Only Two Days


Hello all you gorgeous readers! Holy shhh! I am so completely shocked at the amazing responses for my Going Away Giveaway! Not only are you coming out of the woodwork (hello and thank you so much!), but you’re all the sweetest ever! Whoah, exclamation overload. But seriously, I am overjoyed with how many of you read and enjoy SnackFace. It’s the love of my life and I couldn’t imagine not blogging.

Also, all the summer stories are novel-worthy! We are all incredibly blessed to have been able to experience such dreamy travels, luscious loves and vibrant happiness. If you ever need a pick-me-up, just read over everyone’s answers. And a reminder, you have until the clock strikes 12 tomorrow night, so please share!

Today started with a bang. I went for a run and it looked as though it was 10 pm outside. Not even kidding. The waves were wild and beautiful, though! What wasn’t so beautiful was the boy I passed on my first two miles. There are such things as emergencies, but please don’t pee near the running path.

Those four miles felt amazing. I really love how peaceful those 42-45 minutes are in the morning. I streched and did abs-tacular workouts after the run, and then I hopped in the shower to rid myself of stank ass. Unrelated, but I have this beezy of a zit on the left side of me head, close to my hairline. It hurts every single time I touch it, and it’s also the size of a pencil eraser.

Moving from blemishes to breakfast, I had a lovely bowl of oats for nourishment:

Chia oats with banana, coconut, peanut butter and almond milk.

Chia oats with banana, coconut, peanut butter and almond milk.

At work on Tuesday I read this article by Mark Bittman, “Exploring Peanut Butter’s Potential.” First of all, I couldn’t believe I was reading a whole article about peanut butter (although, it is for his “Minimalist” articles). Secondly, I laughed to myself when I read this: “Last winter I began stirring peanut butter into oatmeal; weird, maybe, but good.” Oh, Marky Mark, you must not do much food blog reading. You funny man! We’ve only been doing this forever! We set no limits for what peanut butter can do.

I wrote out a schedule for my projects today, and it really helped me stay on top of my game. The mid-morning snack was an apple and four peanut butter-filled pretzels. And lunch. Oh lunch, how you left me daydreaming, longing to meet you again. That’s just creepy. Why must I talk to food like that? Gross. But lunch was truly outstanding:

Baked ziti!!! Oh, and salad, but I just ate that quickly so I could do work on the ziti!

Baked ziti!!! Oh, and salad, but I just ate that quickly so I could do work on the ziti!

Yes, there is such a thing as vegan baked ziti. And I would venture to say that this may be the best ziti I’ve ever had. There is no guilt when the cheese is made of cassava root, no animals are harmed in the making and everyone around the table is joyous with every single bite. It was f-ing amazing. You also don’t feel like death after vegan non-soy-based baked ziti. Actually, you feel good enough to eat a cupcake top:

Cupcake top and my wrinkly hand.

Cupcake top and my wrinkly hand.

I sampled a bite of a ginger-creme cookie and a snickerdoodle after this, too. I’m tellin’ ya, I’m living it up while I can! Bring on the goodies! Honestly, it’s kind of comforting to know I’ll be returning to my normal, reduced-sugar eating habits next week. And when I say reduced-sugar, I merely mean less than I’m consuming now. My head and my skin don’t like it, but my tastebuds do. Such a war.

In the afternoon I was also highly productive. I do so well with deadlines and having more projects than fewer projects. Throughout the afternoon and early evening, I had a new tea (deep chocolate–very, very good) and four more peanut butter-filled pretzels.

I finally came home at 6:30 pm to no produce. Well, that’s a lie. I have a bit of broccoli, a sweet potato, a banana and a few sad cherries left. I could have whipped something together with the broccoli and sweet potato, but I really didn’t want it. Then I thought about going to the store, so I asked myself, “OK, Kailey. If you could have anything for dinner, what would it be?” Shockingly, Hugh Jass was not the answer. I didn’t go to the store. Instead, I chose to go with my gut:

Cereal Trio!

Cereal Trio!

In the bowl: roomie’s Raisin Bran, Koala Crisp, maple walnut granola and almond milk. It was exactly what I wanted. And of course I ate more than that bowl. I also had a few chips with salsa for a second course. It’s just how things work sometimes!

Tomorrow is going to be a blast and insanely busy! We have web deadlines at work, a design meeting from 3pm to 5-ish, then Vegan Drunks from 6-8 and then…KARAOKE!!! Woopwoop! In celebration of the interns’ time with VegNews, we are all celebrating at The Mint with singing and sushi. With only two days left, I couldn’t imagine a better way to enjoy one another’s company.

As I’ll be returning home late from dranking, karaoke-ing, eating and laughing, expect an announcement of the winner Friday morning, and a full post later Friday night. And for the sake of the blog (and my intestines) I hope to get groceries soon. Mama needs kale!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Although I love to sing, a huge part of me wants to rap at karaoke tomorrow. I’m thinking “3, 6,9, damn she fine…” or “li-li-li-li-lick it like a lollipop.” Would it be unladylike of me? What should I karaoke?
Yes, I asked this in June, but I’m askin’ again!


28 Responses to “Only Two Days”

  1. 1 WholeBodyLove

    Meh, live it up while you’re there. I say Get Low!

  2. 2 Lizzy

    Girl, Lil Wayne is just waiting for your to belt out his rhymes!!!! If i were there with you i would totes sing with ya! 🙂 keep a girl informed on what you decide!!! Night babes!

  3. Haha omg the one time I did karaoke I sung “Benny and the Jetts!” fun times.

  4. Gah I’m terrified of karaoke and have never done it. I say rock out some Whitney Houston My Love is Your Love. Since no one can hit those vocals there are no worries.

    And I love Mark Bittman. He wrote article about the many ways to eat oatmeal, including savory, with eggs or veggies. I used to eat mine with just salt and pepper (these days lots of agave nectar and cinnamon) and thought it brilliant that he agreed. His book Food Matters is wonderful as well! He is like me, very pro-vegetarian and tries to consume mostly veggies with the occasional meat dish.

    Enjoy the last of your time at VegNews!!

  5. 5 Tay

    Sometimes cereal for dinner is just what we need! Gaaah I hate thos “hairline zits”. The WORST!!! And then you always accidentally scratch them. Ouch.

  6. I would pay to see you get crunk and sing Get Low. It’s my fav partayy song!!!

    Ziti, Oats with PB (which I was going to make now but I’m out of ALL NUT BUTTER), and cereal for dinner?! YUM to the extreme! Wow I’m lame…

  7. Haha I love Mark Bittman but when I read that I wanted to tell him to get with the program!

    One of my most successful karaoke experiences was rapping “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie. I say go for it. (My second most successful was “Growing on Me” by the Darkness – nothing like some extreme falsetto glam action!)

  8. I love me some “3, 6, 9…”!

    I’m having a produce shortage here too, I’m trying to make it through til Saturday though! I hate mid-week grocery shops 😦

    Enjoy your last few days, sounds like they will be a blast!

  9. Mark needs to catch up with the blogging trends – he’s slackin’! Deep chocolate tea? Maybe that could get me on the tea train. I’m just not a tea girl for whatever reason but I try!! I feel ya on zero produce – I without veggies and my heartaches 😦

    Go for the rap! Live it up tonight and have a blast, mama!!

  10. 10 Brandi

    I say do whatever you feel like doing – it’s celebrating the end of this and people love to see others act a fool at Karaoke 🙂

    sounds like a fun night!

  11. No way! Lil’ Wayne is my favorite…kiiiind of want to have his babies….do Lollipop for sure!

  12. i think you should bust out with something old school – vanilla ice or something of the sort 🙂 hahaha

    and hairline zits really stink!!! they hurt so bad!

  13. thanks for the link – i now have an excuse to procrastinate cleaning my room 🙂

    i vote you karaoke “it’s getting hot in hurr”.. such a classic.

  14. 14 lowandbhold

    Yum that vegan baked ziti looked just like the real thing. I would love to get my hands on summa that!

    Have fun tomorrow night… I’m thinking a little Jay Z P.I.M.P could be rather entertaining.

  15. Haha I read that line of the Mark Bittman article too and I was like, why is peanut butter in oatmeal so weird?

  16. LOVE YOU…umm, my karaoke song of choice is cher’s “believe” followed by journey’s “don’t stop believin” followed by black eyed peas “my humps.” just some ideas for ya…

    love that bowl of morning goodness…i found a drug store here with chia seeds – did not think walgreen’s would sellin that stuff but they are, so i might have to copy you and make some of that goodness!

  17. 17 lilpauladean

    Alright, it’s time I admit to my closet daily obsesh with reading your blog. I am currently without a computer yet I make it a priority to get my hiney down to the library just to make sure my snack-pal is nourishing herself with some tasty treats. I thoroughly look forward to reading your lovely musings about food and blasted blemishes alike. Cheers sista!

  18. yum! I want some of that cereal trio! Great idea. I havenot had cereal in forever, but lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with trying new kinds. YUm-o way to use up all my boxes without having to choose favorites!

  19. aww sounds like a perfect way to send off all you interns! Have fun at sushi, and I can’t wait to hear about what song you sing… or rap

  20. You are one cute chica. Your chia oats look dotty and amazing. I’ve never tried chia seeds in anything! Must I? The baked ziti sounds so off the chains. Anything baked = bomb.
    All those cakey goods would be snapped up by me too! In fact my office has been a sugar den this week and I can never say no! Arg!
    Oh – the Mark Bittman thing made me laugh! I heart Mark Bittman a lot though…

  21. mister mark is behind the PB times! dude i think you are going to go through amazing eats withdrawals when you go back home. you better have stocked up on some fabby vegan recipes! i love myself a trifecta of cereals! no raisins allowed over here though. have fun kareoke-ing. i cant wait to hear what you sing! video tape it. i dare you. do it.

  22. All of your eats look incredible today!!

  23. Of COURSE rap it out girl. How many opportunities do you have to rap for people you may never see again at a karaoke place in SF?!?!? not many! So it’ll be one of those things you just need to do it. Trust me, the shyest people will be jumping on the mic, and you might regret not doing it. (Take it from me, I’m a karaoke veteran…Hong Kong karaoke places are even more popular than shopping malls and movie theatres for many many young people!)

    heheh I read that article too!! i had the same reaction you did. hahahah Yay blogs!! and yes, that silly silly man!

  24. celine dion’s ‘it’s all coming back to me now’ !!!!!
    that is the ultimate chick ballad and karaoke-must. plus it’s like, 10 minutes long, you’ll effin’ OWN karaoke night.
    but if you’re not feeling that, a little ‘gangsta’s paradise’ coolio style is a good throwback.

    snacky, i’m so sad you’re leaving san fran because it’s the greatest city in the world! i’ve been living vicariously through you over the summer and you’re so lucky to have lived there.

  25. 25 randomlymikey

    hellll yeah rap!!!!!!!! that would be so much fun. some times you just have to go with your gut. i have some pretty random meals sometimes but i trust my bod. it wants what it wants 🙂

  26. Thanks for the link to Bittmann’s article: I really like his writing style. Have you read his 101 ideas-lists? I think they’re great and an inspiration!
    And your ziti looks really good:)

    Wonder how the karaoke went? I hope you had fun!

    Have a great weekend! xxx Julia (Taste of living)

  27. Kailey, your oat breakfast bowls always look so yummy! I want to try it! Do you let the oats soak overnight in the almond milk, or do you just whip it all up in the morning? Also, do what kinds of oats do you use? It looks fantastic! Good luck in your last days in San Fran!

    • 28 snackface

      Shaynee – Aloha! Thanks for thinking the oats look yummy! My method: whip it all up in the morning! I used 1/3 C old fashioned rolled oats, 1/2 banana, pumpkin pie spice and 1 C water, put it in a pot over high heat, cover, wait until it’s boiling, then stir and turn down the heat. I’ve been adding 1 T chia seeds to the mix for some omega’s and fiber (and I swear they keep me fuller a bit longer). Then I pour cold almond milk on top to cool it down and make ’em a bit creamier! Give ’em a go and let me know what you think!

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