Seeing Through the Blog


Buongiorno! Although Monday’s never-ending night caused stress and panic, I somehow was able to see through the velvety fog of Tuesday morning and make it an excellent day. Instead of having a foggy day, it was rather bloggy.

This started as soon as I posted early Tuesday morning, before I’d even downed my first mug of black coffee. As soon as I wrote that quickie post, a certain peace came over me. That’s what you, gorgeous readers, do to a girl. Caffeine from a favorite Christmas cup didn’t hurt, either:

Dark breakfast with a ridiculously Christmasy mug. Love it.

Dark breakfast with a ridiculously Christmasy mug. Love it.

In the dark, rainy hours of breakfast time, I energized with a Honeycrisp and a scoop of almond butter. Honeycrisps are to-die-for. Nix that; they’re to-live-for:

Needed the flash to see the gorgeous apple skin.

Needed the flash to see the gorgeous apple skin.

Revitalized, I dressed in Hepburn-length black cigarette pants, black flats and a yellow short-sleeve turtleneck and skipped to class.

Specialized Business Magazines brought several joyous moments. First, I was able to turn in the paper I’d been working on. Then we got to discuss magazine architecture. This immediately brought me back to my VegNews days, and I daydreamed of the crew I miss terribly. Thankfully, our next assignment was to write how-to instructions to make a paper airplane. This distraction showed me that I have no paper-plane skills.

By the time I made it home at 11:15 am, I was starving. Into the microwave went water with a Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea bag, and into my mouth went something that also reminds me of my VegNews days:

Brooke, I always think of you when I eat these!

Brooke, I always think of you when I eat these!

Without the help of my little homie love, my VN days wouldn’t have been as spectacular as they were. (PS, let’s all say a little prayer so Brookebaby heals!)

Not ten minutes after enjoying this lemon delight, I had to pack lunch and bounce:

Mystery wrap and a baggie of green beans and butter pickles.

Mystery wrap and a baggie of green beans and butter pickles.

Adding the bread n’ butter pickles to the bag was a genius move because by the time I was ready to eat, the green beans were coated in pickle juice. That sounds more disgusting than delicious, but you have to trust me on this one.

I enjoyed lunch after Fiction, where we discussed unconventional love stories. The love-talk had me more than ready:

Tore right into that!

Tore right into that!

In my sistah K‘s fashion, I wrapped it up for lunch (that is so what she said). In the lavash wrap: Sabra pine nut hummus, TJ’s Chile sauce, mushrooms, cucumber slices and spinach. It was so good I never wanted it to end. Shoooo!

For two hours I sat in a chilly, dark auditorium watching a Buster Keaton film. Though this was circa 1926, it actually had the whole class laughing. Impressive, Buster!

Immediately after class, I rushed over to the Scripps building for a little presentation. Alongside two fellow students, I shared my intern experience for Society of Professional Journalists students. One of their main questions was how we had managed to get our bossy internships. I shared that my blogging played a large role in VegNews’ decision in selecting me. I was ecstatic at the students’ responses to this! On came the questions on how to start a blog, how to stay dedicated, how to make your blog known, etc. Heck, SnackFace is just a pimple on the blog world’s tush, but I was more than happy to share any tips I had! And if any of the girls I talked to afterward are reading, HELLO!

I met up with Muffin after the presentation and we walked home. My stomach was vocal when I walked in the door. Mushrooms dipped into hummus were eaten as I compiled dinner:

Colorful Jass.

Colorful Jass.

In the mix: romaine, broccoli slaw, 1/2 orange pepper, cherry tomatoes, balls, balsamic and Parma! Delicioso. My cooking efforts went as far as to roast some brussel sprouts at 450* for ten minutes (not long enough):

Brussels and ketchup-- the only way to eat them.

Brussels and ketchup-- the only way to eat them.

While dining I caught up with my rashlette and brainstormed for a blog I have created for a class assignment. It’s not ready for its debut yet, but it should be soon!

In between foraging through the cobwebs in the basement to wash laundry, I snacked on Wasas:

Multiply this by two!

Multiply this by two!

Somewhere between folding underwear and writing this, I read an awesome article by Andrew Sullivan for class. Titled, “Why I Blog,” the article addresses why the writer blogs and feels we are in a journalistic golden era. My favorite quote is from the first page:

A novelist can spend months or years before committing words to the world. For bloggers, the deadline is always now. Blogging is therefore to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.

Sullivan, you my man. Blogging is the extreme sports of journalism! Except, I’m not sure whether I consider SnackFace journalism. The only reporting I do is about my day and what I eat. Oh well!

MamaJ called before I read this and reminded me that I’ll be home just in time for Nordstrom’s opening in Kenwood! Woopwoop! She also wanted to warn everyone of this recall of Charles David shoes on Nordstrom’s website. Buyers, beware. The shoes are being recalled due to fall hazard. OK, so maybe MamaJ wanted to share because she found this to be hilarious.

As if my day hasn’t been blog-ified enough, I’m enjoying some puffed wheat cereal with cinnamon and almond butter and about to settle into catching up with some bloggies’ lives. To my darling concerned reader who noted I didn’t have lunch yesterday, I’m trying to make up for it! Thanks again for calling me out! Where would I be without blog vision?

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Whether you blog or are just a dedicated reader, in what ways have blogs affected your life?

I’d feel lost without the blog world. Not only do I look forward to every single comment, I also look forward to seeing what my blog friends have been doing. I feel completely naked if I haven’t kept tabs on everyone for a few days.

Since having started SnackFace, I’ve noticed only positive changes in my life. I’ve made incredible friends, become a healthier eater, been able to write to my heart’s content…the list never ends.


36 Responses to “Seeing Through the Blog”

  1. 1 muffin

    I feel like a mini-celebrity on your blog! Which I love. And I love keeping tabs on you 🙂

    Is it bad that I’m already ready for the road trip? Not so much car cleaning, though. I ❤ pine nut hummus. I ate vegan proud!

    Would you be open to some Thursday night socializing with Dan and the rest of the Broney's crew?

    I don't know why I ask this publicly…as I am talking to you on Gchat.

    I love youuuu!

  2. I’m a newbie but blogging has already had such a positive impact on me. It’s given me a new sense of structure–and it keeps me in a constant writing state-of-mind, something I love and have missed! I really adore that bloggy quote from the Sullivan. I love that I don’t overthink my blog writing, I simply write. It’s really the only outlet I’ve found to consistently write about what I want, the way I want. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    PS I want yo brussels. Now.

  3. Brussels and ketchup sounds amazing–two of the best foods on the planet!

    yayy! 🙂 soul sistah 😉 fo real.

    honey crisp apples are definatly to-live-for
    that shot? perfect.. le apple is shining, and the nut butter glistens. boo yah.

  5. ey boo!
    loving the honey crisp almond butta bfast, i think were on the same wave-length because i fo sho had that this morn’.
    unfortunatly i’m not in a league of amazing blogger-ness like yourself, but even if i don’t post or comment i’m always lurking… ha! wow good thing i just made myself sound like a creep. seriously though foodie blogs are addictive!
    well lady i hope the rest of your week is simply epic 🙂

  6. Blogging has definitely opened me up to another world! haha. Great food, great ideas, great people 🙂 I love it!

  7. I love the Christmas mug getting the love! When I was in college, I was so homesick and ready to be home for the holidays, I’d have the Xmas lights up and be making paper snowflakes for all over my dorm room in October!

    My life has totally been transformed by blogging (and now not blogging). I was kind of a shut in with my two babies, not much time to socialize or connect with anyone and now I feel like I have this network of wonderful and supportive friends across the country who always lift me up and help me appreciate the beauty of life and the beauty of MY life. I am so glad you are a part of it!!!

  8. A wrap with Sabra Hummus, now that’s what I call a good wrap! Mmm…

    And blogging is still pretty new to me. But after reading so many inspirational blogs, I felt like sharing my own stories, thoughts and eats. It’s kind of a ‘reminder’ for me as I’m in recovery, but it’s also a great way to interact with others, find new ideas and just have fun!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  9. so I just saw that snowman mug and pretty much have the biggest smile on my face – can’t wait for the holidays. And of course the apple & wrap look SUPER delicious!!

    Nordstroms is a dangerous place…too many cute shoes 🙂

  10. I love that quote about blogging! It is just that, writing out loud. I would feel totally lost without my bloggers too! Sometimes when I take breaks, I wonder what you all are up to on a daily basis. I just can’t stay away! I have made some amazing friends through blogging and I would change that for anything in the world!

  11. 11 Gina G

    hey Kailey! it has definetly been a positive thing for me being a reader. I have learned so many more fun things about foods that are so good that i would of never even thought of trying. Most importantly though, even though I am just a reader who comments every so often, I feel like you girls are all truly my friends. All of you girls seem so genuine and amazing in every way. I have gone through some pretty hard times like most but this always picks me up! so thankyou thankyou!

    Gina ( ive commented before, but im 17 🙂

  12. Two things:
    1) Honeycrisps are the BEST APPLE EVER
    2) Extreme sport of journalism?? LOVE IT!
    Have a great wednesday 🙂

  13. I’m going to say that is the best quote ever. I think I agree, reporting can take on a variety of forms… even if it is just reporting on your day 🙂

    Without blogs I wouldn’t be as meat free as I am and I would still be struggling with what to do about my crappy feeling on life (turns out only eating meat occasionally and running are the answer). Without you bloggies, I wouldn’t have learned of this new, better life.

  14. 14 Yasmin

    I look forward to all the positive, wonderful comments. They put a smile on my face every day and some days I really need that encouragement. I love reading about all the gals, their inspiring stories, and wonderful food ideas!

  15. Really like your blog! Blogs have affected me in a great way, I just started one! 🙂

  16. i tried brussel sprouts for the first time yesterday at dinner! i loved them 🙂
    your wrap for lunch looks great!!

  17. 17 Lizzy

    Ever since i started blogging, i feel like my life has changed for the better! I’ve met SOO many people, and i feel like i’ve known everyone for years, but really its only been a few short months. day’s that i’m at school for long periods of time, and haven’t had a chance to catch up with everyone i get sad, cause i love reading about everyone’s days! I’ve also really opened my eyes to new things that i maybe would have no tried if it weren’t for the blog, and i’m sure everyone can say that! I love reading about what you got going on girl! ur the best 🙂

  18. 18 eatolive

    Ever since starting blogging, I’ve met some wonderful people, had a much better insight on what I’m ACTUALLY eating and how I SHOULD be eating things that my body will thank me for eating, wonderful new recipes, new foods I had never tried/heard of, new food combinations with foods I love, a profound love of all things peanut butter, more veggies, less meat, more organic, less artificial ..

    all in all, a wondorous amount of good things to say about the blog world. 🙂

  19. It’s always better wrapped up! 😉 Your lunchie looks delish!

    LOVE the Christmas mug!! I’m so excited to bust out the Christmas jams! How exciting you were able to gush about your baby SnackFace!! I’m a proud blog aunt to your baby!

    Hahah I’ve never heard a recall on shoes but that is pretty funny!

    I’d say blogging has provided me an outlet to vent, I’ve ‘met’ some pretty amazing ladies who I feel like I know in real life, and cleaned up my eats a bit. All pluses in my book!

  20. 20 Lauren A.

    reading blogs has helped me find other people who are as passionate and obsessed with food as i am. i’ve found especially comforting to find many others who loooooooooooove to put nut butter in their oatmeal! i think it’d be hard for me to stop reading food blogs, because i’ve really enjoyed some of the wonderful ideas i’ve gotten from them–and i’d feel like i’d be missing out.

  21. I feel the same way! I’ve made some great friends, I get so many good ideas and recipes, and I love seeing what everyone is up to 🙂

  22. yay to blogs for being so fabola. I live for curling up with some tea (p.s. the sugar cookie is magic) and reading up on my boooooos. I heart blogging and you and foooooooo0o0od!

    peace easy, Kay Kayyyyy ❤

  23. Although I never feel like my posts are stellar, I love the accountability that blogging has brought to my life.

    “Did I eat enough veggies today? I can’t skip dinner, I don’t have enough yummy pictures to post! What new recipes can I come up with so I don’t make the same tired old food day after day?” Yadda Yadda……

    I also love this community. Everyone I’ve “met” is so sweet and quick to add to the discussion. I love stumbling upon a topic that gets the conversation going too.

    ….This is one of those topics….

  24. i look forward to all the comments too! just knowing there are wonderful, supportive people out there who believe in leading a life similar to mine is such a comfort. even on those meh days, they always lift you up and i am soooo grateful for that!

    love youuuuuu!

  25. You are one sweet girl! 🙂 Blogs have helped me see a new side of food (the healthier AND unhealtheir side), it has enabled me to meet incredible people, and to be more adventurous with what I eat!! Most of all, I’m just like you! I anticipate the comments and look forward to catching up on people’s lives. 🙂 I look forward to YOUR pictures and lively updates of course!!

  26. i got into fitness/healthy eating blogs in january and they’ve really opened my eyes to the vast number of people who think just like i do. i only know one other person – in my city of 3.5 million – who’s vegan. that’s crazy ridiculous!!! i love how blogs bring those with similar interests closer together. i love that reader and bloggers are, for the most part, supportive of each other and ultra enthusiastic about sharing ideas, whether it’s a new larabar flavour or how to make raw zucchini pasta.
    blogs are the breast.

  27. 27 lowandbhold

    Blogging is the shit, plain and simple. It makes my life more interesting, it makes me more motivated, it makes me healthier. It has also allowed me to meet tons of great people and opened the door to so many new things. LOOOVE it.

    Your outfit today sounds so friggin chic. And the pickle juice coating the green beans sounds amazing. I love butter pickles.

  28. 28 Liz

    Hi! This is the girl from SPJ who asked you the question about when you applied for your internship (I don’t know if you remember), but when I got home I looked up your blog, and I have to say, I absolutely love it! Reading and discovering new blogs takes up probably more time than I should allow, but I’m addicted. I’m working on sort of narrowing down the focus of my blog right now, but take a look if you want! Happy snacking!

    • 29 snackface

      Liz- Hello darling! Oh my goodness, thank you so much for checking out and enjoying SnackFace! I’d be more than happy to take a look at your blog! What’s the address? Oh, and don’t worry about spending too much time reading blogs; it’s all I do 🙂

  29. 30 homegirlcaneat

    YAY I ALMOST ate a lemonzest bar today… but saving it for tomorrow 😀

    And that wrap is making me sooo hungry! This weekend, when rash is gone (thank you for the well wishings my love) I am going to march to the WF wannabe in town and get this grilled veggie and hummus wrap everyone eats… but the line is always too long. But I am going to stay in it and get that marvelous thing!

    I miss eating/dunking everything in ketchup. I can’t wait for our apartment eating 😉


  30. haha “to live for” DUH! of course that makes so much more sense. and giiirl, honeycrisp apples are my ALL TIME FAVE! yum! love mister snowman mug, i want winter here now. and i am glad you practiced safe sex at lunch. or were you talking about your food wrapper?? 😉 and while many think i am crazy when i talk about my “blog friends” i def could not live without you bitches, who i love so much!

  31. 32 Stephanie

    I’m from Cincy, too, and can’t wait to go back to my beloved Kenwood!

    Also, the tidbit about Charles David shoes… hiiilarious! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • 33 snackface

      Stephani – WHAT! I fellow Cinci woman!?! I love to hear that! And MamaJ asked if anyone had commented about the Charles David shoes. She’ll be thrilled you said something 🙂

  32. 34 Hannah

    I thought I was the only one who loves roasted brussels in ketchup! :]

  33. 35 hmmason

    Through bloggin I have become healthier, kept myself more accountable, and receive inspiration and encouragement constantly!

    I have LEARNED so much about the health world- fitness and nutrition!
    I’ve learned about tasty, new, exciting, and nutritious products and how to prepare them. I LOVE THE BLOG WORLD!

    And I love your blog!

  34. MMMmmm i love your dark morning pic- I LOVE that time of morn when it’s all cozy and blue outside! I heart blogging so much, i’ve met so many beautiful people- online and for realsies, and had more support than I could have ever dreamed of through some dark times. AND foooooooood 😀

    Good thing someone’s keeping track of your meals jeez it’s constant vigilance ;D

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