Going Away Giveaway!


Buongiorno! How is everyone? Wonderful? Great. Today was a relxed and delightful day, full of fantastic food. If you read through the post you’ll find my Going Away Giveaway at the end! It’s bossy.

I rolled out of bed at 7:15 this morning and played with my hair for a bit. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, so I was trying to figure out what to do with comb-over bed head (you know, a part all the way on one side of your head). It reminded me of the hours I spent in junior high sitting in front of the mirror, trying to do magical things with my blonde locks. I’m awful at hair construction, so I rarely do anything fancy with it (down wavy, down straight, low pony, bun to make it mavy). Did not mean to share all that. Moh well.

Monday night I assembled some overnight chia banana oats. They turned out phenomenally:

With a drizzle of Better n' Peanut Butter for decoration.

With a drizzle of Better n' Peanut Butter for decoration.

Playing all night: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/2 naner, 1 T chia seeds, scant 1 T shredded coconut, pumpkin pie spice and then faux-pb drizzle en la manana. This was fun and chilly! It’s freezing in San Fran, but I recommend this if it’s supah hot where you are.

I barely remember what I did all morning at work. I was in a jovial mood though, as I listened to Tha Carter III while getting ready and putting my face on prior. ‘Cuz Wayne win, and they lose; I call ’em April babies, ‘cuz they fools. Isn’t that genius?

Today was my last day making lunch! This is both sad and happy. Sad because it’s a last, but happy because that pressure to make something delicious is gone. Somehow, I made a killer last lunch:

Chili with salad and rustic fresh bread. Perfection.

Chili with salad and rustic fresh bread. Perfection.

The chili was based off a recipe I found on the VegNews website. It was so easy to throw together! It was basically 1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 can black beans, 1 can kidney beans, 2 cans pinto, 28 oz. marinara (we didn’t have tomato suace) and a ton of different spices. I topped the bowl with Daiya for a true chili experience:

Spicy and cheesy.

Spicy and cheesy.

We didn’t have a gorgeous cake or ice cream after lunch, just some laughs. And I snagged two chocolates later in the afternoon.

Insert more working here, several bathroom breaks, and a bite of a macrobiotic bar I’ll share tomorrow.

Eventually I mosied home, lay on my bed and chatted with MamaJ. Financial issues are so not my thing and I needed her help! Thanks Mumsy!

I thought about running, but I’m going to switch my running schedule to mornings for the rest of the week, so I skipped any physical activity today. Lounging and chatting with fellow VegNewsies was far more important tonight.

Dinner continued the ch- theme. First chia oats, then chili and for dinner, I needed cheetahs:

Taters, broc and balls. And ketchup, the other food group.

Taters, broc and balls. And ketchup, the other food group.

I gave an Asian yam a go. It was lovely! Not as sweet or moist as my beloved sweet potato, this has a milder but roasty flavor. Jeeze Louise, I’m so articulate sometimes. On the side I had TJ’s balls and steamed broccoli sprinkled with Parma!

So now it’s time for biz-nass! SnackFace’s Going Away Giveaway! As you all know, this is my last week with VegNews Magazine. Next Wednesday, I’ll be flying back to Ohio to start and finish my senior year at Ohio University. Wow. Can’t believe I’m saying that.

Anyway, here’s the Deluxe VegNews Gift Set, customized specially for SnackFace. You’ll win:
-an oversized VegNews tote bag
-an American Apparel VegNews tee
-6 enormous Alternative Baking Company Cookies
-the current issue of our mag
A year subscribtion to VegNews
-an Eco-tool makeup brush (you know I need that for my bronzer addiction) with journal (I’ve had one since I was, oh, six?)
an signed copy of Sarah Kramer’s Vegan A Go-Go! cookbook

You want it? Just leave a comment on this post! Answer the following question:
-What was the best summer you’ve ever had? Spill!

For another chance, link back to this post! And if you don’t have a blog (or if you do and you want a third chance–gahhh I don’t know how to make this fair?!?!), you can answer a second question:
-How long have you been reading SnackFace? (I ask because…I’m just curious.)

***Forgot to say: I’ll be announcing the winner Friday morning!!!


278 Responses to “Going Away Giveaway!”

  1. 1 eliselouise

    The best summer I ever had– a month spent in summer with my 10 best friends. Pure living, pure laughter, mindfulness and joy like I’ve never experienced. Ahh.

  2. The greatest summer I had was one I got to spend 3 weeks in Kenya on a Safari and visiting an AIDS orphanage. I can’t wait to go back!

  3. I have been reading SnackFace for about a month and have enjoyed every post.

  4. 4 Jessica

    The best summer i ever had was when I was ten and i got to fly cross country to see my grandma, it was the last time i saw her before she passed away, but those few months were the best!

  5. 5 Jessica

    Oh, and I have been reading your blog for about 3 months now, great job!

  6. 6 Amanda

    My best summer was the summer before my senior year of high school. I did a five week program in journalism at a college away from home. 90 journalism loving 17-year-olds + living in a city + preview of college life=best summer ever, hands down. I met so many cool people, learned a lot…and I am now a journalism major. I cried for two hours on the drive home when it was over. I remember tearing up at a gas station!

    I’ve been reading your blog since about May I think. It’s one of my favorites, but I may be a little biased since I share your love of food and Midwestern roots. I also love, love, love journalism and all things magazine, news and broadcast. 😉

  7. 7 Ally

    HI! I am a new reader (and a new vegetarian, considering veganism)– have been reading for about a month, and I love all your fun stories and fun eats! My best summer ever was when I was 16, my mom and I went to paris and switzerland (where I used to live) for two weeks. It was killer mom bonding time, plus two argue-free weeks as a teenager? That’s a minor miracle. Not to mention all the awesome shopping!

  8. My greatest summa was after college graddy- went to hawaii with the parents, chilled like a post grad vill!! Although this summer’s events actually rival that one times a bajillion, sooo this summer 😀

    I’ve been reading lil’ snackfacey since u stah-ted, and I love it and YOU so so much, i’m only sad we never convened in the golden state!! Oh wellz maybe on the East coast 🙂 ox

  9. 9 AnAppleADay

    i absolutely adore your blog. Thanks for the giveaway!!!
    and I hope I could become an intern like you at VegNews!

  10. 10 AnAppleADay

    Ooops, sorry for not answering the question in my previous comment!
    My greatest summer was when my WHOLE family got together and we got to spend so much time (two weeks?) together. We didn’t go anywhere really but just spending time with them was perfect!
    We “chilled” and talked a lot!

  11. The best summer I ever had…hmm…the last few have been shiteous. I guess it would have to be the summer before I had Gracie. It was actually the worst and best summer I ever had. My grandma, who was my best friend, was dying of cancer, and I spent almost every day of that summer with her, going to garage sales, chemo and just talking about life. She died the first week of September, and I found out a few weeks later that I was pregnant with Gracie.

    Wow, that was a bummer, and here I am just looking for some more even bronzer application.

  12. I went to France for my 21st bday..I spent one glorious month roaming everywhere from Paris to Nice to Lyons and even shook it fast in Switzerland. It was a wonderful trip given to me from my Mama and one I hope to give my daughter if I ever have one. I flirted, ate, drank lots of tea, took notes and just opened myself to new possiblities and heights. The trip changed my life:)

  13. Oh close call – I have 2. The summer after my junior year was amazing because my family went on vacation for weeks at a time and left me alone. So my best friend shacked up at my house and we were “roommates” for a while. It was amazing. Then the summer after my senior year of high school, I went away to college early, and it was the best experience ever. I made some great friends, had the best time – even though I had to go to summer school. I’m so glad I went.

  14. 15 Michelle C.

    My best summer was right before going into freshman year of college. My friends and I rented a house and had the week of our lives! 3 years later we still talk about it. That week just seemed like there were no rules, no priorities, just fun with my best friends! What I would do to go back!!!

  15. 16 Michelle C.

    I have been reading SnackFace for atleast 3 months and i look forward to every post!

  16. 17 WholeBodyLove

    My favorite summer was before my junior year of high school. I had a hot college boyfriend who played tennis and soccer so I got to watch his matches and games. Plus, my parents owned a rental house that had a pool and just happened to be vacant.

  17. 18 WholeBodyLove

    I forgot to add that I linked you on my blog too!

  18. 19 Monica

    HANDS DOWN best summer i ever had was last summer. I interned as an editorial assistant for a fashion magazine in NYC!!

    awesome giveaway.. thanks!

  19. The summer before my senior year in college (Indiana University) was the best. I had complete freedom to enjoy the small town scene without the stress of finding a “real job” or internships. I had newspaper internships since I was out of high school and decided to give journalism a break during my last summer before graduation since I figured I’d be working full-time from there on out. I took a few classes and paid the bills by gardening, getting my tan on and flirting with boys. 🙂

    fyi – I gave a shout out to your giveaway contest on my blog. Thank you for hosting such an amazing swag bag! And good luck and have fun back in school. Can’t wait to see how your senior year goes.


  20. 21 Katy

    Hey Snackface,

    I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning of summer–summer is kind of a slow time at my company, so i get read my blogroll every morning when i get in. You always bring the LOLz.

    The best summer I ever had was my last spent at summer camp. I was about 16 years old and having the time of my life with my friends, most of whom I’m still in contact with eight years later. Horseback riding, water skiing, secret sharing, and memory making. I’ll never forget it.

  21. The best summer I’ve had was in 2006. I spent a month and a half in France, mainly in the Annecy region by the Swiss border. The Alps are gorgeous and Annecy has a lake fed by mountain water so it is a piercing blue The town had so much to do it was glorious. And of course, the cute French guys!

    I’ve been reading SnackFace since around the time it came out actually which is strange because usually I don’t catch up on blogs until way later. So I’ve been here since the beginning!

  22. 23 fruitsveggieslife

    Hey Girl! You are fantastic, and I’m sorry to hear your internship is coming to a close! All your amazing adventures have been so fun!

    My best summer? Probably a tie between the one before I went to Mac – I travelled to Greece – and this past summer!

    (I’ve been a FanFace since March – almost 6 months!)

  23. 24 jewelltin

    The best summer I’ve ever had: TRIP TO EUROPE. I spent a month in Europe with the Fam- Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands…it was fantastic. Also, the manager of a tourist-esque shop gave me 4 shots of fruit-flavored brandy to sample and I got tipsy. I was 11 years old.

  24. 25 jewelltin

    SECOND QUESTION ANSWER: I’ve been reading for about 3 weeks. You CRACK ME UP. And when you announced your love for Better’n Peanut Butter, I just about died because I overloaded on that stuff this summer….it’s so. good.

  25. 26 Kate

    This is an awesome giveaway! I have been reading snackface for only about a month, but I love it (and wish I had found it sooner)! You are hilarious! Ok, best summer ever would have to be the summer after senior year in high school–I was working in retail, but had no intention of keeping the job so I took it less than seriously and really just took advantage of the bennies (i.e., discounted clothes). My bestie and I spent the entire summer hosting parties, getting drunk, going on trips, getting drunk, stuffing face, getting drunk and just having a blast. I loved every second of it. Now I’m all responsible even in the summers. Not so fun…

  26. 27 Amy

    Numero uno: The best summer I ever had was the summer after my first year of college. Me and all of my best friends who had all gone to different colleges in different states all came back to our home town for the summer. I think because we had all missed each other so much during the school year, we were even closer that summer. We couldn’t get enough of each other, and we had some suriously crazy a$$ times.

    Numero dos: I’ve been reading your blog for several months now. I keep coming back because I think you are a quality writer, very thoughtful, clever, and entertaining:) Keep up the good work!

  27. 28 Leah

    The best summer I ever had was the summer before I went to college. I went on tons of road trips with friends and family. The highlights were definitely SF, Sonoma, and Ashland.

  28. 29 Tracey

    Thanks for the great giveaway! This summer has been my best for many personal reasons! And I’ve been reading Snackface for about 4 months – great blog!

  29. 30 jennifer

    my best summer: spending a month in china visiting the different hospitals in different cities. it was supaaaaah! the culture, the natural scenery, the food!!! the food was an acquired taste though. had to take some time to get used to that. but i met a lot of lovely lovely chinese, and had a blast basically! i went with my best friend and luckily, a month of living, eating and pretty much doing everything together only made us closer!

  30. 31 jennifer

    oh and i’ve been reading your blog since its second post! twas linked from another blog (cant remember which one now) but i’ve been hooked since! you make everything you do seem so enjoyable and i wish i had more of your positive attitude about life!

  31. My summers spent in OHIO going into my froshie and sophomore year (of high school) were probably the best. Just so innocent and wild all at the same time. Had my first drank (with the cousins), kissed an ohioan boy, played with firework fountains, ate delicious corn on the cob/peach cobbler/pasta dishes, hit up cedar point with my cousins’ crew and played in the gorg, refreshing lake!

    Q answer #2: I found this bloggie about a month after you started writing?? But I immediately became obsessed and stalked all your posts afterwards. Scurrrred? Don’t be!! Love you girl! 🙂

    PS- your chili soup, oats and dinner plate look deliciousssssss. hook a sista’ up!

  32. 33 Mari

    best summer: I took a french class at uc berkeley and lived in the ihouse, I loved it!

  33. 34 Mari

    question #2: I have been reading for a couple months.

  34. Broc rockS!

  35. My best summer was in the South of France when I was 18 and spent every night dancing to reggae music, fell for a French boy, was the cook for a writing workshop and did some great writing. Then my heart was broken and I moved to Paris. Loved it all!

  36. Hmm…this last summer – I went to Costa Rica with my fiancee and practiced yoga every morning AND learned how to surf! Pure Awesomeness!
    Thanks for the great give away, girl!

  37. I’m the same with hair. Just whatever, I’m not good at it but I can make it look good. It’s just there most of the time.

    I saw the cheetahs and I literally yelled WHAT THE?! haha
    I’m glad they were good, they sound really interesting.

    My best summer was in 2007. I went to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and it was just amazing. We had the best time on the beach, lounging by the pool, and eatin delicious foods. We also met some boysssss there and celebrated the 4th of July with them on the beach. Aww. 😉

  38. 39 esperanzainspain

    vegnews give-away!! I’m a loyal reader, probs almost a year now, and I love watching you explore and experience San Fran- prob my fav city on earth 🙂

    I’m full of amazing summer experiences, this past one has shown me a lot about the working world and “what i want to be when i grow up’ 🙂 I’m 21 and still hasn’t quite yet hit me that I’m just about in the real world (I’m giving myself til after I graduate college to truly realize this one, ahah)

    thanks! hope i win~


  39. 40 angiolle

    I would love to win!!! The best summer i ever had was celebrating my 16th birthday in Italy with my family!!! I will never forget it…it was an amazing vacation!

  40. 41 rediscoveringlauren

    The best summer i had was 4 years ago when i went away with friends to spain and spent the rest of the summer staying at my friends while her parents were away..think lotsa crazy parties, shennanigans and just general fun times!
    enjoy the rest of your day hun!

  41. What an awesome giveaway!! My best summer was the first one I spent with my boyfriend. There were lots of motorcycle adventures, evenings spent drinking beer on patios, and even a couple picnics 😉 Even though we’re MUCH busier this summer, we’re still finding time to get some of those adventures in! 🙂

  42. The best summer I’ve ever had is this one. After two years of being diagnosed with two hormonal/ovarian conditions, I had both specialists report that I’m in good health, my levels are normalizing, and I’m doing well with weight-management.

    I spent the whole summer with my amazing boyfriend, went to England for two weeks with my best friend, passed all 6 state tests requirement for teaching certification, entered into a student teaching program for the fall with my old fifth grade teacher, and much more.

    Sounds like a lot, but in all honesty this summer allowed me to learn the most about myself and become the best version of myself I have been in a long time. I’ve grown a lot and am so motivated to continue on this path to good health.

  43. my best summer was my sophomore year summer. not a care in the world, and got to do absolutely anythign i wanted! no internships, searching for jobs, just had a part time job and could go to the beach, hang with friends, and actually compltely ENJOY it. oh i miss those days ❤

  44. 45 Sarah

    The best summer I ever had was traveling in Italy where I studied abroad. Such am amazing experience! I have been loving you blog for about 4 months! Keep up the great work 🙂

  45. Woah, what a sweet giveaway! 🙂

    Best summer I’ve ever had was not a summer at all. See, I live in Australia and over here it’s summer from December – Feb… and last January, on New Year’s Day, I jumped on a plane with my family to the US for a holiday. We spent three incredible weeks exploring Los Angeles, Seattle, Hawaii and even went up to Calgary and Edmonton in Canada to visit relatives for a time. I went to Disneyland for the first time in my life – something I’ve always wanted to do, yep I’m one of *those* girls – and I actually cried when the Sleeping Beauty castle came into sight! Oh that’s so pathetic of me. But I don’t care 😉
    I fell in love with America. I didn’t want to leave. I’m lucky – I have a dual citizenship (Australian/Canadian) – and relatives in San Francisco, so I’m hoping that will make my application to become an American citizen easier. That’s right, that’s how much I love your amazing country: in 2011 I’m moving to Los Angeles with my best friend Josh (his family have a guest house we’re allowed to live in, yay!).
    So… I guess you could say the best SUMMER of my life didn’t actually happen, since it was a winter in the States. But boy was it the best. I came back to Australia a new girl, totally changed for the better. I’ll never forget it.

    Oh and I’m so linking back to snackface 🙂


  46. 47 Audrey

    I would say this has been the best summer because I got to travel to Costa Rica and San Diego, California! They were great vacations! I’ve also been reading your blog since you started your intership at Vegnews! Always look forward to reading!

  47. 48 Nicole

    best summer i ever had was my senior year of high school, going into my freshman year of college. I had a big group of friends that were inseparable, and we were together every day/night doing all kinds of spontaneous things It was a carefree summer and one that i will never forget

  48. 49 Susan

    Great giveaway Kailey! My best summer was probably last summer – I worked full time as a waitress at a country club. No, it wasn’t glamourous, but the people-watching and crazy co-worker hijinks more than made up for it!

  49. 50 Michaela

    My best summer was two years ago. Many weekends were spent on a boat with friends, family, and booze. It was spectacular. I just found your blog today! Love it

  50. Haha, I read your blog soooo much..love it 🙂
    Best summah I ever had was probably last summer, because I traveled abroad without family for the first time and had an amazing cultural experience with friends!

  51. 52 gutenmegan

    My best summer ever was the one right after my college graduation. Went to Germany to work for an international Shakespeare festival, where I ironed costumes, pretended to be a good bartender, swept up feathers and chauffeured around testy actors. Sometimes I was allowed to drive around one of our sponsor’s cars: a gigantic sedan with a huge rose decal along the side — the logo for the festival. My German neighbors ridiculed me.

  52. 53 hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    whattaaaaa question!
    Best summer would have to be summer of 2007. I was in my prime at this age for being a carefree teenager. Going out everynight, bong rips, funneling alcohol, sitting around a campfire singing “Livin’ on a Prayer” with best friends, it couldn’t get much better! This was also the last summer all of our friends were together, shortly after friends started to move, go to school, and a couple passed away. Best summer. hands down.

    I have been reading your blog since JUUUNNNEEE! I love it! I love seeing beautiful Vegan meals from your office pals and of course reading about your dank a$$ adventures with Homegiirll Brookie!
    once I get a formal post up and running ( aka after i get all moved in and settled for good) i will link back!

  53. 54 Jessica

    what a fantastic giveaway!!

    since i don’t have a blog, i’ll do both questions : )

    1) best summer was the one right between ending high school and starting college…so much nostalgia and hopeful anticipation!
    2) i can’t remember exactly when snackface first appeared on my google reader, but I think it was just before you started at VegNews!

  54. the best summer i’ve ever had was definitely the summer of ’07.. i have plenty of memories with friends that i sadly don’t see anymore.

  55. 56 Anna

    Kailey – thanks for hosting this! I kind of really want to win this, so here goes my 3 chances:

    My best summer has been this one. I know it’s practically over since I already have 2 days of classes under my belt, but it was really amazing. I lived with my friends at school, and despite working every day, I found time to do the crazy and amazing things that I have always been meaning to do in this city. Plus I didn’t have to deal with my parents – not all mothers are as hip or understanding as Mama J!

    I’ve been reading Snackface for a loooong time, I think for the past 7 months or so?

    Here’s a link to my shout-out:

    Enjoy the last of your days in San Fran!

  56. 57 kk

    my favorite summer was definately 2 years ago when I went to Europe for 3 weeks and went to about 5 different countries- so fun. I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 months

  57. Holy crap, girl, what a giveaway!! My best summer ever was after my junior year of college – I lived on campus with my boyfriend and did research for my senior thesis. Days in the library and nights with my man? Awesome. Can you say nerd?

  58. And because I can’t read rules, here’s my other answer: I think I’ve been reading for 2 or 3 months. And I’ll link back the next time I post. 🙂


    My best summer was the summer I graduated from law school and got married. The weekend we got married, we went to Disneyland, 6 Flags and raging waters (um, yeah, evidently I got married when I was 10) and our first summer was so awesome.

    And I want those cookies.

  60. Hmm the best summer I ever had.. Probably last summer because I spent two and a half weeks in California!

  61. best summer ever: this one!!!! i mean really, south beach and fl keys with a hot boy? what more could i have asked for eh?


  62. 63 veggiedollface

    I just had my best summer ever. After a hectic year of grad school I spent the summer with my bf lounging in Oxford & I discovered these lovely blogs! I read some great books, cooked yummy food, & got into running. I hate to see this summer go 😦
    I have been reading your blog for 2 months.

  63. I love Japanese sweet potato fries! Best summer I ever had was my trip to Spain with my best friends. Oh, the stories I could tell!

  64. The best summer I ever had was two years ago. I stayed at our lake house all summer. It was divine.

  65. what an awesome giveaway!
    the best summer i ever had was the last summer i worked at the dance studio… we didn’t have class for two weeks, so every night the other teachers and i would meet at the studio and bust out for a few hours and then get ready and go out, or go chill at someone’s house. such a blasty 😉
    have a great day ❤

  66. 67 Kelsey

    i love this giveaway!!! i love that you’ve been documenting your time in sanfran, it looks like such a fun place to be!
    my favorite summer was when my family went to paris!

  67. 68 Whitney

    The best summer I ever had was probably the summer of 08. All of my friends were actaully home from school for the summer and we hung out almost everyday. I also went on a great family vacation and was able to see my grandparents that I rarley see. Now summers are filled with internships, stress about jobs, and having to figure out what were going to do with the rest of our lives.

    I have been reading snack face for about 6 or 7 months now and LOVE IT!!! keep up the good work 🙂


  68. 69 Paige

    My best summer after my freshman year of college. I lived in Washington, DC and interned at the Smithsonian. Best. internship. ever. (VegNews might compete, though!)

    I’ve been reading since mid-June!

  69. 70 rachel

    My best summer has been this summer! I’ve gone to so many weddings, went to Hawaii for a week with the family, go to Vegas tomorrow (!!!), got out of a bad relationship and completely started over with myself. It’s been an adventure!

  70. My best summer ever is a tie: either the summer BEFORE I got married because it was full of long distance love, crazy nights with friends and the easiest job ever OR the summer we got married 🙂

  71. 72 Ashley/Muffin

    The best summer I’ve had is..next summer! California, here we come!!!

  72. 73 Lizzy

    Hey girl!!!
    I have to say my most amazing summer was one when i was i think 11 or so. I had gone to CYO camp for an entire week with my sister and cousin. We spent the week doing outdoor activities, swimming, having camp fires, eating yummy camp food, making new friends! Any little girls dream come true! and i loved every second of it. And to complete that summer, the week after camp, my family picked us up, and we headed straight upnorth for another week with my entire family! seriously best summer EVER! i still think about it all the time!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple months, since like may i think!!!! but funny story, when i finally found your blog, i loved it so much that i went back to the very beginning and read all the posts that i had missed! haha. I linked back on my blog too:)


  73. 74 Ilene

    I definitely had the best summer last year, when I went to a camp for three weeks and had the time of my LIFE!

  74. 75 Ilene

    And I’ve been reading your blog for what, 4 months? Longer than that….a long time! haha I love it!

  75. 76 Emily (Healthy Fit Mama)

    The best summer I ever had was when I was 13 and my sisters and I went to Tennessee and spent 3 weeks at my grandparents’ house. We did so many fun things and had such a great time. We all cried when we had to leave!

  76. 77 Holly

    don’t ask me how i only recently discovered your blog, seeing as i saw you on homegirl all the time. but i love it. and love you…those carter lyrics really tugged at my heart strings 🙂

    best summer…hmmm….i spent two summers in college working at day camp and even though the kids drove me nuts, i was constantly tired and had no social life, it was by far two of the best summers of my life. when you can get little kids to shotgun soda pops at cookouts then throw up afterwards and have to explain to their parents what happened…you know you had a good summer.

    much love!


  77. 78 Katie

    My best summer was the one right before my senior year in college…I worked my tail off at three different jobs (Nanny, hospital kitchen and local bread store) in order to save enough money for my senior year study abroad trip. It may not sound like a ton of fun…but the pay off 6 months in London, studying, working and backpaking around western europe. So worth it!

  78. 79 Katie

    Oh, and I have been reading this blog for about 2 months. Love it! I am broke vegetarian, trying to go vegan…and you give so many helpful tips on low cost, super tasty vegan meals. Thanks so much!

  79. 80 jen

    my best summer was before my senior year of college, i was in nyc for the summer with a great internship and totally lived it up with some of my best friends – it was amazing!

    i don’t remember when i started reading your blog, but it was a while ago… and im a big fan!

  80. 81 Rachel

    I love your blog! I’ve been reading it for 3 months.

    The best summer I ever had was a few years ago when my family went to Colorado. It was really beautiful and my sister and I became really close during that trip.

  81. 82 followingfoodie

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! It looks awesome!

    The best summer I had has to be a tie between this summer (nothing special, just a lot of running and good eats 🙂 or 6 years ago when I got to spend 3 weeks with my high school band travelling across Europe.

  82. Your last lunch looks FANTASTIC! I love that you’re quite the cook these days – it gives me inspiration that one day, I will cook something that yummy 😉

    Ewwwww to finances! I don’t like dealing with the nitty gritty of money, I like spending it! Reason number 54 why I need to find a rich hubcap!

    Best summer? Summer before senior year of high school – MANY shenanies were had, it was glorious because I wasn’t going away for college so I wasn’t stressed, I just went to all the going away parties (got ridiculously…well, you know) and had a blast.

  83. I’ve been reading snackface since……February 2nd where we gushed over your amazing Kashi bar 😉 Not that I went back and checked your archives or anything!

  84. 85 anne

    Hi! The best summer I ever had was spent traveling in West Africa. And I’ve been reading Snackface for….1 month? I’m so late jumping on the bandwagon that I’ve been able to spend lots of time this summer reading your old posts. ha. productive!

  85. the best summer i’ve ever had was the one i studied abroad in florence. gelato and pasta? yes, please!

  86. also, i’ve been reading snackface since may and i love it!

  87. 88 lilveggiepatch

    Hmm, the best summer I ever had… probably the summer between my junior and senior years in high school. I was seriously, SERIOUSLY in love with my boyfriend at the time, and we were going to all sorts of concerts and outdoor festivals. I ended up going away on one of those pre-college problems, getting mono, and coming back totally sick, but I was so happy to be home that I really didn’t care!

    I’ll link ya back in my post later tonight. Thanks for an awesome givewaway!

  88. 89 Gina

    This summer was definitely one of the best! I went to Cuba to visit my grandmother, not to mention went on an Alaskan cruise! The best!

  89. The best summer I ever had was working at a summer camp. I got to work with some of my best friends and it was super relaxed and fun enviornment.

  90. I love your blog! I follow both yours & homegirl Brooke’s & love the interaction between you two! I’ve been reading for about 2 months now … I’m new to the blog scene…

    Let’s see, best summer so far? Probably last summer – my first summer out of college, no “real” job tying my down yet – and mucho beach trips to bethany + a week in LA to visit my cousin and her 2 year old daughter who is quite possibly the most adorable child i have and will ever see (besides my own of course!) It was carefree, relaxing … the first summer i really worked on eating right, and running (the start of my weight loss – college definitely put pounds on me)

    Now I have a big girl job & miss the time I had to laze around, go to the gym during the mid morning, spend 4 or 5 days at the beach and just soak up the sun … ah the good ol’ days!

    Hope you enjoy your senior year! Can’t wait to continue reading about it!!

  91. 92 Lauren

    I would say two summers ago, after my soph year in college… i had tons of friends around, was always going out and had an internship to keep me busy. Oh, and it was pre-recession 😉

  92. 93 Lauren

    Oh, and I’ve only been reading the blog for a few weeks now, but it’s great!

  93. 94 JW

    The best summer I had was when 20 and went to the beach with some friends of mine. We had a great time!

  94. 95 JW

    I have been reading for about 3 months!

  95. 96 Megan

    The best summer I’ve ever had was actually this summer! I got to do a ton of traveling and actually ended up being away for 5 and 1/2 weeks. I loved it! I finally got to go to a Whole Foods (!!) which was an incredible experience for me, and I also found so many cool new products thanks to numerous blog recomendations.

  96. 97 clubveg

    Best summer EVER was my sophmore year of high school. My BFF’s & I lived in Celebration [the town built by Disney] which was actually very un-Disney in many ways. We skated [inline] every day and had zero cares in the world. Plus, were super spoiled and our parents paid for our 4am trips to Waffle House. Somehow we never got into trouble for our antics – my personal faves: jumping off the roof onto a trampoline and lighting the driveway on fire with rubbing alcohol. ps: AWESOME give away! x

  97. 98 Megan

    I’m not 100% positive but I think I have been reading Snackface for about 5 weeks. (:

  98. 99 hemp jogger

    ooh this is tough, as there were 2 that were incredible. i’d say it was the summer after senior yr of HS. first we went to myrtle beach for senior wk, then fam beach wk was the following 6 days. i proceeded to party the summer away w/ multiple groups of friends…dif neighborhoods, by the river, at peeps houses, etc. i also was supa naughty and cheated on my HS bf w/ a hottie i was crushing on for yearrrrs. oh what fun 😉 all the while, i worked at a pool in the concession stand, so i had unlimited access to shotty food, crazy locals, and magazine reading. easy peezy job. makin me nostalgic here kailey! killa giveaway btw.

  99. The best summer I’ve had was when I was 18. I traveled through Germany, France, Switzerland and Austia and had a BLAST! Late nights in Bavaria watching people dance on tables and the band that was playing took a shot after each song….the music got progrssively worse but noone cared!! I can’t believe that was over 6 years ago…

    I’ve been reading your blog for about 7 months now…love it!

  100. 101 Gina G

    hey kailey! i loveeee your blog, i have been reading since about April I would say, not exactly positive? To be honest im not sure what my best summer has been quite yet, i guess it would be when i was in elementary probably (pathetic i know) but i was so carefree, i would spend day after day with my 3-4 bestfriends at the time swimming all day and playing marco polo, jumping on the trampoline, biking to DQ, etc. haha, i was just happy. So im gonna have to say, im still waiting for my best summer that i hope is yet to come, im a senior this year, so im keeping my fingers crossed! thanks kailey =)

  101. 102 katie

    best summer???hmmmm sounds kinda corny but the summer right before i was going into h.s. graduation parties vacation to disney (the happiest place in the world lol) plus i just felt really good about things and myself. thats what matters
    love love love ur blog
    katie annne

  102. 103 gretchen

    best summer? probably this one – first one i spent with the love of my life 🙂

    and i’ve been reading the blog for about 4 months – i love it!

    great giveaway 🙂

  103. 104 Chelsea

    Best summer I ever had? Working for a Spanish Cooking Magazine in Spain for a year…OMG so amazing…I wish I could go back…Thanks for he giveaway and I love your blog!

  104. 105 Chelsea

    I don’t have a blog…but I’ve been reading your blog for about 3-4 months? and love it!

  105. Wow, thanks for the great giveaway! The best summer I ever had was lifegaurding at a beautiful lake with my friends. The lake contained a huge inflatable trampoline which we always hung out on.

  106. I’ve been reading Snackface for about 5 months:)

  107. 108 Kristina

    The best summer of my life was after my graduation from Elementary School! My best friend and I had so much fun together, and have been best friends ever since!

  108. 109 Kristina

    I have been reading SnackFace for about a month now! I love your blog, it is filled with delish eats!

  109. 110 Lindsey

    The best summer I ever had was camping in the Adirondacks with my family for a week, minus the bears of course. lol

    And …I have been a Snackface reader for about a year now. Keep up the snackin mama!

  110. 111 littlemissminny

    Can I participate even if I’m not from u.s? probably not 🙂
    However, my best summer was actually this one. After a reaaaaallly hard first year at the uni, I had a well deserved holiday. First a week at a beautiful island with my mom, and then a week with my love at our friend’s house in a beautiful town on the sea side.

  111. 112 Lauren A.

    the best summer i ever had was right after i graduated college and i traveled it italy, hung out in the sun with some of my favorite girlies, went out in the evenings without a care in the world, and when on nice long trail runs and hikes….and then i started a full time job….

    thanks for the giveaway!

  112. My best summer was one in Miami with all of my big ol group of friends hanging out every night.

  113. 114 Jennifer

    My best summer ever was the summer before I left for college. Had to pack in getting together with friends before we all went out separate ways. It turned into lots of fun and crazy times that we still talk about! I love your blog and have been checking in for about 6 weeks or so. Good luck in your Senior year!

  114. 115 Jennifer

    P.S. I now love cheethas myself, thanks to you!

  115. 116 Casey

    I would have to say the my best summer was in 2007 because that is the year I got married. I had so much fun on my bachelorette party, at my wedding and on my honeymoon.

  116. 117 Breanne

    The best summer of my life is when I spent a whole month with a group of 8 friends in my families beach house on Isle of Palms, SC!! It was the most relaxing fun vacation I have ever had! I love the beach and what is better than the beach and a group of great friends? Nothing!

  117. 118 CATIEDIDIT

    The best summer I ever had was last summer…the summer after I graduated college/before I came to grad school. I’m from Cleveland and my boyfriend is from southern Ohio (OH represent :). As a grad present to me, my family took us (and my bf) to Disney World for TWO WEEKS!!! It was awesome! Then I helped boyfrand find apartments in Syracuse, NY. Then I went on vacation with his family. Thennnn I spent the week at the beach with my fam and moved into my apartment in NC. Sooo basically I spent the entire summer vacationing, using other peoples $$$. Now I’m in grad school, my boyfriend is 10 hours away, and life is sucky. I could use a giveaway win 🙂

  118. Obviously, there’s like no chance of winning here thanks to Ms. Kailey’s incredibly-loved/popular blog and a HOLY bejeezers awesome giveaway…BUT gosh the prize is just too incredible. or…Prizes I should say!

    My most amaaazing summer EVER was when I got to study traditional Chinese medicine in China, where I tried acupuncture, cupping, herb picking (including some serious hiking in desserted mountains) in local hospitals for 8 weeks. OMG crazy and eye opening all at once!

  119. My best summer was the summer when I graduated college. One of my friends had studied in Spain that semester and I met up with her and we travelled to Spain, France and Italy.

  120. 121 runRedrun

    It’s hard to pick a best summer, but the summer after my quarter studying abroad was pretty sweet — I got to do a lot of traveling on two different continents!

  121. 122 runRedrun

    I don’t have a blog, but I’ve been reading yours for a few months now. I love how you seem to be able to keep a good balance between eating well and enjoying yourself!

  122. 123 L

    yesssurrr a bossy giveaway indeed.

    i remember summers always being fabby. I guess this summer was extra memorable cause my bff came out to visit me for a week. we walked, talked, and ate like gluttons.

  123. 124 Melissa

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway!!

    Entry #1: My fondest summer memories are probably from the summer before my Senior year of H.S., which was Summer of 2002. I just remember so many great times with my friends back home, being young & carefree and not yet having to face college and the “real world.”

    Entry #2: I’ve been reading for a couple of weeks now and love the blog- always well-written and entertaining. I especially love getting to see what the VegNews staff gets to nosh on every day, you are so lucky to be there for the summer!

  124. 125 Stacey

    Last summer was definitely the best I ever had. After studying abroad in England for six months, I spent 3 weeks traveling around Europe with some amazing friends. It was somehow crazy, relaxing, educational, eye opening, and exciting all at once. And I’ve never had so much fun.

  125. 126 Tina

    this summer has probably been one of my best! I’m actually leaving tonight for my first year of college. I went to Maryland and visited family for a few weeks, ate SO much good Peruvian and other foods, went to a friends lakehouse in Idaho, and so much other stuff. I can’t believe it’s over!

    I’ve been reading SnackFace for at least 2 or 3 months. I love it!

    BTW–I’m also a journalism major!

  126. 127 dorothy

    mm chia oats! i REALLY have to get chia seeds but i can’t find them in bulk bins anywhere.. not even wf! sigh

    i’ve been reading for a while (a few months?) and i admire the way you eat so intuitively! you’re in such great shape but you still get to indulge and enjoy food 🙂

    you don’t have to reply if this is too personal, but did you ever struggle with food and counting calories and whatnot?

  127. Ooh the chia oats look awesome. I’m planning on having overnigt oats this week too.

    My favorite summer was last summer. I got married to the love of my life, an then we went to Hawaii to honeymoon! It was such a great summer. Awesome giveaway!!

  128. 130 AshinMT

    What an awesome give away. I decided to de-lurk for a chance at this glory bag.
    Best summer, i have had a few. But the summer after my first year of college, road tripping to Tennesee with my girlfriends (from Montana…long ways) and just that whole summer in general was the most fun i have ever had, combined with the most beautiful and badass women i know was pure joy. Thanks!

  129. 131 AshinMT

    Crap… forgot the last part
    I have been reading Snack Face for…. i dunno… 6 months?
    Thanks Again!

  130. I think the best summer I had was the year before my freshmen year of college. It was a blast with hanging out with highschool friends, senior trip, trip to NY!!

  131. What a pimp giveawat!!!

    I guess my best summer job was my internship in college. It led to my current full time job post-grad….can’t beat that 😉

  132. 134 Brandi

    i linked!


    hope you have a great day 🙂

  133. 135 Lindsey

    I’ve had a lot of amazing summers, thanks to my parents- I stayed a few weeks with an aunt in new york (once in 5th grade, the next after I was in college) but what was probably better was going to Romania with my church group to visit some orphanages and gypsy villages! Amazing, eye-opening experience… I really cannot wait to go back and recommend everyone go there at some point! Transylvania anyone?? 🙂

  134. 136 schmaddy

    Best summer? This one. I like to think they only get better. I’ve been reading SnackFace for a couple months and am now slightly (okay, entirely) addicted, I love it!

    Midwest Love,

  135. 137 Lindsey

    Also, I’ve been reading your blog since you were in Ohio and weren’t even talking about VegNews! but of course, the instant I found your blog I went back and read all the old posts to read more hilarious posts.

  136. 138 Mia

    I don’t particularly have a favorite summer, but lately I’ve been very nostalgic for the summers when I was a kid. Everything just seemed so care-free and stress-free.

  137. 140 randomlymikey

    i think the best summer i have has so far that i can remember is 2008. we took our little one to disneyland for his 2nd birthday!

  138. 141 randomlymikey

    i can’t say for sure how long i have been reading your blog, but i do know it was one of the very first ones i put on my blogroll and started following regularly.

  139. 143 Becca

    What a great giveaway! The best summer of my life was between freshman and sophomore years of high school, mostly because it was so unexpectedly glorious. Don’t you love when things are a million times better than you expect?

  140. 4 years ago when I spent the summer divided between New York and London, hanging out with friends/family in both, and taking a ton of dance classes. Was awesome 😀

    I’ve been reading for a few months, but have back read…to the beginning I think? (not really a stalker!)

  141. 145 Becca

    Oh, and I’ve been reading since about the beginning of this summer! Love the blog.

  142. oh em gee!! I want to win this super bad!

    1) My best summer ever was the one after I graduated college. I spent three luxurious months visiting my boy in Austin, TX before I left to backpack round the world for 10 months with 3 of my besties! I had no job and no cares (except leaving my boy) and the days pretty much went: swim, sun, drink, eat tex mex, repeat. It was amazing!!!

    2) I am linking back to you tonight and will post here!!

    3) I only started reading, oh, I’d say three-four weeks ago. J’adore.

  143. 147 Annie

    Ahhh amazing giveaway! My best summer ever was during my sophmore year of highschool, perfect beach weather, plenty of fun nights out with my friends, and an amazing trip to California to visit family! Ill never forget it.

  144. a summer in Croatia with my bestie! Snakcface, I’ve been on your blog since beans discovered rice haha. I mean, like 2 1/2 months. It’s so funny cuz I was actually eyeing that swag bag and almost bought it last week online at VegNews! I’m happy your stay in SF was supa fly and I can’t wait to hear about your food adventures back home!!!

  145. 149 Maya

    The best summer I ever had was last summer when I went to India and traveled to New Delhi, Ladakh (in the Himalayas), and Agra; helped children learn english; helped to rebuild a buddhist shrine; and ate the most amazing vegetarian, spicy, sigh-inducing meals of my life. It was an experience of a lifetime.

  146. 150 Maya

    P.S. I’ve been reading your blog for, I think, the past 4 or 5 months and like everyone else, I’m hooked! I love your enthusiasm and am deeply jealous of your VegNews gig in San Fran!



  147. 152 Lauren B

    My best summer so far was actually this past summer (I’m going back to school too!! ahhh!!)! I had an internship in San Fransisco (lovedddddddd it) at a start up company doing their marketing and pr! Not only did I learn a crazy amount of fun things, but I had awesome coworkers, and some pretty crazy and adventurous weekends 🙂 Exploring San Fransisco and learning about all of its little nooks and crannies was absolutely heaven!

  148. 153 Lauren B

    Also, I stumbled randomly into your blog about 2 months ago….and I have to admit – I’ve been reading it like it’s my religion ever since. I wish I could convey as much fun through mere text as you do 🙂 Love it love it love it!!!

  149. ch ch ch chamazing. ok that was lame but it is how i roll. and i couldnt think of a word that was a synonym of amazing that started with a ch. i am sure i could if i thought long enough but ANYWAY. i can’t believe you are already done with your internship! i remember when you were skipping away to cali! time flies when having fun and eating good food. nice job on the vegan chili creation! i am sure t’was a hit. anywho as far as my best summer goes, hummm the summer i went to london/amsterdam/norway as epic, not only because of that but it was also the first summer i started dating marshall and it was full of puppy love ❤ haha! love you girl!

  150. 155 Christina

    Would love that gift pack- sounds great!! Best summer I ever had (surprisingly) was studying for the bar. I would study in the morning, then tool around in the afternoon and go out with friends/on dates every night. Of course, at the time I professed that I was super bored, but in retrospect it was so nice having all that free time. I started work a couple months after that and it was a real shock to my system!

  151. 156 Robin

    Hmmm. Toss up between the summer before college with all my high school friends, the summer before I went to law school I travelled cross county and the summer my husband and I got together. All were great!

  152. 157 Ashley P

    The best summer I ever had was last summer, hands down! I moved from Canada to Los Angles for three months to do a public relations internship at a cute and quirky Hollywood agency. I met lots of celebrities, lived on the UCLA campus, made tons of friends (some whom had never met a Canadian before…GOSH), and discovered a love for whole foods!

    The summer was not only fun because of all the partying, gorgeous LA sun, and new found BFF’s, but also because it steered me in the right direction career wise.

    On a sappy note, being way from my boyfriend for three months, reaffirmed my love for him and made me realize I want him to be part of my plans in the future.

    I have been an avid Snackface reader for about 6 months, and im loyal girl that looks forward to reading your blog at work every morning (while eating a delicious bowl of oats and drinking a hot cup of joe). I have been toying with the idea of starting my own food blog for a while and even though im outgoing and ecentric in person, the thought of actually starting the blog somehow makes me feel timid and shy…im working on it.

    Anyways have a great last week…I love San Fran!

  153. Lovin that chili! It looks really tasty, but super easy.

    That’s quite the nice loot you’re giving away…
    My best summer… hm… I think it was summer when I was in 7th grade (?). I just remember having lots of fun, doing a couple roadtrips with the fam, and playing with my younger cousins A LOT. Little things, but sweet memories…

  154. oooh fun giveaway! way to celebrate vegnews girlie! best summer ever = summer before my senior year in college…living on my own in dc, new fabulous boyfriend, return to the usa from france and majorly reveling in diet coke and hamburgers, happy hours galore, killer internship doing restaurant PR. amazing!!!

  155. last summer, when i went to a bon fire and met the sweetest, cutest guy ever….gave him my number but he never called. =( but it was a total ego booster- i always thought no guy would ever want to look at me!=D i also had my FIRST SMORE!

  156. the best sum i ever had was last summer because I lived in chicago for the first time alone, met my best friend, had crazy adventures, went to Lollapalooza, fell in like/love and lived to the fullest!


  157. 162 Gina

    The best summer I ever had was ten years ago, when my family went to Sweden. It was the first and only time I’ve ever been in a foreign country, and it was an amazing experience!

  158. 163 Karen

    best summer? when i traveled across europe after graduation.

  159. blasphemy, 165 entries?! i have some stiff competition!

    my best summer was after my sophomore year of high school when i went to my pals bonfire, got hammered for the first time, and kissed Ginge — yes, our first encounter was a drunken hookup… romantic, eh?

    p.s. thanks for your supportive comment my pet — you never seize to make me smile! love you tons and tons ❤

  160. Funny you should ask me about my favotite summer. It is this one! I have had the best summer. I moved into a house with two other single girls and we have had the time of our lives. I myself went to SF twice this summer all alone and loved every freakin minute! Everyone there is sooooo super nice and well, the food is amazing. SO yep! There you have it this summer rocked for me. I had margs, I had laughs, I have traveling and I had fun!

    I have posted this back to my blog

    I have been reading every single day (well when you post)ar work for the last 6 months. I am not kidding you when I say this…YOur blog is my favorite. I read about 20 blogs everyday and secretly keep up with all of them. Yours is usually the one that I save for the last read of the day. It’s the best! I love your food and your pics. Keep it up girlfriend!!!

  161. i’ve been reading for a few months!

  162. and my best summer was when i went to south africa on safari. paradise.

  163. 168 Caitie

    The best summer I ever had was working in southeast Asia on HIV/AIDS and malaria initiatives…

  164. 169 Caitie

    …And I’ve been following your blog for about a month now and love it!

  165. 170 mstav

    my best summer was when i was 16 and moved up to new york and was living with tons of my best friends! so many good memories!

  166. 171 katie

    o ive been reading for about 6 mts now!
    katie anne

    did i win did i win?!?!? lol

  167. 172 monica

    omygowd I want it!! (thats what she said…:) My fave summer was when I went to ocean city w the whole fam damily and we had such a fun time!

  168. 173 monica

    I have no0 blog myself but I’ve been a loyal lurker for probably six mos….Sign me up again k?:)

  169. any summer that i went to arts camp! i loved that place sooo much
    up in the woods, by the lake, music, friends, camp food …

    oatmeal that was so thick you could stick a spoon in it, and turn it upside down and hold it like a popsicle haha!

  170. 175 Olivia

    Greatest summer was last summer. I was a camp counselor and taught horseback riding to little spoiled girls. It was such a carefree yet busy summer and I was outdoors all the time, swimming in the lake and riding horses through fields and meadows! Lovely!

  171. 176 Olivia

    Second entry: I’ve been reading faithfully for three months. Your updates filled my summer with wonderful vegan food cravings and hilarity, thank you!!

  172. Oh what an awesome giveaway! I’d love to win!! For chance numero UNO

    –The best summer of my life…probably one back in jr. high when I didn’t have to work to be honest! 🙂

    Chance Numero DOS

    –I’ve been reading SnackFace for a few months now, and I love it! Your blog is always one of the blogs I look to first on my Reader! 😉

    Good luck everyone!

    • 178 Laura E

      Thanks so much for the opportunity! I think to make the contest fair you could do what you did where bloggers get a second entry if they link back and nonbloggers answer a 2nd question but not have the 3rd entry for bloggers.

      The best summer I’ve had which is my mom memorable one was a few years ago when I was playing my last year of summer fastpitch and we got 3rd at state. Only 1st and 2nd go to Nationals so we were pretty bummed..but then one of those teams said they couldn’t make it so we got to go to San Antonio, TX for Nationals!

      For a second entry:
      I started reading your wonderful blog about a month ago!

  173. 179 Laura R

    Last summer would have to be my best. I graduated from college and spent the summer jobless just enjoying having no obligations for once! I went to Europe for 3 weeks with my sister visiting holland, Germany, Belgium, and France and also meeting a great guy who I continue to speak to and just visited for 10 days in holland! I’ve been reading for a couple months, became interested since my sister just visited san Fran and loved it!

  174. 180 Gina

    About two years ago I went to Europe with my family. Can’t wait to go again!

  175. The best summer I ever had was when I was about 9 and my family and I took a road trip in our old maroon Dodge van and headed for Taos, New Mexico. My twin and I brought loads of coloring books and work-books to distract us on the ride, along with our big Walk Men cassette players 😀 There was no need for distraction as we got closer to Taos because the scene of the red mountains was too beautiful to pass up! We stayed in a casa type place with a kitchen and my mom would made us her famous tacos the first night. We’d visit Navajo villages during the day and swim and play tennis in the evenings. Oh to be young again when you’re too ignorant to know how f’d up your family will become! LOL LOL sorry I had to add that!

  176. 182 Gina

    I started reading your blog in January. Your blog name definitely persuaded me to!

  177. 184 Kate

    For a second entry, I started reading snackface about a month ago (and I LOOOOOOVE it!).

  178. 185 Mary Richerson

    The best summer I ever had was when I got to travel to stay with my family for a few weeks!! ohhh how I already miss summer.

  179. 186 Mary Richerson

    I have been reading SnackFace for about two weeks now and I thoroughly enjoy it! 🙂

  180. 187 biddy2bites

    Great give away girl! My best summer so far has got to be when my dad put our whole family in the camper and drove us to the Outerbanks in North Carolina for the entire summer! It was a blast! I have been reading your blog since January or February and I love every post = ) You remind me that being extra snacky isn’t a crime!

  181. 188 Jenna

    The best summer i’ve ever had was this summer. Crazy nights spent with my friends, got to go away to the city for some serious shopping and horseback riding 🙂

  182. 189 Jenna

    I’ve been reading you lovely blog for about a month now, I’ve never commented before cause i’m shy :p but I adore you blog! 😀

  183. 190 Sally

    The best summer I ever had was when I went to France and had the best apricots ever! Plus all the beautiful sites! Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway!


  184. 191 sals

    My most memorable summers are from going to summer camp as a kid: months of fun activities and bonding with the girls in the cabin (oh, the drama!)!

    I’ve been reading your blog since the start of the summer.

  185. 192 Allison

    This summer was the best summer because I just became a vegan and going to the Farmers Markets and eating all the beautiful, fresh produce was fantastic!

    I have been reading your blog for only a couple of weeks but I really like it! Keep up the good work.

  186. My most memorable summer is going to Las Vegas with my parents as a kid. Family vacations were very rare so it was very memorable. No gambling, no clubs, no drinks as a child, just pure innocent midway games, exciting shows, and all you can eat buffets. Ahhh…. the fun times.

  187. um so in!
    best summer ever was the summer after graduating from highschool before starting at BU. so much carefree fun in WYO!

  188. I’ve been reading your blog for about 4-5 months. Been a fan ever since I found it.

  189. 196 Daria

    Comment #3 to note that I linked back to this post at http://softerbetterslowerstronger.wordpress.com/2009/08/26/super-mega-veggie-power

    Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!

  190. 197 Kathleen

    This has been the best summer I have ever had because my boyfriend invited me to spend some long term visits with him in Sioux Falls, SD. We do long distance (and have been long distance for the last year and a half) so it was amazing to spend quality time with him and the fam!

  191. 198 Kathleen

    I have been reading for like 3 months…but I am a huge blog addict so I went to the beginning of your blog…and I read through from the beginning to the present. It took me a week, I think? I love your blog!!!

  192. My best summer was def the one before I left for college–I really did alot of great things and had stellar experiences.

    I have been reading your blog for about 2 months now–love it!

  193. 200 Dani A

    last summer was definitely one of the best summers ever! i studied abroad in vienna (which was amazing) and i had the opportunity to travel to prague (so fun), tuscany (delicious food), and slovenia (unbelievably gorgeous)! wish i was back there right now…

    and since i don’t have a blog – but would love a 2nd entry – i’ve been reading snackface for about 3 months!

  194. 201 Jenny

    The best summer I ever had was the one before my senior year in high school when I spent a month in France. It was so surreal, magical and fun! And I enjoyed my first taste of real independence. And the French men 😉 oh la la

  195. 202 Jenny

    I have been reading snackface for a couple of weeks. Really enjoy it– very entertaining and original.

  196. Thanks so much for the giveaway! My favorite summer has definitely been this one. Living and loving life is the best! Not to mention all the delicious eats that were devoured 😉
    ❤ jess

  197. 205 sarah

    Best summer of my life: Summer 2007, when I went on my Birthright trip to Israel!

  198. 206 sarah

    Started reading snack face a few weeks ago, and I’m hooked! Starting my own food blog soon and can’t wait to share it!

  199. 207 Brenda

    My summer spent on the Navajo Reservation rebuilding their houses.

  200. 208 hmmason

    The BEST SUMMER I’ve ever had was THIS past summer. Summer 2009. It was the summer I really got my act together! At the start of the summer I dubbed it- “2009 Summer Of Productivity”! And it surly was productive! It was the summer I discovered the health/fitness/nutrition/life blog world and began my own! My blog has REALLY helped to keep me accountable and reading others has heightened my knowledge of tasty and nutritious eating habits and recipes! Also, this summer I lived on my own for the first time (over a summer) and REALLY loved that– A lot of selfish “me” time in order to become a better me!! And finally- this summer I signed up for my first half-marathon and began running… more than that… began to form a love for running.. something I thought I’d hate until the day I die! Best Summer Ever! It was a butt kicker but also a confidence booster all in the same!

  201. 209 hmmason

    I have been reading you, snackface, since I joined the blog world about 2 or so months ago… I found you on my girl Whitgettingfit’s blog roll! I love your blog- always have! Thanks for sharing your explorations in health!

  202. 210 Rika

    My best summer was when I spent a day with my girlfriends at a convention where we dressed up as characters and freaked the old ladies and gentleman of some religious Christianity society that were visiting and staying at a hotel next to the convention center 😀 pure. fun.

  203. 211 lowandbhold

    Your giveaways are the ultimate in bossy-ness. Seriously. Sorry it has to come because your awesome job is over though 😦

    i think this might be the best summer I’ve ever had. I have traveled a lot and met a lot of great people and discovered BLOGGING!

  204. 212 lowandbhold

    Just linked back. And I’ve been reading snackface for about 3 months, ever since I started blogging. I LOVE it!!!

  205. 213 Rachel

    My favorite summer was the summer between high school and college, no responsibilities just a summer of enjoying time with friends and looking forward to my next adventure in college!

  206. 214 Rachel

    and i’ve been following your blog for a month or two, its one of my new favorites!

  207. Each summer has its pluses but some of my favs have been in past years when my fam would all get together at my grandparents cottage and just chill, go swimming, tanning and TUBING, eat big family dinners together and then tell stories late at night around the campfire and watch the stars from the end of the dock. I haven’t been in a few years now and I really miss it!

    I’ve been reading since… quite a while now. Nearly since you started I’m pretty sure!

    Enjoy your last bits at VegNews Lovely! xo

  208. 216 Eliza

    Best summa I had was the summer going into my junior year at UVM and I stayed up in burlington with my 5 best friends and basically partied our booties off and squeezed in some workin’ at Ben & Jerry’s!

  209. 217 Eliza

    I’ve been a snackface lurker and now commenter for about 1 month…lovvvve it girl!

  210. Holy cow you’ve got a lot of commenters! I probably don’t stand a chance, but here goes:
    BEST summer was THIS summer because I recovered my health both physically and mentally and managed to do everything I’d wanted to do (go to college, go to CA, go to NYC, have great personal time with parents)!!

    Oh, and GLAD you gave Asian sweet potatoes a chance! They’re SO much superior! I like that they aren’t that sweet but has that intense roasted chestnut flavor! Woo-hoo~

  211. 219 Josie

    Thanks SF for the giveaway ! WOWzzaH!
    My best summer would have to be when I spent it in Paris last year! I learned so much about their culture. Fascinating stuff i tell ya!:)

  212. 220 Josie

    PS- I have been reading SnackFace for over two months and lovelovee everything you have shared. KEEP IT UP! 🙂

  213. Best summer? The one between senior year of HS and freshman year of college was pretty awesome–I was SO excited for a new beginning, and I had NO responsibilities.

  214. 222 keri410

    Best summer I ever had was probably back when I was little… the memories of homemade ice cream, camping trips, horseback riding in the great outdoors, boating trips, making forts, playing make believe in the forest behind our house, lemonade stands… SO many great things!

  215. 223 keri410

    linking in my next post!

  216. 224 keri410

    I’ve been reading from about the same time I started blogging… May? It’s been sweet!

  217. 225 Jenna H

    the best summer i ever had was the summer i turned 17 and taught tennis at the country club my family has been going to with my best guy friend ever. we taught all morning, ate lunches of massive fruit bowls and these killer hummus/avocado/tomato sammies by the pool, then swam and played tennis with eachother and more of our friends until dinner. it was perfect :]

  218. 226 Jenna H

    i’ve been reading snackface for about a month and LOVE your blog. you, along with others such as ELR, HEAB, healthy tipping point, fitnessista, and MANY MORE have inspired me to start my very own blog! first post coming soon. :]

  219. I’ve been reading snack facey for about 3 months and I lovz it. ❤

  220. linked back darling.

  221. oh and i have been reading your lovely spot on the WWW since just before you posted that lovely barber shop paper!

  222. 230 Stephanie

    Enter me in the contest! The best summer was probably the one between my junior and senior years of high school…my boyfriend got a job in my city so we didnt have to do long distance that year!

    Perhaps I should say this is the best summer ever…I just moved to Chicago! However, I stopped having official summer breaks several years ago… 😦

  223. 231 sara

    My fave summer was last summer… i worked a fancy shmancy office job in a new city, which left me with no homework and plenty of time to enjoy my evenings and weekends, not to mention all the office perks!!

  224. 232 sara

    2nd entry – I have been reading for 2 months and enjoyed every single post from the beginning!! thanks for great giveaway!

  225. 233 Cecilia

    the best summa that I had was about a year ago … just spending the summer hols with my beloved family (travelling) in a foreign country … eating exotic foods (+FRUITS) … so much luaghter, so much joy …. LOVE IT!!!

  226. The best summer I had was five years ago when I was an (unpaid) intern for the Detroit Red Wings media department. I live for hockey, so it was a dream. Moved to Detroit for six months, lived “on my own” and went to tons of baseball games. Learned a lot and had a great experience!

  227. 235 Clover

    Oh Snackie there were so many unforgettable summers but I’m going to tell you about one of my favorites. So, I was going to fly to Washington DC to go to Bulgaria for Peace Corps! Peace Corps! I was terrified but so excited, this was going to be an adventure it was the summer of 1998 and the internet could barely inform me about what Bulgaria was really like. We had staging in DC then off to Bulgaria I was so scared I had a couple of drinks on the plane, what was I thinking? Was I out of my mind? I tried to get lost in the Vienna airport but another volunteer found me and I was back on another plane and off to sunny Bulgaria, looking down I saw red roofed houses and grass and mountains. We landed in a very post-Soviet Union airport and were greeted and driven by bus to a nice hotel to eat and spend the night. That night I accidentally walked into a glass door trying to go to the restroom and cut my leg open. I had to be driven back to the capitol and have my leg sewn up! I spent a few days indisposed at the PC headquarters reading the Hunchback of Notre Dame then I was sent stitched up and back to the town where we would live for Summer school. I was to live with a Bulgarian family and learn to speak Bulgarian at home and at school. The first thing my hose dad did was tell me (in English) “You can smoke anywhere in my house!!!” Great. Then the first day of school came and my host dad made me the best lunch, mini sandwiches covered with cheese and fresh herbs, “I am a chef on an oil rig” he proclaimed. Oh, this was too good to be true (not once did my host family speak Bulgarian to me, lol) At school I learned to curse in bulgarian and played volleyball with the neighborhood teens. Nights were filled with delicious foods, “I can make seven kinds of moussaka!” my host dad bragged. SF, they were so delicious, with beans, eggplant, fresh picked herbs and veggies and chewy dense bread hot from the neighborhood market. My friend Brian and I made friend with another local family and they made hugs stacks of crepes for us with homemade jam on the side and nutella and honey and everything and then Brian’s host mom made him some amazing homemade sunflower seed butter and honey sandwiches..I still think about them and their salty/sweetness. We were so full after those sessions we could barely walk!
    I gained about 25 lbs. in Samokov that summer (lost it all pretty quickly once I went to my assigned town) and looking back now as a mom of two adorable toddlers I can fondly say it was truly one of my greatest summers ever.

  228. Ok, I thought and thought for the longesttime about me best summer, and I can’t think of ANY one particular summer that was great–I love them all. Summer is my favorite time of year and is meant to be filled with glorious vacations, lounging in the sun and eating beautiful fruit. Great giveaway! I’m sad for you to leave your little job, but I know more great things are waiting for you around the corner!

  229. 237 Ariela

    My best summer ever was the summer of 2006. The summer my highschool friends and I coined: “The Last Summer”. Dramatic I know, but we truly felt like it was an ending point of our childhoods and our endless time together before we all trekked off to college in different states. So we did what any teen girls on the brink of crossing over into “adulthood” would do…we got downnn with our bad selves: made out with boys we hardly knew, drank too much, spent countless hours on the beach in Cape Cod, snuck out our bedroom windows, cruised around blaring Joan Jett’s “I hate Myself for Loving You”, and (I hate to say it) told some little whilte lies to good ol’ mom and pops.

    …At the end of the summer as each of us left one by one, we cried, and hugged, and vowed to write/call/email. But we were happy because we had had the most carefree, adventurous, fly by the seat of your pants summer.

    I’ve been reading SnackFace for about 2 months now, and it’s safe to say I’m hooked. Thanks for making me laugh, and reminding me to LIVE :).

  230. 238 Gaby

    My favorite favorite summer (and spring for that matter) was the 7 months I spent in Spain last year! Spain, Te amo. The most fun I’ve had, the fastest I grew up, and the more cultured experience I’ve had to date. I miss it dearly. And this is why I am a HUGE ADVOCATE of studying abroad in college. TIME OF YOUR LIFE. At least it was for me 😎

  231. 239 Gaby

    And I must add I’ve been reading you blog since the beginning of the summer. Lurrrv it!

  232. 240 balancejoyanddelicias

    best summer? definitely this one! I’ve worked a lot, traveled a lot and eat a lot of yummy food!!! 🙂

    Great giveaway! 🙂

    Glad to find your blog!

  233. 242 Steph

    The best summer I ever had was two summers ago. It was the first summer my boyfriend and I had spent together. We explored, walked, looked at stars, went on lots of dates, took a road trip or two, and simply soaked up every minute of the summer. It was lovely.

  234. 243 Steph

    I have been reading your blog for about 6 months. Hello!

  235. 244 Jennifer

    Best summer ever? Wow… I gotta say when in 2004 when I graduated from NYU and traveled to SE Asia the same day by myself. I joined a tour group in Bangkok and we traveled to Cambodia and Vietnam in a little over a week. Awesome.

  236. 245 kathleen

    i spent a summer in europe and it was amazing. i have been reading since you began your internship (im from cincy too).

  237. 246 Andrea

    I love your blog! You are absolutely hilarious. I think my favorite summer of all time was the summer after my senior year of high school–there was the feeling of being a grown up without all of the responsibilities that go along with that. Miss it! 🙂

  238. 247 Andrea

    Also! I have been reading your blog since…May I believe! Your blog is one that I make sure to check daily–love your stories 🙂

  239. 248 homegirlcaneat

    WACKASS!!!! SIXTEENASS HERE (I almost forgot about the trio of asses :(), COMMENTING FROM V-MONT! I have arrived, met my new roomie (WHO IS ADORABLE and so sweet…I feel so lucky to have switched!!), and now I am internetting from a cafe!

    Anyways, I miss you x124545634 and the most beautiful, hilarious, adventurous summer we lived together. From running up the Castro, our views from the top, upchucking Shredded Spoonfuls, consuming tubs of hummus in 15 minutes, laughing and pointing at EdKel, HAIGHT STREETING AND HAVING IT BE THE MOST INCRED DAY EVER, Midnight Massing, lonesome bride at the Blarney with peen, watching Kails dance, etc… it was a ball and a half. Oh ya, can’t forget the best burritos ever. And the best hummus ever. I have no worries in my mind that this won’t happen again because I know it will + older dimey rich men to take us out.

    Love you forever and I still don’t know what flavors of ice cream we ate the first time we met,

  240. 249 April (Foods of April)

    Best summer I ever had was this past one! I spent tons of time relaxing and hanging out with the bf.. nothing could be better!

  241. 1) The best summer I ever had was 2 years ago when I went to Israel! I spent 10 days there and met so many great people. I got to eat lots of hummus too!!

    2) This is my first time at your blog but I love it!! I will be back!

  242. 251 meghan

    The summer before my freshman year in college! Everyone was so carefree with no obligations! I spent every day with all my high schools friends before we all parted ways…and things def got a little crazyy

  243. Um, hi I really want to win, I need to become more vegan. 😀

    My best summer? Honestly has to be this summer, this is the first summer being married to my awesome husband. We’ve traveled to Dallas, Austin, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, San Antonio and floated the Comal River weekend before last, it’s been a blast!! I became certified to teach Wholyfit (a mixture of yoga/pilates type workouts) and am very proud of that! 🙂 So yes, this summer by far has been the best in so many ways!!

    Thanks for the giveaway, I bet you’re excited to head back to Ohio 🙂

  244. I have been reading your fab blog for about two months now, just when i discovered this blog world and now i am, well…OBSESSED!

    My favorite summer by far would have to be last summer, the summer going into the start of my college career =)


  245. What a fab giveaway! My favorite summer has been this summer. I got to drive across the country with my amazing fiance moving out to Sacramento, CA and got to be a part of my brother and new sister-in-law’s wedding! Things didn’t always work out the right way, but those 2 experiences make it the best summer ever.

  246. This past summer has been divine – NYC twice, Las Vegas to turn 21… loved it!! 😀

  247. My best summer (so far) was probably 2007–after graduating from high school my Mom and I spent 10 days exploring Ireland. Then I came home, packed and headed 10 hours away from home to work at an all girls summer camp for 7 weeks. I met amazing people who I am still in contact with today, now have a summer job I can go back to pretty much whenever I want, and I learned that I could push myself to try something new and do well. My last week before I went to college I spent hanging out with my best friend.

    This summer really rivals it though because I feel like I finally adjusted from being at college to living at home. I got to work at the job I’ve had since ’06 (a bookstore) with some of my favorite people, I kept up my horse back riding, I tried to keep up with yoga, but mostly I just let myself be myself and keep everything as low stress as possible. Until I got stuck home alone for 3 weeks.

    I’ve been reading SnackFace since probably this past spring. I cut back on my blogs this summer but I came back to yours cause you are so damn funny!

    Lovin’ everybody’s stories–I’ll definitely look at them again!

  248. 259 Kate

    My best summer ever would be during college when I had an amazing internship in Boston and I got to spend every weekend with my friends and boyfriend on the Cape. You can’t beat rewarding career advancement coupled with fun and relaxation–it rocked!

  249. 260 Kate

    Oh, and I have been reading your blog since the beginning of the summer–it is fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  250. 261 Ellen (Peace in Motion)

    summer 2007, working at a summer camp, teaching kids how to windsurf and swim, while spending time with some of the greatest people EVA.

  251. 262 Monica

    The best summer… two summers ago… it was my bf and my first summer together…oh summer love! Things are still good, but the first summer together is hard to beat!

  252. 263 Monica

    2nd entry–I have been reading your blog for the past few months. I found it through the fitnessista’s blog. I love it because it is quirky and fun! Love the insiders look to VegNews!! my fav mag–you are so lucky!

  253. 264 elise

    i think the giveaway should be you give your job to me. and then i return back home and live my happy vegan life in the bay. oh well, i can always dream…a YEAR subscription to vegnews is second best though 😉 count me in.

    best summer ever was definitely traveling europe with my extended fam. nothing like a road trip with you aunt and uncle to belgium…or getting your grandma high in amsterdam…or getting locked in a parking garage in paris…im not making this up!

  254. Your overnight chia banana oats look amazing!

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