Are You Two Sisters?


Hello gorgeous people! I cannot tell you how many times MamaJ and I have been asked that this weekend. It’s hilarious and wonderful, all at the same time.

I could easily sum up our weekend in three words: shop, eat, walk. That’s basically it, and it has been fabulous.

FRIDAY was a fantastic day of food. I started with a green smoothie and was so ready for this gorgeous lunch when MamaJ joined us at 12:30 pm:

Naan pizza with salad. Unbelievable.

Naan pizza with salad. Unbelievable.

As if naan topped with Daiya cheese, kalamata olives, onions, tomato sauce, sundried tomatoes and basil wasn’t enough, Jennifer Fearing of HSUS brought the most amazing chocolate chip wonder cookies for dessert:

Mmmm. Can't pass that up.

Mmmm. Can't pass that up.

It was lovely to have MamaJ sitting next to me at lunch. It truly feels as though no time has passed since we last saw each other. The rest of the afternoon was a blur of work. I honestly just wanted to leave to meet MamaJ, get ready, then head to the Castro to meet Brooke and Britt!

We ate dinner at The Sausage Factory. How can you not eat at a place named The Sausage Factory. I took hideously blurry pictures of my salad and pasta primavera, but you’re not really missing anything so I’ll show you a much better picture instead:

Awww I love this picture!

Awww I love this picture!

We had a blast with B&B, just laughing our asses off about some crazy person B&B went to high school with. We also met Brian, a hilarious gay man who was intrigued by us and wanted in on the story-telling. The Castro is such a friendly place. I’ll miss it!

Brooke and Britt were so kind and gave us a tour of the city at night. After the gorgeousness, they dropped Mumsy and me off and we immediately went to bed.

SATURDAY started slowly, with us reading and easing into the day. Eventually we got ready and walked two miles to Judahlicious, a high raw and largely vegan cafe. Oh my gosh, I got the most amazing breakfast:

Acai bowl. The perfect mix of textures!

Acai bowl. The perfect mix of textures!

The acai bowl is essentially a smoothie topped with banana slices and hemp granola. Holy shhh this was so good! It was creamy, cool, crunchy and chewy. I will definitely be going back before I leave. MamaJ had an exquisite waffle that was filled with blueberries and banana.

For the entire afternoon, we walked around downtown, window shopped, walked fo evuh. I tried on the most beautiful pair of red patent Christian Dior peep-toe pumps. That was sheer torture. In no way can I afford anything like that, but I just wanted to know what they looked like. If anyone wants her legs to look five feet long, buy them. I’ll be envious.

I ate a Clif Mountain Mix Mojo bar at some point, as well as some pretzels while we got ready for dinner. We had reservations at the best vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco, Millennium. I have been dying to go here since I started to work at VegNews. Everyone in the office raves about it, so I knew it was going to be one of the best meals of my life. And it was. Well, almost.

For a cocktail, I sipped the Cool Hand Cuke, which was a cucumber vodka drink that honestly just tasted like a mojito. I love mojito’s, so I’m not complaining. We were seated before our 9:15 pm reservation, and I was completely overwhelmed by the menu. It’s not often I can order absolutely anything on the menu. To start, MamaJ and I both had the soup of the day:

Indian-spiced tomato-cauliflower puree. Delicious.

Indian-spiced tomato-cauliflower puree. Delicious.

MamaJ and I had big goals for the night, as in, we wanted three courses. Great idea in theory, bad in practice. I was already pretty full by the time I got to my second course:

Black bean torte. Gahhhh so good!

Black bean torte. Gahhhh so good!

All the pics I took were somewhat blurry, so I apologize. The pics Mumsy took, however, turned out much better. Her second course:

Fried green tomatoes with some tasty sauce. These were phenom.

Fried green tomatoes with some tasty sauce. These were phenom.

We were both completely stuffed after this. How? We have no idea. But we had to at least try our entrees. I got some potato-tempeh dish that was freaking fabulous, but I couldn’t fully enjoy it because I was so disgustingly full. It really was amazing, though:

Ick! Sorry for my poor photography skillz.

Ick! Sorry for my poor photography skillz.

MamaJ had “lobster” risotto that came topped with a phyllo purse of pureed corn and a side of greens. She didn’t exactly get a pic of the risotto, but you can see the pretty purse:

Still a much better pic than any of mine. Mama knows best.

Still a much better pic than any of mine. Mama knows best.

It was a beautiful dinner that was ridiculously delicious. Unfortunately, we were both miserably full after this. Like, food coma full. I don’t think either of us is used to course after course after course. I’m used to Huge Jasses.

We went home and I immediately fell asleep while watching Weeds. I also slept like a rock and had crazy dreams. Would I like to be an actress with a sexy, ripped co-star with whom I have to make out in real life? Yes, please.

SUNDAY morning I awoke at 9:20, whispered “hi” to my mommy and then tried not to fall asleep again. We were faster to move this morning, and I showered, prepped, then we headed out the door. When we got downtown, we went to a restaurant named David’s for brunch. Hmph. This was tough. The menu was full of meat, eggs, buttered things and they had no fruit or veggies on the breakfast menu. I ended up having two pieces of dry rye toast with some marmalade and coffee. Not exactly filling, but it was sustenance.

We walked around for hours, dipping into stores every now and then. It wasn’t until we were at Fisherman’s Wharf that I realized I was getting hangry (this was about three to four hours after my toast). I ate an apple I’d stashed in my purse, but it wasn’t cutting it.

An iced tea, piece of dark chocolate and two hours later, we stopped E&O Trading Co. for an early dinner. It was perfection. We split everything, starting with a Gem Miso salad:

Mmmm light and crisp with a perfect peanut-sesame vinaigrette.

Mmmm light and crisp with a perfect peanut-sesame vinaigrette.

The second plate we shared was chickpea fries! It came with a cilantro aioli, which I avoided. These fries were magnificent:

Cutest presentation!

Cutest presentation!

Lastly, we split the best dish of all: butternut squash dumplings in some insanely scrumptious coconut-lemongrass sauce:

Can I have ten more of these? Great, thanks!

Can I have ten more of these? Great, thanks!

We were perfectly content after this! I suppose we are lighter eaters or something? Nahhh. We headed home after dinner and stopped for a few things at Safeway. The Safeway near my apartment is a wreck. It’s horribly organized, but we made it through.

I had some pizza crust a couple hours after dinner because I was hungry and the leftovers needed some attention. I threw 80% of the leftover pizza away. Shame on me.

Now MamaJ and I are watching Weeds and sipping some red. Oh the life. I cannot believe I start my second to last week of work tomorrow. That’s so sad! Can’t think about it!

Anyway, Mumsy is here until Tuesday, so I am off to enjoy her company while I can! I hope your weekends were incredible!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What was the best meal of your life (thus far, of course)?
OK, that’s really impossible to answer. I think the food in my life just keeps getting better and better. This weekend, and past week now that I think about it, has to be one the the top three “great eats” weekends of my life. Millennium (!!!), Daiya cheese, chickpea fries, butternut squash dumplings. I mean, honestly, does it get better? There’s only one way to find out: keep eating.


33 Responses to “Are You Two Sisters?”

  1. chickpea fries sound soooo good

    Mama J sounds so much fun!! And so cute that peeps think you are sistahs! adorable!

  2. you and mamaj do look like sistas! people ask me and my mom that, it is too great. DUDE i am over here salivating over all your fabby eats as of late. you guys really know how to fine dine! sausage factory? hilarious. and the kalamata naan looks to die for. i love that you watch weeds with the moms. and that she is there for longer! have so much fun. xoxo

  3. 3 Lizzy

    Omg the Naan pizza and those chocolate chip cookies look to die for! so jeal!

  4. Haha such a hard question! Hmmm well in the past year my fav meal has by far been the Cow Tipper sandwich at Ike’s Place! He makes amazing vegetarian and vegan sandwiches in the Castro. Trust. I hit that place up almost every time I can. Also, love naan, and that’s pizza is giving me the idea to make my own. YUM!

  5. Oh Momz!
    They make chickpea fries at my bro’s resto! So freakin’ sick (in the West Coats BOMBIN way, ya know!)!
    If you like the sausage factory, you might love I didn’t say it was safe for work…

  6. So sorry I haven’t been around to comment in SO long! I’ve been slackin’ off on updating my Facineating-blog because I’ve been putting all my time on updating my more personal blog (which I will gladly email you the adress to, just leave me a comment and let me know, wanna keep the two blogs separate is all, that’s why I’m not announcing it officially). Anyway, so excited to hear about all your adventures with MamaJ! I just read through all your past posts! Looks like the most amazing eats ever! I am obsessing over that Acai bowl, I have GOT to try to re-create that!

  7. Oo, I’ve had that acai bowl before and I can definitely verify that it is truly delicious!

    Your mom must love being called your sister, that’s such a good compliment!

  8. Naan Pizza?!?! I just died.

    That picture of you and MamaJ is ADORABLE! I love it =)

    Ooo and that breakfast is fabulous! I love acai!

    Chickpea fries?!?! I just died…AGAIN!

  9. 9 gina (fitnessista)

    hahah “how could you not eat at a place called the sausage factory”? LOVE it
    all of the food looks wonderful and i’m so glad mamaj got to come and hang out with you!
    have a wonderful day ❤

  10. I wanted to go to Millenium so badly! It was right near my hotel. I didn’t get to go but Im so glad you enjoyed it!

  11. 11 Cyndie

    Ah, I lived in Brazil all last year and that bowl of Acai is a very popular dish right now. Here I was thinking that Americans couldn’t get Acai right – but that portion you had was spot on! I always asked for it topped with granola and bananas…mmmm. did it have a wierd – but interesting – flavor? I think you either like it or hate it.

    Acai is to Brazil what gelato is to Italy, for reference.

  12. What a fabulous feast at Millenium!!

    The best meal of my life = sushi/seaweed salad/mint sundae combination that I recently had at Pure Food & Wine in NYC!!

  13. thats the most gorgeous looking naan pizza ever – love the deep & vibrant colors!

  14. Comeeee on u couldn’t sell Mama J on the CD’s!!????? haha next timeee 😀

    Best meal= every restaurant week meal I had in Boston! It was definitely the 3 course wonder….on my budget any “first course”= hand in the box of Kashi’s.

  15. I’m 12 years old and can’t read about The Sausage Factory without giggling.

    Mojitos are pure love! If I have to have a mixed drink, it’s those fo’ sho’!! I know what you mean about being overwhelmed – when you’re used to picking between a side salad or something as equally as exciting it’s a shock to the system to go to a veg restaurant 😀 Your meal looks DELICIOUS!!

    Chickpea fries? Yes please. Glad you and Mama J had a blast so far! You guys are adorbs!!

    Best meal of my life? In Italy I had this lasagna that reminded me of spinach artichoke dip (no red sauce in it at all) and I died. This is why I don’t eat American Italian food, just doesn’t compare!

  16. glad that you’re having such a nice time with your mom. the butternut squash dumplings look awesome!

  17. 17 Clover

    This food makes me wish I lived in CA, but we have some good things here in nyc too :)))

  18. 18 lookingforserenity

    aww looks like you and your mom had an amazing time! 🙂

  19. I wish i had the dollar bills to buy a pair of christian dior shoes! One day… very far away. Omg the naan pizza looks amaaazing. Looks like you had a lovely time with mama J as always! Good luck with you second to last week.

  20. can i please have that cookie. now? thats all i have to say about that.

    you and your momz are SUPAH cute togeths. glad you are having a fun time!

  21. glad you two had a great weekend! Sometimes there really is nothing better than a little mommy time:)

  22. Wowzers – you have been having some seriously envy-inducing eats lately woman! Your mama is the cutest too. No doubt.
    That kalamata naan bread thing looks honestly so amazing, I could eat my own toes.
    Being too full to enjoy all the wonders at a restaurant is the worst! Splitting is the way to go. Enjoy your mum-time.

  23. I am loving “The Sausage Factory”….wish we had one around here! Your meals looked wonderful and looks like the company was even better 🙂

  24. 24 Cassie

    I think that you successfully had some of the best meals ever with your mama! I am so jealous! And naan pizza? Sounds like it’s to die for!

  25. geez, those chickpea fries look heavenly. I dont know if I could really name the best meal of my life, but a few weeks ago I tried this restaurant in Boulder called Sunflower, which is 100% organic. I had a spinach and lemon salad that was to die for and it has these brie baked croutons, mmm. Okay that might be my best meal ever!!

  26. holy smokes you and mama sure know how to live it up and find the hot spots for the best food in the world! can you guys stop being so fabulous?! i feel inadequate over hurr in CT reppin’ ancient diners and hole in the wall pizza places.

    glad you had such a great time miss Kai-lay 🙂

  27. 27 Aunt Doodle

    Tell me it isn’t so! MamaJ is in the Bay without Doodle in tow?

  28. 28 lowandbhold

    You and MamaJ are just too cute and all the eats look so great!

  29. 29 randomlymikey

    your eats have me drooling! why must it all look soooo good? it is way too hard to think of the best meal. but there is a lil taco shop in the ghetto that makes THE BEST burritos 🙂

  30. 30 WholeBodyLove

    The best meal of my life was the night that I became engaged. We went to Carlo and Johnny’s. I had tilapia and it was phenominal. The wine also rocked my socks off!

  31. what a great weekend with MamaJ! so jealous…makes me mis my momma!

    and your eats have be wanting to lick the screen…shame on you!

  32. mmm acai bowl… i don’t even know what that is but i want it. now. ohh and that nan pizza, plus chickpea fries… damn girl your eating like a queen down in san fran.
    oh can i just say, you and your ma are adorable!

  33. Mmm, the naan pizza looks delish!

    My favorite meal thus far has to be the Vegetarian Plate from Legal Seafoods in Boston. Holy wow 🙂

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