much yummy-ness. holiday flavors!?!? oooooo, you just made my effing DAY!

  26. I agree that bars get a bad rap! I think they are a great snack, or pre-workout fuel. Besides healthy eaters need their version of a Snickers too!

  27. 30 Kelly HU

    I am a bar whore, and have been for about 5 years. I agree with your notion of them being perfct for college students. My favorites are Lara, Pure, Mrs. Mays, Bora Bora, Super Green, Raw Revolution, and of course, Cliff. Cliff is inevitable, especially when they produce a pumpkin-flavored bar. Bliss.

  28. 31 Katharina

    Holiday CLIF bar?!?! I must jump on that! I always look for new flavors. There are some bars that I like more than others. I usually go for ones that are dense like the CLIF bars, ProBar, Kind, Larabars. You get the picture 😀 But sometimes my inner-kid comes out and I get those Jamfraka bars or the CLIF Z-bars (brownie one is awesome).

    p.s. how is that alternative cheese? I always see it in stores, but I’m weary to try it.

  29. I don’t really have a huge problem with energy bars because of the convenience factor. Although I do try to make smart choices and buy ones with a good ingredient list and nutritionals. Power bars and similar really chewy bars gross me out.
    I really like Clif bar minis, Clif kid Zbars (blueberry, apple cinnamon, and chocolate brownie). I used to like Luna bars but I had a bad lemon zest bar that tasted like chemicals (bleh), so I haven’t bought one since.

    • 33 snackface

      Taylor- Oh girl, I am right with you! It’s all about the good ingredient list. If it’s a brand I trust (and the bar is delicious), then I don’t really mind the processed or detailed nutritionals factors. I am terribly sorry about the chemically lemon Luna! I used to be afraid of them, but they are now one of my favorites…that is, until I get a bad one :/

  30. Bars are a life-saver in my opinion. I have found myself consumed in work and having bars in my bag is such a life savor! Energy bars I do not find particularly great but I agree with the above that its all about the packaging and whats in it! I used to be all about the Cliff Kid, but lately I have been loving Luna for some reason! Have a good weekend!

  31. 35 schmaddy

    Bars are certainly parfait for having a pre-workout bite in the morning when you wake up hungry but want to get going! I’ll have to agree with you..Clif’s are super all-time favorite, however, are Chocolate Greens+ bars!

  32. loving all the clif bars!!! does that builders bar have artificial sugars in it? i’d love to find a protein bar that doesn’t have the artificial stuff like the pure protein bars have. those things make my stomach so upset when i have them. but that new holiday bar looks awesome! i’ll def look for that one in the stores asap!!!!

    • 37 snackface

      Melissa S. – Hi beauty! The Builder’s don’t have artificial sugars, actually! At least, no sugar alcohols as do the Pure Protein bars. I completely understand the tummy-upset from the Pure Proteins– I used to suffer whenever I ate them. Thanks to the Builder’s, I experienced no tummy troubles at all!

  33. don’t you kind of want to marry the peeps are Clif co?! seriously — they are effin’ fabola! and I love all things chocolate mint — which may be attributed to the countless days I spent eating thin mints by the box full. miss those days.

    I agree — bars are clutch for a gal on the go. Don’t know what i’d do without ’em!

  34. p.s. i love youuuuuuuuuu

  35. I am not a big fan of the Odwalla bars (they are fairly new I think). I do like their drinks though. My favorite powerbars, so far, are LUNA. All the bars I’ve tried have a GREAT flavor and they are pretty high in protein and fiber. I’m curious what the new Bear Naked bars taste like – anyone had one yet?

  36. Damn girl how do you study and do intervals at the same time? I can’t concentrate on machines – I’m all over the place. Bow down to the multitasker!! I was a big fan of bars when I was on campus 9am-10pm. Bringing lunch, dinner & snacks got a little full in my backpack, so bars were handy dandy! They’re good on the go, but just don’t keep me as full as a normal meal!

  37. What do you think of the vegan monterey jack? I’ve wanted to buy it before, but vegan cheeses are so hit or miss and can be kind of expensive 😦 I’d love your input before I make a purchase!

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