Back in Business


HELLO beautiful readers! Oh my gosh, I cannot believe it’s been a week since I last posted. I am so sorry! I took what I like to call a “Technology Detox.” The entire time I was home (three or four days), I didn’t read blogs or spend any time on my computer. I highly recommend a tech detox every now and then. It was joyous.

Reuniting with my family was also exquisitely joyous. When I finally landed in Cinci and I saw my dad’s bright blond hair waiting for me, I ran into his arms. We stood there and hugged forever, which is exactly what I needed and had imagined my whole flight home. It was a very movie moment.

Being home was, of course, incredible. It also felt as though no time had passed since I was last there. My days consisted of shopping, eating, laughing and watching season four of Weeds and some of season two of Gossip Girl. Breakfasts went unpictured, but I had an apple with almond butter most mornings. Lunches were prissy:

Whole Foods salad bar with a side of Vogue.

Whole Foods salad bar with a side of Vogue.

That was Friday’s lunch, eaten in our windowed back room with my puppies at my feet. I learned that they like spinach leaves and corn. On Saturday, while out with MamaJ and Matty Rich, I had a similar and equally prissy lunch:

Whole Foods salad with a side of the best company evah.

Whole Foods salad with a side of the best company evah.

Friday’s adventure was Popsicle and I driving to Northern Kentucky University to hand-deliver a white sheet to Matty Rich. Boyfriend needed to go to a toga party, and he needed to go in style. That’s how the SnackFace family do. I got to check out this stud’s lovely and surprisingly clean dorm room:



Ladies, he’s single and always ready to mingle.

We had the best family dinners while I was home, too. For me, summer will always mean sitting out back with my family, chowing down on corn and salad and laughing our hineys off. Glorious:

Corn, chickpea tomato salad, potatoes and spinach salad.

Corn, chickpea-tomato salad, potatoes and spinach salad.

Making dinner was a family effort that night, and I had the lovely task of making the chickpea-tomato-red onion-caper salad, baking the taters and assembling the salad. MamaJ boiled the corn and Popsicle grilled some chicken. He is absolutely adorable about my no meat-eating habits. He didn’t make me go to the meat section with him in the grocery store, nor did he ask that I touch or carry the chicken. Thank you, Daddy-do! The following night’s dinner was also magnificent:

Thai-inspired salad, chickpea-tomato salad, potatoes au gratin-ish, beef skewers.

Thai-inspired salad, chickpea-tomato salad, potatoes au gratin-ish, beef skewers.

MamaJ is superwoman and made the best vegan potatoes evah! They were buttery and delicious (Earth Balance is phenom). The beef skewers are a Gardein product that are mostly soy and vital wheat gluten-based. I covered them in some barbecue sauce post-picture because, unfortunately, these were not as flavorful as I was hoping. I never liked real beef in the first place, so I don’t know why I went for that.

MamaJ and I spent all of Sunday driving and moving me back into my Athens casa. Let me tell you, if you ever need a road-trip companion, MamaJ is the person to do it with. She has killer stories and the most ridiculous one-liners. If you follow me on Twitter, you got to read some of them. “This one’s like a wrinkled d*ck,” my mother says of a sugar snap pea. The next one was “as hard as a rock.” She’s the most amazing woman in the world.

My house here was in need of serious cleaning! Holy dust and eight-legged creatures. Because of all the moving, unpacking (which I still have to finish) and cleaning, I didn’t manage to snap pics of my eats. I had an apple with almond butter in the morning, cherry tomatoes, grapes and wrinkled snap peas in the car and a Z-Bar and trail mix later. After Mommy Pants and I went to Walmart for groceries, she skidaddled. It’s always so sad to see her leave.

Thankfully, I had Muffin to look forward to! I got my SnackFace on while I painted on my GoingOutFace:

Snack plate fa sho!

Snack plate fa sho!

On ze plate: carrots, cherry toms, broccoli, mushrooms, Wheat Thins Flatbread Tuscan Herb crackas, celery and Sabra Pine Nut hummus. Sabra is only $2.89 here and I couldn’t be happier about that. And those flatbreads taste like pizza! Love. I ate this with some salsa, too, to which I added this new vegetable protein powder. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

I didn’t even have time to finish that before my one and only came to fetch me for a night out! Ohio University, Athens socialites are back in business:

Muffin and Me!

Muffin and Me!

It feels SO GOOD to be back with my girl! We’ve decided we can never spend an entire three months apart ever again. We went all over this little town of Athens last night! Within the first five minutes of being uptown we were stopped and asked to pose for a picture. I know, the celeb life is tough. OK, so maybe it was a group of middle-school girls who were on a scavenger hunt and one of the challenges was to get a picture of pretty dresses. Whateva.

Because of the hours I spent watching Gossip Girls over the past few days, I insisted that Muffin (Ashley) and I went by the names Serena and Blair for the night. Clearly, I wanted to be Serena. I was awful at the game I was playing in my head, as a guy totally caught me calling Muffin Ashley. He said, “did you just say Ashley or actually?” Uh, actually.

Apparently my real game was on last night, though. Today I’ve received texts and calls from three different gentlemen. Whoops. (I get it from my mama.)

Muffin’s new house is incredible and I will most likely be staying there often. She even has a bed for me! I’m not kidding:

Look at that! Two beds, one with my name on it.

Look at that! Two beds, one with my name on it.

I’m not sure if the intention behind the second bed was so that I can stay there, but that’s how I’m spinning it.

Today was supah fun! First I headed home, cleaned the shower, showered and then ate breakfast at 2pm:

Granola, banana and soygurt.

Granola, banana and soygurt.

In the bowl: one single-serving container of Stonyfield O’Soy strawberry (Stonyfield, I love you, but why are the live cultures milk-based? I thought these were vegan and obviously, they aren’t. I’ll still finish the ones I have, but I’m bummed!), banana and Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax-Plus granola. This was as delicious as it appears to be.

After I make-uped, I headed to the music building to see my a capella girls! For new readers, I’m really a gigantic, happy nerd and love choirs. I’m in an a capella female singing group named Tempo Tantrums. I love them so! Anyway, we sang in front of Baker Center (the student center) in a few spots to draw in girls who want to audition for the group in a few weeks. I’ll have to re-audition as well, and I’m hoping I’ll get to stay with the talented girls.

When we finished singing I visited Muffin at work. It was her first day as editor-in-chief of our school paper, The Post. She’s bossy.

Eventually I made it home (with ear plugs and soap from CVS) and found my roomie was home! I was so happy to see her again! We will be catching up all night.

I snacked on some veggies and crackers at one point and then decided to make dinner:

Kale Hugh Jass.

Kale Hugh Jass.

In the mix: kale, broccoli slaw, cherry tomatoes, celery, TJ’s balls (not a good batch), Parma! and sesame something dressing. I ate this with some grapelettes.

Tonight I desperately need to unpack and get myself organized! I can’t believe I start classes tomorrow, either. The schedule:
-Monday: Online Journalism Fundamentals (perfect, right?) 3-4:30pm
-Tuesday: Specialized Business Magazines 9-11am, Critical Approaches to Fiction 12-2pm, Intro to Film 3-5pm
-Wednesday: Online J Fundamentals 3-4:30
-Thursday: Business Mags 9-11, Fiction 12-2, Film 3-5 AND 7-8
-Friday: NADA

So this is a full schedule, but it seems light for some reason. I’m thinking of joining Women’s Chorale this quarter, which meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12 to 1pm. Maybe I should get a job? Meh. Lord knows I’ll be hyper-stressed in two weeks. Just wait for it.

This is an ENORMOUS post and I hope you enjoyed it! I am sorry I was gone for so long! The good news is that I’m back in business. Stay tuned for the next post because you’ll get to hear me sing (ahhh! nerves)! LOVE YOU ALL!

Ciao for now,


P.S. No question this time, but I have a huge thank you. Thank you all for being the most amazing readers. You all help me feel like I’m at home no matter where I am in the world. Thank you for bringing light and positivity in my life every day. I don’t think I thank you all enough.


36 Responses to “Back in Business”

  1. 1 homegirlcaneat


    1) I CAN’T BELIEVE we are both back at school and not in SF together! I feel like the summer never happened in a way. But it did. And boy did we rock tha sh!t out of SF. I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT SUMMER!
    2) You must be SOOOO happy to be with Blair I mean, Muffin again!! Blonde beauties… she didn’t even have to try out for the blonde swag sistas. She already an honorary member!
    3) I miss meatless balls like you have no idea.
    4) I microwaved a sweet potato and it kinda worked! It was SOOOO DULL THOUGH because I have NO CONDIMENTS! Saaad days!
    5) I love you and miss you muchos and muchos. This summer was amazing and there are no doubts in my mind we will be back together soon for more shananigans. I am really sad right now in a way but SO HAPPY WE MET EACH OTHER AND WILL BE FRIENDS TIL THE END OF TIME/FOREVER.


  2. 2 homegirlcaneat


  3. 3 homegirlcaneat


  4. 4 angieinatlanta

    This post made me miss college life! I’M SO OLD NOW!

    I love how well you and your family get along; I think that’s so refreshing in this day and age (Wow, yet another old woman moment)!

  5. WELCOME HOOOOOOME!!! Good luck with your schedule, love!


    Apples + AB = My b-fast of choice lately too. I can’t get enough of the apples!

    I’m so glad you got to spend time with the fam and you got to reunite with Muffin!!! How exciting. Oh and duh! You are totally Serena. With those flowing luscious locks, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone really mistook you for her. I relate to B more. Perfectionist all the way.

    AHH! And I’m SO EXCITED to hear you sing!!!!! I’ll be waiting for that post!

    Have a great night lovebug! xoxo

  7. Hi Kailey! I feel so out of the loop but, when did you go vegan??!! Maybe you always have been and I’m silly and just noticing (in which case I’m sorry!) Regardless, that’s so exciting 😀

    • 8 snackface

      Ryan- Hello! I actually went vegan June 3 (not that anyone needs to remember that exact day, so we’ll just say June), mostly because of my internship, but also because I was almost there anyway. I’m actually glad you didn’t realize until now! That just shows that a vegan diet is just as delicious and interesting as any kind of eating style! I also don’t want to bash people over the head with the veganism thing, so I try not to define SnackFace as a vegan blog. Just a blog about a 20something chick’s life and eats! Woopwoop!

  8. 9 Lizzy

    Girl i’m so glad that your back! yay!!!!!!!!! Home at last! You and MamaJ are so adore i can’t get over it! I’m so sure it was great bein home for a few days and getting back in the swing of things, and then getting removed into your apartment, amaze! 🙂 I bet when you saw Muffin you were like sooo excited! You girlies are so freakin cute!!! Hope tomorrow goes really well and you enjoy every class! 🙂 bye girlie

  9. Welcome Back! We missed ya! =)

  10. Glad you’re back! I agree though, tech detoxes are very necessary from time to time.

  11. What fun times you had at home! I totally know what you mean about taking a tech detox – it can be one of the best things ever, and totally makes you excited to jump back in!

    Love your eats, as usual – and your reflections on your summer times. GOOD LUCK with the start of classes…they sound interesting to a journalista like me!

    Can’t wait to hear you sing, love!

  12. 1. I am craving some WF salads now..maybe tomorrow as I go to GRAD school orientation…EEEEEKKK

    2. I love familys that help out us non meat-eaters (my daddy-o totz made veggie burgers for moi)

    3. your classes are my senior year classes (film, fiction, online journ? sheesh we are the same)

    4. I had my first meatless ball tonight and it didnt disappoint (TWSS?)

    5. Tell Muffie hi from all the bloggettes 🙂


  13. Those hot bar salads look amazing. I can’t wait to get one when I head back to Boston. I’m glad to hear you had a great week with your fam!!!

  14. Your blog is amazing!:)

    this post made me crave WF’s hot bar mmm.

    have a great day!


    • 16 snackface

      Olivia- Awww thanks for enjoying the blog! And WF hot bar is life. So damn expensive, but so worth it!

  15. Kailey!!! Wow girl, this was my most enjoyable homework break evah!!! I loved every minute of this post. And yes, you WILL be hyper-stressed in about two weeks, just like yo’ fellow HOTTIE (just kidding, but bloggies always like to call me a hottie since my name IS jesslikesitHOT) is feelin’ right now!! It’s OK, we thrive on busy schedules and under pressure, right?!

    Glad the reunion with the fam was all you wanted and more, and glad the reunion with ashley was amazing as well!!! You girls are lookin’ fierce, even in that dimly-lit photo! You girls just look so happy, and I love that. And I LOVE that you had three MEN texting you the next day!!!! You embody Serena from gg AND samantha from SATC. You know it!

    The balls, wf’s enseladas, home-made dinners and snackplate look amaze! That pine nut hummus is callin’ me! But shhh, tonight I just hid the sabra roasted red pepper in my sorority house’s fridge!! B!tches are gonna be all up on that if they find it! But that’s besides the point…. i’m just trying to say that your food looks glorious as always.

    Ok, this comment is long enough. I LOVE YOU!!! But you already knew that.
    PS! Can I take those classes, please?! They actually sound….interesting! 🙂 Have a fab first day!

  16. I never liked real beef or turkey so when I try the mock products I’m always wondering why. ha ha!

  17. dannng girl
    Vogue and Whole Foods.. you know how to do lunch 😉
    i love me my prissy food bar.

    whats your fav. WF item?? I love it when they have shitake and bok choy 🙂

    i usually detest bananas.. but since reading blogs.. i want to like them.. haha
    is that wierd?

    Oh. and that boy be danggg fine

  18. That looks like a great time with your family! And that WholeFoods-salad (with a side of Vogue, ha ha) must be delicious! Wish we had a Wholefoods over here! Have a nice day:) xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  19. I’m lovin’ the looks of that class schedule! My school was way behind the times and never offered online journalism. They just told us we were never going to find jobs in print instead 😛 Good luck at school today! 🙂

  20. welcome back! I’m glad you’re moved in and had a great time with your family before heading back to school 🙂

    i LOVE that you’re in an a capella group. I was in chorus and other singing groups from 6th grade through high school and miss it terribly.

  21. kailey poo…so good to see you back! i missed you and your bossy ways. ahhh such a good recap, i don’t even know where to start.

    (1) journalism majors unite!

    (2) snackplates unite!

    (2) mama j + holly unite (that would be fun)!

    enjoy your first week back love!

  22. 24 randomlymikey

    welcome home, that was one hell of a catch up!

  23. 25 lowandbhold

    So glad you had a great reunion with the fam, the bestie and the roomie! Good luck with classes today and I can’t wait to hear your vocals!

  24. The reunion with your fam sounds super awesome and mama j just sounds like a rockstar…it’s obv in the blood, no? WF salad bar luches? completely baller…if only my nonprofit-paid wallet could stretch that far! Haha.

    Glad you are back and LOVING the college life. I want to try soygurt, and I need an ensalada grande in my life stat. xx

  25. too much goodness in this post to comment on it all!!
    “i get it from my mama” – aww sh!!t girl, WORK.
    way to pimp out your bro.
    WF heaven for dayyyyys
    reunited with your muffin…ACTUALLY…
    chickpea salad and beef gardein skewers. need. now.
    nothing like home and chilling with your parental units!


  26. Reading your 2nd paragraph made me smile from ear to ear! I’m so happy you’ve reunited with the SnackFace clan 🙂 Your bro cracks me up!!

    WFs salad bar two days in a row?! You’re killing it and I love it! Your mom is outrageous – I don’t know if I’ll be able to look at a snap pea the same way again 😉

    Danke for the recap! So glad you and Muffin have reunited! If you ever get bored in business mags you know where to find me. I’ll be the girl sitting in bio equally as bored! Hope you have a wonderful first week!!

    PS. I got your email but I haven’t had time to reply. THANK YOU for your supportive response – mucho love, girl!!

  27. What a joyous homecoming!!! Sounds so fun, you took SF by storm but I can tell Ohio is ready to have u back 😀 The first few weeks of “school” aka going out every night, are soo fun, live it up!! xo

  28. snacky, i’m so glad you had a wonderful homecoming and you’re settling back in with your friends at school!! good luck on your first week back! ps. whole foods salad bar twice in two days?? the prissy life is goooooooood xo

  29. 31 Lindsey

    This sadly has little to do with your post, but I’m loving the Sinclair gas station sign on your bro’s wall! That gives me a nostalgic feeling from living up north!

    • 32 MattyRich

      Haha Thanks gotta love what you can pick up from flea markets. The next step is to line my wall with car emblems and license plates.

  30. 33 Tayor

    So glad you are having a good time back at home. I know how great it can feel to be back in the company of your own “people”.

  31. What a great time home and then the things thereafter!!!!

    and omg your mom is hilarious. i was rolling on the floor!

  32. Just now catching up, but I’m so glad you had a great few days with the fam and I’m SO excited for you to be reunited with Muffin!! Getting back with friends after ANY amount of time apart is so special 🙂

    And I do need a tech hiatus…too bad school runs on the internet now, boo.

  33. 36 WholeBodyLove

    I’m jealous of your class line-up!

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