Road Tripping


Buongiorno bellas! WOW!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful response to Snacktime! You all are the sweetest human beings evah!

Sorry I have been MIA this weekend! Muffin and I decided to take a trip to Pittsburgh for the weekend. Crazy, right? We just had to visit our journalista friends in their city. Though I don’t have pictures for every meal, I did capture some goodies for you!

First off, I treated myself to Chipotle on Thursday night because I had zilch produce. This made me wildly happy:

Hey guac. I missed you.

Hey guac. I missed you.

Muffin and I ordered a bag of chips to share. I think she only got about five of them. I own tortilla chips.

Friday morning, before the road trip began, I had this luscious breakfast:

Apple with almond butter and Koffee.

Apple with almond butter and Koffee.

Because I think it’s pretty, here’s another look:

I wish I had apples now.

I wish I had apples now.

The drive to Pittsburgh was fast and effortless. Muffin and I laughed, rapped and snacked on chips and Coke Zero’s the whole time. Oh the life.

When we weren’t roaming the city and checking out the night life, we were eating. One of the restaurants we visited The Oyster Bar. Challenging. I ended up eating non-photogenic fries with a salad. Sometimes you just have to make do. And I really do love both fries and salad, so why not! My counterpart ordered a plate-sized piece of fish. She apologized to me when she ordered this beast:

Le ick.

Le ick.

She wasn’t feeling it and ended up eating only a few bites. That’s my girl!

On Saturday we partook in a common American tradition that I normally don’t tolerate well. But circumstance led me to my afternoon at…:

...the ball game!

...the ball game!

We scored, though, as it was free hat day! I’ll be donning my yellow Pirates hat for the next week. I didn’t pay much attention to the game (I think the Pirates lost?) because I had my girl to distract me:

How's that for a centered picture? Lo siento.

How's that for a centered picture? Lo siento.

Eats for the rest of Saturday went something like pasta, spinach and bread, and Sunday’s breakfast was toast, strawberries and banana. Vegan dining in non-vegan restaurants can be difficult, but at least I have a passionate love for all things carby:



One of our friends ordered sweet potato fries Sunday afternoon. I tried one and I must say, cheetahs are better. The fries were too pretty not to photograph, though:

You ain't no cheetah.

You ain't no cheetah.

To break up our long drive home Sunday evening, Muffin and I stopped at a Panera in the most bizarre small Ohio town. This was the first time I’ve had Panera since May! Too long:

Blurry from my malnutritioned shaky hands.

Blurry from my malnutritioned shaky hands.

I always order black bean soup, Greek salad no feta and the whole grain baguette. F. Now that I think about it, the bread probably has honey in it. Anyway, this is the most satisfying meal.

I walked into my room at 9:30 pm and realized that because I have so much work to do, I will be chained to this for hours on end this week:

Blog station! I mean, my desk for schoolwork.

Blog station! I mean, my desk for schoolwork.

That’s my happy little space where I do my homework, study, eat, read blogs, Gchat on the regular. Surrounded by a painting by MamaJ, pictures of my family and friends and my unpictured vision board to the right, my blog station decor helps me stay positive amidst the stress. I was actually super stressed when I started writing this post, but now I’m feeling great! We’ll see how long that lasts. I have insane deadlines this week.

Puddings, I’m sorry for being a sporadic blogger as of late! It’s just crazy over here and I clearly never know where a day is going to take me. Pittsburgh this weekend, Cincinnati next weekend…who knows where I’ll be after that!

Now that it’s 1:30 am I’m considering doing more reading and then hitting the hay. I can’t wait to do two things tomorrow: work out and buy groceries! I don’t even have any of these, and I always have them on-hand:

I think I had this Friday. Mashed it up post-photo.

I think I had this Friday. Mashed it up post-photo.

Things I can wait to do: write an industry trend report (complete with citations), read three chapters for Film 201 (out of the worst text I’ve ever purchased) and wash two weeks’ worth of underwear, socks and workout wear. Mmm.

I’m putting an end to my procrastination right…now! I hope everyone had phenomenal weekends!!! GO PIRATES! Kidding.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What are your favorite car snacks?
When I’m not trying to be kale-eating Kailey, I adore any kind of chip or cracker. And I need a Coke Zero. Yes, need. When I’m trying to be considerate of my sodium intake, I love apples, grapes, Clif bars and Zbars for the road. Perhaps even a snap pea or twenty.

PS: I just read over this post and realized I jump all over the place. I hope you enjoy reading despite this 🙂


30 Responses to “Road Tripping”

  1. You and muffin are so adorable. Why ya gotta be so cuteeee?! 🙂

    Um, chipotle burrito bowls are amazing, CHEETAH fries are amazing and the apple + almond butter combo is always amazing as well.

    Have fun grocery shopping and workin’ out! Buy some new, fun foodie thangs!! I need to have a new brand of crackers to try or somethin’! Obviously.

    Glad you had such a fun road-trip love! Don’t stress, i’m in the same position right now… reader is in the 100’s so I had to make a dent, and I wanna post, but schoolwork is calling my name……

    PS-fave road trip snackage = starbucks soy lattes, apples, and trail mix!


  2. Fiun roadtrip!! Glad you had a good time, chica 😀 I always bring fruit, carrots (because I get munchy!), and bars in the car. And I always stop for starbies on the way out!

    Good luck with all your work!!

  3. 3 WholeBodyLove

    Gotta love the limited options that are Ohio vegan fare…

  4. Looks like a great time! And those fries look jummy…

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  5. Favorite car snacks? Pretzels and fruit!

  6. 6 ohsnapitsMegan

    Have you ever had a KIND bar? They are my new fav fav thing. Super great for grab and go, and they are the best tasting thing ever.
    As long as I have something to wet my whistle while in the car I’m good.

  7. 7 Anna

    ahhh, Pittsburgh. If you ever come back to the city of bridges, there are a few vegan restaurants that are actually AMAZING that you should totally try. And no one actually cares about the Pirates. There was also a Steelers game this weekend, so that’s why everyone would’ve been going crazy with the black and gold.

    I’m all about the Pirate’s Booty on long car trips. Plus, it even has little tiny pieces of kale in it so it can’t be that bad.

  8. I always love your posts girly!

    Chipotleeeee, it’s been too long since I’ve gone! Me + Chips = Danger!!!

    You and Muffin are the cutest! love that off-centered shot 😉

    I think the base of the pyramid should be cereal, not pasta. But other than that, it’s pretty accurate!

  9. 9 Yasmin

    I’m still able to keep up with you! I’ve been looking for a shirt that says I love Carbs! Know where I can find one?

  10. Faaavorite car snacks = Larabars/Pure bars.

    When am I going to see you?!?!?!??!

  11. Love the spontaneous road trip!! Sounds like a good time! I’m with you on the baseball feelings – I just don’t have the patience to sit there. Good thing they serve alcohol 😉

    That shirt needs to be in my closet STAT. Oh, Panera! It is delish, is it not? You should come to Detroit next! 😀

    Fav car snacks: Um…..I don’t really have any! Coffee!?

  12. haha i LOVE the randoness…you are muffin are too cute! i love your road trip – i haven’t taken one in forever, and that is not okay. road trips are reason #1 to drink diet coke, chew lots of gum and scarf down gardettos. yes, gardettos.

    your room is gorge. i heart gchatting too (it’s an addiction). good luck with your homework mama! have a fabulous week!

  13. The road trip looks like a blast. 🙂 I love to indulge in Reeses peanut butter cups on roadtrips – I love them but they’re definitely a sometimes food.

    Good luck with your deadlines and stressful stuff – I’m sure you’ll rock it all!

  14. 14 lowandbhold

    I think I have an equal love for cheetahs and sweet tater fries. But those look divine!

    Love that painting! Yo mama so talented…

    Hope the fun things overshadow the non-fun things today and the rest of the week, and good luck with all the deadlines.

    Fave car foods: Unheathy – Hot Tamales in the big ass movie theater box + diet Cranberry Limeade from Sonic. Healthy – grapes even though they make my Gassy. Sorry, tmi.

  15. a baseball game and carbs.. I want to be you.

    blech procrastination, every college students’ demise. Hope you get some shizz done, pie! love you sugar! xo

  16. loove that you had an amazing time with muffin woman!
    sporadic posting? trust me i fall victim too it errr all the time, just live ya life homie! trust, we’ll be here upon your return 🙂
    i’m terrible at watching sport games, i have to be a) getting my drank on b) napping or c) chatting it up! always good.
    fav car snack? prob some good ole bars, fruit and of course, zee coffee.
    well miss have a lovely, as non-stressful as it can be, week!

  17. First time that I’m actually commenting! I love your blog and just wanted to let ya know that your pictures are always so beautiful. I am obsessed with sweet potato fries and kinda want to eat the screen right now.

    I went to college/grad school in Pittsburgh, live in NC now BUT its an awesome awesome place. Let me know if you are still there as there are a ton of vegan/veg friendly restaurants 🙂


    • 18 snackface

      Abby- Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the sweet words and for commenting! I’m back in Athens, Ohio, right now, but next time I’m in Pittsburgh I’ll be sure to get some fab tips from you!

  18. Loveeee pretzels wrapped in cheese during car rides! (I’m a freak)… chips always do the trick, too…

    PS I LOVE MamaJ’s painting!! It makes me want to paint, but, alas, my creativity comes in the form of letters, not colors 😦

    Buena suerte with all your crazy journalism projects chica!

  19. I try not to eat in the car as a rule just because my stomach tends to feel like lead after. But, when I do snack, it’s usually crackers, pretzels, or power bars. Love your apple photos! Pretty snazzy!

  20. aww sounds like a great trip to philly! I am so jealous I love that city 🙂

  21. 22 randomlymikey

    love the random post 🙂 in the car i usually have- diet soda, popcorn, fruit/veggies, and nuts.

  22. 23 homegirlcaneat

    ~*HeY BaByDoLl*~ Just letting you know I am commenting from my bed where I will be until 8 o clock on Thursday morning due to me taking ThermaFlu and having an ALLERGIC REACTION to it and breaking out in a rash this morning. Let me tell you that I have never had an allergic reaction in my life and this is the last thing I want at the moment, obviously.

    However, your post made me happy with CHIPOTLE AND GUAC!!! 😀 And hilariously random pictures from your weekend. Please email me throughly with details and happy times to turn my frown upside down. The doc won’t even let me pass da eff out with benedryl!!!!! Sad days.

    KK Love you forever,

  23. love the pic of the apple and almond butter, looks soo good!
    your desk is so cute! i love reading longgg posts, they are very interesting kailey!

  24. 25 Lizzy

    I love roadies with best friends! seriously the best. so glad you and muffin had a good time!

    I’m feelin the stress to girl over school and everything else i got going on, but you know what just take one day at a time and you’ll get through it i just know it!

  25. Yayy for roadtrips! I always lovedd getting out of Athens for a weekend, but going back was the best ever!

  26. 27 healthyterp

    I had a Panera about 2 minutes from where I lived and I never went…shameful.
    I love your blog! Reading other people’s stories and hearing ideas from girls the same age as me is so nice. I loved reading about your internship at VegNews. I’m also a journalism major, so internships are something I’ll definitely be looking at soon!

    I’m Tina and I’ve been reading your blog for awhile. I’m a freshman in college and just started my own blog as well! I can’t wait to get involved with this amazing community 🙂

    • 28 snackface

      healthyterp – OH MY GOSH!! Tina, welcome to the blog world! It is the most phenomenal, uplifting community, and I am so excited that you’ve decided to start your own! I’ll be sure to check out your bloglette! Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  27. Ahhh sigh….the chipotle burrito bowl. Just so good, isn’t it?!
    I just polished off a bowl of baby food, ahem, I mean mushed banana and cinnamon. Deeelish.
    Those sweet tater fries look incredibly outta controly. But of course cheetahs win!
    Love the painting in your room – so cool!

  28. A big yay for pittsburg, and an even bigger yay for chiptole. how i miss it i havent had it in about 2 months! maybe i need to make a trip out there soon : )
    I also love snacktime, i think that is the coolest idea!
    Hope you enjoy your week!

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