Back to Myself


Hi lovepies! Oh how I’ve missed you all! I hope you’re ready for a novel-like post. It will be full of highs, lows, happiness, epiphanies, gore, hilarity… grab a snack.

I kicked off Friday with the usual 4-mile run, which is really the highlight of my mornings. Even though my left foot is ackin’ up, it feels better while I’m running. Anyway, I came home, showered and had a green drink for breakfast. My friends, after this weekend, I will not be able to have one of these for a very, very long time:

Green baby. I had to CHEW this sucker. Damn kale.

Green baby. I had to CHEW this sucker. Damn kale.

In the chewable smoothie: kale, spinach, banana, almond milk, water, almond buttah and a sprinkle of coconut. This honestly never sits well in my stomach in the morning. This is also something I’ve known about myself for years. We (me and the tum) don’t do raw in the morning. Hell naw.

I feel as though I had some snack in the morning at work, but it was too long ago to remember. Let’s see what was for lunch, ’cause I can’t remember right now, either:

Oh that's right! I went home for lunch.

Oh that's right! I went home for lunch.

I went home for lunch because I needed to tend to some personal business. My stomach was pheelin’ phunky. I had a salad with spinach, lettuce, a sprout nest, cucumber, corn, cilantro and TJ’s amazing peanut dressing. On the side I had two pieces of A-street bread with hummus (one was an unpictured game-time decision). The nest:



And the delicious, crunchy Alvarado St. Sprouted Barley bread with hummus:

Had to take a bite before the photo.

Had to take a bite before the photo.

The afternoon at work was a happy one because the sun was shining and we knew it was Friday. The highlight: someone’s parents sent her an Edible Bouquet!

Gorgeous Froot Bookay

Gorgeous Froot Bookay

Charlotte’s parents are sweetie pants and sent this bouquet in thanks for having them for lunch a few weeks ago. I was more than happy to help eat it:

Fruit sitting on a story I was editing.

Fruit sitting on a story I was editing.

Those are the only food photos from Friday, but after work I devoured a few thousand pita chips with hummus and was in heaven! YUM!

Brooke and Britt came over at 8 or 9pm and we got our glam on for a night out. Here is the cute couple, diva-ishly waiting for the Muni:

Yes, that's supah short. I'm just showin' 'em off while I still got 'em, ya know?

Yes, that's supah short. I'm just showin' 'em off while I still got 'em, ya know?

Shockingly, I have no pictures from the rest of the night. It was certainly eventful and full of hours of dancing.

Somewhere at the end of the night and into the morning, I was awoken by this horrible feeling. Oh no. I do everything in my powers not to throw up. I will eat 25,875,900 saltines to prevent myself from throwing up. But SnackFace caught a bug.

You’re probably thinking, “uh uh, sistah was out the night before. Hangover.” No, no. It really wasn’t that. It was something that had me laying down all day, unable to stand long enough to take a shower until 11 pm Saturday night. In between hours of feeling nauseated, occasionally hungry, falling into a deep sleep, suffering from shivers, losing everything I’d eaten the day before, all I wanted was to feel normal. I take it for granted all the time. AND I missed Vegan Prom!

I also learned that Green Monsters look exactly the same way going out as they do coming in. Did I lose some readers with that? Well, that’s why I’m not doing that anymore. Additionally, I thought about my experimenting with food combinations. I know it works for some, but it drove me nuts. I can’t have rules like that. I lost my own food philosophy: eat what you love when you want it. I don’t care if that equals a GasFace occasionally.

Sleep did not come easy Saturday night. I sweat out whatever was in my body and woke up drenched in sweat. Mmmm, sexy. I got four hours, tops.

I awoke at 8:30 am, called MamaJ to catch up and made a simple breakfast that does not fit into the food combining rules. And that is just what works for me:

Toast with vegan butter (Spectrum) and berries

Toast with vegan butter (Spectrum) and berries

I watched hours of Sex and the City and caught up on blogs. I’m sorry for not commenting, but they wouldn’t have been very bubbly comments! Eventually I showered and felt human again! I put on a dress and started to feel like myself again.

An interesting snack craving struck, so I went with it:

Fuji, balls and ketchup

Fuji, balls and ketchup

In case you were wondering, yes, I did try to dip an apple in ketchup. I don’t advise this. Please know that I went back for three more balls and some broccoli with hummus. Exactly what I wanted.

Shortly after eating, Brooke picked me up for our Irish lads’ hurling match! I am not one who enjoys watching sports, but I get so into this. I love it! Hmm… sweaty men with sexy accents grunting and running across the field? I’m in!

During the game, I was laughing when I realized I was back to my normal self. JOY! The following trip to TJ’s for almond butter, cereal and hummus made me feel even better.

Six pm rolled around and homie and I were starving. We went to the most colorful Mexican restaurant and shared bowls of warm chips with insanely hot salsa. For dinner, I had this cell-phone pictured salad:

This may have had two avocados on it. Not kidding. LOVE.

This may have had two avocados on it. Not kidding. LOVE.

Something that annoys the piss out of me: why must I be charged for the chicken on a salad when I order it without? WHY? That avocado cost them nothing in comparison. Rant over.

I was stuffed after that, which was perfect for me to get ready to go out on a Sunday night. I felt as though I needed to salvage the weekend, and I simply didn’t want to be in my apartment. Once we looked modelicious enough, Brooke and I met our men at the Blarney Stone.

Seeing them and dancing completely made up for my Saturday. Please look at their shirts here:

Do they have the same stylist?

Do they have the same stylist?

And then there was Dingo, dancing on a chair. His signature move:

All I wanna do is ----- and take ya monay.

All I wanna do is ----- and take ya monay.

After a couple hours we headed over to the 32. Now, being one of the only sober people is fun…to a point. At first, it’s hilarious because guys are as open as I normally am. They also start to dance as freely as I do. But then, things turn. Then I’m like, “okay, please stop falling on me. And no, that wasn’t funny.” Someone had her granny panties on last night.

So my Irish friend, whom I’ll call Wally, helped me hail a cab. Much to my surprise (and dismay), he jumped into my cab with me. When we finally got to my place he wanted to spend the night. After some discussion, I told him I was going to sleep in my apartment, and he was going to sleep in his own apartment. Boyfriend was not about to stay at my place. I dismissed him, left him in the taxi and ran into my apartment. Zing. I was in bed by 1:30 am.

I definitely did not get up for a run at 5:45 am. This was mostly because my left foot is getting worse, because I think I’ve gone running on less sleep. I liesurely showered and thought about what I wanted for breakfast. Am I ever glad I went with something I love:

In honor of the woman I miss...a Muffin!

In honor of the woman I miss...a Muffin!

I bought the Trader Joe’s Blueberry Bran Muffins. I topped the beauty with crunchy roasted almond butter and strawberry jelly. This was enjoyed with a cup of ginger tea. Bliss. This put me in a fabulous mood. Well, that and I had a convo with Muffin and we discussed moving to Cali after graduation. She immediately started looking for apartments in San Fran. Muffin, I love you and miss you!

I didn’t snap a pic of my snacks, but they were carrots in the morning and an apple in the afternoon. And the muffin held me over very well until 11:30 am, when I snacked on carrots. Soon enough, we had a lovely lunch:

Morningstar ribs, garlic roasted potato fries, salad.

Morningstar ribs, garlic roasted potato fries, salad.

Those Morningstar ribs are amazing! I was shocked that they were so mesquite and savory. Charlotte, Lyndsay and I took a 20-minute walk after lunch in the glorious sunshine.

Work today was great because Colleen and Joe were back from their travels. Our office is so tiny it’s bizarre to have anyone missing! The work part of work was great as well. I may have been a teeny bit tired.

I didn’t expect to run after work, but it was so painfully beautiful outside I had to at least try. It turned out to be one of my best– and most gorgeous– runs ever. I came back beyond ready for dinner:

Big and Green.

Big and Green.

I ate half a pita while I assembled this: kale, lettuce, spinach, sprouts, cucumber, cilantro, corn, broccoli, hummus, avocado and balsamic. I think I’m permanenty scarred from kale. The gag reflex kicked in whenever I tried to eat a piece, therefore half of that lovely salad went uneaten. Naturally, I’ve been eating Puffins and Spoonfuls while typing this 😉

BIG NEWS: So, where am I going Thursday? Los Angeles, baby!!! Along with my co-workers, I get to go to the 2009 Animal Rights Conference! Ahhh, I’m so pumped! VegNews, thank you for the best internship in the world.

Well kidlets, I’ve promised myself I’d sleep longer than five hours tonight. I miss you all! Have beautiful weeks!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s the next big thing in your life for which you’re supah stoked?
Animal Rights conference in LA, fo sho.

Don’t forget to vote in the 2009 Veggie Awards!


35 Responses to “Back to Myself”

  1. I’m excited to be having lunch with Andrea tomorrow!!!!

    I hope you are feeling better and I 100% support you saying “screw food combos.” Do what you want, when you want! And work that short skirt baby!

    Love you girl! And I will NEVER ever call you Kale Chips again.

  2. 2 Lyss


  3. 3 Brooke

    HOMAY! I am very happy to hear you are realizing your food theory again. Eff that raw stuff…you aren’t a raw shawty! You are a SnackFace shawty who told me she could neva give up cereal, eva! That’s what I like to hear…eatin’ whatchu love!

    THOSE MUFFINS look amaaaaazing!!! I was about to buy them today but I wanted to hear yo review on it before I purchased. However, I got more p-nut dressing!!! YEE

    I hope yo foot is feeling betta! Don’t kill yoself though or else the running will stop for too long…happened to me and it sucks ballz!

    Excited for… NEXT SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! And sooooo excited to hear that Muffins was looking up places!!! This means that blonde trio is now + 1 and MORE DIVALICIOUS

  4. Tell brookie boo wassup and that the muffins are off the chart!!! I’m gonna add preserves to them next time, that sounds delish!

    I’m so glad that you were feeling well enough to go out with the girls and irish men sun night! And I totally agree….being sober is fine and fun for a while….but after a few hours, thank you and goodnight! hahah…

    You so fierceee. Where’s that dress from!? And yuM!! That balls-y snack with the apples and ketchup is hilarious. I had some balls in a wrap today and I can’t get over how much I love ’em with ketchup….and bbq sauce, and dijon mustard!!

    Love your big salads baby girlllll, I’m gonna try to mimic them as much as possible in the sorority house!! Gotta get some hummus up in there thoughl! 🙂 I’ll make it a new, and popular addition to the salad bar!!!!! Think it’ll fly?!

    The irish boys are adorb, i love that they go out in matching outfits! LOVE YOU, get some sleep and rest that foot!!!!!

    • 5 snackface

      Jessica (jesslikesithot) – Hey boo! The dress is from none other than Forever XXI. I got it a year or two ago. Lordy, I shop nowhere else. Maybe 99% of my dresses are from there, I swear.

  5. I’m glad you’re stomach bug is better! Looks like your weekend was a blast:)

  6. 7 Lesie

    Those muffins are the hilight of my life. Take care of that foot!

  7. I’m praying that you feel 100% better soon, love!!

    What I’m excited for = um, you and I to meet up in September??? Right??? 😀

    Have a blast at the conference!!

  8. 9 rediscoveringlauren

    hi sweetheart,
    aww im sorry you caught a bug but im glad you feeling better now 🙂
    and psshhh, food combining rules…do whatever works for you babe!
    That trader joes muffin looks so good! a yummy breakfast!
    Im glad you had a nice weekend ( minus feeling sick)and spent some fun time with brooke and the irish boys!
    your going to LA? wow, best internship ever!!
    have a great tuesday hun

  9. That fruit looks gorgy-gorgy!! YUM!

    Your rant about the salad ALWAYS goes through my mind! Isn’t it annoying?! Once I ordered a salad without meat which made the waitress look at me like I had 8 heads and say, “Well….what DO you want on it?!” HELLO – lettuce, cucumber, fruit, everything that’s listed MINUS the chicken!?

    Lover, I’m glad you’re feeling better and back to the old girl we know and adore so much 🙂 YAY for LA!!!

  10. Look at the wind blowin’ in your hair, Miss Supermodel!!! Dayumm, work it!

    Sorry you missed Prom love! =(
    Glad you feel better though!

    I laughed so hard at the apples + ketchup combo. Its such a Snackface thing to do. haha

    Next big thing: Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. I’m selling ice cream!

  11. 12 april

    I’m secretly happy to hear your “screw food combos” idea! Food combining has taken over the blogging world and it makes me feel guilty for not dong it.. but come on! I can’t live without peanut butter on bread or peanut butter on sweet potatoes! I’d be miserable!

    I hope your feeling better.. I threw up yesterday too! Not fun 😦

  12. 13 Bec

    aww I am sorry you got some sort of bug, being sick is awful!

  13. that’s exciting about the conference! lots of great eats, and I’m SO glad you’re feeling better! That is never fun to be laid up like that 😦

  14. I think the food combo thing is too confusing too and takes some of the fun out of eating. I like having fruit as a dessert!

  15. 16 Anna

    I’m so sorry to hear about the randy boys in your life, new aversion to kale, and achy foot. Hopefully next weekend is the exact opposite of all things bad and un-Snackfacey!

  16. 17 Erin

    Sorry for the rough weekend! No bueno! 😦

    As far as the foot goes…have you made sure your shoes are tight enough? Sometimes, if they’re loose (or TOO tight) when I run, my foot feels funky the rest of the day.

    Looking forward to, uh, picking up some pre-sale packages from Neiman Marcus that I purchased Friday haha! 😉

  17. 18 Whit

    Oh yay, you ended up feeling better! That’s the way we like our Snackface. Un raw and un sickly. 😀

    The next big thing I am excited for is the Healthy Living Summit in Boston. YAY!

  18. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! And nice job shutting down the unwanted house guest. 😉

    When I’ve had running-related foot pain in the past I’ve used a tennis ball to massage the tendons in the bottom of my feet and it works really well – you just put your foot on top of a tennis ball and roll it around so it massages tight tendons. Maybe that would help?

    I just took a big European vacation, so that was my awesome thing to look forward to this summer. Right now I’m just looking forward to quiet time with the boyfran. 🙂

  19. 20 Tina

    I have SO much blog reading to catch up on. I got home to the grim news that our internet had been knocked out by a storm while I was surfing in France. The company we have internet through are SO slow too so it’ll be another week until I’m connected to the world wide web again! I’ve taken to hauling my million pound laptop to the library every day to use the free wireless internet here. Does complicate blog reading though as I constantly feel as if someone is leaning over my shoulder wondering why the heck I am looking at so many food pictures. Haha! Did manage to read this post though – so sorry to hear about your tummy issues, ugh, it’s the worst! (Although being constipated while on vacay in France and not being able to enjoy the food is a close runner up). Anyway, as soon as I get internet back in la mainson I shall spend a good couple of hours catching up on your faaabu posts that I have missed!

  20. 21 Katharina

    Those muffins look good 😀 I’ve heard of that Alvarado St. bread.. are they only in San Fran/Cali?

    Let’s see.. next big thing is moving into my next apartment! Can’t wait to decorate!

  21. Sorry you had a rought weekend, tummy-wise…you definitely got back in the groove and had a blast though!

    Wow LA!? That’s gunna be a blasty, can’t wait to hear about it! Hope you’re havin’ a good week!

  22. oooh youre going to have SO much fun in LA!!! gahhh the best summer ever for youu 🙂 and you are such a little runner now! power to you girllll ! happy for you endless amounts:)

  23. Hey girl!

    Food combining doesn’t work for everyone, and moreover, not everyone needs it! So I applaud your doing what makes sense for your own body.


    • 25 snackface

      Gena (Choosing Raw) – Thanks so much for encouraging doin’ my own thang! When I decided to stop the combining I was like, “oh no, Gena is going to be so disappointed!” But I really just thought about how fruit + grains, grains+ nut butter combos haven’t bothered me in the past, and have a hard time with food rules/guidelines, so I had to go back to doin’ me! I really love and adore how you’re helping so many people right now! I also rrreally wanted to nominate you for a category in our Veggie Awards, but apparently new nominees are write-ins from the previous year. Bummer!

  24. hi love!
    im so sorry you had a little bug but i hope you are feelin better now! what are those ball things by the way? they kind of look like pecan pralines 🙂 heheh!
    LOVE your food philosophy– its easy sometimes for us to lose sight of it but its just a simplistic and true rule!

    have a wonderful day xoxoxo

    • 27 snackface

      fearlessfabulousfulloflife – Hi gorgeous! The balls are actually Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs. I just like to call them balls A) because they’re meatless, so shouldn’t be called meatballs and B) I’m a 12-year-old boy who thinks any reference to balls is hilarious. 🙂

  25. well i was catching up on blogs on my lunch and read the first sentence and then decided i better go make my lunch before reading this.. so that is what i did. i wasn’t going to until i saw there would be epiphanies involved, that is what convinced me i would need some type of eats for the post readage. now i can munch happily on veggies and hummus as i read.

    anywho, let’s talk about this fabby marathon post! loving the fruity bouquet–soo much better than those nasty sugar cookie ones. sorry bout the barforama, don’t you hate it when you eat something you love then end up yakking it up and that food is forever damned? sucks. my vegan boys have some of those ribs in their freezer right now, maybe i will have to steal some and try em. oh and yeah i don’t dig food combining nonsense.. i like to eat a certain way and it works for me so i stick to it! LA–funnn! i love it there, although i have only been once for a minus the bear show, i lived it up while i was there! i am lookin forward to my trip to seattle for a wedding, love that city!

  26. 29 honeynutlo2

    ewe I hate homeboys who try and get all up in yo bed…no thank ya 🙂 glad u are feeling better and omg have fun in LA! I am so freakin jealous!


  27. heeyyooo how long are u in la for?? I live like 30 min from downtown, so let me know your stats!! So glad u feel better boo, i had to let the GM madness die down a little as well 😀

  28. 31 caitlin

    I feel you…I also just got a bug one afternoon after eating a green monster, and since watching it come back out of both ends (TMI!) I haven’t been able to eat one in a week.

    throwing up is the worst feeling in the world…I didn’t know there was a saltine trick? I hope this bug gets the heck out of the bay area…

  29. Man, I am so so sorry you weren’t feeling well Kailey! Everything looks so nommy anyway! 🙂

  30. whoo! LA hotness! you are gonna love it here (i hope?!?!). make sure you get some sweet beach lovin and not just stinkly LA traffic 🙂

  31. Is it weird I was sitting in class today and wondering how you and Muffin were doing? Haha. You’re so lucky you got an edible bouquet! I’ve always wanted one. My loverman asked my best friend what he should get me when I was pissed and she told him to get me one but he had already got a green flatware 1 day shipped to me. Haha. Still hoping I get one at one point though!

  1. 1 Adventures in Food Combining « Summer of the CSAs

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