I Got Low


Buongiorno! I hope everyone is having a joyous Saturday and weekend! It’s simply gorgeous here. It’s been startlingly chilly all summer (I suppose an ocean and the bay does that), but it is hot, hot, hot today! Amore! I have several little stories to share, so whenever you have time to kick back with le SnackFace, save this post for then!

Thursday was the glorious day known as Karaoke Night (and Vegan Dranks, but that’s not as fun). All day I had one song stuck in my head that I just knew I had to do! It kept me company throughout the lovely 4-mile run I had in the morning, which was followed by a shower and breakfast:

Simple oats.

Simple oats.

In the basic bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/2 naner, 1 T chia seeds, pumpkin pie spice and almond milk poured on top. Love.

I’m sure I snacked on an apple with a few peanut butter-filled pretzels in the mid-morning, but I can’t quite remember. The morning consisted of writing, reading, editing– all activities that I thoroughly enjoy and will miss! But we’re not to that low yet.

Lunch was pleasant and holiday-esque:

Comforting, furreal.

Comforting, furreal.

On the plate: salad, Field Roast’s Celebration Roast (a.k.a. wheat meat with some stuffing thing), roasted veggies and cheddar biscuits!!! Abby is a mutha f-in p.i.m.p. for creating these biscuits. Girlfriend knows a biscuit recipe by heart, so she threw in some Daiya to the mix and hoped for the best. Those biscuits may be the singlemost delectable vegan item I’ve consumed all summer. And that’s saying a lot. The wheat meat, on the other hand, not as delectable. OK, it was good, but I liked the stuffing part the most. It was just odd and chewy, yet flavorful.

We speed-worked all afternoon and I managed to make three deadlines I had, despite having a 3pm design meeting. Desing meetings are one of my favorite things ever because it’s such a huge collaborative effort, and our designer, Sutton, is brilliant. Shoot, I can’t say “our designer” anymore. VegNews’ designer is brilliant.

Before we rushed off to Vegan Drinks, we popped some champagne and had a few sips. Does that not sound like the best place to work? I know.

At vegan drinks I had a grape high baller/ purple drank and a mango martini that was bossy. At 8:30, we all galloped over to The Mint for karaoke. I also attacked this blurry platter of sushi upon our arrival:

All vegan! Woopwoop!

All vegan! Woopwoop!

I may have had eight pieces, or I may have had 50. Seriously, who counts how many pieces of sushi she eats? Silly! It’s all clean and delicious!

This provided ample fuel for me to get on stage and do ma thang. When I karaoke, I perform. There is no merely standing there with the mic, singing or whathaveyou. I had choreography, facials and a masterful vocal performance. Lil’ Jon and the East Side Boys’ “Get Low” was dominated:

I think I was stopping and wiggling with it.

I think I was stopping and wiggling with it.

“Till the sweat drop down my balls, all these b*tches crawl. Ya’ll skeet skeet mutha f**kaaa, ya’ll skeet skeet…”

Pulling in my fans to join. Or just scaring people. Not sure.

Pulling in my fans to join. Or just scaring people. Not sure.

If you can’t tell, I let it all loose. I have to give credit to rappers and singers who dance and perform: ya’ll are athletes fa sho! My goodness, was I ever out of breath! Afterward, when Joe and Colleen were driving Abby and me home, Colleen said, “I could not believe you were saying mother f*cker!” Hahaha. It’s true. I don’t really swear in the office, but I gotta bring it on the stage!

Needless to say, I was too tired to run before work on Friday. I also couldn’t bear the thought of eating oatmeal again. I love it, but I don’t want it every single day. Instead, I got ready first and asked myself what I really wanted for breakfast. I did something I never do. Because it was gorgeous, warm, sunny and Friday, I sat outside a cafe and enjoyed the best baguette of my life with a cafe au lait (lait was of the soy variety, naturally):

The best baguette of my life, topped with preserves and enjoyed with coffee.

The best baguette of my life, topped with preserves and enjoyed with coffee.

I know, I know. “White refined carbs” are a no-no in the blog world. But that’s a bunch of dookie. I eat whole grains most of the time, and truly love good bread. I simply had to have this! The crust was amazingly crunchy, and the dough was superbly chewy. I hadn’t had such a perfect breakfast in forever. And then someone had to ruin it. A gentleman came up to my table, and we had a conversation that went like this (complete with my inner monologue):
Man: Hey, can I have some of your jam?
Me: Um, well, I brought it from home, but sure. (Yes, I brought it because I wanted to have as much as my heart desired. And why the hell are you talking to me, man? I obviously want to be left alone. Leave me alone with my damn jam!)
Man: Haha, oh it’s ok. I don’t really want any. It’s a gorgeous day, isn’t it?
Me: Yup, it’s amazing. (And I would like to enjoy it while eating my baguette in peace.)
Man: So, what are you doing all day?
Me: Working. I have to be there in seven minutes, actually. (The hell? Stop. Talking.)
Man: It doesn’t sound like you’re doing too well.
Me: No. I’m fine. The office is a block away. (Lordy, I don’t even want to be nice anymore.)
Man: So, can I have your number?
Me: (WHAT THE FUUUH? How is that the next step in this conversation? It’s not even NINE AM yet, dude!) I’m leaving on Wednesday for Cincinnati.
Man: Oh, are you moving?
Me: No, that’s where I’m from. I was here for the summer. But it was nice talking to you. (Leave. Now.)

Thankfully, boyfriend took a hike back to his table and I resumed eating. Men, do not approach women when their caffeine hasn’t even kicket in yet. Jeeze Louise!

His intrusion did not ruin my breakfast, and I carried on with my day and walked to my last day of work at VegNews. It felt like the last day of your senior year of high school, but with a twist. The twist being I didn’t (and don’t) want to leave. Internship program, you suck.

Not only is it hard to leave the amazing VegNews crew and the work I loved so dearly, but it’s going to be hard to leave a coast that suits me so well. Living in San Francisco has felt nothing but natural to me. Living in Ohio, well, is a bit lackluster and one of the only reasons I love it is because my family is there. But I am bursting out of my skin with excitement ot see Popsicle (!!!!GAHHH!!!!), Matty Rich (he’s a college student now! GAHH!!), MamaJ (obvs.) and my BABIES!!! I miss those puppies like crazy! I can’t wait to pet their ears and smoosh them!

Wow, I did not mean to digress like that, but I suppose that’s what writing does. I was working until almost 7 pm, and when I realized I had to clean my desk I started to break down. Going through old brainstorming papers, a chart of deadlines, packing up my business cards and then turning off my lamp–that really did it to me. Clearly, I’ve analyzed too many novels and read into symbolism too much. I said some teary goodbyes before running home.

As soon as I got home I changed into my running clothes. I needed to clear my head. While I was getting ready, my roommate and co-worker was showering and getting ready to go out with another VegNewsie. I told them to have fun if I didn’t return in time to say something after my run.

The five-miler was exactly what I needed. It was gorgeous, it brought me peace and I got to watch the pink sunset. It may have been the first sunset I’ve ever watched, and it was exquisite.

When I returned home I felt something wasn’t right. My roomie had completely moved out. All her things were gone. Perhaps I’m sensitive, but I couldn’t believe she left without saying goodbye. No note, no text. Not even a post-it (“I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.”). Had we not just spent the last three months living and working together? Am I really that awful a person and roommate that you can’t say goodbye?

To me, this was shocking and disheartening. It’s the polite and considerate thing to do– saying goodbye after spending a chunk of time with someone. Oh well.

I was definitely feeling off at this point. I showered and changed into a dress, with all intention of meeting up with Abby and her roommate Mark. Sadly, after eating an apple and some Raisin Bran crumbs (love the bottom of the bag), I dozed off. Coming to at 10 something, I eventually decided I was not going out. Instead, I watched a few episodes of Intervention (addicting, and isn’t that ironic, don’t ya think?) on Hulu and ate 1/3 a lavash wrap with 1/2 mashed banana with pumpkin pie spice and chia seeds. I was out like a light by 1am.

This morning I woke up to sunshine and an empty cupboard. I read in bed for a while and then got myself together. For breakfast, I decided to walk the two miles or so to Judahlicious for another acai bowl. Best breakfast in the heat:

Insanely delicious.

Insanely delicious.

As I’ve said before, it’s like a smoothie in a bowl, topped with banana and granola. What a beautiful combination. I ran into Colleen while I was there and we got to chat for a bit. That made my morning.

I picked up some produce on my way home, and those two miles were hot and sweaty. When I got home, I cleaned the kitchen, which included cleaning out my roomie’s moldy food. There was lots of it. Gag. And when I took some of it to the dumpster (I had to make three trips–a lot of it was just regular garbage–OK my garbage–too) I dropped my keys in! F! Another low?

Nahh, it wasn’t that bad. The rest of the afternoon will be filled with one of the things I despise most: packing. I’m horrible at it! I need MamaJ! I’m going to tell myself that I’m not bad at it, I just need practice. And I’ll try to make it fun by listening to the Swag Sistas/ Chick Mafia soundtrack Brooke made for me! Enjoy the weekend!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What domestic/ homey/ chorey things can you not stand to do?
I’ve already tackled one of mine today: take out the garbage. And I’m about to tackle packing. I also don’t enjoy laundry. But I have no problem with doing dishes, oddly!



33 Responses to “I Got Low”

  1. Wowza, what a sushi platter!!

    Haha, you rocked that karaoke stage – love it 😀

    That is VERY bizarre not only about the guy asking for your jam, but about your roommate just taking off and moving out without even saying goodbye!! I’d be sensitive to all that too, my dear.

    **Chore I can’t stand = not a garbage fan either, haha.

  2. I REFUSE to clean anything in my bathroom. I’ll admit I pay someone to do it for me. Shameful.

  3. Loving the Sex and The City post-it reference. Oh Burger…Oh your roommate for not saying bye…OH THAT CREEPY GUY FOR PULLING A DEFINITE NO-NO ON THE UNCAFFEINATED FLIRTING FRONT!

    Moving on..

    As for the chore I can’t stand to do…the dishes. If it wasn’t so environmentally unfriendly (and so darn expensive), I think I would live off of plastic silverware and paper plates.

  4. 4 Anna

    I really hate taking the garbage out. The whole process of dragging the smelly cans down our driveway is just not something that I enjoy in the least. Laundry is also something that I put off forever. Usually I’m all out of clean running clothes and then I realize that something must be done.

    That was a bit of a b!tch move on your ex-roomies part. Some people have issues with saying goodbye though, and she probably just wanted to avoid it.

    Good luck avoiding any more creeping men!


    I moved from Cleveland, OH to North Carolina…My boyfriend lives in Syracuse, NY and next year I’ll be joining him there. I DO NOT want to go back to Northern winters 😦 Have fun at OU

  6. I need those cheesy biscuits! I’ve been craving the ones from Red Lobster which we all know sure ain’t vegan!

    HELL YES! I seriously wish you would have recorded that Get Low performance, I would have paid you to watch it. So funny. I can just imagine how crunk you were getting on that stange girllll. That’s one of the only rap songs I will totally get dirty with. Oh and I like how that guy is just sitting there reading while you are singing. haha

    Creepy Jam Guy! Ahh, I hate it when that happens! Aw, and you are not awful! That is so weird about your roommate, I would be upset too.

  7. That’s awesome that you sang that! I sang karaoke by myself once and really liked it despite my not so great singing voice!

    As for the chores, I despise putting away laundry. It sits in the dryer for as long as humanly possible.

  8. Holy yum. everything you’ve eaten the past few days is absolutely mouth watering. That is my ultimate foodie pleasure to sit outside a cafe and drink a wonderful espresso or cafe au lait and eat some really effin good bread with butter and jam. YUM! It reminds me of being back in Europe and doing that on the reg. Love the karaoke session!!!

  9. I hate cleaning the bathroom. I don’t mind most other rooms since I love when everything is clean but I avoid the bathroom at all costs.

  10. 10 Holly

    hahaha…damn it, that would have been my #2 song guess. work it out. ummm, that baguette is amazing. i agree on the white carb thang – i eat whole wheat most of the time. the europeans taught me a good baguette is one of life’s simple pleasures.

    so sad about leaving vegnews (not sad about the roomie – who does that?) but you are going to have so much fun back at school. i wish i was back in the day…still a journalism major…enjoying college….ah, to be young again…

    intervention = possibly one of the best shows ever.

    smoothie in a bowl = genius.

    good luck packing – i HATE doing the dishes. mostly because somehow i always end up splattering water all over me.


  11. Holy crap sushi platter, I would totally dig in and not be able to keep track of how many I ended up devouring. I want sushi a LOT now.

    I ADORE your karaoke bravery. I can’t even get up to sing all boring and straight faced, let alone letting it all out and busting a MOVE.

    Can’t believe jam man, what a crazy. Picking up the ladies during brekkie? He knows no boundaries!

    I’m sorry your internship is over. 😦 But HOME is great right? Obviiiiiously with MamaJ to spend plenty of time with. I can’t believe your roomie didn’t even leave a note though. That’s just downright rude. I’d be kinda hurt by that too. Some people just aren’t good at goodbyes though I guess… sigh.
    Good luck with the packing up and moving back!

  12. Ehh I dislike laundry too.

    Sorry about mr. creeper sketching around your table! I hate awkward moments like that!!

    And yes, the roomie DEF should have said goodbye or something. That aint right gurllll.

    and DAAAAAAAANG that’s a TON of sushi.

    I love your karaoke!


  13. You’re so right – karaoke IS all about the performance. Looks like you rocked it!

    Boo for the roommate! Saying goodbye isn’t optional unless you had a total screaming blowup or something.

    I hate doing dishes with a fiery passion. When I finally move somewhere with a dishwasher I will be the happiest clam ever!

  14. 14 Lizzy

    Hey girl hey!!!!!

    WAY to dominate Karaoke! I’m so freakin proud of you! seriously we gotta do it together an show people what diva’s we are! ahhh thats so exciting!!!!!

    sorry to hear about your roomie, not gonna lie thats a bit shady! But don’t let that get you down!!!!!!

    I hope you have a fantastic night!!!!! Keep on smiling girl! 🙂


  15. 15 angieinatlanta

    Seriously, who are these weirdos in your life? Shady roomie? Stalker guy wanting your jam?

    Love the karaoke pics!

  16. Girl, sometimes you just need white refined carbs if that’s what you’re craving! I’m glad weird creeper dude got the hint (finally). And sketch about your roommate. I’m sorry 😦 But I do love your SATC reference 😉 I don’t mind dishes at all, but I HATE cleaning bathrooms. Ugh!!

  17. Holy sushi!
    I can’t stand to clean the bathroom. Too much hair for my taste.

  18. 18 WholeBodyLove

    I knew you were from Ohio but I had know idea you live in Cincinnati! I’ve only lived in the ‘Nati for 3 years but, it’s home to me now! Yes, I am hood enough to say da ‘Nati…not really, I lied. We live in a suburb about 20 minutes from downtown.

  19. Urgh creepy men in general through off my mood but interrupting you mid java & baguette savouring sesh = not cool! Love the sushi platter! I would’ve probably eaten 50 pieces off that spread!

  20. Yay for karaoke!! I’ve never gone up and done it by myself before, that takes some guts!

    I’m moving this weekend too, so my life has been nothing but packing these past few days. It sucks!! Although, I think the chore I dislike the most is hanging up clothing. I usually just keep my clean clothes in bins and iron the wrinkles out. Yes, I rather iron clothes than put them on a hanger 😛

  21. Haha that kareoke looks like it was a blast! The sushi platter looks delicious too.

    I can’t believe your roomate didn’t say goodbye, how bizarre!

    I personally cannot stand cleaning toilets. Um, yuck!

  22. First, I’m a total advocate of that baguette breakfast you enjoyed! Dumb to think that we can ONLY have 100% whole grains all the time, I say do as the French do! 😉

    Sorry to hear about the roomie thing, I’m certain that it had everything to do with her as a person, and NOTHING to do with you and your gloriousness.

    I definitely despise packing, and while I don’t hate doing laundry, I do hate folding it and putting it up..ugh.

    Hope all is going well this weekend! 🙂

  23. I don’t hate on the white bread! There have been many nights which my plain jane cheese sando included…wait for it…white bread AND American cheese. 😀

    Way to sing it, mama! Get down with your bad self!! Oh for the record, I want that vegan biscuit! Boo to your roomie – I would have had the same reaction. However, I feel like I know you pretty well and I’m sure it wasn’t your fault at all. You are too fabulous 🙂

    I loathe laundry AND dishes. LOATHE!

  24. 24 littlemissminny

    I don’t like doing the laundry, specially ironing it. And I never take out the garbage, it’s just so icky and smelly 😀

  25. Snackface! Loved the SATC ref (I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.) !! Soooooo basically girl you have got a great year ahead of you and I just know that you are going to make it only that much greater with all this new knowledge and experience in tackling an insane internship, living on your own (pretty much, since the roomie didn’t even say bye!! sorrryyy), food sh!!!!!t, running, turning creep-o guys down at 9 in the morning and all that jazz!!!!!

    That acai bowl and baguette breakfast looks incredibly delicious! White carbs are totally fine every now and then. I can’t avoid it at the house so sometimes i’ll eat the damn white flour tortilla instead of my beloved whole wheat! Oh well. Haha…..

    And i’m with youuuu, dishes don’t even bother me but trash and cleaning SHELVES do!!! They are just endless and always so dusty.

    LOVE YOU! Travel safely my dear. xoooooo

  26. 26 Lindsey

    what a skeez! but that breakfast looks amazing– no feelin’ guilty about white bread! didn’t look like a whole loaf or anything 🙂

  27. hello sushi platter, please hop into my mouth. kaythanks. goodness! you are the karaoke master! um, the dude? what the? nice pick up line “share your jam with me” no thanks homeboy. “sunshine and an empty cupboard” that should probably have been the title to this post, it is so bittersweet. i am sure it will be good to see your lovelies though!! that is the one reason i still reside in utah. bah. oh and i cannot handle folding laundry. i would rather scrub toilets any day! safe travels back my dear. xoxoxo

  28. I hate cleaning the washroom.

  29. EWW man needs to beat it and get his own jam!! That is SOOO sooo weird about your roommate! I am the most insane note-leaver, post-it sticking, happy face, i’s dotted with hearts person with my roommates…probably explains why I freaked out when someone responded to my AIM chat’s with “Hi”, i’d be like omg why didn’t they say “HEY” or “Heyyy!!!!! :D”
    But seriously ya that is weird and a tinge cold shouldered. Whatevs, I think your solo move out experience sounds very mature and spiritually cleansing. I can’t believe your summer o’fun is over, but school will be such a freakin blast and it’s college and you can go on crazy modeling adventures with Mama J!! haha xo have a safe trip love

  30. 30 Kate G.

    hahahahaha oh my jam man story totally just made my day 🙂

    new-ish reader, first time to comment. LOVE your blog, always makes me laugh!

    Kate G.

    • 31 snackface

      Kate G. – Hello dear! Thank you so much for the complement, and I am so happy you get a little giggle out of some SnackFace!

  31. yummy oats!
    just make sure to put on lots of aloe vera girl!

  32. 33 Akil Askari

    One Love

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