Ay baybay! How did everyone’s Tuesday go? Swimmingly? I hope so.

I could not pull myself out of bed at 5:45 am for a run because I didn’t get home until 1am after the movie! We saw The Proposal, for which I had no expectations. It was hilarious, though! Betty White stole the show, and then there was Ryan Reynolds. Ever since Two Guys, A Girl and A PizzaΒ Place (was that the title?) I have been convinced we are to be together. After watching that man meat on-screen for two hours last night, I’m convinced it must happen. Ryan, I’m no ScarJo, but I do work, son. And I’m kinda cute.

So I slept until 6:45, did some stretching, push-ups and dips, then showered. Kidlets, I was mesmerized by Gena’s Food Combination post. When she talked about the cars trying to get by and the fruit fermenting behind meat and such, I thought to myself, “she’s talking to me!” As you know, I’m a gassy girl (Ryan’s not going to like that). I am uncomfortable after almost every meal. Today I thought I’d try to heed Gena’s advice as best as I could. Let it be known I probably messed up 27 times, but I tried. And it helped.

The eats started like zeese:

Greenie on the notes I took from Gena's post.

Greenie on the notes I took from Gena's post.

Does anybody know into which category almond milk goes? I wanted to add it, but wasn’t sure if it was the right combo. Into the blender went: 1 frozen naner, man-hand mitfuls of spinach, a scoop of raw almond butter and one cup of water. And a sprinkle of coconut, which I know conflicts with something. Right?

Anyway, that smoothie was damn delicious. It had chew, which is something I need in the morning. My stomach felt a bit gurgley after that, but after an hour it was fine. Three hours after breakfast, I was ready for a fruit snack:

Saved the green beans for later!

Saved the green beans for later!

The berries were actually a lovely snack to tide me over until I made lunch. Now, trying to stick with the right food combinations when cooking for a group is not easy. I wouldn’t care if I ate just a Dixie Normous salad (stole that from Matt– I’m not that quick), but I don’t think the rest of the VegNews crew is really down for that. I made a random-ass assortment that turned to be delightful:

Curry with brown rice, taters, salad with celery and sun-dried tomatoes.

Curry with brown rice, taters, salad with celery and sun-dried tomatoes.

I’ve vowed to make sweet potatoes every single time I make lunch, so that’s why those are there. The curry was a last-minute throw-together with the few veggies we had in the fridge, a can of chickpeas and Mike’s Curry Love (yum!). I think this all goes together: greens go with anything, beans are considered a starch, which goes with brown rice, and sweet taters are a starch, so that works, too. Am I totally wrong? Whatevah, it was delicious:

I went back for more curry and salad after cleaning my plate for round one.

I went back for more curry and salad after cleaning my plate for round one.

After lunch, I waited 30 minutes before having an afternoon tea. And how was my usually rumbly tummy (ok, intestines)? FINE! Glory.

I was a busy woman today, as usual, but was really distracted by how calm my stomach felt. At 4 pm I busted into my green beans, which I ate with yesterday’s hummus (just chickpeas, garlic and EVOO–no tahini) and olive tapenade. I was kinda stuffed after that, but we had baked goods to sample. I can’t pass that up! So I had a bite of banana bread, a bite of an amazing ginger cookie and a couple bites of a chocolate chip cookie that was the size of my right butt cheek. Chocolate chip cookies are my all-time favorite.

Work was also exciting because my first News Feature was posted on the website. Remember the Senator I called at 5:15 am my time last Friday? It was none other than the phenomenal Jamie Raskin. This man is a baller. When I called the first time, I heard a muffled voice in the background. “Oh sorry about that. It’s just King Lear.” Haha! I love that Senator Raskin listens to Shakespeare while driving. And he’s veg. Amazing.

When I came home from work, I grabbed a handful of Pirate’s Bootie (gaggy- I don’t enjoy this anymore) and changed into filthy running clothes. My run was glorious tonight! My stomach is normally too upset after work for a run, so I was simply elated. I had to text my other Mama to share.

I finished my run, showered, then plopped my laundry in the washer. Then to get more quarters, I hit up a coffee shop for some tea and change. And then I was more than ready for dinner:

Big Baby

Big Baby

Alright, I know I messed up some combos here. Right? I did, however, eat all the tomatoes first, so they’d fly through my system and not ferment behind the ‘cados and the balls. The rest of the salad: spinach, baby romaine, broccoli slaw, broccoli, green beans, celery, 1/2 an avocado mashed with pepper and chili sauce, pineapple salsa (wrong?), balls (wrong?) and TJ’s Spicy Peanut dressing. So f-ing incredible:

I never knew I would love avocados so much.

I never knew I would love avocados so much.

For a very necessary after-dinner sweet, I had a lot of this beaut:

MamaJ- this reminds me of YOU! And your food you couldn't give up? Uhm, good cheese maybe? Wine? ;)

MamaJ- this reminds me of YOU! And your food you couldn't give up? Uhm, good cheese maybe? Wine? πŸ˜‰

And now I’m enjoying my new favorite snack: carrots with raw almond butter. I used to not like the raw almond butter, but I may have come around.

So now, I have bunches of energy, but really need to get my laundry and go to bed! AND my stomach feels happy!

STAY TUNED FOR MY NEXT POST! Does SnackFace go on a date? (I’m not even sure if we’re calling it that!) And…The winner of my Supah SnackFace+VegNews Giveaway will be announced!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Do you think the food combination thing is crazy?
I did, and then I tried it. I know I probably messed up, but even being conscious about what goes well together has helped me immensely. And it’s only been one day. I’m just wondering: how do my weekendΒ brews fit in?


46 Responses to “Combos”

  1. 1 Lindsey

    I’m de-lurking!
    I’ve gotta say that girl, consciously combining food sounds intense/time-consuming/pain in ass, but then again, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad for you! but I wouldn’t stress about screwing up.. that doesn’t seem to be the point of it all πŸ™‚

    I am just of the mindset that I like to eat what sounds good, and shouldn’t that count for something? don’t worry about your weekend drinking, you seem legit in knowing what’s good for your bod.

    ALSO: I’m slightly petrified to read about the intestinal working of food “fermenting” behind meat or something like that?! redic. gross.

    also, I just love reading your blog- makes me slightly jealous that i’m not a single lady in san fran! (because I happen to be engaged. in houston. live it up while you can!)

    • 2 snackface

      Lindsey – Thank you so much for de-lurking! I totally agree with your points. It does seem like a huge pain in the ass, and I believe in going for what sounds good. However, I also believe in helping out my digestion if I can. I think the combo thing is something I can keep in mind for most of my meals and most days. But shooo, you know when that weekend rolls around I’m not going to care at all! Haha. And CONGRATS of being engaged! I hope he’s dimey.

  2. I believe there is special “miscellaneous allowed” category for butt-cheek sized cookies and brewskies πŸ˜€

    I’m hoping you met a dime piece at TJ’s and he took you out for a ride in his Prius!!??

    • 4 snackface

      carolinebee – Hahaha You are so close. He doesn’t work at TJ’s, although, there is a dime, Oliver, who works at TJ’s. My goal is to hang out with him by the end of the summer. He knew what was up with my fave Summer Brew from there. Oliver best be prepared to knock a few back with me.

    • haha this comment is so hilarious.

  3. ive been dying to see that movie too! ryan reynolds in just friends is so insanely funny, love it. i hear you on the food combos. i havent put that much thought into it, but sometimes i am golden and other days i just feel BLECH! you will have to let us know how your more cautious eats work for you!!!!!

  4. 7 Sarah

    Oh how I love Ryan…and you!

    I think you did great on the food combos and like Gena says, “progress not perfection!”

    You’ll be happy to know that almond milk is neutral so it goes with everything! I think your smoothie was just fine. Beans combine as a starch, so your lunch meal is fine too! Even little bits of tomato or fruit in your salads are not going to affect you at this point (i.e. your pineapple salsa). I’m not sure about the soy products (the balls) and if they combine as a protein or a starch, but since they are beans, I’m guessing starch?

    I’d say beer is a starch. A delicious cold, frosty starch. πŸ˜‰

    Love you doll. Do what works for you!

  5. 8 lora

    i think im coming around to raw AB too…my tum is always upset if i run after something heavy or if i have dairy, however im just too chicken to go all raw or vegan like the hero of the blog world Gena or even Veggie Girl πŸ™‚ you may have began to inspire me to try adding more raw things to the diet πŸ˜‰

    sleep tight snackie poo!


  6. 9 lora

    p.s.s. I totes wish i was getting some ass tomorrow…but fro yo might be a tad better..may not burn calories but sure as hell wont disappoint in the slightest πŸ˜‰


  7. 10 Lesie

    Your interview with Jamie Raskin was great! It gets me thinking about vegetarianism….
    I’ve gotta read Gena’s food combo post too, because I have much of the same problems.. ugh

  8. Gena’s food combining isn’t bullsh*t – it works wonders for me. But everyone’s different!! I’m loving it, my body’s loving it; but to each’s own πŸ™‚

  9. I don’t see myself ever conciously combining foods, just too much work fo’ me! That being said, it looks like you did a pretty great job and all your meals look like Snacky deliciousness!

  10. 13 rediscoveringlauren

    Hi hun
    love the lunch…sweet potatoes are the best! paired with chickpeas, you cooked one killer meal πŸ™‚
    i always eat fruit/veggies first to stop them fermenting in the tum tum!
    oooo a date?? im so curious now haha!
    have a nice wednsday darlin

  11. 14 Emily

    I think the concept of food combining is SO interesting! I have yet to try it because it seems so complicated, but props to you for giving it a go! My tummy gets grumpy after I eat most of the time, too, so I will maybe I’ll have to start taking note of the combos I’m eating when that happens. Makes sense!

  12. I think that food combining makes sense, but I get confused.

  13. 16 Jenny

    girlfriend i’ve got bad news.. i’m engaged to Ryan Reynolds.. sorry… *wakes up to reality*

    ANYHOO.. I think you’re food combos are crazy good and I kind of want to eat that chickpea salad through my screen right now.

    can’t wait to hear if you went on a dateski — oh, the suspense!


  14. oh girll i’ve missed you! and psh, i am in love with ryan too! i loveeed him in that tv show, you just brought back good times πŸ™‚ haha. i’ve never seen muscles like that on a man, ooeee! i’ve heard the proposal was really good and i was surprised! umm date? lets spit it out girl! i cant wait to hear!!! xoxo

  15. I’m the same way with food. I’ll combine whatever and not think about it. But Gena’s post helped me out a lot! And I always thought it was all the broccoli I eat… πŸ˜‰

    I want to see The Proposal so badly!!!

    You did so fabulously with the food combining!!! I love the cheetahs. I must get some more soon!

    Can’t wait until your next post hun!

    Love you xoxo

  16. I’m well studied in hygenic eating or food combining. It varies with each person. The body is smart and technically has enough enzymes to help digest carbs, fats, proteins etc at once. However, due to the fact that most of us have declining amounts of enzymes, I’ve found that food combining has helped a lot of clients of mine. It makes it easier on the body, so it doesn’t have to leech enzymes from other functions.
    I’ve never had any problems mixing fruit with veggies or certain starches (rice), but it does help things go down a lot easier. Fruits (especially pineapple and papaya) are chock full of enzymes, which help with digestion as well as a myrriad of other ailments. You absorb more nutrients because you are are fully digesting everything, and it helps keep your acid/alkaline levels balanced as well.
    As for the Almond butter… some tests catagorize it as a protein, taking 4-5hrs to digest. Others classify it as a fat, and some consider it a starch due to the 19% carb.
    Tomatoes (acid fruit without the sugar content of other acid fruits) may be used with the vegetable salad or with any green or nonstarchy vegetable. They may also be eaten with protein/fat foods like nuts, cheese and avocados, and many practitioners consider it a salad vegetable, and treat it as such.
    Hope this helps! Good luck with the food combining!

    • 20 snackface

      ProteinGirl – Wow! Thank you so much for all the advice! Especially the almond butter thing, as I love some with my oats and have never had issues because of that combo. I’m just going to keep testing this out!

  17. I really want to see The Proposal. Hubby is basically trying to put it off as a girl movie.

    It makes sense that combining food would help you out. Glad to hear you feel better.

    • 22 snackface

      Mrs Myers – Tell your hubby that behind me sat a lone man in his twenties (straight). He laughed the whole time. I loved it. He loved it. The hubs should so go! It’s not just a girl movie.

      • 23 Lyss

        is this who the “date” is with?!?! hahahaha

  18. i do not think the combonation for food is crazy i think you should keep trying at it and see how you feel. if you do not feel better then dont worry about it.ya know what i mean?

    and a DATE?! super exciting its with ryan isnt it! haha
    have a great day girl

  19. 25 Katharina

    I don’t think the food combo thing is crazy, I believe ayurvedic medicine follows a food combination principle as well. It makes sense because different foods have different enzymes. But I think it really depends on the person in the end.

    I wonder if there’s a way to simplify it.. like you know how fruits can go into color categories? i.e.

  20. I think that the food combining thing definitely makes sense to a certain extent. I do not think it necessary in order to survive/stay healthy/etc. But it’s probably really helpful to do from time to time!

  21. your curry lunch and salad look SO good, even if the combos might be wrong πŸ™‚

    I haven’t really thought about the whole food combining stuff before, but I know have weird stomach stuff sometimes, too, so maybe it’s worth trying!

  22. Betty White – I love that fierce lady!! You know who else is fierce? That senator! Hah, I love that he listens to Shakespeare!!

    The food combining thing is interesting to me but it sounds like it takes a lot of memorizing/planning. I’ll take any leftover curry and cheetahs because that sounds yummy πŸ™‚

    A date?! YAY!!! How does one get a date?! πŸ˜‰ K’s love life is flat lining at the moment – I need some lessons!

  23. Hey! I hope my post was accessible and helpful to you. It really does start to feel easy and intuitive once you get used to it — that is a promise!


    • 30 snackface

      Gena – Thank you for stopping by SnackFace, and a HUGE thank you for that post. It was so accessible I took old-school notes and have been trying my best! I can tell that it’s only going to get easier!

  24. 31 Anna

    I’m totally impressed by your attempt at a balanced raw day, and you are definitely inspiring me to try that out as well. I’m a bit of a gassy mess myself, and I would pretty much try anything to keep eating my lovely veggies and beans without all of the ick factor.

    Good luck with your man meat. Make sure you bring up hummus and sweet taters – that’s a good way to weed out the bad eggs!

  25. I think food combining is great if it works foryou! I’m way too lazy πŸ˜›

  26. ive seen a lot of bloggers talk about the food combining, i am sure it has something to it! but i am big on eating 40/40/20 ratios soo it is just not for me. i hope it solves your gassy woes though! haha. can’t wait to see what the next post holds.. oh and that curry is bangin

  27. 34 Abby

    Although the whole food combining thing sounds great, I don’t think I could ever spend that much time worrying about it without getting obsessed or something (I know myself). Maybe I could hire a chef…right.

    But if it works for you and you know what you’re doing, more power to ya! I’ve had IBS forever but can’t give up my beans and veggies, so I think I will try and incorporate some of the principles to my meals (as they look a lot like yours already). Every little bit helps and I would love to be tummy-trouble free!

  28. 35 Bec

    I loved ryan renolds in two guys a girl and a pizza place, he was sooo cute in that and still is! Can’t wait to read all about your date πŸ™‚

  29. 36 fearlessfabulousfulloflife

    hey love!! i think its great you are tryin to figure out what combos work for you! i know my veggie girl has had LOTS of success in this (as she said above!) hopefully you can figure these things out easily and without them bein a big pain in the tootoo!
    for me personally- i notice a difference in crackers/bars/chips with lots of SOY! and if i eat yogurt FIRST thing in the morning– sometimes it does not agree with me– its all trial and error i guess πŸ™‚

    my nutritionist told me that almond milk is dairy– fyi!!!

    OMG a date?!?!? im dying to know what happens!!!!!!!

    have a great day xoxoxo

  30. 37 homegirlcaneat

    I FORGOT that that harley davidson date is tonight! I hope that throws a bitchload of people off if they read this comment! ahahahaha! EVERYONE! Kailey is going to date an extreme biker!

    I love this combo thing…it is tres interesting. Except I don’t think I could do it because it takes way too much thought. But I think it could do wonders for you since your little bod is so sensitive! If I were you I would def keep trying! Except on weekends…. sorry.



  31. I did the exact same thing today. I took notes, planned my meals ahead of time and tried to obey all those crazy rules. The only thing that pisses me off?? What the hell do I eat with my plain greek yogurt?!? Carbs are out and so is fruit- crappy….

  32. I hear good things about The Proposal. I SEE good things on the commercials (hello hottie Ryan!). I think I need to see this movie.

    I’m impressed that you’re even trying the food combo rules thing. I don’t think I could ever keep up. I’d mess it all up the first go! I’m bad at following rules. Especially when it comes to food. And a hungry stomach. Then I just go haywire and eat whatever falls in front of my face, all rules out the window. I’m interested to see more of this food combo business though and how it treats the tummy!

    Ps – Totally ate some kabocha with PB tonight at dinner and was in foodie heeeaven! I don’t know if that breaks your rules though so maybe I shouldn’t talk about it just in case it goes against the combos?!

    I want to hear date stories!!

  33. 40 april

    Try not to worry too much.. gas is a normal process in the body according to all of my medical books! Certain foods may cause more gas than others but I’m a bit skeptical on the whole food combinations thing. However if it works for you then by all means go for it! πŸ™‚

  34. 41 KristieInSeattle

    Just wanted to say that I think the food combining stuff is BS. The hydrochloric acid in your stomach pretty much ferments everything. I think digestive problems are more due to food sensitivities, not food combinations.

    I mean no offense to anyone who believes in it, to each their own. Just expressing my personal opinion πŸ™‚

    • 42 snackface

      KristieInSeattle – Thank you so much for your honesty! I’m just testing things out, but you very well may be right. And April up there has a solid point- gas is just natural!

  35. 43 WholeBodyLove

    Nice job on the News Feature! I seriously knew nothing of this veg senator. What a fab job you have. As for the food combos…I just read her post and I have not even tried yet. I have a passionate love affair with wraps and Amy’s meals. ISo, you are a step ahead of most of us.

  36. 44 hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    hey if it works, why not keep with it!
    it’s when it becomes tedious and a pain in the arss thats a good sign that its too much at the moment. it’s not worth the stress ya know? life isn’t meant to be spent planning out meals24/7. BUT thats just me! i give you and all the raw/vegan foodies out there who can do it no problem! i just don’t have the patience πŸ™‚
    have a lovellyyy day can’t wait to hear about the date!

  37. Your notes are so cute!! Love the girly handwriting! πŸ™‚

    And ummm, that DIXIE NORMOUS (hahahah, so clever) salad looks amazing! You did great with the combos girl! I say combine according to the rules if you can, but if not…no big deal! At least this will cut the gasFACE in half, yea?! haha….

    Yay for running after work!! And yay for date night!!! Ahhhh, can’t wait for the deets!! Feel free to text me with any scoop that is too inappropriate for the blog! πŸ˜‰ Am I a creep?? Nahhhh….

    PS! You ARE cruising down to santa monica with britt and brooke when britt’s mom moves in!! Prettyyy please make it happen!! But will vegnews conflict?! Love you!

  38. Gena’s post about combining was super accessible and has me thinking about trying it out for a while. I’m still fairly skeptical about certain aspects of alternative medicine/diet, but other aspects ring very true. And since I’m going to be teaching in the afternoons next semester, it would be good to find a way to beat afternoon gasiness/bloating.

    Also, woohoo mystery date!

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