Let’s Play Catch-Up


Hello gorgeous friends! Two consecutive days of not being at my laptop all night has me feeling like a stranger already. Sick, no? Let’s dive into my past two days. They’ve been delicious.

Because I’m crazy, I woke up at 5:45 am for a run. It was a struggle, as I had run the night before. My left foot is killing me. Maybe I sprained it or bruised something? No clue, but it’s annoying. For breakfast, I was running low on spinach, but I really wanted a damn smoothie:

Green baby with coconut sprinkles

Green baby with coconut sprinkles

In there: frozen banana, bit o’ spinach, scoop of almond butter, water, stolen piece of kale (sorry Char!). I packed snacklettes for the dia:

One of my top-2 fave Laras and carrots. As if you don't know what those look like.

One of my top-2 fave Laras and carrots. As if you don't know what those look like.

I only had a bite of that LaraBar later in the morning because there was vegan lemon bread that needed to be eaten. Trust me, it needed to be eaten. Yum!

We had a meeting for our Sept+Oct issue in which we looked at the layouts. Gosh, I get so high off these meetings. It has been my dream to see how a magazine comes together from start to finish, and I still can’t believe I’m here sometimes.

The lovely Lyndsay whipped up a pasta lunch:

Pasta with white beans, eggplant and zucchini; salad; sweet potato pone/pohn (like sweet potato pie without the crust)

Pasta with white beans, eggplant and zucchini; salad; sweet potato pone/pohn (like sweet potato pie without the crust)

I still think this combination is correct: pasta (starch), beans (starch), sweet potato yumyum (starch), salad and veg (freebies). I’m not sure how I like labeling all this, but I do know I like how I feel after eating.

You know what else doesn’t hurt my stomach? Sugar:

Taste Test! Just part of my job.

Taste Test! Just part of my job.

On the plate sat tiny bites of a snickerdoodle cookie, chocolate cookie, oatmeal raisin cookie, apple turnover, cinnamon raisin coffee cake, cinnamon roll, apple chips and new ProBars. Whoah shoog! To be completely honest, I didn’t want to eat all that sugar. And then I thought, “when else am I going to be able to eat delicious baked vegan goods for free?” Yep, quickly got over the shoog factor.

After work it was time for…a date. He paid, so it’s a date, right? I don’t know. And I wish I could share every detail, but he reads my blog occasionally. So I can’t. But we’ll call him Harley the Vegan (Brooke, thanks for the Harley idea). Harley and I have a lot in common. It kinda freaks me out.

We went to dinner at a vegan restaurant, Golden Era. To start, we split amazing spring rolls:

Harley- fab suggestion

Harley- fab suggestion

This restaurant is known for its mock meats. They took a little getting used to, but overall were good. I liked the sauce-soaked broccoli the best:

Looks like real beef, right? Terrifying.

Looks like real beef, right? Terrifying.

We also got the ginger chicken. I’m so sorry about this awful picture:

Ginger chicken and tons of veg

Ginger chicken and tons of veg

Not wanting to go home yet, Harley and I stopped in some random bar for a sip. I had the best mojito ever. We also played pool, which I can’t remember the last time I played. Some singing of Beyonce also happened.

All I can really say about the date is that we’re both super chatty, so that was great, and fun was had by all. I think. At least, I had a lovely time, and we’ll be seeing each other this weekend at…Vegan Prom! Bahahaha can you even believe such a thing is happening? I can’t wait.

Getting home took forever, and I walked in the door at 11:30ish, thus there was no recap last night. I was also hungry again, so I had Spoonfuls and Char’s soymilk.

I really tried to get up at 5:45 am to run, but when my alarm went off my body did not want to move. I normally spring out of bed relatively easily. Taking a cue from my legs (and my damn left foot), I slept an hour longer.

When I finally awoke, I did some ab work and then hopped into the shower. Breakfast was very light. I blame no groceries or almond milk:

Fuji and bloobies.

Fuji and bloobies.

Do people who eat light breakfasts get used to that? Because I was starving in no time. Good thing I had my Lara on-hand, as well as half a bag of carrots that I ate throughout the day.

Work was supah busy, per usual. In the morning I worked on a featurette about Cat Johnson, a bad ass vegan cyclist. Stay tuned for the link.

Lunch was whipped together by Abby today:

Bean-tempeh patties, roasted taters and zucchini, salad. Multiply the salad by three.

Bean-tempeh patties, roasted taters and zucchini, salad. Multiply the salad by three.

This food-combo thing is tricky when others are cooking, but I think I did alright. Right? At least my stomach didn’t feel as though it was bubbling up, so that’s progress.

The rest of the afternoon was busy, and the rest of that bag of carrots was devoured at 3 or 4 pm. When I left work, I hit home for half a naner with almond butter, money and bags for my groceries.

I walked the mile-long walk to Noriega Produce and spent a ton on fresh, organic produce. Is $60 too much? I don’t have a picture, but you’ll see me eat everything. I was starving on my walk home, so I slurped on an unwashed nectarine. Did that sound disgusting? Sorry.

The first thing I did after putting my greens and goods away was assemble dinner:

A very green salad.

A very green salad.

Sprinkled atop a bed of red romaine, kale, sprouts and broccoli slaw was smashed avocado and a Pearl-inspired corn and cuke salad. In the topper salad: raw corn, sliced cucumber, cilantro, juice of 1/2 lime, Bragg’s Sea Kelp seasoning. It was clean and marvelous. I ate the leafy part with TJ’s bangin’ Spicy Peanut dressing, though. Can’t resist:



I finished off dinner with my true loves:

Cheetahs and catch-up.

Cheetahs and catch-up.

Lyndsay, Charlotte and I have been watching the Sex and the City Movie. Now that’s true comfort food for me. No wait, the several bowls of Shredded Spoonfuls with almond milk is, too.

Now with a full and happy tummy, I need to rest up for Friday. Already??!! How does that happen? But you know how I do, the weekend is even busier than the week. Irish men tomorrow, Vegan Prom Saturday, more Irish Sunday? Ya never know. Love you all, boos!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Guess where I’ll be a week from today?
I’m not telling. But I do want to say thank you for all the responses to the food-combo question. Everyone’s answers were very interesting. Overall, most either accept it, or think it is a load of dookie. Speaking of loads of dookie, I gotta run. 🙂


36 Responses to “Let’s Play Catch-Up”

  1. 1 Lyss

    ohhh, can’t wait to see how the boy sitch unravels. i’m rooting for you and your vegan cutie! 🙂 i bet he’s reading right now… you BALLSY sista!

    if you’re going home, i’ll be 100% jealioso.

  2. You’re disgusting, always referring to NUMBA 2! 😉

    Will you be in Ohioooo next weekend?! Paying the fam a mid-summa visit?! Orrr hmmm, HERE….grocery shopping/cooking/sun-bathing/partying with me?

    You seem semi-unenthusiastic about the date night! Did he seal the deal with a kiss?!?! I know he reads this, so you can just text me the answer! hahaha….

    Your salads are always so lovely, they get me pumped for the salad bar at my sorority house next year!! Exceptttt, the house doesn’t supply BALLS or tj’s peanut dressing or avocado….however, I can always throw whatever the chef makes on top of a huge, beautiful salad! I’ll make it workkkkk!

    But girlfriend, hope you got some more breakfast foods!! I know my snackface could not THRIVE on an apple and some blueberries. Psh, girlfriend needs her carbs, am I right?! …or at least a deliciously green smoothie!

    OKKK, this is long! love ya!!

  3. 3 Whit

    Dates are always good, at least in the sense they make you feel desirable. Correct? 🙂

  4. So cute that you’ll be hitting up vegan prom with the boy, haha.

    Ahh, the Cheetahs – I’ve seriously been eating those daily, haha. Love your cooking method!!


  5. 5 Kristen

    Hey Kailey! I think I can help you diagnose what’s up with your foot…does the pain feel similar to a tight muscle? If it feels like it needs to be stretched and is a “smarting” pain, it’s possible you have a little extensor tendonitis! I’ve experienced the same thing before and it’s VERY common with new runners! It usually stems from not stretching your calf muscles well enough. Alllllllll that stuff is connected! Do some good stretches the next couple of days and your foot will feel better in no time. Taking the weekend off from running will quicken your recovery and keep the pain from getting worse but that’s your personal decision. I personally kept on running but I have trouble taking orders :p. Have a fabulous weekend!

    • 6 snackface

      Kristen – Oh my gosh. THANK YOU! You could be very right about this. I was pretty good with stretching the first couple weeks I was running, and then I got totally lazy. I don’t think I’ll be running this weekend or next, so that should really help. You’re such a sweetie for helping me! Thanks bunches!

  6. I’m jealous of your job. I worked at a magazine for a while and really liked seeing it all come together.

  7. 8 Jenny

    harley sounds like a real winner — any guy who likes spring rolls is a-okay in my book. glad you enjoyed your date-ski.. what a lucky dude!

  8. 9 lora

    such a date if he paid! did u guys meet at work? if so adorable! have fun at prom!!

  9. 10 gina (fitnessista)

    glad you had fun on your date 🙂
    in the smoothie pic, i totally thought it was cheese sprinkled on your smoothie…
    hope you have a happy friday!

  10. thats great you and your date have a lot in common. You are going to a vegan prom?! that sounds awesome, o btw i want your job.hahaha have a great day girl!

  11. I need more cheetahs!!!

    Vegan prom?! FUN!

  12. glad you had a good date 🙂 a date with lots of chatting is always good! nothing worse than horrible awkward silences.

    vegan prom? So fun!

  13. Hah – I thought that was parm cheese at first on your GM. I was like, “hmm….well that’s new.”

    That tasting plate is making me crazy! That all sounds delicious 🙂

    Does Harley drive a crotch rocket? Is that where you got the nickname from?! Glad you had a fantastico date – you deserve it! You are going to have a BLAST this weekend with all of your plans!! Can’t wait to hear about it, lover bean!!

    I need to make more cheetahs! It’s been so long, my heart aches just seeing them!

    • 15 snackface

      ksgoodeats – Haha, oh my darling K, that would be hilarious if he really drove a Harley. No, when Brooke met him he kept saying he had to ride his bike home. Brooke asked, “do you ride a Harley?” He pointed to his outfit (some zip-up hoodie, Vans slip-ons concoction) and said, “does it look like I ride a Harley?” So no, he rides a bike.

  14. 16 april

    Your date sounds like a blast!

    Seems like your doing great on the food combining.. that stuff is way too complicated for me!

    And I could never eat a light breakfast.. I’m a hungry girl in the mornings!

  15. ooh harleyyyy 🙂 so exciting! gah you are having the best summer ever aren’t you? i love it! and i love evrything you do at your internship… i would just HAVE to eat all those yummy baked goods too. i mean.. vegan baked goods taste soo much better than regular ones in my opinon, so id be the official taste tester. what do you say… have them hire me as their tastetester and we can play in san fran the rest of summer? okay! ill go pack asap 😉

    • 18 snackface

      dailygoods – Get ovah here NOW! We have a spare fouton and a really comfy couch. I’d share my bed, but it’s a twin; I’m almost too big for it. Start packin!

  16. I love your cheetahs. They looks so yummy. I might try them tonight, actually. I don’t get the google alert – how come you shouldn’t comment? Am I slow? Edumacate me.

  17. The mock meat freaks me out a tiny bit but I’d most definitely still want to try it!
    So glad to hear your date went well though! Pool is a good end of the night. Well, that a mojitooooos.

    Vegan prom now?! Say whaaa, I must hear about this!

    I can’t eat just fruit for breakfast. No way no how. I’ve tried before and it makes me want to nearly pass out. Baaad news.

  18. 21 lookingforserenity

    The food from that resteraunt looks divine! I’m happy you had a good time 🙂

  19. vegan prom? really? crazy hahaha.. nice. the date looked fun, good eats, that non meat looks too freakishly like the real thang. glad the food combiningness is working out for you. have a fun weekend!

  20. yay for a good date!

    Have a great weekend 😉

  21. Those blueberries are gorgeous! 😀

  22. Are you heading down to LA? It’s my DREAM to move to Santa Monica!

  23. 26 Lyss


  24. 27 Tay

    Girl, your eats look FAB!! I love your salad plate….looks delicious! And that sweet potato pie thing…mmmmm.

  25. I can’t figure how to email you, so… read my blog. 🙂 Ode’ to your cheetahs.

  26. Waaiit i missed the bow chicka bow wowww part at the end of the date riight!?? ;D Vegan prom sounds way more fun than mine! Senior year my date was from another school, got way too drunk on the party bus, barely let in and ultimately kicked out..then passed out by 11 pm. The vegans are much nobler breed I’m sure 😀

  27. I’ve been meaning to ask you if you have tried any of the Baker’s Deluxe/ Dixie Diners products yet? “Healthy Junk Food”. Fantastic stuff, and super healthy. Their cake/muffin,pie, pizza crust, brownie, bread mixes are fantastic. They even have mashed potatos and stuffing. The orange cran mix is amazing, and I use the tart mix to make cakes with sugar free Davinci Syrup (no sugar/oil) or add sugar free jam or pumpkin puree. The country biscuit mix is great when you add spices and make bread sticks. I mixed it with Italian dressing, and buttermilk ranch as well and it was AMAZING.
    Check them out!

  28. I’ve never understood how people can get by with small breakfasts. In high school I used to have a bowl of cereal & milk with a side of yogurt and fruit, and I’d still have to break into my lunch around 10:30 for a snack. These days nut-butter filled oatmeal keeps the beast at bay.

  29. 32 Katharina

    Free food is definitely awesome in my book too 😀

    Ohlala vegan prom! I wonder what they’ll be serving. Take tons of pictures!! Hmm… in a week will you be visiting your family back home?

  30. 33 WholeBodyLove

    I feel that the only way one gets “used to” a light breakfast is if her metabolism slows down which is NOT a good thing. I’m not always tremendously hungry in the morning. But, if I have too light of a breakfast I am STARVING in no time at all. So, you are def not that only one!

  31. 34 elise

    oh damn, i cant WAIT to hear about veg prom. haha. i hope you wore some hippie recycled rags. jk. me thinks your date wouldnt be a fan of that.

  32. Where do you work, this sampling deal looks pretty sweet? 🙂

  33. 36 Anna

    Those cheetahs looks so unbelievably yummy. I bought a big-azz sweet potato and I really wanna make some!

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