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Buongiorno, beautiful people! I hope everyone had a splendid weekend. Mine was, well, different. I can tell it’s time for me to be with my family. Sunday was spent doing things that remind me of home, which I’ll get to in a bit. First up, the rest of Saturday was a delight. I came home […]

I Got Low


Buongiorno! I hope everyone is having a joyous Saturday and weekend! It’s simply gorgeous here. It’s been startlingly chilly all summer (I suppose an ocean and the bay does that), but it is hot, hot, hot today! Amore! I have several little stories to share, so whenever you have time to kick back with le […]

…Comment 124: Melissa!!! Melissa, who has been reading for “a couple weeks now” and loves “getting to see what the VegNews staff gets to nosh on everyday,” says her favorite summer was… “…the summer before my senior year of H.S., which was summer of 2002. I just remember so many great times with my friends […]

Only Two Days


Hello all you gorgeous readers! Holy shhh! I am so completely shocked at the amazing responses for my Going Away Giveaway! Not only are you coming out of the woodwork (hello and thank you so much!), but you’re all the sweetest ever! Whoah, exclamation overload. But seriously, I am overjoyed with how many of you […]

Buongiorno! How is everyone? Wonderful? Great. Today was a relxed and delightful day, full of fantastic food. If you read through the post you’ll find my Going Away Giveaway at the end! It’s bossy. I rolled out of bed at 7:15 this morning and played with my hair for a bit. I didn’t know what […]

Lovepies!!! Oh how I’ve missed you all so much! I’m terribly sorry that the last time I updated it was Thursday night! That was not my intention, but as we all know, life happens. Things went from lovely to crazy within 24 hours. Grab a snack, sit back and enjoy. Friday started smoothly and happily. […]

What up, loves! Let me just say that I am shocked it’s Friday already. You know what this means? One more week at VegNews Magazine. This breaks my heart. I’ll save the sap for a later post, though. There’s still one whole week to live it up, make it the best ever, and work my […]