Surrious SnackFace


Ay baybays! Do you ever have it in your head that you’ll eat super clean for a day, only to have your plans ruined? That was today’s story. But it was beyond worth it.

I awoke at 6:45 am and did some abbage workouts. Then I took my time getting ready, realizing I didn’t need to get up as early as I did considering I didn’t need to shower. When hunger struck I searched through my bread bag to find an un-moldy piece. Success:

This is pretty clean to me. And such gorgeous colors!

This is pretty clean to me. And such gorgeous colors!

On the plate: strawberries, one piece of Alvarado St. bread with smashed avocado sprinkled with pepper and chile sauce, another covered with reduced-sugar jelly. This was so good I contemplated another piece of toast, but refrained. Shelby, thank you so much for the avo-toast idea, you adorable little chef!

I went to work armed with simple snacks: an apple and carrot. My plan was derailed by the box of Sticky Fingers cookies Elizabeth brought back from DC over the weekend. Sure, I could have resisted, but why? It’s going to be rare that I’ll be able to enjoy some of the best vegan baked goods in the country when I’m back in Ohio. Therefore, I snacked on about half a large lemon coconut cookie throughout the morning. Incredible.

Lunch was also full of foods that were delicious and fun, but not exactly pure and simple. A little picnic-style lunch:

A very greasy veggie burger, burger toppings I attempted to make into a salad, and amazing potato and macaroni salad!

A very greasy veggie burger, burger toppings I attempted to make into a salad, and amazing potato and macaroni salad!

It’s not often one gets a chance to taste Vegenaise-laden potato and macaroni salad, so I went for it. It was yummy, but mayo was never really my thing. This lunch was supplemented with stale tortilla chip crumbs, too. And then it was finished off with this ridiculousness:

Peanut butter swirl brownie. I died.

Peanut butter swirl brownie. I died.

It isn’t often one gets a chance to taste intensely fudgy, stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth vegan peanut butter brownies. Can I please use that excuse all the time: “it isn’t often one gets a chance to…”? K great, thanks. I may need a little sugar detox after today, though.

The afternoon was filled with meetings, writings, phone calls and…snacking. My desk is conveniently placed next to the table upon which we place the products we test. Then the samples sit there and I continue to pick at them. Today’s test was one of my favorite things on Earth, so I loved my prime position:

After the attack.

After the attack.

We tested the new Sabra Spinach and Artichoke hummus. HOLY SH!T! The carrot I brought for “clean snacks” worked as a perfect vehicle for me to shovel loads of this delicacy into my face. We also sampled a new Primal Strip (so freaking good) and Bear Naked Fit Granola. And that’s the box of cookies at the very end of the table. Yes, I work in heaven in case you needed affirmation.

And thank the good Lord above I’m 21 with an energetic metabolism.

I came home and somehow needed another snack. Just one of those days:

Of course I had another teeny bowl after this.

Of course I had another teeny bowl after this.

Thankfully, all my snacking made for perfect fuel for a non-stop, 4.5 mile, 50-minute run. It was fabulous. Well, minus the burping up Shredded Spoonfuls into my mouth. Other than that, it was pain-free.

After a scarring round of taking the garbage out (I think there was a disease in there), a stretch session and a hot shower, I made dinner even though I wasn’t that hungry. I felt as though green and fiber were much needed:

Surprisingly scrumptious and spicy.

Surprisingly scrumptious and spicy.

I steamed some broccoli with snap peas and chickpeas, then threw some Trader Joe’s Arrabiata sauce on top. When I plated it, I sprinkled pepper and chile sauce on top. I loved everything about this: whole, light but extremely filling, chickpea love, saucey broccoli, spiciness. Now I’m a little too full, but happy nonetheless.

I’m going to try to cut back on the sugar tomorrow, but we’ll see how it goes 😉 I’m not all that concerned. More Weeds watching for me tonight!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Do you ever have a plan in your head that just doesn’t work sometimes? How do you deal?
Clearly, I did want to eat simply today in order to bounce back from some brews over the weekend. Even clearer, it didn’t really happen. But when plans get thrown off, I just roll with it. I know normal habits pick up immediately, and if they don’t, it won’t be long. Nothing to get my panties in a bunch over.

PLEASE READ MamaJ’s comment from the last post:
I think your readers would be interested to know what Jim said on the phone. My sense of recall was a little flapped at the time but as far as I can remember,”The stars must have been perfectly in line the night your daughter was conceived. She is perfection.” Needless to say I was floored.  The accent kind of threw me off… My family were Brits . LUV YA “WILD THING”

****Edited to add: I just started a Twitter account! Follow a sistah at SnackFace! I don’t even know how to get a small enough picture yet, so I apologize!


37 Responses to “Surrious SnackFace”

  1. haha wow even in that state the Irish lads could speak those beautiful words to mama J, how eloquent. I love boys that are genuine and fun and not d-bags!! Way to go Ireland 😀

    No worries on the snackfront- you are right…It’s not often 🙂 I feel like when I make a “plan” to eat this or not that- it signals my demise!

  2. *drool*

    pb swirl brownie.

    that’s all i have to say.

  3. SPINACH & ARTICHOKE SABRA?! ok, i have got to try that. and the brownie is killing me. the vegans would love me if i made something like that! sometimes my plans for clean eating get foiled but i try not to let it get to me. there is always tomorrow! haha LOVE mamaJs comment!! awesome!

  4. You are perfection.

    I had the same “plan” for breakfast today, but ended up eating several handfuls of cherries, 3 carrots, 1/2 a mango and a cup of blueberries before I knew what happened. I know, that’s lame, but its true. And at least I can’t beat myself up over it.

    I want to know why Mama J was a little flapped. 😉

  5. so i def would have done the same exact thing as you today! all that food looks glorious, also it would be rude to say no to a fudgy brownie! haha have a great day pretty girl

  6. 6 WholeBodyLove

    Oh wow, what an intense statement from the Irish lad!

  7. 7 homegirlcaneat

    Why is Jim such a boss?! ahahahahaha he might be a new favorite. Too bad I don’t know his real name, damnit.

    I had a clean eating plan as well…WF DELICIOUS TEMPEH and other stuff kind of threw it off. It was SO FREAKING DELICIOUS THOUGH. And good news, we have totally impacted Brittany’s eats because she is an official food blogger after eating TEMPEH and TOFU. We should be proud.


  8. 8 Lesie

    Oh yes, after this weekend I also had the same plan. I also blew it. Today is a new day!

  9. I have those snacky days sometimes too, but they are totally worth it! And esp. that BROWNIE- holy moly! And I also need to find that spinach and artichoke hummus- b/c I love the Sabra brand. I hope you have a great Tuesday today pretty girl!

  10. Oh that brownie looks good! Definitely worth breaking the clean eating plan for that. 😉

  11. Spinach and Artichoke sabra is kind of the best idea for a hummus that I’ve ever heard of. I wonder if I can find it.

    My eats get off track sometimes too. Just go with the flow and your body will probably want to get back to normal.

  12. Horray for Avocado Toast! Thanks for the shoutout love!

    Mmm and that hummus looks amazing. I love how you just used the carrot to shovel it into your mouth. That’s what veggies are for right?!

  13. 13 Whit

    I just fell a little more in love with the irish lads. 😀

  14. Spinach and artichoke hummus? Oh baby! I can definitely sense a “hummus party” in the near future;)

  15. So, even though your plans were foiled in the clean eating department it looks WELL worth it! Holy shmol to the PB swirl brownie! Sorry you had to taste test that hummus – must have been horrible 😉

    Before you know it, Jim’s going to be asking for your hand in marriage! Just wait!! Oh and I’m super type A so if plans get ruined, I don’t like it one bit! I need details, schedules, etc. for any event and if it deviates, K isn’t pleased.

    I’m such a Twitter failure – I need a crash course in it!

  16. haha i feel like its always when you have a “plan”. thats when things just go out the window. but you know what? lifes too short. enjoy it all while you can, youre not going to be there forever so you might as well try everything you are interested in! plus you’re stil being active so theres no worries there my little snacky face. i just wish i could try all those goodies! and that stickyfingers cafe? im only 20 mins from dc.. might have to make my way there!!

  17. 17 Kate

    Spinach and artichoke sabra?!? Sooo gonna be on the lookout for that!

    & those irish lads sure seem charming (but he’s right, you’re gorg!!)
    Have an awesome day!

  18. Wow spinach and artichoke Sabra…I think I might just eat the whole tub with a spoon…that wouldn’t be wrong would it?

  19. 19 peanutbutterandjenny

    if “how often do i get a chance to…” isn’t a legit excuse i don’t know what is.

    mail be that pb brownie.. k? thanks.

    i have a little trouble coping when things don’t go according to plan — i definitely have to get my snackface on and learn to go with the flow more.

    love ❤

  20. 20 Amy

    You’re amazing. That new sabras looks SO GOOD! And all your samplings and snackings seem well worth it. There is always today to start anew. Plus you got an amazing run in, right? I can’t wait to see you SO SOON!

    Love avo-toast. The best!

    ❤ amy

  21. 21 Maya

    That is definitely a good excuse? Seriously how often do you come across vegan treats that good? Love it!

  22. 22 lowandbhold

    I use that excuse all the time, so as far as I’m concerned it’s fail proof. All the eats look so good! I can’t wait to get my hands on that new Sabra!

    Haha, yo mama is so cool!

  23. 23 Lyss

    Your pictures are so vibrant! JUST LIKE YOU! 🙂

    And I’m a firm believer in thinking that EVERY sentence should start off with “it’s not often one gets the chance…” – it makes life far more interesting (and delicious!)

    Your mom is great. I need to meet her. Right after I meet you? K, great. Thanks.


  24. 24 Gillian

    Had a super indulgent weekend and was very pro on clean and light eating this week…but it is such a shame to leave the leftover apple pie and chocolate cake untouched! I think the perfect balance for me means something indulgent every day, so I’m never deprived and always satisfied!

  25. I’m pretty sure that is 100% ok for plans to be foiled when the result looks this good! Jeez louise! That PB thingy looks outta control! I want one NOW! Brek, lunch and din all look amazing too – nice one!

  26. 26 Marisa

    Thanks for the info on your jeans. A couple of friends and I are heading to a mall that I hardly ever go to this weekend and since I don’t usually go there I can’t remember if they have an Express or not but I’m seriously hoping they do considering my need to expand my jean collection. I’ll tell ya how it works out!

    P.S.- That brownie looks like it fell straight fom heaven. Yum!

  27. 27 lookingforserenity

    I am so jealous of your job! you get THE BEST food!!

  28. pb brownie? drool.

    i like to have plans for most things and often they get spoiled but i just keep telling myself, maybe i can do it later…and still be just as happy…because what i’m doing right now i might never be able to do again. 🙂 try to turn the negative to a positive, and so forth. 🙂

    happy trails babe!

  29. It may be the morning’s natural lighting, but your breakfast pictures are always so gorgeous! The avo toast is sounding pretty appealing right now! You have proven to me that breakfast can be eaten without some nut butta lovin’! I didn’t think it was possible…. ha ha ha!

    And yum!!!!! NO EFFING FAIR. I have yet to find any sabra flavors besides the standard roasted garlic, original and roasted red pepper….but that artichoke flavor sounds INSANE!! Absolutely insane.

    Glad you had another pain free runl!! 4.5 miles?!?! Damnnnnn girl! It seems to work best when you alternate run days, no?? 🙂

    WOW. Send me some of that pb swirl brownie, please. And your delicious chickpea, veggies & sauce mess!

    ps…I understand that the flight ticket would be a bit expensive….but i’m hoping for a miracle! 🙂 love youuu!

  30. 30 Anna

    I totally feel ya on the plans going down the gutter. But it seems your snackiness was a good thing! Congrats on the 4.5 mile run. Sounds fun, I only made it 3 miles this morning.

  31. Totally, girl! I had that happen on Sat, and I was so snarky! Hoping that you’ll enter my giveaways this week, especially the ME meal challenge!

  32. Yum, clean or not your eats of the day look delicious! Especially the avocado toast… best combo ever in my book 😉

  33. 33 Tra

    dude, i totally feel you on the plan switch up. Well one time i snacked WAY too much on go lean crunch honey flax. that was bad. i felt so sick afterwards and guilty. NOT GOOD!

  34. 34 indieconquers

    mmmm! I’ve gotta get some avocadoes!

  35. I’ve had way too many of those “oh yeah TODAY is gonna be my clean eat day” only to have it ruined very shortly after. Whatevs, too many amazing foods out there to eat clean ALL the time. I WANT that brownie!

    And uhh.. Sabra Spinach and Artichoke hummus sounds like THE most amazing thing in existence. If I don’t find that here someday I’m going to cry. Although it’ll probably take like five years to hit the Canadian grocer shelves boo hoo.

  36. 36 Kim

    I definitely had one of those ‘plans’ in my head today to make up for my weekend of fun too. But of course I was a bottomless pit so things didn’t go as planned…..but I usually try to just listen to my body and go with it. Tomorrows always another day !

  37. 37 elise

    WHAT.THE.EFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, ive never seen that flavor sabra. jealoussssss.

    the brownie is pretty fab looking too.

    i know what you mean about plans for clean eating. seems like often times my big high hopes of starting the day with my ducks in a row get derailed…but what can ya do right? move forward and try to rally for the next day, i guess.

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