Wild Things


Hello gorgeous friends! I have no excuse for not blogging other than I was out living and celebrating life, much like the subject this card I gave Muffin for her birthday addresses:

Don't mind the hand sanitizer.

Don't mind the hand sanitizer.

Thursday started off with no intentions of making it a crazy day. I rolled out of bed at 7am and ate a delicious and newly found standard breakfast:

Granola, berry and yogurt mess.

Granola, berry and yogurt mess.

In the bowl: O’Soy yogurt with chia seeds, Nature’s Path Pumpkin perfection granola, blueberries and an almond butter drizzle. It’s recently come to my attention how sugary this breakfast is. Perhaps I should be more concerned, but I’m not. The mix is perfectly cool, crunchy and sweet and keeps me full for hours. That’s still a winner in my eyes.

To accompany my seven-hour school day, I packed a somewhat lame to-go lunch:

Wrap, grapes and veg in the girliest space in my room.

Wrap, grapes and veg in the girliest space in my room.

I ate the spinach and hummus wrap and grapes, but couldn’t choke down the veggies. I blame my fiction professor who said in class: “My heart sinks every time I see someone with a stick of celery.” Whoops. I honestly like celery! Although, it desperately needs a salsa or hummus for dipping.

When I finished my huge chunk of classes (9-11am, 12-2pm, 3-5pm), I stopped by Muffin’s office to give her the aforementioned birthday card and her citation (WARNING: don’t read this closely if you’re easily offended):

I mean this term in the most endearing manner.

I mean this term in the most endearing manner.

Muffin loved these so much she started to fill them out for everyone in the newsroom. I hope they understand our humor.

We headed to our favorite spot, Broney’s, for Muffin’s dinner hour and for me to kill time before my 7 to 8pm class.Β  She ordered nachos and I helped her by eating the cheeseless chips. I headed to my 7pm class a bit late, but completely lucked out because we only had to sign in our names and then we could peace out.

With this precious gift of free time, I found Muffin immediately. We went to her house for a bit so I could drop off my heavy backpack and switch my essentials to a purse of hers. Then we trekked to the newsroom to check on the stories and how the late night was going. And then, as soon as we could, we headed out:

Bar lighting, obviously.

Bar lighting, obviously.

Our Thursday night out consisted of making new friends, chatting non-stop and observing certain fashion choices:

Let's look to the girl on the left.

Let's look to the girl on the left.

Homegirl with the booty shorts and handkerchief “top” (I’m using that term very loosely) was super cute, but I just wanted to help a sistah out! That’s coverage of no sort. I suppose I shouldn’t say anything, as I was dressed in an Ellen DeGeneres-esque oversize button-down and khaki shorts. She and I were going for different looks.

A night filled with Muffin’s being hit on by her landlord and my being teased about veganism by new friends was followed with a Friday morning bowl of cereal:

Panda Puffs, blueberries, O'Soy, chia seeds and almond butter. Scrumptious.

Panda Puffs, blueberries, O'Soy, chia seeds and almond butter. Scrumptious.

For breakfast dessert I had some PopChips. I was hungry!

My Friday afternoon was spent singing, working out and lounging on Muffin’s second bed while watching Tool Academy 2. This show is riveting. I cannot stop watching once I start! Muffin and I also noted that we know too many men who could easily be on the show. I’m not sure what that says about us.

Eventually, Muffin and I got ready to go out yet again! We skipped back to my place where I could give her the rest of her birthday present. Pattycake Bakery, you rock our world:

Muffin with her muffins!

Muffin with her muffins!

Pattycake Bakery makes the best muffins I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. Muffin has enjoyed the banana chocolate chip muffin and the blueberry muffin (OK, so I definitely snagged several bites of each):

Muffin eating a muffin.

Muffin eating a muffin.

Friday night was another celebration of my woman’s birthday. I’m all about birthday weeks rather than simply birth days. We went out with newsies from the paper and had a blast putting ice down each other’s dresses and trying to give our friend Dave purple nurples. He was still kind enough to take a picture of our coordinating outfits:

Leopard and zebra? Wild things, fa sho.

Leopard and zebra? Wild things, fa sho.

At one of the bars, Muffin whispered something in my ear. A gentleman named Conrad came up to me and asked, “Did you two just kiss?” Puzzled, I said no. “That would be so hot. Will you two kiss for me?” Absolutely not! What the hell? That is the worst come-on I’ve ever experienced. Males of the world, never, ever think that will work. It won’t.

Saturday morning Muffin came over and we shared a muffin while contemplating what to do for the day. Dave wanted everyone to attend the Celtic Festival in New Straitsville. Now, New Straitsville already sounded like no place I wanted to be, but I thought, “oh well, it will be an adventure.” Within an hour, we got ready and drove to the tiny town.

It was seriously the smallest town I’ve ever seen. We couldn’t find the campgrounds on which this festival was to commence, so we stopped to ask for directions. It turns out that the festival was canceled! After perusing the New Straitsville museum, which was a small shop with old pictures and Little Debbie cakes strewn about, we went to the family restaurant next door. Quite possibly the cutest restaurant I’ve ever seen, this little gem charmed us:



My companion in our booth:

Isn't she cute?

Isn't she cute?

Always ordering exactly what she wants, Muffin got this lovely plate for lunch:

Onion rings and grilled cheese!

Onion rings and grilled cheese!

I had a bite or two of the onion rings and ate her pickle slices. Once fed, Muffin and I hightailed it out of New Straitsville. Exhausted from our adventures, we lay on my couch and watched trashy television. Spending so much time with Muffin this weekend has made me realize just how much I missed her all summer! It’s been luxurious to have her by my side all weekend.

For dinner, my lovepie and I went to Casa Nueva. I had chips and salsa, a small salad and this gorgeous vegan burrito:

Burrito filled with jasmine rice, black beans and peanut-soy tofu.

Burrito filled with jasmine rice, black beans and peanut-soy tofu.

Casa bakes their burritos so they have a nice crunchy shell with steaming innards. Steaming innards sounds nauseatingly nasty, I’m sorry. Anyway, after dinner we may have gone out again. We’re making up for lost time.

Now that it’s Sunday, I should probably do homework and be productive. I’m off to kick-start the day with breakfast and maybe a workout. I hope everyone’s weekends are going swimmingly!

Ciao for now,



21 Responses to “Wild Things”

  1. I was dressed in an Ellen DeGeneres-esque oversize button-down and khaki shorts. She and I were going for different looks.

    Haha–I might love you… And I, too, make my friends “pose” for pics when I want to get a pic of something entertaining/trashy/memorable in the background. I like your style.

  2. Haha! Love the “Bitch Citation” πŸ˜€

    Sorry about the festival being cancelled; but hooray for always knowing how to have a good time.

  3. OMG i have those bitch citation sheets, and the S*** list ones! LOVE THEM! Looks like a great time, even though orig. plans changed!

  4. you two are so gorgeous!!
    i love post! haha, the Bitch Citian is hilarious!!!

    O’Soy is tres delish, non? how long have you been vegan?
    your breaky looks way good! dont count sugar, sugar!! its good, its good!! RIGHT!? xo

  5. What fun what fun!! I’m glad you’re catching up on so much missed “muffin time”…and I love that citation sheet! haha classy πŸ˜‰

    Have a productive Sunday, God knows I need to…

  6. Kailes! Look at you and muffin hittin’ the town in style, as per usual.

    I’m kinda obsessed with your (beautiful) yogurt messes!! I’ve considered the fact that the suga may be a little higher in my yog-mess breakfasts’ too (since you got the cereal, fruit and yog instead of oats w/ pb and fruit or somethin’ somethin’)….BUT, it’s FRUIT sugar, with a little extra kick! We don’t need to fear sugar, especially not the kind thats from soy yogurt or supa nutritinous granola. It’s not like we’re slamming down in n’ out milkshakes or anything….not that that would be too horrible though! πŸ˜‰

    That last burrito sounds divine, I want it. Hope you’re having a fab sunday! Love you and love the bitch list!! Hahahahah “snaggle-tooth b!tch”…that’d be harsh.

  7. 7 homegirlcaneat

    I want a bitch citation! What a lovely friend you are to give the birthday Muffin some scrumcious muffins! Are those badboys vegan? I’m sure they are if you were eating them but JW! (jus’ wonderin’)

    Those onion rings look TDF. (to die for) I really like abbrevs. today apparently.

    I just hiked 1.8 down a hill to get Chobani and veggie burgers and AMAZING ROSEMARY TOFU + salad then hiked 1.8 BACK UP the hill and now I am sweaty… that reminds me of the Irish party bus! Minus my walk had no Irish boys 😦

    I am soooo thankful I met a SnackFace that goes on 5 times in one week. This is why we are friends. We appreciate organic food and beer.

    LOVE U

  8. love the “bitch citation”, its so funny girl!your yogurt messes looks yummy as always and i love your zebra dress πŸ™‚

  9. omggg that burrito looks fabby!

  10. argh I was totally going to make a not so witty joke about muffin eating a muffin but you beat me to it!

    how hot are you shawtii’s in your animal print? meowwwwwww.


  11. 11 Lizzy

    you and muffin are the cutest!!!

    those coordinating outfits are so hott! get it girls! πŸ™‚

    where can a girl get some of those muffins! they loooked so delish!? πŸ™‚


  12. Celery by itself is pretty gaggy to me but lather some nut butter on it and I’ll gladly chomp down!

    Bitch citation!? Loves it – just further proof that we are soul sisters! Oh Lord! That girl’s outfit is horrendous! Sometimes I wonder what people think before they go out. Do they honestly look in the mirror and go, “Daaaamn! I look hot!” because they shouldn’t.

    BIRTHDAY WEEKS!! The only way to celebrate! Glad you two had a blast! That is a gorgy burrito. The shenanies you and Muffin have been stirring up makes me miss my bestie!

  13. The bitch citation is so funny! I totally need to pick those up πŸ™‚

    You chicas look FIERCE! Work that animal print! Love it.

  14. Love the Bitch citation! lol I also laughed out loud when I read the Conrad story. Glad you had an awesome weekend!

  15. 15 caitlin

    muffin rocks. love a girl who always “orders exactly what she wants”

  16. hahahaha steaming innards. I love it. Looks like you had such a fun girls weekend!! Those onion rings look soooooo good. Yumm. Me wantie.

  17. 17 WholeBodyLove

    So, I have got to check out Pattycake Bakery!

  18. hello pudding pop! just playing catch up on your beautiful face.. loving the new bfast staple, pumpkin granola is so delicious and nutritious and reminds me of halloween! that citation is so dope, where did you find that?! i must have a set to hand out to all my bitches. loving the feisty animal print, and all the muffin eating muffin talk. looks like a fabulous time was had!!

  19. “Steaming innards” – mwahahah. Love it. Sounds amazing to me!
    Happy birthday Muffin – so dang adorable! And a total intelligentsia with her editorial skills!
    Oh and that booty girl needs some coverage FAST. Not cool.

  20. My girls and I totally do birthday weeks too! Love it. When you are as fabulous as we all obviously are there is a lot to celebrate! πŸ™‚

  21. That’s why I missed you so…somehow I missed this post!

    I love the picture of Muffin eating the muffin…she looks SO adorable.

    I’m going to go put some chia seeds in my overnight oats, in honor of you πŸ™‚

    I’m really glad you and I are friends still, Kale Chips, even though my blog went belly up. You are tried and true, and Muffin and I both know that!!!

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