VegNews Celebration GIVEAWAY!


What up, what up, pups? Guess what today is…MY SIXTH MONTH BLOGIVERSARY! That’s right, SnackFace has been here to entertain you for six whole months now! A little overview of what’s happened:
-I acted in a play, Autobahn
Modeled in a Five Star notebook photo shoot
-Almost got cast in a Long John Silver’s Commercial (thank goodness I didn’t, right?)
-Started and ended a loving relationship
-Celebrated MamaJ’s 50th!
-Watched my best friend achieve her biggest goal: she’s Editor-in-chief of our university’s newspaper now!
-Watched my baby bro graduate
-Chose between an internship at Cincinnati Magazine and VegNews Magazine
-Finished my Junior year on top (Dean’s list, yo)
-Moved out to San Francisco to live out a dream working for VegNews
-Started to become a runner
-Partied throughout these six months and loved every single minute
-Made incredible new friends I couldn’t live without
-Met Irishmen who have made me appreciate simple things like a brew and a laugh
-Ate delicious food and lots of it!
-Made the enormous decision to become vegan
-Am living the best days of my life
-Met all of you through writing about my days. I don’t care if they’re boring sometimes; I’m still sharing!

And who knows what else is going to happen! I have loved every moment of blogging, and I can’t imagine stopping doing it. That’s why I’m celebrating with a HUGE GIVEAWAY! Wanna know what you can win? Read through to the end of the post!

That’s right, you have to suffer through what I ate today first. Actually, I ate delicious food, so it shouldn’t be too bad! I’ll make it snappy.

After a lovely run and interval session, I showered, robed, examined a crop of zits on my chin (the hell..???) and then made a breakfast bowl:

Fruit and Kaboch

Fruit and Kaboch

In the bowl: 1 juicy pear, four strawberries, about 1/4 cup kabocha and a Coconut Almond Butter Spice Sauce (almond buttah, shredded unsweetened coconut, almond milk, pumpkin pie spice). Oh yea, amazing!

Then, ya know, I went to work. I was pleasantly busy all the way until I had to make lunch. I made several firsts for me today:

I made lunch, yo!

I made lunch, yo!

What I’ve never done before this lunch: make rice in a rice cooker, use chipotles in adobo, make guacamole, fly by the seat of my pants when making lunch for others. It was fabulous! No, I’m not full of myself; I’m just proud! Look at zeese:

Ah!!! GUAC!!!

Ah!!! GUAC!!!

I can’t even believe I made guac. I’ve never played with avocados before, but I love how easily they scoop out! I mashed two avos with two roma tomatoes, one chipotle with adobo sauce, chili powder, paprika, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Delicious! I served it with a green salad, long brown rice, and a black bean-corn-roasted sweet potato chipotle salad. Heaven.

In the afternoon, I wrote stories and researched for a feature news story that I’ll pen for the website soon. After all the work, I came home hungry and wanting one thing:

Nutha Fu Floor Salad

Nutha Fu Floor Salad

Okay, gotta cut me some slack. I had zilch produce: romaine, last of my cucumber, last of my carrots, pan-seared tofu (just cooking spray today) and TJ’s bomb Peanut Ginger whatevuh dressing! After dinner I had 12 pounds of Stacy’s pita chips with Sabra’s roasted garlic hummus. Clearly, I’m back to my SnackFace ways! Told ya 😉

To celebrate six months of blogging, the ever-fabulous VegNews magazine and the start of the 2009 Veggie Awards (VOTE!), I bring you… The Ultimate VegNews Gift Bag!

The winner will receive this bossy gift:
-One oversized VegNews tote bag (I use mine for my massive Trader Joe’s Trips!)
-An American Apparel VegNews tee (I don’t have one, but I want one so badly)
-Six JUMBO Alternative Baking Company cookies (I know these have two servings in one, but I love to eat the whole thing)
-The most recent issue of VegNews…and…

I so want that giveaway, too! HOW TO WIN:
1) Comment on this post! Tell me what your favorite SNACK OF ALL TIME is. I don’t curr if it’s pita chips and hummus or Cooler Ranch Doritos. I wanna hear!
2) If you have a blog, linkback to this post. Ya’ll have more readers than I do, probably, and this is something everyone would love! I wouldn’t mind a SnackFace addition to your blogroll, either. I won’t peer pressure you, though. Just lemme know what’s poppin’!
3)One more chance for ALL: Comment again on this post to let me know that you voted in the 2009 Veggie Awards! Tell me your favorite category!

DEADLINE: You have ONE WEEK to win this veggie-ful giveaway: from July 1 to July 8, 11 pm!

Wow, I can’t even handle all the exclamation marks in this post. But it’s exciting, yaaa mean? The Veggie Awards polls open July 1 at 9am, so please vote. I’ll be posting the link every day this month 🙂 It’s just not up yet! Okay, bedtime! Good luck, party people!

Ciao for now,




245 Responses to “VegNews Celebration GIVEAWAY!”

  1. damn girl!! happy blogaiversary!! you are an all star!!!

    and what a fab giveaway! i would adore a subscription and tee!!

    my fav snack is pickled ginger, nori, takwan, broccoli with pb, carrots with pb, broccoli with Annie’s lite honey mustard dressing, tofu, salmon…….. BELL PEPPERS (any color but green)…….cherry tomatoes, apples……shoud i continue?

  2. 2 honeynutlo2

    fav snack??? gotta be the nut butters and bananas…love me some naners if ya know wha i mean? lmao


  3. 3 sarah

    My favorite snack is cottage chesse, a banana and cinnamon…easy but good!

  4. 4 lora

    ok, so seriously i guess i cant just log out correctly from WordPress, but anywoo, i was on the Veg News website and saw the Veg TV epi from Kansas City (aka my hometown!!!!) i love Waldo pizza…loved it since I was a tot! alright cant find the veg awards, but fav snack is obvi Pb or AB and naners, and u are on the blog roll ( just delete the last comments from my old account, and I hope this is the real Honey nut Lo account this time) or else I am a maj creeper who just drogged (yes drunk blogged) 3 times in a row.


  5. 5 Tina

    What a fabulous and extremely exciting giveaway!! My favorite snack is either plain soy yoghurt with an apple chopped up in it or carob covered rice crackers. Nom nom! I’m definitely voting in the VegNews Awards, they haven’t opened yet though so I shall return with another comment on what I voted. I’ll also link back to this post in my next post, for sure! And you’re already on my blogroll, of course! 🙂

    And congrats on your sixth month blogiversary, I’m so happy I came across your blog. It’s so addicting! Love it!

  6. Happy Blogiversary! Congrats on all your accomplishments you stunna!

  7. 7 Cecilia

    My favourite snack is either green smoothie OR a muffin, I LOVE muffin…. so delicious! Nom nom Nom!!!

  8. 8 rediscoveringlauren

    my favs snack is the maple nut clif bars! or yogurt and granola! and your already on ym blogroll 🙂 how couldnt you be? i love your blog!!
    the eats look delicous! i love those salads you always make!
    have a greta day hun

  9. 9 Amanda

    such a SWEET GIVEAWAY! I def love a bowl of mixed nuts [insert office joke here]

  10. 10 Annie

    Happy Blogaversary!

    My fav snacks, depending on my mood, are either Dark chocolate dipped in some kinda nut butter (chunky pb or creamy Ab) orrrr yogurt mixed all up with some good cereal, banana, and nut butter. pretty much nut butter, on a spoon even. In my mouth 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. 11 Liv

    Oh boy!
    Favorite snack, thats tough. At the moment I think I have to say TJ’s candied pecans. They are so dangerous to me but so so delicious! Sweet and salty and amazing.

    (I’m a silent, stalker reader and love all your posts/you in the least creepy way!)
    Yay for blogaversaries and vegnews and delicious snacks!

  12. 12 Anna

    Happy Half Anniversary! You’ve come a long way, girl!

    Sign me up for this ridiculously awesome give away. My favorite snack is now a sweet potato, cut up and cooked to perfection, and dipped in TJ’s hummus. I used to be convinced that sweet taters were a meal time only food. If only I’d realized sooner just how crazy that was!

  13. happy bloggiversary!! now that you mention pita and hummus it’s basically all i can think about for a snack…TJ’s pita chips and some original flavored hummus from this hole in the wall med. place. aaaand i’m def going there this week.

  14. 14 Emma

    First off… My favorite snack? Apples and cinnamon. Cold, warm, doesn’t matter. That stuff is gooooooood. (entry 1!)

  15. 15 Whit

    Great giveaway! You rock!

    My fave snack right now is Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Fro-Yo with PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams.

    Seriously heaven.

  16. 16 Steph

    Congrats! My favorite snack is fruit! I absolutely love it 🙂

  17. Yay for six months! Congrats girl 😉

    I LOVE this giveaway, awesome!!! Um, favorite snack?? I’m torn between peanut butter and graham sticks or Greek yogurt and vitatops. Well, there’s two for ya! I’ll link back 🙂

  18. my favorite snack is toasted mrshmellows!hahaha

    this is an awesome giveaway girl, have a great day!

  19. 19 Melissa

    My favorite Veggie Awards category was Vegan Wine 🙂

  20. You are so amazing girl, it’s been lovely to watch your adventures and giggle along with you =)

    My favorite snack would be Pretzel Thins (from TJ’s) and Hummus! LOVE.

  21. Awwww! Baby SnackFace is growing up – I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months! CHECK OUT THAT LIST!! So much has happened!

    My favorite snack – I have to pick just one?! Hm…not very vegan friendly but CC on an English muffin is always there for me in my darkest hours 😉

  22. 22 Melissa

    Favorite snack of all time???? brie and yummy crackers…can’t eat it very often but my absolute fav!

  23. 23 jesstooimpress

    This morning I made soft serve banana ice cream in my food processor with just frozen bananas, it is now my favorite snack Of all timmme!

    Congrad on your 6 months girl! There better be alot more to come!

  24. 24 Gina G

    amazingly wonderful giveaway! yay on your six month anniversary, i truly love reading your blog everyday, im sorry i havent introduced myself sooner, my name is gina and im 17 and love anything with pb! and i love apples and cinnamon! =D

  25. Congrats on your blogiversary!! My favorite snack would have to be Greek yogurt mixed with berries and cereal. Great giveaway!!

  26. 26 Laura

    Fave snack- almond butter and apples… a close second is half an avocado pitted with salted sunflower seeds! mmmmmmm

  27. 27 Emily (Healthy Fit Mama)

    Hmmm…I’d have to say my favorite snack is cereal! Pretty boring, but it always hits the spot! I love to eat it right out of the box. (Not great for portion control!)

  28. happy 6-month blogiversary! woowoo!

    love all those eats and hearing about the fabulous life you lead. i think my ALL-TIME fave snack (this is totes hard to decide) is….

    chips + guac or peanut M&Ms. its a toss up.

  29. 29 gina (fitnessista)

    happy blogiversary! what an AWESOME giveaway!
    my favorite snack of all time is chips, salsa and guacamole 😀
    have a wonderful day!

  30. 30 Rachel

    YAY for six months!!!!!!! I was going to say apples and peanut butter until I saw Gina’s comment so now I say chips and salsa/queso. That stuff is dangerous!!

  31. 31 emily

    steamed veggies! best and easiest snackk!

  32. 32 Kelsey

    happy bloggyversary!
    you are totally on a roll with all your accomplishments. keep that shiz up!
    so my fav snacky-snack is pb + cinnamon puffins, dark chocolate, + crystalized ginger. maybe a few jelly beans tossed in? yeah thats a possibility! 😀
    (ive been thinking of getting a subscription to vegnews….)

  33. happy blogiversary! first, that almond butter spice sauce stuff sounds and looks amazing!

    my favorite snack is either yogurt + cereal/fruit or a bar….or almond butter and anything else 🙂

  34. 34 Karin

    Happy Blogiversary! One of my fave snacks as of late: Munchos! mmmmmm. I need to go to the store and get some.

  35. 35 Sally

    Smoothies all the way!!!

  36. 36 Ada

    Hey! I just linked back to the giveaway on my blog and added you to my blog roll:)

  37. Happy blogversary lova! My fave snack is Costco trail mix! ha i never buy it = deadly… I stick with banana/peanut butter, or cereal! I’m gonna link u and add u to my roll, i need to do that anyway!

  38. 38 Sally

    My favorite snack is a spoonful of peanut butter. Yummy 🙂 thanks for having such an awesome giveaway! Happy blogiversary!

  39. 39 Lyss

    WOW! loving everything about this post! i love the “blogging re-cap” – your life has been super exciting in the past 6 months! so glad to “be a part of it” 🙂

    my favorite snack isssss….. tough one….. i’d have to say froyo. the stuff is literally crack to me. with fresh fruit, chocolate chips and nuts – HEAVEN.

    obviously you’re already on my blogroll and i’ll link back tonight 😉

  40. 40 Kathleen

    Aw yay, this is a fun givaway! My fave snack of all time is definetely carrots + almond butter! So tasty and divine. Also, your lunch looks banginnnnn:)

  41. 41 Traci

    Happy 6 Month Anniv.! Snacks are great…I graze all day long at work and always come prepared with my “treats”. Snacks I am loving right now: Chobani Greek Yogurt mixed with Sensible Foods dried snacks (luv cherry berry flavor) and fresh blueberries (they have to me nice and hard though, no mushy berries for me). Yum. Also, I can never pass up a square of really good dark chocolate!

  42. Yay for Six Month Blogiversary!!! How exciting!!!

    Best snack: apples and pb. hands down. or bananas w/ pb…or oranges and pb. soooo…basically fruit with pb. mrah!

  43. 43 Julie

    happy 6 months!!
    my fav snack is def carrots and salsa 🙂

  44. 44 lowandbhold

    Happy Blogiversary!! So exciting!!

    My fave snack is anything with guac, I don’t have it that often so it’s sooo exciting and delicious when I do!

    Can’t wait to vote! You’re already on my Blog Roll and I’ll def be linking back tonight!

  45. 45 Kath

    Happy Blogiversary!!

    My favorite snack is yogurt with cereal 🙂

  46. oh pick me pick me!

  47. 47 bananasun

    happy blog anniversary!!
    i love reading your blog, and def need to try to make some cheeetas sooooooon

    my favourite snack had got to be english muffin with banana and PB. sooo wonderful

  48. 48 Monica

    Happy Blogoversaryy!! I don’t have my own blog yet, but reading yours really inspires me to start my own.. I love it! My fave snack is a fuji apple w/tj’s raw almond butter mixed with a little maple syrup and cinnamon(or pumpkin pie spice ye-ahhhh!) SO delish.

    ENJOY SF.. I’m so jealous you get to spend the summer there!

  49. 49 Abby

    Do I have to pick one favorite snack? Hmm…I go through phases and right now I’m in my grilled almond butter and banana sandwich on Ezekiel bread phase. That and Fage with a crapload of veggies for dipping and pita on the side.

    I will link you to my next blog post, (but I can guarantee you have more readers that I do!)

  50. Congrats on your Blogiversary!!!!

    My favorite snack of all time is Carrots with Almond Butter!! Ym!!

  51. I love your blog, I’ve been reading for a while. What a great giveaway, I just had to enter! My favorite snack, for sure, is olives!!!!

  52. 52 Chelsea

    I love your blog-so upbeat-you always make me laugh! I recently became vegan as well, and your blog is a real inspiration! KK, fav snack is probably anything dipped in PB/AB or hummus! Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Happy blogaversary! Awesome giveaway. So many great snacks to choose from, but I am boring, probably just whole grain bread slathered with nut butter and cinnamon. That is comfort food.

  54. 54 Susan

    First, Happy Blogiversary!!! I’m a relatively new reader and I luuurrve your blog, so you better keep doin it! 😛

    I had to think hard about my favourite snack ever. But I’m pretty sure it’s apples and PB. It’s likely to change in five minutes though…

  55. 55 Tina

    wow this is such an awesome giveaway!! especially the subscription 😀

    my fave snack is probably just a juicy and crisp apple with peanut butter and loootts of cinnamon!

  56. 56 Amy

    Favorite snack = Ezekiel raisin toast with almond butter. It’s the best!

  57. Congrats on the blogoversary! I just hit my 6 month mark too! Guess we both got the bright idea to start blogging our eats at the same time!

    Favorite snack: at tie between carrots with crunchy Barney Butter or a refreshing fruit or green monster smoothie!

  58. 58 Lea

    hella loves giveaways~

    i am a snack fiend like a certain someone.
    cereal = crack i can’t stay away from it. ^^

  59. 59 Kristen

    Happy 6 months! My fave snack of all time would have to be Laughing Cow with a hunk of olive bread!!! So good. It is hard to choose, though. (Blue chips and salsa come to mind, as does Kashi cereal over yogurt!)

    Photos on this post are beautiful, btw.

  60. Favorite snack? That would have to be greek yogurt (fage 0%) and almond butter topped with the one and only puffins! Yep that is my fave. I linked you back on my blog too girl. Congrats on 6 months, I read your blog everyday and love every minute!

  61. you’ve had a very exciting 6 months! this giveaway is INCREDIBLE!

    my favorite snack? hmm…i used to eat apples with sprinkles on them when i was a kid. i loved it when my mom would cut my apple slices into rings! as for what i like to consume now, i love love love a good cold banana with peanut butter. after all these years, my favorite food hasn’t changed…it’s still fruit!

    oh, and you’re already on my blogroll, girl! 🙂

  62. Woot! My fave snacks are primal strips.

  63. Oh! And I voted in the VegNews poll, of course, first thing! My fave category is favourite vegan cheese, because the world needs to know about DAIYA, AND it’s a local product. 🙂

  64. happy ‘versary!

    my fav snack changes monthly, but currently it is greek yogurt with a little bit of almond extract and fresh cherries.

  65. 65 Monica

    I looove pineapple and cherry cottage cheese…hehe. Happy blogiversary! I love your blog and check it often!

  66. 66 hemp jogger

    happy anniversary! this blog rocks…very entertaining, so keep it up!

    fave snack: thick-ass sweet potato fries dipped in almond or peanut butter.

  67. 67 emma k.

    Fav Snack: roasted edamame and dried apricots. I love the combination of salty and sweet, plus you get protein and a serving of fruit!

  68. 68 Kate

    My favorite snack is anything dipped in peanut butter – apples, graham crackers, wheat thins, veggies…

  69. 69 Kate

    I voted in the 2009 Veggie Awards. My favorite category was ‘Favorite Nut Butter’!!

  70. 70 Kit

    My fave snack is dried dates filled with almond butter. Yum!

  71. 71 april

    I wanna win!! My favorite snack is pb on toast of course!

    And you’ve been on my blogroll since I’ve started my blog! 🙂

  72. My favorite snack of all times? I love to snack on fresh fruit, most often mango, papaya, watermelon, bananas, etc.

  73. 73 Emma

    Happy blogaversary! So exciting – and you have done so much in 6 months! I’m amazed by how awesome you are. 🙂

    I linked back here! I’m crossing my fingers!

    (Entry 2)

  74. 74 Kelsey

    ooooo! just finished the veggie awards survey! 😀

  75. 75 Maddy

    dangggg what an awesome giveaway! my favorite snack would be a tie between carrots & PB/AB or veggies & hummus! love your blog girly!

  76. 76 Sara

    Hi there K-

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I am a vegan and enjoy healthy eating and running as well. Congratulations on your blogaversery! I would love to start my own food blog. Also I would love to send you some MK samples to try the skincare is amazing and budget friendly. BTW none of the products are tested on animals and the MK Ash foundation is a great charity for cancer research and domestic abuse. Have a great 4th 🙂 Think Pink!

    Sara Marie

    • 77 Sara

      Opps I forgot to post my favorite snack is almond butter on Ezkiel toast with banana and cinnamon! Yummy 🙂

  77. 78 catherine

    Happy 6 months! I’ve been lurking the whole time! 🙂 My fave snack is popcorn. There are so many ways to flavor it up by just changing the spices.

  78. 79 Courtney

    This is like my dream giveaway. Must needs this!! My favorite snack, get ready to have your mind blown, is strawberry Chobani yogurt, I know you are vegan , so let’s say Stonyfield O’soy yogurt, and a KIND bar broken up in it. It has to be a cranberry almond one because they are the best!

  79. Happy anniversary! My fave snack is dried fruit – figs, peaches, apricots, pineapple, and papaya especially.

  80. I also linked to this contest at my blog, The Actors Diet:

  81. 82 Paige

    Favorite snack….hm…hummus. And salsa. Yummmmm

  82. 83 AshinMT

    I have been reading for a few months…. suppose i had better de-lurk for an awesome give away! Congrats on the blog, always fun to read! Thanks Again!

  83. 84 Ilene

    Fav snackkk – CHOCOLATEEE! as in chip cookies(: actually anything sweet…cakes, cookies, brownies, ice cream :] fruit! okay i’ll stop before i name every single food out there hahaha

  84. 85 monica

    You can’t beat an apple and raw almond butta!!

  85. hey there, i’ve been following your blog for a while and i think your job is so cool 🙂 i love san fran, but live in the LA area (unless i’m in school – then i’m in good old maine).

    as for my favorite snack, that’s a tough one. i guess it would have to be a yogurt concoction because then i can put all sorts of faves in there (hello nut butter, granola, and fruit!). for savory snacks, i like my pita chips and hummus 🙂

    here’s my link back:

    i’ve been following you, but i’ll add you to my blogroll!

  86. i love that you made totally new stuff for your coworkers! way to be daring. sounds like a lot has happened to you in these past 6 months, i have been reading your blog for prolllly two months? maybe more. twas right around the posting of that fantastic paper of yours. and i love your cute snacky face!

    my fave snack is prob cereal handfuls straight outta the box. i’m a fiend.

    i will link back to you later when i post! xoxo

  87. 88 homegirlcaneat

    Friends foreva and eva! Roomies for 2010 and 2010! 🙂 HOLLA! This is so damn exciting that you have been doing this for 6 months! Shoooooo, thank god you are a blogging mama and I started being a blogging mama because we would never be having de craic together!!

    Okay, favorite snack = one of my baked banana doughnuts with pb or apple and PB or white chocolate macadamia luna bar. Or just a clif at 1am, ya know..da usual.

    I will go vote for the awards now and link you back in my next post!

    LOvES U

  88. 89 Emily

    Happy anniversary!!

    My favorite snack is air-popped popcorn with kelp flakes and nutritional yeast. I know, I’m weird. But it’s the best snack, promise 🙂

  89. 90 Ashley

    my fav snack is fresh brownies!

  90. Woo Hoo! Congrats!

    I loooove a brownie bite with a slice of sharp (yellow) cheddar… but I rarely have that, instead it’s carrots, I grab them out of the fridge as I cook, about one per meal!

  91. 92 Sweet and Fit

    happy bloggyversary! sure looks like you have had an amazing 6 months!

    my fav snackie is greek yogurt + berries =)

  92. 93 tessa

    girl i didn’t know you were a vegan! i was a vegan for a whole 5 seconds (ok like 4 months last year) and wish i woulda kept that shit up! now i’m rocking the vegaquarian title, yup that’s right veggie but i eat fish… soooo not really ha! just can’t give up that sushi, ya know??
    any way happy blog anniversary, go get yourself a drink and celebrate! or just eat some bomb food 🙂

  93. 94 Leah

    AH! Fav snack? SO HARD! Almond Butter in a Date? No wait. Mushrooms and hummus? But what about Yogurt and Berries? Ahhhhh! SO many to choose from! Crackwrap! Green Monster! Pita Chips and Hummus! Cherry Tomatoes! Endless!

    (PS – Totally adding you to my blog roll… as we speak!)

  94. 95 Sarah

    Hi Beauty,

    I always forget to link back to giveaways, you’re already on my blog roll and I hope you know how much I love you! Happy bloggiversary! I’m so glad you commented on my blog so that I could find you. Your reaction to my first comment still makes me smile.

    Love you Kale Chips!!!

  95. 96 Kristen

    Happy Blogiversary! My favorite snack food is a date stuffed with peanut butter and chocolate chips, can’t go wrong there.

  96. 97 Kristen

    I voted in the veggie awards! My favorite category was the bakeries, I can’t get enough of vegan pastries.. so delish!

  97. 98 emily

    I voted vegan style. My favorite category was fav. vegan store. food fight.

  98. 99 monica

    And for my second boring comment….happy 6 mos and my fave catagory is best restaraunt-gotta represent the chi and I love me some diner! ps I should win for saying snackface is awesome in the part where you can commment on the survey:)

  99. My favorite snack is definitely hummus. I’m not picky about whatever vehicle takes the hummus into my mouth – pita, chips, veggies, a spoon.

  100. 101 Junghwa

    i’d love to win! I’m sucha fan!!!!

  101. PB Puffins in Greek yogurt is my snack of choice.

  102. 6 months! Good lord! How has time come so fast? I remember when you first started this blog…you’ve become quite a sensation now!
    My fav snack: dry-roasted almonds and cashews and pistachios. I’m nutty!

  103. oh, and I linked back 🙂

  104. My fav snack is Ants on a log… or anything with hummus! Nummers

    I linked back!

  105. I also voted in the Veggie Awards and my fav category is Fav Veg Restaurant because there are so many to choose from!

  106. 107 hopiek

    shizz!!! what a wild and awesome 6 months!! i totally remember your first few blog posts!! i’m all about good snacks, I think we share the I’m in love with warm snacks of baked sweet potato fries (or moons in your case) topped with 1/2c of whipped cottage cheese and cinnamon- I DIE 🙂 thanks love, hope I win a little bit 🙂

  107. 108 Sean

    This is pretty hard to narrow…but I have to go with soft, yet chewy chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made both Alton B and J Torres’ and they’re both oh so good…

  108. 109 Mari

    My favorite snack of all time, in two categories:

    healthy snack: hummus and veg
    otherwise: slurpee and cheetos

  109. 110 Laura E

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    My favorite snack would have to be plain greek yogurt mixed with applesauce! The textures and different temperatures are fabulous together!

  110. 111 mstav

    my favorite snack is anything with peanut butter or almond butter~!!!!
    happy bloggiversary!

  111. 112 Melinda

    Hey hey! So my recent favorite snack is oatmeal with any kind of goodies I can sneak in!

    Happy blogiversary yo! Love reading your posts!

  112. 113 Laura E

    Hi! I just voted in the 2009 Veggie Awards to get another entry! My favorite category was favorite Vegan Energy Bar. I wanted to choose all of them!

  113. Snackface, PUHHLEASEEEE…look at all these readers girl!! Yous a star! 🙂

    My favorite snack of all time would have to beeeeee: (warm n’ salty) tortilla chips & salsa!!!!!!!! But I also have serious love for any pita chip/hummus/veggies concoction OR nut buttaaaa/yogurt or cc/cereal snack! 😀

    And you’re such a chef, I love it! And love that meal!!! It totally resembles something from one of my favorite home-town cafes, and it’s delicioussss… LOVE YOU! CONGRATS ON 6 MO’S BABY!!!! HERE’S TO 6 MORE!

  114. 115 wnk505

    my all time favorite snack is peanut butter and banana it is heaven!

  115. 116 Rachel

    Great giveaway! My favorite snack is hummus with veggies and crackers. Yum!

  116. 117 Rachel

    I also voted in the Veggie awards. I liked the favorite celebrity section best. I had no idea so many were vegan!

  117. 118 Em

    wow! 6 months and you have come so far with your blog. That is great! I just love your blog.

    My favorite snack of all time is probably cereal. No specific kind really, just cereal…with vanilla soy milk 🙂

  118. Happy 6 month blogiversary! My favorite snack is greek yogurt + cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice, a sliced banana, cereal/granola, and a spoon of pb! Yum!

    I linked back here:

  119. Oh, and I voted in the veggie awards, too. My fav . category was the nut butter, but I had to write in my beloved dark chocolate dreams!


    – 2 frozen bananas in the food processor they go..5 minutes!
    – add some agave/cinnamon



    plain chips with dill chip dip! YUMMO

  121. p.s you have been on my blogroll for awhile 😉 and I’ll do a shout out tomorrow for this ammmmazing giveaway!

  122. 123 Susan

    Fav snack? Can’t lie – a warm cookie from the bakery gets me every time! Yumbos!
    Happy Blogiversary girlie!

  123. 124 Mona

    My favorite snack is definitely sliced avocado. Delicious. Happy blogiversary!

  124. 125 hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

    TOOO many snacks to choose from!
    BUT my fav. would have to be Fro Yo from a cute self serve place in Princeton, NJ. SO addicting, I would eat it at every meal if I could.
    I linked back to you & added you to my bloggyyy roll 🙂

  125. 126 Kristen
  126. 127 Jess

    I love eating pb puffins or honey sunshine as a snack!

  127. 128 Jess

    I voted! I love the nut butter category, i love white chocolate wonderful!

  128. Happy 6 months! Great blog- always fun!

  129. 130 JW

    My favorite snack currently is greek yogurt and fresh fruit!

  130. 131 Meagan

    my favorite snack is soy yogurt mixed with cereal and fruit, with peanut butter or pb2. Make sure there’s LOTS of cereal! The yogurt is just a binding agent!! 😛

  131. my favorite snack is… everything!

    on good days, i like strawberries and white peaches and blueberries and raspberries (sometimes almonds too!)

    and on bad days, i like CARBS. chips, crackers, cookies, cake, ice cream; did i say chips?


  132. 133 jvegegirl

    My favorite snack! Cereal for sho’!

  133. Hey sweetie pea! I loved your comment on my blog – you crack me up. I’m sorry that I am a day late on congratulating you on your 6-month blogiversary! Hooyah! I just got caught up on some of your latest posts (as you know, I’ve been way MIA) and it looks like you are having a BLAST at your internship and beyond (with Miss Homegirlcaneat!) – so happy for you!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 x 1,000,000

    And how about this giveaway, huh? I mean, it’s amazing! Gosh, do I have to pick my favorite snack? There are so many good ones! If we’re being healthy, I would have to say my favorite snack is fresh berries. Not so healthy? Probably a big hunk of bread topped with PB + PB chips + chocolate chips…so that the bread is completely covered, of course!

    Thanks for the giveaway, lady! Sorry I’ve been so absent!

  134. 135 Tra

    CEREAL! IT”S CEREAL! go lean crunch, kashi go lean, fiber one, quaker crack! I LOVE IT ALL!

  135. 136 Tay

    Fave snack are smoothies!!! Or froyo 🙂

  136. 137 Tay

    I also just added you this to my post 🙂

  137. 138 Tay

    I also just voted and my favorite category was favorite nut butter (I picked sunflower seed butter)

  138. 139 Liv

    extra entry! I just did the veggie awards vote. favorite category: favorite nut butter! It took me several minutes to think about this one. and then my mouth startered watering and I had to move on.

  139. 140 Monica

    Favorite category.. nut butters no doubt. obsesseddd

  140. 141 broccolihut

    Gotta say my favorite snack of all time is pretzels dipped in PB–YUM!

  141. i did the voting and my favorite vote was the nut butter one i chose WCW yummm

  142. holy poo girl! look at all the commentsss!! favorite snack has to be PIZZA!! haha jk. probably either goldfish or pretzel chips and hummus! You are already on my blogroll and I will linkback and vote during my next post! CONGRATS!!

  143. 144 Jenna

    Happy 6 months! My favorite snack is a fresh juicy peach, and if I’m feeling sassy a spoonful of mighty maple pb on top. Can’t get enough of that stuff!

  144. 145 Jenna

    My favorite category would have to be fave nut butter, and even though I love me some pb and co, I voted for almond butter, mmm

  145. 147 Ilene

    I voted! & I haven`t tried them but I REALLY want to try the Newmans Own Mint O`s and the SO Delicious ice creams!

  146. 148 Hannah

    My favourite snack of all time would have to be a few squares of super dark chocolate – something like 85% Lindt, where it’s more bitter than sweet… Ah, want some now!

  147. 149 jennijs

    Hi! Happy Blog Anniversary!! That’s a huge milestone!

    My favorite snack is edamame. There are these great 1 serving bowls that I get at the local grocery store, and they’re so convenient. You just pop em in the microwave for 2 minutes, and they’re good to go, with built in portion control and only 100 calories!! I love edamame! 🙂

  148. 150 coco

    happy blog anniversary!!! So glad to find your blog, it looks sooooo cool!! can’t wait to read more! 🙂

    fav snack? toasted english muffin with LC and/or almond butter!!!

  149. I voted in the VegNews awards, they’re giving away some great prizes! I also mentioned your giveaway in my recent post.

  150. 152 Tina

    I’ve voted in the VegNews awards now! And I linked back to your post in my latest post at my blog. My favorite category in the VegNews awards was the favorite nut butter category. Such an important category!

    • 153 Allie

      My favorite snack would be a piece of whole wheat toast, toasted, with sharp cheddar cheese melted on top, sprinkled with cajun seasoning. IT IS AMAZING!!!

      Congrats on the six months!!!

  151. 154 Allie

    Your fav veg city was my favorite one to vote for. Chitown, Illinois!!!!

  152. 155 Whit

    The celebrity category was my favorite. Cheesy, but I am such a Carrie Underwood fan. I so wrote her in!

  153. So, I voted and my favorite category was the vegan baked goods/cookies (I voted last night so if that’s not the real title – forgive me!) because I learned about some new companies 🙂

  154. 157 Anna

    Helloooooo awesome giveaway!
    My favorite snack = perfectly ripe fruit, aka pineapple, blueberries, peaches/nectarines. Yessiree.

  155. 158 Lebkuchen

    My favorite snack has to be frozen wild blueberries and sliced almonds mixed with some soy milk or almond milk….yummmmmm!

    I voted in the VegNews awards and my favorite category was favorite nut butter – I had to write in TJ’s raw unsweetened crunchy almond butter because it rules!

  156. 159 Gina G

    favorite cartegory = favorite snack! =D

  157. tortilla chips and fresh salsa!! I could eat it all day every day!

    love the blog.

    congrats on the dean’s list!

  158. HOLYYY amazing giveaway! my fav snack fo sho is hummus and pita chips. i could easily eat the weight of an adult man in that stuff! i know you understand 😉

    obvi youre on my ‘roll and ill shout ya out too! xoxo

  159. 162 Liz

    Great giveaway!

    My favorite snack of all time: EDAMAME.

  160. 163 Liz

    My favorite category in the Veggie Awards was the first one–best vegetarian restaurant! As someone who grew up in Seattle, currently lives in New York City, and has traveled extensively in the U.S., I was happy to find that I’ve eaten at several of the nominated restaurants!

  161. 165 Lea

    Fav category fo sho was best vegetarian restaurant. i’m such a veggie noob that i didn’t know half of the companies/sites/peeps mentioned. *blush*

  162. 166 lowandbhold

    I just voted! One of my fave catz was the Fave Celebrity because it gave me a chance to zone out and daydream about my girl crush Natalie Portman. I mean seriously, if I had a genie, I would be Natalie Portman today… no questions. Girl is FABBBB!! (I promise I’m not as creepy as I sound…)

  163. My favorite snack is yogurt with berries and granola, so good and so filling. I also love pita bread and hummus.
    Congrats on the blogaversary.

  164. Wow that is a seriously awesome giveaway! Heard about it via Harping on Fitness. 🙂

  165. 169 elise

    all this running, girl you are making me PROUD! what a wild, jam-packed amaze six months! i feel like i KNOW you SO well, even though i only just started reading your blog, is that normal? i dont think so…but its already been established that we are in a mutually stalking relationship with each other (and snacking relationship with food) so its chill!

    kabocha for brekkie! you crazy!
    stacys pita chips are out of this world, i cant open a bag without finishing it…its a problem. snackface much!?

    ok, anyways, GIVEAWAY!
    how could i ever choose ONE fave snack! ok, here it is HUMMUS!!!!!! an obvious choice for me, right?
    ok, im off to check out the veggie awards…

    ps sorry about the zit crop circle. my advice, step away from the mirror. now if only i took my own advice…

  166. 170 Bliss Doubt

    Happy anniversary. I like your blog spot.

    My favorite snack of all time is soft summer fruit, available for such a short time, so intensely delicious, it seems sacred, like an encounter with the bountiful Goddess. The rest of the year, I make do with a variety of what’s available. It’s a good thing avocados are fall and winter harvest!

  167. 171 elise

    i VOTED!!! how exciting that blossom (which i JUST posted on) was nominated for best veg restaurant!! i had no idea all the other vegan forums were out there, i think i saved about 5 different sites id never heard of to my faves in google!

  168. 172 Annie

    Oh and I voted! I liked the Ice Cream category…cause i mean who doesnt love ice cream?

  169. Oh and I voted!! I liked the shampoo/make up/body care categories. Good way to get ideas for new products

  170. I voted! Fun 🙂 my favorite category was the ice cream or nut butter 🙂

  171. Loves it!

    Favorite snack? Apples and PB. Perfect every time, all the time. Plus, fun to mix up with different peanut butter combos… Mmm, I think I’m gonna go eat this now.

  172. 176 Melissa

    My favorite snack is a tie… either freshly cut bell peppers- plain (have been eating them since I was a wee little one) OR Apple Pie Larabars!!!!! delicious!!! I make my own flavors for a college budget snack. 🙂

    Rockin blog! Keep it up and have a fabulous 4th of July!!!

  173. 177 Jacquelyn

    omg what a sweet giveaway!! My favorite snack would deffinately have to be strawberries. I could easily down entire containers from costco of beautiful summer strawberries 🙂 YUMM

  174. 178 Chelsea

    I’m commenting again to say that my favorite categoy was the chocolate- I voted for Green & Black’s-their Vanilla White Chocolate = LOVE!

  175. 179 Katherine

    My favorite snack is a definitely a pink lady apple with almond butter– so delicious!! And I love your zebra print dress 🙂

  176. I have linked your giveaway on my blog! have a great day girl!!!

  177. HOLY COW! That is one amazing giveaway!

    My favorite snack is CEREAL….no matter what shape, size, flavor…I’ll throw it back! 😉 My most recent find is the Kashi Warm Cinnamon Oat Heart to Heart Cereal…I call it “Snickerdoodle Cookie” cereal! YUM!

    Those ABC Cookies are freaking fantabulous and I haven’t had one in so long! MMM!

  178. I VOTED! My favorite category was the cookie category, for which I voted for ABC! 😀 I also love Emily’s Desserts and voted for them for the favorite Vegan bakery!


  179. My all time fav snack is Celery dipped in Chachie’s Peach and Mango Salsa! HEAVEN!!!!!

  180. I just linked the giveaway on my bloggggggg, lova! 🙂

  181. 185 fruitsveggieslife

    I just voted in the Veggie Awards! I think my favorite category is… the Favorite energy bar. I’m just a huge fan of so many of them, and I want to see what other people think!

  182. 186 Donna

    I just Voted at vegnews! That was fun! It made me want a snack????

    So I reached for………… my favorite, Almond butter and carrots!!!! So delicious..

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  183. 187 runRedrun

    My most frequent snack is probably trail mix. The specific type varies, but I always have a hankering for nuts.

  184. 188 runRedrun

    I voted — my favorite category has to be the “snack” one, for sure.

  185. 189 Hannah

    I don’t have a blog but yay, I can do the third option! (I already wrote in with my favourite snack!) I just voted in the Veggie Awards, and my favorite category is most definitely the “favorite vegan chocolate” category 🙂

  186. 190 caitlin

    my favorite snack of all time is frozen yogurt.

    just took the survery. phew! that was long!

  187. 192 sue

    my fave snack is hummus…plus anything and everything that can be dipped in hummus!

  188. Favorite snack = steamed kabocha of course!!!!

  189. I voted too! Fave category = nut butter 🙂 Mm.

  190. 195 CATIEDIDIT

    MMMMMMMM my favorite snack is fresh mango topped with some toasted coconut..yum yum!

  191. happy blogiversary! my favorite snack is greek yogurt!

  192. i voted in the veggie awards!

  193. Hands down, peanut butter and celery

  194. Oooh! Awesome! My fave snack, at this moment, is an alternative pita from the Western Bagel Company. So good!

    I linked to your contest here:


  195. 200 Kelly HU

    My fav snack is Ciao Bella Chocolate Sorbet (Vegan)…so orgasmic. You can buy it in pints at whole foods. I consider a pint the perfect, bedtime snack. Seriously.

    OH, I also VOTED of course. I voted for Pure Food and Wine for best restaurant, because it is. AND the Cheesey Quakers for best snack. (Ciao Bella wasn’t an option)

    Random, but I also went to a Gay Parade in NYC with some friends, ha so fun!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  196. Great blog and awesome giveaway! It’s so hard to pick a favorite snack–I pretty much snack ALL day long, so every meal is my favorite! Right now I’m loving this new one: mini bell peppers stuffed with laughing cow cheese. Check it here:
    Or I could eat hummus any day of the week for sure 🙂 I’ll link back, too. xoxoxo

  197. hey bug.

    i want to win.

    also. i voted. favorite category: nutbutters.
    and my favorite snack..thats easy: you. ;]

  198. 204 megs

    Hey, my favourite snack is dates and almond butter, well any nut butter.

  199. 205 sals

    fun giveaway! my favorite snack is mango+yogurt, or cheese+crackers.

  200. My favorite snack would probably have to be just simply cereal. Quaker oatmeal squares and kashi golean to be exact:) Anything smothered in almond butter is definitely a favorite snack of mine as well. Happy 6 month blog anniversary Hun! You’re awesome.

  201. Happy Blogiversary!!! I just hit the one year mark in June. 🙂

    I think my heart skipped a beat. I so have been wanting to get the VegNews magazine, but my husband says I have too many subscriptions already.

    Favorite snack? Hmm Hummus & celery, or yogurt & granola. YUM!!

    I’ve added you to my blog roll, so not sure why you weren’t before, and check out my link back to this giveaway, I must tell the world!! {even through I’m praying I win!! this is AWESOME!!}

  202. 208 doubledogyoga

    happy blogiversary! fav snack these days is fruit salad – berries, kiwi, mango, coconut, and sliced almonds – YUM!

  203. 209 LZ

    Hey, awesome blog and sweet giveaway! My favorite snack is asparagus dipped in fresh homemade hummus… mmm, so perfect and light and delicious.

  204. Probably homemade rice crispy treats or ice-cream. Unhealthy. 😦
    My favorite healthy snack is… frozen yogurt, apples and Pbu, or boiled eggs. :]

  205. 212 Kristen

    My absolute favorite snack of all time is Mango with Spicy Chile powder on it!!! YUMMMMM.

  206. holy macaroni!! YAYYY for 6 months!! What an incredible achievement of being the owner of such an amazing and crazy popular blog!!! 🙂 This is fantastic giveaway, very unique to Snackface too!

    My favorite snack has got to be cereal!!! Barabara’s shredded spoonfuls and pb puffins float my boat from Chicago to Hong Kong. 😛

  207. 214 gfeveryday


  208. 215 Steph

    My favorite category was favorite vegetarian restaurant! I am far, far away from any of the restaurant’s listed in major cities so I got to list my own 🙂

  209. Yay! Congrats on your 6 month blogiversery you snackface!

    My favorite snack is anything with PB or AB. Or any kind of B. I have become a fanatic about nut butters recently, and chocolate has been kicked to da curb.

    Congrats again!

  210. 217 gretchen

    my favorite snack? anything topped with almond butter. no, seriously…anything 🙂 love your blog, and great giveaway!

  211. Finally voted in the vegnews awards. I liked the favorite celeb section because it cracks me up that Woody Harrelson is so identified with my eating style.

    (I voted for Maroon 5, btw, because I like that they had Ani Phyo cater part of their tour).

  212. 219 Emma Carlson

    My favorite snack of ALLLLLLL TIME is anything that has to do with Almond Butter and bananas NOTHING beats that and a little honey drizzled on top yummmmmm im craving some now

  213. Linky linky! Here’s my link to this contest!

  214. 221 Shayne

    My all time favorite snack is apples and peanut butter. Nothing too exciting, I know, but I absolutely *love* it!

    Oh, and of course I voted in the VegNews Awards!! I gotta give my Chi-town vegan spots their proper props!

  215. happy blogiversary!! 🙂 My favorite snack by far is greek yogurt with fresh fruit and nuts!!

  216. Congratulations on your milestone!!!

    My favorite snack of all time has to be graham crackers with peanut butter. I loved them as a kid, and I still love them now. Yum!

  217. 224 Melinda

    Favorite category in the 2009 Veggie Awards was “nut butter”. I want to try them all!!!!


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