A SnackFace First


Hi beauties!  You’ll never guess what I did today. It started off normally. I took a casual four mile run (intervals after the two mile marker, as always). Oooh there was such a dime piece running today! Most days, it’s just me and the senior citizens, but today there was a special treat. I hope to see him again soon.

After the joyous run, I worked out the abs and arms, stretched and then showered my stank ass. Naturally, I was starving for breakfast. A return to an old favorite was welcomed by my tastebuds, mind and bod:

So yum.

So yum.

In the bowl: Shredded Spoonfuls, High Fiber O’s, shredded coconut and almond milk. On the yum: ridiculously ripe nectarine. Now this, this is breakfast:

Need me my grains!

Need me my grains!

I was afraid my stomach wouldn’t like the cereal at breakfast time. Who was I kidding? Of course my body would love it! Breakfast has always meant (to me): grains and fruit. Always and forever. Sorry I got all wackadoodle and disowned that for a while.

The beginning of my work days always fly by supah fast. The only thing that knows what time it is is the tum, so at 10:30 I reminded myself of the beauty and utter deliciousness that is a Clif Z-bar:

Ate that Z-bar in la manana, and the carrots with almond butter at 4 pm

Ate that Z-bar in la manana, and the carrots with almond butter at 4 pm

The Z-bar so amazed me that I had to email Charlotte in the middle of our work just to share my excitement. I had to get it out there. She responded with: “I know! They’re like, soft and delicious.” True dat, sistah.

VegNews lunch was almost as dimey as the man I saw running today:

Brunch Lunch!

Brunch Lunch!

On the plate: salad, rustic toast with jam, roasted sweet potatoes with toasted cardamamom and a killer tofu scramble:

Fu love

Fu love

You know I thought the best part was the sweet tater:

Luscious sweet tots. Take that how you will.

Luscious sweet tots. Take that how you will.

I regret to share that I failed to take a picture of a very important ending to lunch: sweet potato pie. The innards were so sweet and mushy, I just wanted to sit with the pie and a spoon. Instead, I had a baby piece and longed for more.

Sometimes at work, people say how full they are after lunch. I rarely feel that way. I’m always like, “well hell. I could use an apple now. Or how about more pie?” Thank goodness for my afternoon carrots with almond butter.

I was supposed to interview a company today, but they had editing issues with their book and couldn’t make it. Bummer! It freed up my afternoon a teeny bit, and I made it out of the office on time to go home, change, eat a banana with almond butter, head to Walgreen’s for batteries and…

Run in my FIRST RACE! I know, crazy, huh? Joe, my boss, has been telling me to do this casual 4.5 mile race for weeks. Every week I have some excuse, and I couldn’t take being a flake anymore. So I grew a pair and set out to run for the second time in one day. Who am I?

Knowing that I had already run in the morning, and I’d never run a race before, I had zero expectations. My foot has been hurting (I think I sprained it wearing hooker heels last weekend), and I was paranoid about that, too.

All my worries flew out of my head the moment the race started. Speaking of, I started way too fast. By the end of the race, those seven or so people I had passed at the beginning finished the race a good five minutes before I did.

Throughout the whole 4.5 miles I was singing Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” in my head. It was only at minute 38 that I started to talk to myself about the gravel I was running on. I didn’t get that loopy, right? I did have to walk for one minute to give my left foot a break, but then Lyndsay (co-worker)and I met up and ran to the finish!

I “WOOHOOOOO!!!”-ed my way through the finish line. A cheerleader never loses her spirit.
Distance: 4.5 miles
Total time: 44:40:03
Average heart rate: Elated
Calories burned: Who cares

I was SO HAPPY at the end of the race! Here we are:

Winners: Lyndsay, Joe, Me!

Winners: Lyndsay, Joe, Me!

Is it just me, or is Joe’s hand getting a little close? Hey now!

After the race, Lyndsay came back to mi casa and we immediately dove into pita chips and hummus, accompanied by a Summer Brew. Then I decided I should eat vegetables:

Big Ol' Victory Salad

Big Ol' Victory Salad

In the salad: baby lettuce, spinach, broccoli slaw, green beans, tomato, broccoli, balls and amazing dressing.

Then Brooke-baby and Britty-boo stopped by. We had important weekend planning to do. And now, my pudding pops, I am eating TJ’s multigrain crackers while typing.

I have to go to bed NOW though because I am interviewing a senator at 5:15 am here, 8:15 am Maryland. Oh, and I’m definitely not running tomorrow! Total mileage for today: 8.5. And I’m spent.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What was the last random thing you did?
Seriously, I don’t know how I started this running thing. I never in a million years would believe I’d run in a race–albeit a small, community race. It still counts!

P.S. Don’t forget to vote in the 2009 Veggie Awards!!!


32 Responses to “A SnackFace First”

  1. First comment!! Hollllaaaaa, this NEVER happens!!!

    I’m soooo very proud of you Kailes!!!! Damn girl, has this been a summer of FIRST’S or what?!! And that time is amazing, i’m glad you celebrated with some tj’s brew & a classic hugh jassssssss!

    I’m happy that you’re happy to be back with the grains and fruit for breakfast! I’ve become accustomed (over this year) to a necessary grains, NUT BUTTER & fruit component to start my morning! I just don’t think I could have it any other way….

    That cereal mess & nectarine look amazing, can’t wait to throw some of that juicy-lookin’ fruit in my oats tomorrow!! You’d THINK I would be over oats at this time, but this summer has cold mornings…so I crave OATS, whatevs!!

    Ok, I need to sleep…..I have work tomorrow at 8! Love you, let’s talk soon! It’s been a while! 🙂

  2. 2 Tina

    That is so freakin’ awesome! I’ve toyed with the idea of running a 5k or so but never signed up for it. I’m sure it would be fun and a major rush if nothing else. I might do it next year, there’s always a ton of different short and long races and marathons in Sweden during the spring and summer. I really admire you for just doing it, and your time is GREAT! I don’t know if I could do it in 44 minutes! (By the way, the first thing I noticed when I saw the photo of you, Lyndsay and Joe was that his hand was a little too low. Haha)
    The most random thing I have done recently is booking my surf trip (I leave tomorrow… gaah!) I kept trying to make up my mind about when/if I should go and finally just decided that I should stop THINKING so much and just DO it! I’m nervous, but I am also sure I will have a blast!
    Also, to comment your eats – holy yum! I love that yum plate by the way and there’s nothing like a supah ripe nectarine.

  3. 3 rediscoveringlauren

    CONGRATS on doing that race girlie 🙂 thats so awesome! haha i love that pic..his hand certainly is pretty low there….
    all of the eats look delish! your blog always makes me crave salads and veggies for some reason?
    have a great friday hun,
    much love

  4. 4 Cecilia

    HAHAHAHA …. I’m sure that guy is thinking the exact same thing during his run “Damn look at that dime piece” is what HE would say 😉 Olalala, you managed to look HOT DAMN in ya workout gear … why?!! No wonder you are a MODEL … woah, IT’S GETTING HOT IN ERE!!

    AHEM!! Sorry about my wacky attitude, I’m like that at times … sorry … 😀

    Have a great day Kailey!!

  5. 5 hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    look at you go girl! hollaaa!!
    hope you have a fabulous weekend with the homegirls

  6. I think that is one of my favorite things about running…each time you accomplish something new you just think “I NEVER thought I would be able to do that!” running shows you how strong and awesome you are. heck yea

  7. CONGRATULATIONS, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last random thing I did = went to the Whole Foods 10 minutes before closing time because I was craving brussels sprouts for dinner, haha 😀

  8. If there was a dime piece around here, you better believe I’d be a runner 😉 YAYYYY – congrats on your first race, love bug! Haha to calories and avg. heart rate!

    So you’re getting your interview on THIS SECOND and I hope it goes well!!

    Last randy thing I did: I don’t even know – how sad is that?! HAPPY FRIDAY, LOVE!!!

  9. CONGRATS!!!! how freaking cool!

  10. I hope to hear more about the dime piece…that would motivate me to run! haha

    Grains for b-fast are a MUST for me too! Its hard to live without em.

    Joe’s hand is a creeeeeepin’, better watch yo self!

  11. 11 April (Foods of April)

    That is so awesome Kailey! I’m proud of you!!


  12. 12 sue

    wow congrats on your first race! totally wasn’t expecting that!! i can’t wait to see what you have planned for the weekend!!

  13. 13 Bec

    congrats on the race girl!!!!

  14. wowwwwzer congrats Kailey!!!! That is awesome and yet you still look fiercely hot after pounding the pavement!! That is supa awesome and i know you shall celebrate accordingly this weekend, hell i’d keep it going for the month.

  15. 15 Jenny

    how have i not found the infamous snackface’s blog until now?! I’ve heard all the blogettes rave about you! glad i finally found you 🙂 ❤

    • 16 snackface

      Jenny – AHHH!!! Oh my gosh I’m so excited you’ve found me! I read your blog every single day! Welcome to le SnackFace!

  16. 17 Katharina

    Last random thing I did… I was watching a water aerobics class after I got out of the sauna and they did one exercise to release tension by jumping up and down and basically shouting out YEAAAAAAAH!!!! It made me smile so much to watch them that when they were done I had to clap for them.

  17. 18 homegirlcaneat

    I am CRACKING UP at the I AM SO EXCITED picture of you and your work homies afta da race! I think the only times I’ve seen that face is when 1) diving into the hummus after hurling match 2) MaggieMudds taking your v-card (that stands for VEGAN, don’t be dirty) and 3) when we were “IN THE CASTRO NOW BOY!” I’m glad it pops out regularly 😀

    Grains for breakfast is how we do. However, I took your advice and am drinking a smoothie right now. HOWEVER, I am already over it and I’m only halfways done. It be going in da freezer for ice cream lata this week.

    Tonight, tomorrow, Sunday is going to be fabuloso. “Gimme a brew b!tch!” ….remind you of any crazy old man that we happened to meet the Haight St day? Ya, me too!

  18. 19 homegirlcaneat

    Add d) on a Sunday after hiking around Golden Gate Park, hearing dirty stories at the Shannon, and then dancing and having Kail’s do an impression of you dancing at Durty Nellies with hands flailing in the ayer, ayer, ayer.

  19. 20 Kelsey

    congrats girl! that is so spontanious and totally an awesome accomplishment :]
    the pic of you three is so cute!
    i love that salad too, it is just full of wonderful things!

  20. Congrats on the race! Hope you see the dime piece again!

    And may I take the liberty to say you have some nice stems, gotta say I’m a little jealous over here!

  21. 22 Marisa

    Hey Kailey, it’s Marisa. I continue to read your blog daily, it gets more enjoyable with each passing day! I haven’t binged for a while now and I go to the local school track and jog every evening that I am able to, I also am working on building some lean muscle on my arms and legs as well. I feel happy at the weight I am at now (5’5″, 100 pounds). I actually used to weigh 80 pounds a year or so ago when I was anorexic. It scares me to think about that. After bingeing frequently I gained back 20 pounds which was much needed anyways (althought it wasn’t exactly the healthiest way to gain weight). I’m happy at my weight now and although I’m still a tad underweight the doctor said if I’m sure that I am comfortable with my current weight then it’s suitable for me. Just thought I would give you a little update on that, and major props to you for your race!

    P.s.- I am a Proactiv user and I love it because it’s done such a great job to keep my skin clear but now it’s really starting to dry out my skin. I’m thinking of switching to a different product and I remember that in a post a while back you were asking if anyone knew of any products to use. Did you ever find another product to replace Proactiv?

    • 23 snackface

      Marisa – Oh my goodness, Hi sweetpea! Thank you so much for the update. It sounds as though you are doing wonderfully! So inspirational, chiquita! I’m sending you an enormous hug.

      And the skin thing– I HAVE switched to something else. I shall do a post about it soon!

  22. 24 Sweet and Fit

    congrats on the first race giriie!

    i think a lot of people start out running too fast – its so hard to find out a way to pace yourself – you should def sign up for an actual race sometime soon though!

  23. 25 jaime

    omg!!!!! congrats on your first race– you are amazing!!!!!! soo proud of you:)

    and there is NOTHING like a choc chip clif z bar 🙂 seriously THE BEST!!!

    have a great night beautiful! xoxoox

  24. 26 caitlin

    I admire your spontaneity! and energy! two runs in one day, wow!

    btw, when I go out to lunch with my work-mates, I’m always embarrassed that two hours later I have to whip out some snacks…especially since I’m the only one that joined the clean-plate-club at lunch. people with little appetites are missing out 😉

  25. Congrats mama!!!!!!!! You are the hot $#@% ! Seriously. I couldn’t do it!

  26. 28 Abby

    First of all, you look like a freaking fashion model after your race! Congrats on running–sometimes it helps to not have time to freak out and stress before you do something.

    As for the random thing question, I went to a ballroom dancing party last night. Ummm…do I ballroom dance? Not so much, but I was out there learning the salsa and rumba and having a great time. Pretty un-Abby-like, but fun!

  27. 29 Susan

    Congrats on your first race!! I love how you just sprang it on us like that 😛 I find it awesome when people run because they love it, and not to burn calories/other ridiculousness.

    I don’t need to see a picture to know sweet potato pie was delicious 😉

  28. 30 eatlivelovedream

    That’s so awesome you ran in the race!!! I would die if I ran over 8 miles in one day! heck! Even 4 miles!

  29. nice job girl! love the spontaneity of the race. good for you!

  30. 32 elise

    i had my first choc chip z bar yesterday! it was small but certainly packed a fabby choco-o-lovely taste!

    haha, joes hand if def creepin its way on down – i keed i keed. HOORAYYYYYY for your first race!!! now that hes recruited you – i have a feeling you are going to become obsessed. runner, racer, whatever, you are SUCH a stud!!! so proud of you 🙂

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