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The Big Chill


Buongiorno! Tuesday has been an incredible and wacky day! It all started when I went to bed at 3am. Perhaps I should have expected I would sleep through my 6:50am and 7 alarms. Somehow, something from within shot me out of bed at 7:20. Twenty minutes off schedule isn’t terrible, but it was not what […]

What the Fall?!


Happy fall, kidlets! I swore, it went from summer to fall overnight. Isn’t that insane? Not only has the weather turned crisp and startling, but outside itself sounds different. Whenever the wind blows there’s no longer that gentle rustle of lime leaves blowing in the wind. Instead, there’s a bristly rush of crispy leaves crashing […]



Hey homies! Once again, I’m blown away by the positive responses to Snacktime! Thanks so much for watching, enjoying and saying the sweetest things! I’m also loving any questions that pop up! Since I last updated, I’ve been spending quality time with the H-Unit. This is the nickname Matty Rich and I have given our […]

Muffin requested black and white. It may drag a bit–feel free to fast forward! Also, please know that I will eat at Ruby Tuesday’s (uh, salad bar, hello!)! I don’t think my sarcasm translated. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I’ll be reporting from Cincinnati! Love you all! Kailey

What up party people! That’s my nod to the fact I’m ready for the weekend! Although I’ll be home in Cinci, any time spent with my fabulous family is certainly a party. Wednesday was one of those days where I loved every single thing I ate. Seriously, everything was delicious. My first case of “love […]

Buongiorno! Although Monday’s never-ending night caused stress and panic, I somehow was able to see through the velvety fog of Tuesday morning and make it an excellent day. Instead of having a foggy day, it was rather bloggy. This started as soon as I posted early Tuesday morning, before I’d even downed my first mug […]

Lesson Learned


Hello beauties! I am currently working off a little more than four hours of sleep, but I couldn’t resist catching everyone up on a SnackFace Monday. You know what that means. It’s time for a quickie. I awoke not feeling quite human yet. It wasn’t anything a few dried apricots and a sweaty workout couldn’t […]