Kale Chips


Buongiorno bellas!Β How we doin’? Things are fab over here in SF, but I have a love story that so needs my attention right now and I’ve been at the computadora all day. I still gotta get my blog love in, though! Therefore, this one may be fast n’ dirty.

I casually awoke at 7am to vibrant sunshine bursting through the shades. Summer has finally arrived in the Bay! I started the day very slowly and wanted to read just a page or two of The Time Traveler’s Wife (TTTW). Thirty minutes later, I realized, “F! I need to get ready!” After I washed ma face, I quickly whipped together some oats classica:



Sprawled out in the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, pinch of pumpkin pie spice, 1/2 thinly sliced naner and a spoon of crunchy peanut butter. As delightful as this was, I really missed my greenie! The spinach shall return Wednesday morning.

The morning at work was filled with a meeting, coffee, cherries and freaking out because I had to make lunch and had no idea what to make. I’m always afraid my co-workers are going to be bummed with what I make, as elaboration is not my thang. I like clean, simple, mostly healthy:

Spicy black beans, brown rice, spinach and wax bean salad.

Spicy black beans, brown rice, spinach and wax bean salad.

I simmered red pepper and onion for a while, added two cans of black beans, cayenne, water, salt and then added tomatoes at the very end. They were good, nothing remarkable, but good. I doused it all in chile sauce, a newfound love of mine.

You know what else I love? Chicago Soydairy’s Dandies. Vegan marshmallows that are light and fluffy as clouds, and I’d say taste even better than non-vegan marshmallows. Someone sent a box full of them to the office. Elizabeth, thank you for your connections, and Chicago Soydairy, thank you for being bossy and making killer products. (Shelbs, you are a lucky lady to work for such a marvelous company.)

The afternoon was so busy it made my head hurt. Lists are definitely coming in handy as the projects keep piling on. Being busy makes me so happy, though! I had an apple at some point before I left.

I returned home shortly after 6 pm and wanted nothing but to run in the vivacious sunshine! So I took another ridiculously, breathtakingly beautiful run. Somehow the four miles were over in only 42 minutes–way too short! OK, not way too short. I prefer 50 for some peculiar reason.

Anyway, I was sweating like a wh*re in church (MamaJ saying!) when I stepped foot into my apartment, so I immediately took a cool shower. When I was dressed again, I assembled dinner.

Mama LovIn has been calling me Kale Chips for a while now, which makes my heart melt. I’mΒ thrilled that I’ve finally eaten kale chips so she can call me that with validity:

Kale wrap and kale chips. With obligatory ketchup.

Kale wrap and kale chips. With obligatory ketchup.

In the wrap: pickled ginger, sliced cucumber (which was a rubbery as a dil– uh, tire), kale and sesame miso dressing. For the kale chips, I sprayed a baking sheet with non-stick, threw some kale on there, sprayed it again and popped it into a 400* oven for four or five minutes. I smelled them starting to burn so I snatched ’em outta there. So fun and crispay!

I wasn’t full after that, so I had dessert:

So sorry about the blur. My skillz be weak!

So sorry about the blur. My skillz be weak!

So, I wanted to test out which tastes better with sweet potatoes: almond butter or peanut butter. I just tried one little dab of each to see. Verdict? Peanut butter. The flavors meld well, while with the almond butter, I taste it first, then the sweet potato. Just wanted to clear that up in case anyone was wondering.

Oh! I think I’m going to my first Bikram class after work tomorrow! I was supposed to go today, but other VegNewsies are going tomorrow instead. I don’t want my first time to be alone! I’ve only done yoga (that cannot be the right verbage, I’m sorry!) a handful of times, so this should be interesting.

Alright lovepies, it’s about to get Reading Rainbow up in hurr, so I’m out. Love you all!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Have you Bikram-ed before? How was it? Am I going to sweat like a mutha? Am I going to pass out? These are my worries!


44 Responses to “Kale Chips”

  1. 1 Amanda

    I’ve never done Bikram before – I personally prefer Vinyasa. Make sure that you hydrate really well all day tomorrow – tonsss of water, and something with electrolytes, if possible. Take it easy your first time (I did have a friend who almost passed out due to poor prep). Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. 2 WholeBodyLove

    I am new to yoga too but I really want to try Bikram. My yoga studio doesn’t offer it though. So, I am taking a hot vinyasa class instead πŸ™‚

  3. 3 Sara

    hey! what a name – kale chips πŸ™‚ I stumbled on your blog from HealthyTippingPoint I believe, and was so hooked that I read it from beginning to end when I saw you had just started… it’s nice to know your whole blog story and follow you from now on in!

    I’ve been wanting to send you this for a little while because it’s similar to your barber shop story! http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/toronto/archive/2009/08/01/dream-weavers-a-shift-at-an-eglinton-west-hair-salon.aspx
    What do you think?!

    I love yoga and went to my first Bikhram classes earlier this summer… i had just moved with only essentials to a new town and had no yoga-appropriate clothing on hand! I had to work it in sweatpant capris and a thick tanktop and ya know what?! I was fine!! I was worried beforehand but when you get in there it’s really not that bad. YES you WILL be dripping sweat off your arms and watching it drip onto the floor in warrior etc but nothing more than you can’t handle, promise. When it comes to clothing in there, less is more… but remember that if you wear really thin cotton tanks/shorts, sweat will soak through them and they WILL stick to you a la nastayyy!!! Dri-fit stuff is best but seriously, work with what you have at first and don’t forget to bring an extra hand/face/golf towel to wipe off in the class.

    Oh ya and don’t wear anything in which you’ll flash the entire class… speaking from experience!


    Hope I helped!

    • 4 snackface

      Sara – Oh my gosh!!! Wow! Thank you so much for reading from the beggining to the end (rather, end to beginning?). I’m thrilled you like a lil SnackFace! Woopwoop! And about the link–I’ll have to check that later, but I’ll let you know what I think! Thanks again, sweetpea!

      • 5 Sara

        you are just so hilarious and full of fun, and make me miss my undergrad dayz!! did ya read the article yet? no, dont read it yet…. have a blasty in SF instead!

  4. Just remember to hydrate! It’s a fun experience and while at first you may get the “pass out” feeling, soon you will zone out and be in tune. You definitely cannot try to go full out your first time. ANyways those kale chips are lookin bomb!

  5. mmmm p.b. and sweet potato! YUM!
    I did Bikram…and wrote about it here: http://www.feedmeimcranky.com/?p=781

    I can’t wait to hear what you think about it!

  6. ive been on the lookout for those vegan marshmallows so i can make the boys some rice krispie treats! they seriously can make anything vegan these days. lovely. i am sure you appreciate that! i bought some kale at the FM today~mayhaps i will try the chip route. never done bikram but i hear it is killer-have fun!!

  7. I am excited to see how yoga goes!

  8. YAY!!!! KALE CHIPS!!! You are so legit now.

    So I tried blogging in the notes section of FB tonight, and you can subscribe to the notes in your Reader! I almost have a real blog now.

    Thanks for all your support hon. I just love you.

  9. 11 Jaci

    I’ve done a good amount of bikram yoga and my advice is to hydrate a ton before the class, make sure you keep breathing the entire time so you don’t get dizzy or anything, and yes. You’re going to sweat like you’ve never sweat before! Good luck and enjoy!

  10. Bik is my favorite kind of yoga (I don’t like a lot of vinyasas that other types of yoga has and the pace of the class is very appealing for my ADD). Yes, it is hot. It will be like practicing in a sauna. But it will feel amazing. Bring a nice big container of water with you (like 32 oz) and add in a little pack of Emergen-C to replenish your electrolytes as you practice. My Bik studio sells the EmergenCs and has also started selling coconut water, but I think peeps be using the coco water for after practice. I like a little bit of the fructose during my practice so I don’t get shaky.

    OH, also be sure to wear as little clothes as you can without being indecent. Shorty short booty shorts and a sports bra kind of deal. No pants. You will die. It’s not like regular yoga.

    If you do feel sick during a pose, just lay down on your mat while the class continues. This is totally acceptable etiquette (leaving during the class unless you are going to be very sick is not appropriate as it distracts the students and lets the heat out). Lay down as often as you need to and lay there as long as you need to until you feel ready to go on in the class.

    Have a great time!

  11. LOVE LOVE BIKRAM! i find it better for me to do in the colder months because i overheat really easily, but its amazing. you will feel SO good when youre done! its hot as hell, but you can do it. you can always sit out poses or lay down to let your body catch up with you and its no big deal. i’d wear a skimpy number too, so that your clothes won’t trap more heat on your body. cant’ wait to hear what you think about it… i love my summer but also can’t wait for winter so i can bikram it up all the time πŸ™‚

  12. OH! I forgot… you’ll need a towel to go on top of your yoga mat to absorb the sweat. I also like to bring a hand towel to wipe my sweaty face between poses. The hand towel comes in handy on the floor series when you have to put your face down on the same towel your sweaty feet were standing on during the standing series. πŸ™‚

  13. 15 slowdownyoureats

    I just did my first Bikram class on Monday, and I LOVED it. Like you, I’d only done yoga a handful of times but I didn’t feel inexperienced or out of place at all and I actually forgot about the buckets of sweat pouring out of me once the class got underway. Hopefully you love it too!!! πŸ™‚

  14. I just did Bikram for the first time on Monday!!! I blogged about it if you want a recap. Basically, I love LOVED it. Don’t be scared! And bring some aqua….like enough for a small country.

  15. Hi Kailey! I’m a new blogger (just started yesterday), but I just wanted to say that I love your blog! I practiced Bikram yoga when I lived in Philadelphia for college, and I loved it. Like everyone else said, be prepared to sweat and definitely hydrate like crazy. I think I brought at least three water bottles to each session… hope you have a good time!

    • 18 snackface

      Tracy – Hey girrrl! Thanks for enjoying the blog! And a HUGE WELCOME to the blog world! It will do nothing but amazing things for you! I’m heading over to check it out!

  16. I love Bikram, but you are gonna sweat like a motha fo’ sho’. I sweat like a motha’ in regular power yoga though, so maybe I am not the best example?

  17. 20 gina (fitnessista)

    i hope you loved bikram! it’s seriously my favorite workout and if we had a studio here in v-town i’d be there everyday. the most important thing is to hydrate the day BEFORE,… i’ve gone with a hangover before and it wasn’t pretty hahah. but yes, you will sweat like a motha, and when you leave, you’ll feel like a million bucks. it’s addicting, for real.
    have a great day! ❀

  18. 21 lookingforserenity

    The lunch you cooked looks fab πŸ™‚ and I ordered the time travelers wife- im excited to read it πŸ™‚

  19. Woo, thanks for the shout-out girl! I’m so glad you liked them, I think they taste better than the “real” things too =)

    Mmm, I’m loving all the kale in this post! And the sweet p fries. Yummy.

    I wish I could get to a Bikram class, I gotta save up my money for that one!

  20. 23 Lizzy

    kailey i hope you really like bikram. I’ve tried it before. i went to a few classes and to be honest it just wasnt for me. I did sweat alot, and it did make my body feel really good (now thinking to myself why didn’t i like it.) I dunno maybe i should try again, but plain and simple its a good experience and i really think your going to like it. Like other people said make sure to bring water and a towel to put over your mat!

    Where do i get Kale? I want to try it soooo bad!

    Enjoy your day πŸ™‚

  21. i haven’t made kale chips in a long time, but now I want them!

    have fun in yoga – I’ve never done bikram before, but that will be fun going with your friends.

  22. hahaha love MamaJ’s saying about a whore in church. πŸ˜‰ Have fun at bikram! I’ve never done it, but it sounds pretty intense.

  23. 26 Lauryn

    MamaJ quotes + one beautiful bowl of oats + sweet potatoes (+ nut butter x 2) + bikram = LIVING THE GOOD LIFE via post! haha not gonna lie, i raced over to read this after seeing your tweet last night and i was not disappointed, of course πŸ™‚ love you boo!

  24. Bikram is AWESOME! I did it for the first time not too long ago and was also hesitant, but my sweatin’ butt LOVED it! I can’t wait to hear if you did too. (p.s. – I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now… love it!)

  25. 28 April (Foods of April)

    I eat wayyy too many sweet potatoes with peanut butter.. it’s pretty much featured on my blog everyday!

    I went to a 10 day Bikram class and enjoyed it! You will sweat like crazy so make sure you drink a lot prior to the class. And don’t go with a full stomach or else you might feel sick!


  26. Noooo bikram for me – too sweaty!!

  27. I have yet tried kale chips! I want to try them.

    I have only done basic yoga…. I have heard that bikram is great and is an intense workout though! Have fun!

  28. I want vegan marshmallows! I’ve never been able to find them in the store though.

    I’ve never done Bikram. Good luck!

  29. 32 chocolatepickle

    I totally agree with the sweet potato/peanut butter verdict! With almond butter, all I could taste was almond butter…but with peanut butter, the two flavors perfectly complement each other- AWESOME! I started my food posts yesterday and oddly enough, tune in later tonight as I must sadly bid a partial farewell to my beloved sweet potatoes, which incidentally is the one food I could eat every day and never grow sick of!

  30. I made the mistake of attending a Bikram class when I had never practiced yoga before. I died! I spent most of the 90 minutes just lying on my mat attempting to sip water…I swear I lost 5 pounds of water weight sweating! Bring a BIG towel to put down over your mat plus a smaller one for your face, and HYDRATE!

  31. I totally agree with the PB on sweet potato. Same goes with PB and squash. Some nut butters are just made for certain things! πŸ™‚

    Have fun at Bikram! I’ve never been, I like stationary yoga, no flows please!

  32. Have fun at your Bikram class!!

  33. Snackface! Hey baby! Did you enjoy that creepy comment brooke and I left for ya the other day??! Hope so! haha ha…..

    Ummm, how beautiful are your oats?! The morning shots are always so beautiful.
    And HM…kale chips??! Sounds interesting, but probs not as delicious as a sweet potaterrr with pb or ketchup! Prob not mixed though, that could be yucky!

    Sounds like you are still a busy girl enjoying herself in the big city. And bikram!? Good luckkkkk, you WILL sweat like a motha and could def use a green juice or monstahhh post-workout! πŸ™‚ I have yet to try it, but I do want to soon!

    love you! xoooooooooooooooooooooooo (mucho hugs!) -jess

  34. 37 lowandbhold

    Your lunch looks fantasic! Haha, I’m totally humming the Reading Rainbow song in my head right now.

  35. hahaha i still havent tried kale chips! terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible!!

    good to know they are better with PB. i am a pb freakaleak.

    birkam is bomb! i adore it! hope you enjoy the class!!

  36. 39 homegirlcaneat

    BIKRAM is my favorite yoga ever. It was the first yoga I’ve ever tried and it was hardcore and intense and I felt so zen afterwards. HYDRATE yoself and bring a HUGE bottle or two of WATA!

    How’s da SF weatha?! I am excited to get my Blarney drank on Friday witchu πŸ˜€ I miss yo wackass beaucoup

    xxxooooo LOVELOVE

  37. what up lovely!
    okay so bikram kind of freaks me out. i’ve never tried it, but i hear it’s absolutely amazing. however the internal battle defeats my external wants every time. this would be fears of passing out and make an ass out of myself, not that i don’t do that on a regular occurrence anyways :). weak sauce. ha! i want to hear how it is though!
    AND gurl you eat so clean! it never ceases to impress me.

  38. Sometimes simple is best and I’d be all over that beany good lunch of yours!

    I LOVE kale chips. I just had some the other night. Deelish totale. I do not eat them often enough, it’s practically a crime.
    Sweet potatoes are even better though. I had some with nut butter the other day. Heavenly.

    I’ve Bikramed once. I wish I had done it again though! Hopefully someday soon. It was pretty awesome! I totally sweat(ed?) more than I have ever sweat in my life probably (except MAYBE when in a muthafalunkin hot sauna) but it was a wonderful sweat and I loved every drip. I think you’ll be in sweaty yoga loving glory the entire time. I hope you love it!

  39. I tried bikram for the first time about a month ago. I was super freaked out and thought I would die. But it turned out ok! In fact it turned out more than ok, I loved it! This may have been that I soled myself out so much that reality couldn’t possih meet my fears but it was a sweaty good time. I had a 10 day special trial and I really wanted to extend it beyond that but it was whoah expensive. Like over a hundred a month with a student discount. But I’d do it if it weren’t so far from my house and if I didn’t have to pay so much in gas. But definitely wear short shorts and a sports bra when you go!

  40. I haven’t had kale chips in so long. I definitely need to break those out of the old bag of tricks again.

  41. CB’s words o wisdom!!!
    1. Bring a BEACH towel, not a little hand, dabby towel
    2. However much water u bring on a normal workout, double that shit!
    3. Scope out the crowd for possible farters….namely elderly men with sparse clothing (that may be from personal experience but nonetheless it’s rock solid advice)

    G’luck kale chips (ha i love it!) You’ll look like you jumped in a pool afterward, smell like a beast, be really grossed out……and then really want to go again πŸ˜€

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