A Series of Interesting Events


Lovepies!!! Oh how I’ve missed you all so much! I’m terribly sorry that the last time I updated it was Thursday night! That was not my intention, but as we all know, life happens. Things went from lovely to crazy within 24 hours. Grab a snack, sit back and enjoy.

Friday started smoothly and happily. I don’t think I went running that morning, but I honestly can’t remember. I do remember, though, that it started with a green smoothie and some reading:

Oh, is that the Sept+Oct issue from which I learned the magazine ropes? Si!

Oh, is that the Sept+Oct issue from which I learned the magazine ropes? Si!

I can’t even believe my name is in the masthead of that issue. Pure love right thurr! I actually got teary when we first got them into the office. Unreal.

The morning was light and laughy, as everyone was delighted it was Friday. I snick-snacked on some cherries throughout the morning:

Popped them all morning.

Popped them all morning.

By the time lunch rolled around, I was starving. Thankfully, Colleen is a culinary wizard and put together an amazing lunch out of the few ingredients we had in the kitchen:

BBQ "pork" pizza, roasted potatoes and black bean soup.

BBQ "pork" pizza, roasted potatoes and black bean soup.

Seriously, this was a fantastic lunch. Actually, Abby pointed out afterward that this was the third time we’d had pizza this week, and the fourth time we’d had Daiya. You could say we like it. Lunch was followed by this bowl of goodies Joe baked:

Chocolate chip oatmeal walnut crispy cookies. Of course I had one!

Chocolate chip oatmeal walnut crispy cookies. Of course I had one!

I would say I was partaking in Cookie Friday, but that’s nonsense. I believe in Cookie Everyday! And I may have had a few more bites of cookie throughout the afternoon.

Friday night was supah hot date night with Homegirl. I’m going to miss this little petunia like crazy when she leaves this Thursday. To help deal with the pain, I had a glass of wine when we sat down for dinner at La Meditterranee:

Yum. And skanky orange nail.

Yum. And skanky orange nail.

For starters, we shared some falafel and I tried to avoid that possibly dairy-based creamy stuff on top (although, it wasn’t like tsatziki, so I wasn’t sure what it was):

Happy Falafel balls.

Happy Falafel balls.

Brooke and I ordered matching entrees, the Mediterranee salad:

Best salad ever! Tried to pick off the feta!

Best salad ever! Tried to pick off the feta!

Sadly, I lack the vegan-ordering-in-restaurants skills, but the feta was the only dairy of note. The rest of the salad had hummus, babaganoujh, tabbouli salad, lentil salad and a potato salad that was vinaigrette-based. This was sheer heaven. Greek food, you are all I need in life. Still wanting something more after our salads, Brooke and I ordered dessert:

Hummus! Eaten with pita and veggies.

Hummus! Eaten with pita and veggies.

Hummus just might be the best dessert. I ate most of what you see here. Elise, you understand. As you can tell, we dined al fresco, and it became progressively darker and more romantic.

Brooke drove me back to my place and we chatted in her car for a bit, reminiscing about the summer, pondering what the impending school year holds and gossiping about other blogs. I hopped into my apartment at 11ish, tried to fall asleep at midnight, but found myself suddenly awake. Insomnia, you can suck my big toe.

I stayed up until three eating cereal and watching trashy reality TV (that I love) on Hulu. This was the first time I’d watched shows such as The Real Housewives of Atlanta and NYC Prep since May.

Saturday morning I set my alarm for an early run but never made it. Instead, I stayed in bed until the very last minute, as I had a fun little event to attend. With my stomach feeling wack-a-doodle (AKA I think dairy f-ed up my system!), I had some cherries to start the day:



At 11:30 am, Colleen and Joe picked me up to go to an event for Healthy School Lunches, an effort by PCRM to get veg options in school cafeterias. Did you know that 8 million children are lactose intolerant and that it’s an abnormality to not have issues with dairy? Just sayin’. The kidlets definitely need better options!

There was a table of vegan eats there, and I, naturally, had to dive in:

Dip with four crackers, fruit, tamale and a baby cupcake!

Dip with four crackers, fruit, tamale and a baby cupcake!

That was my first experience with a tamale, and I have to say I was underwhelmed. It was bland and had an eggy texture, which I’ve never liked. That doesn’t mean I didn’t eat 2/3 of it.

One of the speakers was someone you might recognize:

Colleen, Marilu Henner, SnackFace (PuffyFace, actually) and Abby!

Colleen, Marilu Henner, SnackFace (PuffyFace, actually) and Abby!

That’s Marilu Henner, of Taxi and Chicago fame. She was incredibly nice and full of energy! The most captivating speaker of the bunch, by far. But please take a close look at how her head looks teeny tiny in comparison to mine.

The most amazing thing happened right before we left the event. A wonderful, amazing, kind, incredible reader came up to me and chatted! Ahhh!!! She absolutely made my day. She said something along the lines of, “You have the SnackFace blog, right?”  and continued on to say the sweetest things about SnackFace. I was blushing like crazy! Whoever you are, thank you so much for coming up to me! You have no idea how happy that made me!

Joe and Colleen dropped me off at Rainbow, a foodie must-see. It’s a co-op that has absolutely every food and health item a vegan (and a regular foodie) could ever want! I made several laps around the store, slowly examining all the products andmaybethecuteworkers. I tried not to spend much, but I did manage to snag a bag of chia seeds, some bars, some bulk granola and this blogger favorite:

Coconut water...

Coconut water...

I don’t get the draw here. This tasted like wood. I love me some freaky things (pickled ginger, kombucha, kale), but I couldn’t suck this puppy down at all. It was tossed after a few sips.

I caught the Muni and took it to the Powell station. Sistah needed to get a new freakum dress for her last night out with Brooke, Britt and the Irish. I tried on four dresses and the last one fit me perfectly, if not a bit short. But what isn’t short on me?

On my way back to the Muni, I tried on some killer booties at Aldo while lurking around handsome Italian men. Yum.

The shopping trip left me slightly hungry, so I ate raw cacao buckwheat crispies (not a sexy name). Holy shhhh this was good:

Used stealth to snap this one without freaking out the woman next to me on the train.

Used stealth to snap this one without freaking out the woman next to me on the train.

As soon as I got home, I changed into my running clothes and went for a fabulous 4.5-5ish miles. I never really know, but this was a farther distance than normal.

By the time I was finished, it was past 6 something, so I showered, shaved and then ate a little something:

Apple and balls with ketchup.

Apple and balls with ketchup.

I took my time getting ready while anxiously awaiting the Chick Mafia’s arrival. When I went down to greet them, fully dressed and ready to go, Brooke said: “You look like a Pussycat Doll!”And by Pusscat Doll, I’m pretty sure she meant hooker:

Just had to pull out that new freakum dress!

Just had to pull out that new freakum dress!

The back of the dress was the best, but I’ll save you from another hooker-ish vision of me. That is also a rough angle on my legs. Lo siento.

I blame the dress for how the rest of the night went. First, we headed to Kell’s and got there in a jiffy thanks to an awesome cab driver, Mo. It’s not short for anything– I asked. Once inside, we met this lovely gentleman who asked me five times where I’m from. (Pardon that preposition at the end of a sentence.) Boyfriend, no. I am not telling you one more time. Put down your drink and skidaddle.

When we went to the basement level I spied what I will call a man of my dreams. Not the man, but a man of my dreams. I don’t want to make my chances any slimmer. We talked for hours and I still don’t even know his name. Super manly, nice, talkative, cute, recruiter for the Angels (or so he said– one can never really know)….gahhh! Hell, maybe I freaked him out. Oh well. It was interesting.

Heartbroken by the end of the night, I couldn’t find Brooke and Brittany. Remembering that I’d given them my keys (for reasons that shall be revealed in my tell-all novel, The Book Behind the Blog), I taxied my way back to my apartment. Unfortunately, when I called Brooke to let me in, I discovered that they weren’t at my place. They were at the boys’ place all the way in the Castro! Mutha f-er!

At this point, it was 3 am or later, I was in nothing but my freakum dress and I was frozen and tired with throbbing feet. A girl who lives in the apartment complex across from mine saw me from out her window. Now, no one ever do what I did (and MamaJ and Popsicle, stop reading now). The kind girl invited me up and I figured she would be harmless. Well, she and her friends were, but as soon as I was up there I was thinking, “what the hell am I doing!??”

So I peed, left and sat at the Muni stop. It turns out that the Muni either doesn’t run by my place at night, or it doesn’t run often. The clock was creeping toward 4 and then 4:30, so I thought to myself, “self, this is an emergency. It’s time to whip out your credit card.” I have a credit card (two actually) that I never use. If you can’t tell, I hate spending money and credit cards freak me out.

Conveniently, there is a moldy, nasty, dank hotel across the street from my apartment. I sucked it up, charged $60 for a room and walked my hooker-ish hiney to my second-floor smoking room. I didn’t know smoking rooms even existed anymore. Especially in California. But that is neither here nor there.

I woke up to the horrendous, piercing ring of a telephone. What? Check-out is 11:00? Fine. OK. Feeling tired and, well, nasty, I headed downstairs, turned in my room key, and sat in the lobby waiting for Brooke to arrive with my keys. When she finally called, I did a walk of shame of a different sort to my apartment. Looking like a diva hooker with sunglasses on, I couldn’t have been more thankful to make it back to my place.

After such a series of events, I did absolutely nothing Sunday. I slept, watched season six of SatC in its entirety, and ate the following: crackers and pretzels with peanut butter, cherries, green smoothie with brown rice protein, mac and chreese (yes, chreese- it’s vegan junk food) and cereal. It actually felt incredible not to move all day.

Monday I awoke feeling like myself again. A clean, well rested version of me. To kick off my week in a delicious way, I had banana chia oats:

Banana chia granola oats. Lick.

Banana chia granola oats. Lick.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/2 naner, 1 T chia seeds, pumpkin pie spice and topped with maple pecan granola and almond milk. Not only was this bowl divine, it also kept me full longer than any bowl of oats I’ve had all summer. Success. And you know what chia seeds remind me off when they get gel-like? Earth’s caviar. I’ve never had caviar, but that’s what it looks like (maybe beluga caviar specifically?).

I almost lost it at work today because I’m extraordinarily sad that it’s my last week at VegNews. This has been the summer of a lifetime. Anyway, let’s focus on food for now! I snacked on an apple at some point and then we had Indian for lunch:

Tofu Punjab with quinoa and salad. So good!

Tofu Punjab with quinoa and salad. So good!

And after such a delightful meal we had cake and ice cream. This is my last week, so I’m taking full advantage while I can. I had a sliver of mocha cake (it was really a sliver) and about a tablespoon or so of Mocha Almond Fudge Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Ice Cream (I think that’s the name). Turtle Mountain, why are you brilliant? I love you. The goods:

Beauty. That icing was phenom. And the ice cream? Life changing.

Beauty. That icing was phenom. And the ice cream? Life changing.

With products like that ice cream on the market, I have no idea why people need dairy ice cream. Well, I know there’s a cost issue, but this is so much better for your body, the environment and little animals. OK, I’ll try not to shove that message in your face too much. I left a few bites of the cake but savored all the icing and ice cream– the important stuff.

I definitely got sleepy in the afternoon. In fact, we were all pretty quiet. I started to get hungry around 3:30 or 4, so I worked on this bar for an hour-ish:

PB&J Lara...and baby's first bottle of her own Parma!

PB&J Lara...and baby's first bottle of her own Parma!

My thoughts on the PB+J Lara? Meh. I don’t see what the fuss is about. Yes, it’s good, but it honestly does not taste like any peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had as a child. The peanut butter and cherry flavors (I could taste the tart cherry alone) were fighting, not mingling. It made me want a Peanut Butter Cookie Lara instead. I still have one more in the cupboard, but I’ll take a PB Cookie or Coconut Cream Pie Lara over this any day.

I left work at 6ish, lay down for a bit and then threw on my running gear. It felt great to run today! The weather, sadly, is remniscent of November in Ohio, but it’s perfect for running in shorts and a sweatshirt. My pacing felt awesome and my breathing was steady. Score and score. The air, however, smelled of fishy ocean. Gag.

Despite the gaggy air, I was hungry when I came home. I threw together none other than a kale salad:

My neighbor watched me as I took this picture. Sir, please take your cigarette and look the other way.

My neighbor watched me as I took this picture. Sir, please take your cigarette and look the other way.

In the mix: kale, broccoli, red bell pepper, balls, chia seeds, peanut vinaigrette and Parma! For those of you who don’t know what Parma is, here are the ingredients for the chipotle cayenne flavor: raw organic walnuts, Red Star nutritional yeast, organic chipotle, Celtic sea salt, organic onion, organic cayenne and –wait for it– love.

I showered after that, slapped on a face mask and got to work on this behemoth post. I hope you read every single word 🙂 But I understand if you didn’t. Oh, and I needed to SnackFace a little, so I had a bowl of Koala Crisp with almond milk…because I’m 10 years old at heart.

Well puddings, I have a fun announcement in my next post! Get ready. I hope everyone is having a gorgeous start to the week!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Have you ever had an insane day with crazy stuff that just keeps on happening? Do share.
You all cracked me up with the “I Make Me Laugh” moments! Loved it! If you need to know the kind of day to which I’m referring here, please read Saturday all over again. From Marilu Henner to freakum dresses to man of my dreams to motel room…I don’t know how it all happened.


28 Responses to “A Series of Interesting Events”

  1. I’m so sorry you ended up in that stanky hotel room. ICK!

    You’ll be happy to know I’ve added balls back to my salads and ate oats for breakfast this morning. Oh the deliciousness.

    I SO agree with you on the ice cream thing. I think the reason why dairy costs so much less is because its what people demand. If we turned everyone on to coconut ice cream there’d be huge coconut groves instead of factory farms. It’s the mass consumption that drives the price down. So keep spreading the word!

    You are gorgeous, and cute and charming as always, my little 10 year old. I hope your week isn’t nearly as “interesting” as your weekend!

  2. Wow! What a crazy night you had! I don’t like using my credit card either but sometimes it is necessary! I think the craziest thing that happened to me was the night before my wedding. I fell and cut the main nerve in my hand. I ended up needing two surgeries. It was crazy!

  3. I miss those hooker walk of shame mornings…it’s been a while. Thank god for big sunglasses though, nothing better to hide smudged eye make-up!!

    Were you doing an internship at VegNews? Where are you off to now?

    Love your blog, you are gorgeous and so are your eats!

  4. 4 homegirlcaneat

    I loved this post …minus the fact it makes Brittany and I sound like horrible people!!! I hope no one thinks we terrible friendz! We promise the motel was not in the game plan … except when we go to Kells, who knows what will happen!

    The cake looks off the chain. I am such an icing person, which works out perfectly because Brittany likes the cake part. That is why we friends.

    AHHHHH our date was so fantastic, I can’t even deal. I miss you booface already! And that hummus. And that babaganooooush (sp?)! And hot pita wedges. And Fillmore St amazingness.

    Ima text you tomorrow and we get MAGGIE MUDDS!! As a farewell date together 😦 But I have no worries. The chick mafia is the strongest gang on da streetz. WE TOGETHA FOREVA!

    ❤ YoU!

  5. Ew, I’m so sorry about the hotel room! I’m glad you are okay though.

    Too many delicious eats! The greek food (hummus as dessert, hell yes!), PB&J Lara, cherries, tamales, hugh jass. So good.

    I don’t like coconut water either. It’s way too sweet for me! Bleh.

    I can’t believe you got to meet those fabulous ladies! Lucky!!!

  6. i totally believe in cookie everyday as well 😀
    sorry two of my favorite things in life didn’t bode well w ya: the tamale and the coconut water
    try zico flavored coconut water or ONE– those brands seem to taste way better to me
    love the freakum dress!
    have a wonderful day ❤

  7. Oh man, what an adventure! Glad things turned out ok!

    I have no love for plain coconut water, but add some juice (pineapple, mango, passion fruit…) and it is awesome. Coconut milk ice cream is awesome straight up. I particularly like the cookie dough version. Mmmmm.

  8. Thank goodness YOU’RE okay, that’s what matters 🙂

  9. 9 Lizzy

    Girl, you are amazing.

    can’t believe you had to stay in a hotel. ah so sorry! but i think you did the safest thing, so kudos to you love!!!!

    I was wondering but where can i get my hands on a copy of VegNews. I must read. I’ve never read one before but i would love to read it especially knowing that you worked on it! CONGRATS girl.


  10. I would so love your job–besides the awesome mag, all that FOOD looks beyond wonderful. I would be on cloud 9 alllll day. It’d make going to work much easier!

  11. you are such a bloggie celeb, snackface! i surriously need you to send me your autograph so i can sell it on ebay when you get supah famous.

    you poor thing – sounds like a rough night…at least you looked hot as hell! i def. would’ve driven across the country to save you tuush!

    love you, snackie ❤ xo

  12. 12 MamaJ

    I’ve seen the motel you stayed in and its had its hayday. . . .back in the 1960s. My only concern is definitely not the hood, it full of surfers and opera singers. My concern would be the family of five furry creature you thought were kitty friends and they were raccoons.
    I don’t know if you have mentioned that your apartment is a stone throw away from the San Francisco Zoo. Luv you lots and see you soon.

  13. Yiiikes to the max, no worries though, forever 21 dresses + dranks never leads to anything good 😀 Memorable, definitely.

    Enjoy your last week lovie pie!!

  14. PS i had a similar experience junior yr of college, spring break.waking up in a mexican villa in the hills of cabo.then the cab/walk of shame back to my hotel and friends who thought i was dead!!! :O I mean, just to make ya feel better 😀

  15. I can’t wait to get my hands on that issue – will you autograph it for me?! Greek food really is all you need in life. Screw these chain restaurants, bring us (midwest) the Greek 😀

    Oh my gosh! Meeting a celeb and then your own celeb/reader sighting! How exciting!!

    Can I just say, the first time my cousin met his girlfriend’s parents they made tamales and he proceeded to pick the thing up, dunk it in ranch dressing, and eat it whole (husk and all)? He’s no longer with that girl 😉

    Wait a dang sec, your night sounds awful. I’m sorry – I mean the ending (seedy hotel) sounds awful. Boooooo, my poor SnackFace! I’m glad you survived that night! One time I was at a college in MI (not the one I attend), I woke up the next morning feeling like crap, made the walk of shame to my car in my PJs because I had to get to class (this was like a Tuesday morning?) only to find my car had been towed. I literally turned the corner and the entire street was empty. Total FML moment. My friend and I eventually got my car about after about 3 hours, 2 police stations, a trip to another city, and a change of clothes later only to be greeted with bumper to bumper traffic on the drive home due to an accident. Oy vey.

  16. OMG. hahah.. i could not help but crack up at your play by play, as bad as it sucked, i imagined you in your sexy black dress the next day wandering around back to your spot, you poor thing, thank god for the credit cards. i was literally glued to my computer wondering what happened next, my boss walked by and was like “wow you look like you are working hard!” haha yep. that’s right boss man. anyway, i love that the hummus was served with veggies. around here, they try to serve hummus with tortilla chips and people just don’t understand that is totallllly not med. i love cherries, they are like pringles, once you pop you cant stop. but way tastier than pringles. i get to eat a lot of greek food because the vegan dudes pick it every time, it is a very vegan friendly cuisine! and indian comes in as a close second. loves!

  17. haha oh lord girl…you are too funny. you and your freakum dress are awesome. loved loved loved the recap…absolutely hilar. your eats are gorge and fab as always…the salads with brooke looked bangin girl.

    happy (noneventful) tuesday!

  18. 18 chocolate pickle

    Hi! I know you don’t eat dairy now, but if your readers would like the chance, let them know about my Oikos/Stonyfield Farm giveaway on my blog. I think I remember you liked Oikos when you had the chance to try them so maybe another reader would like the chance to try it too! Enjoy your last week in CA!!!!

  19. oh man, snacky!! the whole hooker thang got me on my ass laughing!!
    i hate it when you’re getting ready to go out, posing in front of the mirror, rocking out to music in your slut-ish outfit and thinking, “man, i’m so effin’ hot right now!!” but then your full-blown confidence flies outta your ears when your friend goes, “are you street walkin’ later tonight?”
    but you totally didn’t have the hook’appeal, lady! you looked so pretty and that dress is mad hot.
    you know what i’m saying with all this??!!
    ps. do you eat the kale straight up or give that shizz an oily rub down before hand? i want to feast on a kale salad but haven’t yet, i need your advice.

  20. Lovely jubbly posts with lots of AWESOME pictures! So sad that your time at VegNews is coming to an end but wow to the experience and all the amazing foods you’ve been getting to eat! I need to find and try coconut milk ice cream! Sounds too good. And I heart cake and icing more than anything! Drooling at my screen here woman…
    woah woah woah to the monday breakfast bowl of oat love! Can’t get over that one! *Swoon*

  21. 21 Chantal

    I’m new to your blog, and all I gotta say is I want that kale salad, I want that cake, and I want some Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream real badly right now!

  22. 22 Lo

    girl we are soulmates. my past 4 days have been a series of events. I just woke up actually Nd its 630 PM. I am in my clothes that I wore YESTERDAY and I havent brushed my hair. I will def recap my weekend tomorrow so look out for it!


  23. 23 randomlymikey

    there is so much i wanted to comment on in this post i’m sure i’ll forget something 🙂
    congrats on being int the masthead of the mag.
    the Mediterranean salad looks so good, i absolutely loooovvee greek food. i wish we had a place closer to where i live 😦
    your stealth photo taking skillz impress me. i am always finding myself in uncomfortable situations trying to capture eats.
    you look flat out HOTT in that dress (as always) i’m sorry your night kinda went awry. i had to LOL when you said “i blame the dress”…
    that cake looks delicious, i love me some cake-ha ha
    i tried the cherry pie larabar for the first time today and it is so tart i’m sure that it would overpower any PB flavor. that said i know i will still try the PB&J if i ever run into it 🙂
    and lastly, i will never forget one time my BFF and i had bought tickets to an Eminem concert when we wee like 17. we were really excited and then our driver ended up bailing on us. against better judgment we decided to get a ride (6hours) from some people we didn’t really know that well. they were friends of one of our friends’ parents kinda thing. well, they turned out to be f-ing nuts! they got into a full out fight (fist fight) in the car about an hour from our destination. i believe someone was wielding a screwdriver. then one fell out of the moving vehicle. the other got out and ran after him. i was so scared i got in the driver seat and took off. we still tried to find the venue with no luck. and then was pulled over by the police. for GTA. we told them the story and thankfully they had pity.but they took the car and left me and my friend 6 hours from home all alone. hitch hiking and relying on the kindness of others for 2 days before we found someone to come get us. def. ranks at the very top of my worst experiences!

  24. 24 caitlin

    hey hey hey hey! no more criticizing pictures of yourself! You are way to darn beautiful, from every angle. I would kill for legs like yours in the picture you called unflattering!

    and how did your friends let that situation happen? you must have a heart full of forgiveness, because I would be livid if my friends didn’t check where I was at 4:00 in the morning with the keys! yikes. I hope they make it up to you.

    lastly: can we google Angel recruiters and find this mystery handsome man? he sounded exciting…

  25. I have never seen chipotle cayenne parma! I am absolutely DYING. I must find this somewhere! All of your eats look a m a z i n g.

  26. I heart Marilou so much! 🙂

    LOVE the combo of delicious looking falafel and wine – sounds like my kind of meal! 🙂

  27. 27 sara

    that is LOVE right here between you and brooke and b-ritt! they had YOUR keys and you got separted from them?! yikers, why!!? i am so curious!

  28. i think the white sauce on the falafels was tahini sauce. i’m not sure but i’m like 99.9% sure.

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