Homeward Bound


Hello gorgeous people! The time has come. I have less than 24 hours until I leave this incredible city and head home. While I’m sad to leave the life I’ve built and discovered here, I am overjoyed to uncover what’s coming next in my life. That’s a beautiful thing about life: you truly never know what can happen. One year ago, I never would have imagined I’d be spending a summer in San Francisco instead of waiting tables at Olive Garden. And my senior year of college? It should be a wild ride that I hope you’ll all join me for.

Still, I’m sitting here listening to this San Franciscan song as well as the Swag Sista Soundtrack Brookie made a month or two ago, when the end of summer seemed years away. Can’t it just be June 1 again? No? OK.

Monday was a delightfully calm day. It started with a morning run, shower and a small breakfast. I had something I’ve missed for months now:



I picked up a Whole Soy & Co. Vanilla soy-gurt, added chia seeds and four sliced strawberries. Not that the four matters. Some of the newer readers don’t know that I used to have yogurt messes for breakfast most days. I’ve missed them dearly, but what I have not missed is how upset they made my stomach. I’d wonder what I did wrong. Um, hello. Dairy! I was overjoyed to have this non-dairy yogurt that truly reminded me of the non-fat plain I used to buy. Greek yogurt used to be a favorite too, but I couldn’t afford that and always bought the runnier stuff.

Because no one wants to hear a yogurt rant, I’ll move on. For lunch, I went to my favorite restaurant in San Francisco, Cafe VegNews. I’m not trying to be a freeloader, but if I’m still invited to lunch, attending is the polite thing to do. Lyndsay stir-fried a scrumptious scramble. Or a ‘fu-fry, as I’d like to rename it:

Salad and 'fu-fry.

Salad and 'fu-fry.

The ‘fu and veggie scramble was served with a light salad, all of which was heavily coated in Parma! There’s no other way to eat at Cafe VegNews. Parma is a must.

After lunch I ventured to Trader Joe’s to get toilet paper and paper towels for the new interns, and I needed some killer plane snacks for Wednesday to boot. Z-bars, a Luna, Omega Something trail mix, unsalted peanut butter-filled pretzels and granola combined with carrots, bananas and apples should get me through Wednesday. Hell, I could probably eat that stuff every day and be happy.

It was a long transport home. One of the busses I tried to get off shut me in the door, thus causing me to miss my stop. When I finally got to the correct L stop, SnackFace needed a drank:

A green drank!

A green drank!

The person in that car probably thought I was taking a pic of her. Not so, ma’am, just my beverage. The cashier at TJ’s told me I would love this all-veggie pressed juice. Of course I had to tell her about the juice cleanse I did last month, and how I missed the green juice but thought it was too sweet. She said this wasn’t sweet at all and that she loves them because a whole bottle is like a meal. Honeybun, a 50-calorie veggie juice does not a meal make. It does, however, make for a refreshing sip as you (try to) talk to the Asian woman as you wait for the bus. I was in a talking-to-strangers mood yesterday. Read: lonely crazy chick.

I saved half the juice for another time and ate a Fuji when I came home. A half hour after unpacking, the new interns arrived. Oh my gosh, they are spectacular! They are both stylish, cute, fun, chatty and lively. I’m bummed I won’t get to know them beyond Wednesday.

Later, Lyndsay joined me for a dinner-and-a-movie night. First we bussed over to Judahlicious for dinner. We both ordered the Half Nekked vegan burritto. It’s named as such because the wrap is raw, but the contents are not:

Burrito topped with raw vegan sour cream and served with a salad.

Burrito topped with raw vegan sour cream and served with a salad.

The burrito was filled with beans, cilantro, onions and rice and was remarkably flavorful. And that raw vegan sour cream…oh my. If I had a bowl of that with a spoon, it could be dangerous. And by dangerous I mean magical.

Lyndsay and I then caught the train just in time to see The Time Traveler’s Wife. Hmmm. The movie is nowhere near as good as the novel. Motifs, characters, emotions, major plot points and beautiful language were all missing from the film. This, I know, is something that comes with turning literary masterpieces into scripts, but too much was absent. The pacing of the novel is so perfect—slow to show growth and then quick and choppy when actions and emotions thicken–that the movie felt too fast-paced. Henry and Clare also have a highly sexual relationship that wasn’t in the movie. I only say this because their physical chemistry was extraordinary and important, as their beings aren’t always tangible to one another. Additionally, the novel has gorgeous poetry intertwined throughout, and even if it doesn’t make sense at the time, when you go back and re-read the poems after you’ve finished the novel, it all comes together.

This all doesn’t mean I wasn’t crying at the end of the film. Because I was. I do not deal well with loss. Everyone in my life must live forever, just a small request. I suppose what I’m saying in my mini-review is: read the novel. Do it.

By the time I made it home it was 10:30pm and nausea had taken over my body. This was nothing a few unsalted peanut butter-filled pretzels and water couldn’t fix.

This morning I awoke to what I thought was sunshine but was really only a pale shade of gray. Grrr. I said goodbye to the girls as they headed off to their first day as interns at VegNews and got ready for my run. And what a run it was…or wasn’t.

My left hip has been hurting for the past week or so. It constantly needs to be clicked into place. Being my ridiculous self, I still tried to run this morning. Two miles were enough, so I walked the last two miles home. Four miles is four miles, so it doesn’t really matter to me. I got to chat with Muffin and MamaJ on my way home. It all worked out perfectly, really.

I had another smallish breakfast that featured soy-gurt again. Eating it makes me realize how much I really have missed yogurt. Happiness:

This is a teeny bowl, believe it or not.

This is a teeny bowl, believe it or not.

In the bowl: 1/2 single-serving container of TJ’s strawberry soy yogurt, two or three strawberries, 1/2 naner and a sprinkle of granola. This granola is phenomenal! It’s TJ’s Low-Fat Almond, and I picked it up because I remember when the uber-chic and fashionable Amy tried it months ago. I’ve stared at it every time I see it, and decided to go for it. It tastes like yellow cake, my favorite! For birthdays, I always requested yellow cake with chocolate icing. It’s a must. I hope I find room in one of my suitcases to take the granola back to Cinci with me.

I showered and dressed after my mini-breakfast , and blog-read while putting on my face. Eventually, I went back to Cafe VegNews for lunch. This was officially my last lunch (of this year, at least—I’m determined to come back!) with the VegNews crew:

Carrot-potato zupa with salad and garlic toast.

Carrot-potato zupa with salad and garlic toast.

This lunch was perfect! Elizabeth made a divine, super garlickey (that’s a word now) carrot-potato soup. Alongside was a cucumber, tomato, avocado and basil salad and delicious garlic toast. Amazing meals like this combined with the amazing company will be sincerely missed by this chiquita!

Now I’m going to do such fun things as laundry and final packing. My flight schedule for tomorrow:
-San Fran to Charlotte, NC: 1pm to 9 pm (nice time change)
-Charlotte to Cinci!!!!: 10:20pm to 11:48 pm

I cannot wait to run into the arms of these men…:

POPSICLE AND MATTY RICH!!!! They don't always look like that.

POPSICLE AND MATTY RICH!!!! They don't always look like that.

…And this woman…:

I hope MamaJ doesn't make me take this down.

I hope MamaJ doesn't make me take this down.

…And this woman:

MUFFIN!!!! For newbies, this is Muffin (Ashley), my best friend and life in Ohio.

MUFFIN!!!! For newbies, this is Muffin (Ashley), my best friend and life in Ohio.

…And MY BABIES!!!!:

Marshmallow! (Real name is Sheba--goofiest, sweetest baby ever.)

Marshmallow! (Real name is Sheba--goofiest, sweetest baby ever.)


Peanut! (Real name is Cia. She's slightly grumpy but adorable. She'll be 14 in December!)

Peanut! (Real name is Cia. She's slightly grumpy but adorable. She'll be 14 in December!)

Awww mi familia! Anyway, kidlets, tonight’s dinner will probably be some raw veg+ kale chip snackage, and tomorrow’s eats are going to be bars, nuts and fruit. Ooh, that sounds like a good time, actually. I may not post for a few days because I’ll be cuddling, chatting with and loving on the abovementioned people and animals. Until then, I wish you all happy starts to September! Che vediamo! San Francisco, I’ll miss you:

Friday's run. This is from le cell phone.

Friday's run. This is from la cell phone.

Ciao for now!



55 Responses to “Homeward Bound”

  1. 1 MamaJ

    This picture is me doing my dance of joy. We are one big family of goobers and I don’t care who knows it.See Ya.

  2. I’m happy you brought back yogurt into your life! I eat it, if not once, twice a day! Yummmy 😀

  3. oh my gosh…i want to join the snackface family. suriously.

    i am so glad you enjoyed your last days in san fran my dear – you cozy on up and have some safe travels tomorrow!

    two food thangs: does the soy yogurt taste like yogurt? i’ve been tempted to try it but am a total wimp. two, holy vegnews cafe. i want to eat there everyday. lotsa love, and if mamaj could make us a “how-to” video of her dance of joy, it would be much appreciated 🙂

    • 4 snackface

      Holly – Hi boo! To me, the soy yogurt really does taste like regular yogurt. Then again, I used to eat plain yogurt and I’ve only tried flavored soy yogurt, so maybe my buds are off. The vanilla I tried had a bit of a tang aftertaste, but the strawberry was spot-on. It wasn’t super runny, either! And I’ll be sure to ask MamaJ about a how-to video. We just need a video recorder/cam-corder (do people still call it that)!

  4. FINALLY you’ll be home!! Now come visit, please, yes???? 😀

  5. I’m sure you missed everyone so much, it’d be so hard to go away for such a long time. San Fran is a beautiful city, I went there on my honeymoon – the week of June 1st actually!

    I adore yogurt messes and when I went vegan last year those soy yogurts were my lifesaver – I’m a greek yogurt whore now but soygurt will always have a place in my heart.

    Have a great flight back home!

  6. have a safe flight home!!! xo

  7. 8 Anna

    cake flavored granola?! I may just have to try that out the next time I find myself in TJ’s (which is very soon, I hope).

    Enjoy your homecoming. You’ll have an amazing time back in the big OH!

  8. 9 gabsinprogress

    I have to say I’ve been reading for a while, and your summer of veganism has made me really think about it. I mean I always thought about it because I’m one of those “aw the poor animals” people, but it never really seemed doable until now, so thanks for showing that it really is possible to go vegan without having to make every meal yourself or give up everything. I also admittedly am using your blog to promote my own (brand new) one a little… it’s not a food blog exactly but it will have some foodie things. As we’re both college seniors (scary, no?) and into journalism, I’ve really enjoyed your blog, and since I’m finally coming outta the dark I thought I should tell you. Safe trip!

    • 10 snackface

      gabsinprogress- Hello dear! Thank you so much for coming out of the dark, and a huge thanks to your comment. I don’t want to categorize SnackFace as a vegan blog, so I try not to say it too much, and I just throw the food on the screen and hope people realize how delicious it is! I’m so happy it’s made you realize that it’s not a diet of deprivation or anything of that nature. And welcome to the blog world!!!! It’s amazing and life-changing!

  9. 11 homegirlcaneat

    Um… Mama J’s “see ya.” just made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! And I know we already said bye but you leaving SF is making me tear up!!! Our summer was unbelieeeeeveable! We rocked the sh!t the Castro, the Sunset, your apartment, TJ’s, the hurling field, the Blarney Stone, the Irish house, and everywhere we went!! Swag sisters for life and Haight St still goes down as the best day EVAH!

    Your burrito makes me miss the most delicious burrito EVER!!!! I already hate college food. I just ate this tofu and vegetable with liquid teriyaki sauce and it was gross but I ate it all because I was starving after walking like 5+ miles and now the sodium is making my fingers swell. But I did just buy some bananas and yogurt…VICTORY!!

    I really could go for a Blue Moon. x2010 …… representing our NEXT SUMMA TOGETHA! But seriously, I am going to see you before that summer because snackface and homegirl need to be reunited with brittlikesbeer (still gotta pressure her into starting) and turn our SWAAAGGG ONNNN AAAYYYYY!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait for your Ohio shanaigans (and getting emails on the dirt 😉 ) and eats and hearing about your NYC trip with Muffin and hearing about your reunitation (that’s a new word too now) with her!!! YAY you must be ECSTATIC!


  10. Aww have a good flight and trip lady. Your mom seems hilarious!

  11. 13 Lizzy

    hey girl hey!!!
    reading this post seriously made me smile a whole heck of a ton!!!! i admire you so very much. coming from OH to CA is such a big move! so proud of you girl! so proud! i hope one day to do what you did!!!!

    Your days at VegNews were my favorite to read about, especially the yummy lunches that you lovlies always made! 🙂 I bet you’ll be able to recreate some of them for when you get back to school!!!

    I know your probably so excited to see your fam! yay! I always love going home after a trip and seeing everyone! it really shows how much you adore having them in your life!

    Seriously if i ever find myself in Cincinnati i’m heading your way an we can do a meet up!!!!! Be careful tomorrow girl! 🙂


  12. Have a safe flight home Kailey! Love reading your blog!!!

  13. on the real snackie – your ambition in life is astounding.. i admire you so much for taking a hold of every opportunity you’re presented with with enthusiasm and positivity! safe travels back home my pet – I know another adventure awaits you 🙂

    love ❤

    • 16 snackface

      Jenny – Oh my gosh, you are too sweet!!! Thank you for making my day with that comment, you have no idea. Love ya, boo!

  14. 17 hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    have a GREAT trip back and reuniting with your fam and bestie!
    can you effing believe summer is OOOOOOOOOVer!?? redic.

  15. I suuuurrriously wish you were in Charlotte for more than a layover! 🙂

  16. Safe snackalicious trip back home! Also, be careful with ze hip pain, por favor! I just had a stress fracture in my left hip, and now I have some crazy mysterious pain in my right hip–WebMD has me thinking a tendon pull of sorts. I know, I know–I feel like I’m a grandma, but these things happen to the best (and the youngest) of us. So just make sure your pain isn’t a legit injury before you Forrest Gump-it again haha


  17. 20 dorothy

    i’m glad you’re reuniting with the fam! love that 🙂

    it seems like you give the soygurts thumbs up but are they any diff from dairy yog? and which one’s better, if you could choose?

    oh. and the sour cream, omg

    • 21 snackface

      dorothy – Hello there! The soy yogurts are different in that there isn’t dairy, but other than that I haven’t noticed much of a difference! It’s creamy, delicious and gives me that yogurty love that I missed. However, it falls short in the protein category, coming in at only 6 grams per single-serve container. It’s no Greek yogurt in that area, but I can get my protein elsewhere! For vegans or anyone looking to cut back on animal products, they are a fantastic option. I really wouldn’t say one is better than the other. It also probably depends on the brand! I’ve only tried TJ’s and Whole Soy & Co. I say give ’em a go!

  18. 22 Megan

    Have a safe trip home!! It sounds like you had an absolute BLAST in san fran, but nothing beats a nice fam reunion!!

  19. MMm I love me some vegan sour cream. Wishing you safe travels home!

  20. 24 Jennifer Demartini

    I’m jealous! Enjoy being at home:)

  21. I’ve loved reading your San Fran chronicles over the summer. Have a great time reuniting with your family 🙂

  22. Have a safe trip home! It’s always good to get back after adventures. 🙂

  23. ah girl have a wonderful trip home! im going home for 6 days and i cant wait! i miss my pups, g-friends, and mama nut and papa nut….san fran was such a wonderful adventure and Im glad we all could share it with you! now you must have some senioritis adventures and I will have grad school adventures! p.s. you are CLOSER to me now !!! haha


  24. PLEASE write for a magazine, or something when you get outta school, please. You write soooooo well! I can’t stand it. 🙂

    Um, can I just mention how delicious those vegnews meals look!! I’m gonna miss ’em, but i’m excited to see how my girl eats when she’s back at school too! Vegan sour cream? Soy-yog messes? Garlic toast? STRAWBERRIES?! I want it allllll. Yum.

    Hope you have the greatest of days back home, enjoy some SATC with the mama, cuddle with the pups and get some quality time in with yo’ fave men!!!! I’m so excited for you! LOVEEEEE YOU! Let’s chat soon! xooooo

  25. 29 WholeBodyLove

    Hope the trip back…er …here goes well!

  26. Safe travels home chica!

  27. so glad you had teh best summer ever! im going to san fran in november for the foodbuzz festival! will u be thereeeeeeeeeeeeee? 🙂

  28. Have a safe trip home!! I love California!!

  29. Not gonna lie, I’m excited for you to come back to the Midwest because now we’re only one state away instead of half a country and three hours! I’m selfish 🙂

    Thanks for the movie review – I have zero patience to sit in a theater so I always wait until the movies come out on DVD/On Demand.

    Note to self: buy TJs granola next time I’m there! I love me some old school white cake memories. Funfetti was the best though!!


  30. I know you’ve had an amazing experience, and I’m so excited for you to head home with all of the awesome and amazing things you’ve learned this summer.

    Enjoy your last few moments in San Fran! 🙂

  31. 35 Kaley

    I love, love your blog…just FYI. 🙂 And I always read, but hardly ever comment.

    Just so you know, I am not Asian so it does not offend me, but Oriental is kind of an offensive term when you use it to talk about people. http://journalism.nyu.edu/pubzone/livewire/archived/oriental_rugs_or_people/ I guess it’s okay to use to talk about rugs, though haha.

    • 36 snackface

      Kaley – Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I thought about it over and over and didn’t know whether it was offensive. I didn’t mean for it to be, so I’ve just edited that. Thank you again, so so much!

  32. 37 lowandbhold

    Oh Kailey, I have loved every minute of reading about your adventures in San Fran! You lived a life that most of us only dream about and it was so amazing to join you for the ride! I can’t wait to see what happens in your senior year of college! You are such a motivated, bossay lady and you will certainly go all kinds of far in the years to come.

    Have a safe flight home!

  33. glad you enjoyed your last few days 🙂 i hope you have a safe trip home!

  34. 39 Tayor

    Those Soy and Co. yogurts are popping up everyone; it must be I sign I need to give one a try. Safe travels.

  35. 40 Lindsey

    I’m a little sad for you! I know what it’s like to have to leave a great, exciting place for home again, no matter how great home is.

    That soup from your last day at Veg looks AMAZING! and finally, good luck starting back up in college 🙂 i just finished senior year and know what it felt like to know it was almost over!

  36. GIMME YO DOGGIES! love them. and the photo of mamaJ is killing it. the only way it can be june 1st again is if we go back in time. because that is my birthday, and if we went forward in time then i would be 27 and that makes me want to pull my hair out and cry. the reason i know that tiny bowl is a tiny bowl is the banana slices-to-bowl ratio, if that was a big bowl, those would be some large and in charge bananas! travel safe back to the home land my love. MWAH!!!

  37. Yay for soygurt! I am so glad to know that exists cos when I have crazy tum episodes (I have mad bowels) I pretty much become lactose intolerant and it is good to know that some balling yog is out there awaiting me with loving arms.
    SO excited for you to go home to all yours loves, espesh mama j who basically looks like someone I should be friends with!
    That burrito also looks majorly awesome and I am salivating as I type…all…over…my…keyboard!

  38. First off, glad you enjoyed the TJ’s granola! Its amaze, right?

    I’m so happy you had such a fabulous experience this summer in SF. You learned so much and should be so proud. Its not the end, no worries! And you have your last year at school to look forward to, right?

    Have a safe trip!

  39. kailey love! so this chica has not blogged in far too long, so i understand the not posting for a couple of days all too well :). dude i always associated you with san fran so it’s strange you won’t be there!
    never tried soy-gurt, always been tempted though. usually the ones i gawk at are pricey though. ha, oh well food is one of my biggest expenses might as well ball out on it.
    have a good flight home m’dear! it will be exciting to see the fam n’ bestie!

  40. I love cilantro! Have a safe trip home.

  41. yeahhh for going home!
    hope you have a safe and fabulous trip!

  42. Have a great trip back! San Francisco weeps for the departure of a crazy amazing and gorgeous woman, and your family is hungering for you to be back into their arms!

    And yeah, 50 calorie juice is NOT a meal…it’s not even enough for a good snack!

  43. Hey chica, try Yami yogurt for your tummy troubles! It’s lactose free even though they don’t advertise it as such. It’s my fav and totally more affordable.

  44. It’s so crazy that the summer is already gone and you’re going back home. I’ve thouroughly enjoyed reading all your posts with your adventures in VegNews land and San Fran land! Love your blog!!

  45. Summer really is almost over!! Crazy how the blogs really make it set in!! Excited for your fam and Muffin time though! I missed seeing those faces!!!!!!!!!

  46. 51 randomlymikey

    have a safe and fun trip!
    that carrot potato zupa looks delish. i could use some right now 🙂

  47. 52 Lauryn

    hope you had a safe trip home, lovah! i loved your summer so much, i cant even imagine how sad YOU are that its over!

    p.s. totally browsed through vegnews yesterday and giggled and clapped like an idiot when i saw your name, nooo big deal 😉 xoxo!

  48. Awwww YEEE baby, i do remember snackfacey yogurt messes- even when you did me the distinct honor of trying cottage cheese in your mess…not liking it, but not holding it against me 😀 You know that’s true love!

    Enjoy your last days in California love bug, I’m sure your homecoming will be magnificent!! xo

  49. PS if i see your ex i’ll be sure to give him the LAAAZZZZEEEYYY EEYYEEEe….
    haha Feifel Goes West?? Anyone? Bueller?

  50. Wow girlie! It’s it crazy how summer internships fly by and make you feel funny? I was the same way the last few days of my ATL internship at the CDC in 2007 (the summer between my Jr. and Sr. years too).

    I’m so excited to see your “college life” since I tripped over your blog right before you came to San Fran! Hope your journey was smooth. 🙂

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