From Ya Head to Ya Toes


Hello gorgeous people! I hope everyone had a happy Humpday! Mine was insane, hectic, stressful, delicious, challenging and relaxing all in the span of 24 hours. Shall I take you through it?

First off, I had a bossy Huge Jass for dinner on Tuesday. It was green and red and brown all over:

Scrumpsh fa sho.

Scrumpsh fa sho.

In the mix: spinach, green beans, red bell pepper, mushrooms (how can you tell when fungus goes bad? I couldn’t, so I ate it), one broccoli floret, broccoli slaw, 1/4 avocado, 4 balls and spicy peanut vinaigrette. Oh how I missed this salad! Somehow though, the eating didn’t stop there. I ate animal crackers with Better n’ Peanut Butter after dinner. Thankfully, the animal cracks are gone now!

I really can’t buy processed food like that anymore for two reasons: 1)I eat it in no time and 2) it kills my stomach. I know both these things, yet continue to buy goodies. It’s the dry crunch that I love so much. And the sweetness. And I just like them a lot. Whine.

After dinner I tucked myself into bed at 9:30. No MamaJ, no roomie, no Brookie or Britt to keep me occupied. MamaJ wore me out, and I was beyond ready for sleep! I read The Time Traveler’s Wife until I got the call from Mumsy saying she’d made it across the country safely. The rest of the SnackFace family is happily and safely together in Ohio! Thank goodness.

Wednesday morning I awoke at 7:15 am and didn’t get out of bed until 7:20. I took my sweet time getting ready, then made a simple breakfast. It took a post from my new favorite blogger to make me realize an old favorite of mine:

Nut-less oats!

Nut-less oats!

In the simple bowl: 1/2 C oats, 1 1/2 C water, 1/2 naner, 1/4 C pumpkin pie spice (I kid, but it was a lot) and a splash of almond milk once in the bowl. This was so creamy and wonderful. I loved it!

Those oats also kept me fuller for longer in comparison with my as-of-late usual green smoothie. Normally, I bite into a morning snack at 10:30, but I had this juicy nectarine after 11:

Cut it in the kitchen for maximum snacking while typing action.

Cut it in the kitchen for maximum snacking while typing action.

I was very stressed in-between this snack and lunch, with deadlines and other nonsense that I shouldn’t get into. It wouldn’t be very professional of me. Just know that it made my face flush and my heart race with frustration.

Lunch, however, was anything but stressful. It was a pure love- and carb-fest:

A little brown, but all fantastic.

A little brown, but all fantastic.

Yes, there was a yummy potato-squash combo and some fab spanish rice, but the real stunna of this crew was the Daiya-dilla. That’s right, kidlets, a Daiya-dilla, the vegan version of the oft-missed-by-vegans quesadilla. I wasn’t even a big quesadilla fan, but cassava root-based faux cheese makes them suddenly desirable.

Our lunch was supplemented by two-bite brownies made by our lunch guest, vegan chef Jesse Miner. So fudgy and good!

The afternoon was crazy and filled with a brainstorming meeting for our Jan+Feb issue, then speed writing news stories for our website. I didn’t have time to snap a pic, but we sampled, honestly, the most amazing baked goods I’ve had all summer. Sent to us by the sweet people at Pattycake Bakery in…Columbus, OHIO!!! Holla to my home state! Way to represent! I sampled a bite of a sugar cookie (best sugar cookie I’ve ever eaten, and I don’t even like sugar cookies), a bite of a classic whoopie pie (light, fluffy, just sweet enough, AMAZING) and my personal favorite, the classic Tollhouse cookie (mother f-er I can’t even believe how absolutely ridiculously incredibly fabulously DELICIOUS these were). I’m a cookie freak, and during the holidays, I love a Tollhouse cookie. Never have mine tasted this good!

So after that sugarbomb, I changed for bikram! The sugar hit was at 5 pm, so I was fine for 7 pm yoga. It wasn’t that much, and sugar digests supah fast. So yoga was killer today and rather challenging. Sweat drippin from ma head to ma toes. Actually, I kept my hair in a tightly coiled bun during class, and when I showered a couple hours later, the hair that was rolled up was soaked! How? Bikram, you crazy!

Dinner was what I craved:

Greenie, creepy blurry hand, make-up case.

Greenie, creepy blurry hand, make-up case.

I sucked that puppy down in less than five minutes. I was both thirsty and hungry! In the blend: spinach, banana, last tiny bit o’ peanut butta, pumpkin pie spice, bit of frozen pineapple and a water+almond milk mixture. For dessert, I had two Furky and faux-cheese roll-ups.

I can see how people feel more connected to their bodies when they practice yoga regularly. I only want to put clean things into my own afterward. But then I was really graving that Furky. Listening to cravings is also being in touch with one’s body, too; at least in my book it is!

I’m sipping a large glass of water now because I was feeling oogie (MamaJ’s word for nausea/off-ness, pronounced oog, as one says shoog of sugar, and eeee). I also just tried this incredible face mask that I’ll share with you once I see if my skin reacts negatively at all.

Alright puddingpops, le SnackFace is turning into le SleepFace. It’s time!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: I have 13 days left in San Fran and no nut butter. Should I buy a new jar? If so, what kind? Also, I have 13 days left in San Fran. What must I absolutely do before I leave/ what do you want to see me do before I leave?
If I were answering these Qs for anyone else, I would say, buy some new nut butter! (I personally don’t want to spend $$ on something I may not finish in less than two weeks.) And I have no answer to the second. I feel as though I’ve done a ton. Brooke, any suggestions there?


30 Responses to “From Ya Head to Ya Toes”

  1. 1 Brooke

    AY MAMI! I am so haps you are such a yoga fan. It is such a gorgeous activity and really makes you zen and calm. LOVES IT! And I love the green monsta for dinna. I am having serious withdrawls from da green daddies.

    Hmmmm I am currently thinking about things you must do while here in SF. I will get back to you on this one. I say, you should just explore different neighborhoods and take them all in. Chesnut St, Fillmore St, etc. I compare notes with Brittany and get back to you on dat.

    I also think you should rent your own party bus and post flyers around SF for only the hottest Irish men to be allowed on… dresses in jungle theme, of course.

    Ignacio can come too, I guess. Only if he wears the hat. And doesn’t get pissed when one of us steals it.


    ps: Please go listen to this song:
    Kails and I were listening to it religiously in the car rides and I feel like you could belt out the notes at levels we aren’t capable of. Love me some Celine.

  2. 2 rediscoveringlauren

    hi hun
    mmm that breakfast sounds so yummy!
    ive heard great things about the time travellers wife..i think i need to pick me up a copy.
    hmmm what nutbutter should you get? your favourite one 🙂 and you should do some crazy fun stuff during your last 2 weeks in san fran 🙂

  3. Are you sure those are nutless oats? They look awfully creamy to me.
    Oh snap!
    If you haven’t done drugs in San Fran, the time is now!

  4. 4 lookingforserenity

    I would kindly borrow some nut butter from a dear friend 🙂 and send her one in the mail when you get more moneyy 🙂

  5. What I want to ask is how you’re liking the book? I’m on pg. 343 and loving it!

  6. I read the beginning of your post and thought it said Happy Hummus! Jeez, you can tell where my mind is! I agree that yoga completely helps to get your mind and body in sync–just that you get used to listening and actually HEARING your bod more. peace! xoxo

  7. 7 Lizzy

    o girl, i can’t believe your time in SAN FRAN is almost over! Explore explore explore! I’m so glad that your liking yoga, it really does wonders for the body! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day

  8. I’m the same way with processed food. I will buy it for a treat and it’s gone in 2 days. Insane! I just love that crunch though.

    Uh, you’re making me want to try Daiya SO BADLY!!! Hopefully I can find it soon =(

    Buy Blue Diamond Almond Butter. It’s not too pricey and the salty taste is amazing!

  9. 9 April (Foods of April)

    That oatmeal looks so yummy but that’s depressing there’s no nut butter!!

    I’m the same way with tummy problems.. there’s some things that are so worth it!

    And I’d say buy the nut butter!! Peanut butters always a good call 🙂

  10. 10 Brandi

    that nectarine looks perfect!

    I would say yes to the nut butter 🙂 just plan stuff around that for a few snacks/meals and it’ll be gone in no time.

    not sure about sanFran – I’ve only been once for like a day!

  11. 11 Sara

    get it buy it do it – nut butter! you’ll use it up in yo’ green monstas in no time! you did say you found some almond breeze brand nut butter for supa supa cheap, about $3 earlier didnt ya!? or was it a special sale welcoming you to san fran haha?!

  12. Fungi goes bad when it’s slippery – I’m serious it gets all mushy and slippery. I’m sure you could cook it and wouldn’t know but if you’re eating it raw, it’s not the best thing to taste.

    Vegan cookies from the Midwest?! Holla fo a dolla! I have a name for your nutless oats but I don’t know if you want it on your blog – I’m sure if you think about it you’ll know where I’m going (it starts with a C) 😉

    Go for the nut butter, mama! Are you crazy?! I don’t know what brand (TJs is the cheapest though). As for what to do, I’m useless!

  13. kailey m’dear, you make me blush. aha! funny thing is even when my lazy ass doesn’t get around to blogging i always end up reading yours! so this post i had the belated realization that your not a permanent resident of san fran, your going back to the so homeland soon! too bad i’m visiting there in october 😦 bssss.
    welp live up your time there for the next two weeks woman!
    OH shall i say mad props to the oats? yes. but really… more so to the cookie tasting. haha!

  14. 14 bananasun

    13 days and no nut butter? That just ain’t cool.
    I say buy a jar, and then if you dont finish it, just pack it along with you.
    I pack jars of peanut butter with me when I travel all the time, and they travel great! Never opens during the flight or anything. And if your worried about mess you can always just put it in a plastic baggy. 🙂

    Enjoy your last 2 weeks in Cali!!

  15. sorry you’ve been feeling stressed my pet 😦 hope some R&R is just whatcha need to relieve yo’self!

    girl-fraaaan i could easily down two jars of PB in 13 days – i say you go for it 😉

    have a good one babygirl!

  16. TJs raw unsalted almond butter – buy it now!
    Love the bossy salad and the nutless oats! Oh and your orange nails are super cute!

  17. 17 Food n Fitness

    Yum, all your eats looks delicious!
    13 days….get the nut butter! That’s too long to go without! 🙂

  18. Mm, those oats looks so creamy with the almond milk – love! I haven’t had oatmeal all summer. I can’t wait for the humidity to go away so that I start craving them again.

    Sorry to hear about the stress 😦 I completely feel you on that this week. But it looks like a carb-lovin lunch and Tollhouse-esque cookie was just what the doctor ordered!

    PB? Go for it – is there someone you can give your jar to when you’re done who would accept it with open arms and a big smile? 🙂

    San Fran? Never been! I need to go sometime! Enjoy the last days of your time there, girly – you’ve done good.

  19. have you been to crissy field? i love that water front jog all the way up to (and across) the bridge? its got a spesh place in my ❤ (engagement spot)

    anyhoo, id say go to TJs and buy the smallest and cheapest nutbutter they have. or say eff it, and buy a vat of hummus instead 😉

    btw, the lonely brocc floret on the salad cracked me up….knowing how i am, i sense that there were more at one point that didnt make it to the plate? hummus takes care of that.

  20. I’m sorry about your stresses at work, that’s never any fun:( I have the perfect solution though…buy nut butter and smother it on everything within arm’s length. You totally deserve it:)

  21. i am fairly certain the fungi stay good for ages. maybe not forever, but for a long ass time. when they get slimy it is time to toss them. you awoke at 7:15 and didn’t get out of bed UNTIL 7:20? my dear snackyface, that is a mere 5 minutes. i lay in bed for a minimum of thirty! which is also why i set 3 alarms… anyway! sorry about the work troubles, sounds like you managed to pull through it and devour some sweet treats along the way. i have got to find a good vegan sugar cookie recipe for my vegan fruit pizza. i don’t even like sugar cookies either, i think it is the gross frosting that can usually be found on them. i hate frosting on anything. can’t you take an unfinished jar home with you? or are you afraid of nut splooge? (TWSS) san fran, i have only done the touristy jazz which i am sure youve done.. the wharf, the trolleys, yadda yadda. enjoy your last 2 weeks!

  22. 22 Amanda

    Defff get the nut butter. You can check it in your bag when going home, can’t you? What about TJs AB. As for San Fran, I would act like a tourist if I were you! Hop on a trolley, go down Lombard St, get dinner somewhere well-known in San Fran, have a picnic/ride bikes by the bridge, go to Alcatraz, maybe a baseball game?? Make the most of it!!

  23. oh those oats look too amazing!

    and i can’t believe you only have 13 days left! i feel like you just got there!!

    I would def get some pb…see if there’s a tj’s around and get kind that doesn’t have to be refrigerated!

  24. woo vegan baked goods and yoga 🙂 I would def. go for a new jar o’ nut butter as well. you can always bring it back home, right?

  25. 25 WholeBodyLove

    I think it would be really fun to make your own and document it on the blog! You could use peanuts, almonds, cashews or walnuts! You could even mix and match!

  26. 26 nutritionedge

    Definitely buy the nut butter! You have almost 2 weeks- you’ll finish it. You can always make a Thai inspired stir fry, or make a dressing out of it. Just buy a smaller size (500mL) versus the gigantic ones you can get. Glad you are loving bikram! I also use the term ‘ooogey’ which made me laugh. It is a perfect word for ‘off-ness’.
    Have a great weekend!

  27. go to golden era!! it’s the best vegetarian/vegan chinese food ever!!
    i’m not a big fan of chinese cuisine but this shizz rocked my world, especially the sweet and sour ‘chicken’.

    • 28 snackface

      Ashley – Buongiorno, bella! Thanks so much for the recommendation! I’ve actually been there once before (odd first “date”), and loved the sauces they had on their dishes. The faux-meat kinda freaked me out, but it was all still very good!

  28. For your last few days in SF, you should cross the Bay Bridge and check out Berkeley Bowl. The produce selection (organic and regular) is out of this world.

  29. 30 caitlin

    go to berkeley or oakland! you’re missing some of the best of the bay area by staying on the peninsula!

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