Return to Solids!


Buongiorno! One really fabulous thing about doing a juice cleanse for two days is that everything you eat afterward tastes phenomenal. I was so happy today!

For some reason, I just wasn’t feeling a run this morning so I slept instead. It felt incredible. After a hot shower, I was looking forward to a fantastic– and solid– breakfast. Somewhere in a dark corner of my cabinets, I found a teeny bit of oat bran. Glory:

Oatbran with mashed banana, a couple strawberries, a pinch of coconut and a big spoonful of almond butter. Divine!

Oatbran with mashed banana, a couple strawberries, a pinch of coconut and a big spoonful of almond butter. Divine!

See that warm, luscious oat bran? That’s exactly what I’d been craving for days! Not only was it the most delicious thing ever, but it also kept me full until lunch. Well, I had a few cherries but those have no staying power.

Work was insane today! We chose our final cover for the Sept+Oct issue and edited the final drafts that will be in the magazine. It goes to press tomorrow! Ahhh!!! The whole process has completely blown my mind. I am so in love.

Charlotte whipped together lunch in a snap. I ate it almost as quickly:

Odd picture- lo siento. But pretty colors!

Odd picture- lo siento. But pretty colors!

On the plate: pilaf with broccoli, salad of peppers, green beans and avocado, Trader Joe’s Indian something and some corn chips! A little random, but everything was super tasty!

We managed to edit everything by 5 pm, along with the rest of the daily duties. The only way to celebrate that is with a pop of a bottle and a sip of champagne. That’s how we do!

After work I freshened up the makeup, deodorant and perfume, and headed out with a new friend I’ll call Kevin. Kevin and I met up with his friends at a South Indian restaurant, Dosa. Phenomenal food, excellent service and many vegan options. I can’t get over it. First off, there were these chippy things, which I feel are made out of chickpea flour. I have no idea, though:

Loved these, but only had one piece. Can I get a bag for these? Great, thanks!

Loved these, but only had one piece. Can I get a bag for these? Great, thanks!

We all shared every plate. There was the super-spicy garlic, spinach and potato-filled dosa:

This was gigantic and so spicy and delicious. How many times have I used delicious already?

This was gigantic and so spicy and delicious. How many times have I used delicious already?

I’d never had anything like that before in my life, but I adore it. It was a tad too spicy for me, but we had other things to play with:

Mung bean salad. Obviously, this was my first experience with that bean.

Mung bean salad. Obviously, this was my first experience with that bean.

Crisp, light, fresh– excellent complement to the warm, rich dosas and curries. Speaking of curry, we did have an eggplant curry with the most insane, fluffy coconut rice. I didn’t snap a picture, but the rice itself may have been better than the curry. Oh hell, I loved it all. Kevin and I also split a samosa, which is a fried, potato-filled something that’s teeny. Heaven. The last dish I pictured was, unsurprisingly, also tasty:

Spring Dosa...spice level was more my speed!

Spring Dosa...spice level was more my speed!

My apologies if I got some of the names/ descriptions wrong. This was my first true experience with Indian food! Because we all shared everything, I didn’t feel disgustingly stuffed or anything after this. Meat-free, dairy-free dinners also help to prevent nasty feelings!

After dinner a few of us headed over to a sushi bar’s bar (does that make sense?) to meet more of Kevin’s friends. I loved everyone I met tonight! Such fascinating characters, new stories, new scenes. And I couldn’t think of a better day of eats to celebrate the end of a cleanse!

Now, pudding pops, it’s almost midnight and I may or may not try to get up for a 5:45 am run! I don’t know though, I just really haven’t been in the mood. Perhaps a fear of re-injuring my foot has something to do with it? Anyway, I hope everyone has a marvelous Friday and start to the weekend!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Do you ever get into an “I just can’t workout/run/whatevah” mood?
I’m hoping mine goes away soon! But I kind of welcome it–it’s rare. I’ve just been valuing sleep more?? Okay, I’ll stop making excuses 😉


26 Responses to “Return to Solids!”

  1. 1 rediscoveringlauren

    Hi hun,
    im sure food is 10 times better when you havent eaten any solids in 2 days! breakfast looks delicious 🙂 and sometimes, you gotta just sleep instead of goinng for a run, your body was obviously needin it so!
    sounds like you had a fun night with “kevin” 🙂

  2. wow ur meal at the indian place looks fantastic, i have never eaten indian before, looks great. glad to hear you liked everyone you met, but u seem like u would get along with just about anyone.
    I have def got into the no workout rut every now and then, but what stops it for me is just to go out and work out and i feel 100x better.

  3. 3 Whit

    ummmm that indian food looks incred! I hear ya on the ‘eh, I’d rather not workout, let me sleep’ thang. I’ve been sleeping in every morning, and it’s divine!

  4. Woohoo solid food! That dinner looks amazing. It’s breakfast time here but I kind of want Indian food now. 😉

    I get into the not wanting to workout mindset sometimes, but a few extra days off usually cures it. When I go back to working out I usually feel rested and ready to work again.

  5. 5 gina (fitnessista)

    indian! my favorite 😀
    the pappadum can be made of chickpea or lentil flour 🙂
    usually when i feel like that, i take a couple of days off and then i’m itching to get back to the gym
    hope you have a happy friday!

  6. Yum, I love Indian food, especially dosas! Depending on the contents dosas can actually be quite healthy and only have around 180 calories (I do not believe in counting calories but one of my friends told me).

    I’m glad you survived the juice detox! Have a great weekend:)

  7. I feel the workout slump sometimes…but not often. I love working out since it’s a big stress reliever for me. But I do have my couple days. Usually not more than 2 days or I feel so lazy!

    That indian food looks to-die-for!!! The dosas…amazing!

  8. 8 Aunty Snooze

    OOOO! I would like to see a picture of this so called Kevin

  9. Yes I have! I’m currently in a MAJOR gym burnout, and exercising there is just not appealing! I’ve been exercising, but sleeping has been winning out a lot more often 😉 YAY for having some tasty eats…perfect day to start eating again!

    Have a fun weekend!

  10. Poppin’ champagne, livin’ the life! Congrats on getting stuff done at work 🙂

    Your post-juice eats look INCREDIBLE!! I still haven’t tried Indian but the dosa is large and in charge, not to mention delicious!

    I was feeling the workout slump the past few days – my ankle has been crazy craze and I was sick. Double whammy. Now I just want to work up a big sweat!

  11. SO glad to see you back to solid foods!

    I do get in those moods, and it’s usually because I know deep down that I would not be at my top performance if I worked out, thus really defeating the purpose. We all need to rest sometimes!

  12. dude, i bet eating real food was glorious! that is how i felt after not being able to taste for 10 days~everything i put into my mouth was AMAZING! wow i have never had a dosa but that thing looks so dank. yesss i get in slug moods.. but they blow over and i pick back up! have a good weekend!

  13. 13 pbbec

    sounds like an amazing way to get back to solid foods, everything looks so good!

  14. ahhh what a fun new experience with food! It definitely sounds like you enjoyed the food, though I have to admit they don’t quite look like any of the Indian dishes i’ve ever had! hahahah

    I definitely DO get into the work out rut! Glad to see you’re only human….for a while, I thought you were super woman. 😛

  15. oh yeah, i’ve def had those moods, more often than not! they go away with time, i promise! just go outside! i find that works!

  16. 16 randomlymikey

    mmmmm…all the food looks amazing! i def. get into workout slumps. what helps me is to try something new or shake up my routine. maybe you could try that.

  17. Oh man, I love everything indian. they just know how to do food right. I’m a big fan of the spice level they use though!

  18. 18 Anna

    Join the unmotivated club! I’ve recently been having that kind of mood myself, and I’m hoping that I’ll want to jump back into that groove pretty soon.

    All of that Indian food looks crazy good! I’m glad to hear that Kevin, whoever that may be, is a good guy!

  19. Hello my now, non-indian food virg!

    I’m so glad you’re back to the solids girl….since solid, beautiful pictures are a lot more appetizing than some (delicious-SOUNDING) bottle of juice that I can’t get my hands on! hahah….that wasn’t an insult at all, hope it didn’t come off that way!

    Those crispy, chipy things are my FAVE!!!! Especially when dipped in some delicious mint dip! The spicier ones are amaze too.

    And shoooo girl, don’t run on your foot if it hurts…..but if you get the urge, obviously go for it! Just listen to your bod, you’re the only one know truly knows wassup!

    Love you, hope you’re having another exciting, busy day at the VEG!

  20. Congrats on your issue being done!
    How fun to try new foods! Everything looks great.

    I, too, am in a workout funk. Needs to change, pronto. My mind isn’t in it, but my muscles want to be used.

  21. 21 amy

    Welcome back to solid food lady! I bet it feels fab. Congrats on your upcoming issue! Love the indian food…I’ve never had it either but it looks tasty.

  22. 22 fruitsveggieslife

    I haven’t worked out all week – ugh! I was so tired because I hadn’t slept. Tomorrow though – I’m walking around ALL day. 🙂

  23. 23 lookingforserenity

    yay! you can eat normal food 🙂 hahaha, yeah I get into the whole I don’t want to workout mood all the time, but I wind up doing it anyways, 🙂

  24. 24 Michal Mymo

    Everything looks so yummy – especially the dosa wraps. I get those moods sometimes, but the past couple days i have really been in the groove which is nice. 🙂

    Michal (lilearthmuffin)

  25. I seriously neeeeed to try Indian cuisine ASAP!

  26. That indian food looks good! I’v only ever really had curry and I liked it. Sometimes I’ll just look at indian food and it will turn my stomach so I don’t eeat it. I should try to be more adventureous! And by the way, I always have some sort of excersise guilt. I’v been tres lazy the past 2 weeks :S

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