Slice of Sass


Hello cupcakes! I totally stole that from a brainstorming meeting we had today, much like the post title. Thanks, Colleen!

I woke up this morning to my perky 5:45 am alarm. To run? Not to run? Sleep sounded so good, but I hauled my hiney out of bed and went for a four-miler. The weather has been a little sucky lately, and running through the mist leaves me looking more than sweaty:

HAWT. I look 12.

HAWT. I look 12.

Now, I do normally sweat, but take a close look at that hair. That’s mostly mist. OK, mist and sweat and grease. And to frighten you even more, here’s an awful picture of my breakfast:

I'm so sorry about this!

I'm so sorry about this!

I had a trio for breakfast: a bowl of grapes, a bowl of seven whole grains on a mission with a few strawberries, coconut shreds and almond milk, and a somewhat nasty vegetable juice. The juice would have been good had I not added water and Bragg’s Sea Kelp Delight. Lordy, Sea Kelp Delight sounds absolutely repulsive.

Well, that breakfast held me over for a full 2.5 hours, not even. Thankfully, I had my new favorite Larabar (no I’m not blessed enough to have one of the brand new flavors):

Don't be scurred of the Key Lime- so good.

Don't be scurred of the Key Lime- so good.

I was intimidated by the Key Lime flavor for a couple years. There was no need for that– this was like a less sweet Coconut Cream Pie Lara with a hint of tartness, or sass, if you will.

The morning at work was busy and quiet, but when lunch rolled around we were all erupting with laughter around the table. Not because of the food, though. Lunch was phenomenal:

Baby's first quinoa

Baby's first quinoa

Did you know that quinoa isn’t a grain? It’s a seed. Learned that while fact checking something. Anyway, on the plate: a potato chickpea curry, quinoa and a kale salad. I adored this lunch! I was also perfectly full afterward.

…And then someone pulled out a pie:

GORGEOUS Apricot and blueberry pie! Vegan, of course.

GORGEOUS Apricot and blueberry pie! Vegan, of course.

Unbelievable, right? Those are halves of apricots, ever-so-delicately placed in the perfectly crusted pie. I had to have a slice:

Sliver and fork.

Sliver and fork.

The innards were delicious, but the crust is the most important part of a pie:

Pure love.

Pure love.

The lovely Laura brought the pie for us, and not two seconds after I picked up my fork to dig in, Frankie stopped by the office with homemade oatmeal raisin walnut cookies:

More beauty.

More beauty.

ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. I mean, there is no possible way to avoid sugar and loveliness in this office! Again, I had good intentions starting off the day, but I did have a sliver of pie and a couple bites of a half or so of a cookie throughout the afternoon. And the afternoon snack was some Bear Naked Granola.

I have to be honest here. I don’t really like eating a ton of sugar. It makes me uncomfortable and some days I just want to have my own prepared lunch to avoid any discomfort or guilt about not eating what others have prepared. But this, my friends, is how life is– you can’t predict everything and you certainly shouldn’t resist some purely pleasurable bites. I’ve had to loosen up about what I will and won’t eat since coming to San Fran. And if “loosening up” entails eating pie and cookies, I’ll gladly partake. I just wish it were a bit less often sometimes. I say that, but I know I’ll be missing everything about VegNews lunches when I’m back in Ohio.

We had a huge brainstorming meeting this afternoon that lasted almost four hours. It was hilarious and a blast, and I will forever say that titles need to have a “slice of sass.” And, apparently, everything is cuter with the word “cupcake” attached. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

After work I called MamaJ because she left me a terrifying text message: “Matt got an elbow in the mouth…Chipped his 2 fr teeth…Warped tour…Dentist 8 am.” WHAT!?!?! Busting my front teeth is one of my top fears. I actually have daymares that I trip, fall and smash my teeth. Scary sh!t. However, I’ve spoken with both MamaJ and Matty Rich– both are fine.

While I talked to them I snacked on a couple Wasa Rye crackers with hummus and a handful of grapes, which fueled my walk to Walgreen’s. I spent too much money on face wash and new L’Oreal vegan shampoo and conditioner. I’ll let you know how it works! I get so excited about new products (both edible and non).

Because I walked home in chilly mist, I had one craving for dinner:

Split Pea Soup (TJ's can) with Ginger Cuke Slices

Split Pea Soup (TJ's can) with Ginger Cuke Slices

I heated up a can of TJ’s Split Pea soup in the micro and threw pepper and chile sauce on top. Alongside, a new love:

Cucumber slices topped with pickled ginger.

Cucumber slices topped with pickled ginger.

I snacked on another Wasa with reduced sugar jam after this, and now I need to get ready for bed! You know what tomorrow is?

Vegan Dranks! Who’s joining the gang at Martuni’s? OK, I know, you can’t make it. But you could always follow me on Twitter πŸ™‚ I’ll tweet about the creeps, I promise.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s your favorite food-related one-liner?
“Everything in moderation, including moderation.” -Jacques PepinΒ Β Β  That’s kind of a toughie- lo siento!


42 Responses to “Slice of Sass”

  1. 1 peanutbutterprerogative

    keylime larabar is my favorite too! i have one in the pantry i can’t wait to snack on! and mmm pickled ginger, but with cucumber, really?

    • 2 snackface

      peanutbutterprerogative – I know, pickled ginger and cuke? But cuke is so mellow and watery, and I could probably gnaw on a knob of ginger and be happy. I won’t be hurt if everyone else hates on it!

  2. 3 homegirlcaneat

    I HAD SPLIT PEA SOUP FOR DINNER TOO!!!!!! What the hell? I don’t think I have EVER seen split pea soup on either of our blogs before. CHICK MAFIA TELEPATHY! Mine was from WF and amazing.

    If I had that pie in front of me, I would have eaten 2+ slices + 2+ cookies. I LOVE SWEETS! However, I am on this veggie kick. I ate so many damn veggies today to try and get my sickness to go away!

    I miss you, I miss you, I really wanna kiss you,
    but I can’t.

  3. I just don’t know if there is any way of avoiding the yummy, sugary, sweetness of office desserts. That fruit pie looked so colorful and yummy.

  4. You are so pretty all ungussied up! Key Lime is my 2nd fave Lara Bar. PB Cookie, duh.

  5. 6 rediscoveringlauren

    hi girlie,
    lovin the eats! those cookies look SO good!
    i think its so true what you wrote about not being able to predict life and going with the flow makes life so much more enjoyable. your a wise woman kailey πŸ™‚

  6. Yum, pickled ginger with cukes sond great!(but, then again, I could eat pickled ginger with anything haha) My favorite food related saying would be “Let them eat cake”.

  7. 8 Lesie

    I seriously hardly ever sweat when I run; which is weird because when I bike it looks like someone hosed me down. I laughed when I read the part about Warped Tour. One year I went and a crowdsufer was accidentally dropped right on top of me and wiped me flat out! It gets dangerous there!

  8. That pie looks uh-mazing – like a slice of sass on a plate. πŸ˜‰

  9. MMM yummy pie! I know how you feel working in an office with sugar overload! I used to work in an office and they would always put a plate of pie on my desk- when I didn’t even ask for it! But I usually didn’t eat it, and would go give it someone else.

  10. You kept on bringing the pickled ginger ideas! Love it~

  11. 12 lookingforserenity

    i am so jealous of all the good sweets you get to try! and omgsh, I can’t believe your brother knocked out his teeth at warped tour! thats crazyyyy

  12. 13 Amanda

    Love your thoughts on the treats at work. I definitely have a way that I would like to eat every day to feel as good as possible, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen! And good food should be enjoyed, not stressed over .. right? Like last night, squeezed in a little Jillian dvd workout and skipped the gym in favor of going out for an impromptu dinner with my boyfriend. The wine, yummy dinner, and tiramisu was SO worth it! Who ditches their boyfriend for the gym? Finally I have seen the liiight πŸ™‚

  13. I wish I could think of a food-related quote! I know there’s one out there I like, love yours! πŸ™‚

    Great realization about enjoying yourself while at VegNews, and just remember, when you get back to Ohio, you won’t be getting so many yummy treats, and I bet you’ll be glad you enjoyed them while you had the opportunity.

    Have a good Thursday!!

  14. I look like a hot mess after a run and here you are glowing after your run!

    Glad you’re able to loosen up a bit with the crazy lunches. Every lunch (and lunch dessert) you post always looks so delicious πŸ™‚

    Hurting my teeth or my nose are two of my biggest fears! Your bro is hard core, haha!

    Love you, boo! Have a blast getting your drank on!

  15. Key Lime Pie is such an awesome flavor!

    Ooo and the crust is most def the best part of pie!

  16. I love the Key Lime Lara (email the company and beg for the new samples – I’m sure they’ll send you some!)

    Hot momma pic πŸ™‚

  17. 18 Whit

    I could go for some of that pie about now. I am on a no sweets challenge, and have been consuming fruit like crazy…oh and drooling over other people’s desserts.

  18. 19 Emily

    Kailey I love your blog!! I’ll be honest I have been lurking for a while…I’m totally jealous of all the wonderful food you get to try in San Francisco!! I’m new to the blog world and I can’t wait to keep reading!
    By the way I’m from Ohio as well, I totally wish there was more great food here too!!
    Have a great day!!

    • 20 snackface

      Emily – Hello beauty! Thank you so much for de-lurking! I always love a good de-lurker. Anyway, I’m so heading over to your blog so I can see where you’re from in Ohio! I’ll be heading back there soon, so maybe I’ll bring some good food vibes to the OH. I can’t do Crapplebee’s anymore!

  19. 21 peanutbutterandjenny

    mamii you are smokin’ in all your sweaty glory ❀

    my favorite food one liner is "do you work at subway, because you gave me a footlong"

    ❀ happy thurz princess!

  20. 22 Marisa

    It’s so not fair that you still look insanely gorgeous even after a run. Me after a run is a completely different story. Anywho, your eats look super delectable. I was reading horror stories the other day of people who stopped using Proactiv and broke out like there was no tomorrow. I’m so afraid to stop using it as I’ve got a ton of stuff coming up and I don’t need zits at the moment. Did you have any problems after quitting Proactiv?

  21. 23 elise

    man cannot live off bread alone – ive proven that one wrong quite a bit πŸ™‚

    im a sweaty mess 99% of the time.

    quinoa is great! yum yum. i wanna try red quinoa soon.

    can you mail me some pie.

  22. 24 hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    after run glow…nothing beats it!
    i don’t think i’ve EVER had quinoa but it looks so light a fluffy and yummy, i gotta get my grubby fingers on it!
    have a wonderful day over there on the west coastttt

  23. that pie is gorgeous!!!! i definitely could not have resisted. Yeah, i feel the same way about my office, we always have reps and editors and publishers bringing us cupcakes, cookies, candy, you name it. sometimes it would be easier not to have all that tempting sugar! but ive learned to say NO to some stuff and YES to the things that i really want πŸ™‚ love key lime lara too — its one of my very favorites!!!

  24. 26 agnesss7

    Hey hey…

    Nice bloggy…=) Like the style you’re writing =)) cool…=P

    Mmmmm grapes …yummm in the summer =D

    Well….if you have time please visit my new blog:

    =) Would be nice to see a comment from you =))

    Enjoy your time!!


    • 27 snackface

      agness7 – Hello darling! Thanks for stopping by and enjoying some SnackFace. I’ll be sure to check out yo blog!

  25. dang your lunch was a trifecta of fabulousness: kale, garbanzos & quinoa! i used to think quinoa was pronounced “kwin-o-ah” oh, little naive janetha. i still say it that way in my head. warped tour can be brutal, dang chipped teeth! hmmm i don’t know about a food one liner but one of my favorites that refers to life in general but i use it for food/exercise is “if you want to have things you’ve never had, you have to do things you’ve never done” i say that to myself when trying to max out my treadmill speed πŸ™‚

  26. Love the workout look – it suits you!! You are glowing after your run in a good way πŸ™‚ Such a beauty!

    All the sugary fare looks so tasty, I’d definitely feel the same way you do. It’s tough sometimes, especially when it seems like it happens every day. But life’s too short not to have a little slice or bite here and there, and it seems like you’ve got the right mindset!!

    Busting front teeth…SCURRY!!!!!!! Hope all is well there!

    Loved your VegNews story, too πŸ˜‰ So much goodness in this post!

  27. 30 randomlymikey

    oh, you still look beautiful almost as beautiful as that pie! i kid, i kid.
    one liner: do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

  28. 31 Jaci

    Hi Kailey! Was recently in your home state of Ohio and this afternoon I was in San Fran! (I’m on tour working for a band right now). I was wondering if you’ve tried Maggie Mudd since being in SF? Its a vegan ice cream shop on Courtland street and its unbelievable. Definitely hit that up on my short stop there. If you haven’t checked it out yet I strongly suggest doing so! Love your blog by the way! Keep up the good work!

  29. 32 Kate

    I want that pieeee! haha. And damn you for looking so cute after a run!

  30. 33 WholeBodyLove

    It can be pretty difficult to loosen your healthy eating strings to accommodate social situations. However, VegNews has to be the healthiest, most delicious place to indulge. You’re right, we just don’t have that kind of delectable healthful deliciousness here in Ohio!

  31. 34 gina (fitnessista)

    i love that lara flavor too! i’m also not lucky enough to be anywhere near the new flavors :/
    ginger and cucumber sounds delicious!
    hope you have a happy friday!

  32. I think I would love to work in your office–all the sweet stuff looks absolutely drool-worthy and I need to gain some lbee’s, so it would work out perf πŸ™‚ haha

    • 36 snackface

      CaSaundra – Yo! I needed to gain a few of those too when I came out here. I don’t weigh myself, but I know fa sho I’ve taken care of biznass! Yay for delicious vegan food!

  33. Because I love you, I just gotta say that you’re post-run face is absolutely GLOWIN’ and adorable….how is that possible?!!! 12 pshhhh, i’m know to resemble a 6th grader from time to time (according to the kids I babysit)!

    And that vegan pie looks AMAZING. Ridiculously amazing.
    Since I won’t be seeing you this weekend, we need to talk on the phone or text SOON! I need some snackface in my life. πŸ™‚

  34. ooh! im lovinnnn your bloggy blog!<3
    cukes with pickled ging sound AWESOME. I throw it in salads too. I love pickled ginger!
    OH. pickled ginger in split pea soup… hmm. I was just about to comment on how good your split pea soup looks!! Now Im dieing to put ginger in it!! oh yummmmsies!

  35. ooh! im lovinnnn your bloggy blog!<3
    cukes with pickled ging sound AWESOME. I throw it in salads too. I love pickled ginger!
    OH. pickled ginger in split pea soup… hmm. I was just about to comment on how good your split pea soup looks!! Now Im dieing to put ginger in it!! oh yummmmsies!

    you are GORGOEUS .

    • 40 snackface

      Devan – Thanks so much for reading and enjoying! And thank you for the ridiculous compliment!

  36. just found your blog love it!!! Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll??

    • 42 snackface

      bibbi – Why hello! Welcome to SnackFace and thank you so much for enjoying it! I’d love to be added to your blogroll!

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