Twittery Tuesday


Yo yo, mamis! I made the unfortunate decision to create a Twitter account last night. I say unfortunate because none of my followers are showing up (yet I’m getting the emails saying people are following) and it’s thoroughly addictive. So if you follow me at SnackFace, be prepared for all my bizarre and spastic updates. It should be fun! And a warning– I’ll probably be a little more explicit there, because I get that way.

I woke up at 7 am after EIGHT solid hours of sleep (that never, ever happens during the week!), washed my face, checked my emails, started to put my face on and then thought, “hey! I have oatmeal.” I’ve been on an oat bran kick for a while, but good old fashioned oats were a more than welcome return today. I was so excited to eat that I took a nasty, blurry picture:

Sweet, creamy, delicious.

Sweet, creamy, delicious.

In the bowl: 1/2 C oats, 1 C water, 1 pinch shredded unsweetened coconut, 2 pinches pumpkin pie spice, 1/2 micro-ed, smashed banana added at end and topped with a spoon of almond butter. The chewiness and sweetness of rolled oats made for a lovely breakfast that was quickly devoured.

Work was pretty chill today, so I did a lot of reading and twittering brainstorming. In the morning I snacked on a few cherries:



Twigs and berries. I actually didn’t eat that testicular cherry, but found immense pleasure in saying “testes” in the office and freaking everyone out. Who wants to work with me now!
We had a lunch guest today. I believe some of you know him…Brendan Brazier? Of Thrive and a little company called VEGA. Yeah, talk about not knowing what to say. All I could think in my head: “Ohmygosh so many people in the blog world love you and your amazing products.” Instead, I laughed and listened throughout lunch. Brendan is, as you know, a raw foodie. So what did he do with this lunch?
A little brown, but most of this was healthy!

A little brown, but most of this was healthy!

While Brendan ate salad and a few fried green tomatoes, I enjoyed: salad topped with Parma (raw cheese substitute- BUY IT), one fried green tomato, one Sunshine Burger Breakfast Patty and one biscuit. I can’t pass up a biscuit. I was expecting this Sunshine Breakfast Patty to be spectacular. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. It wasn’t bad by any means, it was just bland and didn’t have a breakfasty essence to it. The falafel kind is much better.

I passed on the Tofutti Cutie ice cream sandwich for dessert, and stuck to lemon water, a mango fruit leather and an apple for afternoon snackage. I believe in eating something desserty everyday, but I really like to keep it to after dinner only. Obviously, that didn’t happen Monday, but I managed to avoid the shoog until later.

After work I relaxed in the apartment for a little while, then changed, ate a couple almonds and took a lovely 20-minute walk to the local produce store. It’s more expensive to buy produce there, but everything is organic and locally grown. Plus, it gave me a chance to catch up with MamaJ and talk about her impending visit. (August 13– I can’t wait!!!)

Forty-eight dollars later, I became shaky on my walk home. Digging into the grapes and having a rye Wasa was very necessary. I assembled dinner as quickly as I could upon my arrival home:

Badunk salad with a new favorite topping.

Badunk salad with a new favorite topping.

My eyes fell on a jar of pickled ginger and I absolutely had to purchase it. Fabulous decision. In the salad mix: romaine, cucumber, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 a petite baby avocado smashed with pepper and hot sauce, chickpeas, pickled ginger (do this!) and a balsamic drizzle after photo. I never used to like ginger, but I am obsessed with it lately. The other part of my dinner was my number-one comfort food:

Blue-ish cheetahs.

Blue-ish cheetahs.

I had to fiddle with the internet connection after dinner, so I waddled around for a bit, plugging and unplugging things. As I typed this puppy I ate three small squares of 88% dark chocolate. It was luscious, but I couldn’t help but think it would be better dipped in almond butter and topped with a coconut sprinkle. Hell, I may just go do that.

I also read today that Ohio University, the school to which I’ll be returning in September to complete my senior year, is the number FIVE party school in the nation. This probably does not come as a surprise to any of you who’ve read my weekend recaps. I’ve got nothing but pride.

And now I’m going to rest up for a morning run! Have happy Humpdays darlings…and follow me on twitter;).

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What was the last technology frustration you had?
There’s at least one tech-related issue that pisses me off each day, but today it was certainly twitter. Please twitter, can we get it together and fix everyone’s problems? And I’m currently having an inner struggle whether to capitalize twitter. It’s a proper noun, but they don’t even capitalize it. AP style, help!


30 Responses to “Twittery Tuesday”

  1. 1 lexi

    I just joined today! My followers didn’t show up initially but just give it some time…I was frustrated too! Add me! veggiedollface1
    Hope you are doing well! You are a new addition to my reader

  2. 2 Anna

    Congrats to jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. As I’m sure you’ve quickly discovered, tweeting is more than just mildly addictive. I’m at AnnaLKeller if you want to hear what a Pittsburgher has to say!

    As far as technology goes, I am really hoping that my days of woe are over since my new Mac came today. Having had a defunct Dell for years, I feel like my life just became 199 times better.

  3. 3 WholeBodyLove

    Ugh! I have issues with my internet connection EVERY night! I constantly have to repair the connection. My provider is through the TimeWarner cable and they are not too savvy on how to help but, I hear that Direct TV is worse. I can’t believe you had lunch with Brendan Brazier!!! How rocking awesome! Seriously, you have the best job on the planet.

  4. I LOVE ginger. I never would have thought of putting pickled ginger on salad, I usually only associate it with sushi. Let us know of any other brilliant pickled ginger ideas!

  5. 5 homegirlcaneat

    OOOOH how I adore thee ginger! I always get tons extra when I get da sushi out and about!

    TWITTER is so FUN, don’t you agree? And I wonder wassup because your updates aren’t appearing on my mine twitter page! I have to click you and then comment your updates! Wudduhfuh?

    That’s INSANE you bet BB!!!!!!!! I love it. CELEB STATUS.

    I just posted about the peen-filled weekend. Love it. Love you.

  6. 6 homegirlcaneat

    The funny thing about “bet” is that I meant to type “met”…

  7. Darling my life is a technology frustration!! Most recently I tried to chuck my comp out the window after the internet was acting up! C’est la vie!

  8. Okay, since you’ve enlightened me about vegan cheese and how to reply to comments I need your help again – how do you get emails sent to you from twitter when people comment on your tweets? I’m so CORNfused it’s ridiculous.

    When I saw that cherry picture I thought, “balls” and then I saw your description – you and I are on the same wavelength, chick!

    I’ve been getting the weirdest biscuit craving lately. That and hot dogs which is weird because I NEVER ate those! Maybe I should just make some faux-piggies in a blanket and call it a day?! I saw that Ohio University was on the top 5 and I thought that was your campus so I really wasn’t too surprised 😉 MSU has to step it up!!

    • 9 snackface

      ksgoodeats – Ay baybay! I’m so happy we love biscuits and balls. Moving on… I have no idea how to get those emails. I don’t receive them either! Frustration.

  9. 11 Whit

    I am following you, but I don’t see your updates either…sad, sad news. GET ON THAT TWITTER! We need our snackface!

  10. 12 lookingforserenity

    yum, your meals look simple and delicious.

  11. Pickled ginger is the bestest. Hope your tech issues get solved soon!

  12. Old fashioned oats are just a must sometimes…

    I need to check that list, Ole Miss is usually in the top five or ten national party school..yeahhh yeahhhh!

    Definitely internet connection issues have been my greatest frustration as of late, but it all works out in the end!

  13. Last technologie frustration…yesterday! I was trying to do something special for my b-day post, but I’m going to have to try again today.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes hun! Don’t worry about it being a day late, I still love you babe!

  14. 16 lowandbhold

    Twitter was a colossal pain in my anus yesterday. I had the same problem. And technology gives me a good bitch slap once a day too… hate!

    Dark chocolate dipped in AB with coconut, dangerous and delicious. Mental note.

    So awesome that you met Brendan Brazier. Your job is like heaven.

  15. 17 snackface

    Hi lovepies- I just wanted to apologize for spelling “forty” “fourty” and “Humpday” “Humday.” The thought hit me as I was falling asleep last night, “Sh!t, Kailey! That’s not how you spell forty!” I fixed it, though, and feel much better. Don’t let me know about other typos. LOVE YOU!

  16. 18 peanutbutterandjenny

    i was definitely thinkin siamese twins for your cherries but testes is so much more inappropriately appropriate.. ballin’

    love you like whoa snackface ❤

  17. 19 dorothy

    pickled ginger on salads!

    since going full blown vegan, have you noticed any major effects on your energy level/, tummy troubles? 😉

    i’m really considering it, since i’m already veg. but i haven’t made the move to cut out dairy yet- love me some greek yog! but i’m really noticing taht i feel icky after drinking milk or eating a big bowl of yogurt.. hm

    plus your blog shows me that there’s SO much great vegan eats so i won’t be missing out! 🙂

    • 20 snackface

      dorothy – Hello beauty! Thanks for the awesome question! My energy is probably higher than it used to be, and my tummy woes are fewer! I used to wonder why I’d be nauseated after a yogurt and cereal mess for breakfast–it was so the dairy! And I didn’t even eat that much, yet it still affected me. Since quitting the dairy, I feel better and never feel like I’m missing out. I actually don’t feel like my diet has changed much at all! If anything, it’s only expanded. I’m more willing to try new veggies and fat sources (hello kale and avocado!). It’s been amazing!

  18. 21 elise

    i love parma, mmmm. i cant find the effing falafel flave ANYwhere. grrrr.

    testes. heehee. apparently we both have the same 5 year old maturity.

    btw. i get sooo frustrated with my bberry every day, its amazing i havent thrown it onto the subway tracks yet. i HATE when my sh!t dont work right.

  19. Why is organic, local foods so much more expensive??? I hate that! And I love pickeled ginger too! MMMMMM!

  20. YEAH for party school!! Live it up girl!

    Mmm cheetahs. I’ve been meaning to make some of those!

    Your oats are drool-worthy!
    I hope your Mama gets to visit…those times are always fun I’m sure!

    Thanks for the FB add btw!


  21. I just bought a new phone and it’s pissing me off cause it doesn’t want to do what i want it to do (probably because I’m not doing it right. hah). freak’n technology.

    and i’d totally work with you. office humor ROCKS.

  22. LOL – testicular cherry – yep – I’m a teenage boy! 😛

  23. kailey, ooo guuurl. it has been far too long since i have been on the food blog scene and i miss your eats and rambles!
    testes! funny story my brother used to harass my integrity by calling me testes tessa all the time. maybe not funny? haha! i probably just coined an unflattering nickname for myself all over blog land, perfeccct.
    ANYWAYS i look forward to reading your blog again lady!

  24. i couldn’t log on to my internet the other night, and it drove me CRAZY. I flipped switches, un-plugged and plugged cords, turned a billion things on and off….and about a bil combos of those three activities. NOTHING. nadddddddddda. LAME.

    i think i am WAYY too dependent on technology/internet/computers.

    your oatmeal looks amazing, but it is like… uhh, 100 deg here so I can’t imagine putting that in my mouth.

    everything you eat is always gorgeous tho sista!!

    love the pic of you and Brit freakaleaking on Homegirl’s blog. You make me real proud. #5 party school reprezenttttttttt. I’d like to come visit 😀


  25. hey i had myself some pickled ginger on tuesday! it was on an ahi salad. delish. cool that brendan was your lunch buddy! i read his interview on jenna’s blog and i liked what i read. no twitterpating for me, i already slack off too much with these blogs! xo

  26. i just found your blog and its great!!! ahh you got to meet brendan!! jealous!! i just started reading your posts, so i don’t know where you work and your whole story yet, but i can’t wait to learn more! twitter is the bestest.
    and i am constantly having computer problems. ugh my computer’s like 3 years old and has too many photos on it to function. oh well!

    • 30 snackface

      elizabeth – Welcome to SnackFace! I’m so happy you’ve found me! And to update you right quick, I’m working as an editorial assistant for VegNews Magazine (AKA my dream!). I have to go back to Ohio to complete my senior year, though! Lame. Why do I need a degree?

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