Self-Indulgent Weekend


Hello mamis! I’ve had a very relaxing, very self-indulgent weekend. I’ve spent more than 48 hours completely alone, and truth be told, I highly enjoyed it. I’m also ready for it to end. It was so lovely, though, because I haven’t had 100 percent alone time in, well, I honestly can’t remember.

I had things I could have done, but being tired combined with having a bitching sinus headache made me just chill alone. I also calculated that I spend more than 60 hours a week on the computer, was grossed out by that and decided not to get on the computer for 24 hours. Anyway, let’s get to the food I’ve been enjoying. I’m not including Friday’s eats because they weren’t all that fab (green smoothie, noodles, salad, tortilla with TJ’s balls, cereal).

Saturday morning I awoke, immediately changed into my running gear and headed out for a joyous hour-long run (with walking intervals, of course). After strectching, abbage, armage and chatting with Muffin, I downed some delicious swampass:



In the greenie: tons of spinach, 1 1/2  C water+almond milk, 1 scoop almond butter, 1 banana. I’m sorry if I keep drinking these for a while. They’re just damn good.

Eventually I showered and put my face on, then decided to walk a mile or so to a stripmall near mi casa. I only needed a few grocery items, but perused a TJ Maxx-like store. It was in Ross’ that I realized I’m super cheap. I’ve had the same sports bras since 9th or 10th grade, and know I need new ones. However, I didn’t want to fork out $8 for a new one. I spend money on few things: food, drank, bills. That’s about it.

A couple hours later I was home and hangry. I fixed a signature SnackFace lunch that I’ve missed so much. Everyday at school, I normally have a wrap of some sort, and though I love having fixed lunches at work, sometimes I miss the simplicity of a wrap and an apple:

Cucumber kale wrap with a Fuji.

Cucumber kale wrap with a Fuji.

In the wrap: 8-grain tortilla (some local company, Abuelita Bonita), a layer of pickled ginger, layer of thinly sliced cucumber, kale and a drizzle of Follow Your Heart Sesame Miso dressing. Fan-freaking-tastic. I loved this.

I digested a bit and then made the random decision to venture downtown. I’ve been in San Fran for two months and have not visited downtown nearly enough. I love the way cities feel: gigantic, buzzing, vivacious, diverse. It’s completely the opposite of Athens, where the only buzzing going on is thanks to too many Bud Lights.

I dipped into stores I have no business being in, but I like to pretend I can afford a $300 cashmere Diesel sweater I would never wear in the first place because it’s made of animal fur. It’s just a big game I have going on in my head. Don’t mind me.

I did make one purchase that I’m very excited about: The Time Traveler’s Wife. I normally only buy books for school or from Half Price Books, but I need to read this. I just have a great feeling about it.

On the transit home I spied a man on the Muni unapologetically wearing a fanny pack with a denim jacket and jeans, otherwise known as a denim suit. Mistakes. To stop my staring, I flipped open my novel and began to read. There is this incredible poem that opens the novel. It ends beautifully:

“Take down the love letters from the bookshelf, the photographs, the desperate notes, peel your own image from the mirror. Sit. Feast on your life.” -Derek Wilcott’s “Love After Love”

I recommend reading the rest of the poem over and over again, if you’re into that poetry thing. I can be in that mood sometimes. Anyway, I’m only 26 pages into the novel, but I can tell I am going to love it and read it several times throughout my life.

I decided to take a semi-hiatus from my computer, turned on Weeds and made dinner. Has everyone seen these Tofu Shiritake noodles that are supposed to be great substitutes for real pasta? Well, I’m here to tell you not to buy into that. Here’s a dark photo of part of dinner:

Dark- lo siento! Shiritake with an arrabiata, snap pea, broccoli, chickpea sauce.

Dark- lo siento! Shiritake with an arrabiata, snap pea, broccoli, chickpea sauce.

First off, these noodles smell like toe jam straight out of the package. You know toe jam, that gunk that gets under your nails and in-between your toes. It’s not pleasant; neither are these noodles. If you can’t already tell, I was not a fan of their texture, either. CREEP.EEE. It was like chewing on snotty rubberbands. Needless to say, much of that dish went uneaten. I did, however, enjoy an avocado-rubbed kale salad:

Topped with a drizzle of Sesame Miso dressing. Delish.

Topped with a drizzle of Sesame Miso dressing. Delish.

A bit after dinner, I was sucked into the Weeds world and needed a snack plate to make up for the noodle fail:

Dark- again, sorry.

Dark- again, sorry.

On the plate: 1 Wasa cracker, 2 squares of dark chocolate, cherries, peanut butter and jelly. I loved this snack plate, and it probably would have been enough to keep me satiated throughout the night had I not stayed up for four more hours. Yes, cereal was needed later.

I took great pleasure in not setting my alarm for Sunday morning. This led to a solid 11 hours of sleep. For anyone who knows me in the slightest, you know this is a rarity. I normally sleep five to six hours a night, and getting eight hours is extremely odd for me. But 11? Absolutely crazy.

When I finally rolled out of bed, I didn’t know how to start another day of nothing. So I went for a nice run and four miles later came back starving. At 1pm I got to test out a blogger trend:

A jar of oats.

A jar of oats.

In the almost empty jar of TJ’s raw unsalted almond butter: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/2 sliced naner and pumpkin pie spice. Simple and delicious. Check out its junk:

Oats bum.

Oats bum.

I watched a couple episodes of Weeds before I decided to shower and dress. Then I did one of my least favorite things in the whole wide world: apply for student loans. It pains me so. At least I got to chat with MamaJ during and after filling out the application.

I farted around a bit more, decided to finish watching season three of aforementioned show and also snacked on these:

2 Wasas, local hummus, diet Hansen's--bad, I know.

2 Wasas, local hummus, diet Hansen's--bad, I know.

I didn’t get any brews this weekend, so I figured diet soda would fulfill my carbonation need. The picture was taken like so because it’s really how I eat. I rarely plate anything when I’m just snacking. This is out of laziness, nothing more.

Eventually I mosied my way to the liquor store (found it yesterday!)  to get garbage bags and quarters. That reminds me, my clothing is probably ready to be popped into the dryer!

Well lovepies, I’ve used the word “I” five billion times in this post, so it’s time to bid adieu. Tonight’s agenda is filled with three things: finish laundry, eat, read. The eating will probably continue throughout the night. Have a lovely Sunday night and Monday morning!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What are your favorite things to do when you have the house/ apartment/ dormroom/ whatever to yourself?
I love to read, sing, blare some Weezy, watch TV, normal stuff. I guess the only thing I do when alone that I wouldn’t with my roomie around is sing, which I miss intensely.


38 Responses to “Self-Indulgent Weekend”

  1. 1 Kate

    I LOVE the time travelers wife! I just finished reading it the other day! I’m curious to see how the movie measures up. 🙂

  2. I intensely love having the apartment to myself for a few days. I talk to myself, sing and dance, eat things straight out of their packages…it’s glorious. 😉

  3. 3 Whit

    I love alone time. I read blogs, watch movies, eat sh!t. Love it.

  4. Alone time is the best; I had quite a bit of that myself this weekend too! I enjoy laying on the couch reading, watching trash TV, FB stalking and food blog reading and SNACKING

  5. Alone time is the best; I had quite a bit of that myself this weekend too! I enjoy laying on the couch reading, watching trash TV, FB stalking and food blog reading and SNACKING on a million and one things 😉 Especially PB straight from the jar, PB Puffins, and granola 😉 Glad you enjoyed your alone time sista!

  6. Alone time rocks!

  7. 7 Bec

    I loved time travelers wife, its amazing! Enjoy it 🙂

  8. You’ll LOVE The Time Traveler’s Wife! It’s incredible – I don’t think the movie can come close to doing it justice. And I TOTALLY feel you on the big city thing – Athens is cute, but it has nothing on bigger cities. Even Columbus could step it up!

  9. I like alone time for about…. one day max. I get crazy after that! I feel compelled to read that book as well simply because I loved that tv show Journeyman that did NOT make it (and it seems very similar)! but I tried reading it and somehow felt creeped out at the description of the guy visiting the young girl. weird? probably so. i’ll get ova it.

  10. I have a sportsbra that I’ve had since 1994. Chris trashed it and I dug it out. It’s sick.

    I spent last night alone and it was GLORIOUS. I drank red wine and watched The Real Housewives of ATL.

    I miss you, dollface!

    • 12 snackface

      Lyss – HOW CRAZY!!! Oh my gosh. I can’t even believe that. I distinctly remember reading that post, and then, of course I commented. But that poem! So glorious.

  11. 13 eatlivelovedream

    I prefer to be around people 24/7 but when I have alone time I can appreciate it.
    I like to blog and read. Hah! I guess I’m just boring.

  12. UM everything u said..except + NAKED obviiiiooously!!

    I’m reading that book now! Isn’t it glorious, if I’m hooked on page one you know it’s a keeper- oh clare and henry i love u!

  13. I lounge around and cook a lot for the up coming week. Can’t wait until Time Traveler’s Wife comes out.

  14. 1. self indulgent weekends are the best

    2. i had that same thought the other day at marshall’s wtf is up with that… i forked over the cash for a new one… why’s it so hard to spend money on yourself? it’s such a weird girl thing, right?

  15. 17 WholeBodyLove

    I am always so sleep deprived…so, I like to nap if no one’s home! I also catch up on cleaning or sit down with a HUGE plate of fruit and raw AB and watch old movies on USA ! Yes, I am that cool. Don’t hate.

  16. 18 hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    i LOVE thsoe tofu noodles haha!! they def are a bit smelly straight up but once cooked and plated with other yummy things, i ain’t complainin! ya win some ya lose some i guess!

    i can’t WAIT to read that book and then see the movie it looks incredible!

  17. I’m with you on the Shirataki noodles – I can’t stand them! I’ve tried them a few times. Some people love them, some hate them!

  18. totally bought Time Traveler’s Wife yesterday. I’m like you. I RARELY buy books..and if I do it’s from a used book store or but I could NOT find this book on the cheap and knew that I needed to read it. whose to deny something you NEED?? Can’t wait to start it! I’m reading Eat Pray Love right now…but I may have to jump ship and start Time Traveler’s Wife. Glad you enjoyed your weekend of solitude 🙂 it’s definitely needed sometimes.

  19. I’m so grossed out by the time spent on my computer too! I really need to cut back, but blogging is so fun!!!

    I just put a hold on that book at the library! The movie looks amazing and I always have to read the book first so I can’t wait to get it.

    Love the snack plate! I need some dark chocolate ASAP!!! I’ve run out!

    Yum and Oats in a Jar is the best way to start (or end!) a day!

    I love having time to myself. I get a lot done. Cleaning, prepping food, reading, dancing like a fool, messing with my hurrr 😉

  20. 22 lookingforserenity

    looks like you had an awesome relaxing weekend! I love just chillin’ and staying home!

  21. 23 Erin

    Wanted to let you know another name for a denim suit or all denim outfit:

    A Canadian Tuxedo

    Sometimes my boyfriend wears one and we all make fun of him 🙂

    • 24 snackface

      Erin – Bahahaha omg that’s too funny! I’ve never heard that! My mom’s Canadian, so I’ll have to ask her about the Canadian Tuxedo!

  22. 25 Brandi

    self-indulgent weekends/days should happen more often, I think 🙂

    i love watching crappy tv or movies that I love and have seen a million times, reading and not feeling like I need to stop to do other things, cooking/trying new recipes…fun 🙂

  23. 26 lowandbhold

    That weekend sounds like absolute perfection! When I’m home alone I love to clean, go shopping (because no one is home to see my unnecessary purchases), and lay on the couch in my underwear while watching House marathons. Perfection. I’m sad that it’s going to be so long before it happens again!

    Hope you have a fab Monday!

  24. Gotta get your ‘me’ time but it gets old fast! 60 hours? I don’t even want to think about how many hours I spend on the computer – I don’t have a job that I can use as an excuse even!!

    I love your spending philosophy! It’s all about the food and drinky dranks in life, let’s be real.

    Oh denim…remember Justin and Britney’s matching outfit back in the day? The Time Traveler’s Wife is a really good book, I hope you like it! I’m glad you were honest with the noodles, I’ve wanted to try them because I’ve heard lovely reviews but now…..ehhhh I may pass.

    I thought your jelly was ketchup at first! I was like, “uh….I know ketchup is good but…..”

    I love to bake when I’m by myself, pop some vino, lounge with the puppers, eat bon-bons, take bubble baths – okay the last two, not so much, I was just on a roll.

    And award for world’s LONGEST comment goes to…..K! 😉

    Have a great Monday! Love you, boo!!

  25. 28 Marisa

    If no one’s around I always indulge in a little reading. I’m one of those people who can’t read with any noise at all. My keen sense of hearing provides me with the ability to hear loud, obnoxious ticking clocks while I read. Yes, it’s true. Ticking clocks bother me while I am reading, so I must remove all clocks and stash them in another room until I’ve had my fill of flipping through the pages of a novel. So when I am alone I always take advantage of the somewhat eerie silence to sit down and read…and maybe throw in an occasional nap.

  26. ohh.. time alone is always good. but i am like you, i enjoy my time alone and then i am READY to have some social interaction. the shirataki noodles are nothing, nothing, NOTHING like real noodles. i eat them now and again in asian dishes but i never expect them to take place of the incredible edible whole grain noodle. ha~chewy rubberbands.. you nailed it. 60 hrs on the computer is heavy. no wonder you took a little break. and apparently your body needed a break with 11 hrs of sleep! for me that is totally normal though. fairly certain i am a narco. i fall asleep all the time.. it has come to the point where it is not socially acceptable and i embarrass marshall. it’s ok with me though. yay for oats in a jar! have a great monday my dear xoxo

  27. 30 chocolatepickle

    You and the Fitnessista, among others, inspired me to start my own food blog! Although I’m super-busy (I’m sure you know the feeling!), I have kept up with all of your posts and finally decided to take the plunge! I hope to be “up and running” soon….stay tuned!… Until then, I will keep up with YOUR posts:)

    • 31 snackface

      chocolatepickle – OK, LOVE the name! I don’t know what it means, but it definitely grabbed my attention! Thank you so much for reading my little blog! That means so much to me! And welcome to the blogging world!!! It’s life-changing. I swear, mine has only gotten better since I started! I’ll be on the lookout for when it’s up and running!

      • 32 chocolatepickle

        Should be up and running shortly….I’ve only managed to add an “About Me” section so far but food posts will follow soon! Thanks for welcoming me- have a great day!!!!

  28. kailey woman. it does not sound strange in the slightest… i love the way you eat too. ha! for reals though. you are way better than i at getting though’s veggies in though! i am all about snacking throughout the day so i never feel too full, but always satisfied. as for the cereal thang, i’m working on that too. it’s kind of a problem 🙂

    umm, i see you have a slight addiction to weeds. i rented the dvd’s finished all of season 4 in one day, tad obbsessed. next up, true blood.
    i’m glad you got to enjoy your alone time girl! i LOVE being around people, but i definitely need alone time. dancing in my undies might happen upon this occasion. it keeps this lady sane ahah!

    have a lovely week m’dear!

  29. 34 elise

    i love weekends of nothingness! i too refuse to spend my $$ on anything but food and student loans…haha. if i see clothes i like, im immediately like “thats worth 3 whole foods hot bar trips” – its a sickness really!

    lovin the pompoms in the background of the sh!tty noodles. ive had those before, too…no bueno. they slip off the fork before it gets to my mouth (and i dont like having to work to get food in).

    tv marathons along with blog reading are some of the best lazy day activities.

  30. 35 Katharina

    When I have the place to myself I like to read books outloud in funny accent, sing along to Broadway songs, and dance around outside of just my room. Actually I dance around the house anyway hehe. TIme to yourself is definitely needed. It makes it easier to just go with the flow.

  31. 36 Jenny

    blasphemy! i just got some of those shirataki noodles and was itchin’ to try them — i def. don’t dig toe jam in my food though — bummer for real!

    i’m kinda jealous that you got to spend the whole weekend alone by yourself .. why? because i want to spend an entire weekend wit yo’ fine self 😉

  32. I love alone time, I could lounge outside with a good book for hours.

    Thanks for the honest opinion on those noodles, I’ve been debating on trying them but I think you’ve talked me out of it! Doesn’t sound like I’m missing much.

    Love the wrap, they’re just so simple and tasty!

  33. I have all the time in the world to myself since I moved into my apartment! I am in no way sad that I won’t be in the dorms this year haha!

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