The Day of Amazing Food


Hola bonitas! I’m just poppin’ in for a hot second to update you all on the most delicious foods evuh.

The day started with a run, shower and green smoothie, complete with chit-chatting with MamaJ!

I went to work, found out my teammate was absent from work, was super stressed, ate a Z-bar, drank lots of coffee and eventually had an incredible lunch.

Elizabeth made chicken parmigiana with Gardein chick’n cutlets and Daiya cheese. Have you not heard of Daiya? Well, it’s a faux-cheese that has sinlge-handedly made over cheese for vegans. Guess what it doesn’t have in it? Soy. What’s it made of instead? Cassava root! AMAZING:

Bellissimo! (Could be incorrect spelling, mi dispiace.)

Bellissimo! (Could be incorrect spelling, mi dispiace.)

OK- it melts, it stretches, it’s light, it’s delicious, it’s perfection. Get on the Daiya bandwagon, pronto.

The afternoon was as stressful as the morning, but it was fun. We were laughing in the office at some really ridiculous people while enjoying Dandies and a raw trail mox of goji-, mul-, and goldenberries. Balance.

When I returned home at almost 7 pm (this is what happens when there are many deadlines and absent co-workers– don’t get me started), poor MamaJ had been waiting for several hours and was starving. Oh! She cleaned the apartment while I was at work! What the hell, you crazy woman! Thank you!

Anyway, we went to West Portal to see what restaurants had to offer us, and we selected a Mediterranean haunt, Bursa. Mediterranean is my absolute favorite type of food. I was in heaven:

Combination plate of all amazing Medi yums. Tried to avoid the dairy.

Combination plate of all amazing Medi yums. Tried to avoid the dairy.

We demolished that plate, scooping hummus and babaganouj (eek- sorry for that hideous spelling if it’s wrong!) up with warm pita. That is the perfect meal in my eyes. I also had a Greek salad, but wanted to share a pic of MamaJ’s salad instead, as she declared she had to move to Cali after her first bite of this:

Yep, that's an animal, but...

Yep, that's an animal, but...

MamaJ really, really loved this. It was pistachio-encrusted prawns on top of a salad with mango salsa. Doesn’t that sound ridiculously yummy? Thought so.

In true MamaJ fashion, we shared a bottle of crisp Pinot Grigio with dinner. The server was adorable and lovely, which helped the whole night be divine.

After dinner, we walked around West Portal and stopped into an organic shop so I could grab a kombucha for the morning. Look what I found:

To the left are normal-sized peanut butter jars. To the right are HUGE jars of almond butter.

To the left are normal-sized peanut butter jars. To the right are HUGE jars of almond butter.

You see that mammoth jar of MaraNatha almond butter? It was only $9.99. How? How in the world is that huge thing only $9.99? I so would have bought it if I weren’t going home in two weeks.

Anyway, we eventually made it home, stalked some people on (her idea, not mine) and called it a night.

I’ve gone for a truly gorgeous run this morning, showered and had a green smoothie with no almond butter (I swear I’m hungry already). Now I need to get my face on and head to work! I wish everyone fabulous Fridays! See you soon!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Are you jealous of those who got to go to the Healthy Living Summit? Why or why not?
I am! I would LOVE to meet everyone! Then again, I’m not sure whether the seminars and stuff would really apply to me. And some of/most of the sponsors make things I can’t eat. Bum.Mer. But, I would just really, really love to meet everyone!


30 Responses to “The Day of Amazing Food”

  1. 1 Cassie

    I wish I was at the Healthy Living Summit! I love the idea of everyone being there together and sharing their ideas and learning about new things! Plus, it seems like such a great opportunity to escape and head East for the weekend!

    Your meals look amazing! That salad your mom had looks like it’s to DIE for. Not to mention that huge jar of almond butter…

  2. Yeah I am SUPA jealous, because it would be wicked to meet all those other healthy bloggers! They also get a crapload of free and tasty treats, so right now my mouth is watering!

  3. 3 Lizzy

    Yes super jeal that they are all there, but lucky for us we do get to read all the fun recaps and Jenna just posted a vlogg! so thats awesome! your med food looked amazing!!!!! hope u and mamaj are having fun!

  4. i dig that snacky plate you fed you snacky face! looks so fab. hey, it may be an animal but if it motivates your mamaj to move to cali, then so be it! hah! we have those big jars of AB at costco here. i stay far away from them. far. i wish i was at the summit! for three reasons: 1. to meet errybody 2. i have never been to boston let alone the east coast anywhere and 3. to eat food.. obv.

    have a splendid weekend toots!

  5. I am so jealous I want to be in Boston too! Love all things Mediterranean myself but I’ve never tried falafel yet!

  6. All I know is that you and I are due for a meet up in Cleveland!

  7. I love going out to nice hummus filled dinners when the momz is treating!!! I’m glad u guys have the weekend to frolic now, I know u guys are known to hit up the bar scene with quite a flair πŸ˜€ have fun!

  8. yup, super jealous πŸ™‚ I think it would be SO much fun to meet everyone!

    great steal on that almond butter! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a jar that big.

  9. medditeranian (sp!) is my absolute fav food as well! yummm
    I am soooo jealous not going t othe summit, even though i am not one of the big bloggers i would love to meet them all. they are so nice

  10. 10 randomlymikey

    i’m sorry but those prawns look freakin fantastic! i am jealous for the same reasons as you. but i enjoy reading about it all the same.

  11. 11 lookingforserenity

    your food looks really good!!! i totally would’ve bought that HUGE JAR! πŸ™‚

  12. 12 Gina G

    hey Kailey! ive commented before idk if you remember me, im 17 and live in michigan. im so glad your having a good time with your momma, my mom is definetly one of my bestfriends! and yes i wish i was going to the summit! i would love to meet everyone and having been wanting to go there for sometime now. have a fabulous day! =)

    p.s. that is a good deal on almond butter, if you ever go to costco they sell them for even cheaper! i bought one for 6 something dollas

  13. 13 lowandbhold

    I’m pretty sure I want to BE MamaJ! The Med. food looks fab-tastic.

    I’m so sad I couldn’t go to the Healthy Living Summit. But it my brotha’s 30th b-day, so that’s the priority!

  14. mamaJ is the bomb diggity .. fbook stalking and pinot?! is she single? πŸ˜‰ jay kaaay — glad your having such a blastie ❀

    and am i jealous of HLS? you bet your sweet ass. It's a bloggie schmorgasborg at it's finest. blahhh

  15. Even though I work for CSD, I totally want to try that cheese!

  16. 16 clairedille

    I would also love to meet everyone in Boston for the HLS! It sounds like a lot of fun. Sounds like you are having a great time with MamaJ though!

  17. I was already “in the know” of this glorious Daiya cheese thanks to a vegan extraordinaire I know by the name of SnackFace πŸ˜€

    Pinot Grigio and plate of Mediterranean gloriousness?! You and Mama J would get along fabulously with me and Mama K! That is a BARGAIN on the AB!!

    Please tell me Mama J is going to meet the Irish boys?! Oh shenanies will be held!

  18. You bet I wish I were at the summit!! It looks like so much fun!!

    Mediterranean food is my absolute fave. I would have been all over that sampler plate too. I just tried a Gardein chicken cutlet for the first time this week and I loved it! Much less scary than some of the other fake meats out there and tasty to boot πŸ™‚

  19. If the summit was somewhere within driving distance, I would have liked to have gone.

  20. Im so jealous of all the ladies that got tickets to the HLS!!!! I live in Boston and couldn’t get a ticket, but I hope to go to one of the free events. I can’t wait to meet all the women who are putting it on!

  21. 21 Emily S.

    I sooo wish I could be at the HLS, it sounds like tons of fun. That is the biggest jar of AB I have ever seen!

  22. I bought Maranatha PB today but their Raw Almond Butter was $19.99! I wanted it so bad!!

    I am super jealous of those at HLS. Mostly because it’s taking place in one of my favorite cities ever. And I’d love to meet the girls who planned it!

  23. 23 WholeBodyLove

    Jealous? I think life is about choices not chances. I find that when I put forth my best effort, good things come. If I would have seriously tried to get to the summit, I may have been so fortunate as to go. But, my situation did not allow me to attend 😦 so I didn’t try to get a ticket

  24. Those ARE amazing eats!! Great almond butter find! I’ve gotten that jar at Costco for the same price – but never ever seen it that cheap at any other store!

    I’m super jealous of the HLS peeps. I want to visit Boston beyond belief AND I want to meet fellow bloggers!

  25. Mediterranean food is the GREATEST. Although as much as it’s delicious, I don’t think I’ve experienced any that looks remotely as delicious as yours and MamaJ’s does!
    What an amazing AB find too… too bad you couldn’t buy it, that’s such a steal!

    I would have loved to have been able to go to the summit. I wish it were closer! I’m sure it would have been so much fun… meeting everyone… and entire event surrounding FOOD… sigh!

  26. 26 Clover

    Everything looks so delicious, yr killing me.

  27. 27 Aunty Snooze

    What do you mean your Mother cleaned your apartment? Are you kidding me? I wish I was there with the two of you!
    I coulda entertained your Mama while your at work. In answer to your last post about the funniest injury. ask your Mother about the time we were getting dressed to go out and I brushed my teeth with icey hot. She’ll love telling you that story.
    Have fun ,give a big hug and kiss to your Mother from me. P.S. It’s Richard’s 19th birthday today and he can legally drink and buy booze now.
    Love the kitty blanket. you two need to go out and buy something kitsch to leave behind for the apartment. something with shamrocks ?

  28. Mmmmm – Mediterranean food is so bomb! Love it! That plate looks so gorgeous! And yay for Pinot Grigio over dinner with the ma! Sounds the best!!

    Oh so I had Chu-chu-chu-cheetahs on Thurs. = love.

  29. Vegan cheeses are so hit or miss! Thanks for the review πŸ™‚

  30. 30 Aunt Doodle

    Oh no…
    Tell me it isn’t so….MamaJ at the Bay without Doodle in tow?

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