SnackFace on a Schedule


Hello puddings! What I should be doing right now is reading chapters of A Short History of the Movies. Something within me cannot focus, so I figured it was time for a blogging break! This one will be a speedy post, brought to you in the style of Monday’s schedule, or time line.

9:30am- I awake needing to skip to the bathroom. The only reason I’m up this early when I don’t have class until noon is because I like to get workouts out of the way.

9:50- After bathroom duties, wardrobe changes and ponytail placement, I head out the door with half of this beauty:

One of my favorite Clif flavors.

One of my favorite Clif flavors.

10:10- Dodge annoyingly slow walkers. This is not a time to doddle, folks.

10:20– Hop on the elliptical after placing my backpack in an unlocked locker (a silly gym policy and I’m not getting a lock). Because I’m paranoid, I still keep my cell phone and wallet by my side.

10:22- Oh, I am so loving the Calvin Klein ads that feature Eva Mendes and Jamie Dornan! I should rip out this pic of Jamie and post it on my vision board.

11:10- Fifty minutes on the elliptical flew by. I wipe my face on my hot pink Ohio University tee, wipe clean the machine and head to a station to grab a mat.

11:25- Holding planks for a minute always makes me want to hurl. Why do I still do these? If Beyonce does them (as I learned on E! this week), then I’m definitely doing them.

11:40- Relieved that the workout is over and renewed with endorphins, I trek uphill to the music building.

11:50- I check my Gmail and smile at the comments on the latest SnackFace post.

12:24pm- We are singing a song about “how much I love thee.” I simply cannot relate to this and cannot emote this. Also, have I forgotten how to read music?

12:50– Money! We got out early and now my stomach is rumbling.

1:20- Out of the shower and into the kitchen, I throw together “breakfast.” It may be the afternoon, but I have to repeat Sunday’s killer chia banana bowl:



In the bowl: peach O’Soy yogurt, banana, chia seeds, cinnamon, agave and almond butter. Because it’s just that good:

Chia seeds have a nasty tendency to get stuck in my teeth. I deal.

Chia seeds have a nasty tendency to get stuck in my teeth. I deal.

2:10- Have a sudden urge to watch Beyonce’s VMA performance. NO ONE can perform like this woman. Absolutely no one. So what if I’m slightly obsessed?

2:40- Realize I’m running behind, throw my stuff into my “I’m vegan and I ❤ you” tote and skiddadle.

2:50- Walk past a recycling bin that’s filled with Bud Light cans and an empty bottle of Heinz organic ketchup. It’s balance.

3:10- Sit in Online Journalism Fundamentals for 90 minutes and almost burst at the seams whenever the word “blog” is uttered. I’m also ashamed I don’t use an RSS feed for anything. Google Reader keeps me plenty busy.

4:31- Run out of class because the bottle of water I guzzled during class may leak any second.

4:40- Visit this woman:

Muffin at her bossy desk!

Muffin at her bossy desk!

4:50- We laugh and rap to “Holiday Inn” and other songs too dirty to quote.

5:30- With a bag full of vitamins, sinus medication, hair spray, shaving gel, q-tips, and lotion from CVS, I am shocked that it cost $53. And to think most of this ends up down a drain!

6:00- Eat two large carrots while assembling my next meal:

Chicken salad.

Chicken salad.

In the mix: kale, broccoli slaw, celery, cherry toms, Gardein “chicken,” TJ’s Chile sauce, Uncle Bob’s sauce, sesame dressing and Parma! I made a mistake previously in not including that the Gardein products do have soy protein as well as protein from kamut, quinoa, amaranth and millet. The soy does not bother my stomach, so I fully enjoy these protein-packed patties. Look how freakishly chicken-like they are:

So happy that's not animal flesh, though.

So happy that's not animal flesh, though.

6:30- There is no way that salad was enough to fill me! I need some grains and more suga in my life:

Mug o' granola and bloobs!

Mug o' granola and bloobs!

I like to shorten and spell blueberries as “bloobs” because it’s so close to that other word that represents round things. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have the humor of a 12-year-old boy sometimes.

7:00- Alright, I guess I’ll do some homework. I dive into researching a specialized business magazine, which I’ve chosen Nations Restaurant News as my subject. Absolutely fascinating stuff on there. I had no idea about this Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard! Can someone who isn’t vegan try this and report back to me, please? It sounds ridiculous and amazing.

8:13- I delve into film history reading. This text is so poorly organized and hard to read. Who designed this layout? Or lack of layout, I should say. There are no points of entry for the reader and the tiny font has me losing my place every two seconds.

9:00- To switch things up, I’ll do the online reading assignment. And snack my way through it:

Just one of the snacks consumed. My prof wrote what you see in the background.

Just one of the snacks consumed. My prof wrote what you see in the background.

10:45- Ah! I didn’t mean to get sidetracked and talk to my favorite homie and Muffin instead of read! Mother f!

11:00- What the hell, I might as well blog!

This leads up to now, where I must sign off and finally complete those reading assignments before tomorrow. I get anxious over the thought of there being a pop quiz and not knowing any answers. The thought makes me completely nauseated, actually. (*Quick grammar note: I used to mess this up all the time until I took an intense grammar class. Use the word nauseated when you are suffering from nausea. Use the word nauseous in reference to the object that is making you sick to your stomach. As in, “That rotting dead fish’s stench is nauseous. Now I am unbelievably nauseated.” It doesn’t seem right at first, I know!)

Alright honeybuns, I am off! Have marvelous Tuesdays!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What was your favorite Little Debbie?
I was all about the Nutty Bars! Peeling off the wafers layer by layer was something I looked forward to every seventh-grade lunch. Oatmeal cream pies were my number two favorite.


44 Responses to “SnackFace on a Schedule”

  1. hahaha, I must be 12 too, cause I say bloobs and love it.

  2. 2 Megan

    Mmmm OATMEAL CREME PIES were a winner in my book!! I could not get enough of those! And I think they were only $1 a box!?! I miss those days 🙂 I love this schedule format of your post… love love love it! Not that I’m a stalker or anything, but I think it’s pretty cool! I might copy you one of these days 😉

    • 3 snackface

      Megan- I’m so glad you enjoyed this style of post! I’m a horrible journalist and should have credited Janetha (Meals + Moves), as she uses this style often. Whoops!

  3. I set the timer for planks for a minute. longest. minute. ever. (ever ever!! haha!)

  4. 5 Lindsey

    my favorite was nutty bars too! everything else was gross to me (esp. ho hos and those fake christmas trees)

  5. 6 Brittany

    just thought i would drop in to tell you i love you and i still read all the time although i dont get to see your beautiful face holding a summer brew every thursday through sunday.

    on to foodie things… ive been a vegetarian for over a month and a half now! woohoooo snaps for craic ass! and that salad looks delish. my one btown complaint is that there arent enough fresh veggies in my life! (but i have had some bomb ass tofu that you would most def appreciate)

    i hope life is amazing and craic, wack, and 16 need to have a vchat sesh SOON

    • 7 snackface

      Brittany- AHHHH!!!! This comment just made my day. I miss you so f-ing much! I’m adding you to my Gmail shiz so we can at least talk through that. Miss you and love you!

  6. oatmeal creme pies OMG, and I really adore your grammar lesson. I, too, took an intense grammar class, and I probably enjoyed it more than any sane person should’ve. Ah, well… Good luck with your tarea, chica!

  7. I saw that about Beyonce on E!News too. We watch damn good TV, huh? 🙂

  8. I used to love the Swiss Rolls and the Cinnamon Rolls… yum, hydorgenated oils. If only we knew then what we know now… My second grad self would have STILL eaten them, I can’t lie 😉

  9. LOL I totally have shortened it to Bloobs and my mind went dirty. BLOOBIES! 😉

    I’m doing planks tomorrow. I swear it.

  10. I love that chicken salad! xxx Julia

  11. Beyonce is just amazing. I wish she would change up the song though, she’s been performing that one for so long!

    Bloobs 🙂 giggle.

    Favorite Little Debbie = The same ones you listed! Nutty Bars and Oatmeal Pies…so good!

  12. Whats wrong with wanting to be Beyonce! and totally lusting after her!? I love that bootylicious woman! Awh muffin looks so bossy at her desk.. )insert I’m bossy song here). Love the faux chicken salad looks scrumptious!

  13. I def. have a not so secret crush on beyonce (esp. after the VMAs, what a gem) I totes saw that mini segment on E! and have devoted myself to planks ever since… whatevski!

    good luck with all that reading, hope your prof. doesn’t spring a surprise quizzy on you — thats le worst!

    lovez you hotcakes!

  14. I loved hearing about your schedule! It’s always so interesting to hear what others do on a daily basis. Love the salad you made too…YUMMY!

    My favorite Little Debbie’s treat was the oatmeal creme pie or the nutty bars too! I also liked the seasonal ones…especially the Christmas ones with the red and green sprinkles.

  15. sounds like a busy day!

    swiss cake rolls + nutty bars + star crunch were a 3 way tie with me.

  16. OOOH great tip on the planks! How many 1 minute reps do you do to make you wanna hurl girl??? Man that’s intense!

    I just wanna say that you always make the BEST looking salads. It makes me want some, but yet i’m too lazy to actually assemble all the ingredients. 😛

    • 19 snackface

      luckytastebuds – Hey chiquita! I only do two one-minute reps, and I lift one leg at a time for 10 seconds, both feet planted for 10 seconds, lift other leg for 10 seconds,etc. This is plenty for me! In-between the reps I do something I call “oblique dips” (because I don’t know the real name) where I prop myself up on my left arm, body elevated, and dip down 10 to 12 times, then switch sides. I do two sets of those and the planks (in addition to other abby stuff) and seriously want to hurl.

  17. 20 eatolive

    i used to be obssessed with the little debbie smores. so amazing!

  18. 21 lowandbhold

    Your posts make me wish I had appreciated college more! I had a very similar schedule to yours, but didn’t wake up and work out nearly often enough. I miss the random-ness of everyday and everything abour journalism school. I never thought that would happen!

    The “chicken” does look freakishly chicken-like! And I hate textbooks that seem to be written to discourage people from reading it. It’s like they want us to get back grades! Hope you have a great Tuesday!!

  19. Swiss Cake Rolls were my downfall. I ate them for breakfast every day as a wee little one. Maybe that’s why I was a chubster back in the day…

  20. I love that 9:30 is early for you – I wish I had those sleeping in skillz! Slow walkers are almost as bad as slow drivers!! I just want to shout, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!!”

    Beyonce is the queen. I used to think Brit-Brit performed well (she still does) but Beyonce knows how to bring the house down. Hahah Holiday Inn! Classic!

    Thank you for saying pattie instead of (boobie) cutlet when talking about the “chicken” 🙂

    Oh goodness, Debbie and I were BFFs! Swiss Cake Rolls, Oatmeal Creme Pies, those delish nut brownies, Nutty Bars. I’m now craving them, thanks a bunch! Although the Vitabrownie does remind me of the Little Debbie brownies!


  21. nutty bars layer by layer – we are SOULMATES!!!!!!!

    loved your day recap me lady!

  22. How nice to have a little day-in-the-life…I felt like I was hiding in your ❤ vegan tote!
    Your breakfast bowls are killing me. Stop it. No don't. I love it. That salad also looks amazing. I've fallen off the salad bandwagon. I need some inspiration because they just haven't been appealing to me. Humpf.
    I'm jealous you're studying film. I was an American Studies major which included lit, history and FILM and I loved it with all my heart.
    I will hunt down that oreo cookie jar blizzard and tell you what it is like because it sounds like all my favorite things at once!!

  23. 27 fembot

    I love the grammar tip! I always used to mess up lay/lie until I listened to Grammar Girl’s podcast which had a wonderful explanation of the difference. But I still couldn’t remember it, so I made myself a little trick and said, “People lie. They’re dirty liars!” and that’s how I remember that people lie and things lay! (Although technically you can lay yourself or someone else down, but then we’re just getting into nonsense! And let’s not get started on past tense either.)

    Little Debbie Fudge Brownies are the bomb.

    Question: Chia seeds…I see them everywhere. Some people soak them, some people don’t. What’s the diff?

  24. hahaha, timelines are always fun to read! i felt like i was right there with you. we may as well just take out the L and call them boobs. i am glad you skip to the bathroom. i am not even about to click on that blizzard link! and little debbie nut brownies were my jam. planks make me want to hurl. most non-timelined comment ever. i love you like a fat kid loves little debbie cake. xo

  25. Why did you have to remind me of nutty bars? sigh…

  26. 30 elise

    duuuuuuuuude. procrastinating is way bettah. homework 😛

    youre all about the gardein products lately, so where can i get these? i was browsing the freezer section for them in WF but to no avail. ill admit they look a bit too much like the real deal – to the point that it skeeves me out a bit…but i aint hatin til i try it for myself.

  27. Hey Chicky,
    Glad to see someone who is as anal about grammer as I am! Your salad looks MARVELOUS!

  28. 32 MamaJ

    You know I had to think about this one for a split second because Little Debbie does not make any version of my favourite, Vachon Flaky Cake……Layers of thin puff french pastry stuffed with the right amount of whipped white icing and fruit jelly… In a pinch I would go for a Swiss Roller with the outer layer of chocolate peeled off and pitched. XOXO

  29. wow you had one busy day!!!

  30. 34 Lizzy

    i want to sleep in so bad!!! that salad looks fantastic! 🙂 get it girl! 🙂

  31. Hell to the yes on the Nutty Bars! Greatest fake food ever.

  32. Zebra cakes–even better when they were shaped like Christmas trees:)

  33. I was for sure a Nutty Bar girl too–but I did hit up those zebra cake christmas trees when the holidays hit!

  34. kailey m’dear… isn’t it amazing the dime piece journalism you learn on channels such as E! hah i love me some beyonce… shoo if home girl does planks and looks like that… i should probably take it up, say no? too bad she is on a league of her own.
    your salad and yogurt looks delish!

    so i never had the pleasure of enjoying little debbie products but i will tell you what i ate at lunch uurveryday of middle school. a slice of pizza, an old fashioned donut, pop and sometimes i threw in a bag of chips… haha sick.

  35. 39 randomlymikey

    great break down! i haven’t had a lil debbie in so long! i remember buying them when they were a quarter, i think my fav was strawberry shortcake roll or fudge brownie.

  36. Were swiss rolls Little Debbie? Those things made my elementary school lunch hour the most exciting part of the day!

    Loved the timeline recap. Your memory is pro, I don’t think I remember what I do during HALF of the hours of my day, that’s how terrible my short term memory is. UGH.

    Toiletries etc are way too pricey. I shouldn’t complain cause my momsy buys my essentials. That won’t happen forever though.
    And planks are da bomb. I feel KILLER getting through them. I actually DRIP sweat by the end of them and I love it.

    And thanks for the quick grammar lesson! Definitely never heard that one before, but I’m going to have to remember it cause I apparently always say the wrong thing now that I know the RIGHT way of it.

  37. 41 MissMcKenzie

    loving Muffin’s top..very cute

  38. i recently just had the oatmeal raisin walnut clif bar and i have to agree it is really yummy 🙂

  39. What a fun/eventful day full of good food and friends! Thanks for sharing!

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