View from the Top


What up party people! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Things were bumpin’ in San Fran, so let’s begin. Viewer discretion is advised.

Friday started healthfully with a lil’ green lovin’:

Eat your veggies, yo

Eat your veggies, yo

My stomach hated starting with a smoothie, but it was still delicious. I needed this energizer after having been up since 4:50 am to talk to a senator on the East Coast for an article. In the moo-less smoothie: frozen banana, almond milk and water, big scoop of almond butter, ground flax and tons of spinach. Sprinkled with coconut for chew.

Who is full for four hours after that? Certainly not this chiquita. Had my snacks on hand:

Snacks and Brooke's doodles

Snacks and Brooke's doodles

It was Pizza Friday at VegNews thanks to Charlotte. Yum:

Topped with onions, shrooms and kalamata olives. Served with salad.

Topped with onions, shrooms and kalamata olives. Served with salad.

My girls were waiting with bags full of TJ’s goodies the second I got out of work. Brooke, Britt and I have learned that we need boxes of crackers, multiple tubs of hummus and fresh boxes of cereal to make it through a weekend. One tub and one box of crackers were gone in twenty minutes. We know whassup.

After eating and dressing, we headed over to the Irish lads’ place for a good time. I was ready:



The boys were still getting ready when we arrived, but it wasn’t long before we were circled in the living room, laughing our hineys off. Let’s just say I suck at a game involving: “A frog jumped in a pond. Plop, plop.” So Irish.

The gang taxied over to Kaell’s, a fab bar where I danced until I was a greasy hot mess. I also made a new friend:

Let's ignore my face here.

Let's ignore my face here.

Ignacio had a killer fadora that Britt tried to steal all night. She even offered me in exchange for the hat. Nice friend. I don’t want no Ignacio.

We left the bar after several hours, and got into a limo to take us home:

This didn't last long.

This didn't last long.

The limo driver offered to take us to Vegas for $10 a person. Not wanting to wake up the next day wondering, “how the eff did we end up here?” we jumped out of the limo. Instead, we got into a taxi in which Brooke and I ate the driver’s Tostitos tortilla chips.

I am so thrilled we went back to the Irish lads’ place for an after hours dance party. How else would I have been able to witness the beauty that is the Irish jig:

And he was wearing a hat with a fake ponytail attached. I died.

And he was wearing a hat with a fake ponytail attached. I died.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard in my whole life. I wish you all could have been there. This continued until 5 am, when we decided to trek back to my place for a couple hours of rest.

Saturday started with a group four-mile run. This was hellish because the night before we walked up a huge ass hill in the Castro, and my calves are killing me still. Anyway, I was hangry upon returning to mi casa. Enter a Barbara’s bowl:

Puffins, Spoonfuls, strawberries and almond milk. Life.

Puffins, Spoonfuls, strawberries and almond milk. Life.

The ladies and I visited their respective homes for a while and chilled. Lots of F-book and blog creeping filled a few hours of the day.

Eventually starving again, we went back to my place and I whipped up a ‘fu curry thing:

Mmm veggies, tofu and TJ's curry

Mmm veggies, tofu and TJ's curry

With full tummies, we all took an hour-long disco nap. Then we got dolled up for another incredible night:

Ah, sorry I don't have a pic of the three of us!

Ah, sorry I don't have a pic of the three of us!

First we tried to hunt down our Irish lads, but they were being ridiculous. The back-up plan was to meet with our new friend from Norway, who we’ll call GG. He invited us to his apartment to view the fireworks from the roof. This could have turned out very sketchy or very amazing.

Amazing. His apartment was incredibly chic and the view from the top was out of this world:



As I stood on the rooftop deck, I thought, “I’m just a girl from Ohio. How am I here right now?” It was one of those moments your life makes you throw your head back in laughter, disbelief and delight. For a couple hours we sat on the rooftop and chatted about everything from Armani to Turkey.

Though the roof was lovely, we all wanted to meet up with the Irish lads. I missed ’em! A taxi ride later, we landed in The Fiddler’s Green. It looked like your average Irish dive bar. That is, until we noticed people going up stairs in the back of the building.

DANCE FLOOR! Holla!!! Just give me music and a stage, and I’m all ovah that! As soon as I spotted a stage, I hopped on top:

Another view from the top

Another view from the top

 Surprisingly, my new friend Brian from Vegan Outreach joined the party. Boy’s got moves!

Ok, or maybe he was hiding from the camera.

Ok, or maybe he was hiding from the camera.

 By this time, GG was having a fantastic time and attacked poor Brian:

Bahahaha! Hilarious.

Bahahaha! Hilarious.

 Clearly, it was time to go home. While some people took limos home, others cut in front of a large group of Irish men to get on the party bus:

Welcome to the party on wheels.

Welcome to the party on wheels.

Have you ever heard of a party bus? I hadn’t, but absolutely loved that I got to continue the dancing while making our way back to a different Irish house. The top was covered in lights and vines:

Don't know that guy, but that's Brooke peepin' through the vines.

Don't know that guy, but that's Brooke peepin' through the vines.

The next stop was a bossy house filled with everything but the one thing we wanted: food. We stayed long enough to meet a beautiful French man, and then we taxied to my place for hummus and crackers. Another 5am bedtime. Body, I’m sorry.

Sunday morning we woke up and laughed about the whole weekend and our lives. A berrylicious Barbara’s bowl fueled us for a day of relaxing:

Berries, Puffins, Spoonfuls, almond milk.

Berries, Puffins, Spoonfuls, almond milk.

We spent a few hours reading blogs and getting ready for the day. Hungry again, Britt drove us to Haight St. so we could have the best burritos of our lives:



I was so hungry I was shaking, so I didn’t snap a picture of the ‘rito innards. It was a wheat tortilla filled with black beans and tons of veggies. I was in heaven.

The afternoon was spent on Brooke’s bed, napping, reading (ok, blogs and F-book again!) and making CD’s for my old school self. By the time 6:45 pm rolled around, Brooke drove me home and I was hungry again. All I wanted was a gigantic salad:



In the mix: spinach, baby romaine, broccoli slaw, 1/2 an avocado, roma tomato, broccoli, green beans, balls, pineapple salsa and TJ’s Spicy Peanut Dressing. I was stuffed after that plate of nourishment.

MamaJ and I then had a 51-minute chat. I needed to catch her up on the insane weekend and how my first Fourth separated from her went. And she told me the best news ever: MamaJ is coming to San Fran in August!!! It’s goin’ down.

As I’ve typed this I’ve snacked on raspberries, a handful of Puffins and a few carrots with raw almond butter. Sistah needs to flush some toxins out of her system, so I must get to bed to rest up for a morning run. And another fabulous week. I love you all!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Have you voted in the Veggie Awards yet? Alright, real Q: What was the highlight of your weekend? SPILL!
I’m torn between the party bus and the Irish jigging. And the rooftop view. Or was it eating the taxi driver’s Tostitos? Lowlight: even my feet are bloated right now.


32 Responses to “View from the Top”

  1. 1 Bri

    The burrito looks soo good even wrapped in the tin foil! Looks like you three had a fun filled crazy weekend! i seriously jealy of you guys! The salad looks amazing to yum yum in my tum! Have a good work week my dear.

  2. 2 Whit

    what a deeelicious weekend! I am so jealous of your firework view. AH-mazing!

  3. You certainly had a faaaaabulous weekend, my dear friend!! And wowza, that burrito looks heavenly – I’m mostly eyeing the guacamole though, haha 😀


  4. 4 Shelby

    Three words. I love you. haha

  5. What a great weekend! I am totally with you on the 5am snack attacks. Lately I’ve been waking up @ 5am and craving oats, red peppers, and bran crisps?! I have no idea how you had the energy after all that to go running! You must be exhausted!

  6. Looks like you had a totally great time, and amazing eats! You’re so adorable! Ok, that sounded creepy, but I don’t know that I’ve seen pics of you before!

  7. 7 gina (fitnessista)

    what a fun weekend!
    i love the guy with the ponytail hat and the irish jigs.. hilarious
    hope you have a wonderful day! i’ll be spending mine drinking lots of green juice after this weekends’ shenanigans 😉

  8. 8 Lauren

    Looks like you had a blast!!

    There was so much stuff that went on this weekend its hard to pen point the highlight.. hmm I’d say on the 4th of July when mine & Hubs family came over for BBQ, we had a blast! We have such fun families 🙂

  9. Hi Kailey! I recently started reading your blog and am loving it – I’m from Ohio too! I just graduated from OSU, but I was at OU for Halloween this year and had a faaab time. Where is your hometown?

    I’m ultra jealous of your weekend – looks like it was fun! Mine was eventful too…the highlight would have to be either the married man who told me I “exude sex” (what does that mean?!) or watching the fantastic fireworks in downtown Columbus.

    • 10 snackface

      Allison – Oh my god! Hello my fellow Ohio sistah! I’m actually from the suburbs of Cincinnati! And I love that someone told you you exude sex.

  10. those pizza toppings are all faves of mine. your weekend looked so rad! tell your friend from norway, “jeg liker puppene dine”.. 😉 fun that your ma is comin to visit! i bet you are stoked! hope you have a fab monday!

  11. 12 Katharina

    You’re such a pretty girl 🙂 Sounds like you had a good weekend. Yeah I dunno how smoothies can hold people over for hours, but I guess everyone is different? Sounds like you had another super fun weekend!

    Let’s see.. I liked wathing the fireworks over the Miami bayside 🙂

  12. HAHAH – so much randomness I don’t even know where to begin!! Bullet format:
    – The fake pony tail hat?! I like it!
    – Your Vegas jaunt would be Katy Perry’s song in real life
    – Norwegians are the BEST!!!!!! I don’t care what anyone says (says the half Norwegian girl 😉 )

    I’ve got the weekend bloat too – it’s not nearly as fun as a food baby and it kind of hurts 😦 You live and learn, yo!

  13. 14 Jenny

    What a fun weekend!! I must say, the highlight of my weekend a fourth of july open bar followed by late nighting at Johnny Rockets. That’s just me though 😉

    OMG I can’t wait for MamaJ to come party with you, how fun!

    • 15 snackface

      Jenny – Hahahaha Oh I LOVE the sounds of your weekend. Thas ma girrrl!

  14. looks like a fun + crazy weekend! congrats on the race!!!

  15. 17 lora

    party buses and my clumsyness never mix well..both buses I have been on, I face planted. no shame. Sounds like u had a great time! hope u have a un-bloated and fabby monday!

  16. U guys have the best weekends! im so jelous, my fav part of my weekend is going on a friends boat to peanut island ( a place for underage drinking/chaos.)haha that was fun

  17. Goodness! How do you ladies function the rest of the week? I would seriously be comatosed for at least a week.

    My weekend was spent chillin with the hubby. Wow. Exciting huh?

  18. 20 April (Foods of April)

    Oh I love the coconut addition to the smoothie!

    I’m so glad you had a fun weekend! And I love all of your outfits by the way.. you looked stunning!

  19. 21 tessa

    say wha? i just posted a comment but it evaporated in the land of blog. ha, anyways… girllll are we soul sista? i think so. i’m thinking we need to somehow merge seattle and san fran together, cause we could do some serious damage 🙂
    love the irish lads, can i get at that pony tail wig? haha!
    i can’t believe you ran after 5am nights… ok so i may have stayed up till 6am but shoo i was a zombie after that!
    have a good week suga, and just think only 5 more days till the weekend!

  20. 22 Anna

    You definitely know how to celebrate this nation’s birthday. Pretty boys, gorgeous fire works, and beautiful eats. It doesn’t get any better than that!

    I spent my weekend in a similar style, but with a little less dancing (sadly!). Did you know that diced apples soaked in white wine are surprisingly delicious? Well, they tasted pretty good after a vodka soaked watermelon. Fruit + alcohol = the best thing ever. It’s just too bad that peanut butter couldn’t be incorporated in there somewhere!

    Good luck with the recovering. Fun can sure be rough for a body!

  21. 23 Marisa

    Sadly, it was a pretty slow weekend for me. I usually go to my cousin’s place on the 4th for a family-oriented picnic/party but her husband left for Iraq about a month ago and she didn’t think she could plan and execute a full-on party by herself. I ended up home most of the weekend reading Breaking Dawn and going for a jog with my mom. Thrilling and adventurous, right? Haha, I think you’ve got me beat this weekend. Although there were some pretty epic scenes in my current read BD…so it’s debatable!

  22. 24 Bec

    you guys have the most ridiculous weekends ever! so much fun and so much good eats!

  23. Kailey, this weekend recap was EPIC! You and brookie boo definitely know how to have a good time! Wish my friends and I weren’t’ so lazy and actually re-capped our holiday celebrations like you did! Actually, taking pictures of bp and card games isn’t that exciting….ohhhh well, wish I was in the CITYYY with you sexy ladies instead!

    Did you like my f-book comment?? OLAN is gorg, and is fedora hat man is too in his own way! You look stunnnnnin’ in that picture!! Do not even say ignore the face! haha… the pony tail hat, all the irish boys dancing around, pictures of brooke lurking, action on the LIMO BUS, burrito shots (NOM) and beautiful cereal bowls!!!!!

    I love you girls, wish I could have been there to join!!

  24. You ate the taxi driver’s tostitos?! That is awesome.

    I love how your pretty, simple, clean food breaks up the PARTY pictures. Its like BAM……calm…. BAM………pretty, peaceful cereal. I love it!!

    Sounds like you are having way too fun of a summer, Miss Snackface!! Naaaaaaaat. I’m so happy for you!

  25. I’m dying…..that looks soo fun!! I heart party buses…I was a big fan in college- but it led to bad decision making by all so my friends and I toned it down 😀 I’m so happy to hear MamaJ is comin to get down with you guys…I wish SF was not sooo faaarr from meee! Have a great detox my dear!

  26. 28 Amy

    Amazing weekend! I love you blondies so much. Such divas and party girlz. I need to be taught your ways! Hope you have a successful detox and get back into the grind.

  27. 29 Sarah

    Oh the fun adventures of the blonde vegan beauty!!! It sounds like you had a spectacular 4th and got some good greenage in there along with a Mama J chat. Perfect!

    Love you, doll face!

  28. 30 Lesie

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! I stayed up past five both nights also and my body is PISSED about it.

  29. My my! The party is never really a party without you guys! you guys seriously know how to liven things up and enjoy yourselves!

  30. 32 Jess

    What a jam packed post, la-day! I loved that khaki dress you woke out, very chic!

    Is Charlotte camera shy or have I just missed pictures of her? Would love to see your roomie and awesome pizzamaking pal…I am drooling down here in Florida. Yum-0.

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