A Musical Snack


Hello lovepies! I successfully made it through my first day of classes! I have a great feeling about the three I had today. All of the professors seem incredible, and my work consists of writing, reading, analyzing words and language and watching films. Those are all loves of mine. Woopwoop!

To charge me through the morning, I had a glorious yogurty breakfast:

Glamourous mess with Koffee.

Glamourous mess with Koffee.

I desperately needed that coffee! Every year, I cannot sleep the night before classes start. I’ve been this way…forever? MamaJ can answer that for me.

Anyway, in the mix: O’Soy peach yogurt, bloobs, chia seeds, Nature’s Path Pumpkin Perfection granola and a drizzle of TJ’s unsalted crunchy almond butter. So amazing. Made up for any sleep I didn’t get. Oh, I had a thought while I was stirring the yogurt and chia together. Why doesn’t lemon poppyseed yogurt exist? Wouldn’t that be delightful? Another look:



I headed to my first class with a spring in my step, happy with a new beginning. Starts of school years are always so joyous– anything can happen.

Specialized business magazines is going to be a great class mainly because the professor (who is also my adviser) is hilarious and adorable. We got out of class supah early, so I headed home to read blogs and assemble a to-go lunch:

Wrap, apple and some veg.

Wrap, apple and some veg.

I dug into the wrap and apple after Critical Approaches to fiction. The professor reminds me of a cross between David Sedaris and my favorite hair dresser who passed away a couple years ago. My prof is married with children, though, so he doesn’t exactly have much in common with the aforementioned gentleman other than looks.

Back to the eats. I didn’t eat the carrots and celery because I wasn’t feeling it. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy this wrap:

Eaten on a patio.

Eaten on a patio.

In the wrap: Joseph’s lavash wrap, Sabra’s pine nut hummus, mustard, TJ’s Chile sauce, mushrooms, spinach and Parma! The Parma totally made the wrap.

I had time to kill before my next class and figured I’d go drop $200 on books. I would never spend $200 on something in one day. It kills me to do that, but I have to suck it up. It was during this time I downed 24ish ounces of water. Huge mistake. I sat in Film 201 praying that I wouldn’t pee my pants. I mean, I was wearing white shorts. Can’t really hide that.

Once dismissed from class and relieved from intense self-induced pee pain, I visited Muffin at work. Guess what? MUFFIN’S BDAY IS TODAY/TOMORROW/YESTERDAY/SEPTEMBER 9 (depending on when you read this). Happy birthday to the woman who has shown me how to live life fully and squeeze every bit of fun from it (and then drank it, obvs). I love you!

I rushed home shortly after 5pm because my stomach was making the most crude noises. Snack plate to the rescue:



On the plate: carrots and celery from lunch, cherry toms, shrooms, broccoli, Sabra’s pine nut hummus, Gardein Beef skewers with Country Bob’s and salsa mixed with hot sauce. I know I didn’t enjoy the Gardein Beef as much as I’d hoped the first time around, but all they needed was Country Bob’s! This all-purpose sauce made the beef insanely delicious.

Muffin and I are meeting up in a bit to celebrate her first few issues of the paper as well as her birthday! We’ll be going out tomorrow, too.

In the meantime, I want to share with all of you something that is very near and dear to my heart. Singing is something I love, but I don’t often sing solo. It scares me. Karaoke doesn’t count! This is a recording of the a capella group in which I sing. “Pop Girl Medley” is arranged by Stephanie D. and every single girl in the group has a solo! It’s brilliant and hilarious and I hope you love it! The part I sing solo starts with: “I’m a blonde single girl in a fantasy world…” Could that be more accurate? Haha. Anyway, a little musical snack for you:

I hope that works! I also hope that everyone is having a gorgeous week!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s your favorite pop-girl song of all time?
For me, it’s “Candy” by Mandy Moore. It’s hilarious.


42 Responses to “A Musical Snack”

  1. Definitely baby one more time by the ultimate b. spears. love her.

    I AM SO JEALOUS YOU ARE BACK AT OU AND I AM GRADUATED AND OLD. Enjoy this year I will be mildly stalking to you see whats going on down there because I miss it soo much! I am loving the stack of glamour in the background btw 😉

  2. Such a glamorous looking breakfast if I say so my self! That lemon poppyseed yogurt idea is genius. That would be an amazing flavor!!!!
    Glad your classes are going well and you are enjoying everything!!!! I’m nervous to start back up next week. eeek!


    That song medley clip is INCREDIBLE!!

    My favorite pop-girl song = “Say You’ll Be There” by Spice Girls. Yes, I just admitted that, haha 😀

  4. 4 gretchen

    *delurking* girl, you are too cute for words – and you made me all nostalgic with that song! i used to sing a cappella in college, too 🙂 the clip sounded amazing. keep it up!

  5. Lemon Poppyseed Yogurt would be AMAZING! I’m totally going to try and make my own soon! =)

    Aww, I hope Muffin has a fabulous birthday!

    Favorite pop song- Anything Britney

    You have to find a way to get me that a capella song! I want it on my iPod, it’s amazing!!! You have a stunning voice chica! I’m totally jeals 😉

  6. Sounds like a great first day of school, glad you like all your classes 🙂 I completely agree they need lemon poppy seed yogurt!

  7. 7 angieinatlanta

    Cute sound bite!

    And I love the first day of school as well! It’s a clean slate, full of possibilities!

    Random fact – I’m a teacher and I STILL can’t sleep before the first day of school! I think that kind of nerdy excitement never goes away!

  8. so if I had an itouch (ugh!) I would totally download that song to it.. I love!! I had no idea you had such a talent chica – do you ever get sick of being so faboosh?

    Genie in a bottle – Christina Aguilera, no doubt.

  9. VERY cute song!! You did a great job, as did all the girls! 🙂

  10. you were fabulous! i love acapella groups – i used to go to ALL the shows in college because they are awesome. love that snackyface plate o’ goodness.

    gosh, fave girl band song? how do i decide? prob spice girls “stop” – sooooooooo good!

  11. 11 Kristina

    The medley is so cute, very girly indeed :]
    Hope you have lots of fun with you friend!

  12. 12 Anna

    This was great – you do such awesome a cappella! I was in a female Madrigal singing group in high school. We didn’t get to do sweet songs like this though. We stuck to lame music from the 1600s. Trust me, the blog world can do without me sharing that. You have an great voice, and thanks for sharing this with us!

  13. 13 Kate

    OMG I loved hearing the post! You all have beautiful voices but I loved hearing yours! You are so incredibly talented and I loved the twist using pop songs!

  14. I’m going to have to go with Brittany’s Oops I Did It Again! Hell, anything by BS 🙂 Love Sabra’s pine nut hummus…my fave!

  15. Me encanta, barbie girl! You’re aaaamazing! My fave is fo sho Candy, too. Best part: “You know who you are.. Your love is sweet as candy. I’ll be forever yours. Love always, Mandy!” hahahah never gets old… P.S. in which class are you analyzing words and language? i worked for a word research firm my last semester and it was my nerdiest dream come true


    • 16 snackface

      The Foodie Diaries- Hey girrrl! The class is actually Critical Approaches to fiction! We spent 20 minutes talking about three sentences the other day. Language is fascinating to me, so I had no issues with it. We are word nerds!

  16. 17 Julia

    The song medley is adorable! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be “Spice World.” Cliche, but awesome.

  17. Awww happy early birthday to Muffin!! I HATE spending money on books. It almost seems pointless because some classes you could easily get by without them. I always check out amazon and ebay for good deals. Sometimes you can get some good ones!! I’m glad you had such a wonderful fist day of school and I hope your second is just as great!!

  18. I always get so nervous the night before school starts too! When I was little too. You’re not alone girrrl 😉

    Love the on-the-go eats. Glad youre back with your lovaz!

  19. 20 Lizzy

    HOLY COW girl!!!! you have an AMAZING beyond AMAZING voice! 🙂 i can’t believe it!

    SO happy that you shared this with us! 🙂

    so glad that all your classes went well today, its fun to be back in the grind of things sometimes! 🙂


  20. so glad you had a good first day of classes and happy early birthday to muffin!
    hope you have a wonderful night ❤
    favorite girl pop song: toxic 😀

  21. awesome first day, awesome voice and awesome breakie pic. I dont know what I love more…the coffee cup, the magazines or the yogurt mess! Happy Bday to muffie and hope tomorrow goes splendid for you as well! My first class is tomorrow, so ill be thinking of you as inspiration!


    p.s I am such a brunette girl living in a fantasy world…I learned this today at orientation. LOL. Everyone is either older, smarter? or foreign with accents meaning they are probs still smarter…great. Grad school life better get better!

  22. it is so different to not see your eats via vegnews and san fran pad! but glorious no less. and ohmygoodness lady you have a stunning voice! i love it! i want to hear mooore. so lovely. and, “I headed to my first class with a spring in my step, happy with a new beginning. Starts of school years are always so joyous– anything can happen.” hahaha effing love you.

  23. 24 homegirlcaneat

    I MISS THAT TJS CHILE SAUCE! It reminds me of you 🙂 and our tofu dish before heading out to GG’s apartment and getting on an Irish party bus. Hands down, anything about the Irish part is my favorite line of the summer.

    I can’t believe you already started school! and class! Going from a workface to a schoolface in like one week! You is my hero. And I will be there in spring for the fests! With Brittany.

    I miss you like crazy!!!!!! I loved our chats and our hummus eating. The day we reunite in SF will be spent at la mediteranee 🙂

    Love you!!!!

  24. pine hummus? yum! i just had the roasted onion.. and garlic.
    i go through sabra like my life would depend on it!

  25. Seriously Kailey? Seriously, is that you SERIOUSLY!? I am so amazed by your talent girl, from the bottom of my heart!!! You are just so talented in so many ways, mamaj must be proud! 🙂

    That soy-yogurt mess looks absolutely delicious (reminds me of the one I had this weekend at home!), and the snack plate sounds fab right now. I’m kinda/sorta craving fake beef skewers all of a sudden?? Hahaa…. I have yet to try parma, this needs to change! Where can I get itttt?!?!

    So glad you’re loving the schedule, it’s gonna be another great year for you! I just know it! xooooo

  26. I have an unopened Glamour with Miss Gwyn Stefani on my couch next to me.

    I had chia seed gel ice cream today.

    I’m eating Parma! and lots of fake meat products (Tempehtations much?) thanks in part to you.

    I love any song from Britney’s first album.

    I love YOU!

  27. That wrap looks and sounds just perfect!
    Thanks for the inspiration:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  28. My semester is made up of the same three things: reading, writing, analyzing. It would be ten times better if I actually wanted to read the articles assigned!

  29. Glad your kawfee is back 🙂 Sounds like your first day was a success! I never get much sleep the night before the first day either – it’s too exciting! I know, I’m a school nerd 😉

    OH MY GOSH, LADY! Is there anything you can’t do?! That recording is awesome!! You’re very talented – don’t be scared to sing, you sounded amazing!


  30. oh man, your a capella group is amazing and your voice is so good!!

  31. such a great looking greakfast girl and i wish i had all those glamour mags to read, lucky girl!
    that dinner looks simply amazinggg 🙂

  32. That medley is too cute! If i had to pick a girl-pop song I’d probably go with “I’m a Slave 4 U” – Britney, right on the edge.

  33. 34 lowandbhold

    You have a beautiful voice! This was amazing! So much talent!

    The warp looks fantasmic. And glad you found a way to love the “beef” skewers.

    I have a pretty fond spot in my heart for Genie in a Bottle.

  34. 35 tessa

    eh boo!
    you know that faux-gurt mess is calling my name right?
    umm 1st day of school? i’m always a bundle of nervous excitement, goof. by the way the post below i noticed we have the same rug, ha! ikea perhaps? class.

    hope yo’ girl muffin had a bangin’ bday, can’t wait to hear about woman!
    and i was always a spice girl at heart, throw on any of there jams and i will rock… hard.
    have a lovely wenesday!

  35. i am totally with you on that i could never sleep the night before classes. i was always terrified i wouldn’t find them or be late!!!

  36. Work that yogurt mess!! MMmmm…

    Happy Birthday to MUFFIN!!!! Go big! 🙂

    LOVE your singing!! Beautiful girly!! Forgot how much I adore Barbie Girl and Geenie in a Bottle…

  37. What a magazine collection you have! Happy bday!

  38. 39 randomlymikey

    omg thanks so much for sharing that. it totally made my day! i love your voice, you guys are wonderful. oh yeah- and i was going to say your bfast looked yummy, but that doesn’t seem to matter now..lol

  39. Try mixing in poppy seeds into key lime or lemon/ lemon chiffon yogurt. SO GOOD!!!
    Glad you are enjoying classes!

  40. 41 earthybrit

    I really enjoyed your take on the famous 90’s pop songs, your harmonys are angelic and I would love to hear more, it’s fun it’s creative and it’s you, loves it.

  41. I make my own lemon poppyseed yogurt with a bluberry muffin crumbled on top–it’s heaven!

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