I Make Me Laugh


What up, loves! Let me just say that I am shocked it’s Friday already. You know what this means? One more week at VegNews Magazine. This breaks my heart. I’ll save the sap for a later post, though. There’s still one whole week to live it up, make it the best ever, and work my hardest.

That being said, I didn’t work hard today. Well, I didn’t work out. No run, no yoga. The most considerable amount of movement was the two miles total to and from my fave produce store after work. So I had a liesurely morning, washed my face, made tea and opened my fridge to this beauty:

The breakfast cookie.

The breakfast cookie.

Pretty and pretty tasty, but there was one big problem. It didn’t get firm and hard (yes, that is what I said). Always a shame. That didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying it, though. In the cookie: 1/3 C oats, 1/2 mashed naner, sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice, splash of almond milk and drizzle of Better n’ P.B.:

Still good.

Still good.

We didn’t have to be into the office until 9:30 am, so the moment I walked in I got right to work fact-checking a piece. Then I wrote up VegJobs (this always fascinates me–there are some really awesome veg- and eco-friendly jobs out there) and realized it was my day to make lunch! The only fresh produce we had was heirloom tomatoes and celery. Challenging. I found some things in the freezer and fridge, and made it work:

Chickpea-Tomato salad and Daiya-topped Kashi pizza!

Chickpea-Tomato salad and Daiya-topped Kashi pizza!

We had two frozen vegan Kashi pizzas, so I topped them with Daiya and threw ’em in our little oven thing when it was about 15 minutes until our set lunchtime. Before that, I made the salad, which was delicious and simple. It was a bunch of heirlooms, sliced into big chunks, one can of chickpeas, half a red onion, juice of half a lemon, a glug of red wine vinegar and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. I let it chill in the fridge while I assembled/ watched the pizza. These slices were teeny, but yummy:

Daiya, you are my sunshine.

Daiya, you are my sunshine.

Honestly, that wasn’t very filling. Sorry VegNews crew! For lunch dessert, we sampled more Pattycake treats: a bite of an I ❀ Chocolate Chip cookie, a bite of a serious chocolate cupcake and a bite of some everything oatmeal heaven orgasmic cookie. I obviously can’t remember all the names, but I, once again, was beyond impressed. Pattycake, be ready for an intense SnackFace visit when I return to Ohio.

I worked, researched, wrote, emailed all afternoon, and stumbled upon this disgustingly amazing website. Only look at it if you aren’t easily offended and you aren’t already super full. You might spew. And to be honest, some of the desserty items sound good to me!

We tested a recipe for our Nov+Dec issue late in the afternoon, which was a little crostini and spread, but I can’t share the deets. Know that it was lovely.

I left work at 6pm completely wiped and with a pounding headache. Staring at a computer all day sometimes gets to me. My solution was to lay on my bed for ten or so minutes and read The Time Traveler’s Wife. I think I’m going to finish it after I finish writing this! Eventually I peeled myself off my bed, threw on more layers and headed to my favorite produce store.

Now, I realize we all have hypocritical aspects of ourselves. We also all have ridiculous quirks. After grocery shopping, I noticed just how absurd I am. I spent $38.23 on a few items at this store, mainly because I felt good that I was buying local, organic produce. Then on my walk home, I threw my gum wrapper into a bush. What the hell is wrong with me? This is a perfect “I make me laugh” instance.Β I’m also going to take you through my groceries and how much they cost, just to prove that I’m a nutjob:

Oooh I love it all!

Oooh I love it all!

Shooooo! I’m looking at the receipt now, and the cashier only charged me for one Lara. Whoops. Anyway, let’s take a close look (in order of receipt):
-Koala Crisp: $3.59… It was on sale, which is probably the only reason I bought it.
-Almond Milk: $2.89…Needed it.
-Broccoli: $1.69…Figure it’s always good to have on hand.
-Trident (unpictured): $1.19…Have to have something to chew while I write or else I clench my jaw.
-Multi-Green Kombucha: $3.79…This is stoopid. I wouldn’t even spend this much on, say, a box of granola. But for some reason, Komucha is OK. I make me laugh.
-Kale: $2.49…Love kale. Can’t go without it now.
-No-Stir Crunchy MaraNatha Peanut Butter: $3.99…On sale for that price. This is also too expensive for peanut butter, but it was the cheapest there. Well, that or Jif, and though it’s the p.b. of my youth, I can’t do it.
-Grocery non-tax: $1.69…This is totally one PB&J Lara. She did not charge me for the other. I’ll take it this time.
-Fuji apples: $4.17…Why are apples so expensive? But I always need them and eat them and enjoy them.
-USA Cherries:$6.94…Holy sh!t! I saw $2.99/lb and thought nothing of it. I need to weigh my produce before I buy it! Good thing is, I know I’ll eat them all. Another instance where I make me laugh.
-Hothouse Cucumbers: $1.99…Interesting name. Love cukes; will eat straight up without slicing.
-Japanese Yam: $1.57…That’s pricey for one yam! I want to try it, though.
-Yam: $1.57…That’s pricey for one yam! I love them, though.
-Bananas: $.82…That’s more like it. But bananas are a whole other ethical and eco-issue that I, admittedly, ignore. I make me laugh yet again.

Sorry if that was tedious, but I think it’s important to take note of howΒ surprisingly pricey food can be. But then I remind myself that my health and happiness (as well as the health and happiness of my family and friends) are my top priorities, and that cost don’t mean a thang. Tell that to my bank account.

Onto more pleasant things such as dinner! While texting my baby broskie, Matty Rich, about a Kanye tee and some sweet Vans he bought, I assembled a gigantic Hugh Jass. This wasn’t just a Hugh Jass– it was a thigh, a foot, a head, errything:

Hello, flash! Look at that green!

Hello, flash! Look at that green!

In the mix: tons o’ kale, green beans, cuke, shrooms, broccoli, red bell pepper, 1/4 avocado, 3 balls, pepper and spicy peanut vinaigrette after the picture. This took me a bit longer than 30 minutes to eat! I love that about salads. They last so much longer than sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, etc. Oh, that’s that litte thing called volume eating, isn’t it?

Because I had ants in my pants, I just had to try my new cereal and peanut butter. Oh, sweet lord. I am in love with both. This might be the best peanut butter I’ve ever had; it’s creamy where it should be creamy, and crunchy where it should be crunchy. That sounds slightly raunchy. And the cereal? I’m practicing portion control. Shockingly, I had one small bowl with almond milk, and that was it:

Chipped bowl, laptop in background. High class.

Chipped bowl, laptop in background. High class.

Perhaps the voice of the not-so-wise SnackFace voice is droning on. I hope I haven’t totally lost you all after that grocery list! Anyway, I’m going to hop to bed and read! And I have a supah hot date for tomorrow night. It’s going to be fabulous. Happy Fridays!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Do you have “I Make Me Laugh” moments? Like, you can’t believe you’re so ridiculous sometimes?
As we’ve seen, I get that way a lot. Like eating a huge kale salad for dinner, then scrumptious sugary cereal after? I make me laugh (I think it’s balance!). Or, trying to eat fewer processed foods but being unable to quit my sugar-free gum habit? (I’m down to one or two pieces a day–that’s pretty good!)


54 Responses to “I Make Me Laugh”

  1. Oh the ethical dilemma of groceries. When I live fully independently inhopemro buy mostly organic but I’m sure ill have moments is major sticker shock. Hamas are definitely not local but i could NEVER give them up!

  2. For some reason when I walk home/anywhere by myself I tend to think of the funniest moments I’ve had between friends. This causes me to end of looking like the creeper girl walking around alone with a huge smile on my face. Hot Damn. I gotta cut that out.

  3. hey..you should see how expensive those products are where I live (ontario canada) lara bars can be anywhere from 4 dollars to 5 something lol… Almond milk and hemp milk has been on sale 2 for 4 which I always stalk up when it is (if not its like 4 something) and don’t get me started on produce…soooo expensive…My bills are usually out the roof!!!! Blah. But at the end of the day it all makes me happy lol my I make me laugh moment is that I try to care so much to be eco friendly and then I take a 30 minute shower…fail!

  4. 4 lookingforserenity

    YAY you bought nut butter πŸ™‚

  5. oh yeah, the expensive prices of cherries and fuji apples…but we can’t say no, can we?

  6. That breakfast cookie looks so decadent and amazing. I must make one ASAP!

    Daiya, I wish I had you in my belly right now. Please let me find you soon!

    They charge you that much for Almond Milk!?! I get mine for 1.99! Insane!

    Portion Control + Cereal in the same sentence? That’s not possible unless it has a “I don’t have any..” in front of it πŸ˜‰

  7. New to your blog—and love it! Your huge kale salads look a bit like the ones I make πŸ™‚ yum

  8. uh, I have moments like that all the time πŸ™‚ you’re definitely not alone on that one.

  9. not firm and hard? such a shame πŸ™‚ haha. you crack me up. i miss my breakfast cookies, might have to make one up for bfast soon! ENJOY your end of your time there in san fran, it seems as if youve had the ultimate summer!

  10. 10 clubveg

    haha. have you seen this one: http://thisiswhyyourethin.blogspot.com/

    • 11 snackface

      clubveg – Hahaha I just looked at that! I love how it really is the complete opposite! It also kind of makes healthy food look much more appetizing to me.

  11. 12 Kelsey

    cereal for dessert is totally something i do all the time [like last night? pb puffins were cmopletely dominated.]. you have me craving a gigantic salad now. guess whats for lunch today?! hahaha πŸ˜€
    have a great week! live it up and do something you’ve never done before!

  12. 13 Lizzy

    hahaha girl your the best! i really enjoyed reading your grocery list, because it is insane sometimes how much stuff is, but hey sometimes we just NEED it all right? haha.

    Make me laugh moments are pretty much everyday for me. I do the weirdest things sometimes, and i find myself laugh, even when no one else does. hahha

    have a fab friday! πŸ™‚


  13. 14 april

    Is that a purple sweet potato?? They are my new obsession.. you must try them with peanut butter!

  14. 15 gina (fitnessista)

    nice bfast cookie πŸ˜€ i haven’t had one in way too long!
    hope you have a happy friday ❀

  15. I had that exact revelation in my post today! I sweetened my cottage cheese with Stevia because I want to cut out artifical sweeteners, but added Jello sugar free pudding mix because seriously it makes it taste like cheesecake…wtf? I have issues lol.

    Thisiswhyyourefat.com will entertain me for hours. Some of it I am completely disgusted by…some of it looks appetizing!

  16. thisiswhyyourefat.com is my favourite site ever, and i totally agree that some of the foods look delicious, specifically the deep fried twinkie. it’s disgusting yet could be life changing in a twisted way.
    your breakfast cookie totally inspired me and i’m making one for myself tomorrow.
    have an awesome weekend!

  17. So you may only have one week left at VegNews but you’ll be returning to the Midwest (we’re the best πŸ˜‰ )! I’m impressed with the culinary skillz and minimal ingredients.

    I’ve seen that website before and there were a few close calls between me and the porcelain shrine. Okay, not really but I wanted to! Girl I’m glad you got your nut butter AND PBJ Lara! I hope you thoroughly enjoy that little beast!

    Viva la volume!! I love eating mass quantities! I make myself laugh all the time but usually because of how dang clutzy/ditzy I can be at times.

  18. I heart how long it takes to eat a hugh jass – so satisfying!! Grocery shopping is one of my #1 fave activities but it also causes a lot of stress trying to navigate all the ethical dilemmas and choosing your battles (e.g. I also choose to ignore the banana issue!) whilst trying to not spend $58,000 on treasure.

    Your time at vegnews sounds like it’s been super so hurrah to that!

  19. sistah girl try adding some baking soda to your breakfast cookie up — firms those babies up like no otha.

    i always make myself laugh – unfortunately, i rarely have the same effect on others.

  20. that cookie is looing hella a good right now:)

  21. Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday, love. I was having a bummer of a day (hopefully get my MRI results today), but your sweet words definitely put a smile on my face. I too believe that we dream about people for a reason, so I guess you and I are just in tune!

    I can’t believe your summer is almost over and only one week left. What an amazing time you have had! I only really know about the fun crazy parts via blog, but I bet your experience at Veg News has really helped you grow as a writer. I also see how comfortable you have gotten with your vegan ways and I think that is AWESOME!

    Shelby posted your bit in this month’s issue, and though I haven’t picked it up from the newsstand yet, I LOVE IT!!!!

    I hope you have a great day and an even greater weekend!

  22. Ahh that This is Why You’re Fat website was crazy! I have to admit, that cookies ‘n cream donut sandwich looked good haha! Yay for new peanut butter!

  23. eeek buying my own groceries its a love hate thing for sure, fun and yummy but oh so pricey!

  24. hola mamacita. sorry about the getting it stiff problemos, sounds like your cookie has impotency issues. ha! that this is why youre fat website amazes me at times. thanks for the reminder. thanks for the play by play on the groceries, holy balls that nasty (in my opinion) kimbucha is expensive! but i think the free lara makes up for it and it balances out. i have those make myself laugh instances all too often. i have issues.

  25. What does the green Kombucha taste like? I like the fruity ones but am afraid of the green.

  26. I used to drop 40$ at Whole Foods on my lunch break at my internship once a week. Where I wasn’t getting paid. Sigh…at least it’s good to have priorities!

  27. 28 Ariela

    I totally hear you on the “I make me laugh” moments! I basically have one of those (or ten) every time I’m grocery shopping! It’s hard to be healthy, eco, frugal…and sane all at the same time. Like today I spent 5 buckaroos on a tiny ass jar of almond butter and put back the buck fifty tofu I had picked up just so I would feel better about spending so much…evens out right?

    Thanks for your awesome blog! I just took my first trip to San Fran this past week and had a blast…you were not lyin’ about the gorgeousness of that place!

  28. I make myself laugh always. Like I get on my family to use reusable bags and eat leftovers before going out to eat… but then I take like 30 minutes showers for no reason. haha its a balance like you said =)

    butttt i need you to email me if you can. my friend is interning with GreenPeace and is looking for a place to stay from Sept. 15th – December 11th. im trying to help her out so i was just wondering like where you are living and where are good places to live. thanks love! bakepraylove AT verizon.net

  29. haha i am completely mystified by and enamored with that website. And i fully know ppl who would have and/or HAVE eaten that shit!

  30. 31 randomlymikey

    pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and look at them groceries, beautiful loot chic!

  31. That salad looks SO good! My groceries end up being minimum $45. Usually $60-$120. I am stuck in my habits, and like to stock up. I have this insane fear of running out of my favorite healthy food. I’m sure they will miss you so much @ Veg News! Can you temp long distance and do reviews from Ohio and email them?

  32. You did pretty darn good creating your lunch with the little stuff you had–love it!

  33. Huge fresh salads + sweet cereal goodness after = story of my life. DEFINITELY balance. Nothing wrong with that!

    I loved the price breakdown and how each item had commentary/justification after it. Hilarious. Food is WORTH the splurge. Shouldn’t we all be spending good money on loading our bodies with good quality eats? I’d say you came out with an awesome load of stuff for less than $40. Pretty darn good to me!

    I’m pretty sure 90% of everything I do is an “I make me laugh” moment. I’m ridiculously hypocritical with, I dunno everything? Whatevs, we can’t be perfect all the time πŸ˜‰

  34. 35 MamaJ

    Did anyone guess what Snackface and Justin T. have in common. Are they or are they not related????? Who knows??????

  35. Hahaha MamaJ- No, no one knows. That’s because I don’t always put our last name on le blog!

  36. thisiswhyyourfat.com super super funny! and i usally say i will have dessert be a piece of chocolate and more times then not it is a chunk.lol sooooo good.

  37. miss kailey, i do that kind of shit all the time! seriously sometimes i feel like a walking contradiction. i mean i’ll be hell bent on recycling then throw a trash stealthy out the car window… what the fur? ahah!
    i’m glad your practicing portion control, that makes one of us. it’s okay if i live vicariously through you and just pretend i am… rigghhht?

  38. Beautiful breakfast cookie!

  39. I want a bfast cookie!! I loveeee grocery shopping!!

  40. 41 WholeBodyLove

    Um, I eat vegetarian mostly unprocessed and/or organic food every day. Yet , I still use artificial sweetener when I go to Starbucks…or maybe the issue is that I even GO to Starbucks. What the French Toast is wrong with me?

  41. 42 Susan

    great deal on the PB! can’t believe how $$ the kombucha is–craziness! but you have to treat yourself once in a while. =) the larabars are pricey too. i think i saw them at costco when i was in the states? my mom always told me not to pinch and save when it comes to food because it’s such a basic need and the most worthwhile thing to spend our money on. and i’ve finally started to agree with her! you’re doing a great job prioritizing your health.

  42. 43 Michal Mymo

    Your breakfast cookie looks so delicious – it looks so dainty with the pb drizzled on top. I am still looking forward to trying Daiya – I have heard so many wonderful things about it but I have yet to see it for sale anywhere around here. But im keeping my eyes peeled! I hope your having a fantastic weekend πŸ™‚

  43. What an absolutely gorgeous grocery bounty! And an amazing looking salad, too πŸ™‚

  44. Maranthana crunchy is (and always will be) my pb of choice!!! Tried it for the first time last year, when I was at school. That is the one I will alwayssss have on hand. With a jar of almond butter. And maybe a pb & co jar too.

    I am intrigued by better n’ pb though due to it’s carmel-y flavor?!?!?! That sounds delish. And i’m allll about getting to eat MORE pb! πŸ™‚

    You’re adorable. Wish I could write more. All the new girls are about to get here wooooooo recruitment week is OVER! xoooooo Enjoy your last week love!

  45. ONE WEEK?? Damn, time flies beyond belief.

    “I Make Me Laugh” moments = what make life even more fun and enjoyable πŸ˜€

    Miss you girl!!

  46. awe. I loved this post! You made me laugh!
    I definatly have had those moments… I always buy local produce, and make sure that I buy only certain things organic. (ie, tomatoes, peaches, kale, lettuce, sometimes apple (so dang expensive organic though!). and when I buy local, i know I am doing good for my city, myself, and my grocery bill. Only 79 cents lb for LARGE apples, 1.99 lb for cherries, blueberries, etc. Its great.. but then , yes, sometimes I find myself throwing away a recycable item.. shame!! I know 😦

  47. OH
    your volumous salad looks so good! I also love that about salads.. they are delicicous, and take time to eat πŸ™‚ And they fun and nutrious! Obvs!! xo

  48. 49 elise

    its almost painful for me to look at my receipts after…im not joking, NYC prices are ridic. i bought grapes for $14 dollars the other day, wtf!

    apples are another thing that i easily spend $30 a week on.

    no wonder the world grubs on fatty fast food. at least it doesnt leave you with an empty wallet. grrr. cant obama DO something about this sitch?!

    question. better n pb. is there fake shiz in there?

    • 50 snackface

      elise – Hello love! Here are the Better n’ PB ingredients, straight from the label: peanuts (as defatted peanut flour, peanut butter and natural peanut oils), pure water, tapioca syrup, rice syrup, vegetable glycerin, dehydrated cane juice, tapioca starch, natural colors and flavors, salt, calcium carbonate, lecithin, tocopherol (vitamin E), sodium ascorbate (vitamin C). By no means is that healthy or nourishing, but at least I can pronounce everything. I’m dying to try PB2 though!

  49. cookie looks amazing! quite fancy with the PB drizzle! πŸ˜‰

  50. don’t ya just love breakfast cookies? i made my own the other day as well, excpet for i had to total opposite problem with my cookie, mine was too hard because i put mine in the freezer instead of the fridge! hha. so next time i have to make it the right way and put it in the fridge! but i hope next time your cookie comes out better next time!

  51. Snackface all the I make me laugh moments are going to happen to me in 3 weeks time When I move back to Hawaii. I do the same thing with kombucha here in Oregon its cheaper like $2.78 but in Hawaii it is $4!!

    Oh I got a I make me laugh I bought a bunch of Kashi cereal to bring back to Hawaii lolol since its cheaper here. My friends make fun of me I can spend $10 on some silly item at the supermarket but for a $20 shirt I have to think and think and think about it lol!~

  52. Yo I actually quite enjoyed your grocery recap. I’m weird and enjoy grocwries way too much.

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