We Have a Winner!


Hello beautiful people! You know how I said I may have gone on a date thing tonight? Well I did, and I just got back at 11:20 pm. And I’ve only slept five hours a night for the past week, so I owe you an enormous recap tomorrow! I can say that I had a joyous time…

Anyway, I promised I’d announce the winner of the spectacular VegNews Giveaway! According to random.org, of 245 entries…which shocked the sh!t out of me…the winner is…

Numba 14: The ever-adorable Emma of fruitveggielife.blogspot.com! Her fave snack? Apples with cinnamon. Shoo, honey, you’re too healthy. We need to get you some pita chips or somethin’! 🙂 I’ll be emailing you soon to get your address! CONGRATULATIONS, SWEETPEA!

Okay pudding pops, I’m going to rush off to bed to try to get a whopping six hours of sleep. I’ll be back tomorrow with juicy details of Wednesday and Thursday!

Ciao for now,



5 Responses to “We Have a Winner!”

  1. 1 fruitsveggieslife

    Oh my goodness! I’m excited. Thank you so much Kailey!

    And hey – my favorite snack is apples and cinnamon. That certainly doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate some pita chips, hummus, cookies… ABC cookies are amazing, for example. 🙂

  2. 2 lora

    awe yay for emma! love her! and a date? is the running boy the lucky one! i cant wait to hear all bout it…


  3. I hope it was fab! Can’t wait to hear about it – unfortunately Ohio boys are a little lacking in the date department

  4. 4 Kaolee

    Congrats to Emma!

  5. 5 homegirlcaneat



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