Hola bonitas! The weekend has been lovely so far, and I’ve just upgraded the space on SnackFace. I feel much better now! We must bracktrack to Thursday to catch up, though, so let’s get hoppin’.

Thursday was a blast! I woke up early for a run. Yeah, this is what not to do merely 10 hours after you’ve just completed your first bikram class. My legs felt like lead! I just took my time and texted MamaJ on the last two miles in-between jogging spurts.

I had a green smoothie for breakfast, but will spare you that picture again. It was the usual: banana, spinach, almond butter, water and almond milk.

What’s more important is the insanity that happened after my lovely lunch. Lovely lunch:

Brought my own lunch!

Brought my own lunch!

I brought my own lunch because, well, I wanted to. And I had a feeling we had goodies coming after lunch. That yellow stuff on top is Parma! So good. Almost as good as…



Aren’t those stunning? We had the baker behind the drool-worthy blog, Cookies and CandidsΒ stop by for lunch, and she came bearing the best kind of gift, an edible one. The white and pink ones were White Chocolate Champagne and the dark ones were Chocolate Almond with a marzipan layer. Holy. F. In addition to that, Laura brought homemade caramelized banana ice cream. WHAT! Insanity. Our office is crazy. My pieces:

My favorite of the two. My being needs chocolate.

My favorite of the two. My being needs chocolate.

And the second sliver:

Champage with white chocolate ganache and gold sprinkles. Genius.

Champage with white chocolate ganache and gold sprinkles. Genius.

And the ice cream was phenomenal. I had two scoops:

Tiny scoop numba one. Too good to pass up another scoop.

Tiny scoop numba one. Too good to pass up another scoop.

Thursday night the work crew went out for Ike’s sandwiches and karaoke, a beautiful tradition. Charlotte and I split a sandwich because the last time I ate a whole one, I burped it up for 24 hours. This was perfect, though, and I made up for the other half with a bag of barbecue Dirty chips:

Dutch Crunch bread, faux turkey, avocado, lettuce, soy cheese, some delicious sauce. Amazing.

Dutch Crunch bread, faux turkey, avocado, lettuce, soy cheese, tomato, some delicious sauce. Amazing.

Karaoke was a blast, even though I didn’t get a chance to sing this time. Instead, I got to shout along to perfect strangers’ songs, including this gentleman who was rapping “to the windows, to walls, till the sweat drip down my balls.” Next time, that’s what I’m karaoke-ing:

Getting low with the DJ person.

Getting low with the DJ person.

I hope they don’t mind being on the blog. Anyway, I made it home past midnight, ate some crackers with peanut butter and hit the hay.

I took Friday off from exercise. I figured Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thursday had been enough. I had a pineapple, banana, kale juice to start the day and drank a kombucha throughout the morning. Liquids that don’t take scrumptious-looking photos. Lunch was solid, though:

Pink! Beet and cucumber salad, veggie burger, fried green tomato.

Pink! Beet and cucumber salad, veggie burger, fried green tomato.

My afternoon was stressfully busy, and all I wanted was to finish up and go out on the down with my ladies! I got off work after 6 pm, then snacked my way through the dinner hour with a couple plates that looked like a K Plate:

Tofu, mushrooms, hummus. Other plates had red pepper, tofu and wasa crackers.

Tofu, mushrooms, hummus. Other plates had red pepper, tofu and wasa crackers.

I primped and plastered my face in makeup (OK not plastered, but I enjoy playing up the eyes for night) for a couple hours, and before I knew it, I was reunited with this beauty:



We spent much of our night dancing on elevated surfaces. A view from our dancing positions:

Hey Kell's-goers!

Hey Kell's-goers!

Somehow, we had collected a following. Our bald groupies:

They loved taking pictures with us. Creepy.

They loved taking pictures with us. Creepy.

They were all very kind, but oddly wouldn’t leave us alone. We just wanna dance in peace, yo! I was doing a lot of this:

Hair Shield! Dancing, per usual.

Hair Shield! Dancing, per usual.

Eventually we left Kell’s and went back to the Irish lads’ house. Things got crazy and the stuffing was pulled out of one of the couches, which landed all over the floor. Thank goodness this is not my house:

Snowy floor and my gold foot.

Snowy floor and my gold foot.

Saturday was spent on the couch in fetal position. I slept horribly Friday night and awoke to a monthly surprise. Mutha f-in cramps ruled my Saturday. I ate oats in a jar at 11 am:

Topped with raspberry reduced-sugar jelly.

Topped with raspberry reduced-sugar jelly.

In the crunchy almond butter jar: 1/3 C oats, 1/2 banana, 1 C water, pumpkin pie spice and jelly. I have to be honest. The jar oats aren’t as good as I was expecting. I don’t enjoy the dry almond butter at the bottom, and I end up getting no almond butter until the end. And then it’s chunky and odd. Doesn’t mean I didn’t eat it all, though!

I spent an hour chatting with MamaJ, then watched Sex and the City, season four. Unsurprisingly, I dozed off while watching. Surprisingly, I dozed off for more than two hours! It felt amazing, and as soon as I woke up I changed for a run.

The run was great, but all I wanted to do was curl up at home the whole time. By the time I returned, showered and dressed, it had been many hours since breakfast. I whipped up dinner at 5:45 pm:

Kale salad and big Boca pattie.

Kale salad and big Boca pattie.

In the salad: kale, mushrooms, cherry toms, cucumber, ginger, 1/4 avocado mashed with Tapatio and pepper, drizzled with that dressing after the shoot.

The rest of the night consisted of three things: Sex and the City, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and snacking. And trying to distract myself from cramps, as I don’t have any ibuprofen in the apartment. Painful.

Now it’s 12:30 pm and I still haven’t eaten anything, showered or dressed. Time to pull this hiney off the couch! I don’t know what today’s plans are, but I have to get groceries and do some work. I’m just counting down the days until MamaJ gets here! THREE DAYS!!! Alright puddings, I’m off!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What television show is your go-to comfort and why?
SATC for me! MamaJ and I started to watch them on tape when I was a freshman in high school. It became our favorite and we started to purchase the DVDs whenever they came out. So for me, watching the show takes me back to my parents’ living room, eating saltines with Cheez-Whiz and laughing with MamaJ.


34 Responses to “Groupies”

  1. 1 lookingforserenity

    wow looks like you had an amazing weekend! I hope you are feeling better πŸ™‚

  2. Looks like you had a blast of a weekend!! Those cupcakes are sooo cute. The snow floor is hilarious, and yes, I’d be glad it wasn’t my house, too!

  3. I’m also an SATC girl all the way. I normally can’t watch anything more than once without getting ridiculously bored, but I can watch those 4 girls’ antics over and over and over.

  4. Gettin’ down!! Love it πŸ˜€

    My show = I won’t lie, I don’t get sick of BRAVO shows, hahahahaha. Guilty pleasures to the extreme.

  5. Why we are essentially the same persona?

    my saturday consisted of a familiar unwelcomed visitor, stomach ache/bottomless pit tum tum, me eating 1/2 a loaf of my gma’s spesh banana bread, and watching 8 hours of One Tree Hill, SATC, Bev Hills 90210 and Harry Potter….oh and a forced 6 mile training run. We are in the same boat my dear! Reason numero 2? Me and my momma used to watch all these shows when she would get home from work at midnight (shes a nurse), We would eat Cheeze-its and she’d drink wine! I miss those days!

  6. awww you and brookie, such love! My show is seinfeld for sure, i used to watch it with my pops and not understand a damn thing πŸ˜€ I’m a little more savvy slash less innocent now. Yay for K + momz time!

  7. 7 schmaddy

    I love, love, love reading up on “SnackFace” antics. Seriously need to get myself on this food blog train…your snapshots are always amaze! Comfort show is defski The Office, mainly because of the tact (or lack thereof) of Michael Scott and the charisma of Jim Halpert…and because a laughing fit is inevitable, of course!

  8. You know, my dearest, it’s such a shame that you have to test all of those horrible foods while you’re at work! I feel so bad for you πŸ˜€ I kid because you know I’d be elbows deep in those cupcakes in a heart beat!

    Awww – thanks for the shout out, mama! I’m DROOLING over the K Plate! I need some tofu in my life, asap! I’m glad you have reunited with the crazy crew that you have! I don’t know about the Mr. Cleans though πŸ˜‰

    My Go To shows – Friends! It was on so long that each season brings back other memories. YAHOO for mama time!!

  9. satc is a good one but i always go for cartoons or drama. im talking simpsons, spongebob, law and order svu. random, right?? looks like u are having a fun weekend!

  10. 10 Lizzy

    I need to go buy the seasons and watch myself silly. My obsession is FRIENDS! i have all 10 seasons. I got the last 5 a couple christmas’s ago, and for like 2 weeks straight thats all i did was watch friend’s dvd’s until they were done. needless to say i did barely nothing for those weeks. hahaha. glad your having a good weekend! πŸ™‚

  11. Lovely eats girl!!!! I’d have to agree with you about the oats in the nut butter jar. All I got when I tried it was dry AB globbed at the end. That sandwich looks bomb!!! My friend was raving about Dutch Crunch bread and I have no idea what it is, but I hope to try it sometime soon!
    My go-to TV show is anything on Food Network, but I absolutely love snuggling up and watching Weeds and Entourage!

  12. Mmm, oats in the nut butter jar. Can’t beat that breakfast!
    My go-to show is Charmed. I own the entire series on DVD and its one of those shows that I could watch over and over and never get bored. I think it’s a perfect blend of the supernatural, romance, action, humor, and normal life. (Kind of like Twilight! haha)

  13. hahaha.. you had me cracking up at the baldy groupies. they sound like creepers! then again if i saw the likes of you two dancing your faces off i might be inclined to creep as well πŸ˜‰ those cupcakes on the left are stunning! look too fancy to even eat. oh and that torn up casa, yeah thank god it was not yours. and good thing you didnt have to deal with it the next day! hmmmm i am guilty of watching the game show network non stop. i love the old school family feud, richard dawson is a p.i.m.p!

  14. Ooof, those cupcakes! Amazed!

  15. SOTC is my comfort show as well! I also like the Real Housewives series on Bravo haha:)

  16. That is indeed a lovely lunch!

  17. SATC is definitely one of my top three comfort shows. Seinfeld when I need a good, dependable laugh. And Desperate Housewives is definitely a curl up all day show.

  18. those cupcakes looks amazing! I love SATC too, definitely a comfort show!

  19. 19 homegirlcaneat

    THOSE CUPCAKES LOOK DI-VIIIIINE! You get such incred shiz at work! I wanna be a VegNews guest fo luncheon…that carries over into IKE’S then KARAOKE in da Castro! I was reading 7×7 magazine today (GO LOOK AT WEBSITE/GET THE MAGAZINE…it’s an AMAZING SF magazine) and it had features on all the SF neighborhoods and for the Castro it said go to Ike’s! DELISH!

    Anyways, baldies = oldies but not goodies… Caroline had a theory they were marines. I just think they were old.

    K I am off to midnight-mass-it. Wish you waz wit us 😦 Holla at a date this week or 3!


  20. MMMMM! So glad you talked about Ike’s here! That’s def my favorite place to eat sandwiches in the city. Looks like you have had a really amazing weekend!

  21. Kailey!!!! I miss you sososososososo much. I feel like such a horrible FRIEND! Life at the sororit-ayyy house has been crazy, and my voice is now deep and very raspy. Sexy. I’m loving it though, but miss my girllzzzzz!

    Your kale salads look beautiful, although i’m not sure how they would taste….since i’ve never had raw kale! Only sauteed, at some vegan restaurant. LOVED IT. But hmmmmm, meals start tomorrow….so you know i’ll be throwing together some gorgy salads that can replicate your as much as possible! If only I could get some avo up in thurrr, i’d be so happy.

    I miss brookie too, and your guys’ pic is just adorb. Lookin’ GORGEOUS ladies, super adorable. I will always and forever be jealous of your pretty, wavy/straight hair!

    The tofu snack platter, vegan cupcakes and that sandwich also look and sound amazing. I already miss my fake turkey!

    Alright my love, time for this girl to sleep. Waking up at 7 and barely stopping for just a quick lunch and a few water breaks is exhausting! You understand!

    xoooooooo feel free to text me anytime! πŸ™‚

  22. 22 rediscoveringlauren

    hi girlie
    it sounds like you had a fun weekend πŸ™‚
    those cupcakes look delicious and so cute!
    bahaha collecting a group of bald men…so random!
    Enjoy the rest of your sunday hun

  23. Those cupcakes look yummy! My go-to comfort show is Gilmore Girls because I used to watch it every Tuesday with my mom.
    Sorry you’re not feeling well. Those thermacare heat wraps always work for me.

  24. 24 Marisa

    Weekend looked super fun! I can totally feel for you. Cramps suck. A lot. Anyways, that carmelized banana ice cream looks delicious! A local ice cream shack serves up banana 2-3 times a month (the flavors change daily) and you can bet I’m there at least 2 of the 3 times. It’s even better because it’s homemade as well and it doesn’t taste like the processed junk you get at other places. Just thought I would let you know the Teen Choice Awards are on tonight on Fox. Some of my friends and I are getting together to watch it. Ya, it’s kinda lame that I’m watching the Teen Choice Awards when I’m not even a teen, but Robert Pattinson will be there and that’s reason enough to watch. Seriously…who could pass him up?
    It airs tonight on Fox @ 8…., well I guess since you are in Cali it will air at 5? Not sure, but I live in Pennsylvania and I know it airs at 8 here. Sorry if he’s not your type but I’m fairly sure that he looks even more delicious than that banana ice cream.

    (Tried to post a pic of him from last night but my computer wouldn’t let me. Ugh. Technology these days.)

  25. it looks like you had so much fun girly! those cupcakes look to die for!!!

  26. 27 Katharina

    Those pancakes look so beautiful and fancy shmancy πŸ˜€

    Hm.. my comfort tv-show is… The Golden Girls or The Nanny… or As Told By Ginger lol.

  27. 28 elise

    to the windows…haha. love it when you get danceface kails!!! also, way to rep your name, and go all out with the kale lovin. sarah would be proud πŸ™‚

    bravo. damn addiction. of course friends and SATC are solid backup options, but ive seen them all so many GD times i may as well just recite the entire eps, no tv needed.

  28. 29 lowandbhold

    So much goodness in this post I don’t even know where to start. So I’ll start with the bad – sorry about the cramps! That’s the worst.

    My fave comfort shows are definitely SATC and Friends. I was into them at two different times of my life, but they always make me laugh.

  29. Sounds like you had a fun weekend filled with lots of beautiful eats!

    My go-to comfort show? Gossip Girl, for sure. I live vicariously through Blair Waldorf! And the clothes are to die for.

  30. what a fun weekend! you always have soooo much fun. jealousy is running through me.

  31. 32 randomlymikey

    cupcakes, holla!!!!!
    i have to admit my go-to show is the simpsons. i’m just a kid at heart.

  32. oh em gee girl, carmelized banana ice cream?? Holy heaven. LOL to the bald dudes – I hate those attracting the weird creeper nights.

  33. 34 WholeBodyLove

    I like the Real Housewives of…wherever they are this season. But, my big comfort is Roseanne =no thinking required, only laughing necessary.

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