And the Winner Is…


Comment 124: Melissa!!! Melissa, who has been reading for “a couple weeks now” and loves “getting to see what the VegNews staff gets to nosh on everyday,” says her favorite summer was…
“…the summer before my senior year of H.S., which was summer of 2002. I just remember so many great times with my friends back home, being young and carefree and not yet having to face college and the ‘real world.'”

I hear that, sistah! Melissa, if you could please email me at some time today, that would be lovely! I can send your gift this afternoon! If you don’t email by 5:30 pm PST, I’ll hunt you down and email you. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who entered. It was an absolute blast to have so many responses and killer stories!

Speaking of killer stories, here’s a preview of karaoke last night:

Look as closely as you can.

Look as closely as you can.

Judging by that picture, can anyone guess what song I went with (or at least what type of song)? All I know is I had a blast. Ba da dum dum dum…

Ciao for now!



14 Responses to “And the Winner Is…”

  1. Such a blast, for sure!! Can’t wait for you to elaborate on the preview 😉

  2. Lucky Melissa!

  3. marry me?
    congrats to melissssss — check my bloggie for some giveaway action ma!

  4. 4 Lizzy

    Congrats to Melissa! 🙂

    Kailey, you looked like you had so much fun night last night!!!! get it girl 🙂

  5. Like a Virgin? 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh – that’s hilarious! I love how into it you are 🙂

    Have a great Friday, boo!

  7. Did you do Get Low?!?!

  8. I Will Survive?

  9. I saw Melissa and got so excited…then realized it wasn’t this Melissa…hahahha. oh well!

    and I’m with Shelby, I thought get low…

  10. 10 Holly

    i am going to go with “damn it feels good to be a gangsta.” i am pretty sure that’s it.

  11. 11 hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    “pour some sugar on me” is for SURE what you sang.
    ha looks lik ea great time girl!

  12. ser if you sang “get Lo” on honor of me, my year may have just been made! Looks like so much fun and I am glad to see your living the adventurous life, like me!


    soul sista

  13. 13 randomlymikey

    Push it?

  14. 14 elise

    um i love you!!

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