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35 Responses to “SNACKTIME!”

  1. Oh you guys are just too cute! I don’t have a question yet, but I have a request. I want to see video of Kailey’s acapella group! C’mon!

  2. Aww! You both have such a presence on camera, I expect a reality show out next year pretty ladies 🙂

    Question: It’s senior year and I want to have fun, but I also want to keep my grades up in school. How do you manage your time wisely between school and parties?

  3. 3 Gina G

    aww this is so exciting! im not sure a question yet either, but ill let you know! =)

  4. 4 Yasmin

    I am so excited for more video posts! Now I really feel like you’re a friend 🙂 I’ll make sure and ask lots and lots of questions! First off, I can’t party like I used to in college but those occasional late nights really kill me! I am a zombie the next day. How do you recover after a late night out and not look lke death?!

  5. I FREAKING LOVE THIS!!! It better happen on a regular basis – hell yes for “Snack Time” 😀

  6. Too cute! No question yet, but great idea!

  7. You guys are SO WONDERFUL. I am adding SNACKTIME to my viewing list along with VeggieGirlTV! YAY.

    Question: I think you have answered this on the blog before, but honestly (both of you) have the most gorgeous skin. What is your skincare regimen like?

  8. Aw, so cute! You know, I would be interested to see what Ashley eats–I’m always curious about how “normal” people eat, as opposed to my diet which in anything but, both in food and thought. I also think more karaoke is in order. Rock on! xoxo

  9. 9 Lizzy

    I LOVE SNACKTIME! such a great idea Kailey!!!!

    1) Have you and Ashley ever wanted to date brothers or best friends? I’ve always wanted me and my best friend to date guys that were really close, hehe.

    2)Kailey, what is your favorite non-run workout? I know your an elliptical girl but what other things do you love to do at the gym?

  10. 10 Caroline

    Too cute! You all are great in front of the camera.
    QUESTION! Kailey, I love how your makeup makes your face look so bright and open! What do you use and how do you usually apply it? I’m a complete makeup dunce, but I figure I should try!

  11. 11 Cecilia

    WOAH … I DIE! You guys are so gorgeous!!


    1) Which one of you, do you think are going to get married 1ST?!

    2) Show us your party tricks OR ya pick up line 😉


  12. LOVES IT! You’re so composed and professional in your video! I’d be such a spaz! I don’t have any questions yet but I’m sure I’ll come up with something 😀

  13. 13 April (Foods of April)

    Love the video! You all are too cute!

    Lets see a question.. how about just talking about your overall attitute towards food and exercise?

  14. 14 elise

    hahaha, you guys are the cutest. question: is it hard being such fabulous sexy biatches?

  15. Snack time, so cute!

    You two are great on camera, and i love hearing how bloggers sound in real life 🙂

    Best fall fashion tips?

    How do you come up with quick + easy vegan meals/snacks? When is eating vegan the hardest for you (i.e., eating out, going to other people’s houses, etc)

  16. OKAaaaAAAAyyyyy 😀

    Question: How did you and Muffin MEET?! Um hello! Best questionna everr.


    Question: What is the one food item you can never say NO to (perhaps the not-so-healthy variety would be in question, here.)?


  17. 17 homegirlcaneat

    OH MY FRIEND!!!! This made me tear up because I miss your face, voice, laugh, gorgeous bronzer so much already!! And I AM IN LOVE with this Snack Time idea and I know it shall be a hit! ESPESH with the addition of Muffin! I wish Britt was by my side to do something this hilarious but one day that shall come. And then one day we will collaborate and do a HomeSnack SpeakTime… and it will be epic.


    PS: QUESTION! What is your favorite drink at a) a bar b) at home and c) during class. Alcoholic drinks get more points.


  19. I can’t hear it for some reason. Is that happening to anyone else? Weird.

  20. you have a voice.
    ahaha! i love it. you and ashley are doll faces!
    bars or dance clubs?
    better yet… what is your favorite jam to get low too? aha!

  21. 21 fruitsveggieslife

    Forget Gossip Girl. Snacktime is my new fave.

    Q: What made you want to go into the journalism field, and how do you see yourself impacting journalism/the media in the future? (Heavy, I know).

    Q2: How on earth did the two of you become so gosh darn wonderful?

  22. Awww I think I love this blog even more! You girls are gorgeous and so nice. 🙂

  23. the voices are a little low…but Snackface you make me smile!

  24. omg i love you.

    ok, as a fellow journ gal–what are the differences between your and muffin’s approaches to and ambitions for your journalism careers? i know that sounds boring–but i know every journalism gal has a very distinct dream job, and i wanna know both of yours!

    have a lovely weekend chicas!

  25. 25 MattyRich

    I think the new-born frat rat is gonna have to make a boss major guest appearance.

  26. 26 lauren

    I know you are both in college and so have you had a hard time worrying about keeping your healthy lifestyle while still enjoying nights out with friends? partically drinking without gaining the “freshman 15” or even junior or senior 15 haha, or maintaining workouts, work, and school with it all>?

  27. OMG!!!! You two are toooooo cute! I can’t wait for more videos!

  28. The two of you are REEEDONKULOUS. Love it! xxx

  29. i love it 😀

  30. tooo efffing cute. okay here is my question: what is the most hilarious situation you two have found yourselves in? details!

  31. 31 Aunty Snooze

    I have a question? What happened to those cute Irish boys in San Fransico?

  32. 32 Susan

    too cute!! great job, girls! my question is how do you manage to stay on such a healthy diet while in college? do you ditch the meal plans? when i was in college, we were required to be on meal plans the first two yrs and that made it really tough to eat healthy. the meal plans were so expensive so we didn’t want to go shopping for too many other food items so we were limited to the nasty cafeteria food (pizza, casseroles, pasta, tacobell, etc., which all tasted the same after one mo.).

  33. How about doing an entire video post where you talk about how AWESOME athens is andddd give a shoutout to martini window? haha – but seriously, talk about Athens 😉

  34. So fun! Love it 🙂

  35. WHAT why didnt you tell me i missed this while i was in sea town?! shiiiit. gotta watch part 1 before part 2. or should i say what comes before part B? PART AYYYY!

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