Bikram Babe


Hi pooks! It’s a little late for me to be posting, as bikram class was from 7-8:30 pm, then the gang stopped to get groceries and then I finally made it home. Another speed round, you say? Correcto.

When my alarm went off this morning I did not want to get out of bed at all. It was gloomy outside, and although I got a solid eight hours of sleep (yes! I am finally getting a hang of this sleep thing), I just wanted to stay in bed. Alas, I pulled my drool-encrusted self out of bed, washed the face and made a greenie:

Extra bubbly top.

Extra bubbly top.

In the mix: 1 banana, tons of spinach, pumpkin pie spice, 1 1/2 cup water+almond milk mixture and a spoon of almond butter. This “recipe” will most likely always be the same. It needs nothing more. Actually, that’s a lie. I’d love some VEGA up in thurr, but I’ll wait until I have money so I can purchase some hemp protein.

Work was, surprise, surprise, supah busy. A lot of writing, brainstorming, researching, editing, you know how it is. I was starving by 10:30 am and had a Fuji. Why are they the best? Fujis and Honeycrisps. And I used to be such a Pink Lady…don’t know what happened.

Lunch was spectacular today:

Beef stir-fry covered in Parma! and TJ's Chile Sauce.

Beef stir-fry covered in Parma! and TJ's Chile Sauce.

Elizabeth whipped together a bangin’ stir-fry using Gardein beef tips, which are made partially from quinoa and kamut (like the chicken from Monday’s ridiculousness). Seriously, when these products hit the freezer section, TRY THEM. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

We also had some cheesecakes sent to us, and we absolutely had to try them today. My tiny slivers:

RAW Cheesecake. Lemon, Strawberry and Raspberry (hiding).

RAW Cheesecake. Lemon, Strawberry and Raspberry (hiding).

I’ll be frank: I think raw cheesecake is better than real cheesecake. Call me crazy, but this stuff was delicious! It’s made by Earth Cafe, which I was told is available at some Whole Foods. Every bite I was thinking, “no way. No f-ing way!” But yes, yes way.

We had a gigantic afternoon meeting to plan out the 2010 issues of the magazine. I love hearing everyone’s ideas! Brainstorming meetings have to be one of my favorite parts about the whole magazine process, and I’m so thankful to be a part of it at VegNews.

Our meeting lasted from 3 pm till past 5, almost 6. I quickly hopped to my apartment, changed for yoga and then went back to the office so Elizabeth could drive us there.

SnackFace’s first bikram yoga experience? Phenomenal. I’m in LOVE! Never has my body been pushed like that, nor has it ever sweat that much. I mean dripping. Like, maybe the first layer of sweat to come out was just stank, but after that, I swear water was simply pouring from my body. I’m not a super sweaty person, so this was all fascinating to me.

I didn’t sit out on any of the poses; I really pushed myself. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I’m really competitive, mostly with myself. What I loved most about bikram was the intense concentration on the body– not what the body looks like, but what the body can do and how it feels. The instructor, Ryan (she was amazing), told us to leave our brains outside; this is solely about the physical body. So I did. I didn’t care whether this was hanging out or that was bulging, or anything like that. It was freeing. I didn’t think about much at all. Now that’s a rarity.

At the end of the class I was laying in savasana (I think that’s what the corpse pose is called?) and I felt my blood flowing through me, my heart pumping, my lungs expanding and contracting, and I felt alive. My whole body was humming. And my asscrack was sweating.

Actually, my entire body was drenched and glossy with sweat. Sex-ay. After class we hit up a grocery store for a bit and I got essentials. By the time I got home it was past nine. Dinner was pure SnackFace:

Snack plate with hummus! Perfection.

Snack plate with hummus! Perfection.

On the plate: Kashi Heart to Heart woven crackers, carrots, mushrooms, cherry toms, baked teriyaki tofu that I put on the crackers and pretended was cheese. I went back for a few more crackers after I finished the plate, naturally.

And now that I’m showered, it may be time for bed. Tomorrow is going to be huge: vegan sammies and karaoke after work! Woopwoop! If you have any questions about my bikram experience, please feel free to ask. OH! And I paid for a whole month of classes, if that gives you any indication of how much I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Alright pudding pops, I’m out!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s the last thing you purchased that’s good for your being?
Other than delicious food and The Time Traveler’s Wife, buying  a month’s membership is kind of a big deal to me. One of the main reasons I started to run this summer was so that I didn’t have to spend money on a gym membership. But this is something so different than going to the gym, wheeling on the elliptical and pushing a few machines up and down. Mind you, I’ll do that when I go back to school, but one bikram class has made me feel more alive and happy than any gym session has. Or maybe I’m just on some sort of yoga high right now… 🙂


35 Responses to “Bikram Babe”

  1. Glad to hear the class went so well!

  2. so glad you loved the class! i don’t have a gym membership anymore and am purely going to do bikram in the winter, and run in teh warmer months. i cant wait to do it again… you have me craving it!

  3. 3 rediscoveringlauren

    Hi sweetheart,
    Im glad you enjoyed the yoga class 🙂 it sounds great!
    i think your internship sounds absolutely amazing…a dream internship 🙂
    lunch looks delicious!
    have a great nights sleep, its awesome your finally getting a full 8 hours of shut eye!

  4. Hmm…the last things I purchased just for me are pretty similar to yours! i got the boxed set of Southern Vampire novels from Amazon while I was ordering my hubby’s birthday gift (one for me, one for you 😉 ), and I’m about to renew my yoga pass.

    I agree with you that practicing yoga is so much different than other types of exercise. I love the focus on the individual beauty and ability of everyone’s bodies. There is no competition with others in yoga, only the drive to push yourself further and truly challenge your being.

  5. “My whole body was humming. And my asscrack was sweating.” Love it! I’ve never tried bikram before and am really just getting into yoga (I did a DVD for the second time ever last night), but I love how you said it made you feel free – I definitely need that!

    That stir-fry and raw cheesecake definitely look delicious 🙂 The last purchase I made that was good for my being was probably The Office seasons on DVD. Sounds strange, but Bobby and I are hooked and they have really helped take the stress out of a long day by being able to laugh continuously every night.

    I really want to read Time Traveler’s Wife, though!

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed Bikram yoga, I really want to try it soon! That cheesecake looks absolutely mind blowing, by the way:)

    The best thing I have purchased for my “being” recentley was a huge ass bar of 100 percent dark chocolate:)

  7. 7 Coco

    mmmmm I love raw cheesecake. I’m not a cheesecake fan and I’ve tried the raw stuff from Whole Foods and it was super impressive! YUMO I want your job hahaha. The last thing I bought for my well being besides the huge grocery excursion to Whole Foods yesterday was a microdermabrasion facial before I left home. My face felt like a baby’s bum after! Have a great day my dear!

  8. I think apples are all about seasons. Some taste better at certain times. I used to be OBSESSED with Jonagold apples. But I always go back to Fuji and Gala…sometimes Pink Lady.

    I totally agree, raw cheesecake is the s&#!

    I NEED to try Bikram now! I don’t sweat at all when I work out so I think it would be a challenge to myself to see how much I can sweat haha. I also love to push myself and be as perfect as possible in yoga. I know that is totally not the point but whateves.

  9. That’s awesome that bikram left you feeling so good! You make me want to try it. I also want to try that raw cheesecake (!). What’s it made out of?

    The last thing I bought for my well being was a tiny bag of chia seeds. Woohoo!

  10. Glad to hear you loved the Bikram, and that raw cheesecake looks divine!

  11. i’m glad you loved bikram! that’s awesome.

  12. 12 foodforfuel

    i’ve been thinking about trying different types of yoga for awhile now– i had a yoga dvd that i loved (and lost!! *tear*) but i’ve never taken a legit yoga class because in my mind, i’ve always convinced myself that it’s not as much of a “workout” as cardio is (which is totally irrational and NOT TRUE, i know!!) I might not hop into bikram yoga right away, but your post has inspired me to get my butt to a regular yoga class first and see how it goes 😉

  13. Pink Ladies are totally my favorite apple. Unfortunate that they are the most expensive ones at my grocery store too. Er well. I also love Honeycrisp but they’re always so BIG! My go-to cheapie apple is always a Braeburn though. I could talk apples all day…

  14. That cheesecake looks droolworthy!!

  15. I’m a gala girl when it comes to apples – I love ’em! I need to try this Parma stuff! It sounds bueno 🙂

    I’m DROOLING over the cheesecake! That is my favorite dessert (well, besides tiramisu) and it looks FANTASTIC! Glad you had a food bikram experience! I haven’t tried bikram but the first time I ever did yoga our instructor kicked our asses so it was like baby’s bikram 😉

    Your dinner has got me twitching! I’m going through ‘fu withdrawals and I just want to gobble that whole plate up! YAY Karaoke! Have a blast, ma!!

    This sounds ridiculous but my blackberry was well worth the purchase! I’m SO addicted it hurts. Probably not good for my being but I don’t care 😉

  16. 16 Lizzy

    Kailey i’m so happy that you loved Bikram yoga! i’ve done it before and i actually really liked it myself! i had to stop going for a while, but i totally want to redo it again, after hearing your experiences with it! I’m like so excited! 🙂

  17. 17 lookingforserenity

    happy to hear your yoga class went well! I really want to try that sometime 🙂

  18. Yay! I glad you liked Bikram.

  19. glad to hear you liked the class! The cheesecake looks AMAZING! yumyumyum 😉

  20. Oh I want raw cheesecake NOW… looks amazing!

    I bought myself some two pairs of running sneaks and some good sneaks for the gym as well- it was a big investment but last year I was running/walking/commuting/playing in the same sneaks and I realized that wasn’t good for my body and worth the investment

  21. I’ve been really wanting to take Bikram, but I’m nervous that I will completely overheat! You might have inspired me to take it 🙂

  22. Bikram Yoga kind of scares me. I sweat a lot to begin with. Don’t get me wrong, I love yoga but I think I’d die if I tried Bikram!

  23. RAW cheesecake? i need to find a recipe for that! sounds complicated but shiii if you say it is better than the real stuff?! yum. love the snacky plate, glad you liked bikram, umm does healthy veggies at the FM count?

  24. The “humming” feeling never goes away! I am a bikram fanatic. I practice at least 5 times a week. I am addicted to that humming =) Keep it up!

  25. 25 WholeBodyLove

    I really want to try Bikram. But, the closest thing offered at my studio is hot Vinyasa

  26. I love your blog – you’re a great writer! I’m new to the blogging world 🙂 Isn’t bikram the best? It’s so hard, but I’m always so happy after I go.

    • 27 snackface

      Laine – Aw thanks for the writing compliment! That just made my day! And WELCOME to the blogging world! Woohoo!

  27. A boob job. No, just kidding!! I’ll have to think about that….

    Sooo all of your food looks incredibly amazing, as per usual.. And the tj’s chili sauce is makin’ my mouth water! I LOVE that sh!t.

    Bikram sounds so amazing! Your detailed experience makes me wanna try it, NOW! Maybe they’ll be offering the class at my school’s gym…and if so i’m gonna just go and let it alllll hang out! Who kurrrs what I look like when i’m workin’ out, right? It’s all about feelin’ good and gettin’ yo sweat on!

    And agreed. ANY vegan cake is usually better than the real deal, well sometimes. Like vegan carrot cake??? Ohhh my!

    And now i see yet another new fab flavor of sabra hummus that i need to try. Maybe arizona will have all of the exciting flavors and my sorority house will constantly be in stock. A girl can dream!

    Road trippin’ tomorrow! So expect a text. 🙂 Hope karaoke was fun! LOVE YA!

  28. 29 Michal Mymo

    Im glad that you enjoyed your yoga class 🙂 I would have to say the last thing i purchased thats good for me would be new hair bands and sports bras for the gym lol. Your stir fry looks delish too!

  29. 30 Aunty Snooze

    The last good thing I did for myself is I went to see West Side Story at the Stratford Festival.
    What I do for my self is pilates as it straightens out this fat old ladies body of mine and I feel like new,so I start my day with pilates and yoga puts me to sleep so it has to be in the vening so I can crawl into bed.
    We’re off to Belleville and Prince Edward County now for the weekend.
    Keep eating that green SH@#(* it’s good for ya.
    Love you

  30. 31 randomlymikey

    i love bikram. or any yoga, lol. that cheesecake is seriously so beautiful. i want it now! i cannot remember the last thing i bought that was good for my well being. i guess my running shoes but that was awhile ago 😦

  31. 32 elise

    i really need to grow a pair and try bikram…i wish i had a friend to go with so i wouldnt feel so nervous about being the only lamo amateur…meh.

    you have the best job evah!!!

  32. Raw cheesecake sounds fabbo!!!

  33. 34 Susan

    hi kailey! i love your blog! you’re hilarious and you seriously have me cracking up. =) it is so cool that you get to intern at vegnews for the summer–awesome opportunity for you! i’d say that the last big purchase for my health were a set of running tops and skirts from lululemon. i’m living in the czech republic, so it’s hard to come by nice, functional workout clothes at decent prices. when i was home in chicago last month, i went a little crazy there, but it was so worth it! and we’re thinking of buying a stationary bike, so that would be a huge purchase, but a great investment!

    btw, how is the time traveler’s wife? i’ve been seeing it and hearing about it everywhere lately.

    • 35 snackface

      Susan – Hello chiquita! Thanks so much for reading SnackFace and finding me somewhat humorous! I just wanted to share that I’m a bit past 300 pages in The Time Traveler’s Wife and I never want it to end. It’s such a beautiful love story and the writing is incredible. It’s something I look forward to every single day, which is just how novels should be! I urge everyone to read it!

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