Already Ready


Hi kidlets! As I’m writing this, a leisurely work-filled Sunday is winding down and I am already ready for next weekend. Is anyone else like that? There’s something about six or so hours of reading that will do that to a twenty-one-year-old college student.

This morning I was awoken by mother nature’s beaming sunshine and restless woodland creatures. The earlier-than-desired wake-up call was welcomed, though, as I had desperately wanted to catch you all up on this weekend’s festivities and adventures. Wild Things we are, but come Sunday, Muffin returns to her editor-in-chief duties and I remember that I’m a student who’d love to maintain her high GPA.

After writing about Thursday through Sunday, I made a sweet and cheery breakfast:

That's a very loud tablecloth. I like.

That's a very loud tablecloth. I like.

In the bowl: strawberry O’Soy yogurt, sliced banana, chia seeds, sprinkle of cinnamon, drizzle of almond butter and a squirt of agave nectar. The already flavorful bowl didn’t need the agave by any means, but I hadn’t opened it yet and was dying to try it. The few banana slices that were coated in agave were the most divine nuggets in the bowl:



I took my time after eating and sipped coffee while watching The Rachel Zoe Project. Perhaps I’m just a small-town girl living in a lonely world, but I can’t imagine having someone choose my wardrobe for me. Other than my mom, that is. Someone let me know when she or he becomes famous if you suddenly forget how to dress yourself.

Eventually, I peeled myself off the couch and prepped for the gym. Today’s workout was killer! I did 50 minutes of intervals on the elliptical (whilst reading Glamour, of course), and followed that with ab and arm machines. I’d never done the fly machine before, and I thought my chest was going to rip open and my arms were going to tear off. Graphic, but that was running through my somewhat sordid mind. Basically, I need to work on my upper-body strength.

I walked the almost two miles home, showered and noticed my hands were shaky. Enter a very GC-riffic snack plate:



I had three distinct cravings and rolled with it: grapes, carrot with mustard and TJ’s meatless meatballs with ketchup. The produce supply may be dwindling, which may be the more accurate explanation for this assortment.

This delivered enough fuel for me to knock out Online Journalism reading. That is, until I got a whee bit bored and finished some trail mix that’s been open since my flight back to Cinci. Delicioso.

Online Journalism assignments turned into Specialized Business Magazines assignments by the time 8pm rolled around. It turns out there is such a publication as Trucker’s News. I find this comforting.

Wanting to continue reading, I whipped up a dippable dinner that took seven minutes to throw together:

Chicken dinner.

Chicken dinner.

Allow me to address this grotesque-looking “chicken.” It’s a Gardein product that has 11 grams of protein per “cutlet.” I don’t enjoy using this meaty language, but it works best when discussing the faux-ness. Dipped in TJ’s Chile sauce and Uncle Bob’s, this was freakishly chicken-like. It even had the fibrous texture that real chicken breasts have. That’s kind of gaggy just typing it. However, I enjoyed it! Alongside I had kale chips and roasted broccoli, both dipped in a separate plate dedicated solely to ketchup.

In-between spurts of reading I snacked on Peanut Butter Panda Puffs and Nature’s Path Pumpkin granola with almond milk. Crunching my way through readings is sometimes the only way to do it.

Now, my friends, something is calling my name:

"Kailey, get your bum in bed."

"Kailey, get your bum in bed."

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and is recharged for a thrilling new week!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: What do you think of professional stylists? Would you want one if you were (or when you become) famous? AND What do you keep by your bed (please, no sharing about goodie drawers)?
Although I sort of slammed the idea above, stylists have their purpose for the elite of the elite who may not have time to search for that Oscar gown. I feel absolutely absurd even typing that, so maybe that’s not how I really feel. I’d test it out, but they seem silly.I understand for huge events, but not for day-to-day casual wear.

And for question two, I always have magazines, my cell phone and ear plugs. Sexy.


32 Responses to “Already Ready”

  1. I love Gardein! If you go to their website and send them an e-mail saying you like their products they will send you a coupon to get a free one!

  2. 2 hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    I am undecided about stylists. I def lack in that department at times. I just am lazy I think, but if I had people to look good for other than professors and students I don’t even know, then I would probably use my hard earned cash and get myself a nice wardrobe instead of spending it on trashy magazines and cooking appliances 🙂 BUT, I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon, I need to keep up with the times ya huurrr!??
    PLUS, I live in my sweatpants/gym clothes/work clothes, and I wouldn’t want anyone telling me I can’t wear what I want 🙂

  3. 3 WholeBodyLove

    If I were to become famous I would definitly hire a stylist so as not to be at the top of The Worst Dressed List 🙂

  4. mm i loove kale chips
    and ketchup

    and your room!!

    i would LOVE a stylist!! i suck at dressing myself. like I know to roll, what looks good , in style, etc!! but having someone put peices together for me that I would love, and would flatter my body!! daaang

  5. 5 muffin

    I would love to have a stylist! But I wouldn’t like it if they tried to get me to wear weird things.

    I always keep my cell phone by my bed….people call me at all hours and I get really anxious without it.

  6. I think it would be really easy sometimes: when you don’t have any inspiration but still wanna look nice… But next to that, I like picking my own things;)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  7. 7 dewtakeflight

    Looks likes you’ve done a great job getting back into the true Snackface snack plates! 🙂 Is Gardein selling their products in stores now?

    Keep inspiring!

  8. I think I would love a personal stylist. I have a hard time finding things that fit my long orangutan arms and flat chest so someone to find something for me would be great. Plus, sometimes when I’m shopping, I just give up since I can’t find anything. The idea of shopping is fun, not the process itself. I think I would just have to be very vocal in what I like/dislike.

    Kallllle chips 🙂 Mmm.

  9. 9 Anna

    I am obsessed with the Rachel Zoe Project. Their hysteria over fashion matters is just too funny, and I really wish I had a fabulous gay man to complement me while I am getting ready to go out at night. I think that stylists are good for helping you out with determining what is appropriate and where you can find that perfect outfit, but I kind of think it’s cheating when people who get a lot of help are credited for being fabulous dressers. Plus, I just love shopping too much to let someone else do it for me.

  10. I feel you. The countdown to Friday has already begun here as well 🙂

    hahah ohh the chicken “cutlet” language…why must they describe them at all, I get it, it’s a patty…nuff said.

    Love your room, so precious, just like youuu

  11. A proffessional stylist?
    This summer I had the good fortune of having a gift certificate from Vidal Sassoon for $350.00. My freinds said WOW you’ll get a lot of services, and I said I doubt it.
    I had my hair coloured and cut with a condtioner addded and the bill came to $357.00 and then I had to tip the girls. HAHAHA THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEVEN SMACKAROOS and the interior was dated and needed a makeover. Oh well a least I got in before the Toronto Film Festival hit town.
    Love Ya
    Aunty Sue

  12. your room is so cute!!

  13. Mmmm TJs balls – thanks for reminding me I’ve got a bag full chillin’ in my freezer 🙂

    This is kind of rando but the term cutlet makes me thinks of those fake boobs that people put in their dresses for prom and whatnot. My friend wore those one and I made fun of her boobie cutlets for months.

    Sometimes I wish someone would just tell me, “wear this!” However I know my style and what works for me so I don’t think I’d want a stylist all the time. Bedside stands? I don’t have one! Happy Monday, lovebug 🙂

  14. ahhhh love you and muffin!

    that vegan burrito looks amazing – peanut soy tofu…yes please! and your room is ador! i am loving it all. your college apartment looks 10X better than my “grown up” abode. yay for crunching + studying…or crunching and blogging like i likes ta do.

    happy monday lovah!

  15. I love picking out clothes way too much to pay someone else to do it for me. And I have to say, I think that the whole stylist phenomenon has killed any creativity that used to happen on the red carpet. Everyone looks the same, and when anyone tries to have fun with it (e.g. Bjork’s swan dress), people get all up in arms because they don’t look perfect. Lame!

  16. I’m not a fan of personal stylists… I think they comletely take away from the celebrity’s (or lucky rich biotchhh’s) well, “personal style” and isn’t choosing what you like and what you want to wear the most fun part of fashion anywayz? Though if my personal stylist was willing to pay for my entire wardrobe well then that’d be a horse of a different color, yaknaw’mean? hugs and kisses snackster ❤

  17. 17 Katharina

    Your room is so cute! I put so much TLC into the way I decorate my room.. let’s see. I’ve got a coffee table in front of it, a little nightstand with candles and some matchboxes.. I’ve got a packet of lavender, more candles, dried flowers in vases 😀

    Your breakfast mix looks awesome. Love how you dress up your food. I wish they sold Gardein near me – I really want to try them out even though I usually don’t go for faux-meats -they’re made out of grains correct?

    I would love to be a stylist! I love to give people my honest input on things if they ask for it, to make them look their best. I noticed that people will come to me for a second opinion.. even strangers lol. I’d love to be a home decor stylist as well hehe 😉 Is there a food stylist too?

  18. 18 Brandi

    I don’t know about a stylist…I guess I could see using one to help find the perfect dress for certain things, but not for everyday. I can pick out my own jeans + tee, thank you very much 🙂 of course…maybe that’s why I’m NOT famous. ha!

    I don’t have anything next to my bed, except my dresser. Not even a nightstand, so no excitement there.

  19. 19 lowandbhold

    Your room decor is so pretty! I love it!

    I don’t think I’ll have a stylist when I make it big, haha 😉

    I keep my books, lotion and water by my bed at all times. Books to keep the brain healthy, lotion to keep the skin healthy and water for urrythang else.

    That’s some serious reading, I’m impressed!

  20. HAHA I am SO SO tempted to take a pic of my bed right now so you can see my bright orange earplugs chillin next to my cell phone. I started sleeping with earplugs in college and now I’m hooked.

    And ixnay on the personal stylist for me. I’d hate being told what to wear. As in, when I want to rock hardtails and hoodie, nobody’s going to get me in a dress.

    Have a great Monday!


  21. I wouldn’t mind an occasional stylist when I am going to something special but other than that I just am too casual for that.

  22. 22 Emily (Healthy Fit Mama)

    I had the Gardein BBQ skewers and they were so much like beef it kinda grossed me out. They tasted good though! I’m trying the BBQ pulled shreds tonight.

  23. the fake chicken definitely freaks me out a bit

  24. i am always ready for the weekend! and i am a 26 year old non college student, so don’t think that phase will pass for you my dear 🙂 digging the paisleys! glad you made it through your workout with all limbs still attached. trucker’s news? for real? wow! i wonder how i can subscribe. your bed spot is gloooorious! next to my bed i have ipod lamp.. yes, that is high tech, you can be jealous.. 3 alarm clocks (not kidding).. ummmm books, magazines and the likes of that. love you long time!

  25. Hello lovely one!
    I am loving that breakfast bowl of magic!! Amazing! and Fab, as you so rightly put it.
    Oh! Hating weekdays will not pass after college but instead get worse! Good luck with that. It sucks. Haha.

    Your boudoir looks super sophis. Nice work.
    1) Professional stylists. I think they are ridiculous and that famous people should be made to dress themselves. Mainly because most of them have no natural skills in the style arena and it would be far more entertaining to see what looks they churned up for themselves. Justin and Britney circa matching head-to-toe denim? More of the same please.
    2) Bedside: one red bedside table with my phone, my lamp and my book. I keep it clean.

  26. 26 Lizzy

    I need to try Kale chips! seriously they look amazing everytime i see them.

    as for having a personal stylist, i dont think i would like it. Like you said, i can understand for something MAJOR, but to have one on a day to day basis isnt me. I actually really enjoy picking out my own unique outfits!!!!

    my cell phone and magazines are always by my bedside. i like to be inspired! 🙂

    hope you had a great monday!

  27. 27 MamaJ

    I was a stylist . I had to do something, pregnant models are not in high demand.Think about all those Homecoming and Prom outfits we searched for. Eventually I will need to be paid. Plus, anyone can pick up a mag and find out what the “must haves” are for the season. I think its better to set your own trends than follow whatever someone tells you to wear. OXOX P.S. Your new fall Vogue has arrived.

  28. 28 dewtakeflight

    Your snack plates always look so delicious! It must be so nice to be home–even though I’m sure you miss the internship atmosphere also.

    I just wrote a new post and would really appreciate your thoughts and advice! If you have a second please check it out.

    Keep inspiring!

  29. 29 randomlymikey

    haha, that IS a loud tablecloth- but it’s cute. i usually always have kleenex, cell phone, and lotion on the bedstand. okay i know that sounds horrible, but i swear it is innocent!

  30. 30 homegirlcaneat

    Agave!! I have not yet tried it but do want to. Espesh on a banana. The ones that are edible.

    I wish I had real utensils and plates and a real fridge to stock up on amazing produce to make amazing snack plates and salads, wraps, etc. Sad.

    Even mo said you aren’t by my side! Or we can’t have TJ dates for awhile… but I do not fear because I am already excited for next summer (and we have to get through the winter…) AND WE SHOULD DEF SIGN UP FOR THE HALF IN SF! Instead of walking past the marathoners…hungover..about go eat..then go in a bar… oh the life of a chick from a mafia of swag sistas!!!

    Loveeee u!

  31. Ahhh such a cute bed/room girlie!! I love it! Well…in my goodie drawer….hehe jk 😉
    I usually have some type of nightstand that has my alarm clock and a frame or book. I also keep my phone charging next to my bed!

  32. I feel like I haven’t “talked” to you forever! You seem busy but HAPPY, which I like. Chris and I were talking last night and I said, “Why does processed soy taste so damn good?” (i.e. ‘balls, veggie burgers, chik’n nuggets, veggie dogs) I missed them so and they are back in my life, probably to stay. I thought you should know 😉

    I’d like a stylist if I had the money and need. I honestly think what it is is that these people don’t have the time to put together new, interesting, well fitting outfits day in and day out, plus shop for them, etc. I rarely buy new clothes these days because I just don’t have the time to shop. I like shopping, but it’d be nice to have someone to do it for me too. Plus I get to dress three other people in my house too. That’s enough for me!

    Have a good week, hon!

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