How Could You Be So Shirtless?


Hello gorgeous people! I hope everyone had an incredible weekend! I certainly did, so let’s begin the tale-telling. I’ll try to keep it PG-13.

Saturday morning marked my wonderful return to running! I was well rested after a night of Weeds-watching and getting a solid eight hours of sleep. I was seriously out cold all night. This allowed for perkiness in the morning and a pain-free four-mile run! That’s right, the left foot didn’t hurt a bit. I made sure to stretch plenty afterward, too.

I had a strong craving for almond butter for breakfast, so I paired it with an apple. Original:

Fuji and roasted unsalted almond butter.

Fuji and roasted unsalted almond butter.

I took my time getting ready for the day and watched more Weeds. Did you know it’s possible to spend an entire half an hour putting on makeup? Found that out. At some point I had TJ’s balls with ketchup, and before I knew it, Brooke and Britt arrived to whisk me away to see our Irish lads dominate in a hurling game.

On the way to the game I ate this random bar I found in our apartment. It tasted like a raspberry Tootsie Pop:

Completely random bar and my favorite jeans that I wear all the time.

Completely random bar and my favorite jeans that I wear all the time.

The game was a blast! I adore listening to all the “f*cks” being thrown about the field. Music to my ears, especially in that Irish accent.

After the game we were ready for a good meal to get the night started right. Brooke and Britt popped my Ferry Building cherry, and they took me to one of their favorite restaurants, Taylor’s. The interior is sleek, clean and fun– everything a diner throwback should be. Unfortunately, the food is overpriced, especially when you’re vegan and can’t eat half of what you ordered:

Sweet potato fries, veggie burger, ketchup.

Sweet potato fries, veggie burger, ketchup.

I ordered the veggie burger with wheat bread instead of the egg bun. Unfortunately, I realized after a couple bites that the bread had been buttered. Yes, I could have sucked it up and eaten the bread, but mentally, I couldn’t bring myself to knowingly eat an animal product. I ate the veggie patty, though, and thoroughly enjoyed the sweet potato fries that Brooke and I shared. Shocking, I know:



We sped back to my place after dinner to get our swag on for the evening. And what an evening it was…

Our boys won the match that will take them to Boston in September, so the Blarney Stone was pure insanity. We entered fresh-faced and ready:

Chick Mafia in full-force.

Chick Mafia in full force.

When one of the first things you see for the night is a large, blow-up peen, you know it’s going to be a good night:



Thanks to the bachelorette with a penis tiara, this blow-up provided entertainment all night. This girl was certainly happy:

The Brooke Dance

The Brooke Dance

Drinking out of the huge championship cup was a must:

Dingo standing on a chair, flaunting the goods.

Dingo standing on a chair, flaunting the goods.

Dancing and trying to translate Irish English to American can be exhausting and leave you famished. Enter midnight snacks:

Brooke's trail mix, Britt's Goldfish, my Kettle Chips.

Brooke's trail mix, Britt's Goldfish, my Kettle Chips.

We ate our snacks while sitting at a bus stop. I wish I could say I shared that bag of chips with others and that’s why it was gone in less than five minutes. Nope. Just had a serious SnackFace on. And those chips were just too damn good!

When we re-entered the Blarney, it seemed as though everyone had consumed 10 more drinks during our absence. Somehow, someone thought it was a brilliant idea to get shirtless. Ladies, Homoerotica 2009, brought to you by the straightest men I’ve ever met:

Shirtless Irish, Penis-Tiara-ed Bachelorette.

Shirtless Irish, Penis-Tiara-ed Bachelorette.

This gentleman in the center seemed to be enjoying himself:

And check out the guy in the back left. What is going on?

And check out the guy in the back left. What is going on?

And in case I haven’t gotten the point across, here’s another:



I was laughing so hard I had tears. After all the excitement, we all headed back to my apartment. When I was awoken in the morning I wondered, “how is this my life?” How were there five Irishmen in my apartment? I love ’em.

I also admire the fact that the party truly never ends for them. We were in the car, heading to a pub at 9:30 in the morning. 9:30 am! Apparently, there was some big game in Ireland that the Kezar (pub) was showing, and we just had to go.

Letting the spirit move me, I had this for breakfast:

Errything on tap!

Errything on tap!

Kidding! I did not want a brew, I wanted a bagel. We left the Kezar and walked to Haight Street, only to find this going on:

San Francisco Marathon!!!

San Francisco Marathon!!!

We chatted with some of the marathoners and discovered they were on mile 20! They be crazy! While they were burning calories, I desperately needed to take some in. Brooke took us to a darling Greek restaurant. The name of it escapes me at the moment, but I will be going back. Many, many times. Bagel and hummus love:

Wheat bagel with the creamiest, smoothest hummus and some veg.

Wheat bagel with the creamiest, smoothest hummus and some veg.

Please look at that hummus. Why does it never look like that when I try to make it? Mind you, I’ve only tried twice, but still.

When we went back to the pub after breakfast, Britt, Brooke and I looked at one another and decided we’d had enough pubbage. Cleansing needed to be done, so we left and headed home to rejuvinate.

Brooke took me on this amazing path by her house for a two-mile run. The view was phenomenal– I felt as though I was in Italia. As we ran we overlooked rich green-covered mountains and hills I pretended were vineyards. The run itself was just what I needed, though, and the course’s hills kicked my badunk.

Later in the afternoon, Mother Cynthia took Brooke and me to Whole Foods, where I indulged in every blogger stereotype. Cliches and stereotypes exist for a reason, especially with food. It’s all so good!:

Expensive salad, expensive fermented fluid, expensive poo-colored bar. But it's all DELICIOUS!

Expensive salad, expensive fermented fluid, expensive poo-colored bar. But it's all DELICIOUS!

This was my first Whole Foods salad bar experience. I loaded my dish with tons of greens and veggies, and reserved the top layer for proteins and fun things. A perfect meal for the day after shirtless pubbing:

Highlight: sesame something tempeh!

Highlight: sesame something tempeh!

And I hate to say it, but I have fallen hard for kombucha. This is something I will not be purchasing when I go back to school, as it’s even more expensive there. Is that an OK excuse to consume as much of it as possible before I go back?

Brooke and I got ready for…lounging for a couple hours and then heading back to my place. The girls got ready to go out with our lads while I got ready to go into work for a bit. I have a deadline Monday at 5pm, and knew I had to get most of it finished before the work day, as I never know everything I’ll be doing that day. I snacked on a candy bar with a poo-colored interior before heading to the office:

I could eat this erryday, along with a kombucha.

I could eat this erryday, along with a kombucha.

Luckily, Abby was in the office and we got to catch up a bit. It made working on a Sunday a teeny bit better. Actually, I had fun because I was writing reviews for an upcoming Taste Test in the magazine. I was only in there for two hours, tops.

I came home not wanting dinner, but I felt snacky. And I just really wanted almond butter:

Carrots with almond butter.

Carrots with almond butter.

I musn’t have been that hungry because I couldn’t even finish the last half of the carrots. Instead, I had a couple squares of Endangered Species 88% Extreme Dark Chocolate. Joe very kindly placed these on our keyboards at work, and I will be eating this divinity all week. Thanks, Joe!

And now that I’ve spent two hours taking you from shirtless to pubs in the morning to stereotypical blogger food, I think it’s time for this “wild thing” (MamaJ’s words) to hit the hay. I send my love and giant hugs to you all!

Ciao for now,


EXTRA: The Irish lads took my phone this morning! First they called my house and no one answered. MamaJ then called me back, then Jim (we don’t even know his real name) took the phone from my hands and chatted with her for a few minutes. When I finally got the phone back, MamaJ says, “Did they just get off the plane?! I can barely understand them.” Her little convo with Jim sparked interest, though. Later in the day I received a text from MamaJ that said: “R u Irish free? They seem like tons of fun and I must meet them all.” Hell yes.


30 Responses to “How Could You Be So Shirtless?”

  1. 1 WholeBodyLove

    What a fun weekend! I am no longer vegan. But, I was for years. Restaurant ordering does get frustrating! I realized quickly that people don’t know or don’t realize the little things: butter on bread, veggies cooked WITH meat juices, gravey, cream-based sauces…the list, unfortunately continues.

  2. Hello gorgeous!! The blonde mafia definitely had their game-faces on last night, I love it.

    All the shirt-less irish LADS look like they’re having an amazingggg time, wish I was there to witness the madness! And that creeper in the back left, clearly getting wayyy too excited AND/OR angry over some chick. HomeBOY needs to chill out!

    Your wf’s salad looks GLORIOUS Kailey! I always have to fill the box up with veggies, then top that sh!t with the protein and carbs too. Only way to go! And that bagel and hummus look INCREDIBLY divine as well, incredibly!

    Yay for a pain-free run!! Love you, hope you’re getting a good night’s sleep tonight! Text me tomorrow, I need an SM update! I’m hoping for good news…… xooooo

  3. 3 Lesie

    Um yeah, about the kombucha….
    The cheapest I’ve been able to find it is at a little health food store next to campus, its only $2.99. Every other place I’ve seen it (WF etc.) its been over three dollars. yikes!

  4. Shirtless Irish guys? YES PLEASE!!!!! 🙂

  5. 5 Aunty Snooze

    You girls shoulda founda a balloon for that big P balloon

  6. Oh the adventures of my dear friend Kailiey – you rock, haha 😀

  7. Great post! Have a fabulous week @ work!

  8. 8 Amy

    Amazing weekend! And yes, that greek place’s hummus looks delicious. I must go. Shirtless boys are always a sight to see, especially drunk Irish ones. Im so happy you worked a bit and played a lot. I can’t wait to see you!!!

    ❤ I leave thursday!

  9. 9 gina (fitnessista)

    what a fun weekend! you make me feel young again, hahah
    i can’t believe it was your first time eating the whole foods salad bar! hopefully you’re addicted now, too?
    blow up peen? hilarious
    those sweet potato fries look OUTTA CONTROL!
    have a great monday ❤

  10. Glad that you had a fun weekend & that you’re back to running! 🙂

  11. 11 Whit

    Yummy eats, yummy run, yummy shirtless men. You have such a yummy life m’dear!

  12. I’ve done the same thing with makeup! My mom is baffled when it takes me more than 5 minutes but I have to perfect the technique!

    Sorry about the bread! That’s why I hardly ever eat out, people don’t listen! But I’m glad you enjoyed the Sweet P fries, they look to-die-for!

    What a fun night and you girls look absolutely STUNNING!

    Love all the WF goodness. The bar is delicious and I love your hugh jass 😉

  13. Grr one of my biggest pet peeves is when restaurant charge a RIDIC amount for next to nothing. As you know, the Midwest is the hotbed for that kind of crapola – a BLT minus the icky mayo and B cost more than my boss’s club sandwich. What?!

    WAY TO GO IRISH!!! If you’re going to Boston, you’ll have to tell me when – I’ll email you why if you’re curious! Oh my gosh, that bagel and hummus is perfection. Have you ever had an Irish Car Bomb? Take my word for it, it’s gross, don’t do it!

    I know she reads this so I’ll just come out and say it: I LOVE MAMAJ! ‘Did they just get off the plane?’ HAHA! Have a wonderful Monday, lovebug!!

  14. OMG bagel and hummus- why is SF so freakin awesome!? Sounds like the bestttt weekend evs…that pub madness looks like a discount, off the strip Vegas show 😀

    Thanks so much for your e-mail, haha best thing ever I loved it…Chick mafia + 1 in Boston!!????

  15. 15 lowandbhold

    Haha, you so make me miss the glory of my youth! I’m not even that old, but it has been quite awhile since I’ve had that much fun!

    I’m so scurred to try the Kombocha, I don’t want to go into debt!

  16. 16 Marisa

    Your weekend looked insanely fun, plus that Superfoods Chocolate Bar looked delish. Major chocoholic here. Quick question: Where do you buy your jeans from? Just curious as to where you got your favorite pair. Most of mine are form American Eagle simply because I know they will always fit great. I’d love to try a new brand of jeans.

    • 17 snackface

      Marisa – Hey chiquita! I used to be an avid AE jeans wearer, until they started adding whatever to make them somewhat stretchy. Then all my jeans stretched out and stayed that way. Bummer. Anyway, the brand of my favorite pair of jeans is R U Blue, which I’d never heard of. I just found them at Express for $30 and they fit magically. I bought them about three years ago and I can’t imagine parting with them! All my other jeans, and pants now that I think about it, are also from Express– my size there in long just works! Give Express a try when they have killer deals going on!

  17. 18 Anna

    I absolutely HATE it when I eat out and make a huge deal about not getting cheese or butter or whatever other animal products they may usually slather on everything. I’m so torn between wasting the food and not eating the grossness that it is, and I usually don’t eat it. It’s just so frustrating when you are so darn hungry!

  18. dude, what an awesome weekend. i wish mine had been as exciting!!!!

    and alllllll the funny shirtless men/guys/boys…

  19. 20 peanutbutterandjenny

    babygirl i have got to chillax with you and the blonde brigade (aka brookie and brittski..) y’all are my heroes and i kind of have a crush on all of your irish lads.

    for the record — chocolate is definitely a worthy substitute to carrots — hope you dipped that pup in some of your almond butter ..pure magic!

    love to you pretty mamii ❤

  20. does it look like that bagel is winking? and the hole is a smile? and the 2 darker spots are the eyes? ok maybe that is just me. i love salt & pepper kettle chips! i ate waaay too many friday night. the shirtless dance party looked like a total hit. and i find most european dudes start drinking real, real early. either that or i just associate with mainly drunks. probably a little of both…

  21. WF hot bar!! hummus, bagels……DROOL!
    yum yum

    love the party pics too! 🙂

  22. I love weeds! I don’t have cable though so I’m just waiting for the latest episode to get uploaded online. Thanks for not writing any spoilers!

    I’m eating an apple with almond butter right now! What a coinkydink. Haha. I hate when restaurants add animal products into food you wouldn’t think would have any. When I went Vegan, I made sure to always ask for food to be cooked in oil and not butter.

  23. Brilliant title, babycakes. I’m so proud.

    I would’ve sent that buttery burger back without hesitation. Who puts butter on a veggie burger?!

    I’m with MamaJ, I want to meet the Irish!

  24. 25 lookingforserenity

    Looks like you had an amazing weekend! The whole foods salad looks good! 🙂

  25. 26 homegirlcaneat

    I am currently craving apple + almond butter really badly.

    That picture of the chick mafia is hot! That picture of me is frightening! Ya win some, ya lose some. Win = Na Fianna, Lose = my memory. Woops!

    I got another WF salad for lunch with Brittany….she got the tempeh AND tofu and I AM SO PROUD!!! ADDICTION, is what it iz.

    Other news, Brittany and I tried to break in Jersey and Castro last night and failed. Stories to come.

  26. 27 MamaJ

    I think your readers would be interested to know what Jim said on the phone. My sense of recall was a little flapped at the time but as far as I can remember,”The stars must have been
    perfectly in line the night your daughter was conceived. She is perfection.” Needless to say I was floored. The accent kind of threw me off… My family were Brits . LUV YA “WILD THING”

  27. I just found your blog- can you say adorable??? Loved looking at all your pics and food for the day!

    • 29 snackface

      Taylor – Aw, welcome! I’m so glad you enjoy a little SnackFace! Thanks for reading 🙂

  28. 30 Anna

    Your little mention of my little city makes me want to give a big shout out: GO BOSTON! I’m a huge sox-nut. ‘scuse me. Still lovin’ the blog! Keep it up girl!

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