Tasty Tuesday


I wish I were out celebrating Bastille Day. Then I would have titled this post Tipsy Tuesday. For some reason, though, I don’t think this bod would enjoy that at the moment. Though I didn’t “go out” tonight, I did manage to sit in a bar at one point.

Deciding to give my foot a rest, the morning started with some ab and arm work, a face wash and another happy breakfast:

A ballin' TJ's Blueberry Bran Muffin spread with preserves, served with fresh berries. Luscious.

A ballin' TJ's Blueberry Bran Muffin spread with preserves, served with fresh berries. Luscious.

Work was busier than normal today, as I am in the process of compiling everything that’s normally due at the end of the week. Because we’re going to LA for the conference, things need to be finished in advance. Yea, I’m going to be staying after work tomorrow to finish my thangs.

I was the chef today and had to work with minimal fresh ingredients. With the help of TJ’s Indian Fare, I pulled it together:

Punjuab Cholent, brown rice, roasted zucchini and yellow squash, obligatory salad

Punjuab Cholent, brown rice, roasted zucchini and yellow squash, obligatory salad

TJ’s really knows wassup. The punjub cholent comes in aluminum bags that you just dump out, heat up and serve. I added a fresh heirloom tomato to give it a fresh kick, and it was a delight.

We had an afternoon meeting to look at our updated page layout for Sept+Oct. Oh my goodness, be on the lookout for this one. It’s spectacular.

Our meeting lasted until 4:30 pm and I was starving after! I SnackFaced on carrots and celery with a mustard+BBQ sauce dip. Naturally, that wasn’t enough for me, so when I came home after 6pm, I ate an entire cucumber with TJ’s Three Layer Hummus:

This is only one half, but the cuke+hummus combo is so refreshing I had to have more.

This is only one half, but the cuke+hummus combo is so refreshing I had to have more.

I went for a walk to the pharmacy after this snack. Along the way I caught up with my dear friend Alex, who spent the last half of the year traveling the world. Her arrival date back to Cinci was right as I was leaving–we missed each other! And I cannot wait to see her in September!

On my way back from the pharmacy, I stopped in the Fireside to chat with Charlotte and Lyndsay. The bar was filled with locals and our conversation was heavy with Sex and the City-worthy girl talk. Ya’ll don’t even wanna know.

We ventured back to our apartment (Lydnsay is basically our third roommate- I love it!) and assembled dinner. For moi:

Mango Guac Fiesta Salad

Mango Guac Fiesta Salad

In the mix: spinach, sprouts, broccoli, corn, mango, 1/2 avocado smashed with hot sauce, pepper, and salt and TJ’s Pineapple Salsa. The mango and salsa additions really made this salad divine. Lyndsay whipped up some pesto, and I absolutely had to try some:

Pesto pasta on a tiny snack plate.

Pesto pasta on a tiny snack plate.

Fresh and bright, this pesto reminded me of Christmas. Bizarre, but it’s the truth. I didn’t have a larger portion because what I really wanted was Peanut Butter Puffins. I’m eating them right now, straight from the box.

I’m getting increasingly excited for the weekend in LA. Remember my vegan date from last week? He just might be staying in the same hotel in which the VegNews crew is staying. Hmmm…

The girls have just put in Dazed and Confused, which, embarassingly, I’ve never seen. Time for me to relocate to the couch with my box-o-Puffins. Much love, boos!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s one very popular movie you’ve never seen?
There are probably too many for me to recall, but I’ll name a few in categories. I’m usually embarrassed to admit I’ve never seen them.
Newbies: Twilight (I’ll probably never see this), The Hangover (NEED to see this- I have a feeling I’ll relate on some levels)
Oldies: The Godfather (I feel as though I’d be bored), Casablanca (NEED to see this)


35 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday”

  1. i haven’t seen a lot of popular movies including all the ones you mentioned. i have ADD with movies–they’re too long most of the time for me! i have gotten through gone with the wind many years ago. that was a good one!

  2. Call me crazy, but I think I liked the Godfather better than Casablanca.

    Your eats look lovely, and I think you needed to follow that gorgeous salad with some PB Puffins. Well played.

    Have a great night, hon!!!

  3. 3 fruitsveggieslife

    What? No SPs in the VegNews meal? I’m shocked! 🙂

    Enjoy the delish PB puffins. Mmmm.

  4. 4 Abby

    Note to self: smash avocado with salsa before throwing into monster salad tonight. Yum.

    Aren’t issue budget meetings fun? Anyway, I hadn’t seen the Godfather until a couple months ago (and being a huge Sopranos fan, this was a crime). I’ve also never seen Casablanca or The Sound of Music in their entirety…

  5. 5 Emily

    three layer hummus? That sounds intriguing!

  6. The cuke and hummus combo looks delicious! I’ll have to try it sometime.

    I haven’t seen the hangover either but I really want to, everyone says its hilarious.

    Pb Puffins…its been too long. I must go buy some.

    Enjoy your day love!

  7. Oooo hope you liked Dazed and Confused, I think it’s pretty entertaining, what with all the young, now famous actors and actresses 🙂

    Never seen The Godfather either, and I doubt that I will anytime soon haha

  8. 8 April (Foods of April)

    I would have saved room for the peanut butter puffins too!

    I’ve never seen Star Wars! Is that weird?


  9. i have never had ob puffins i need them though apparently they are the best! and i havent seen A LOT if movies but hope to see some classics soon.

  10. 10 Ada

    The meal you cooked for the VegNews lunch looks great! I haven’t seen Casablanca either, I should probably get on that:)

  11. hahaha TJ’s meals are the s**t!!!!

    and i haven’t seen or read the Twlight series eitherrrrrrrr!

  12. That salad looks amaaaazing!

    So many movies I’ve missed out on! All the ones you listed minus Casablanca, plus basically everything that’s come out in the past year. I’ve got a lot of classics in my netflix queue in an attempt to not be so movie illiterate.

  13. I’m a big fan of TJ’s Madras Lentils but haven’t tried the Punjuab Cholant yet – looks fantastic!

    I haven’t seen Dazed and Confused either so I hope it was a good one! New movie: The Hangover although my guy friends have basically quoted the entire thing so I feel like I’ve seen it. Old movies: Gone With the Wind. I feel like it’s this EPIC movie I’ve never seen but honestly, I doubt I’ll be watching it any time soon.

    For the record, to answer your Q – yes, the weather is playing foolish games with my appetite. I WANT to cook cheetahs but I just can’t bring myself to turn the oven on! It’s really sad 😦

  14. 14 Katharina

    Let’s see.. Twilight, Hangover, Godfather, Matrix, Big Lebowski.. uhhh.. I bunch I haven’t seen. The Wedding Singer!

  15. 15 Bec

    You’ve never seen Dazed and Confused???? Hope you enjoyed it! Until this fall I had never seen Faris Bullers Day off and now its one of my favs!

  16. ah, Dazed and Confused is GREAT! I hope you liked it 😉

    I haven’t seen Twilight, Bruno or his other movie, the Godfather

  17. You’ll LOVE The Hangover! After hearing about your nights out with the Irish boys, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate.

    I’ve never seen Casablanca or The Godfather either! Kinda want to see both though – new goal for the summer!

  18. i’m totes a twilight virgin…guilty as charged!

    i’m lovin that Indian! soooo good! love your lil’ snackface ways – enjoy the movie and have a fabulous day!

  19. 19 Marisa

    I have seen Twilight and I have to admit it wasn’t the greatest movie I have ever seen. The acting was so-so, but the eye candy that was Robert Pattinson made up for the lack of acting experiece. The books were so much more enjoyable than the movie and I really suggest you read them. I was hesitant at first but I actually thoroughly enjoyed them. I will probably read them again as they are the kinds of books you can read over and over and always seem to catch something new. Regardless of the less-than-perfect acting in Twilight, I am definitely going to see the Twilight sequels, the most recent of which, New Moon comes out in November. My friends and I are planning to buytickets in advanced so we can see it the opening weekend. Do I sound like a nerd? Lol, I’ve alwayd loved to read so I must sugges these books to you.

    P.S.- So glad you are feeling better, and I’m hoping your foot recovers soon 🙂

  20. I’ve never EVER seen a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movie. OR read the books. Can you believe it?

  21. I love that you add mango to your salad!! it sounds so refreshing!

  22. So weird you asked this question, I was serving at the restaurant last night and one table was giving me crap for not having seen the Godfather! I’m sure it’s wonderful but like you said, I think I would get bored pretty quickly 🙂

  23. love dazed & confused! so much. haha. i have never seen ace ventura or star wars. or titanic. meh, i don’t mind. that mango avo salad looks bangin, good idea to give your foot a rest. have a good wednesday!

  24. 24 WholeBodyLove

    I have some blueberry TJ’s bran muffins in my freezer that I had completely forgotten about! Now, it’s on…I have to dig them out and construct a delicious snack with one!

  25. 25 lookingforserenity

    Go see the hangover! seriously- its THE funniest movie I have seen in a long time! 🙂 Highly recommended!

  26. 26 peanutbutterandjenny

    i hope your sitting down for this one but i have never seen.. dun dun dun .. Forest Gump *gasp!* i know i know, i’m a disgrace and ashamed of myself.

  27. I’ve never seen the Godfather OR Scarface, and I’ve never seen Casablanca either!! Godfather just ain’t my styleeee, but we should watch casablanca together!!!! And ohhh, another one i’ve NEVER seen is….high school music. Hahahhahhaah, I refuse.

    But i’m just as much in love with your breakfast shots as I am with the muffin themselves! So damn good. Had some with breakfast this morning too!

    I’m so excited for youuuu, that animal rights convention is gonna be so cool. You’ll be such a proud veg after learning so much about it!! 🙂 Do you know which city you’ll be in yet??

    And ohh la la, same hotel?! Can’t wait to hear moree……LOVE YOU!

  28. iv’e never seen psycho or any of the halloweens. haha. or godfather

    and i’ve never seen any of the harry potter or twilight movies…and never will!

  29. 29 caitlin

    I haven’t seen Gone with the Wind, or the Godfather movies.

  30. DROOLING over that fiesta salad! yum yum yum! hope your foot is feelin better my lil snacky! your bod thanks you 🙂

    omg i havent seen so many classics– dirty dancing, gone with the wind, as well as any of the twilight movies! you MUST see hangover though- its an order 🙂 heheh
    xoxoxoxo j

  31. 31 Brooke

    PESTO pasta looks amaze!! I love how we were talking it and the non-vegan pesto at pizza orgasmica and how Lyndsey whipped up a batch yestaday!

    Hmmmm I wonder if you iz still at work! I hope not! I hope you be at home snackfacing after eating a salad with guacamole 🙂 I just ate the BEST veggie burger! HOLLA!

    I wish yesterday was tipsy Tuesday..shoooo! But I gotta get this bug to go away! Some spooning would help.. 😦 MEEHAL COME BACK! Creepy, I know.

    K this is just a shpeal of a comment. HAVE SO MUCH FUN IN LA!!! TEXT ME UP ABOUT YOUKNOWWHO AND ANIMAL RIGHTS!


  32. 32 randomlymikey

    there are quite a few movies i’m embarrassed to say i have yet to watch. a couple on that list:
    one flew over the cuckoos nest
    some like it hot
    breakfast at tiffanys

    p.s. your breakie look amazing!!!!!!!!

  33. 33 broccolihut

    Star Wars–I’ve never seen any of them. I always get a lot of mean looks from people when I admit that…

  34. im with ya on the godfather and casablanca…one of these days?

  35. 35 Jess

    I’m always behind on movies. When people ask I have a pat answer of “90% of the movies you bring up I will have not seen” It’s not that I don’t like them…I just end up doing other things, and seeing movies in the theatre is getting ridic expensive right?

    I have never seen any of the Austin Powers movies, much to my 2 roomies/besties despair…and now I just flat out refuse to watch them, mostly to annoy my girlies! muah-ahaha.

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